Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021) Movie Script

From the beginning of civilization,
we've known there's something captivating
about watching human beings fight
for their lives.
That's why we watch gladiator games,
public executions.
We created a sport for people
who still have a thirst for savagery.
What did you just do?
Our customers are some
of the most powerful people in the world.
Real fun game, huh?
Every year they demand more.
More complicated rooms,
more ways to gamble on life and death.
And we provided them
with a box seat for life's ultimate drama.
"This serves as an entry voucher..."
"...for Minos Escape Rooms."
Are there rules and regulations, or what?
You have to escape
before the clock runs out.
Anything that looks
like a puzzle or a code.
Numbers are very important.
It could be anything, anywhere.
Zoey, you go first.
They're watching.
They know every move we're making.
They knew everything about us.
Zoey! Goddamn it. Zoey!
She sacrificed herself for us!
You're the psycho that designed
this murder maze, huh?
No, I'm the Games Master.
The Puzzle Maker designs the rooms.
You came back for me.
Yeah. Well, I'm tired
of being the only survivor.
I am not imagining this.
You gotta let this shit go.
Everyone else who was sent
those invitations died,
and whoever sent them is still out there.
The logo. They're coordinates
in the middle of Manhattan.
Are you in?
Yeah, I'm in.
Go and wash up. It's late.
You must be tired.
Okay. Can I say hi to Dad?
I wanna tell him about our day--
No. You know he's busy working.
I had a lot of fun today, Mom.
Not now.
We need to talk.
I am on a deadline,
and you know what happens if I miss it.
We're not doing Claire any favors
by pretending nothing is wrong here.
I've made up my mind.
I can't do this anymore.
You wanna take her away from me?
You wanna break up this family.
This family is already broken.
I don't have time for this.
I am already behind.
We can talk about this
in an hour when I'm finished.
-I'm not gonna change my mind.
-One hour!
Please. Just give me
the chance to talk this through.
You can take the time, have a swim,
clear your head and then...
I won't argue, I promise.
I'll just listen.
One hour.
I'm not playing this game.
Please, honey, you don't have to do this.
I'm sorry for what I said. Please. God.
No! No! Damn it, don't!
Okay. Okay.
"I grow in earth. I shrink in wind.
I drown in water. I survive in fire.
What am I?"
I can't believe this is happening.
Okay, think. Think! "Grow in earth."
"Shrink in wind. Survive in fire."
It's a rock. Rock.
Okay. What is it? What is it? Okay.
What am I looking for?
Come on.
Come on!
It's a different color. It has to be.
This one.
What is it? What is it?
What does it do?
It's a magnet. Okay.
No! Come on!
Okay. Come on.
Brace yourself!
Ending sim.
You wanna reset?
No. Good work.
We're ready for game time.
-What's the probability of survival?
-It's approximately 4%.
I'm so glad
Zoey got over her fear of flying.
It's not too late. You know?
Too late for what?
To get out of here, I guess.
What do you mean?
We could walk away if we wanted to.
We're literally at the gate, Ben.
We could just go grab a slice.
You know, catch a game.
"Catch a game"?
I don't know. I'm just saying...
we don't have to do this.
-You're having second thoughts?
-No, no, I'm sticking by your side.
Look, we were lucky
to get out of those games alive.
I just think that it's okay,
that we can...
keep on living.
I have to do this.
Minos is still killing people.
You don't have to come.
No, here we go.
Flying heroically into danger.
Or flying, you know,
discount economy into danger.
Ensler. How is she today?
She seems focused.
Like always, sir.
One second, I'm almost done.
I did a good job. Don't worry.
Yes, I know, Claire,
you do wonderful work.
I need you to understand
how high the stakes are this time.
What's it matter?
Either way,
I'll still be locked in a cage.
How long do you think
you'd last down here...
if anything happened to me?
Maybe you should've built
these rooms yourself, then,
instead of obsessing
over a way to kill Zoey.
She's not ready.
She thinks that she can expose us.
Maybe I just understand her
a little bit better than you do.
I mean, we both know
what it's like to lose our mom.
Thanks, sir.
-Hi. There we go. Thank you.
-Thank you.
Next passenger.
Next passenger.
Your ticket, ma'am.
Have a nice flight.
Zoey. Hey.
Zoey, are you all right?
Zoey, honey.
Zoey! Are you okay?
-Are you excited for Vietnam?
I don't think I can do this.
-I can't do this.
-Yeah, okay. So let's go.
-Hey, Zoey!
Stop. Hey, stop.
They said we could only afford
the shittiest car they had, but...
I managed to boost us up to a four-door
with a broken windshield wiper.
As long as we sign the release.
How are you still willing to come with me?
I mean, I wanna stop Minos and everything,
but I can't even get on the plane.
I didn't wanna tell you this, but...
I got fired from my job.
I had a panic attack in front of a client,
we were...
walking out of a door, it got stuck,
and I broke down.
So you're not alone in feeling this way.
Plus, I tend to have this weird
loyalty thing for people who save my life.
Don't thank me too much. You're the one
that's gotta drive the whole way.
Let's do it, yeah?
Sure you don't wanna stop in Cleveland?
Ben, I said no detours.
I know this is a lot to ask,
so thank you for coming with me.
Well, don't thank me too much.
I don't have any gas money.
Actually don't have any money.
No. I'm not spending the next two days
in a car full of smoke with you.
Should we go to bed?
-Are you tired?
we should try, right?
-Go ahead. No, you go.
-You go. You stood up first.
No, no, no. You go. No, go.
-Go ahead.
Smooth move, man.
Ben? Ben, it's locked! I can't get out!
-Zoey? Zoey!
-Ben! Ben! I can't get out!
Come on! We gotta go!
No, no, no. No!
No, no, no! No!
Oh, shit!
No, no, no!
No! No, no, no!
Shit. Oh, shit.
Hey, hey, hey. What's wrong? What's wrong?
-What's going on?
-Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
Hey, I think you just had a nightmare.
I saw-- I saw the--
The whole thing was just--
Just a dream.
Yeah. It was just--
-We gotta get these guys.
-Let's get out of here.
We're almost there.
It's an abandoned government building.
There's no record, there's no deed.
It's a total black hole.
This is it. We're here.
Looks like Minos went out of business.
Are we sure we got the coordinates right?
This doesn't make any sense.
Look. This was from two days ago.
It's filled with workers.
This has to be the right place.
Can we just circle the perimeter
before we enter this hell-trap nightmare?
-You stay out here.
-That's not what I meant.
Hey, just stop.
Wait, no. Zoey.
Can we just look at the coordinates again?
Maybe we got a number wrong.
Come on. I--
We shouldn't be in here.
We need answers. We came this far,
we have to figure this out.
It's all locked. There's no use.
-There's nothing in there.
Let's just retrace the steps.
-There has to be something in here.
What's up, guys?
You guys shouldn't be here.
It's not safe. This place is condemned.
Yeah, I think...
I mean, I can help you get in there.
I haven't eaten
in a couple of days though.
-Can you maybe help me out?
-Look, I don't-- Hey!
-What the hell? Come on, stop!
-Come back!
-Come on, get back here!
Stop him! Come on!
Watch it!
Slow down!
Out of the way!
Somebody stop him!
-Zoey, come on!
Hey! Get back here, man!
-Get him! Get him!
No, no, no. No.
Oh, shit.
Okay, look,
we'll find a cop at the next station.
Maybe there's some surveillance footage
or something.
No, there's no point. It's gone.
That was my mom's.
I'm sorry.
Look, we should get off at the next stop
and go back to the building.
-There's something there, I know it.
Yeah. We're gonna find our own way in.
No matter what.
Just, new rule,
no more talking to junkies.
Hey, baby. You're not gonna believe
where I am right now.
No, I am on the train.
I couldn't get the damn thing
to start this morning.
Had to leave the car at the gym.
Yeah, I know.
I'll take care of it tomorrow.
Because! Listen, when I make my baby
a promise, I keep it.
Hey, that was one time.
Your mother doesn't like...
Do you hear that?
Train noises.
Yeah, I hear that.
What's going on?
Isn't the conductor supposed
to be in here?
Yeah. I don't know.
-What just happened?
That's bad, right? Holy shit.
Hey, baby, I'll call you back, okay?
-What the hell is going on?
-I don't know. The train just uncoupled!
-What do you mean, uncoupled?
-They separated!
-What do I do?
-I don't know!
-Hit the button!
-I have hit the button!
Hey! Hold on to something!
-Stop touching shit!
-Do something!
Shit! Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.
Tiff, can you hear me?
Oh, shit.
Is that the end of the track?
Oh, no, no, no!
-Run! Run!
-Go, go, go!
Hey. Hey!
Hey. Let me see.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, you?
Okay, you're not bleeding.
Where are we?
My head.
-Come on. Get up, you got this.
Come on, come on.
Is everyone okay?
Hey, man, you're leaking.
-Don't you think it's early for that?
-This day just gets better and better.
How long you think
till someone comes for us?
I don't know. It's like 100 miles
of derelict track down here.
And no one knows where the hell we are,
so I'd say long as hell.
I'm not getting a signal.
Let me know when the cavalry arrives.
Hold on a second.
Looks like we're in an abandoned station.
You're shitting, right?
Hey, you got six people trapped in here.
Somebody sending help?
Attention, passengers.
Keep your belongings
in sight at all times.
If you see a suspicious package,
please tell the nearest MTA employee.
Remain alert and good luck.
Minos found us.
Did you just say "Minos"?
It's happening again.
No. No.
No. No, no, no.
No, I knew I shouldn't have
come back. Oh, my God.
Wait. What, you guys have played
the game before?
How do you think I got this, huh?
They locked me in a goddamn submarine.
Then they increased the air pressure
until my eardrums burst.
So that makes this what?
Tournament of champions?
No. No!
No! No!
Let me out!
I'm not playing this game again,
you no-good pieces of shit!
Hey, hey, hey! You're making it worse!
Don't make it worse, okay?
Don't make it worse.
If they can hijack a train,
they can reinforce the doors, okay?
It's my wife's birthday today.
I told her I wouldn't be late.
I'm always late.
I should've done more.
I should've convinced you not to come.
Ben, Ben, Ben. Look at me.
Look, we broke out once.
We'll do it again. I promise, okay?
You gotta get
that fantasy out of your head.
Okay, we've all been through this before.
We solve the puzzles, we win.
-We go free.
-You mean, one of us does.
What's that sound?
What the hell is that?
-I don't like the sound of that.
Shit! Shit, I just got shocked.
-You all right?
They electrified the entire car?
We all know how this works.
We play the game or we die.
This is exactly what they want us to do,
dance for their amusement.
I don't know about you,
but I'm not dying on nobody's Q Train.
Attention, passengers.
Keep your belongings
in sight at all times.
If you see a suspicious package,
please tell the nearest MTA employee.
Remain alert and good luck.
Hey, I found a bag.
This belong to any of you?
What's in it?
There's a towel...
-Oh, shit.
-Hey, careful, bro.
Okay. Let's find out
what that handle goes to.
Everyone split up.
-All right. Careful about the poles.
-Seriously, homeys.
It's gotta be to one of the doors.
The handle's metal
so we need to be careful.
-I think I found the way out.
-Does it need the handle?
No. It's a trapdoor.
There's gotta be another way to open it.
Jesus Christ. Come on, guys.
You aren't listening to the whole clue.
They said report any of this shit
to the MTA employee, right? Right?
That's the conductor booth.
-Just give me the damn thing.
-Will you be careful?
Yeah. We don't have a choice, all right?
Hope you enjoyed that, assholes.
Wait a minute.
-Leather's an insulator.
-Yeah, yeah, that's smart.
Hey, it worked!
-You okay?
Playing makes it worse.
It's-- It's one
of those old subway token slots.
I haven't seen one since I was a kid.
Okay, so we need tokens.
Anyone see any tokens anywhere?
What does that sign say?
"All false advertising must be pulled."
Maybe the tokens are behind the ads?
But the frames are metal,
so we need a tool to pull them off.
No, wait. "All false advertising."
Yeah, I noticed something earlier.
Right here.
This ad for Hourglass Bay, it says:
"Lose yourself in the sand."
"Yourself" is missing an E.
Check all the signage. See if there are
any more misspellings. Okay?
Here! C.
There's a C missing in "statistic."
Okay, C, E...
They're trying to spell something out.
Wait, wait, wait. What did the clue say?
"All false advertising must be pulled."
The missing letters...
Has everybody noticed
how many handles there are?
-Who counts how many--?
-Like letters in the alphabet.
We pull the corresponding handles
of the missing letters.
The metal handles?
I hope no one has a heart condition.
What if we use the towel?
No, cotton is not a good enough insulator.
Is there anything else in the bag?
Wait, the lining is rubber.
We could use this.
Does anybody have keys, so I can cut it?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here.
Does anybody wanna hand me keys?
My bad.
Pass them down.
Great. We're rubbered up.
Which one are we pulling?
Hey, there's a green handle here!
I noticed a red one at the other end.
Green is A, red is Z, right?
Maybe this is where we start.
Okay. C is the third letter
of the alphabet, so...
Okay. Any objections?
No, go for it.
No. You got this.
A C, that's one.
Hey, look! Letters. Two Cs.
That's gotta mean something, right?
It's getting worse.
-Come on, keep moving!
-Go, go, go!
-Come on!
-No shock.
It must be grounded.
We need eight more tokens.
Okay. "Lose yourself." A, B, C, D, E.
-Everybody split up, look for letters.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.
Shit, we're running out of time.
Check the back of the train.
Gotta be something there.
What the hell
does half this shit even mean?
There's an extra M here!
-And an A! An A missing.
-I'll get the A!
M! M! Ready?
We need five more!
Oh, my God. Hey!
Oh, God!
-I'll get the token.
-She okay?
-I got you.
-She okay?
-She's fine. Keep going.
-Where's the token?
This is missing a K!
"Call a cab in advance."
There's an extra L here too.
All right. Back to L!
-You got the L? Okay!
-I got L!
-Five more.
-Oh, shit. It's a game of Hangman.
This is gonna suck!
-This can't be happening.
-Hey! Give me the token!
Give me the token!
Go, man, go!
Everybody stay down!
Get up, Theo, get up!
-Zoey, what are you doing?
-It's the proof we came here for!
-Get down!
-Hurry up!
Where are the other letters?
There's three!
Guys! Guys, I found the missing letter--
He's dead!
Oh, shit.
-Do we know what letters he found?
-No, the map is burnt out!
Zoey! Got any ideas?
The missing letters are W, B, and O!
-How do you know?
-I just know. Just do it!
B, O!
One more!
I'm coming!
-Sleep well, brother.
-Oh, shit!
Hand it to me! Give me the token!
The door is open!
All right! Go! Go, go! Get out of here!
Come on, go!
Zoey, hurry! Jump!
Everybody stay down!
Stay down!
We're moving!
We're going down.
Hey, wait. Somebody just died.
Can we just have a moment?
Maybe we should have a minute of silence.
I mean, we did just lose somebody.
You can be as silent as you want.
They're eating this shit up.
Anybody even know his name?
I'm Brianna.
I'm Nate.
I'm Rachel.
I'm Ben.
Hey, did the train mean anything
to anybody?
It was horrible. We almost died.
Does that count?
No, no, I mean,
this is all part of a puzzle, right?
So for our groups,
we were all lone survivors.
So if the rooms were tailored
around our accidents--
Maybe the last room was designed
for the guy who died in it.
Okay, well, what about your groups?
-Do you think there was any connection?
-My group was all influencers.
What, so your special skills were selfies?
No, my special skill was travel blogging.
Camping in Atacama,
elephant sanctuaries in Thailand.
That kind of thing.
Got a million followers, made some money,
and then this scar happened.
My last room was
an exploding hall of mirrors.
It's just a weird category, is all.
I got a letter from my diocese.
Oh, so you're a priest?
It called me to some interchurch seminar
or something.
-When I get there--
-Let me guess. Five more priests?
Beginning of a bad joke, right?
You see, in ours they wanted to see
if faith helped us survive.
Well, you survived.
I keep walking around up there, so lost.
I mean,
-I just don't understand.
-Understand what?
Why God spared me.
Maybe that's enough story time--
Wait, wait, wait.
When I won the game,
some vaguely European asshole tried
to strangle me to death.
Only reason I got out was because of Zoey.
So, what, they just let you all go free?
They gave me a hug, called me an Uber.
It was a really pleasant experience.
We're just trying to find a pattern.
That's it. That's all.
They're betting on something.
What's the angle?
You can't outthink Minos.
Trying to is just going
to put us all at risk.
She's the only one here
who saved somebody except for herself,
-so why not listen to her?
-I heard you on the train.
Sounds like listening to her is
what got you back into this mess.
Maybe we should keep moving.
An art deco bank of death. Great.
They built a bank underground?
This is crazy.
Look, the vault door's open.
-There's no way it's that easy.
-Yeah, definitely not.
-Clearly, they're baiting us.
-Yeah, you think?
Zoey? What's wrong?
Goddamn it!
Security system activated.
Nobody touch anything.
It's the tile.
You need to step both feet off of it.
-It's triggering the lasers.
-Help me.
-I'm gonna guide you.
-I'm stuck.
Take my hand.
Just listen to me.
Lower your body. Nice and slow.
-Steady. Careful.
-Wait, wait, wait.
You're gonna lift your left foot
and bring it over to me.
Yeah, good.
When you're ready. There you go.
Over to me. Nice and slow.
Really low. You got it.
-I got you.
-A little bit lower. You got it.
On the count of three.
-Is she okay?
-No, no, don't.
I know. Don't touch it.
Yeah. It looks like
the skin is fused to the shirt.
Full laser-grid activation
-in ten minutes.
-Oh, shit.
That is the way out.
There has to be another way
across those tiles.
We can't exactly test them.
-Maybe we can go around?
Might as well be a mile away.
Hey, guys? I think I found a key.
-Inside the lollipop. It's a key, right?
-Yeah, yeah.
Well, those are safety-deposit boxes.
It's gotta be for one of them.
Wait, we don't know
if it's safe over there yet.
This is where the clue leads.
These tiles are different
than the ones in the middle, so...
Zoey, be careful.
Clock's ticking. We have no choice.
Okay. Look for some more keys.
There's more boxes on the other side.
See if we can find any more.
"You are here"?
No shit.
There's too many boxes.
We're missing something.
"To be filed." Where is it?
-Found a key.
I found another key!
-Try the boxes on the other side.
-We'll check over there.
Brianna. Come on.
Okay, this is gonna take a while.
Full laser-grid activation
in eight minutes.
I hate these sons of bitches.
You guys hear that?
Welcome to Illuminus Bank.
For payment following the death
of a loved one, please enter your PIN.
We need a PIN code.
What's that? Four numbers.
Four numbers? Yeah, okay.
We're looking for four numbers.
Let's see, is there one...?
Shit. All these are three.
"Enter your PIN. Follow instructions.
Don't forget to take your receipt."
"Payment." Briefcases?
"Following the death of a loved one."
Full laser-grid activation
in seven minutes.
Hey, come here. Check this out.
All the boxes have numbers
except for this one.
"Sonya." Who's Sonya?
Oh, my God.
Here. Only one way to find out.
Come on, come on.
Rachel, look, there's something in here.
Shit! Shit, that's really sharp.
I'm bleeding.
We got a box with the name "Sonya" on it
and some razor-sharp diamonds.
-Anything else?
-We got a box like that too.
It says "Sonya" on it.
And there's two stacks of blank bills.
-I don't know what it means.
Full laser-grid activation in six minutes.
Sharp diamonds, blank bills,
and a chick named Sonya.
We're missing something.
"Following the payment
of a death of a loved one."
Wait. What do you call it
when you get paid for a death?
Blood money.
Hurry, bring the bills over here.
They want us to put blood on the bills.
Yes, yes, yes. Yeah, yeah.
-Oh, no!
Hey. Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.
-Counters are off-limits.
-Priest guy, get the bills.
-The bills okay?
-Yeah, this one's good.
-All right.
-Bring them here. Careful.
-I hope that's enough.
Okay. Here.
Oh, what is that? Okay.
It's working.
Okay, 0-5-2-6. Try that.
Try 0-5-2-6 in the ATM.
The clocks!
Everyone see that?
They stopped moving at 12:09 in New York,
3:02 in London, and 12:03 in Shanghai.
How does that get us across the floor?
Hang on. We got another clue.
What is it?
"Plot a course by the hours of the day.
Count the minutes every step of the way."
Okay, maybe it's coordinates
like in chess. Row and column?
No, wait. I see it.
"Plot a course by the hours."
Twelve o'clock is straight.
Three o'clock is right.
That makes sense. So "Count the steps
every minute" must be the distance
and that means
that 12:09 is straight, nine steps?
Full laser-grid activation
-in five minutes.
-How do we know where to start from?
This says you start three tiles
from the left.
-Three tiles from the left!
-At least, I think so.
I don't know.
We're making a lot of assumptions.
We gotta try something, right?
Wait, I have an idea.
What are you--? Where are you going?
I'm gonna plot a course
for the rest of you.
Careful, okay?
Okay. It worked. Okay.
-Come on.
-You're doing great, Nate.
Okay. Okay.
-Nine? Nine. Okay.
-That's nine, right?
So it's 3:02 in London,
so try two steps to your right.
Okay, third clock, Shanghai, 12:03.
That's three steps forward.
Hey! Something opened over there.
Look, right there!
It's a combination lock.
We need three more numbers.
Three numbers. Okay.
Hey, something's happening here.
"Money makes the world turn.
Don't let it stop or else it all ends."
The hell does that mean?
Shit. What number?
The codes in here?
Come on! What is it?
There's international accounts on here.
Tokyo and South Africa. Maybe that's it?
Every piece of paper in here
has goddamn numbers on it!
-Full laser-grid activation...
-Oh, shit. three minutes.
We're not gonna make it.
Guys, we're not gonna make it in time!
What else is there? Look!
Don't panic.
We just need to keep looking, okay?
Calm down, okay?
What is he doing? No, no, no.
-Nate! What are you doing?
-No. Wait. Wait. Oh, shit!
-Nate! No, no, no.
-Wait! What the hell? Stop it!
Just stay there. Stay there.
We don't know if those tiles are safe
because we haven't found any clues.
So just stop what you're doing!
-No! Stop!
-Stop! Stop!
-Stop, please!
You're gonna get us killed! Please stop.
Whatever you think you're doing,
it's not helping us.
It's okay. It's working.
Stop for two seconds, okay? We just-- No!
He's gonna kill us.
This is why he spared me.
I know you're afraid.
-I know-- I know you're afraid.
Don't be afraid.
-I'm not scared! Listen to her!
-You're gonna kill us!
You don't need to do this, okay?
Zoey! Zoey!
Get him up! Come on! Hurry!
Nothing happened when he hit his head.
Maybe it's just the end of the counters
that are booby-trapped.
Let's get him off the tiles.
Let's go. Help me pull him up.
Careful. Careful!
That was close.
-Is he okay?
-He's out cold.
-We're gonna have to carry him.
-Father Nutbag torched all the clues!
The papers weren't the answer.
There was too many.
What's the clue again?
"Money makes the world turn.
Never let it stop--"
Wait. We gotta turn something.
-It's stuck!
-Try turning it both ways!
We were never looking for a number.
"Don't let it stop."
Don't let it stop turning.
-Oh, shit.
-Got it. I got it.
We got something.
It's a graph, a transparency.
You gotta put it on something.
Maybe it goes on the map. Throw it here.
Full laser-grid activation
-in one minute.
-We're running out of time!
Toss it over!
-I'll throw it over the laser tiles.
-You have to throw it.
-Throw it over! Hurry! Come on!
-Go! You got it!
Okay. Okay, okay.
All right. You go and I'll guide you out.
I'm not leaving without you.
-We need help to carry the chosen one!
-Just go.
-Hurry up! We gotta get out of here.
-I got the lollipops.
I got him, I got him. Careful, careful.
-We sure we need this asshole?
-Take two tiles to the left.
One, two.
We're leaving you a path.
Okay. Six tiles straight.
Two tiles diagonally to the right.
One, two.
-Two tiles diagonally to the left.
-Full laser-grid activation...
-One, two. ten, nine,
-eight, seven, six, five...
-And then straight all the way up.
...four, three, two, one.
Wake up. Wake up. Wake up! Come on.
What happened?
We almost lost Zoey out there,
that's what happened.
-You like being stupid and selfish?
-Okay, I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-Is that what you like, huh?
Ben, Ben, Ben! Stop!
Okay, enough! He was just trying to help!
Thank you.
For getting us out of there.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
What's happening?
It's gonna collapse!
Everybody run! Run!
Hurry up! Get out of here!
-Go, go, go!
-Hurry up!
Well, that's impressive.
A full 360.
-They did something like this in our game.
-Ours too.
This is some next-level shit.
Hundred bucks says they try to drown us.
No, are you kidding?
Look at all this sand.
Definitely land mines.
Check this out. It's a Polaroid camera
and it says something.
-What does that say?
-"It will last longer."
It's like the phrase.
I guess you have to take a picture.
What--? What the hell was
the point of that?
-It looks like a postcard, right?
-Yeah, like a memory.
There's writing on the back.
It says, "Drop your anchor
at Hourglass Bay."
That's the name
on the billboard behind us.
It's just the room.
Yeah, but, no, look at the horizon.
There's a tiny boat
that's not on the wall.
So we're looking for something nautical.
Maybe an anchor?
-Possibly surrounded by land mines.
-Would you stop saying that?
Can we just be careful
what we're stepping on?
-I'm gonna check by the pier.
-The exit has to be in this shack.
X marks the spot? I don't know.
I'll bet that fridge is our way out.
You still think the rooms are connected?
The beach bag on the train,
Sonya's name in the bank,
even the walls changing
like they just did,
it feels like it's all connected,
like it's telling a story.
I don't know.
It just doesn't feel like it's about us.
SOS! Our ship is sinking!
-I've got a weird distress call here.
-I got a ship in a bottle.
Ship in a bottle.
I'm gonna check this cooler.
Let's see what's behind door number--
Zoey. Now we know what that anchor's for.
There's a telescope
at the top of the lighthouse.
I think I found our boat.
"Blind Love"? Like the Bon Jovi song?
Guys, Ben figured it out.
Minos is Bon Jovi.
Very funny.
Let's find an anchor.
Careful, guys.
Seriously, how did we miss this?
-I don't see anything down here.
-It's just netting.
Nothing here.
What the--?
-This has to connect to something.
-Wait, look.
It's a metal detector.
Does it work?
-Why is it still in my face?
-Let me try.
-Sorry. Here.
-Let me see it. Thank you.
My dad found a silver dollar
with one of those once.
It was worth a dollar.
There's nothing here.
What is with these people
and these crazy-ass mannequins?
It's gonna be under the sand.
-Did you hear that?
-Oh, yeah.
There's something.
-You still thinking land mines?
-Nice and easy.
-Zoey, can you bring some shovels?
We found something.
I feel something.
Lose the shovels.
Come on.
-The anchor!
-It's the anchor.
-You got it?
-Let's get it to the door.
-Oh, shit. That's not good.
-It's tied down.
-It's stuck.
-All together.
-Help me grab it.
Pull! Keep going!
It's connected to something.
-What happened?
-Something's happening.
Hear that?
There's something under the sand.
-What the hell is that?
Where'd it go?
-This can't be good.
-The anchor!
Give me your hand!
-Hey! Get me out!
-Grab him! Grab him!
-We're sinking! It's pulling me down!
-Get out!
Grab my arm! Grab!
-It's got my legs!
-We can't get any closer!
-Reach! Hurry!
-Help me!
Grab his hand!
Come on!
-Come on, stop it!
We need something!
We need something to get her.
-Stop moving!
-I'm gonna get the ring.
Come on!
-Give me the rope.
-You're not going down there.
What are you doing? She's gone.
-Hold this, okay? Hold this.
-You're not going!
-Listen! I have to do this, okay?
Nate, you're crazy. Stop! Stop!
Hold him! Hold on!
Just hold it tight!
Rachel! Rachel, you okay?
Come out of there. You can do it!
-Rachel! Rachel! Grab the rope!
-Come on!
-You can do it!
-Get up. Hold it!
Come on! Get it!
Okay. All right.
Come on, Nate!
Nate! Come on! Go up the rope!
Come on! Nate!
Come on! Go up the rope! Come on!
We have to help him! We have to!
-The rope's gone!
-He saved me. We have to save him!
Bring the anchor!
-We can't help him.
Hurry up! They're gonna sink this too.
Hurry, it's going under us.
-Come on, come on!
Rachel, come on, let's go!
Rachel, come on. He's gone!
There's nothing we can do!
We gotta get out of here!
"Bon voyage."
Guys, I think this is our exit.
The fridge is unplugged.
I found the power cord.
Maybe if we find the other end,
we plug it in, open it, and get out.
Yeah. Okay.
The light switch, it looks like
the lighthouse in the postcard.
There has to be a connection.
Worth a try.
'Cause nothing bad happens
when we touch things.
Do it! We have to move.
Oh, shit!
Hold on.
If we don't find the exit,
this whole thing's going down.
Look! Look at the lighthouse.
It has a ladder on it now.
-I'm gonna go check it out.
-I'm coming with you.
-Help them, in case I'm wrong.
The wood is blocking the exit.
-Shit! Get it out!
-Clear a path!
Clear a path!
The light, it stopped!
"I can't sea you."
The door's clear. Did you find anything?
Yeah, there's a message on the sign
and it says, "I can't sea you."
But "sea" is spelled S-E-A.
-I don't know.
-Come on down. We'll figure it out.
The clue is "I can't sea you,"
spelled S-E-A.
I'm gonna go check the boat!
What the...?
No! No!
"I can't sea you"?
-I don't know.
-Sea salt shakers? I don't know!
Okay. Let's see.
"I can't-- I can't sea you."
Come on! "I can't sea you."
-Maybe it has something to do with eyes!
Not somebody's eyeballs. You can't open
a fridge with somebody's eyeballs.
"Blind love" and "I can't sea you." Wait.
The mannequin.
Yeah, the mannequin!
Come on.
Come on.
Shit, yeah! I got it!
Zoey, I've got the plug!
No, Ben, I think this is another way out!
Here! Take it! Take it!
It worked! Ben, go get Zoey.
-Zoey, we got the door open! Come on!
-I found a way out.
This could be a way out of the game!
Wait, wait! Zoey found another way out.
What are you talking about,
she found another way?
-This is the way out! Come on!
-What the hell is she doing?
-They're not listening to me!
-We have to go! We don't have time!
The whole room's collapsing!
Come on, it's the way out!
If we keep playing,
how many of us die before this is over?
We don't know where that's gonna lead.
We have to go here! This is the way out!
Even if you win, what makes you think
they'll let you walk away free?
Rachel. Come on.
You have to trust her.
She saved my life! Hurry, let's go!
-Yeah. Okay.
-Wait-- Rachel!
-Yeah. Go, go, go!
You cannot cheat the game!
Brianna, come on! Shit.
Come on! We don't have time!
-Hurry, Rachel!
-I'm coming!
Brianna, come on!
-Oh, my God.
-Come on!
What are you waiting for? Hurry up!
-Come on.
-I'm coming!
-Come on.
-I'm coming!
Brianna, let's go! Come on!
Come on, hurry!
-Brianna, come on!
-Shit. Shit.
Brianna, let's go!
Hurry! We're sinking!
-Hurry up.
Come on. Okay, okay.
You go in first. Yeah, I got it.
Climb, Ben. Climb.
Let's go! Come on!
Let's go, come on!
-I'm not gonna make it!
-You got it.
Just make it out alive!
-Come on!
-Come on.
Ben! No!
No, no, no!
We have to go now!
No, no, no!
I tend to have this weird loyalty thing
for people who save my life.
Zoey, come on.
You have to leave him. Come on.
Zoey, it's sinking!
Don't do this, Zoey!
Come on. Give me your hand!
Come on, give me your hand!
It's safe. Come on.
I should've just gone the way
he wanted me to.
Ben would still be alive.
I lost him.
He was my best friend.
He died because of me.
I lost him. He didn't even wanna--
He didn't wanna come back.
It's my fault. It's my fault.
Zoey, don't do this.
It's Minos' fault.
They did this.
-No, I chose to come back into the game.
-I didn't.
I mean, Brianna didn't. Nate didn't.
They would have found you and Ben
one way or another. You know that.
And you were right.
They're never going to stop
unless we stop them.
You still have your phone, right?
With the video from the train.
What does it matter?
It doesn't prove anything.
It's more than we had before.
Everyone went through hell in their games.
I was born with a microdeletion
in one of my genes.
It affects sensation.
I can't feel physical pain.
Just imagine...
the kinds of puzzles
Minos came up with for the pain freaks.
You're fighting back.
You're doing the right thing.
We have to go. Come on.
Rach, do--?
You hear that?
Hey, there's something over there.
Oh, my God.
We made it.
We're out. Come on. Come on.
We're out.
Oh, my God. We're out.
Wait! Don't let it close!
I don't understand.
What's going on?
We're still in the game.
Oh, no, no, no.
Oh, my God. What did they do to you?
It's acid. When the timer runs out,
it rains acid.
Acid? What?
We have to hurry.
We have to find the keys to the bodega.
If we could just get through this lock,
I think it's the way out.
May 26th.
-It's 0-5-2-6 again, but we need a key.
-No, but she's holding a key.
-Yeah, but how does that help us?
-We have a minute left.
"I'll always be watching over you"
and she's an angel, right?
Wait! There's a cloud above her,
so we climb it, right? We climb it!
-There's a ladder on the fire escape!
-Okay. I'll climb it.
Bri, do you see anything?
Why are there so many plants?
So many plants.
Come on, come on.
-I found a key! It's stuck to the railing.
We only have 30 seconds left!
-Come on, Brianna. You can do it!
-I got it!
-Here, catch!
-Got it!
Okay, try it. Go, go, go.
Hurry! Get down here!
It's about to rain again!
Hurry up! Lift the gate!
It's another locked door.
The rain stopped. They reset the timer.
Conservation activists have started
a chain reaction throughout the city.
With rising water costs,
residents are turning
to urban rainwater collection.
Water collection.
-They want us to collect the rain.
-Conservation activists...
Another awning came down.
...have started a chain reaction
throughout the city.
Okay, chain reaction.
There's a chain on the phone booth.
All right. Okay.
All right. They want us
to answer the phone.
If we collect the rain,
we can use the acid to burn through.
-That could work.
-How do we contain acid?
-Wait, don't touch that!
-No, it's fine.
-You'll burn your hands.
-I'm fine. I don't feel it.
Hydrochloric acid burns
through everything but a certain plastic.
Look for anything that hasn't melted.
Yeah. Right.
Everything's melted, even the awnings.
We only have 20 seconds.
There's a ketchup bottle here.
There's a bottle hasn't melted.
PMP. Polymethylpentene. Yes, this is it!
Acid won't melt this.
We don't have much time! Let's go!
-Hurry! Get under the awning!
-All right, hurry!
It worked! It worked.
It's working! It's working.
Go, go, go! Answer it!
Here, let me try it. Hello?
There's nobody there.
Okay. "When the weather turns,
give us a call."
It must have something to do with the cab.
It's not working.
-What are you doing?
-Stay in there.
There's not enough room for all of us!
-Come on, let's try.
-We're missing something!
-I don't know!
-You can't stay out there!
-It's not like we really have a choice!
-No, wait.
-We can't do it like this. We can fit.
-Zoey, catch! Use it.
Zoey! Zoey!
Is she okay?
"Pawnshop." Pawnshop!
"Three rings." Pick up the phone
and put it back down!
Pick up the phone and put it back down!
Now pick it up on the third ring!
Third ring? Okay. One.
Do you see the cab?
The door, the door, the door!
-Okay. Ready? Go!
-Let's go!
-Come on!
-It won't open. They locked it.
-Open the door!
-Get back to the booth!
-Try the front door.
-The booth! They're cutting us off!
Zoey, it's locked! I can't get it open!
-It won't open.
-They're locked!
-It won't open.
-Try the front! Try the front.
I-- I can't!
-No, no, no!
-There's nowhere to go.
Brianna, listen to me.
Don't give them the satisfaction, okay?
Hey! Hey, don't give up!
I don't wanna die.
I know.
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
We have an error in the transition chute.
What's wrong?
Just a malfunction. Hold on.
What is that?
Final room.
Ready to activate as soon as you call it.
Pull it up.
When was this design approved?
It was in the expedited changes
you delivered just a few days ago, sir.
And those changes
were delivered on this, huh?
I'm calling it in.
Oh, no, no, no. We play through.
We've been breached.
Our employers have made it
very clear we continue no matter what.
This is the highest bet-upon match
in our game's history.
Relax. You're okay.
I've brought you to a safe place.
Your head'll clear in a few minutes.
I'm tracking your father's phone.
He's on his way here. I'm going upstairs
to try and buy you some time.
Be careful.
I'm gonna come back.
Hey. I know you're confused,
but you really gotta listen to me, okay?
-There's not a lot of time.
-Who are you?
I've been watching you for so long,
I forgot we're not already friends.
I'm Claire.
Please be careful, okay?
Look, you're free to go at any time.
But I really need your help.
-So if you could just hear me out. Please.
-Those are the clues.
The subway, the rain,
the bank, the beach. It was...
It's you.
-The story's about you. Sonya...
-She was my mother.
And the mural. That date.
That was the day she died, right?
I knew you'd be the one
to see me through it all.
What is that?
-You designed the rooms?
-You don't understand, okay?
My father, he locked me in here.
He forced me to do all of this.
You're a murderer!
I resisted for as long as I could,
but I realized that my only way out
was if I had your help,
if I gained your trust.
Why would I trust you?
-You killed Ben!
-Because I saved him.
He's alive, Zoey. Ben's alive.
What are you talking about?
I built a hidden
extractor tank in the sand.
Ensler got him.
He's in the tunnels, he's safe.
I can show you. Look. Look.
I saved him, Zoey.
-After I get out of here, we can get him.
Get him out.
-No, no, no. No. No.
-Wait, what's happening?
No, no, no. No.
-Wait, where'd he go?
-No! My dad's men found him.
Oh, shit. Shit.
Holy shit. Where is she?
Where is she?
Answer me!
I'm not gonna play
your stupid game anymore!
You need to do something!
I can't get him out from in here.
The only computer that has access
-is in my father's study.
We don't have time. I need your help.
Can you please just help me?
What's this? A combination lock!
Four numbers. Really original.
And a puzzle, too, yeah?
I need somebody as smart as you
to help me solve that.
Everything is a game to him.
He said that no matter how hard I tried,
I would never figure it out on my own,
which is why I need you.
Okay. Where does it go?
The images on the left
correspond to a code,
and I only get three chances until
all the oxygen is sucked out of my cell.
-I already used one on my 18th birthday.
-Okay, so--
Okay, so insects.
We have a mayfly and then a termite.
It's an African mound-building termite.
They can live for up to 50 years.
Mayflies only live a day, so maybe
it's something to do with life cycles?
Oh, shit! Okay!
So we have iridium, titanium, lithium.
The atomic numbers for that are 3, 22, 77.
Maybe the atomic weights matter.
Yeah. Okay.
Damn it!
Okay, moments in Greek history.
The Battle of Troy, 1250 B.C.
The Olympic Games, which is--
776 B.C.
And then the third tile is Pericles.
He lived from 495 to 429.
None of the puzzles make sense.
We're missing something!
Ben, hang on.
Zoey, what are you doing? Talk to me.
"You'll never be able to solve it alone."
You can't do it on your own.
And you're stuck in a box.
Why would he do that?
Just to taunt you?
Doors of perception.
If you can't see, then change the view.
We don't have time.
My dad is gonna be here any minute now.
What are you doing? Talk to me.
We can work this together.
Doors of perception.
If you can't see, change the view.
What are you looking at?
-What do you see?
-It's a lenticular hologram.
-I can see what you can't see.
That's why you'll
never be able to solve it on your own!
-What are they?
-There are three images.
The first one's a pentagram,
the second is a cross section
of a nautilus shell,
and the third one is a DNA molecule.
Maybe it's Fibonacci's sequence?
No, the golden ratio exists
with all three of those images.
-Wait, so, what? So 1.6?
The golden ratio is represented
by the Greek letter phi, right?
-But how does that correspond to this?
All of the tiles are in lowercase,
so the symbol for phi is...
-I've got it. I got it!
It worked.
Are you okay?
I'm not going back in there.
Don't do this, Claire.
You have any idea
what you have just done?
How could you do this to me?
After everything I have done for you.
You let me out of here right now.
Zoey, hurry! This way.
Zero, five, two, six.
Can you get him out?
-I'm trying.
-Get him out.
There's just too much root code.
I have to override the entire thing.
He's not gonna make it much longer.
You have to hurry up.
I think I got it.
Thank you.
After you escaped,
the clients begged for an encore.
A game of champions.
We started letting people win.
You're the only one
who ever really beat them.
-Where's Ben?
-You already know.
The coordinates. You were right all along.
You know where the building is. Here.
Take my dad's car.
It's not like he can stop you.
What are you gonna do to him?
As soon as I get far enough away,
I'm gonna call the police.
He'll pay for what he did.
You know they're still out there,
though, right? They can hunt you.
You came here for proof, right?
So I might have locked some doors.
-Have you checked the network?
Made it a little more difficult
for them to clean up their mess this time.
Thank you.
Hey, hey, hey, miss. You can't--
-Miss, stop!
Ben? Ben!
Hey, hey, hey. She's with me.
Just give us a minute, okay?
Are you okay?
When I went through the sand,
there was a guy waiting.
And he gave me this.
I don't know if it's a threat or...
I think it's a "thank you."
It's over.
We're safe now, Ben.
It's over.
I only ever wanted to protect you.
You stole everything from me.
There was a time when
I could've said the same thing to you.
You know that I lost Mother
long before that day.
I knew she was reaching her end,
that she was making plans.
So I decided to test her.
Claire. You're hurting me.
Still, I hoped that it wasn't true.
I hoped that my own mother
could love me for who I really was.
Put them back. Put them back.
I want them all.
I wasn't afraid.
I followed my curiosity wherever it led,
and I was smarter than both of you.
Parents are supposed
to love their children.
They're not supposed
to throw them away like trash!
Why are you crying?
You need help, honey.
You can help me.
Not in the way you need.
You're going to go away for a while.
I even tried to show you
how useful I could be to you
by getting rid of her.
And how did you repay me?
You stole all of my ideas.
You took all of the credit.
Claire, calm down.
I created such beautiful rooms for you,
and no matter how high the profits soared,
you still censored and stifled me.
Honey, we could be together.
We could be a team.
You and Mom are gonna
be so proud of me...
when you see what I can really do.
-Goodbye, Dad.
Initiating purge.