Et soudain tout le monde me manque (2011) Movie Script

Ill have a Frappuccino coffee
and a Chai Tea Latte
with soy milk... Venti.
Frappuccino and soy Chai Latte, Venti!
What name?
Your name?
Thats the system.
We label your cup.
We call you when its ready.
That way theres no mix-up.
But Im the only one here.
No name, no drink.
Ju, darling...
Tell her no more squatting here.
Were having a baby.
Theres no room for Auntie.
Baby, shes my sister.
I cant put her on the street.
And that makes it okay?
Yeah, sort of, I think.
Hurry, its the shrink!
- Morning, Ju!
- You okay?
- Having problems?
- The adoption shrink.
- The bitch is early.
- Why didnt you say?
Wait... How do I look?
- So-so.
- Hold on! Ill get a scrunchie.
Hello. Come in...
This is our little home.
This is the living room.
With... this poor forsaken soul.
She broke up with her boyfriend
so we took her in.
Thats how we are.
- Shes my wifes sister.
- Half-sister.
Those are the feet.
And the heart.
And the sex?
Let me see...
No, its too soon to say.
Maybe next time.
I promised him a boy.
He already has two girls.
Is this your first baby?
Theres a 50% chance its a girl.
- And heres the head.
- Fascinating!
A little gel, a mouse
and you see everything.
- And in 3D!
- Dont touch.
Isnt that beautiful?
Yes, having a baby is beautiful,
Mr Dhrey. Its a miracle.
Especially at your age.
Not the baby, the machine.
Technology, modernity...
- Shall I gift-wrap it?
- Yes, please.
Youre the only one
in a rush to get there.
Im coming!
I really wish we didnt have to go.
Whats your present?
Monogrammed golf balls.
Thats a weird idea,
isnt it, my sweet?
Happy birthday to you!
I cant stand this!
I told you not to, Suzanne!
I hate this.
Ill make some coffee.
They have a Nespresso machine.
Top class!
Wheres Atom?
Why didnt he come?
Because its over between us.
Why? Why is it over with Atom?
- Why do you always...
- Dad, stop.
You see, Suzanne?
That makes five in one year.
So, shall we tell them?
- If you like.
- What?
- Getting divorced?
- No!
- Building a porch?
- Stop!
Its just that Suzanne is pregnant.
Were having a baby.
Thats great.
Boy, that guys good!
I made Ristretto and Livanto,
for those who like it strong.
And for those who like...
Did you want Vivalto?
We went to Barcelona for the IVF.
- IVF?
- In vitro fertilisation.
- Suzanne, how could you?
- Justine, calm down!
Letting my father raise another child?
Its thoughtless!
- Justine, youre exaggerating.
- Am I?
Remember how my teacher hated me
after he likened her to Goebbels?
True. It was scary!
Or how he defended the girl
who slapped me at the zoo?
The poor thing had a glass eye.
Or how he told me
he bought a toy store?
I did that?
You promised me
an elephant and a giraffe.
I told the whole school!
A good Jewish father
preparing you for disappointment!
Good father? You were never there.
You dont know us!
- Doms right, its a bit overboard.
- Dad, how do I make a living?
Ill ask you the same question, Justine.
What are you doing with your life?
See, that went well, didnt it?
Oh, how dumb.
You didnt even give him his gift!
What do you care?
I wont be the baby anymore.
Your arm like that...
- Itll hurt a little.
- I know.
They found a lump.
Dont worry.
Dont move!
So, Miss Diagnosis,
what do we have here?
How is it?
Lets look at it in my office.
- Mahboob, where are those clogs from?
- How are you, Mr Eli?
- Im going to be a father.
- Great!
- Mazel tov!
- Hold on.
Youre like my sons-in-law.
You saw what I did to Justine.
Want someone else
to have the same fate?
You know how they ask
for your name at Starbucks?
- Isnt that a bit weird?
- No.
- As if theyre dying to know it.
- What do you care?
- Just say your names Sylvie!
- Yeah.
How about a girls night out?
Well chat up some guys...
Know what? Lets go clubbing!
Whats the matter? Hey?
Do you want my photo or what?
- He gets on my wick.
- Everything does!
Girls night out, cocktails...
- Fatboy Slim songs?
- You think its still 2001?
Eli, you may be a different father
with this child.
You may be more mature.
Or maybe not!
Like grandparents
with their grandkids, see?
No, I dont see.
For example, my grandpa Ren.
Always cool with me.
Always the opposite with my mother.
What are you trying to say?
Im too old to be a dad
but Id make a good grandpa?
Thats right.
- Leaving now?
- I have things to do.
- Bye, Harry.
- Bye, Eli.
I dont want to be a good grandpa,
I want to be a good golfer!
That changes everything.
I got dumped.
She left, after seven months.
Just like that, with no warning.
Then you realise
your lifes about to change.
Breaking up is tough.
Have any of you broken up recently?
Or never got over one?
A break-up you never get over...
That happens, too.
It still hurts, since Year 10.
Now youre 47
and youre like That bitch!
Atom, your fathers at the bar.
My father?
I loved it!
- Thanks.
- No, really great!
- What brings you here, Mr Dhrey?
- Call me Eli.
- What brings you here, Eli?
- Like a drink?
Its free for the... for us.
Whats up?
I warm them up, she makes
three speed-dating jokes
and they think shes a riot.
Women arent funny.
We all know that.
Unless theyre fat.
Fat girls are funny.
Just because its over with Justine
doesnt mean its over between us.
What are you doing?
Checking if your dick
is bigger than mine.
- At 60 years old?
- Yes.
- And?
- It is bigger.
Atom, cant we keep
playing golf together?
You always were
my favourite partner.
Wont it bother Justine
if you keep seeing her exes?
Does she know?
I dont know... No.
Damn it, stop scaring me like that!
If she finds out, shell kill us.
I left something while you were doing
whatever you do.
If you say so.
Almost a euro. Lots of change.
I put money in the dish!
Thats all the money she makes,
the tips.
I put almost a euro in the dish.
I swear.
Hey, Eli, look!
This will be you and me soon!
You okay?
I quietly put money in the dish
but the attendant didnt believe me.
Its annoying, thats all.
- Good night, Cecilia.
- Good night, Doctor.
Good evening, sir.
Its for a shoulder X-ray.
Too bad. Were closed.
You cant just stroll in
and get an X-ray.
You make an appointment,
fill in a form,
then sit in the waiting room.
Theres procedure.
Hold on... were closed!
Okay, so an appointment... Great!
He didnt fill in a form
or wait to be called.
Were closed, you know!
Thats it.
This arm along your side.
The other arm over your head.
- How did you do this?
- I pulled it boxing.
- You box?
- A little.
Ill step to the other side.
Breathe in deeply and hold.
I have to get
at the source of the pain.
Thats how we work here.
We use very modern techniques.
Head against the machine.
Make a fist.
This one, too. Thats it.
- Its not dangerous, is it?
- No.
No, dont worry.
Youre crying, baby?
Yes, youre crying, sniffing.
Its annoying.
I dont want to whine.
I just cant get used to it.
Suzanne, a mother.
My father, a father.
And you and I, well be what?
- We wont be nothing.
- Dom and Bertrand.
Dom and Bertrand, nobodys parents.
Nobodys parents for the moment.
If we manage to adopt,
well be someones parents.
Its not the same.
Itll never be the same.
Shell always
have the baby she carried.
And Ill have nothing.
- Ill have a problem child.
- Baby!
Maybe a juvenile delinquent.
Theres veal stew. Just warm it up.
No, thanks. Im not hungry.
Ju, you have to eat.
All right.
And Steve Jobs?
Is he a delinquent?
No, hes a genius. And his parents
surely regret abandoning him.
Debbie Harry?
- Debbie Harry was adopted.
- Really? I love Blondie.
I know.
And Bill Clinton too, I think.
- Jesus.
- Jesus?
- Yeah, by Joseph.
- Yes.
- Moses.
- Yeah.
Aristotle, Marilyn...
Herv Vilard.
Atom showed me this.
Adjust your grip like this
and the ball goes...
I dont care.
- You dont care?
- Absolutely.
And this? Care about that?
Or this?
- Stop! Im working.
- All right...
Ive been thinking...
I think you should have an abortion.
It would be better for everyone.
No, but darling...
- What are you doing?
- Analysing the sauce.
Darling, can you pass the dish?
The secret is worth millions.
- The waitress is too slow.
- Tell him he eats too fast.
Theres parsley...
- Darling!
- Shallot...
I dont know what else.
Excuse us. It was an accident.
- Theyre nuts!
- Suzanne...
Whats the matter?
Your father wants me
to have an abortion.
Is that possible? Isnt it too late?
Not in Barcelona.
Its okay to the fifth month.
Theyre so open-minded in Barcelona.
We really must go.
How could you do that?
- Weve been trying for years.
- Really?
Not any more. Were adopting.
Right! I forgot
your low sperm count.
- Excuse me.
- What are you doing?
- Apologising and cleaning your blouse.
- Are you mad?
Egyptian cotton.
Clean it now or itll never come out.
- Sit down, Dad.
- I just...
Dont touch my wifes blouse!
Someones flying off the handle!
I have an idea.
Why dont you give Dom your baby?
- Then everybody will be happy.
- I cant take this anymore.
Im joking.
I was joking.
I know
having your fathers baby isnt...
You okay, sweetie?
I dreamt
my father sold the baby on eBay.
I tried to buy it
to give it back to Suzanne
but our PayPal account was closed.
Do we have a PayPal account?
Baby, I dont ever want to see
your family again.
And if the adoption goes through,
our child will never see them either.
Arent you in bed?
Whats that?
The Nightmare Christmas of Mr Jack.
5th month
Is he bored?
Or just tired.
Shes not bored, shes yawning.
Its a girl.
The yawn
indicates foetal well-being.
Its essential to lung development.
Its a girl.
Congratulations, Mrs Dhrey.
I hope your husband is as thrilled
about the news as you are.
Frankly, I dont give a damn
what he thinks.
Hes an idiot.
I cant take it anymore.
Ive had it with that sofa!
Im no immigrant.
My parents did that.
History repeats. Its despicable!
Not you...
Mahboob, has your wife ever
thrown you out of her bed?
My wife? Shes in Islamabad.
That makes things easier.
What do I do?
- What do I do?
- Eli, Im on the phone!
- Alex?
- What?
Nobody speaks to me anymore.
Even Dom.
And Doms such a nice person.
This wall of silence
is seriously getting to me.
- How can I fix this?
- Orders dont match...
Alex, how can I fix this?
I dont know...
Just say you love them.
Love them? Love them!
You think thats enough?
Cant you see Im busy!
Hold on.
Did Justine ever talk about me?
Well, youre her father...
So she talked about me?
No. Youre all she talked about.
- Can I get back to work now?
- Go ahead.
- What did she say?
- Eli!
I cant talk to anyone here either!
- Whos Sylvie?
- What?
Whos Sylvie?
Its complicated.
Id like to buy you a real coffee.
One day... if thats possible.
- Thats not real coffee?
- It isnt.
Real coffees Italian, not...
Real coffees Italian?
So real people are white
and believe in Jesus Christ?
Okay, I wont insist.
Maybe some other time.
I was just kidding.
- You always have such a short fuse?
- Always.
And the X-rays...
What was that about?
I dont know.
Its a personal project.
Well, artistic.
I actually X-ray all the body parts
and reconstruct the entire being.
But it hasnt really taken form yet.
I have trouble seeing things through.
My parents said I never persevered.
They divorced when I was seven.
My mother made a new life
with an American.
They live in Denver.
My father lives with Suzanne
in the suburbs.
Theyre having a baby
even though theyre ancient.
And you?
What about me?
Were talking about parents
on our first meeting. Its hopeless!
What losers!
No, I...
My mother raised me.
I never knew my father.
- What luck!
- I dont know.
Yeah, youre really lucky!
Sometimes I see men my fathers age
and imagine what Id be like
if they were my dad.
I see what you mean.
Him! If he were my father...
Id have had acne,
spent my holidays in Brittany,
and spent my childhood
in neat clothes.
Your turn.
There! Behind you.
What? Him?
Id be fat.
- Is that it?
- Yes.
Youd be a lifetime
Weight Watchers member,
wear a Quechua bag,
live in a high-rise tower
and youd never, never, never...
never have a chick.
That guy! I dont know...
First, Id be Chinese and...
Id live in China.
No, youd be from Wu Tang Province
and make spring rolls all day.
No! Youd make dumplings
in a sweatshop.
You see, no man is perfect.
We all have baggage.
I may not be...
Im not much,
but Im fine with who I am.
Do you know why?
Because that mans son...
is not having coffee with you.
If she saw that swing,
Justine would have stayed.
- Pure Count Basie!
- Count who?
- Whos that?
- Whos that?
Pianist and leader
of the greatest big band of all time.
Yeah? And he was a good golfer?
Why didnt you ever
teach Justine to play golf?
To be honest, kids have...
Girls have always bored me.
I thought Justine would
become interesting around 14.
But guess what? By then,
shed despised me for years.
Why ask?
Did she say I was always travelling
and never around?
No, Eli, she never said that.
And my father...
How many times do you think
hes seen my act?
Fifty times?
Eighteen? Six? Three?
No. Zero!
Not once.
And my father doesnt travel.
Have you ever invited him to come?
- What?
- There are posters everywhere!
I even put one
in front of his launderette.
- Its up to him to make the effort.
- No, no, no.
- Children have to make the effort.
- Rubbish!
- We never asked to be born.
- Parents cant change!
Oldies cant change.
Everyone knows that!
- Playing or what?
- You can see were talking!
My father wanted me to study
and get an education.
He says clownings a migrant job.
My father said jazz was for schwarz...
We dont say Negro.
He insisted I take over the store.
I resisted for a while.
I joined a jazz quartet,
travelled the world.
Eventually I took over the store.
- Any regrets?
- No.
When Im away from my family,
I suddenly miss everyone.
But thats me.
Everybodys different.
Its interesting
that some experts say
Balzac was inspired by King Lear
when he wrote Father Goriot.
Whos read King Lear?
Its by Shakes...
Stop that.
What happens in King Lear?
Scared of destroying
the love she has for her father,
she refuses
to submit to emotional blackmail.
What does the father do?
Disinherits her.
Ill tell you the rest,
which is important due to
the similarities to Father Goriot...
I was really impressed, you know.
Youre so cool
with that bunch of roughnecks.
They listen to you. Its incredible.
- Amazing. Miraculous!
- What do you want, Dad?
I came to apologise.
- So...
- So what?
- Then you have to apologise!
- I just did.
You said you came to do that
but you didnt do it.
I brought you a snack.
- What is it?
- Chouquettes.
I dont know
if theyre as good as Lefebvres...
I didnt say anything!
Whats on the window?
- Dont touch. Its Justines.
- Justine?
Yes, Justine.
Bloody good!
That mans son.
Who is this?
Her new flame.
Another new flame?
- Where does he come from?
- I dont know, Dad.
He sells shoes
next door to her office, I think.
Like shoe shoes?
You coming?
Hey, Mohammed Illy!
- That will do!
- Making fun of me?
- You liked it?
- You were like Pierre Cosso.
- Wasnt he a kick boxer?
- Ready for Love 2.
- See who he is?
- Cosso in Ready for Love 2.
- You go to movies?
- Yes, but that one...
What Sami really wants to be
is an X-ray model.
Did you do that?
So you dont think its lousy?
I dont know much about it.
Its the most beautiful thing
ever done by anyone I know.
I have to go.
- Wait, I...
- I dont have time.
- Is there a problem?
- No.
Ill see you later, then?
Im flat out.
Ill be in touch.
Wait! What will I do here?
Youre not leaving?
No, Im staying here.
I have to get something.
Can you wait for me?
A naked mans in our living room!
May I help you?
I dont know.
- Do you have this in a 41?
- Yes, I should. Ill get them.
Doesnt it bother you
touching peoples feet?
No, its all right.
Still, it must be hard at times.
The odours, shapes, bunions...
- It doesnt bother me.
- You unwind somehow.
Do you have a hobby? A release?
- A sport, maybe?
- I box.
I knew it.
My jobs easier, Im in the rag trade.
So I have an easier hobby.
I play golf.
- Do you play?
- No.
- Theyre really comfortable.
- Crocs!
Were the only ones who stock
the white soles. So take advantage!
Ill take them.
You know Justine, dont you?
At the radiology clinic next door?
I saw you. Entirely reconstructed
in X-rays. Its great!
Justine and you, you...?
She often changes boyfriends.
Its hard to follow.
And congratulations!
Your dick...
Youre really well hung.
- Its fine, Im her father.
- Her father!
- How about a coffee?
- Stop it!
Hey, Sami, whats going on?
Its fine. Hes a pervert.
Hes not a pervert, hes a customer.
Sir, I think it would be best
if you leave.
- Justine, please.
- An appointment?
- No.
- Its appointment only.
Just say Id like to speak to her.
Eli Dhrey.
D- H-R-E-Y... Its my name.
- Im her father.
- Just have a seat.
- I prefer to stand.
- Sit. Its procedure.
- I prefer...
- Ill call security.
Justine, your fathers here.
Is Eli Dhrey your old man?
I swear to God, hes here.
Hes as tiresome as you are.
So whats up?
Do me.
Excuse me?
- Do me!
- I dont get it.
I saw what you did at Doms.
One question...
Do you do 3D X-rays, too?
Yes, we have a machine.
I was thinking...
Id like you to reconstruct me.
As a standing man.
Why not?
After you said
the drawing I gave you was awful...
Ever since that day,
the answer is no.
I said that for your own good.
Without criticism, no one progresses.
Any artist...
Coltrane would, if he were alive.
- I was three.
- So?
If a kid gives you three brown lines,
a yellow scribble and a red circle,
you say its good?
Yes, you say its good.
- So you have to lie.
- Yes, you do.
And if you dont?
You hurt someone.
What are you doing?
Your X-ray, Dad.
Isnt that what you wanted?
- Yes!
- Nice, eh?
- What a beauty!
- Yes.
Hurry up.
- Lie down.
- Let me see!
- Dont touch. Come on.
- Amazing!
- You aim with this?
- Exactly. Move.
- Strange!
- Go around the other side.
- Cecilia!
- What?
- Let me by.
- Go ahead.
Go on!
- Stand there.
- Right.
Shit, the doctors coming.
- What?
- Get up! The doctors coming!
- Hello.
- Everything all right, Justine?
Im her dad.
Id rather you didnt sit there.
Its not hygienic for the patients.
Thats not a toy, Justine.
What a happy family!
More weird than happy.
Is that really my heart?
Can you believe it?
I dont know.
Tell me!
Am I going to die, is that it?
Am I going to die?
Im not a doctor, Dad.
I cant give you a diagnosis.
Promise youll call me?
As soon as I see the cardiologist.
I could be wrong. That happens.
I know that, thanks.
Sami, wait!
- Sorry...
- Let me be!
I dont want to deal
with your crap situations. Get it?
Leave me alone. Now piss off.
Go on, piss off.
Bloody hell, piss off!
It seems you have valvulopathy.
Its not serious at the moment.
But you may play
a game of badminton one day
or lift a heavy log and boom!
Suddenly, coronary thrombosis.
Well, I have a gas fireplace
and I never play badminton.
Croquet, maybe?
- No.
- Too bad. Croquets great.
So relaxing...
So were going to do
a valve transplant.
There are two options.
A mechanical prosthesis
is reliable for 20 years
but requires
daily anticoagulant treatment for life
and increases the risk of endocarditis.
An organic prosthesis
lasts about 10 years,
is well-tolerated by the organism
and has no need of an anticoagulant.
Its cardiac tissue taken from pigs.
A pigs valve?
Is that kosher?
That doesnt work.
Why is it not working?
Its not working!
Bloody hell!
Whats up?
I lost my muse.
The shoe salesman?
The boxer.
Pigs heart
So what did Bouillon say?
The cardiologist.
What a dumb name.
Well, he...
Arent you eating?
Im not very hungry.
Not hungry at LEntrecte?
Are you kidding?
Theres parsley, lemon,
Whats wrong?
You know theres no basil
in the sauce.
I have an unhappy love affair.
- The shoe salesman?
- How do you know?
Dom told me.
Did he say why?
I know why.
Why, then?
- Is there a problem, Miss?
- No, everythings fine.
Did he give you a reason or not?
What did the cardiologist say?
It was nothing. You were mistaken.
Great! Thats good news.
So did the shoe salesman say why?
May I have a coffee?
Im going to the toilet.
Im waiting...
for the attendant to come back.
So she sees me
put money in the dish.
7th month
I just thought of something.
What, Mr Dhrey?
- Its rather dumb.
- Go on.
I just thought, if I were a doctor,
Id call myself Dr Dre.
Dr Dre, like the rapper.
Of course, you wouldnt get it.
Youd need some kind of contact
with young people to get it.
Not just foetal matter.
Theyre called babies.
Living beings, not matter.
So a living being isnt matter?
A pressing urge.
Wheres my handbag?
- Watch! Like this...
- Yes.
- But you lift your head.
- Me?
Not at all. It went straight!
Shes here. Shes arrived.
Hang on...
What an effort!
Its just going to get
harder and harder.
Ju, we wanted to talk to you.
Wheres the fridge?
Isnt it funny?
You have to go.
Because of the fridge?
Ill bring it back. Its just that...
A tramps minding it.
I didnt wake you.
A tramp?
What tramp?
Did you bring him here?
What would a tramp do
with a fridge?
Hes got nowhere to plug it in.
No, but he could sell it, Justine!
- Right.
- Its a good brand.
If he does well,
he could get 300 euros.
We have to start renovating the flat
before the child arrives.
We have to be ready, understand?
I understand, dont worry.
Maybe she could stay
a little longer.
- As shes bringing the fridge back.
- No, no, no!
Three kids in the house?
No way! Its impossible.
- Suzanne!
- What?
- Have you seen my yarmulke?
- Your what?
From my bar mitzvah.
I wasnt born
when you had your bar mitzvah!
Thatll do.
Hey, Cecilia!
Well get fired because of you.
We never go out anymore.
We just do your dumb X-rays!
Youre the dumb one.
A pigs valve, you say?
- Yes, Rabbi Youchnevski.
- Youchnovski!
Roger Rabbit.
And whos he?
Atom, Rabbi.
Hes accompanying me.
Atom? So hes not Jewish.
- Yes, he is, Rabbi.
- No, Im Armenian.
- Armenians arent Jewish?
- Mostly not.
With respect, Armenians are Jews.
But Catholic.
- Catholic Jews?
- Yes, Catholic Jews, Rabbi.
Theyre a diaspora,
have their genocide,
they even look like us
and are good at business.
An Orthodox comedian.
How Jewish is that, Rabbi?
Stop calling me Rabbi.
Its annoying.
Sorry. What should I call you?
Dont call me anything.
Thats even better.
As for our problem...
Jews believe that, above all,
what matters most is to preserve life.
So you may have your operation,
Eli Dhrey.
- Without risk?
- There may be risk.
- I knew it!
- Theres risk in any operation.
Any five-year-old knows that.
Well, thanks. Thank you.
Here. Each of you take one.
For the holidays.
Thank you.
Shall we?
Rabbi warrens...
A dose of rabbis...
Saudi A-rabbi-a...
A- aabbi-ca coffee...
Thats two artificially joined embryos.
They breed like rabbis...
Penne A-rabbi-ata...
Very good!
- Senhor Rabbi-rez...
- Meaning?
- Like the Portuguese.
- No proper names!
15 June 1987.
My Ju, its 3 p.m. here,
9 a.m. where you are
so youll be asleep.
I miss you. I love you.
My heart is with you. Your Daddy.
25 August 1986.
Here everyones in weird costumes...
Eli, why didnt you send them?
- Hello.
- Hello.
- What do you do, Kirsten?
- Gallery work.
- You swab decks?
- Not galley work.
- I have a gallery.
- An art gallery?
Dont move.
- So?
- The lumps gone. Youre cured.
You can sleep soundly.
Thank you, Doctor.
- Im really happy for you.
- Thanks, Justine.
Shall we celebrate?
Lets have a girls night out.
Girls night out?
Yes. Why not?
You only live once!
See you later.
Here, you fool!
- Im going to see a star?
- Atoms no star.
Yes, he is!
That calls for a dance.
No, no dancing!
Oh, no...
No! Please, dont...
Listen, dont embarrass me.
Were going with Kirsten.
- Who?
- Kirsten.
- The chick with cancer?
- With a gallery.
So I asked myself, whod be
the coolest dad in France for a teen?
Johnny Hallyday!
On your seventh birthday
you ask for a tattoo, hes thrilled!
As if you said
you wanted to be a doctor.
Wow, good thing I told that one!
- Youre keen on Atom!
- No, hes just funny.
And excuses for not attending school
are weird.
I had to mind my fathers wolf.
Actually, I like him a lot.
Shit, she hasnt let loose since 87!
Hold on...
She X-rays people
in all different sizes.
- What are you saying?
- Relax!
- You really do X-ray art?
- She does!
Best thing since the Mona Lisa!
- Here!
- Whats that?
- Cosmopolitans.
- I love them!
What do you think?
Its very beautiful.
I must be dreaming!
Im still an asset to the team.
Im still... Miss Diagnosis?
Sorry, Justine,
I really have to let you go.
Surely you cant do things like that,
X- raying for dubious artistic reasons.
Its supposed to be medical.
What will I do now?
Alex and Mathias
will have the business.
Im going to slow down.
Its time they were independent.
And time I enjoyed life.
- Youre good at that.
- All the more reason.
And how are you?
I found myself a girl.
Believe it or not, its Cecilia.
Know who I mean?
Cecilia from the clinic?
How did that happen?
- She came with Justine.
- Justine came?
You didnt say anything!
About the operation?
No, Eli.
I dont meddle in your affairs.
So you havent told her?
- You have to tell her.
- Yeah, I know.
Ill tell her.
Look, its my new guy!
Look, its us!
And thats my father.
If I die, I want you to remarry.
Stop being dramatic.
No ones going to die.
The cardiologist said no risk.
Youll be good as new.
- Full of pork! God will punish me.
- Youre not a believer.
In the end,
you renegotiate your beliefs.
- Nonsense.
- Promise youll remarry.
Youre still young.
I want the baby to have a father.
- You promise?
- I promise.
I die and you remarry, just like that!
But you said
its for the good of the baby.
You wont play the weeping widow?
- I will, a little.
- I will, a little!
Just my luck!
Not only dead and buried
but also a cuckold!
What are you doing with my father?
We talk.
- We play golf.
- You talk?
- You and he talk?
- Yes.
So? Im not the only one.
Mathias does too, I think.
And Alex.
I was with Alex when I was 16.
Well, he likes him.
- So he hired them.
- What?
They work together?
Mathias and Alex? Yes.
Thats why I cant go to his office.
I thought he had whores!
In fact, youre the whores.
Actually, at first I did it to bug you.
Its no big deal.
You treat me like shit,
piss off without a word...
If I want to see your father, I will.
I dont need your permission.
And your dads cool. Hes funny.
He knows stuff, hes had experiences.
If I were you, Id talk to him.
We have to take the first step,
us children.
You know what?
Our fathers wont be around forever.
Good luck!
You havent played like that in years.
Im practicing.
I want to greet the baby
with my very best,
to pass on who I am.
And who is that?
An old Jew in the rag trade
who used to be a cool cat in jazz.
I swear, that time, he moved.
- It was the music!
- He or she moved.
- Its a girl?
- Yes.
Im not really capable
of creating anything else.
- Who is it?
- Nothing. Its Justine.
Bloody good!
Im going to lie down for a while.
- See you later.
- Right.
So what does Alex do now?
My Alex.
I dont know.
Okay, he works for me.
He has a daughter
but she lives with her mother.
- Does he ever ask about me?
- Sometimes, yes.
You can understand
that it bothers me.
I dont reveal anything personal,
I swear.
You should be flattered.
It means I think youve always had
excellent taste in men.
Thats crazy!
I dont care what you think!
Dont you get it?
That hurts me, but...
Who does that? Who?
Who hangs out
with their daughters exes?
Other than sickos, nutters, perverts?
Cool guys, relaxed guys.
- Hip guys, as Atom says.
- Bastard. Youre a real bastard!
You destroy
and then trample the rest.
Justine, thats enough.
- Lets not fight today.
- Why not?
Because Im asking.
Im your father, youre in my house
and today we dont fight.
Thats all.
Whats going on here?
No, Ju, its...
I bloody said its closed...
Sorry, were closed. Were...
What are you doing here?
Did he come to see you?
Yeah, he did.
Im sorry, but he caught me off guard.
First, you dump me.
Then your father comes in, talks
about dicks, says I was well hung...
He said that?
Ill get you some sugar.
Frankly, I thought you two
were into some...
weird trip.
- Im going to kill him.
- Your dad?
Kill him.
But in here.
Justine Starbucks.
Watch out.
I have to open now.
- Right now?
- Yes.
You okay?
I ache everywhere.
Hey, you!
We want you to meet someone.
- Whos that?
- Kim.
- Dad!
- Im kidding...
Hey, little Viet Cong,
give Grandpa a kiss!
Hello, Grandpa.
Its time to go.
Look, Kim.
Bye-bye, Grandpa.
She can take over the store.
Shell be right at home.
The neighbourhoods
crawling with Chinese!
See you soon, my love.
- See you soon.
- Ive got to go.
Have a good day, Illy.
Go on, answer.
Suzanne, I was going to call
to apologise...
Im on my way.
Im on my way!
- You okay?
- Ill explain later.
Wait... Wait!
He rejected the transplant.
Hes back in surgery.
Theyre concerned.
- Why didnt anyone tell me?
- He chose not to. It was routine.
You had problems.
He didnt want to worry you.
Youre all sick!
He had surgery and nobody told me?
It seems idiotic now.
Leave me alone. All of you.
- Justine...
- Dont ever speak to me again!
I want to see him.
I want to see him!
Let go of me! Let go of me!
I have to see him. I have to!
- Its a sterile area...
- I must see him. I must!
Are you all right?
- See you soon.
- How long is soon?
Will you stay with me?
Thanks for coming, Mathias.
- We wanted to tell you...
- Eli! Eli wanted to tell you...
- Go on!
- No, sorry, you tell her.
- Eli thought...
- He often spoke of you.
- Youre all he talked about.
- He drove us crazy!
How are you?
Oh, Paul!
What are you all doing here?
He asked us to be here,
just in case...
Thank you.
Thanks for coming.
- Well... Hello.
- Hi.
- You tried to warn me.
- Ju...
I didnt listen. Now its too late.
You couldnt have known.
And I was wrong.
Because its never too late.
I dont know...
See you soon.
- Who were all those guys?
- My exes.
There are a lot.
And they all seemed really sad.
In fact, you were the only one.
Only you
refused to play golf with him.
9th month
Shes sucking her thumb.
Shes gorgeous.
Im fine.
Im working.
A new translation
of Chekhovs Three Sisters.
It keeps me busy
and stops me thinking.
She wont be born
into a sea of sadness.
I want to greet her with joy.
Dom, Ill call you back.
I tried to call
but the lines always busy.
I came to support you.
And stay until the delivery.
I can manage alone, you know.
I know.
Come in.
Id like to show you something,
even if its not the right moment.
23 September 1990.
My Ju, its 8 p.m. here,
2 p.m. where you are.
You must be at school
or in the canteen.
I miss you. I love you.
My heart is with you. Your Daddy.
18 August 1989.
My Ju, its 6 a.m. here,
3 p.m. where you are...
Its too early.
The champagne will get warm.
You must be at the beach,
swimming in your new bathing suit.
I miss you. I love you.
My heart is with you.
Your Daddy.
Suzanne, lets go!
5 November 1989.
Almost in Tokyo.
My Ju, I made it.
Im on the plane.
At take-off, I thought
I saw our apartment.
I miss you already. I love you.
My heart is with you,
even in the clouds.
Your Daddy.
Thats our fridge.
Sweetie, thats our fridge.
Its great!
- And Mummy!
- Stop, Sweetie.
She has to learn French now.
- Breathe.
- I dont remember how!
8.15 a.m. here, 3.15 p.m. in Paris,
4 March 1987.
Oh shit!
Sorry! Where the hell are you?
Im in cowboy and oil country.
- Well?
- Still no news.
What the hell is she doing?
My little Calamity Jane.
In five days, Ill be home.
I miss you. I love you.
My heart is with you.
Your Daddy.
Ah, its coming out!
Its a beautiful baby boy.
- Its a boy?
- Yes.
Hong Kong, 10.23 p.m.
Paris, 3.23 p.m.
Here we are.
This is my last postcard.
Im coming home.
My father...
Even here,
hes the centre of attention!
Soon youll be in my arms, my Ju.
I miss you.
My heart is with you always.
Your Daddy.
3 December 1987.
My Ju, its 5 a.m. here,
1 p.m. where you are.
I cant sleep.
Youre blond
but this little Indian
reminded me of you.
Im sure youll like her.
Youll tell me, wont you?
I miss you.
I love you.
My heart is with you always.
Your Daddy.