Esteros (2016) Movie Script

Stop it!
Keep still.
Looks good, right?
Are you ready?
This is no place for carnival, boys.
Let's go. We're going to be late.
You won't get me!
- Hey Mati!
- Hi!
Do you want to come with
us to the sambodrome?
No, I'm going to the yacht club
with Jero.
The sambodrome is much more fun.
No, I'm staying with him.
Let's go.
Well, let's look for someone else.
- Hun, you know it's a costume party, right?
- Yes.
I've got a surprise for you.
Mariela helped me to find a make up artist.
We're going to be turned into zombies.
You think?
I thought you would like the idea.
I like it.
But you don't like zombie movies.
But you like it. And I
wanted to make you happy.
It means a lot for me that
you are here with me.
So you already have the costumes?
Yes we have everything ready.
Matias, it's been a while...
So, you already know each other?
Yes, from when we were kids.
- Would you like a cold drink?
- Yes, please. It's such a hot day.
- How are you doing, Matu?
- Good. It's been a while, right?
You look the same.
I don't know
I would have recognized you anywhere.
And... How are you doing?
Here I am.
I need you to stay still, ok?
So, you're a professional make up artist?
No, I work in FX.
I only do this every once in a while.
I need you to keep your eyes closed
or you'll get make up in your eye.
Hun, can you come a minute please?
- Can I go?
- Yes, sure. I'll prepare the color.
Don't come in. I'm ashamed.
I'm sure you're ok.
Let me take a look, come on.
- Alright.
I look stupid, right?
Not at all.
You're the sexiest zombie in the world.
My cousin graduated and she's throwing
a party tonight at the yacht club.
- Awesome!
- Yeah.
You should come, it's going to be great.
Mariela even invited a
DJ from Buenos Aires.
Sorry. I already have plans for tonight.
Let's see. Try this on.
- You think?
- Yes.
It looks good.
The perfect zombie.
Where's Mati?
Please, tell me
you're not having such a bad time.
Come on, dumb-ass, come here.
Make room for me.
You're gonna fall.
Stupid, you almost make me fall.
- You almost fell down, like this.
- You're pushing me!
- Remember last night?
- What about it?
- You hit me like this.
- You stupid, fuck...
Come on, Mati.
Hi, buddy!
And this one? Is it new?
Yes, we found it on Christmas.
It's a pain-in-the-ass-dog.
His name is Ivan.
Looks like a breed dog.
It's a true mutt.
Guys, can you give
me a hand with the boxes?
Here. Be careful, it's heavy.
Look at these.
This one sucks for sure.
This one's my favorite.
- You have to see this one.
- No.
The Return of the Living Dead
is the best zombie movie in the universe.
Brains! Brains!
Stop it, asshole!
Four bounces.
Let's see how many I get with this one.
- You didn't make it.
- No.
Let's go.
There are no alligators in here, right?
Yes, alligators and snakes.
- You're kidding me?
- No, seriously.
But with the mess we're making,
even the fish will go away.
I need to take a leak.
Wait! There are capybaras.
Let's go. Come on.
Did you see them?
Yes, there they are. Look at them.
You prick!
Take this one!
- Those are my shorts!
- Doesn't matter. I can throw them anyway.
Now you don't care about the alligators.
Not here, they are further ahead.
- Brains! Brains!
- Idiot! If something happened to you, I'd die.
How childish of you both,
to get soaked like this.
Get in the shower, right away!
What did I tell you about misbehaving?
I don't want you to get sick.
Come on in. You're freezing.
Stop it.
Feeling better?
You're not so cold anymore, right?
Hurry up! Get dressed!
Dinner is ready.
- Do you want popcorn?
- Yes, fine.
- Hello, how much is it?
- Five pesos.
Hey, look! It's your friend!
Hello! How are you?
- Fine. How was the party?
- Awesome! My cousin was really happy!
Hey, you didn't pick up your jacket.
I can bring it to you, if you want to.
Don't worry.
I can stop by one of these days.
- Shall we go?
- Enjoy the carnival.
- Goodbye.
- Bye!
- Let's grab something to eat.
- No, I'm tired
- What if we go to the canteen?
- No It's going to be fully packed.
I'm really tired, hun.
Don't be like that...
It's so hard with you and your phobias...
What phobias?
No, hun. I'm sick of being with this
many people. I can't stand it anymore.
Alright, we go home but next time give
me a map to understand what you want.
- Hello, I brought back your jacket.
- Hello.
Hey, I was finishing plastering
the kitchen. Come in.
- You went outside at the worst time of day.
- Yeah.
It's so hot, I can't stand it.
Well, thanks again.
Hold on, let me wash my hands.
Sure, no problem.
So, how's Libres treating you?
Fine. It's fine. Too crowded.
- May I?
- Sure!
I made all of them.
- This one is great.
- That's my favorite.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Have some time to drink "terer"?
OK, fine.
Rochi is out with some friends.
She gave me your address.
- Hi, how are you?
- Hello.
I think you guys know each other.
Matias, this is Gustavo my cousin.
Yes, we met at a birthday party
when we were kids, right?
He's the best, he's giving me a hand
with all the housework.
Ready? Let's go.
See you.
Hello? Yes?
I'll be back by monday.
Yes, I already sent the files.
Sure. As soon as possible.
You thought he was my boyfriend, right?
- Come on, you almost leave.
- No way.
He's not my type.
And I don't have a boyfriend.
Your face is all dirty.
Where have you been?
Just like when we were kids.
Here it is.
Wow, look at this picture!
Your mom used to take
pictures of us all the time.
And on this one she took our mud mustache.
No, it's not mud.
It's food. Look!
We were always eating.
You're right. It's blue cheese.
Yes, that's it.
We were so weird.
We had a thing for blue cheese.
You liked it.
Yes, but you liked it too, didn't you?
- So you stayed in Brazil, then?
- Yeah. Yes, I got a good job.
I'm sure you studied Biology.
Anything to do with the animals?
Biology yes. Animals no.
I still love blue cheese.
You don't love animals anymore?
I had forgotten about blue cheese.
And I forgot a bit about the animals too.
I work in research now.
I don't believe you forgot
about the blue cheese.
You used to love it.
It was me who used to put it in the basket.
Maril kept forgetting. So I always
got it to make sure there was enough.
I did not know.
I was that fan...
Research, huh?
Yes, in a company.
New soybean seeds.
Soybeans? Transgenic?
Just better seeds.
I prefer fieldwork but
it's an important project.
And the money should be good.
Yeah, money's good.
What about you?
I studied Filmmaking for
a while, in Corrientes.
And then I started working
in animation and special effects.
I see.
If there's no other choice,
I'll go to work to Buenos Aires.
And how is it?
I'm not rich but it's fine.
Sometimes I get scared
thinking I'm wasting my time.
And sometimes I don't.
Hello, hun. Yes...
OK, fine.
Yeah, if you want we can
meet for dinner later.
Ok. Fine. Bye.
I have to take some pieces downtown.
I can drop you on the way, if you want
Ok cool.
I still have some time.
If you want I can go with you.
The old truck. Still working?
You like old rusty cars.
But it still takes me where I want.
And the estuaries still exist?
My dad is lost.
Between the rice fields and the tourism...
- Did he sell the farm?
- No, my dad will never give in.
Do you know anything
about the preservation initiatives?
No idea.
And you, instead of bullshitting with soybeans
why don't you come working at the estuaries?
I studied for that but
I started working for Rochi's father.
And the project is good.
It's over there.
How are you?
- Good.
- Hello.
- Action figures?
- Yes.
Your new boyfriend?
No, he's just a friend, Matias.
So the country house is still there?
- Yes, a bit ruined but still there.
- Great, and the garden?
I don't get how Maril does it.
In the eyes.
You know, my mom asked me to bring
some stuff to the farm these days.
- When are you leaving?
- On Monday. I have to be back at work.
I was just about to call and I saw you.
What are you guys up to?
I was telling him that I have to go to the
estuaries to bring some stuff for my mom.
If you guys want to come,
my parents would be delighted.
I'm not really a country girl.
And tomorrow I'm seeing Mariela.
She needs help with the new furniture.
I forgot about it.
Why don't you guys go?
I can stay with the girls.
A day in the country.
My parents will be glad to see you again.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, definitely.
You always talk about the estuaries.
It's been a while since you've been there.
- Ok, yes fine.
- I'll pick you up.
But on one condition.
We take Mariela's car.
I don't trust this old truck of yours.
That old truck will get us
stuck in the middle of the road.
- You're such a sissy now.
- I'll go to the restroom.
Were you very close friends?
Our parents.
We spent a lot of time together.
Especially during summer time.
Matias always talks about the estuaries,
the house, the lagoon, the animals.
He even remembers the names
of the plants his mom used to have.
The gardening fanatic was actually my mom.
I don't get it.
That house belonged to your family?
Of course.
We used to go every summer over there.
And Matias used to come with us.
But... Matias never told me about you.
Knowing him, I'm not surprised.
The first time that I made
love with somebody...
He was my boyfriend. Everybody
thought that we would be together.
But it didn't work.
Did you love him?
Yes, sure. He was handsome,
intelligent, we were close...
But sometimes it's not enough.
It didn't work. I tried...
Sometimes I have the impression that
our story is a bit like that.
Like me with him.
When I was next to him and...
I always had to remind myself
that I loved him, you know?
Can we stay here tomorrow? We could
stay in bed and relax all day long.
And don't tell me that I've made plans
with Mariela and that I can't stand her up.
Don't be lazy.
You want to go back, don't you?
I want to see to the farm.
Are you thirsty?
You can't say that all
the companies are the devil.
They all do what we know they do.
I'm working at one of them and
it seems to me things are better now.
For sure.
Are you going to tell me that the estuaries
are better with the rice fields?
Not the estuaries, but the city is.
- The city? Libres?
- Yes, Libres.
With the rice fields,
the winner is always the same one.
You don't want them to miss this.
We're getting too serious suddenly.
Remember what it was like growing up here.
Yes, but things change.
Is that why you already accepted the offer in
Brazil and all the money it brings to you?
Years go by and
you don't understand a thing.
I'm still thinking about the offer.
So, are you going to tell me that
you like working in privatization?
No, what I like is money.
And work brings money.
Work is just work.
Well, since the girls are not serving
dessert, I'll get myself a whiskey.
The old man is a caveman.
Look at him dancing.
In this house nobody skips dessert.
I baked the cake my grandmother taught me.
To the last farmers of Iber.
To the last farmers of Iber!
Come here. You're freezing.
Are you OK?
Yes, I am.
I can't believe you made me drive
someone else's car.
I should take a look around.
It's called professional research.
- Will you?
- Ok.
Don't do what your father used to do.
It's strange that my dad's car's not here.
The garden hasn't changed.
- No way! Don't tell me that's Ivn!
- Hi, Ivn!
Yesterday I talked with Marilu,
she was happy to see you again.
- It's weird that they didn't get here yet.
- They shouldn't be long now.
- Rochi thought this house belonged to your family.
- Really? Strange...
She said you always talk
about the estuaries.
- But you never told her about me.
- Really?
- Let's go for a walk.
- Ok.
Such a great logistics!
- With blue cheese?
- Obviously, young grasshopper.
Fill it up.
Are you serious?
Yes. You don't mess with the sun over here.
You up for some rowing?
This way.
Yes, look at its legs.
Are those herons?
Yes, it's a coicoi heron.
My turn.
The achiras are blooming in the water.
Tell Maril. She says she can't
make the achiras bloom in Libres.
"Aguara pop", "capibara",
"aguar guaz".
"Caruy", "curiy", "ancanins"...
"Urunday", "virar", "timb"...
Very good.
The whole lesson.
You just forgot about the piranhas.
There are wolf fishes,
that's for sure.
Yes, sure.
And alligators? Are there any here?
Down there for sure...
And over here too.
My favorite spot.
It feels strange to be
here with somebody else.
Didn't you bring anybody
here in all this time?
This is the Sleeping Beauty's castle,
where nobody has ever come to kiss her.
You're so funny...
You know, Matu, It's easier for me
to share the monsters than these things.
It never happened, and I just
couldn't share this with anybody.
It looks really good.
I'm starving...
- I didn't realize.
- I did.
My belly was calling me.
No, I didn't realize
how much I missed all of this.
The estuaries call you.
Yes, but it's not only that.
Sometimes I think
what would have happened if...
- If you hadn't left?
- Yes.
I can picture it.
You'd be a real local.
Maybe we could have ended like
Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
You're so crappy sometimes.
Don't you ever wonder?
Yes, of course I do.
I wonder what it would be like to wake up with
someone you really want to be there with you.
Alright. That's fine
Now are you going to tell me
that you dream of growing old with someone?
Of course, Tom Sawyer.
And of buying blue cheese for him.
Sometimes I feel like you are dampened.
- Dampened?
- Yes, dampened.
Like those old TVs in hotel rooms which can
only get the volume up to certain level.
Just like that.
But not always. Like right now.
Maybe I am dampened.
But what about you?
You're the Bonsai Kid.
A fine super hero.
You don't even look for a good job,
you don't make movies.
Your love stories are so bonsai...
One or two good fucks,
a goodbye and that's it.
It's not all the same, man.
And by the way, you and Rochi
are not really examples to follow, are you?
- What do you know about Rochi?
- No need to know more.
I don't know...
It doesn't work for me.
Things happen. But when something else
should happen, it just doesn't.
Join the club.
The Return of the Savage Blue Cheese.
Fuck off, son of a bitch!
I'm going to kill you!
Come on Matu, come here!
- Do you think we'll be able to move the car?
- Yes I think so.
It's going to be tough,
but we can give it a try.
Fucking hell! And it's Mariela's car.
We can stay here for the night.
My parents will be here tomorrow morning.
Ok, I'll try later on.
Nice little outfit, huh?
I'm going to grab a towel.
Did you get wet?
When Maril took this picture?
Don't you?
Did it happen again to you?
But it surely happened to you.
Not like this.
Did you get in touch with Rochi?
How was it?
Your first time.
The first time after you, you mean?
I was anxious.
It's a long form to fill in.
And yours?
Chronically clumsy.
To the new farmers!
In the eyes!
Your dad was a tough guy.
Yes, He still is.
But let's not talk about that.
- Do you have ice?
- Yes, in the kitchen.
I can't believe you still have
the same old fridge.
Let me. I can fix it in a minute.
If it's so easy, go ahead and do it.
Can you give me the screws?
Can you give me that knife?
I thought you could fix it alone.
It's so easy for you...
Matu, it's just a fridge.
You know what...?
Go fuck yourself, the estuaries,
and all this shit!
What the fuck are you
talking about, Matas?
Are two ice cubes ok?
Do you smoke?
Only socially.
Of course...
And since you're in a disco full of people
What's your zodiac sign?
Aquarius. What do you do?
Being gay, and you?
I'm a biologist in the estuaries.
Do you know the place?
The rain's not going to stop.
Are you still not getting signal?
- Biologist in the estuaries, right?
- Yes, you see.
Your parents!
The dog is inside the house again.
- Shit, your parents scared me.
- No...
Jero, I don't want to sleep.
Fabiana likes this song.
And you like Fabiana?
- No...
- Of course you like her!
Alright, I like her.
That girl is looking at you.
- You think?
- Yes, she's looking at you, I saw her.
What's up with Celeste?
- Don't you like her?
- She's pretty.
But what about Fabiana?
Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?
We're moving to Brazil.
My dad took the job there.
Have you seen my shorts?
It stopped raining.
- Your parents are outside.
- Yes.
Your cellphone is in the living-room.
- You arrived so late!
- Hello!
You brought me the boxes,
you're an angel.
- It's so nice to see you.
- How are you?
- Fine?
- Fine.
So nice to see you, kid.
Come on, take a seat.
- So, how was the return to Esteros?
- Good, good. Very good.
Well, here it seems that time didn't go by.
Not here, but everything else
did change quite a lot.
It's been a great surprise when
Jero told us you were here in Libres.
Why don't you sit down?
You look like a horse,
eating there on your feet.
For us, things went tricky...
And then the rain...
Look at them.
- It looks like they're going fishing.
- Looking at them, I feel much older.
You're growing grumpier every day.
Well, if we want to get there by noon,
we should be leaving now.
Already? I thought
you'd spend the day with us.
Matas has to go.
- Eat it, take it with you.
- No, It's ok.
- Will you come back?
- Yes, and I promise this time it will be sooner.
Bye, and I don't want to see
that look on your face.
Look at them.
We must have done something good.
- They are so beautiful.
- Stop it!
Let them go, they must be in a hurry.
Take it with you,
so you have a souvenir from here.
I'd like you to have it.
Jero, I...
I understand.
You have your girlfriend
over there, your job...
Your whole life.
And I don't want to deal with that.
Are you there?
Rochi, are you there?
Don't touch me!
I don't want you to feel sorry for me.
Go, Matas.