Essex Heist (2017) Movie Script

(wind howling)
(sinister music)
(dramatic noise)
(sinister music)
(dramatic noise)
(sinister music)
(dramatic noise)
(dramatic noise)
- This is my town,
the pride of Essex,
twined with
Shitsville, Luxembourg.
(engine roaring)
to be more precise,
it's Terry Slade's town.
Made his money off a
casino in Nottingham
back in the 80's
and ever since he came
down from up north
from betting shops
to knocking shops,
there's nothing going
on in this town,
Terry Slade hasn't
got a finger in.
(sinister music)
This place is no exception.
Slade hardly shows
his face here,
but gets a healthy
percentage just the same.
It's an okay set up.
Slade keeps the
dodgy cars coming in,
we send 'em out again
with a clean bill of health
and a clean set of documents.
(sinister music)
That's Clive, not the
sharpest tool in the box,
but he's got an
knack for engines.
Definitely what
you'd call a follower
rather than a leader.
That suits me fine.
(dramatic noise)
We call him Daveyboy,
can't remember why.
Funny guy.
Daveyboy's always
got a joke for you.
I suppose that's why we
put up with his drug habit.
I let it go,
as long as he turns up on
time and gets the job done.
But one of these days...
(dramatic noise)
That's Andy.
Now Andy's been with
me since day one.
He's another one that
came down from up north.
Used to hang around with Terry
Slade's niece in Nottingham.
He was just a kid then.
Crazy about motorbikes.
Slade sent him my way,
said he'd make a
good apprentice.
Now he's like a brother to me.
(dramatic noise)
And this is me.
My name's Jez.
Yeah, that's short for Jeremy.
What can I say?
My mum was a cunt.
God rest her soul.
And I run the place.
(gun blasting)
(seagulls cawing)
Like I said,
it's a reasonable setup,
but I've got my sight
set on bigger things.
(upbeat techno music)
(seagulls cawing)
(phone ringing)
Good morning, Prestige Motors.
Oh hello Mr. Slade.
Yeah, Clive's working
on the car right now.
Clive how long with the car.
- Not too long on the engine,
tires won't pass the MOT.
We ain't got the right ones
in stock so week or so.
- I'll tell you what Mr. Slade,
we're looking at about
five or six days,
'cause we're a little
bit behind at the moment.
There's a bit of a
backlog going on here.
No he didn't tell me it's for
one of your family members.
I'll tell you what Mr. Slade,
just gimme a couple of days
and then we'll drop it around
to you when it's ready, yeah.
Cheers, Mr. Slade.
Clive, you got two days.
- Shit.
- How am I meant to order
tires then, that quick?
- Secondhand ones will do.
Just get yourself
down to the scrapyard
tomorrow afternoon, yeah.
Clive don't let me down.
(horn honking)
(footsteps pattering)
(Andy sighing)
- It's got sugar in it?
- Three, it was Clive's.
- Oh I dunno how he
drinks that shit.
- So where have you been?
- I never slept.
You gonna eat that?
Starving, I didn't
get breakfast.
Didn't go home last night.
- So where have you been?
- Stacey Slade's place.
- What?
- Stacey Slade's place.
- please tell me you're
fucking kidding me.
- No seriously.
- You know she's
Terry Slade's niece.
You got a fucking death
wish or something?
- Yeah, I know,
we used to hang around
together when we were 12.
She's got a place down here now.
- Great.
- Look, don't get mad.
But I've kinda been seeing her
for a few months now on and off.
- You what?
- But I've never seen her
like she was last night.
I'm sitting at a Vice
Bar on Hope Street.
She comes up to me and ask me
if I wanna buy her a drink.
What could I say?
- Could've fucking said no.
- Anyway,
after a few drinks she's
completely off her head
and ask if I wanna
get in the cab
and go back to her place.
- Please tell me You said no.
- it's not like I've
not been there before.
I told you I've been seeing
her for a few months now.
- So why you're telling me now?
- I'm getting to that bit.
(upbeat music)
You should see her bedroom.
Talk about a
(indistinct) boudoir
(upbeat music)
And now she's doing fucking coke
off the fucking bedside cabinet.
(upbeat music)
And she starts
doing a strip tease.
(upbeat music)
So I knew where this was going.
(upbeat music)
(wind whooshing)
- So why are you
telling me this?
If you ain't got the
basic common sense
to keep your hands off
Terry Slade's family,
I don't wanna fucking
know about it.
- No listen to what
happened afterwards.
(wind whooshing)
I just wanted to get
some fucking sleep.
But Stacey starts going
on about the old days.
when we used to nick bottles
of cider from the off license
and hang around the town center.
Sometimes this big
car would pull up.
(wind whooshing)
Now I'd completely
forgotten about this,
but as soon as she said
it, it came back to me.
This car will pull up
and Stacey would go
white as a sheep.
And then she'd say
she'd have to go.
We just assumed it
was her mom and dad,
but it turns out
it was Terry Slade,
who used to make her do things
in the back of that car to him.
(metal clanging)
She was 12.
- Dirty old bastard.
- She reckons he's
a full on nonce.
Problem is he never thought
about what would happen
when she grew up.
She's got enough dirt
to bring him down.
But there's nothing he can do.
It's his brother's daughter,
his family.
She's got him wrapped
around her little finger.
- That's interesting.
- Right now she's got him buying
all kinds of designer stuff.
An Audi convertible,
a flat in London
for a million quid cash.
- A million in cash.
It's gotta be a
stretch even for Slade.
- He's got a casino up north.
- Yeah, I know about that.
I know someone that works there.
- Apparently he's
going there tomorrow
to empty the safes, everything.
And then he's coming
back down that night
with a big bag full of cash.
A million in used fifties.
- It's fucking risky.
(wind whooshing)
- [Andy] When he
goes back into town,
he takes Bamford Park,
you know the old
industrial estate,
to all the CCTV and
traffic cameras.
(wind whooshing)
- Yeah, I know that area.
- So what do you think?
it's bullshit or not?
- If what she says is true
about Slade being a total nonce,
he must be fucking shit
scared of her right now.
There's a lot of respect
for Slade in this town.
If it got out he was screwing
his 12 year old niece,
I don't think that respects
gonna last much longer, is it.
(suspenseful music)
- Makes you think doesn't it?
Do you want another coffee?
I'll make it.
(train rumbling)
(suspenseful music)
- Truth is,
I couldn't have cared less about
Terry Slade's proclivities.
But that million quid,
that was something
to think about.
(wind whooshing)
(suspenseful music)
(engine rumbling)
(suspenseful music)
That old industrial estate
was the shittiest
part of a shitty town.
No point in anyone
trying to fix it up.
Sometimes you've just got
to bring everything down
and start again.
Especially if things have
been around too long.
(upbeat techno music)
Of course there was
one nagging thought.
What if everything Stacey
Slade told Andy was bullshit?
Fortunately I knew
someone at Slade's Casino
who owed me a favor.
Mick Johnson, was one of a
succession of useless fuckers
who shagged up with my
mum back in the 80's
on the rare occasion when
she wasn't in fucking prison.
Fast forward 20 years
and he turns up at the workshop
sniffing around for a job.
I put him on to Terry Slade
and he ended up going up north
to sweep the floors
at Slade's place.
Mick's head of
casino security now.
A quick phone call to Mick
to confirmed Slade was
due to visit the next day
and that they'd
been told to collect
all the available cash
from the business.
So it's really happening.
(wind whooshing)
(engine rumbling)
- [Daveyboy] Andy.
- What's up?
- Is it okay if I wanna
knock off a little early?
I need to pick some stuff up.
- What stuff?
- Batteries.
Your mum said her rampant
rabbits stopped working,
it's a fucking emergency.
- Fuck off.
- Come on man,
is it all right or what?
- Well Jez isn't here.
- Jez don't have to know mate.
I'm only gonna be half an hour.
- All right, get yourself off.
If it's what I think it is,
you better not turn up
tomorrow off your head.
- Cheer mate, thank you.
- See you later.
- Hey.
Where's he off to?
Feels like I'm the only one
that does any work around here.
- That's why we love you Clive,
come and give us a kiss.
- Piss off.
You can gimme a bigger paycheck.
- Hey, talk to Jez.
- I have.
(train rumbling)
(tools clinking)
(upbeat techno music)
(phone dialing)
(phone vibrating)
- [Woman] What the
hell do you want?
- All right, calm down.
I was just gonna ask you
if I can borrow a few quid.
- You must be joking,
you still owe me
from last night.
- Shit, I thought
that was for free.
- Free?
What do you think I am?
Some kinda whore?
- What?
- Listen, you better watch it.
Somebody's looking for you.
He says he's some sort
of debt collector.
- What did you tell him?
- I said you're at
work at the garage.
- What did you do that for?
Jez's gonna fucking kill me.
(phone slamming)
(upbeat techno music)
(suspenseful music)
- Andy.
- [Andy] What's up?
- [Debt Collector]
Looking for someone.
- Yeah.
Well, we're all looking
for some on mate.
Not really my type.
Wanna be a bit more specific?
- Dave,
says he works here.
- Yeah, that's debatable.
What you want with Daveyboy?
- He took out a loan of credit
with some friends of mine.
I'm here to collect.
- There's no cash here mate.
- How about a couple of cars?
Better still, that motorbike.
- No fucking way.
- You know what?
Things will get very
dangerous around here
if you don't start
changing your fucking tune.
- Yeah.
(suspenseful music)
(train rumbling)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
- Don't you fucking move.
What you're feeling at
the back of your head
is the barrel of a
Smith and Wesson,
38 Special.
Fucking cold ain't it?
Get his gun.
- Look, it's legitimate debt.
Came for what Daveyboy owes.
- Get rid of it.
Daveyboy ain't here.
And I don't take kindly
to one of my best
mates being threatened.
So do yourself a favor,
get out my fucking garage.
(sinister music)
(dramatic noise)
- What's that?
(Jez groaning)
(body slamming)
- Andy, give me a hand mate.
(dramatic music)
(fist pounding)
- You all right mate?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
(suspenseful music)
- Jez.
(gun blasting)
(foot slamming)
- Now fuck off out of here.
(suspenseful music)
- Is it over?
- Yeah.
- Thank Christ.
Excuse me.
(door slamming)
- Bring that other
gun over here will ya?
Might come in handy tomorrow.
- And what's happening tomorrow?
- I'll tell you
tomorrow, all right?
- Anything else happen
while I was out?
- Not really.
Just Clive moaning about
his paycheck again.
You know he is a good worker.
- Yeah he is.
But look how he fucks off
every time there's some trouble.
- So what's happening tomorrow?
- I'll tell you tomorrow.
- All right, whatever.
- [Jez] fact is,
I knew I was safe
dealing with that clown
the way I did.
The one thing Slade didn't touch
was the drug trade.
So if anything serious
ever went down,
Slade would've backed us up.
And nobody in this
town was crazy enough
to try and take on Terry Slade.
Well, almost nobody.
(wind whooshing)
(suspenseful music)
Truth is,
it almost sounded too perfect.
Like Stacey Slade wanted
someone to take Terry down.
Maybe she did.
Who could blame her?
(suspenseful music)
(wind whooshing)
(upbeat techno music)
(engine roaring)
(object thumping)
(boards pounding)
(upbeat techno music)
(board thumping)
(upbeat techno music)
(upbeat techno music)
(marker squeaking)
- What's all this?
- Well this,
that's my car.
- [Andy] And this?
- That's you and your bike.
- [Andy] And what's this?
- That there is
Terry Slade's Merc.
(dramatic noise)
- Wait, you are not thinking--
- I've been thinking
about it all night.
Ever since you
told me that story.
- Jez, this is fucking mental.
It's the money, isn't it?
You thinking of stealing a
million quid off Terry Slade?
- Not me,
we, all of us.
- Nah, you can count me out.
- Do what?
(suspenseful music)
I need you in.
I need you and that bike,
'cause that's the fastest thing
that can get that
money outta there.
- You spent years trying to
keep me away from Stacey Slade.
- I was looking out for you.
- Oh yeah?
And what do you call this?
Trying to get me killed.
- Slade won't even see you.
You're gonna wait here,
with the bike
while me and Clive
grab the money.
We've gotta keep
you outta sight,
'cause that bike's
too recognizable.
- This is insane.
This is suicide.
- Not if Terry Slade
doesn't know who did it.
(suspenseful music)
He's weaker than before.
This million,
it'll clear out all
his cash reserves.
Come on, I've been waiting
for a chance like this
for a long time.
Let's not fuck this up.
This could set us up for life.
- Oh yeah?
Us or you.
- You owe me this Andy.
How many times have I saved
your arse over the years, hey?
- And how many times
have I saved yours?
You got ambition Jez,
but you got a short fuse.
How many times have I
had to drag you away
from getting your
fucking head kicked in?
- You were saving the other guy,
not me.
- Whatever,
just don't try and make it out
like I fucking
owe you something.
- So, how about it?
- I'll think about it.
- Well, you better
fucking hurry up,
'cause that car's coming down
from Nottingham
tonight, all right?
- I'm making a coffee.
- What's wrong with you?
- Shit,
where did these come from?
- Well, if you'd
been here last night
then you'd know.
Just put it down, it's loaded.
- What we doing?
Robbing a bank?
- Not exactly.
We're picking up
a cash transfer,
And we're gonna split
it four equal ways.
- How much cash?
- A 100 grand,
in 10's and 20's,
all stuffed into a nice
convenient little bag.
Not bad for an
afternoon's work, is it?
- What do we have to do?
- Don't you worry, Clive.
Just stay with me,
follow my lead.
Daveyboy, you're gonna take
one of those cars over there
to the edge of town
and you're gonna
sit there and wait
for that cash to pass you.
When it passes you,
you're gonna phone me and Clive
to let us know it's on the way.
Simple as that.
And all you've
gotta do, sit there,
wait for the cash
to be given to you,
signed, sealed and delivered.
Put it in the boot,
you make sure it
comes back here.
- Sounds good to me,
I mean I could use some money.
When we gonna do it.
- Tonight.
- Oh shit mate, I'm
supposed to see my mum.
- In the clinic, fuck that.
Just take the afternoon
off and do it then.
- What about the
tires for the car.
- It's not that important.
- Okay, all right I'm in.
(suspenseful music)
- Yeah, me too.
Who's bringing the
cash over to me though?
- Andy, if he agrees.
(door slamming)
So Andy, are you in?
Because these two are.
- Oh really?
- Come on, it's a piece
of piss, isn't it?
- So how we splitting the cash?
- Four ways we all get the same,
Jez said.
(suspenseful music)
(train rumbling)
- Come on mate, it's
a shit load of money,
we all need the cash.
(suspenseful music)
(upbeat music)
- Okay.
- Now I don't want
this fucked up.
I'm gonna go through
the plans once more.
This is what we're gonna do.
(wind whooshing)
(upbeat techno music)
We know the money will
be heading through
the Bamford Park Industrial
Estate from the north.
So myself, Clive and Andy
will head over there at 6:00 PM.
(wind whooshing)
you'll take one of these
cars out to the edge of town
and park up on
Attenborough Street.
You're looking out for a top
of the range Merc in white.
When you see one pass
from north to south,
give me a call.
(wind whooshing)
(engine roaring)
Andy's bike is too distinctive,
so it's got to stay out of sight
around the back of the warehouse
until we've got the cash,
and that's gonna be the
job of Clive and me.
(wind whooshing)
(sinister music)
Fucking early,
couldn't risk getting
here any later though.
How's your mum?
- What?
Oh, no not too good.
First it was early
onset of dementia
and then she got a stroke.
Clinic won't have
her much longer.
It's been six months
since she had the stroke.
And I wanna move
her into a home,
but don't have the money.
- That's harsh mate.
Sometimes I'm not sorry my
old mum kicked the bucket
when she did.
(Jez sighing)
Never saw her much anyway.
Good thing this job
come up, isn't it?
- Yeah, yeah, 25 grand
will really help.
I mean it's not enough,
but thanks for
splitting it with us.
- It's all right mate.
(seagulls cawing)
There you go.
- What's this?
- We're not just
collecting the money,
more sort of
intercepting it.
- They're heavy aren't they?
- Don't point it at me,
it's fucking loaded.
- What are you gonna
do with your share?
- Don't know,
ain't got any plans.
(suspenseful music)
Look at this shit hole.
Somebody should just
tear it all down.
Put up a bunch of flats,
make a fucking fortune.
- Yeah, 25 grand isn't gonna
go very far doing that.
(Clive chuckling)
- That's a stupid idea.
Forget it.
(wind whooshing)
(engine roaring)
(suspenseful music)
(phone dialing)
(phone ringing)
- Jez, just seen it go past.
Big white Merc,
just like you said.
- Yeah, that's the one.
Cheers Dave, I'll
see you later mate.
Masks on.
Just out of interest,
Who's cash are we robbing?
(dramatic noise)
- [Jez] Now that was
a problem question.
I was fucked if I
was gonna tell Clive
that we were
robbing Terry Slade,
he'd have got straight out
of the car and legged it.
You see, I wasn't
just bullshitting
about tearing down
that industrial estate.
I happened to know
the whole site
had been put up
for sale at 500,000
three months earlier
and there were no takers.
Nobody in this town has
got any fucking vision.
(suspenseful music)
(engine rumbling)
(engine roaring)
(car crashing)
- [Jez] Go.
(upbeat techno music)
Go, go.
(upbeat techno music)
(upbeat suspenseful music)
- [Clive] Oh jeez.
- [Jez] Don't you fucking move.
- I don't know what you two
jokers think you playing at.
But what I do know is,
you will live to regret
this course of action.
- [Jez] The bag.
Jesus Christ, the bag.
Pick it up.
(suspenseful music)
Just go.
(gun cocking)
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa,
you've got what you came for.
I'm a businessman, I understand.
Some you win, some you lose.
Let's not let this thing
descend into violence,
shall we?
- [Jez] Fuck.
(gun blasting)
(upbeat techno music)
(phone ringing)
- Andy, Clives on his
way with the money.
Two minutes max.
(engine roaring)
(suspenseful music)
(engine roaring)
(phone ringing)
- What?
- Where the hell is Clive?
- What?
I've been sat here
like a fucking target
for the last 10 minutes,
where is he?
- Clive's got the money.
Clive's got the fucking money.
- [Andy] Hang on, he's here.
(engine rumbling)
(upbeat techno music)
(engine roaring)
(upbeat techno music)
(engine roaring)
(upbeat techno music)
(engine roaring)
(upbeat techno music)
(engine roaring)
(dramatic noise)
(engine rumbling)
(door slamming)
(suspenseful music)
(glass thumping)
(glass clinking)
- So it was done,
for better or worse.
Things were never gonna
be the same for us again.
(door slamming)
You could say I was taking
advantage of the guys.
Even Andy.
But when you've got a
vision, it drives you,
works its way from
the back of your mind
till it's scratching
at your eyeballs
and you can't see anything else.
I was sick of this workshop,
sick of this business,
sick of being under the
thumb of Terry Slade.
(glass thumping)
The flats I was gonna put
up at the industrial estate
would sell for 10
times the build cost.
And I'd never have to clean
anyone's fucking car again.
So how'd it go with Daveyboy?
- He was waiting
there with the car.
You sure it's a good idea to
give him the money though?
- What, you'd rather
ride back here
with that holder on your back,
in full view of everyone?
Come on, Slade's got people
all over the bloody place.
You think he ain't already
put a word out on us?
- Yeah I know, but
you know Daveyboy.
What if he stop somewhere
on the way back?
- He wouldn't dare.
- So go on then,
what's the big plan?
- What plan?
- Come on.
You're always a man with a plan.
You started this
business off in a shack.
It's you that built it up.
- Well me and a
healthy cash injection
from Mr. Terry Slade.
Not quite as healthy as
the one he's made today.
- Come on, you're not telling me
that you haven't already
spent that money in your head.
- Thousand times over mate.
(Andy chuckling)
What about you?
- Nah, you know I'm
not much for plans.
- Come on, everyone's
got a dream.
Would you really wanna
stay for the next 30 years,
fixing dodgy motors
for Terry Slade?
That quarter of a mil,
could do a lot.
- I dunno.
Maybe buy a nice house,
meet a nice girl, settle down.
(Jez chuckling)
- A nice girl?
How many nice girls do you know?
Stacey Slade's nice.
- Stacey Slade.
She's damaged goods mate.
- And if she is,
is that her fault?
Just think about all the
things that she's been through.
You should have heard
some of the things
that Slade made her do.
(gentle music)
With that money, I dunno.
Maybe we could buy a house.
Nothing fancy.
We could save the
rest of the money.
She'd never have to work again.
We could have some kids
and she could play, mom.
- Fuck me.
You really have got
plans haven't you?
- I know you might think
I'm stupid Jez but,
I really like her.
- Well,
it's your funeral.
- So what about you?
(doors slamming)
(footsteps pattering)
(Clive breathing heavily)
- Glad you could make it.
- Is everyone back?
(suspenseful music)
- We're still waiting on Dave.
Hopefully he's not
gonna take his time,
like you did.
- Take my time.
Did you see who was in that car?
- Wait, you didn't tell him
that it was Slade's money?
- Of course I didn't.
Went off all right
though, didn't it?
- Yeah, we'll see
when Dave gets back.
(door slamming)
- Talk of the devil.
(Daveyboy cheering)
(upbeat techno music)
All right.
Some people said it
couldn't be done.
Some people,
not a million miles away.
They said it was insane.
But we did it lads,
we fucking did it.
- When do we get our share?
I got bills to pay.
- Yeah, we know.
Andy step into the office.
(footsteps pattering)
(bag thumping)
(zipper whirring)
(dramatic noise)
What the fucking hell.
(dramatic noise)
Nah, everything Stacey
told you checked out.
- So what then?
- This bag's been out
of our sight twice.
When Clive gave it to you
and when Daveyboy
brought it back here.
- Clive took fucking ages.
- 10 minutes.
I timed that at two minutes max.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
- Do you think he could
have switched the money
in that time.
Where'd he get these fake notes?
- Well he took the
afternoon off, didn't he?
He knows the plans.
Maybe he could've fucking
stashed it on route somewhere.
- Why risk it?
- 'Cause he needs the money.
He told me his
share wasn't enough.
(suspenseful music)
- So what you gonna do?
- I'll sort it out.
Clive, bring that other
gun over here will ya?
- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
(footstep pattering)
(gun clanging)
- Take a seat mate.
(chair scraping)
- What?
What's all this then?
(Clive chuckling nervously)
- Where's the money Clive?
- What?
- Seven o'clock tonight,
we stole a bag of money
from Terry Slade.
Two hours later,
all we got is a bag of
fucking paper cut outs.
Which means at some point
during them two hours,
someone with a motive
and the opportunity
swapped the real cash for these.
- I dunno what
you're talking about.
I mean, where would I find
a load of fake notes from?
- So where did you
go this afternoon?
- I went to visit my
mum at the clinic.
- Really?
You sure you didn't fuck off
up the industrial estate,
and plant a bunch
of those fake notes.
You knew the exact route
we were taking that money.
Gimme your phone.
- Fucking hell mate.
- Give me your phone.
(suspenseful music)
We'll soon clear this up.
What's the number
of that clinic?
- I dunno.
- Piss off.
Six months your dear
mother's been in that clinic
and you don't know the number.
- It's in the phone
under Meredith Center.
(suspenseful music)
- All right, I'll
put this on speaker.
So let's all see.
(phone dialing)
It'll show in the
visitor's book today.
(suspenseful music)
(phone dialing)
- [Automated Reception]
Thank you for calling
the Meredith Center.
This number is not
manned after 9:00 PM.
Please call back between the
hours of 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM.
Thank you.
- Oh dear.
Oh, here we go.
In for mum.
(Clive mumbling)
Let's try direct.
- Fuck sake, Jez,
she's had a stroke,
she's got dementia.
- Well, she's obviously still
got a phone, hasn't she?
- Don't drag my mum into this.
(phone dialing)
- She's taking her
time, isn't she?
- She can only move from
one side, fuck sake.
- [Mrs. Symonds] Hello?
- Hello Mrs. Symonds?
- [Mrs. Symonds] Yes.
- You have a son
called Clive, yeah?
- [Mrs. Symonds] That's right.
Is this the school?
- Sorry?
- [Mrs. Symonds] Has he
been late for school again?
- Dunno about that.
This is Jez.
Clive works with
me at the garage.
We were just wondering if he's
popped in to see you today.
- [Mrs. Symonds] Sorry?
- Did Clive visit you
at the clinic this afternoon?
- [Mrs. Symonds] Oh,
I don't think so.
He never comes to the clinic.
- It's just he wasn't
at work this afternoon.
And we're wondering
where he might have been.
- [Mrs. Symonds] He's
not in trouble, is he?
- He might be.
- Don't.
- See, we've got a bit of a
problem here, Mrs. Symonds.
We really need to know where
Clive was this afternoon.
Are you quite sure he didn't
visit you at the clinic?
- [Mrs. Symonds] Oh,
oh, quite sure, yes.
He knows not to
come to the clinic.
He's a good boy, really.
I hope he's not in any trouble.
Well let me know he's all
right when you find him,
won't you?
- Yeah, of course we will.
Thank you very much Mrs. S,
you've been a great help.
- [Mrs. Symonds] Bye then.
(suspenseful music)
- You are fucking fucked mate.
- Jez, she didn't sound right.
- You all heard her.
- She's got dementia.
She doesn't know
what year it is.
- She seemed pretty clear
you never went to
that clinic today.
- [Clive] No, no, listen.
She used to be a nurse
at a family planning clinic.
She's living in the past.
- Come on mate, this
don't prove anything.
(footsteps pattering)
- Where's the money?
- I don't know.
Look, I took the
bag out of the car
and went around the
back of the warehouse
and I gave it to Andy.
I didn't open it.
(suspenseful music)
- Andy, pass me the
cables on the desk.
Dave, cables.
(object thudding)
- Jesus, oh jeez.
(Clive groaning) gee.
(suspenseful music)
(Clive whimpering)
- Shut it.
(suspenseful music)
Now if you'd come clean,
we wouldn't have to do this.
So tell me again what happened,
don't leave anything out.
- We went up to the Merc
and we opened the doors.
- I know that part.
- And you said get the bag,
so I got the bag.
- Yeah.
- So I went around the
back of the warehouse
like you told me to
and Andy was there and
I gave him the bag.
(fist pounding)
(Clive groaning)
- Jez, no.
Mate come on.
- He's lying.
(upbeat techno music)
- Did you open that bag?
- No.
(fist pounding)
(Clive groaning)
(Clive sobbing)
- You took the bag from the Merc
to the back of the warehouse.
What's that?
2, 300 yards.
- I suppose.
- It took you 10 minutes, Clive.
10 fucking minutes,
to go 2, 300 bloody yards.
Your fucking mother could
have done it faster than that.
(dramatic music)
(Clive whimpering)
Where's the fucking money?
(Clive sobbing)
(stool dripping)
- what's that smell?
(Clive moaning)
- Jesus Christ, Clive.
(stool dripping)
- Fucking hell.
- I can't help it,
it's my stomach.
If I get stressed, I have to go.
Look, when I saw Terry
Slade in that car,
it set it off really bad.
You know like...
I didn't even make it
around the corner (mumbles)
Jesus, it was bad.
So I was in the
bushes, all right.
Yeah, for about
five minutes or so.
Then I had to clean
myself up didn't I?
So it was about, 8, 10 minutes.
Look, I didn't want no
one to know, all right?
I mean what difference does
a few fucking minutes make?
I was shitting in the
bushes, all right.
Look, I dunno why you're
putting all the blame on me for,
I only had the bag
for about 10 minutes.
What about the fucking
junkie over there?
He went halfway across town
with it in the back of his car.
A fucking junkie,
with a bag of money.
- Perhaps (indistinct)
it's getting a little late.
Just thinking of
(indistinct) home.
- That's convenient.
- No, I just need
to, you know...
- Need to what?
- Shit I haven't taken
anything for hours.
- You ain't going anywhere.
- You're not gonna
listen to Clive are you?
He's a fucking liar.
You said so yourself.
- Dave, mate,
if you know anything,
just tell us.
- Fuck off.
You're not pinning this on me.
I didn't do anything.
- You got something
to add Daveyboy?
- No.
- Any debts we
should know about?
- What?
- Mate, we know
you're in trouble.
- Shit, look that's got
nothing to do with anything.
- Just sit down.
- Fuck off,
you're not tying me
to a fucking chair.
I didn't do anything.
- All right, just
take it easy, yeah.
Andy, put the kettle on will ya?
Bring it in once it's boiled.
- What for?
- Can't sit down
for conversation,
without a nice cup of tea.
Can we.
Sit down.
(Daveyboy sighing)
(footsteps pattering)
Now what should we talk about?
- I think I'm gonna wait
for the kettle to boil.
- If you want.
(car horn honking)
(kettle blowing)
(kettle clicking)
(door clicking)
(sinister music)
(footsteps pattering)
(car horn honking)
Now did you come
straight back here
after Andy passed you the money?
- Yeah.
(water pouring)
(Daveyboy screaming)
(Daveyboy groaning)
(sinister music)
- This has gone too far.
- Works though.
(Daveyboy breathing heavily)
Did you come straight back?
- No.
(Daveyboy breathing heavily)
- Now think very
carefully about this.
Did you stop off and
visit any drug dealers?
(Daveyboy moaning)
Think carefully.
- I...
- Christ, just tell him Dave.
Mate, we know you owed
a shit load of money.
- It's nothing.
It's a couple of hundred quid.
I could pay it back out of
my next pay packet, easy.
- Really?
- They send out the
heavy mob do they,
for a couple of hundred quid.
- What?
- Mate, this big fucking
unit was here last night.
He was talking about
seizing cars and stuff.
- Shit, all right.
It's a couple of thousand.
(Daveyboy screaming)
It's 20 grand,
it's 20 grand all right.
(Daveyboy screaming)
(Daveyboy breathing heavily)
- Told you it works.
- So what?
It's my money,
my share would've covered it.
- Yeah and five minutes later,
you would've run up another
20 grand on that shit.
You fucking deadbeat.
You all the same.
I should've listened to Andy.
He told me not to trust
you with the fucking cash.
- Wait a minute,
I never said that.
- Don't tell me you're
defending him now.
This sack of shit
stole our money.
- No, I'm just saying.
I mean, I...
There's no proof.
- [Jez] He's fucking lied to us.
How much proof do you need?
- Yeah, two minutes ago
you thought it was Clive.
- [Jez] Fuck Clive.
(dramatic noise)
- [Andy] Dave, take it easy.
- Well now we know,
don't we?
- I didn't do anything.
- Oh, you're innocent are you?
Is that why you're
pointing the gun at me now?
- I didn't take the money.
- Well, you didn't
come straight back.
- I just stopped off
to make some calls.
- What calls?
- You know,
I owe a few people a few quid.
I just stopped off
to let them know
I had the money
to pay them back.
(Daveyboy breathing heavily)
Just to take the
heat off of things.
- You stupid fucking idiot.
- What?
- Terry Slade gets robbed,
before the fucking day is out,
you're going around telling
everyone and his dog,
you've come into some money.
Do you want us to get
caught or something?
- Dave, mate,
do you know what happened
to the money or not?
- No.
- Well, one of you has to know.
- Maybe Clive took the money,
what would I know about it?
- Maybe you're just happy
for him to take the blame.
Let's you off the
hook doesn't it.
- Fuck you.
- Jez, shut up.
You're not helping.
- You keep out of it.
- Fuck you, Jez.
This was your idea.
Maybe you took the money.
- This stupid fucking cunt.
I'm the only person that
couldn't have taken it.
Clive took it from
Slade, gave it to Andy,
then Andy gave it to you.
First time I even
touched it was back here.
- Say you.
How do me and Clive
know what happened
after he gave the bag to Andy.
- Fuck you Dave.
- Yeah, what if you
and your boyfriend
decided you wanted to split
it two ways instead of four?
- You know we wouldn't do that.
A million quid split four ways
is more than enough
for all of us.
(dramatic noise)
- What?
- Shut up.
- What million quid?
He said it was a 100 grand.
- What?
- Total?
He said 100 grand
four ways.
25 grand each.
- Clive?
- Yeah, that's what he said.
- So what?
So fucking what?
These two (indistinct)
at 25 grand.
- I don't fucking believe this.
- Get back.
- Dave,
mate relax.
(both grunting)
(dramatic music)
(gun blasting)
(gun pounding)
- Jesus.
- You're gonna be all right.
- Put that phone down.
- What?
- I said put that phone down.
- Yes, we need an ambulance.
- Gimme that fucking phone.
- What the fuck are you doing?
We gotta get Clive to hospital.
- He ain't going anywhere.
I want my money.
- Fuck you, Jez
and fuck the money.
- Fuck the money?
- Yeah, fuck the money.
Look what you've done for
the sake of that money.
(Clive whimpering)
You know what?
You find it, you
fucking keep it.
You've earned it.
- You mean you'd turn
down half a million quid?
- Yeah,
not everything's
about money Jez.
I'm gonna find a phone box
and call an ambulance.
You do what you like.
(Clive whimpering)
(gun blasting)
(sinister music)
- We don't need an
ambulance anymore.
I was thinking,
what type of person
turns down 500 grand?
An idiot?
And I know you're not an idiot.
And then I was
thinking, no seriously,
what other type of person
turns down 500 grand?
Do you know what answer
came in the back of my head?
- What?
- Someone that's
already got a million
stashed away somewhere else.
I never thought you'd
be the one to betray me.
But it's the only thing
that's making sense right now.
And let's face it,
them two ain't got the
balls for a scam like this.
So that just leaves you.
(footsteps pattering)
(suspenseful music)
Where you going?
I told you we don't need
an ambulance anymore.
I don't want the money.
I don't want any part of this.
- I don't believe you.
How could you give
up on a million quid?
- 'Cause not everyone's
like you, Jez.
- Yeah, I know.
There's no one like
me in this town.
All fucking deadbeats.
All out of their fucking heads
on drugs like that shit head.
Stacking shelves all week
And they're pissing
up on a Friday night,
shagging in some alleyway.
And then there's people like us,
the ones that take the
scraps from Terry Slade.
That he throw us down
(indistinct) kissing
his fucking feet.
Yes, Mr. Slade,
no, Mr. Slade.
Fuck off Mr. Slade.
He's been lording over
this town way too long.
And I'm fucking sick of it.
And like everything around here,
he needs replacing.
He needs knocking
down and replacing.
- Oh yeah.
What makes you any
better than him?
- What?
- You're a thug and a liar
and you'd rip off
your own friends.
- I told you,
they're fucking deadbeats.
And that money will be
wasted on 'em anyway.
Just like those fucking
nobbits who win the lottery.
Go bankrupt within six months.
Fucking gold all
over the bloody show.
Do you know what
their problem is?
They got no fucking vision.
And me,
I've got a load of vision.
Now it's been a long day
and I've got a massive
fucking headache.
All I want is for
this to be over.
So I'm gonna ask
you one last time,
where's the fucking money?
(suspenseful music)
- I dunno.
- That's the wrong
answer my friend.
(suspenseful music)
- [Daveyboy] You bastard.
(guns blasting)
(upbeat music)
(Andy grunting)
(elbow pounding)
(both grunting)
(elbow pounding)
(both grunting)
(fists pounding)
(both grunting)
(fists pounding)
(head pounding)
(body slamming)
(knee pounding)
(fist pounding)
(body slamming)
(foot pounding)
(Andy breathing heavily)
(upbeat music)
- Well, is this how it's
gonna go down, is it?
You gonna take me
on you little shit.
- Like you said,
some things around here
just need knocking down.
Don't they.
(upbeat music)
(foot pounding)
(fist pounding)
(fist pounding)
(upbeat music)
- This is stupid.
We can share the money,
you've always been my
right hand man Andy.
I'll bring you in on a plan.
- This isn't about the
money anymore, Jez.
- Obviously not.
(head pounding)
(tools rattling)
(skin slicing)
(Andy groaning)
(upbeat music)
This is it mate.
End of the line.
(Jez grunting)
(foot pounding)
(suspenseful music)
- Jez.
(gun blasting)
(sinister music)
(body thumping)
(Jez breathing heavily)
(Jez breathing heavily)
(Jez sobbing)
(somber music)
- Andy.
(somber music)
(Jez exhaling)
(cabinet rolling)
Fuck sake.
(Jez sobbing)
I'm so fucking sorry mate.
I'm so sorry.
(Jez sobbing)
(gate whirring)
(sinister noise)
(horn honking)
- Door.
Shut it, there's a draft.
(gate whirring)
You didn't know I had a
set of keys for this place,
did you?
(gate whirring)
(keys jingling)
Bloody hell,
what's been going on here?
World War 3?
(Terry Slade chuckling)
Oh, that's a shame, look.
Such a nice lad weren't he?
what was his name?
(somber music)
- [Stacey] Andy.
Andy, (indistinct)
You always liked
him, didn't you?
(Terry Slade scoffing)
Well, you must be wondering,
what am I doing here.
Simple really.
You see men in my
elevated position,
we have to rely on people
further down the chain,
you know, little
people like you.
And if I'm gonna rely on people,
I have to know
that they're loyal.
They're not getting ideas
above their station.
So every now and then,
send out a little story,
not directly, obviously,
through an intermediary.
You know, give it that
ring of authenticity.
Someone like Stacey here.
She was getting ideas
above her station.
Weren't you?
That little cunt thought
she had a good thing going.
So I bought her a car,
so fucking what?
Keep the peace.
It's what I've always said.
But a flat in London?
Fuck off.
No, that gave me an
idea for a little story.
You know the kind of story
that would appeal
to backstabbing
bastards everywhere.
Guilty secret,
cash deal,
just enough salacious detail
to get the attention of
anybody who might think
that they're smarter than me.
Oh, Jeremy.
You're not smarter than me,
look what you've done.
You've wasted your
mates for a bag of cash
that didn't even exist.
(Terry Slade chuckling)
(Jez sobbing)
- Mick.
Oh, Mick Johnson down at casino.
Oh aye,
Old mate of yours, isn't he?
I thought you might contact him,
see if all this was a
load of bullshit or not.
So I fed him the
same story as well.
(Terry Slade laughing)
(sinister music)
(Jez breathing heavily)
Do you know what
the best of it is?
Everybody who knows about
me and little Stacey,
(sinister music)
they're dead.
(Terry Slade laughing)
Or they soon will be.
(Terry Slade laughing)
So, now then Jez,
you've worked hard for
me all these years.
So come on,
I'll make this quick.
Any last words?
- Fuck you.
You're out,
you're nothing,
You're finished.
Sooner or later,
someone's gonna take you out.
(Jez breathing heavily)
You got no future.
- Oh, that's just
where you're so wrong.
I'm already looking to
the next generation.
You see this little whore here,
she's only gone and got
herself pregnant, hasn't she?
She reckons it's that
mate of yours, Andy.
poor fatherless child.
(sinister music)
Thanks to you.
(Jez breathing heavily)
Naturally I'll step in.
Do my duty as a good uncle.
Why not?
I've already seen the scan.
It's going to be a little girl.
(sinister music)
(Terry Slade laughing)
(suspenseful noise)
(gun blasting)
(Terry Slade groaning)
(dramatic music)
(gun blasting)
(Terry Slade groaning)
(gun blasting)
(Terry Slade groaning)
(Terry Slade groaning)
(gun blasting)
(gentle music)
- Well, that was
fucking unexpected.
If I could've moved,
I would've got the
hell outta there.
Give a crazy bitch a gun,
you never know
what's gonna happen.
But I couldn't,
so I thought fuck it.
May as well do the right thing.
Gimme the gun.
- Why?
What you gonna do?
- Just gimme the gun.
I reckon that kid
you're carrying,
is gonna want a mother
who's not in prison?
Trust me,
I talk from experience.
- So?
- I'll take the wrap for this.
One more isn't gonna make
a difference to me now.
(somber music)
(sirens wailing)
You better get
yourself out of here.
There's an exit around the back.
Go on,
just get out of here.
(suspenseful music)
For what it's worth,
that idiot down there,
he really wanted to marry you.
(gentle music)
Just get out of here.
(gentle music)
(sirens wailing)
(door clicking)
(engine roaring)
(tires screeching)
(car door slamming)
- (indistinct) the police.
(fist pounding on gate)
(dramatic noise)
- [Jez] So that's
how it went down.
Dave was dead, Clive was dead.
Fuck 'em,
deadbeats the pair of 'em.
And Andy,
poor Andy.
What would his life
have amounted to anyway?
A boring house
and a boring kid.
If not with Stacey Slade,
then with whatever needy
bitch he set his eyes on next.
So what do you want me to say?
I fucked up?
Crime doesn't pay?
It fucking does.
Just not for the little people.
And despite my best efforts,
that's what I am.
(wind howling)
(upbeat techno music)
(upbeat techno music)
(sinister music)
(sinister music)
(sinister music)
(sinister music)
(sinister music)
(sinister music)
(sinister music)
(upbeat sinister music)
(sinister music)