Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018) Movie Script

For the last time,
release Abdel Salman Al-Arkan
from his prison in Paris.
This is Lucas Graves, IDP News,
signing off.
They're gonna kill us all!
Release him, or the execution
plays live in 45 minutes.
They're gonna kill us.
Stay strong.
Destination confirmed.
You should kill them.
A powerful statement, a Westerner
killing his own people.
Recalculating route.
They should have called.
They should have called already!
No. No. No, please!
Please don't kill me!
Go. Go!
Come on. Move. Go!
They're getting away!
Let's go! let's go!
I'll take the north side.
Keep searching the southside.
Lock down the perimeter.
Shit. He's not here.
Get them on the truck now.
Let's go! Let's go!
Kimbral's not here.
He's got the keys.
Come on!
What the fuck was that?
We got to go, Shu.
Come on, come on, come on.
Where the hell's Kimbral?
You are 40 seconds late, Kimbral.
Go, go!
Where the hell were you?
- She's been shot.
- Give me room. Give me room!
Alice. Alice!
Come on.
Damn it.
Move, move, move, move, move.
What happened?
She's shot in the chest.
What the hell took you guys so long?
Shit. Fuck.
Oh, God.
She's gone.
This is on you.
What the hell happened?
Goddamn it.
What happened?
I had a chance to blow their
weapons load, and I took it.
- It wasn't part of the fucking plan!
- I factored it in.
- Oh, you factored it in?
- The route I took, the speed-
- Where were you?
- Did you use your computer program?
Shu, there was less
than point zero zero-
Shu, the algorithm was solid.
You lost a hostage?
Bossman's gonna be pissed.
Get us the fuck out of here, Hush.
- You wanted to see me?
- Yeah. Come on in and sit down.
I'm letting you go.
- What?
- I'm letting you go.
I won't be needing
your services anymore.
You know,
the most important thing in this job
is knowing you can trust the guy
next to you.
I told you before. This program
of yours, it wasn't ready,
and you defied the team.
My program's not ready,
or you just don't like it?
A woman died.
Could've happened without the
algorithm. Don't you put that on me.
You want to make all these excuses up
in your head: Algorithm.
Whatever it is, someone died
because you trusted a computer
more than your own team.
You got to go.
Told you we expanded too fast.
You gonna sit there and bust my balls
or get back to work?
Next time, I'll listen to you...
How do you say, quote, "I am stupid"?
I'm stupid...
Why do you want to learn Qingdao?
It's almost impossible
for a Western ear to decipher.
I like the impossible.
This game, Go, is interesting.
Why do you think you
win all the time?
Because I've been playing Go
since I was four,
and you started two years ago.
You move everything together.
You take the territory as one.
You take my pieces as one.
Everything flows as one.
When you were at the factory,
none of your guys moved together.
You didn't flow as one.
Kimbral was trying to upstage you.
Maybe I should work alone.
No one does it alone.
I guess that's why I hear your voice
in my head when I am on the job.
It may sound like me, but I think
that voice is your intuition.
Take all the time you need,
but when you come back,
I need you to be a team player.
Don't be like Kimbral.
Don't confuse intuition with ego.
Trust me on this one, Shu.
Always listen to your intuition.
The original communication satellite
set out to solve one problem...
how to send a signal successfully
around the bend in the Earth
and reach the receiver.
Today, we at Yusheng Technology
are proud to present to you
the future of satellite tech.
We do it faster, with smaller units-
Now this is where the graphics
are gonna change?
I don't need graphics!
This isn't Cirque de Soleil.
Maybe a tiger can jump out
when I get to the cubesats.
A little help here please.
What? I like tigers.
Okay, everyone,
let's reset and go again in five.
- 'Yusheng?
- Huh?
Don't worry, little bro.
You'll be great.
Thank you.
I didn't expect to see you here.
Your job keeps you busier than I am.
Who knew being a security specialist
was so time-consuming?
I have a job next week in Macao.
So you were in the neighborhood.
It's great to see you, Chin.
I wish I could say
the same thing about your brother.
What can I help you with?
Yusheng is in trouble.
Genius or not, he's careless.
- Lot of people want to see him die.
- Who?
A company called Ruscho
is who I'm most worried about.
They're a tech giant
headquartered in Geneva,
and they tried to buy Yusheng out
three times already, and he's refused.
These are not the kind of guys
who take no for an answer.
He's going to Bangkok this weekend
for a bachelor party,
and he won't take a bodyguard.
I'll pay you.
We are family. Not necessary.
Party's over. Let's go.
It's not safe here..
I'm glad youre here.
OK, cousin.
I'm taking you home.
I am Galileo. You are inmate 1764.
I repeat, you are inmate 1764.
Welcome to Hades.
Attention, inmate 1764.
You have been reported to battle
in the zoo.
Begin battle.
The battle is over.
Inmate 1764, you have earned
two hours of sanctuary time.
All remaining inmates
return to your spoke.
You okay?
All prisoners return to your spoke.
There must be someone
we could talk to...
to get us out of here.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Inmate 1764, report to the sanctuary.
What is this?
Must be where the winners go.
Shu's gone. This is legit.
What do you got?
His cousin says she's been trying
them both for 18 hours. No luck.
- Party happened Saturday night.
- What'd you get from the party'?
No security tapes, nothing.
All right, I'll look into it.
All prisoners return to your spoke.
All prisoners return to your spoke.
The first thing they try to do
in lockup is break your spirit.
Can't allow that to happen.
You have to stay mentally strong.
You have to focus on three key things
to a successful breakout.
What are they?
One, know the layout.
Two, understand the routine.
have help from the inside or out.
Teamwork. Exactly.
Your favorite one, I can tell.
Remember, Shu, you move together.
Everything flows as one.
One, seven, six, four.
Are you the warden?
Your cousin is a brilliant man.
He gave me the details of his patent,
number 34ACJL.
But not number 36BBBCK.
I need you to convince him
to give that to me.
Why would I do that?
You grew up together.
Like brothers.
But you weren't brothers.
A family tragedy forced you
to live with him.
You hated Yusheng.
How he was always smarter
than everyone else.
He could've helped a lot of people,
but he went for himself instead,
and he got rich.
And now, his love of money...
his precious patent...
is going to get you killed.
I know everything about my animals.
You want to know who I am?
I'm the zookeeper.
All prisoners report to the zoo.
- All prisoners report to the zoo.
- What did you tell him?
You gave up the first patent.
So? They were torturing me.
That one's nothing.
- He knew things about our background.
- I didn't tell him.
The second patent, what is it?
Advanced cube satellite tech.
It's a game changer.
It can override and control
any computer system in the world.
Like a cyber skeleton key.
And it's not what you think.
This isn't about money.
I patented it so I could bury it.
In the wrong hands, game over.
Defense systems, nuclear codes.
No one will be safe.
No, no. Not every day is a fight day.
What are we doing here?
I'm his cousin.
I don't think it's a coincidence
that we both are here.
I think they're after Breslin.
You know, after spending
a lot of time with this,
I put my ear to the ground,
I just didn't like what I saw,
didn't like what I heard.
How long have you been here?
It's hard to say.
My best guess is... couple of months.
What is this place?
There's a lot of rumors,
like mythology.
It's called
the High Asset Detention Service.
Greek mythology?
Land of the dead.
Whoever goes in just doesn't
come out. It's that simple.
- Sounds familiar.
- Yeah.
The word is the people behind the Tomb
took a beating, did some adjustments,
- and then came back strong.
- Who are these assholes?
Spies, criminals,
businessmen, elected officials.
Profit. Big profit.
What makes you think he's there?
His cousin Yusheng was put on some
kind of hit list by his competition,
a satellite tech
company called Ruscho.
There's battle days
and there's truce days.
If you win a battle,
you get benefits.
If you lose or refuse to fight...
your time in here is
very uncomfortable.
That's why they call it "the zoo."
We're all animals here.
Survival of the fittest.
If you want someone to disappear
so bad, why not just kill them?
Because then the world
will know they are dead.
Here, they are just gone.
Then we got to go in, get them out.
Can't go in there blind.
We don't know a layout.
- We don't have anything.
- You broke the Tomb totally blind.
Yeah, well, I got lucky.
We don't even know for sure
if Shu's there.
- And what if he is?
- Look, if he's there, we'll get him.
We go in there blind,
we get trapped ourselves.
You don't think I can handle it.
This is bigger than any one of us.
All right.
Sir, we've got a data breach.
Someone's in our system.
What? Shut it down. Shut it down now.
- Uh-huh.
- Just cleaning up for the night.
Here's the only contact
I got at Ruscho.
Not sure if he'll talk to you,
but it's a good place to start.
A sticky note?
- So what do you got?
- All right.
Two things. A dark bank account,
code-named Sparrow,
Ruscho's been sending money to.
And they also sent ten million
to Leon Grassi,
a lobbyist
for the private prison industry.
I know this Leon Grassi.
He used to work for the prison board
for about 13 years,
and then he started
taking a lot of heat
every time I broke out
of one of his places,
so he decided to jump into
the private sector.
Haven't heard from him since.
You look very nice today,
but you know that.
Get you a drink?
Not what you got, Tiny.
I know you didn't go straight
and get an honest job pouring drinks,
so tell me, DeRosa,
what are you doing here?
Could easily ask you
the same question.
Yeah, well, that's personal.
Got a call from Abigail,
this being the first time
you're back in the field after
being a desk jockey for so long.
She thought you might
be a little rusty.
Oh, that hurts.
He's here.
- Know that guy as well?
- You mean the wannabe gangster? No.
You recognize him?
Want me to introduce you?
Since when are you so
tight with Abigail?
Like you said, it's personal.
How you doing, Leon?
You know, one of my men is missing,
and I think he's in
a black-site prison called Hades.
Ring a bell anywhere?
And there's this company called Ruscho.
European satellite tech company.
They gave you about ten
million bucks. How about that?
Ten million dollars.
Lot of money.
But I think it's all bullshit.
Because you don't lobby
for satellite tech.
Look, Ray...
You lobby for black-site
prison profit, am I right?
- Look, Ray...
- You're gonna tell me what you know.
Hey, Breslin...
Good to be back?
No, it's bad to be back.
- Leon, who you working for?
- l'm sorry, Ray. I can't...
Come on. Want a job, DeRosa?
Fuck, yeah.
There's this private bank account,
and I need it identified.
With him dead, it's our only lead.
All right.
Give me a day, I'll figure it out.
Where are you coming from?
I work for the prison. I'm the cook.
Tell me about the kitchen.
What do you mean?
How do I get there from your cell?
I- I got to go.
You are on the wrong side
of the zoo, my friend.
- I need you to kick my ass.
- What? It's a truce day.
Come on.
What the hell are you up to?
Thought I could work the doctor,
get us some benefits.
Turns out the doctor is a lamp stand.
My name is Akala.
- What?
- He connected the dots.
Your inside man at Ruscho
sent me down a rabbit hole.
But it looks like I found a guy
who can lead us to Shu.
Where is this guy?
Right now?
Driving the car I'm chasing.
Sure hope you know what you're doing.
Call you back.
Where you hiding?
Damn it!
Fuck me.
Inmates 1764 and 1765,
report to the zoo.
I repeat, report to the zoo.
They tortured me again last night.
You were always
mentally tougher than me as a kid.
You need to be now.
Begin battle.
Battle is over.
Inmates 1764, 1765, you've earned
two hours of sanctuary time.
Negative skeleton theory.
Use what they let you see
to map out what you can't see.
That's how the layout begins
to reveal itself to you.
Train your mind to look beyond
the physical wall that confines you.
There's a whole separate world
on the other side of the cells.
Hallways, interrogation,
infirmary, kitchen, HQ.
Right now, it's all negative space.
But not for long.
I'm gonna get us out of here.
Come on, Luke. Where are you?
This is the last number
Luke called on his cell.
Ruscho Geneva?
Should I get Hush in here?
You know, someone once told me...
the single most important thing
to remember
in solving the hardest riddles
is that they're
designed to trick you.
Subvert against your own assumptions.
And my assumptions are telling me
that there's no way
that you would let Luke
go directly against company order.
he just wanted to do the legwork.
Thought it was a good chance for him
to take the lead on something.
And now Luke and Shu are missing.
You are prisoner 1924.
I repeat, you are prisoner 1924.
Welcome to Hades.
Sir, I felt something was going on.
I hacked into the system,
and basically, Luke tried to meet up
with Ruscho Geneva.
Are you serious?
I told him to stay away from these
guys. How'd he get involved with that?
It was me.
I gave him one of my contacts.
Come on.
After you went missing,
Breslin started digging.
He thinks this place was started
by the same people behind the Tomb,
so I...
I screwed up. Ended up in here.
Doesn't matter.
I'm close to getting the layout.
- What do you want me to do?
- Nothing yet.
The less contact we have, the better.
Shu, it can't be a coincidence
that all three of Breslin's
specialists are locked up here now.
No, it can't.
Assume they are watching us.
He's close to giving it to you.
He won't last.
Then he needs to give me what I want.
Or I'll feed him
to the rest of the animals.
I've tried to make soup dumplings
since I was a kid,
but every time,
the dough is too stiff.
Look, I don't know what your deal is,
but... I don't want to die.
What they are doing to you is wrong.
Then let me help you get home.
They blindfold me when I go
from my cell to the kitchen.
That's not the only way to see.
Sixteen, 17, 18, 19, 20...
How many steps?
The one gift
every prison gives you is time.
Don't waste it.
Visualize the layout
every chance you have.
It was 45 this morning.
Steps to the kitchen.
The distance doubled?
Come on!
I need to get in the sanctuary.
Yeah, and I need a Coke.
Sweet dreams.
All prisoners return to your spoke.
I repeat,
all prisoners return to your spoke.
Even the most complex of narratives
are often based on one simple idea.
The answer is most likely
right in front of you.
The prison is moving.
The cell spokes
change entry points to the zoo.
Like a Rubik's Cube?
We got no routine. We got no layout.
And we have no help.
Maybe we do.
Computer nerds.
They brought them in some time back.
They rounded them up
in some random basement in Iceland.
The call themselves The Legion.
The leader's handle is Count Zero.
He's screwed with
more Fortune 500 companies
than you and I can name.
But our zookeeper's got a problem
'cause he doesn't know
which one is actually Count Zero.
He's interrogated them day and night.
No sanctuary time ever.
Why does the prison care?
Because Count Zero
has acquired the specs to the prison.
They need to know who he is
and where his servers are.
- Specs of the prison?
- Yes.
If you can find out which one
is Count Zero before the prison...
maybe he can help us.
I need to see Bug.
I need to see... Bug.
If you want a book on insects,
they're upstairs.
Okay. Right this way.
- Who is he?
- Come on. I can't give that to you.
The Insect Society
- clients remain anonymous.
- Clients remain anonymous.
- Above all else...
- Shut up, Bug.
We've been boys for a long time.
I love what you guys do here.
Now, Bug...
But I'm gonna have to
kick the shit out of you
if you don't start talking to me.
I'll get you a name.
Thank you.
I'm gonna need one
more thing from you.
Yusheng's close.
Time is up.
You're asking him to give up
his life's work.
We both know that
that's not what this is about.
You know exactly what
that tech can do.
Time is up!
Battle is over.
Inmates 1789, 3486, 6412,
you've earned two hours
of sanctuary time.
I need your help.
One of you knows the
layout of this place.
Wait. The sanctuary.
Have you ever been in?
Give me that layout,
I can get you in.
We are Legion.
We are Legion.
Count Zero.
If you give me the logic of the
layout, I can get us out of here.
How did they know?
Kimbral was trying to upstage you.
You told me everything.
You work for the prison.
I run the prison.
Our Jasper Kimbral? I don't get it.
You got to follow the footprints
from the time he left this place
to wherever he is now.
Hades has got to be somewhere.
Yeah, the underworld.
Abigail, can you give us a minute?
I know we've had our differences,
but I got to hear it from you.
Swear to me we're okay.
What are you talking about, man?
Of course we're good.
All right.
And you're still paying me
good money to hack shit, right?
Why would I mess that up?
So what've you been working on
behind closed doors?
Let's just say I'm
working on something
that will improve the communications
between us.
Hello, Shu. You've met my zookeeper.
We couldn't break 'em.
Three men, and they wouldn't
turn on one another.
But you...
you've got them on your side.
You got them to trust you.
I've waited a long time
to see that look on your face.
Look who's here. It's Lukey.
Aw, come on. Aren't you guys happy
to see each other?
When the investors of this place
found out that Ray Breslin'sprotg
had been cut loose, you can imagine.
Breslin cost them a lot of money
on their last investment.
These people do not
like losing money.
They needed someone better...
more current,
so... voil.
Welcome to Hades.
So, we're here
because you want your revenge.
Unwavering, complete and definitive.
See, everyone in this zoo
is worth money to me.
They all have information
that someone out there
thinks is worth
millions of dollars...
especially your cousin Yusheng.
You two...
you're worth nothing to me.
Then why don't you kill us
and get it over with?
Where's your fighting spirit at,
Luke? Huh?
This place is designed
to give you hope.
You win a battle, you get benefits.
Read a book. Make art.
You lose a battle,
then you lose food.
Start to doubt yourself.
Then you set goals,
and you rise again.
All the drama of the human condition
is represented right here
in my zoo.
I'm gonna make sure that you two
have plenty to do.
When you wake up, you'll be the men
who sold out Count Zero.
That should give you a unique
perspective on the human condition.
Inmate 1764,
report for battle in the zoo.
Inmate 1924,
report for battle in the zoo.
Begin battle.
When he's in the zoo,
make sure he fights every day.
There are no more
truce days for Shu...
until his will is broken
and we have Yusheng's technology.
So you have no layout.
There is no routine.
And you have no help.
But there's always a plan B,
even for these assholes.
They try to make this place
look totally automated,
but you saw those human guards.
That's their plan B.
What is yours, Shu?
They're alive.
Kimbral, report.
We're closer than ever
to breaking Yusheng.
Well, report back when you do.
Focus more on getting that patent
than your revenge.
It's a risk bringing him here.
He beat their last facility.
I'm gonna show them
he can't beat mine.
Let's see some hands!
Now! Let's see 'em!
Target's compliant.
- Yeah, we got him.
- Bringing him in now.
Lock him up, lock him-
Before it was all theoretical.
What design is best,
what strategy works
against what defense.
But now it's real.
You against me.
All right, you won.
Not yet.
I wanted to go more algorithms,
let the machines run the show.
You said no.
You talked about human intuition.
The value of teamwork.
Well, there's three of you now.
Show me.
All prisoners report to the zoo.
I repeat,
all prisoners report to the zoo.
Inmate 9051,
report for battle in the zoo.
I repeat,
report for battle in the zoo.
Begin battle.
Battle is over.
I repeat, battle is over.
You have one new message.
DeRosa, it's Hush. They took Breslin.
All our guys are in Hades.
You're the only one
that can help us get 'em out.
Call me.
Shu... you can't give up.
What would you know about giving up?
You never stood for anything.
Shu, I'm sorry.
You just wanted to be rich.
What's wrong with that?
My family never had any money.
And when your parents died,
we had to pay for you, too.
Okay? Don't you ever forget that.
Go ahead. Go ahead!
Lash out! Do it!
It's what you've always done
when you can't control things.
You're always the same.
You are right.
I'm predictable.
Kimbral knew what we were gonna do.
He played to my arrogance.
He knew I'd take it upon myself
to get us out.
He played us perfectly.
How do we play him?
Plan B.
We stop being so predictable.
I'm ready to talk.
The tech details are complex.
I will give them to you in stages.
Give me everything, or no deal.
- We're in.
- Ray, you hear me?
- I can hear you clearly.
- Yes!
Who knew your amateur
dentist skills would pay off?
Now aren't you glad I spent all of
those company hours in my playroom?
- What do you got?
- I been up for three nights straight.
Password breaker hit
the motherlode.
I'm through the firewall
and into the Galileo mainframe.
Receiving good reads
from all systems at Hades.
My best GPS spiders are working overtime,
and we only have 33% of the layout.
No exact exit strategy for you.
We need an access
point from the inside.
You need to get
Yusheng to work on it.
We got eyes on us 24/7.
- Can you get the cameras?
- Yeah.
- I can guarantee a minute.
- Seventy seconds.
Maybe 70 seconds,
but after that, it's gonna know.
I'll take it.
There's one more thing
I want you to do.
Can you get access to
Galileo's voice box?
What's wrong with the boom box?
Let's move together.
Flow as one.
That's Qingdao.
Cameras 48
through 58 cover spoke B.
We can clear it in 30 seconds.
You managed to learn my language
after all.
We only got about 70 seconds.
Hush is trying to get
the critical data,
but he's only got
33% of the layout so far.
No direct paths to the exits.
He's hacking Galileo?
- Affirmative. He's gonna need our help.
- Less than 40 seconds.
This is an inverted design
that protects the center and
control rooms from the outside in,
that's what makes it so difficult.
We need to give him a physical
access point from the inside.
Talk to Yusheng.
Get him to work on it.
Ten seconds. Now.
Just be patient.
I heard that a car chase went down at
the warehouse complex near the rail yard.
One of the cars was Luke's.
Going down there to check it out.
I'll figure it out.
All right. Breslin and the guys
are working from the inside
on a device
that will help us locate Hades.
You find these guys, I want in.
I'll be in touch.
The guys we can trust
in most of the spokes are in.
Be ready.
The Zookeeper has the specs.
Only a matter of time
before whoever he's giving them to
realizes they won't work.
You have never wanted to learn Go.
I'd recommend it.
Patience is the most important part
of this game.
Did you hear what I just said?
We got to go.
We have the manpower, but no way out.
We keep working.
But first, we need your help.
I know you get stuff for inmates.
I need a favor,
or I tell the machine.
You move all the pieces together.
Everything flows as one.
Connection with inside
access point established.
Hades located. Scanning layout now.
We have the layout.
We know their routine.
What about help?
We got that covered.
- I'm ready to shut Galileo down.
- Okay.
Our exit strategy is solid,
but you still got to get lucky
to get past those human guards.
There's two maintenance doors
on either side of the zoo.
When the lights go out,
you got three minutes
before the system
starts waking up again.
System under attack.
System under attack.
System failure.
System failure.
System failure.
All systems down.
Clock's ticking. Time to use those
muscles before the doors relock.
- All right, come on. Push.
- Push.
I am Galileo. All systems online.
The intruders are heading west
through hall 23.
This way to the medical center.
DeRosa, your hunch was right.
Location of Hades confirmed.
Sending you the coordinates now.
Communication established.
Ray Breslin is attempting
to break Hades.
I want you to see how
the prison responds.
The med bots are still down.
The system isn't fully online.
I need you cue balls
to cover our back.
We are Legion.
Whatever. Let's go. Come on!
Cover their asses.
All communications blocked.
Closed-circuit system activated.
Kimbral cut communications.
He shut us down.
Closed off the com link.
What about our bots?
They're still working but minimized.
He's walled off
Galileo's prime function.
Without a clear channel,
I can't control it.
The intruders are on corridor 37.
Clearing all access to main floor.
Resetting Hades structure
to secure position.
Shit. What do we do?
Hades restructure complete.
gas them.
Breslin, Declerc.
Two circular floors on top of
each other like a birthday cake.
The ventilation system.
Two HVACs, flow vents and ceiling.
Up there!
Yusheng. Come on.
There you are.
We're getting pushback
from the terminal in medical.
We're about to have company.
Anyone got a coin?
How do you beat a maze?
Stick to the right.
Freeze! Freeze, or we'll open fire!
Seal us up!
Don't know how long we can hold it.
Keep going!
I'm going back for Luke.
All right.
I'm going to the control room.
Yusheng, come with me.
- Freeze!
- Show me your hands!
- Show me your hands!
- Hold it! Don't move!
- We are Legion.
- We are Legion.
We got to be in sync.
On one. Three, two, one.
- All right, you know what to do.
- Yes. Go.
Medical secured.
Kimbral, report.
He's good,
but my machine always wins.
Not sure about that.
I give up. You got me.
But you're still in Hades.
And with Galileo back to his full power,
I just triggered his autopilot orders.
All the systems that Hush
was attacking are now closed.
You're never getting out of here.
You know, kid,
I got to give you credit.
You did a great job here.
You built a prison.
Looks like it has...
no weaknesses.
But you know what?
There is always one.
Oh, yeah.
Now I am the zookeeper.
I have this acquaintance
friend of mine.
Big guy. And he did me a favor.
I gave him this account number,
Couldn't crack the code, but he did.
And he traced the money,
and he traced the account.
And you're the one
who's behind all this.
Then we made a plan.
Solar system failure.
Solar system heating up.
I just told you Galileo
was back to his full power.
It doesn't need solar.
Let it blow.
There's the opening,
DeRosa, as promised.
- Freeze!
- Get down!
I could've been looking for
this place for a long time.
I would've found it,
but it's a lot tougher breaking in
from the outside.
But I knew that wasn't gonna happen
because I know you.
I know how you think...
and I knew you would be
coming for me, and you did.
I'm glad, 'cause I like working,
as you can see, from the inside out.
Hades had one very,
very, very weak spot.
Security breach at main door.
Forced entry.
Hades compromised.
It's time. Let's finish it right.
Stop! Stop! Get on the ground!
On the ground now! Let's go!
Down! Down on the ground!
DeRosa, long time no see.
Nice PJs.
Where's your fucking teddy bear?
Prisoner 9051,
report for battle in the zoo.
Let's see what you can do
without your tech.
After I put my fist through your
face, I'm gonna crucify you, kid.
What'd I miss?
Guess that makes us even.
Thanks, Luke.
- Relax.
- There he is.
Nice of you to join us.
Had some free time.
Get in, get in, get in!
Hush, you hear me?
Good to hear you.
We thought we lost you.
Shu and Yusheng are safe and sound.
How about that?
Plan B actually worked.
Remember, Shu, with brains and
patience, nothing's impossible.
Can somebody tell me
where the hell we are?
You want to tell him, big guy?
Not really.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Hades is in Atlanta?
How is that possible?
Kimbral, come in. Report.
You're not Kimbral.
No, I'm not.
But I got to tell you something.
I'm really getting sick of this shit.
So whoever you are...
wherever you are...
we're gonna find you...
for sure.