Escape the Field (2022) Movie Script

Stay away from me! Stay back!
Jesus Christ!
Okay. Okay, ma'am.
Just calm down, okay, ma'am?
Just calm down.
Where am I?
I have no idea.
I just woke up in this field,
and I'm looking to leave, okay?
You want to take it easy
with that?
Okay. I'm gonna stand up now,
all right?
Listen! Listen to me.
I'm unarmed, okay?
And if you were going to shoot
me, you'd have done it already.
So I'm getting up, okay?
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I don't believe you.
For Chrissakes.
If I did this,
why would I give you a gun?
Well, who are you then?
Name's Tyler. And you?
Hi, Sam. It's nice to meet you.
Do you mind, huh?
How about you just
point that somewhere else?
Stay there.
Where did you get
that thing anyway?
It was next to me
when I woke up.
Anything else?
You got more pockets in those?
Mmm. This okay?
Huh? Yeah?
In my pocket, when I woke up.
Everything else is gone. My
phone, my wallet. Everything.
This doesn't make any sense.
How did we get here?
Like I said, I have no idea.
But I don't intend on
sticking around to find out.
I'm gonna go.
You're free to come
with me if you want.
No, I'm gonna stay here
and wait for help.
You think that's a good idea?
And you think trusting you
is a better one?
Fair enough.
Good luck, Sam.
You keep the gun.
I'm gonna stay way out front.
Let's leave it at that.
Hey, hey.
Really? Are you crazy?
Anybody there?
Over here!
You have no idea
who's out there.
I didn't know who you were.
You seem all right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stop right there.
- Take it easy.
- Who the hell are you?
- We're just trying to get out of here.
- Oh, yeah?
Prove it.
I woke up in this field.
I started walking.
Found her.
Now, here we are.
She's in the same boat.
Trust me.
Come on out.
What the fuck?
I'm Tyler.
This is Sam.
I'm Ryan.
Hey, Ryan.
This is Ethan.
That's Denise.
Well, that's nice.
I found it.
Lucky you.
What did you find?
I, uh...
I just woke up with, um...
I got this.
She's got a knife.
- They gave him a compass.
- Who are they?
Well, that's the million-dollar
question now, isn't it?
My guess? It's got
something to do with this.
It's a symbol.
It's on all of our items.
Well, I'll be.
It's on mine too.
Look, we've been staying
on point using his compass.
We've gone about three klicks.
We are bound to find something.
Makes sense.
Can we just go? I'm thirsty.
Stronger as a group.
We'll follow.
Great. Let's go.
All right.
You good with this?
Like I have a choice?
What was that?
I don't know.
Can anyone tell
where that came from?
Sounds like
it came from all over.
Maybe he knows.
It's like a scarecrow, right?
Maybe we're just
in a farmer's field.
Honestly, you ever seen
anything like this?
I can't say that I have.
When I was a kid,
my dad used to take us on...
Hold on.
What was that?
Where am I? Stay back.
What the hell is that?
It's okay.
No one is gonna hurt you.
- Something tells me
you woke up in this field
and you have no idea
how you got here.
Just tell us what you remember.
I, um... I was...
Um, I was in my flat writing...
Writing yearly conditions and...
Uh... And then
that's all I remember.
I must have crashed really hard.
Writing what?
Code. If blue is the sky...
What did you get?
What? I didn't get anything.
It's just what I do.
No. What did you
wake up with?
We all woke up with something.
Well, I don't have anything.
No. I woke up, I heard the siren,
and then I started running.
Are you sure?
Because that makes you
the only one without an item,
and I'm not buying it.
Back off. She said she
doesn't have anything.
I don't trust her.
I just... I just want
to get out of here.
This way.
He'll calm down.
I'd say this is new territory
for everyone.
Just stick with us.
You okay?
I know.
So who's your pick?
My pick?
Who brought us here?
Obviously, it wasn't Ethan.
I don't think it was you.
I know it wasn't me.
The jury is still out
on you, cowboy.
You think it was one of us?
You don't?
Those two are comfortable enough
to fall asleep.
Sure sign of guilt,
if you ask me.
- They're all exhausted.
- And we're not?
Could have been any of us.
Well, I know it wasn't me.
It's getting colder.
What's with the outfit anyway?
- You mean my attire?
My fianc was working late,
and I wanted to surprise him.
Rose petals, candles,
me in bed wearing this.
The whole bit.
I must have fallen asleep.
I'm sure he would have loved it.
You think?
What the hell is that?
Oh, my God.
One, two, three...
Hey, hey.
One, two, three, four...
- Are you okay?
- One, two, three, four, five, six.
Hey. Let us help you,
all right?
It's the same. It's the same.
There's something in the field.
Come with us.
We'll find a way out.
There is no way out.
We need to get
the fuck out of here!
Help me.
- Just stay with him. Stay with him.
- Okay.
Oh, God.
You're a real piece of shit.
You know that?
You knocked me on my ass
and left me to die,
you spineless little fuck.
Denise, I'm sorry. I...
Just stay still, okay?
Maybe we should...
Maybe we should just...
Don't touch it. Please
don't touch it. Okay.
Don't touch it, please.
Okay. Okay, okay.
Stop moving.
I think you're making it worse.
It's not that.
I just remembered the last time
I saw my girlfriend.
We had an argument
about nothing really,
and she stormed out of the flat.
And I just kept coding.
And then the next thing you know
is that I wake up here.
I'm so sorry.
There you are.
What the hell happened to her?
We were running together
and we didn't see the fence.
She's hurt.
Well, I'm not surprised.
See what you can do for her
until we find the doc, okay?
Hey, hey.
You fucking left us!
No. Fuck you!
Ethan. Ethan.
I can't do this.
I can't. I can't.
I just... I don't want to be here.
I don't want to be here.
Hey, hey, Ethan. Ethan.
It's okay. It's okay. Okay?
We're going to get out of here.
Whatever that thing is, it's gone now.
We're gonna be home soon, okay?
I haven't been home since
my mom died two years ago.
My dad doesn't care about me. He
just leaves me at school to rot.
Shh, shh.
I miss my mom.
Do you still have that compass?
Here, you see that needle? It's
going to lead us out of here.
Do you really think so?
I know so.
You just need to stay strong,
and we're gonna
get through this together, okay?
You got this, bud.
We can't do this without you.
Come on.
It's okay.
Here come the others.
Let me through.
It looks pretty bad.
Okay. Let me take a look.
That hurts!
You need to keep it down. We
don't know where that thing is.
Hey, hey, hey. Over here.
I need you to relax, okay?
Just look at me.
Can you take one deep breath
for me and hold it?
Now... Now exhale slowly.
You're lucky.
It's not in the lung.
So, I'm all right? Huh?
No! What are you doing?
Don't touch it. I'm good.
I can manage.
It needs to be removed.
No, no, no, I'm good.
I'm good. I can manage.
- Take this.
- I'm fine. Please stop. Stop. I'm fine.
- Cameron. Cameron.
- Forget the... Don't touch me!
We need to do something
about this noise. Denise?
No! Don't, please.
- I'm sorry.
- I need you to trust me.
- No, please! Please.
Hey. How's she doing?
She's okay.
All right. Well,
if she can't keep up,
we'll help her.
No one gets left behind.
I like that plan.
We need water.
You couldn't be more right.
That man from last night...
he had all the same items as us.
You think there's
others out here?
What, you think?
Oh, hell, who knows.
This whole situation
is fucked if you ask me.
It really is.
Let's go wake them up.
You good?
I'm good. Thanks.
How far have we gone?
I don't know.
You would think we'd have
found something by now.
Anyone back home wondering
where you are?
Folks have passed.
Uh, I used to be married.
Now divorced. Um...
I did get a beautiful little
girl out of the deal, though.
Pretty sure she's wondering
where I am right now.
A little girl.
She's seven.
What's her name?
Sedona Mackenzie.
And she's just, well...
a wonder.
Amazes me in every single way.
That's quite a name.
Siddy Mac for short.
That's very Texas.
How about you?
Just work.
That sounds lonely.
My mom died when I was young.
I lost my dad earlier this year.
I work 36-hour shifts, so no time
for friends or relationships.
Well, nothing that sticks.
What's the last thing
you remember?
Falling asleep
in the on-call room.
Laid down to catch a few Z's
and next thing you know, I...
What is it?
Someone had to have come
in there, have access,
drug me and take me out of the
hospital without anyone noticing.
Who could do that?
The government.
Governments have been running these
kinds of experiments for years.
You think
this whole thing's a test?
I've run data collation and
analysis for the Pentagon
that only comes from
this type of activity.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. What?
You work for the Pentagon?
You're talking about reprogramming,
selective memory erasure,
chemical therapy,
PTSD experimental
memory treatments.
- Yeah.
- What the fuck are you two talking about?
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I just need to rest.
No. No.
We're not stopping.
I need to go to the bathroom.
And honestly, I could do
with a minute alone.
Jesus Christ.
Let's take five.
- I'm going too.
- I'll come.
I have to go too.
Stay close.
You good, or you got to go?
No fluids for a day and a half.
Nothing in, nothing out.
Maybe there's
something in the corn.
Some water, you know.
It's rotten.
It's all the same.
What the hell was
Denise rambling about?
I'm telling you, it's all
about instinct for me.
Gotta trust your gut.
You all right there, chief?
Something's not right.
You know what I don't trust?
What's that?
Give me that.
See? I fucking knew it.
What did you expect me to do?
Settle down, bud.
She deserved it!
She's hurt.
She's holding out on us, man.
- She had water!
- You need to calm down.
She had water
the whole fucking time!
What did you expect me
to do, huh?
What, hand it over 'cause
you said we're a team?
You think I don't know how this goes?
It's been the same way my whole life.
"Fuck her.
I'll just take her shit.
- And there's nothing she can do about it."
- Don't give me that shit.
We've been trying to help you.
We've been trying to protect you.
So I'm supposed to suddenly
just trust you with my life?
How do I know you're not
the one who did this to us?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I did what I
had to do to take care of myself.
Look, she's scared.
What, are you on her side?
It was only half full anyway.
There wasn't enough for everyone.
How much is left?
No, no, don't stop now.
Tell him.
What's wrong with you?
Denise! Fuck.
- No, it's this way!
- Sam! Sam!
- Shit.
- Sam!
Where are you guys?
We're over here!
- This is her fault.
- What? Why would you even say that?
Stop! We have to go
look for her.
No, no, no.
Whatever that thing is,
it's close
and it's coming for us next.
Staying here would be
a big mistake.
We need to stick together.
She can't be far.
Look, I like her too.
But I don't want to be here
when that thing comes back.
Yeah. Ethan, let's go.
Please. Come on.
We can't just leave.
We can't.
I don't think we have a choice.
I'm sorry. We're better
off sticking together.
I'm not so sure about that.
What's wrong with this thing?
- What? What is it?
- This thing is...
I... I don't know. It's been
pointing north. Now it's...
Are you sure you're reading it right?
Let me see.
Yes, I'm reading it right.
Are you sure about that?
Because you just said north,
and you've had us going south.
- What?
- That's west.
- We've been following the needle.
- And that's south.
What's your problem?
Oh, no.
That's impossible.
This... This can't be right.
You've had us
walking around in circles.
Get that fucking finger
out of my face, you idiot.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- You little shit.
- Hey.
All right?
Hey, what's this?
Oh, my God.
There's no handle.
Watch out. Watch out.
Let me try?
Okay, okay. Come on. Come on.
The compass wasn't leading us south.
It was leading us here.
To this faucet.
You think
we're supposed to find this?
I do.
So what now?
Ryan, can you
look at the bottle?
It's a tree. So what?
No, it's not just a tree.
It is the tree.
I don't get it.
I've seen that tree,
this morning.
This morning?
What are you saying?
I'm saying I think there
is more to these items
than just
their obvious functions.
Because of a tree on a bottle?
Okay. This isn't a compass.
It's an indicator
designed to do one thing:
lead us to this faucet
and then turn it on.
That's why the needle started spinning,
because we were right on top of it.
The square on the other one's
shirt isn't in the same place.
It was closer to the middle before.
Now it's further to the right.
And the tree on the bottle,
it has to be the next clue.
It's a puzzle.
So what are you thinking?
I think we should go
back to the tree.
What? That's absurd.
You want to go backwards
because of a tree on a bottle.
Not just the tree, but yes.
That doesn't make any sense.
We should keep going
in the same direction.
South, away from here.
Who thinks we should go back?
I do.
- We go back.
- Oh, my days. Are you lot serious?
This doesn't make any sense.
Plus, we have no way
of finding our way back.
Sure we do. Now we know the
needle points to the faucet,
we have a point of reference
using the compass.
We were going south, right?
This is a bad idea.
All right then.
Let's keep moving.
Hey, hey.
We're better as a group.
We can look out for each other.
Come on.
Oh, fuck.
You coming or what?
Right behind you.
- Shit.
Are you all right?
- How did... How did you...
- Are you okay? Huh?
What the hell is that?
It's a trap. Are you kidding?
Fucking traps?
Someone spent a lot of
time working on these. Why?
I don't know. My guess is to kill
that thing that's hunting us.
It's going to be dark soon.
And cold. All right,
another couple klicks.
We're just gonna... No, who
put you in charge? Huh?
We need to turn back
and go south.
Surely, you can't be
this fucking stupid.
Ryan! Put her down! Now!
Ryan! Stop!
- Ryan! Put her down! Now!
- Ryan!
Ryan, put her down.
Put her down, Ryan.
You're losing it, man.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
- Let me help you. Deep breath.
- Huh?
What's wrong with him?
What's wrong with him?
You're okay.
Keep him away from me.
Hey, where are you going?
Tyler? Will you help me?
Be right back.
Hey. Be careful.
This reminds me of Afghanistan.
The sky on fire.
Terribly beautiful.
I lost them all, you know.
Every last one of them.
My entire unit...
was pinned down and wiped out
all because of me.
As squad leader,
I made the heading choice...
and I led us
right into an ambush.
They didn't stand a chance.
I am so sorry, Ryan...
but I need you here
right now, with us.
I've got to show you something,
but you gotta...
You gotta promise
not to tell the others.
I was injected...
with whatever's in that.
Just keep an eye on me,
all right?
Something is...
is... is different.
Holy shit.
Okay, there has to be something.
The compass led us to water.
The matches lit
the fire and lantern.
The canteen led us here.
It has to be here somewhere.
It's just a tree.
A dead fucking tree.
Oh, this was
such a waste of time.
Now we're that much hungrier
and the entire day is gone.
- Look, you didn't have to come with us.
- I know.
Hey, can you bring
that light over here?
Is that a map?
That is exactly what it is.
You see...
You see here?
The fence line.
That puts us, um, here, I think.
We need to focus
on what we know.
So, look, that would
actually put us here.
You're right.
Look at this.
With these grid lines,
it would only make sense
if something else lined up.
Something goes on top of this.
A-A-An overlay.
It has to be here somewhere.
What is it?
There's a shape
on top of this pole.
Wait a second.
- Y-You need to focus.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.
There, that's it!
But nothing lines up.
Holy shit.
Move it a bit more to the right.
No way.
It's a path.
Right there.
It has to be the way out.
- Yeah.
- What, do you think or you know?
We just have to get the grid
count and direction right,
and then follow it out.
So look, if we go north
three fence lines,
and then east two fence lines, then
north again to this last grid square...
That's... That's where the line ends,
so I think it's our way out of here.
Get up, all right?
It's still out there.
Do what you can for him.
Where are you going?
To kill that fucking thing.
You okay?
Okay, keep pressure there.
Let's go.
Let's go. Come on. Come on.
Come on.
No, no, no, no, no. No.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, Ethan. No.
Ethan, no. Please.
I've got to take your shirt off, okay?
Shit, Tyler. Did you
get a look at it? No.
- That bad?
- Oh, it's fine.
Keep pressure here.
We have to stop the bleeding.
I'm gonna tie this around now,
okay? One, two, three.
We need to keep moving.
What about the others?
They know to keep north.
We're following the fence
lines on the map. Now get up.
Okay, let's go.
Ethan, no. Please, no, no.
What have you done, Cameron?
I didn't see him.
I swear. I swear.
I didn't. I-I didn't.
He just came out of nowhere. Please, no.
No, don't go. Don't go.
Please don't leave me.
Please, Ryan, you can't leave me!
Please, please, please.
Please tell me
I'm not seeing that.
These Mr. Creepys are really
starting to freak me out.
All the same,
he must be here for a reason.
Yeah, to fuck with us.
Okay, so these... these are
the fence lines, which means...
Oh, my God.
The shirt. The shirt.
It's the pattern from the tree.
It was right in front of us
the whole time.
Do you think it's part of the map?
It's not part of. It is the map.
Maybe it's the way out.
We need to get this off.
See this square here?
Here, this...
This is the first humanoid.
And the second one, this is
where we found the water.
See? We crossed all of these fence
lines and back from the water,
which makes this one the tree.
Which got us to this fence line,
the last grid on the tree map,
which is where we are now.
There has to be something we're missing.
We just need to figure out what it is.
What the hell is this thing?
There's something here.
What is it?
I don't know.
But it disappears under the arm.
That's the same as the faucet.
It's not coming back off.
What is this?
I'm not sure.
The pattern
matches the switches.
See? They match.
On, off, on, on,
off, off, on.
What do you think?
I don't know.
I don't know.
What is this place?
I think we should go back.
Back to where?
Maybe there's another way in.
Okay. It's okay.
Let's stay calm.
There's been a solution
to every puzzle.
We got this.
Okay, let's do this.
Let's just see what's at the end of these
and we'll meet right back here. Okay?
What do you see?
Mine's about ten feet down,
and a left.
Mine's a right.
Okay, we should stick together.
Let's just go right back to the
middle and we'll keep going.
- Tyler!
- Sam!
Okay, focus. There's gotta be something.
There's gotta be something.
Come on, come on.
The symbol. Okay, okay.
Tyler. No. No. No.
Tyler, I'm coming!
Tyler. Tyler!
Fuck. Fuck.
Come on, come on.
That seriously sucked.
Let me take a look here.
I know, I know.
You need fresh bandages.
Keep your hand here.
Not ideal, but it'll work.
Okay. Okay.
What is this?
What is that?
I have no idea.
I think it's a map.
Of what?
This maze.
It's like parts are missing, though.
It doesn't make any sense.
The card.
This lines up.
No way.
The red markings.
These must be the traps.
Why would you even trust this?
Why would it be here?
Maybe they figure
if you make it this far?
If you were alone, that cord is
the only way to pull yourself out.
If I was alone,
I'd be dead.
Okay. Let's do this.
All right.
I know.
That's good. Okay.
Is anyone there?
What is this?
Only one way to find out.
It's some kind of machine.
Okay, guess that
would have been too easy.
There's always an answer.
The bullet.
It's on.
It's another card. It's the
same thing, a switch pattern.
- This has to work.
What are we missing?
Try the lever.
Other side.
Maybe they work together.
- Oh...
- You need to take a break.
Yeah, not a problem.
There's a slot, right?
- How did you know?
- Knife.
It's the only thing we
haven't used and don't have.
So that's it?
We tried.
It was a good effort.
No. No, we have to go back.
Go back?
I can't remember the last time
I'd seen the knife. Can you?
Well, then we're gonna find it.
I've got nothing left
in the tank.
I'll be back. I promise.
I know you will.
There they are.
There they are.
No sound.
Do you understand?
What happened to you?
Where are the others?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. You just...
You have to be quiet.
It's coming.
You have to stay away from me.
I need your help.
The knife. Fuck it.
Oh, my God.
Help me. Please.
It's okay. I'm here.
I don't want to die.
Shh! Shh!
Please, I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
It's okay, I'm here. I'm here.
But you have to be quiet. Okay?
You have to be quiet, okay?
Don't leave me.
I won't.
Oh, my God. You're human.
Get the fuck outta here.
You and I have
some unfinished business.
Die, motherfucker!
How the hell did you
last out here for so long?
It's time to die.
Tyler, I've got the knife.
Tyler? Tyler, wake up. Wake up.
We're getting out of here.
Come on.
Stay with me.
We're almost there.
On three. Ready?
I'm ready.
One, two, three.
No. No. No.
No, no!
They're fucking with us.
It's just a game to them.
I'm done playing their game.
I don't think this
is part of the puzzle.
Fuck the puzzle.
You beat 'em, you know.
Just give me a minute to rest
and then we'll get out of here.
You're going to make it
through this, Tyler.
We're going to make it
through this together.
Both of us.
Think about your little girl.
She needs you.
She needs her...
We... can... get... out.
There is no way out.
Evac, transport, action one.
Medical team,
prep for arrival...
That's affirmative.
Retrieve subjects for phase two.
Primary is priority.
Repeat, primary is priority.
Green, green.
Phase two, green.
Operation completion, green.
Zone four active,
roger, confirmed.
All subjects are priority alpha.
One... One... One, two,
three, four, five, six.
Same again, same again,
same again, same again, same...
This whole thing...
There is no way...