Escape Through Africa (2022) Movie Script

[VMI Worldwide opening theme]
[Lux Libertas Entertainment
opening theme]
[opening music]
[uprising music]
[uprising music]
[KARs singing native song]
[KARs singing native song]
[tense music]
[Harold] [exhales]
All right, [sighs]
we can hold position here
if you and your foot patrol
want to head down
and investigate, Sergeant.
-Bloody nightmare.
Right, you hold position
up here, Corporal.
Right, you three,
come with me.
[tense music]
[flies buzzing]
[KAR 1] A native warrior
of the Wahehe.
He is Ruga-Ruga.
-Well, he was
working for the Germans,
that's for sure.
This is a Mauser.
He was probably a scout,
underestimated the grassland.
-With respect, sir,
the Ruga are one with the land.
They do not. underestimate.
[flies buzzing]
Where is the gun crew?
[flies buzzing]
-Rifles at the ready!
[grunting in pain]
-[speaking in German]
[bird squawks]
[soft music]
[train honking]
-Something I can do for you?
-I was having a dream.
I was Joan of Arc,
and I was wearing
this brilliant armor,
and I was riding a stallion.
-Where did that leave me?
-Oh, you were in a tower,
locked away,
reading a newspaper.
And there was a fire-breathing
dragon coming for you.
-How terrifying.
-Oh no, not at all.
I rode in and slayed the dragon,
but you had already left.
-How thoughtless of me.
You went off drinking
with a bunch of wild hyenas.
You were laughing with them.
You were laughing at me,
That is awfully cruel of me
and my hyena chums.
because there I was,
left with this rather large
disgusting dragon corpse.
-Well, you're
a rather resourceful one.
I'm sure you made the most
of a loathsome situation.
-Well indeed, I did. [laughs]
-[chuckles] You know,
I have to say
that I prefer to be the knight
in shining armor, of course.
-Well, I prefer to be
laughing at you.
-You have been in Africa
far too long, love.
[train whistling]
-And there's
the dragon now.
-You really have been
fantastic about all this, Anne,
with your uncle and everything.
-Well, it's a fair price
to be near Voi.
and you, of course.
-Well, after
I get my promotion,
we'll move into
officer housing in Voi
and start a family again.
[somber music]
It's, uh.
been a year since she passed.
[somber music]
I have to go.
[belt clanking]
-I'm sorry.
I miss her.
-Me too.
We are healers,
not soldiers.
We are here to heal;
that includes ourselves.
One day we'll start
a family again.
-I'm still not ready.
[Alex] I'm sorry.
[overlapping conversation
in Swahili]
[bell ringing in distance]
[Lockwood] Let's review the
facts in closing, shall we?
Private Kamante,
documents in the officer's vault
went missing on your watch.
You're lucky you're
not tried for treason.
Further, your accusations of
British personnel's misconduct
are implausible
and unsubstantiated.
[Kamante groans in agony]
-You've heard
the ruling of the court.
Justice has been upheld,
and now it will be served.
Take him away.
[Kamante yelling in Swahili]
-After we take care
of the train business,
we need to find the documents
and account for all personnel
at the hour in question.
[Yash] Yes, sir.
[Lockwood] And Yash,
keep it quiet.
-Yes, sir.
Like a moose, sir.
[Anne] Rigala, your mother's
looking for you.
She's about to leave
on the train.
[door opens]
[Kamante yelling in Swahili]
[cage opens then closes]
[Anne] Uncle, I just want to
thank you so much again
for everything
you've done for me.
You're dear and compassionate.
[Salesman speaking in Swahili]
-I'll take the compliment.
I'll also take this.
[clears throat]
-And as a compassionate
and reasonable man,
I might ask
how those traits extended
toward the natives today.
-Harold's patrol
went missing last night.
Apparently, he made it
to the rail line.
Train brought him in.
-Is he all right?
-We'll see.
He lost a patrol
a few years ago.
I looked for Harold,
but he thought we abandoned him.
[Anne] Did you?
-Pawns aren't privy to know
how the board is in play.
I think an attack is coming.
You may leave
on the train for Voi,
if you feel so inclined.
-No, I choose to stay.
I have responsibilities here.
-Anne, your safety
is far more important
than that of these natives.
[Anne] Uncle, I would
challenge you
to approach the natives
with respect.
-Yash, shoot that pest
or something.
-Indeed, sir.
Come on. Let's go.
-How can you treat
the natives like this?
-Let's go.
-You think you've
been here a while, do you?
Try to extract civility
from savages.
It's an art
you don't understand.
-I do not know
how you tolerate that man.
-I'm stronger
when you're here.
-Well, I'll be back
in two weeks.
[soft music]
[whistle blows in distance]
Have to go.
[Alex sighs]
-Look, the man
that train has picked up
was taken to my infirmary
that I have let you operate.
Now as a compassionate,
reasonable man, as you said,
I'll ask you to exercise an art
you do understand: nurse.
Now. Dear.
-Now, Rigala,
find your father
while I'm gone
taking the harvest to Voi.
I'll be back in a few days.
And don't be a burden
to Miss Anne.
She's very busy.
[speaks in Swahili] Rigala.
[Rigala] [speaks in Swahili]
Mama, I love you.
[tense music]
[natives speaking in Swahili]
[Anne] Harold.
Does that hurt [indistinct]?
[door opens]
-Well, you're safe now.
How many?
-[sighs] Not many.
They--they really
took us by surprise.
I'm--I'm sure
the others made it.
I'm certain they made it out.
-It's official now. War.
We've just received a telegram.
The line has been cut.
I've my men
checking the line now.
Well, if they're still alive,
we don't have long
to get to them,
so heading south
from the rail line won't do.
Yash, ready a search party,
light provisions,
half-day round trip.
-Yes, sir.
-Signal 'Red Hammer'.
-Yes, sir.
the soldiers will
need medical attention.
You'll be safe enough, yes?
Sir, don't get me wrong,
but there weren't many of them
and it's a safe bet
they were scouts.
The Germans and the Rugas
are on the move.
Evacuating on the train to Voi
might be a good idea.
-My uncle isn't
the most accommodating host.
-[door closes] you may have noticed.
But he has a kind heart.
He took care of my family
when my father died
and helped arrange
for me to work here
at this [indistinct]-run
Well, looks like I need to find
a new spa to holiday at.
-Let me get you
something for that.
[intense music]
[Harold] Yeah.
Sir, it was right up here.
[Lockwood] Eh, these border
raids are all too common.
-It was right here.
-This is where
it happened?
Anne, stay with me.
Stay with me, Anne.
-[rapid gunfire]
-[Yash] Germans on the hill!
[rapid gunfire continues]
Hold your fire.
Red Hammer.
-Red Hammer.
-[rapid gunfire]
-[yelling in agony in distance]
[loud explosion]
[Harold] Do you see anything?
-Captain Lockwood.
-I didn't know
you had employed the Masai.
-I should be cross
with you, Chaka.
I had a bone to pick
with those men.
We were having
a disagreement of sorts.
-It seems
that you have won, then, boss.
Well, this indicates
a larger German presence
than just the Rugas that
attacked your patrol, Harold.
[metal cylinder clatters]
[Chaka] We took this
from a German officer.
We scouted a dozen
Rugas soldiers.
They will move on the outpost
and the pass this night.
[paper rustling]
[Lockwood] All right,
we'll need more hands.
How is the telegraph?
-Still dead--
in both directions.
-Well, did the train
get to Voi before it went dead?
-Yes. Your husband
has arrived safely.
[Lockwood] All right,
it's absolutely essential
we get this cylinder
to Voi Headquarters.
The survival of the colony
depends upon it.
-What's in the cylinder?
German deployment plans all
along the East African front,
and coding materials.
-[yelling] Do you mind!
Secure the cylinder
in the officers' vault
under 24-hour guard.
We'll put it
on the train tomorrow.
-Yes, sir.
bring those rifles.
[door opens]
you shall be released to fight.
You will be given
a weapon and my trust.
You. Kamante. Translate.
-[translating in Swahili]
-If you abuse
that trust in the slightest,
or turn tail and run,
you will be shot dead.
-[translating in Swahili]
[cage unlocking]
-I'm watching you.
You can see
I won't hesitate to kill you
should I grow suspect
in the slightest.
Anne, I want you
taking a rifle.
[Anne] No.
[tense music]
[insects chirping]
-Excuse me, ma'am.
-Jimambe. Hi.
[Jimambe] Her mother is in Voi
and I am to be on guard duty
all night.
-I'll look after her
for you.
-[Jimambe] She's happy.
-[Anne] Me too.
Come. Sit, Rigala.
-[Jimambe] Go on.
-[Rigala] Okay, Papa.
[soft music]
[indistinct conversation
-I'm tired.
-Why don't you
put your feet up here and relax.
It's okay.
Your father's
on watch all night.
-[Kamante] Hello, ma'am.
-Oh, come.
Sit down.
-It hurts, badly.
-Oh, goodness.
[Kamante grunts]
-What happened
to your hand?
-Sometimes people with power
do harsh things
for the wrong reasons.
-Oh my god.
I think it's broken.
-There's not much
I can do for you.
I'll bind it up.
And you cannot move it
for at least next week.
I'm so sorry.
-It's nice having
someone like you here.
[Anne] I'm glad I can help.
My uncle really isn't a bad man.
He just.
-He likes to
show his power.
Thank you.
-There we go.
Keep it close
to your heart, okay?
There we go.
Be careful.
-[intense music]
-[Ruga speaks in Swahili]
[intense music continues]
[speaks in Swahili]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[Rigala gasps]
[whispering continues]
[suspenseful music]
[fire blaring]
[running footsteps]
[suspenseful music continues]
-[Jimambe grunts]
[gun fired]
[indistinct shouting]
-Yash, stay with me.
All troops sound off!
Yash, let's go!
-[gun fired]
-How the hell did they get in?
[Yash] They're setting fire
to the town!
[Lockwood] They're headed
for the ammo depot!
We've got to get the cylinder!
-[soldier grunts]
[gun fired]
[loud explosion]
-Come. Come, quick.
[man] Jamiya!
[Lockwood] Hold cover here!
[gun fired]
[vault clanking]
[fire blaring]
-Papa! Papa!
-Watch my daughter.
-I promise. I promise.
-Go, go.
-We have to go! Come!
-[Rigala screaming]
-[Anne] Come.
[Rigala screaming]
[wood falls down]
[gun fired]
All right, where is everyone?
[Harold] They're dead.
We can't hold this position!
-[Lockwood] Where's Anne?
-[Harold] I don't know.
We have to move!
-[rapid gunfire]
-[Lockwood] Dammit to hell!
Let's go!
[rapid gunfire]
Anne, you all right?
[Anne] I'm fine!
-All right,
we've to get this cylinder
to Voi Headquarters.
-We'll head for Mwatte,
through the hill country.
[Anne] And her!
-All right, let's go.
Go, go, go, go.
Come on.
-Come on.
[Lockwood] This is not good.
[tense music]
-[speaking in German]
[Jimambe choking]
[gun fired]
[fire blazing]
[emotional music]
-Rigala, I'm sorry.
-Why did you make me go?
-No one
should have to see that.
Your father isn't there
anymore now, I'm afraid.
I want to protect you.
I promise I'll do my best.
We'll make it
to your mother in Voi.
She'll be so happy to know
that you're all right.
It won't be the same.
It won't.
We'll make
the best out of it.
If you'll be strong for me,
I'll be strong for you.
Is that a promise?
[soft music]
[Lockwood] Come on.
[grass rustles]
[Yash] This means
the enemy war party
is already ahead of us
and getting closer to Voi.
We're the only ones
that can stop them.
-What now?
-A reinforcement train
will head out from
Voi Headquarters in three days
when they haven't seen
an inbound train
or received a telegraph.
-We can make
for the old mine
and on to Voi in three days.
[Yash] That's optimistic.
-I don't know, Yash.
I think the little girl
could do it in two.
-What are you waiting for?
Alex will be on that train
headed right into the ambush.
-Know your place.
All together.
Let's go.
[uplifting music]
[Kamante] I will take her.
-[sighs] Thank you.
Let's go.
No, thank you.
-You will be
much faster below,
and I can watch from up above.
[Lockwood] All right, Chaka,
you go ahead this way.
[Kamante] Your light!
They will see it!
-What the hell is going on?
-The native rushed me.
He wants water.
-Stop. Enough. Young man.
-[Kamante] That is foolish.
No! You will give us away!
-[gun cocks]
-Don't doubt me.
Pick up your rifle.
Pick up your rifle.
Fall in line.
I will never see
that behavior again.
[Yash] Problem?
-Not again,
I should imagine.
Fall in line.
Dear God.
Come on, darling.
[tense music]
[bird squawking]
[stone falling]
-I've got you.
[rapid gunfire]
[Rigala screams]
[Lockwood] Chaka!
[rapid gunfire]
[Ruga grunts]
[rapid gunfire]
[rapid gunfire]
[Lockwood] Anne, Harold,
let's move!
-[spears thudding, clanking]
-[both grunting]
[Rovumba screams]
[both grunting]
-Come on. Let's go!
-[spears thudding, clanking]
-[both grunting]
-[Rovumba screaming in pain]
-[Rovumba groans]
[Rovumba screaming in pain]
[Kamante grunting]
[Anne] I need help here!
-Eyes, up above.
[Kamante breathing with
-[breathing with difficulty]
-Hi, it's okay.
It's okay.
[Kamante groaning]
-I need some help here!
[Kamante groaning]
-Hi, it's okay.
No, it's okay.
Uncle, Uncle, please.
[Kamante groaning continues]
-I need help here!
[Lockwood] Anne,
he's mortally wounded.
[Kamante groaning]
-Hey, hey,
look in my eyes.
No, no, no, no, stay with me.
Stay with me.
No, no, no, no, no.
stay with me.
Look at me.
No, no, no, no.
Come on.
Oh my.
Rigala, don't look.
-You all right?
Hey, hey.
-That's it.
-Well, nothing could be done.
It's no fault of yours.
[Anne] He needed help.
-Fine. Now your gun.
-Duma Kivali.
Cheetah Shadow Tribe.
The same that killed my family
and attacked the outpost.
-He's yours to kill.
[Lockwood] Anne, enough.
We're moving on.
-You can't just kill him.
He's wounded. He's helpless.
-Granting him death
is a luxury at this point.
[Rovumba groans]
[Lockwood] I'd like to take him
aside and take him apart
and see what he tells us.
-You have a deranged
sense of compassion.
Look at his leg.
He'll be lucky
if he doesn't die.
-You're disturbed
because you think
I don't care about the private.
I know a dead man
when I see one.
-Well, then recognize
a living man.
He's your prisoner.
And if you have any honor,
you'll let me treat him.
get her out of the way.
[Harold] Captain.
With respect, sir,
we have a shield, all right?
A warrior is valuable,
and they'll attack again,
all right? We can barter.
I mean, it's slower,
but it's safer.
-Good point, Corporal.
Okay, wrap the devil up, Anne.
He hasn't suffered properly for
all the pain he's caused today.
-[Rovumba] Akuma.
-I know.
Okay. Ready.
[emotional music]
[Colonel] How was your week
at the outpost, Doctor?
[Alex] Troop levels are strong.
We should be well defended
in the event of a German attack.
and Captain Lockwood?
-Lockwood, sir.
to speak freely, sir.
is losing control.
I do fear for the safety
of the villagers,
and more importantly,
the troops under his command.
I see, he's continued to
be a distraction, yes?
-Are you prepared to take over?
-Take over?
-I'm going to be relying on you.
Can you take charge?
-My duty, sir,
is to King and country.
I will do what I must.
-Very good.
-We've just lost contact
with the outpost
and with the rail line.
-[Alex] With the outpost, sir?
-[Colonel] Yes.
-Sir, with your permission,
I'd like to take an expedition
to the outpost
to check on the safety
of those there.
Procedure is
we wait three days.
You understand that.
-Sir, I understand
procedure, but we are at war.
-Those are my orders, Doctor.
-Sir, my wife
is at that outpost.
Please, allow me to take
a train down
to check on her safety.
-[Colonel] Yes, yes.
-.and the safety of the--
-.I understand your wife.
We wait three days.
Those are my orders!
-No, thank you.
-Why do you boss
people around?
-Excuse me?
-Why do you boss
people around?
-Why do I boss people.?
'Cause I'm the captain, dear.
-What's the captain?
-The captain.
The captain is.
is the man in charge.
-What are you
in charge of?
-I'm in charge
of protection.
-What do you protect?
-We protect the people.
We protect you,
we protect Anne,
we protect anyone
who needs to be protected.
-You have all these
because you're the captain?
-Because I'm the captain.
Yes, that's right.
-I'm glad you're my friend,
'cause you're in charge.
Well, thank you, dear.
Where is Anne?
[Anne] We left Kamante's body
in a hurry earlier.
You might wanna say a few words.
[Lockwood] Less chatter.
We are behind, as it is.
[Yash] He was not Christian.
[Lockwood] What's that, Yash?
[Yash] He was not Christian.
He worshiped Nagai.
Well, we should've respected
what he would've wanted.
-Indulging all
the heathen practices now, Anne?
Pray to Guru Nanak, Yash?
Or the Red God, Chaka?
-[laughs] Don't harm
the earth with my body if I die.
I am no chief.
Leave me to the birds
in the sky.
-Should I die,
do not bury me.
The Sikh sanskar.
The scattering of the ashes.
-There is no need
to bury you, Yash.
What would buzzards want
with your curry-filled carcass?
-With all due respect, sir,
not all of us
find hell so appealing.
-But, Yash, you're
the one who wants to burn.
[birds tweeting]
-Get down.
[birds chirping]
[Lockwood] The water there
looks good;
refill your canteens.
Minimal rations.
We have to last one more day.
[gun cocking]
Make sure the little girl
has enough.
[Anne] No.
[bolt loading clicks]
How did you learn
how to do that?
-I helped my father
clean the guns.
-Would you show me?
[bolt loading clicks]
Okay. Now me.
[gun clicking]
-Let's start with
the basics, shall we?
Here, do you see this point
at the end of the gun?
You line that up
in between the sights.
That's this right here.
You see this little "V"?
-You line that up
so it's right between
so it's even on the top.
Even on the top.
You have your target.
Now hold the gun up.
Now, you're a righty.
Here we go.
All right, okay.
Do not shoot Harold.
Now, are they even?
Is it smooth on top?
-Yes, it's in there.
-All right,
very slowly squeeze the trigger.
Don't jerk it,
just squeeze it.
Good, now what you have to do,
because I noticed
you went up and down,
is when you shoot, you exhale.
so you're still,
still as night.
[Anne exhales]
-[gun clicks]
[Yash] Chaka!
What are you doing?
-I saw Harold move away
from guarding the Ruga.
-What is going on here?
-What's he talking about.
I've got the Ruga right there!
-Why did you
leave your post?
-I was gonna
talk to Anne. [chuckles]
-I don't think
she wants to talk.
right now.
[Lockwood] What the hell
is going on here?
Chaka, you're moving
to relieve me.
Take watch.
-Hey, it's nothing.
Let's rest.
All right, we rest now,
and we move in a bit.
[cylinder clanking]
[insects chirping]
[grass rustling]
[yell of agony in distance]
-You hear something?
[grass rustling]
It's nothing.
-As you were, soldier.
[yell of agony in distance]
That sounds like Yash!
[suspenseful music]
scout the hill for us.
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
-Four Rugas
sleeping by the fire.
One guards them
from the cliff above.
-All right,
you head straight over there.
You go around, I'll go
straight through, right?
Let's go.
[suspenseful music]
[rapid gunfire]
[breathes heavily]
[wood clatters]
[Chaka grunts]
Damn, I should have known.
[fire crackling]
[Harold] That's hot.
Doesn't it hurt?
-I know
you don't understand me,
but you're going to be
all right.
-[speaking in Swahili]
[Anne] I desire mercy for all,
including you.
-[Rigala screaming]
-Come on.
[intense music]
[approaching footsteps]
Are you all right?
-I'm fine.
-Where is Rigala?
-I tried to shoot them,
but they just took her.
We have to go, now!
-All right, come this way.
Come this way.
-Don't you understand?
They just took her!
We have to go, now!
-Yes, we do, and
we have to be smart about it.
Keep it down.
Now, come this way
through the canyon.
-We are not leaving her!
-Anne, look, be patient. We'll
go after her.
He always does this to me.
Don't you start too.
Rigala is in danger now.
Not later, now!
-Anne, we'll get her
back, all right?
All right, look in my eyes.
We'll go after her.
They won't kill her, all right?
We'll go after her.
Come on.
-[Lockwood] Anne, now!
[Anne] Uncle, where are we going
if we are not going
after Rigala?
[Lockwood] Nearby
there's an old mine.
It's high and dry,
and it will give us
a tactical foothold.
That's it, up there.
The blasting store,
and just beyond.
-Come on.
[Major Veicht] [in German]
Bring the girl.
-So, your idea
of helping Rigala
is hiding in a hole
in the ground?
An ostrich
would be more heroic.
-Ostriches pack
one hell of a kick,
and now so do we.
The blasting store:
rail line leftovers.
-If we are going to find
Rigala, we've got to go soon.
Don't let him trap you
in the guise of safety.
-Chaka, get in here.
-Boss, I don't want to
die in the ground.
This is a white man's tomb.
I will die
with the sky above me.
-Sorry for the dire conditions,
but clearly, it's safer in here.
And we can make use of
all this blasting material.
Besides, there's nothing
you can't fix
with enough explosives.
-Rigala isn't in here.
-Don't endanger
the very people
that are trying to help you.
Now do the honorable thing. In.
[Anne] The honorable thing
would be
to keep your word
and go after her.
She's not some pawn
in your game here.
[Lockwood] What are you
trying to prove?
That you can protect her?
Chaka, get in here.
-Look, I'll talk to her.
give me some time.
When she comes in,
Chaka will come too.
He's a stubborn Masai.
Maybe just go ahead
and scout for a bit.
-All right, keep watch
outside for the time being.
-Of course, sir.
[Lockwood] Come on, Chaka.
[Chaka] There are a great many
caves in these hills.
The Rugas may know them.
-I don't know if I could
ever stand up to him like that.
It was brave, the way
you handled him.
-Oh, it wasn't bravery.
If anything, it was just
festering anger on my part.
You're to thank.
-No, it was you.
See, you stood up
and held your ground.
That's what a leader does.
-I'm no leader.
That's Lockwood.
He is just trying
to keep us safe.
Gosh, I shouldn't have
talked to him like that.
-But you were right,
Rigala's not here.
Would he be content with us all
just leaving her?
-Well, he has
the bigger picture in mind.
Troops at Voi, the cylinder,
it all has to get to--
-And despite that,
he disregards your
responsibility for her,
doesn't he?
-Well yes, but he--
he feels responsibility for me.
-So, he won't
risk leaving you,
even to go after her?
-And he won't send you
or any of us, so.
so then what?
-I always thought
compassion alone would save us.
-Isn't this
an act of compassion?
-We have to do something,
but after they took Yash,
I just don't know.
Maybe it's too late.
I just.
-I will stand with you
whatever you decide to do.
Just us go after her?
-What, you don't think
you could fight them?
Or that I could?
-I don't know.
I'm sure you could.
But, don't be offended,
you haven't been able
to kill one yet.
Well, that's a challenge
I'm willing to take.
And like you said:
before it's too late.
-No but. Voi.
My husband.
No, this is mad,
we shouldn't, this is--
-Yeah, yeah, of course.
You're right.
Okay, let's just--
just stay here.
-I'd be betraying my uncle.
-He doesn't know what
it's like to lose a daughter.
Got to get her back
to her mother.
I'm behind you in this.
We won't come back without her.
I promise.
-Let's go on.
-Quite a journey
we took today.
[Chaka] Yes, quite the journey.
I must say I respect you
for understanding
what it means
to be a true warrior.
-Well, thank you, Chaka.
We have a tradition
in the civilized world,
it's called handshake.
And when you respect a man
and/or you want to
pass on affection,
you shake their hand as such.
Take it. Grasp it.
Shake it.
I shake your hand, Chaka.
-[Chaka laughing]
-You have my respect.
-That is called handshake?
-That's called
a handshake.
[Chaka] That is handshake.
-You have my respect
and my affection.
-Respect and affection,
that is nice.
Now, where I come from,
when we respect somebody,
our most prized possession
that we give is a cow.
-Mmm, nice.
-We could use a cow
about now, couldn't we?
-Yes, we could use a cow. We
could use many cows.
-Yes, we could.
-Many cows! Yes.
Big mess, Chaka.
-[speaking in Swahili]
-[speaks in Swahili]
-Why did Anne refuse the gun
so strongly earlier?
-When her daughter
died of smallpox,
she decided
she'd prove her worth.
Resume nursing, see
if she could stave off death
from others or something.
Just heal, no hurt.
Can't she have another child?
[Lockwood] Well, it's not
really about that, you see.
-Keep quiet, okay?
[Rigala] [muffled, echoing
from distance] No!
[Chaka] Would you please
explain it?
[Lockwood] She has to prove
something to herself.
You see, it's her own
personal hell.
She'll burn in it if
she loses that little girl too.
[water dripping]
[Rigala screaming]
-Just stay behind
me, okay.
I'll protect you.
Let's hurry.
-Have you any idea
where you are going?
-Okay, I think Rigala
called out from around here.
[water dripping]
Look, water comes down
from these two caverns,
and they must converge ahead.
[water dripping]
If you think another cavern
would be better,
I'll follow you.
-All right, fine.
Let's go.
[birds chirping]
[Harold] Come on.
-[Anne] Why so fast?
-Stay quiet.
Surprise is on our side.
-I can barely see a thing!
-Okay, watch your head.
Up there.
[tense music]
All right.
I need you to wait here, okay?
I saw another way back there.
I'm gonna--gonna take it.
It might be a shortcut,
might take us further.
I'll be right back.
-No, no.
No, you can't just leave me.
I can barely see a thing.
The way through is right there.
-Anne, you'll be fine.
-[Anne] This is the center.
-You'll be fine.
If there's a safer way
to get Rigala out,
we should take it.
Let me go with you.
-You'll be fine.
[somber music]
[cocks rifle]
[dramatic music]
[Lockwood] Ooohh.
Oh, Chaka.
[running footsteps]
[Harold] [out of breath]
Ah, there you are.
Anne has headed off.
-Where'd she go?
-She felt like
she had to find Rigala.
We--we have to go after her.
-Of course, we do.
Why did you let her go off
on her own?
-I tried to stop her,
but I-I couldn't find you.
-What the hell does
that have to do with anything?
We're just over there!
Which way did she go?
-I'm not sure exactly.
I-I didn't see
after she headed off.
-You didn't see
which way she headed?
-And you didn't
see us just over there.
What the hell did you see?
-I'm sorry,
this is my fault. All right?
I know you wouldn't
let something like this happen.
-Hell, no.
-All right.
We should go after her.
-Hell, yes!
To find my girl.
-Okay, then.
we have no idea
where to start looking out here,
do we?
-She may be overly
optimistic and ambitious,
but she's not an idiot,
much less suicidal.
-No, of course not.
-She wouldn't
head off on her own.
Or think she could take
the Rugas on by herself.
-I don't know
what to say.
-You don't know
what to say?
-You know, I-I could show
you where she went, and-and.
-I thought you
didn't see where she went.
-Not exactly.
Look, I-I should have
been clearer.
-The hills are many.
-Lots of looking.
-All right,
I saw where she was headed.
And-and now that I think of it,
there is only one place.
It's just-it's right down there.
Let's move then.
-And I think one of us should
stay here
with the cylinder.
-No. Chaka, bring it.
We all go, Harold. Now.
We're off.
[intense music]
[breathes heavily]
[intense music continues]
[gun cocks]
[deep exhale]
[indistinct mumbling]
[intense music continues]
-[backhand thrown]
-[Anne gasps and grunts]
[suspenseful music]
-[Rugas whispering]
[Major Veicht speaks in German]
-Major, no surprise
seeing you here.
Harold, hold your fire.
We don't want to alert them
to our presence yet.
Chaka, watch the rear.
-[Ruga growls]
-[Anne grunts]
[groaning with effort]
-[kick thrown]
[breathing heavily]
-[speaking in German]
[Anne breathing rapidly]
-[speaking in German]
[Anne breathing rapidly]
-[punch thrown]
-[Rigala] Noo!
-[Ruga grunts]
-[Anne grunts]
-[Anne] No.
-[Rigala] Noo!
[Ruga grunts]
[Anne grunts]
-Boss, look.
[Anne grunts]
-Oh, Anne.
[Anne breathing rapidly]
-[Anne screams]
-[Lockwood] Anne!
[water splashes]
-[gun fired]
-[Ruga groans]
[Lockwood] Anne.
Anne, we're here.
Harold, get back here.
Oh, my god.
[Harold] Captain Lockwood,
we have to move!
-Let's go, let's go!
[gunfire continues]
-[speaking in German]
[dramatic music]
-They're coming! They're
coming! They're right behind me!
-Chaka, no.
Follow me!
[water splashes]
[gasping for air]
[tense music]
[somber music]
[Lockwood sighs]
-[Harold sighs]
It's a shame
we have to leave her.
Well, at least we made it back.
You know, I took out
a few of them back in the cave.
Didn't manage to see that.
Where's the cylinder?
-Harold took it.
-I-I don't have it. I must have
lost it back in the fight.
-Lost it in the fight?
-Okay, look,
I'll get it back.
We can--we can go out there,
or--I've got it.
[Lockwood] Don't move an inch.
[breathing deeply]
[emotional music]
"O supreme light,
lead us from untruth to truth,
"from darkness to light,
from death to immortality."
[mellow music]
You were a good friend, Yash.
-Are you going to
confront Harold.
or am I going to kill him?
[Alex] [voice-over] One day,
we'll start a family again.
[Anne] [voice-over]
I'm still not ready.
[Alex] [voice-over] It's been,
been a year since she passed.
[Anne] [voice-over]
I miss her.
[Jimambe] [voice-over]
Watch my daughter, please.
[Anne] [voice-over]
I promise.
-[Rigala screaming]
-[Anne] [voice-over] I promise.
[Harold] [voice-over]
He doesn't know what it's like
to lose a daughter.
[Anne] [voice-over]
Let's start again.
[dramatic music]
-[gun fired]
-[Harold grunting in pain]
What are you doing?!
[Lockwood] This isn't
a tribunal, Harold.
We know you're working
with them.
-Why should I,
why would I?
-When you took the plans
from the officer's vault
to hand over to the Germans,
you pinned the blame on Kamante.
That was only your first
act of treason.
You then walked us straight
into the sniper's ambush
and helped them
burn down the outpost.
And when Kamante was on to you,
you had him killed,
and then Yash.
-[punch thrown]
-[Harold grunts]
Treason? You sent us out.
You abandoned me.
We were bait.
-You shouldn't have
come back on that train,
and when you did,
I would have shot you dead.
-Then trade me
for the cylinder.
You won't get it back otherwise.
-[Chaka] Boss.
-I'd rather you die.
-[Chaka] Boss.
-[Harold cries]
-What, Chaka?
[Harold cries]
[Chaka] He is mad.
He speaks nonsense.
-[Harold continues crying]
-No, Chaka.
We used him as bait.
When the Germans
began their border raids,
I sent him out
with false information.
It was essential
the Germans not know
about the rail line openings.
-I want you
to lose everything!
-They will not
give it back.
He is setting us up again.
-You're right, Chaka.
We aren't getting it back.
We've got a problem.
One way out.
[sobbing breaths]
-[in German]
Kifari, guard the cylinder.
-[in Swahili] I will gather
the others, and we will go.
-[speaking in German]
[cylinder thuds]
-Let's go.
I can keep you safe.
Come on.
-You really
expect me to wear a sack
filled with explosives.
Are you mad?
It's simply our guarantee
that you comply with
your end of the bargain.
If not, I shoot.
-No way in hell.
The deal was me
for the cylinder.
-I make the terms.
-[Harold laughs]
You have nothing without me.
-Have it your way then.
-[gun loaded and fired]
-[Harold grunts in pain]
Fine! Fine!
-[Harold screams]
-You think I don't know
what you're doing?
-You don't think
they'll follow through.
You're going to
send me down there,
get near the cylinder,
and then trigger the sack.
-I like the way you think.
But they'll follow through,
and so will you
if you want to stay alive.
-You're setting me up
for a trap.
I'm don't think
I'm going go through with it.
I'm not getting killed.
-Ah, you're a clever one.
We've got a smart one here,
eh, Chaka?
[Chaka] Mm. [chuckles]
-All right,
I'll wear the sack for you
to the mid-point of the ravine.
I'll yell up to them,
explain the deals of the trade.
-All right.
[Harold breathing heavily]
-Alright, move.
Keep walking.
-[Chaka chuckles]
I saw you stuff the sack
with sand.
-Blow it all to hell.
[tense music]
[Anne panting]
[dramatic music]
[cylinder clanks]
[Ruga growling]
[birds chirping]
[Chaka] Boss! It is lit!
We have to go.
-Oh God.
-You left me in there!
-[Harold] I'm sorry.
-Run! Anne!
-They're coming,
we have to go!
-[Lockwood] Run !
-Just wait.
-What are you doing?
Get off of me!
-Hey, hold.
-They're right behind me! We
have to go!
-Ah. Bloody hell.
[Rigala] Ah!
[Harold yells in pain]
[Harold groans]
-This way.
-She's not
going to make it.
[tense music]
orders in German]
[fuse crackling]
-Grab my hand.
Over the top, all of you!
Hurry! Go! Go! Go!
[massive explosion]
[groaning and screaming]
[massive rocks falling]
-[speaks in German]
[massive rocks falling]
[fire blazing]
-[speaks in German]
-[speaking in German]
-[speaks in German]
-[speaking in German]
-[speaks in German]
[mellow music]
-That's enough, dear.
[clears throat]
Harold was working
for the Germans.
When the first patrol
he was on was taken prisoner,
he was reconditioned by them.
He turned and formed
a vendetta against me.
He was always so dramatic.
I saw more Rugas in the cave
before we blew the mine.
Didn't get them.
I think they have the cylinder.
-I know.
I almost had it.
[somber music]
-Must go back.
-What? In there?
-Anne, they have
the German attack plans.
They'll massacre
every innocent person at Voi
just like they did
at our outpost.
-I know.
-All right, you ladies
will head up to the peak,
and we'll meet up with you.
-Come on.
[Lockwood] Chaka.
-[Chaka breathing heavily]
I lost the cylinder
to Harold.
I will go alone.
-No, Chaka, no.
We all go together.
-I am young and strong.
I will approach them silent,
fast, alone.
-Chaka, it doesn't
matter how you approach them,
they will kill you.
-They killed my family.
Protect what you have.
Head to the high peak, boss.
I must go.
-Just gonna let him go?
-We have to
keep moving, Anne.
[clears throat]
[Masai sword clanks]
[emotional music]
-Defend yourself.
It is only metal.
But it can break.
But you have something stronger
than it can ever be.
You have a great tool,
that can not be broken.
It will overcome any enemy.
What do I have?
-[soft chuckle]
You have compassion.
[emotional music]
[melancholic music]
[fire blazing]
[intense music]
-I was quite proud
of you today, Anne.
-Thank you, Uncle.
-Yes, you reminded me
a bit of your mother.
-[chuckles] Really?
-Yes, you did.
Well, when we were children,
yes, your uncle Edward,
I believe was 12,
he could swim..
-I was five, I couldn't swim,
and your mother was four.
Well, your grandfather was not
the most sensitive human being
on the planet.
And um, he had Edward
in the water, egging us on.
"Come on, Andrew.
Come on, Andrew."
So, I was scared, but they
threw me in towards Edward.
I sank, of course.
They rescued me.
And then they grabbed
your mother, threw her in.
She screamed bloody murder,
lands in the water, splash.
She popped up and swam away.
Not a joke.
-Four years old?
-Mm. Four years old.
[Anne] She was so proud of you,
the day you made captain.
[Anne] She couldn't stop
talking about you.
-[Anne] Mm-hm.
-Mm. What did she say?
-She said
you were her hero.
How kind of her.
-And she said
you couldn't swim.
Never could.
[soft chuckles]
-She was right
about that, Anne.
-Well, there's time
to learn still.
I'll teach you.
-Of course.
[intense music]
[Kifari yells]
[spear fighting]
[both grunting]
[thud as Chaka falls]
[Kifari yells]
[intense music continues]
[groans and grunts]
[hard punch thrown]
[clang of metal]
[Rovumba yells]
[Rovumba speaks in Swahili]
-[spears thudding]
-[both grunting]
[hard punch thrown]
[dramatic music]
I have the cylinder.
I'm coming to you.
-Follow me!
-Rigala, climb above,
and stay right there.
I'll be along in just a moment.
Go, go!
I had no idea how steep it got.
It did not look this far
from down there.
It's too far.
[Chaka] No time, boss.
[grunts in pain]
[Lockwood whimpers]
[struggles to breathe]
-Oh, I'm sorry, Anne.
-No, no.
Here, let me help you.
-I'm getting
old and sloppy.
-I am stuck now.
-No, I'm here for you.
We'll figure this one out.
We'll get out of this together.
Thanks, Anne.
You'll be going, you'll be
going on without me.
-No, we'll figure
something out.
We'll figure something out.
-Anne, why don't you
start by getting the cylinder.
It's right there.
I'll get Rigala. We can
hide out here for a while.
-Right, you've got to
get that child to safety
in Voi now, dear.
-I don't even know
where I'm going.
-Anne, Chaka
was leading the way.
Voi, it's right up the path.
He said you can't miss it.
-Fine, but you're the one
who's gotten us through,
every step of the way.
you've been pushing ahead
to get to Voi ever since
we saw the train was ambushed.
but we're gonna hide out.
We can hide out, right.
We can just--let's just--
-Anne, I wanted to
hide out at the blasting store,
and you wouldn't sit by
for that, so don't start now.
-We'll figure
something out.
We'll figure something out.
I'm bleeding inside.
I can feel it.
Let me die defending the troops
at Voi on my own terms.
-We'll figure
something out.
-Anne. they'll be here soon.
You must go.
-[breaking down] No, no.
-Don't let the pain
of the past take more from you.
I will miss you, Anne.
[Anne sniffles]
-Go, dear. Go.
[cylinder clinking]
[somber music]
[spears thudding]
[tense music]
-All right.
Son of a bitch.
-[spears thudding]
-Be right there.
[Kifari groaning]
-[spears thudding]
[dramatic music]
[gun cocks]
-[gun fired]
[gun cocks]
[somber music]
[tense music]
-[Major Veicht speaking in
Drop the rifle, British!
All I want is the cylinder!
Every one of your men, dead!
Be reasonable.
Or she dies!
-[elbow thrown]
-[Major Veicht grunts]
-[guns fired]
-[Lockwood grunts]
[thud as Lockwood falls]
[suspenseful music]
-Rigala, take this!
-It's too heavy!
-I need you to go ahead
as fast as you can to Voi.
And when you get there,
give Alex or one of the officers
the cylinder,
and they'll know what to do.
I'll be right after you.
I promise.
-I know
you're not coming.
You're going to stay
and fight like Lockwood.
Promise me you'll make it.
-I promise.
I promise. Okay?
Now you have to run! Go!
[Rigala screams]
-Anne, I'm sorry
it's gotten like this.
I am going to let you
and Rigala go.
-I don't
want to hurt you.
My fight's been with Lockwood
and the British, not you.
Just put the sword down!
-Well, then your fight
is with me as well.
-Don't be a dispensable
pawn for them, Anne.
-I know about
your lost patrol, Harold.
The first one.
-They left us to die.
Lockwood left us to die.
-You blamed my uncle.
You decided he abandoned you.
-Don't you dare try to
share your vendetta with me.
-You can walk away.
You don't have to fight.
You thought compassion
would save us.
This is what it looks like.
Come back with us
to a new East Africa.
you are a liar and a murderer!
[punch thrown]
[backhand thrown]
-[Anne grunts]
[punch thrown]
[both grunting]
-[kick thrown]
-[Harold groans]
[Harold growls]
-[spear slashes]
-[Harold grunting]
[Harold gasping for air]
[uplifting music]
[dramatic music]
[British officer] Well,
we stopped the train
from heading into an ambush
and prevented a massacre.
We'll be ready and able to
defend this village,
so this won't happen again.
-Ah, there she is.
Rigala. My daughter.
My daughter, Rigala. Rigala.
-My daughter.
My daughter, Rigala. Oh!
Oh, my daughter. My daughter.
I had no idea you were alive.
Let--let's go. Come on.
[emotional music]
-We just got here.
-I just heard.
I hardly recognize you.
-Let's start again.
[uprising music]
[music fades out]