Eugenia (2017) Movie Script

Marga feels like everybody was...
I'm totally stuck.
At this point, I have to decide whats going to happen.
If she goes to jail for telling the truth, since she lied before about recognizing the cop
Very good!
So, I don't know yet, Im trying to figure it out
What I decided to do is go back and start reading from the beginning,
taking my time, and well see. Then what ever comes to my mind
thats what Ill do.
What do you think?
Whats wrong?
I just wanted to talk to you.
What it is, honey?
Look, what a mess, the thread got all tangled.
I won't be able to unravel this, I cant see anything.
Fix it for me?
I cant recall exactly, but I think there was a time when
it was right during the last war or...
just after the war, when they still had many needs,
and she fell in love, my mom,
she fell in love with this singer, she called him a troubadour
who went from town to town, and sang.
Anyway, she fell madly in love.
And decided to go on the road with this troubadour.
Imagine, in those times, what a scandal!
Can you imagine?
And the thing was, how was she going to leave with him?
Because she was a minor
How old was she?
She herself doesn't even know, she doesn't remember
because she left using her cousins papers
who was already 18 years old.
We think your grandma was around 13 or 14 years old, something like that.
In those times girls would marry much younger.
Anyway, the thing is, she took a boat and came
after the singer.
What we don't know, because she doesn't talk about it much
is if the singer came with her on the boat or if he waited for her
I dont know how they met up over here.
So in the end she was so madly in love she came to Buenos Aires
but the troubador kept troubadoring around in other cities.
Nooo! Really?
Of course, he left.
I think they were together two months or so and he left her.
So she put together a life for herself however she could.
Were you ever intrigued to go visit?
Not really.
I would love to go to Europe... to Italy
but not to see her hometown.
Maybe its because mom always told us
how miserable they were there. I just dont feel to fondly about the place.
You know I'm not a professional, this isnt my specialty
give me a second.
Like this?
Yes, like that.
Give me a second.
Now they can't say we are not true friends.
Sorry, I have to finish this.
I'm going to finally focus on my own professional development
pursue what I always dreamed of.
It didn't work out with him, it might with someone else
or maybe no one. Im not thinking about
starting another family on my mind right now.
I want to dedicate myself to ME.
Take care of myself, something I have never done.
Now is my moment, which feels good.
It empowers me to find myself again as a woman and continue forward.
Its ok like this right?
Yes, thats fine.
Now put a couple more and add the little roundy ones.
This one?
So Cristina, I hope you listen to the advice of your mom and myself:
none of this getting married without really getting to know.
Youll regret it later.
We would like to invite to board those passengers with small children
Do not try to make any last minute purchases, boarding has begun
Every month they take a percentage off your salary.
For example, you're studying math, right?
Like, if you earn 100 they'll take 3 or 4.
and they put it in an separate account.
And later when you reach a certain age, like me,
you won't work and you'll receive every month
what you were saving in that retirement account.
- Anyways, Cheers!
- I don't want to hold it!
I'll help you.
What happened?
It's always too hot for me.
Yes to EVO!
Cochabamba says NO!
In this car I would take everything from you even to dynamite.
You never told me that story.
You were too young, perhaps you would have liked it.
My poor Toyota.
- Hi!
- Look who's here.
She finally arrived.
Hey, do you remember me?
We have to buy more sugar, we are out.
Without the cap.
Cap off?
No cap
let the list begin
We need sugar, we need potatoes...
Emilio needs a blue cap for tomorrow
so we need go shopping.
- No, it isn't blue.
- No, not blue.
blue and red.
What for?
No, pastel blue I need for tomorrow.
Can't it have a bit of red?
No, it's because its for school.
Oh, okay.
I have to wear it.
Hey, your sister is not done with it
No, it's okay. Let him.
What are you doing at school with the cap, Emilio?
I don't know.
They haven't told you?
They never tell us why, they just ask us to buy things.
Itd be nice if you visited the school one of these days.
How are your ex-guerrilla friends?
They're okay.
We meet up sometimes to reminisce about old times
Laugh a little
What else can we do now.
Now you can laugh.
We all go to vote for the left wing party
since she is a kind right wing...what can we do?
He's big
And well mannered.
Yeah, seems to be the only good thing SHE has done
because I don't think he would have learned that from you.
I think I'm going to...
Because with me you didnt act like this.
Oh, that face
- Snake face
- True, that's true...
you are impolite and deeply disrespectful
but beautiful
- You see?
- And crooked like your father.
What happened with your husband?
- I'm done with him, it's over.
- He's out of the game.
It didn't work out.
Well, It's a good opportunity to start over.
It's not about starting over, but to keep going.
Baking is also part of the two-year gastronomic course
you'll learn international cuisine,
basic French and English, also.
enology... wine tasting
mixology, the second year
and all the techniques you need to learn to start your own food business.
Mom, I wanted to ask you a favor
Yes, sure.
Can you send me my wedding gown?
Sure, why do you want it?
I want to sell it, actually.
I think the most important
social and legal conquest for women of the XX century
is not the vote
but the divorce.
There is also the opinion that divorce is the principal cause
of the fragmentation of the most sacred institution.
No, that's nonsense.
First, because the family is not a sacred institution.
Family is a valid nucleus of coexistence
as far it promote tranquility, affection, democracy, equality.
In the meantime, do you want to come work with me?
Like an assistant?
Of course, my pretty assistant.
Sure, why not?
What would I have to do?
really nothing!
Okay, I'll accept the offer.
I wouldn't pay you... just kidding.
- Another internship.
- Exactly.
So, you start from...
nose, eyes and eyebrows.
Shit. I missed ton.
Just a little.
So, I have to fill in from here...
It should end at the nose, eye, and eyebrow.
- That sucks
- Yes.
Ah, but that's how life is
I mean, it hurts at the beginning...
but what can you do.
- Are they still together?
- They are.
Did he ever contact you again?
Of course he still calls me...
- Really, what an ass.
- Yes, he needs to fuck off.
That's why men marry...
- What do you mean?
- I mean, to cheat.
Why do you think he married?
Because he was too old to be single
If at that age you are not married you're a fag, darling.
Two, thirty one.
Eliana Lujan 70731231, right?
Perfect, so we will see you Saturday 13th, at 6:30pm
Sure, no problem.
Thanks, good bye.
- Hello.
- How are you?
Come in, have a seat over here.
Seriously, I went to a job interview
all happy
with my CV, everything going well
and when I said I was married with kids
"No, I'm sorry. We are looking for single candidates
unmarried and definitely without kids
and responsibilities"
That sucks...
because a person with
responsibilities, has more necessity to work
if not, they wouldnt be looking for a job.
And you know how to handle all tasks.
- So you are more responsible.
- Yeah.
I got up and walked out pissed off. I sent them to hell in my mind.
I hated him with all my guts, I kicked my car, I went nuts.
Your grandma, every year would walk to the Urkupia pilgrimage.
She would walk from the house all the way up to calvary, she would walk about 13 miles.
You really have to be faithful to do that.
Even in this life
full of sorrow
even without riches
for others. Beyond the sun
beyond the sun
she has a home, a beautiful home
beyond the sun
In the name of the father the son and the holy spirit amen
Thank you.
Look, it fits.
Damn, you would be a bride...
She has to think it's one of those inherited dressed
that made someone happy now it will make me happy,
It's a magical dress!
- You'll say that.
- Sure.
There should be...
more room here.
You can't tell with...
the creases.
Do you like it?
I just don't want it to be noticeable.
If I sit, can you tell?
You cant tell.
- Here's the strap.
- Thanks.
Hold it.
And how do you want your hair?
What time is the ceremony?
During the day.
Pulled up would look nice.
Yeah. We could do her hair and makeup as a wedding gift.
But, I'd like to put
a chip on the back.
or a GPS bracelet to know where she is at all times.
No, there's no way.
I'll go with Diego and Pancho to learn how to shoot.
A fuckin rifle, pow!
The first boy that dates my daughter
I'll ask him to sit in the living room
while I rake my rifle
"So you want to date my daughter?"
And her character is a spy.
It's a movie about espionage and guerrilla.
You will love it.
The film is based on the true story of Tania. Did you hear about her?
Tania was a guerrilla woman in Che's time.
And I feel film industry never gave her a chance.
If you watch a movie about Che, she is just an extra, never a principal.
You know why? Because the film industry is "machista". But that's a different story.
Basically, it's a film about women and female intuition.
I understand you are not a professional actress.
I've never done acting, Ive never even been in front of a camera.
All you have to do is be yourself.
Just be yourself
the way you are right now.
Just that.
You have a power. I feel it, you really have it.
In this moment I can feel it, for sure.
So, my inner being or my inner self
feels you are that person
and he is confident about that.
Well, thanks for that.
What do you say?
- Will you do it?
- I'm not sure.
To be honest, it scares me a bit.
It's something I have never done before
and I don't know you either
and I'd like to know if you've made another film.
Oh, yeah. I can show you what I have done.
I haven't show you what I have done.
I have some videos.
I made the film "God finally abandons me"
and it's not a religious film but a film that talks about
our consciousness and our soul.
I'll show you a small scene.
It might not be the best scene
that'll make you want to act in my film
but it will get you excited.
- Where do I press?
- Just hit play.
that when I hit the cup...
I have to...
get claim...
I have to... get close
and see if there's a difference with the sound.
So in the film I'll have a person
walking down the street
and suddenly a crystal glass will appear.
and they'll tell him
"if you want to wake up you must ring the crystal glass".
so that's what I have in the meantime.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
According to the director
she was a fascinating woman.
She lived two lives.
She was from German origin
Yes, her parents were German.
She was raised in Argentina, and she arrives in Bolivia
with different name,
As a different person, dressed as a different person,
she basically lived two lives.
Well, in those times...
we had to have live two lives.
Activists had to work
in secret and
had to live two lives,
and it wasn't an easy life.
We had to live watching our backs.
What happened that time they caught you in La Paz?
That's when they
deported me.
They arrested me and took me straight to the airport to leave.
How old were you?
21, 22, 23, 24
Were you there with my mom?
It won't be a long shooting schedule...
but you will be an essential character in the film.
There aren't that many characters in the film
We are only three for now...
- I will also be one of the characters.
- Oh really?
Yes, I didn't want to tell you yet...
Well, I don't want...
I need to work with intuitive people that are into it
and it's hard to find people that share my same vision
that are truly connected.
You feel we are all connected?
Do you feel the connection happening right now in this room?
Yes, usually they come with their hair done.
Yes, yes...
Your hair will be down...
in some scenes.
- Beautiful.
- Really?, I want to see.
Look, darling.
Yeah, yep. Guerrilla girl, yes.
Let go of the notion of being strong
Let it go
and survive
Be strong
Be strong
Be strong
and live
The person you are calling cannot be reached at this moment,
this call will be connected to a voice messaging service
leave your message at the beep, you will be charged.
Hi. I just want you to know I received your message
and I accept your apology.
Also, I want to apologize if I hurt your in some way.
I just hope you never hit a woman again.
Excuse me ma'am, where's Bolivar cinema?
It's on Simon Avenue.
Close to Sucre Street?
Where can we go?
You tell me, you're the one that's lived here longer.
Thank you.
I though theyd forgotten about me.
You should never think like that.
The Revolution never forgets people who serves it the way you are doing.
Do you have something with purple, something more...
These, but I'm not sure if theyre right for you
I think these fit you better and give you a more elegant look.
- What's his age now?
- Six
Why is he dressed up as...
Because he wants to be a mariachi
and he began to improvise... he loves it.
- He's an artist
- He's like an artist
- He's like you darling.
-Oh, well thanks girls.
- Who care's...
- But she asked me.
Who was with her stepdaughter?
She doesn't know him.
Yes, she knows him very well.
Maybe she doesn't want to talk about it.
Who want some more water?
No, no, I'm okay.
I'm sorry.
Your are a bit nervous, aren't you?
No... I'm fine.
Are you uncomfortable?
What? No, everything is fine.
What are you talking about?
- About your best friend.
- Who is my best friend?
Stop it guys.
My "stepdaughter"
- Your lovely stepdaughter.
- Funny
I was talking about her and this guy who shot my wedding
You know him, right?
I dont know him very well, actually. Not really.
So, are you going to move your son?
To this new Kindergarten.
Well... Yeah. I've been thinking about it
and it seems to be the best place, right?
Yes. My son is comfortable there.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Where's my dad?
He went out with Emi, to soccer.
- No, thanks.
- Want some tea?
- No, thanks.
- "Excuse me..." no go ahead, go ahead
- These are my friends.
She is Eugenia.
Don't forget...
the plate.
Shut up.
You are rude.
She is pretty.
I'm a mother who needs to sell these homemade bun cakes
with coconut, strawberry and black berry filling.
They are only one bolivian peso.
Thank you for your time and have a nice evening.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What did you order?
- How was your day?
- Nothing, we were waiting for you.
- Emi!
Great. My class was very funny.
Let's suppose a men who was eating a sandwich
Ok. So, he took 1,2,3,4,5,6 sandwiches
And he was SO big that he can eat them all at the same time.
Emi, are you doing your homework?
The J's and the G's, remember you had to work on?
Here, let me see...
You have to write G and J, right?
- Here.
- Ok.
So later tonight you wont be crying that your homework isn't finished.
So here it is.
Emi, do you want some water?
The sun feels good, doesn't it?
Yeah... It's nice.
What are you reading?
A book, about war.
What are you studying?
Political Science.
I'm Laura.
Hi, I'm... I'm Mario.
(HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT) During the XIX century in Latin America
Liberals thinkers wanted to be notices by the Europeans
and as much as they were regarded felt their ontological entity
that is to say, they existed.
Europe notices me, therefore I exist.
Here they are.
This is not the place to hide them.
That's what they taught me.
We have to start soon with your training
until you meet all the requirements.
The way I've been working until now, right?
You need some training.
Did you do your job?
Yes. I asked him to marry me.
Did you think about it?
My family is conservative. I don't think they like our relationship.
Im fucking you not your family.
That sounds a little crazy.
That's too much, right?
Yeah, maybe. But don't worry, let's start again.
If a fly appears, dont worry, you just go ahead.
Let's start with the most simple
passion and hate.
You feel passion for Mario but also some sort of hate.
It's not hate towards him, it's hate towards your current situation.
You want to be in the mountains, you want to be with the guerrillas,
you want to find yourself.
And here's this person that you sort of need to use.
I guess she's a woman that knows what she wants.
- She is very strong, right?
- Exactly, totally
So, it's obvious that you want to marry me...
Marry Mario, I mean.
Because I don't think you want to marry me, right?
Not really, anyone.
Everyone here has to respect the rules. No parties.
At 10 pm all lights out.
Come in, please.
This is your room...
the bed, desk, closet, clean curtains, bed comforter and sheets.
Benita, this is Eugenia. She will live with us from now on.
- Hello.
- Hello, nice to meet you.
Same as well.
As I explained, Benita is the person that manages the common areas
if you need any cleaning, laundry,
you speak with her,
there's an extra cost you can discuss with her.
With regards to payment, rent needs to be paid on time
- before the 5th of each month.
- OK.
because on the 6th, if I'm not paid I will shut off the electricity.
We have show that you miss someone and that you are a woman
that will want a child some day.
And why does she need to want a child?
I dont know, I mean, it is what represents being a woman.
So, for her to be a woman she has to have a child
if not, she is not a woman.
Men cannot birth children, right?
It sounds very machista for someone that looks progressive.
Honestly, it is credible for you that a character like her
wants a baby?
The only thing a child will do is complicate her life.
- It's late, I have to go.
- Do you see her wanting a child?
Okay, listen...
Every three days a woman is killed in Bolivia.
There is a drip slaughter of Bolivian women
and my bloodied suit today
represents the blood shed.
Our hopes, comrades,
are the hopes that Left wing Party stomped
because we had hope that this society could change
to be a fairer society.
Also, I have in my head an indigenous headdress representation
this people defended the Isiboro Secure national park with their lives
where are those who run over human rights
Another pending issue is conscientious objection
It is not possible that in the XXI century in Bolivia,
Man means soldier.
Put your hands together for Bianca Shallow!
In honor of Marilyn Monroe, tonight in Babel Disco Club.
What are you thinking?
Nothing, I'm a bit drunk.
Want some tea or mate?
I'm okay.
I don't really drink.
Do you need your glasses?
To see me...better?
You put them on.
I wear them sometimes.
- Yeah?
- They're reading glasses.
You need to clean your glasses.
At home cooking was always a part of our lives
They say that grandma, my dad's mother, was a really good cook
So, she was really good?
Yeah, amazing cook.
I hope to be also good at it.
Has anyone tried your food and has not gotten sick?
I went to look for the flipper but it's still at the other place.
Oh okay, it needs to show first...
Anyway, I'm a bit worried about your mother.
I trust myself, of course. Does that sounds a bit selfish?
to think that, the person, I mean
I don't know but I always have this feeling that I will end up hurt
You mean...
that happened to me, in my previous relationships
I don't want to go through this again.
I could see in your eyes some kind of desperation
and the intrigue
of looking for answers
and not being...
able to find it.
You mean you notice my desperation?
I'm not sure I would use "desperation" to describe it
but you seems to me a person who is lost
I mean...
someone whose eyes reflect she is completely lost.
Am I wrong?
- What time is it?.
- Late.
- Do you have plans?.
- No.
No plans...
No boyfriend?
No, thank god.
Why?... Okay, so drink.
Bottoms up.
If were talking about men, bottoms up.
He was...
my high school sweetheart. It lasted a long time...
He is...
It didn't work.
How long were you together?
We dated 4 years, married 2 years.
- That's a long time.
- Yes.
Long time to get to know someone, right?
But it's over.
Now we are okay, with our own lives and that's it.
- You're so bad.
- Why?
The way you push the glass.
It's the way to be strong.
Oh, okay.
I'm not bad.
I like that.
I'm Ok.
Sorry for having left without saying anything
I could never have explained what was happening inside of me.
It was not easy to make that decision, especially to leave our son.
You are not the reason I left, not even myself but our son.
Thanks for being always my guide.
I'm finding myself every minute
something I've never done.
I'm beginning to understand things that distance reveal.
There are things inside of me that are not in place and I'm trying to fix it.
I hope to hug you again soon.
Say to Emi mom is coming back soon and I took just a vacation.
Try doing something with your hands.
I like it. Move your shoulders to the side.
Breath deeply.
Emi, come to help me.
Leave your brother alone.
Let him help.
Sweetie, can you bring me my beer, please?
Bring me a glass, too?