Eugenie (1970) Movie Script

Lewd women.
Let the voluptuous heroine
of this story be your model.
After her example, be heedless
of all that contradicts pleasures'
divine laws, by which all
her life she was enchained.
As for all you 'young' maidens,
thus achieve the ultimate in pleasure.
Observe this ceremony of sadism,
which illustrates that truth.
Let us turn again to
the words of De Sade himself:
"Voluptuaries of all ages, of either sex,
it is to you only I offer this work.
Nourish yourselves
therefore upon its principals.
They favour your passions,
and these passions are nought
by the means nature employs
to bring man to the end
she prescribes for him.
Harken only to these delicious promptings,
for no voice, save that of the passions,
can bring you complete happiness,
and so a smattering of roses
along the thorny paths of life."
Hello. Eugenie!
No, of course not.
I was just taking my bath.
Don't worry, I'll prepare everything,
I promise you.
Oh no, I'm sure he'll agree to that.
Yes, Yes, this weekend.
I understand.
Au revoir.
Eugenie! Haven't you finished yet?
Who were you talking to?
- Nobody.
Oh don't be silly!
It must have been somebody!
I heard you talking!
It was just a friend.
A boy?
- No.
Then who?
Can't you leave me alone?
Questions, questions all the time!
I can't meet anybody,
go anywhere, do anything,
without you wanting to know everything!
I'm old enough to do
what I want to, when I please!
Oh! Eugenie, come back!
What's the matter?
It's Eugenie! She's so easily
upset I can't understand her.
She probably feels the same about you.
Where are you going?
A business appointment.
- But the office is closed.
I'm not going to the office.
What can I do for you?
This the right road for Madeira?
Straight ahead.
It's about three miles I think.
Thank you.
Do you think there's going to be any rain?
Not here.
I telephoned yesterday to Madame Ren.
I'm expected.
Come on in.
Sorry, but we have to watch it.
Now I recognise you.
Madame Ren told me
to expect you and a lady.
Follow me, she's in the oriental suite.
- All right.
Good morning.
If you want anything, ring the bell.
All right. All right.
Do you come here often?
I used to, years ago.
I've never been to a place like this before.
I prefer to go to a quiet place,
we've both too many friends.
You needn't look so nervous.
We're alone.
I find it hard to realise.
I've watched you for so long from a distance,
never daring to believe that...
I was available?
Didn't you know that every woman has a price?
Are you shocked?
But you're rich.
I said nothing about money.
I don't understand.
You have other possessions.
What do you mean?
What about her?
Oh, nothing.
We met some time ago at a party.
We've become quite friendly.
I want to invite her
to spend a weekend on my island.
Her mother would never allow it.
Need she know?
Or, is the price too high?
But why?
What do you want with her?
Perhaps you should ask
what do we want with each other?
I spoke to her this morning
and she pleaded with me to convince you.
Have I succeeded?
Is anything the matter?
But she's...
She's so young, so innocent.
I know, that's what makes her so attractive.
You won't shock her?
No, I promise I won't.
I... I would never forgive
myself if she came to any harm.
We made a bargain.
Yes, and I'll keep it.
You won't hurt her?
Of course I won't.
Is that the island?
Yeah, that's it.
Oh, it's beautiful.
Where are the servants?
There's only Therese.
I don't think I know her.
Is she one of your new discoveries?
Yes. I met her in Arta Faugasta last summer.
Are you sure she can be trusted?
She's been deaf and dumb since birth.
She only knows how to serve me.
She'll be useful in many ways.
You didn't answer my question.
Was that entirely wise?
Do you love me for my wisdom?
And the rest of the servants?
Augustin took them
to the mainland this morning.
He's bringing Eugenie back with him.
Eugenie, wonderful.
How did you manage it?
You wanted it, so I willed it.
Isn't that how it's always been with us?
My dear...
What about the others?
They'll be here. Later.
How well you've planned it.
I had you to inspire me.
- Marianne!
Eugenie, how nice it is to see you!
Good morning.
Of course, you haven't met.
My elder brother, Mirvel.
If Eugenie hasn't met me,
I can at least claim to have met her...
I'm afraid I... don't remember.
At the D'Masquino's party.
And again two weeks ago,
the French embassy.
I was that man who
couldn't take his eyes off you.
Augustin, put the suitcases in my room.
Oh... don't be embarrassed my dear.
I didn't know you had a brother.
A step-brother.
Seriously, he's been admiring
you from afar all Summer.
He insisted that I invite him.
I told her that otherwise I'd kill myself.
So taking pity on his youth...
And innocence...
I told him he could come.
What are you reading?
Nothing in particular.
Ah, the Marquise de Sade.
It seems my sister is quite a collector.
Have you read it?
No, if I'd been found with it in
the convent, I'd have been expelled.
No modern home is complete
without the works of the Marquise...
I don't think my mother
would agree with that!
So much truth.
And so misunderstood.
"For the young and inexperienced
there's no better passport to life:
'tis but folly on our parents when they
foretell the disasters of a Libertine Career.
There are thorns everywhere.
But along the path of vice,
roses bloom above them.
Profit then from the fairest
period of your life.
These golden years of pleasure
are only too few and too brief.
For we are so fortunate
as to have enjoyed them.
Delicious memories console
and amuse us in our old age.
'tis us, my dear.
You will remain in human memory."
Well said, brother.
I don't normally give
my best performances in public.
Oh, that's not what I've heard.
Oh, but Eugenie,
what are you doing reading a book?
In lovely weather like this,
we should all be outside.
How about a swim before we eat?
I've got a better idea...
- Yes?
Get out!
Who is she?
Why have I never seen her before?
She never leaves the island.
Poor girl.
She's happy enough.
As she can't speak or hear,
other people disturb her.
She prefers solitude.
Oh, I'd better unpack.
Oh, why bother?
I have enough clothes for the both of us.
Oh, wonderful!
- Just look!
And they're all yours?
You can take whatever you like.
Half of them I'll never wear again.
Oh. What a lovely dress!
Can I have this one?
You can have whatever you like.
Come, let's have a bath now, hmm?
You know, you're so good to me,
I can hardly believe I'm here.
My mother thinks I'm spending the
weekend with some school friends.
My father was supposed
to drive me to the station.
Instead, he brought me to the harbour,
where the boat was waiting,
just as you promised.
Come, let me help you.
Don't be shy.
You've nothing to be ashamed of!
You know, one day
a man will do what I'm doing.
His hands will replace mine.
Come on!
Let's get some sun.
Lie down,
let me put some of this on you.
Oh, I can do it myself.
Not so well...
And afterwards,
you can take care of me.
Are you glad to be here?
Do you need to ask?
Do you remember what I promised you?
Yes, you promised me
information and advice.
Good. There's so much for you to learn.
Are you sure you're ready to begin?
Yes. If you're the teacher, of course I am.
Alright. Well. Let's start.
I give you a toast!
- A toast!
To Eugenie, the most adorable
of all nature's adorable creatures.
Eugenie, you're not drinking!
To myself?
- And why not?
A degree of selfishness
is a very important part
of the armoury of
a woman of experience.
OK, I'll obey my teacher!
Good girl!
- Bravao!
Hmm. I'm not used
to that much wine you know.
A good wine helps
to strengthen one's resolution.
But good resolutions I hope.
Wine has got nothing to do with virtue.
But a great deal to do with pleasure!
Sister, you've wined
and dined us to perfection.
But I still feel...
something's missing - Music!
Romantic for preference.
MI've got the very thing...
prepared and waiting.
Were you watching us perhaps?
On no, Sir!
I don't believe you, but never mind.
If you play as well as you lie,
we'll all be quite content.
Oh, ignore my brother!
He's drunk too much, as have we all.
So play for us, and lull us into gentle oblivion.
Voice in the night
In the hollow heart of darkness
A voice I hear lamenting
Through love
Is dead
Voice in the night
Like the echo of my sadness
When all the world is silent
Through love
Is dead
Deep inside the heart of a man
Love is a promise
Made through forgotten
So gently spoken
So cruelly broken
The wine was drugged.
What of it?
You brought her here as a plaything.
Yes indeed...
As I also brought you.
- You!
Please, no temper! I'm not complaining.
You've performed your duties
with admirable efficiency,
and perfect tact.
Ah, shut up.
What did you say?
I wanted to say... forgive me.
I would remind you Augustin
that when I saw you first,
you were grateful
to have enough to eat,
you had nothing but
the ragged clothes you wore.
No future, and no hope.
But now...
I'm your gardener, and boatman.
Precisely. A man of position
and responsibility.
Come here.
Show me that you haven't forgotten.
Tomorrow they'll arrive.
I heard the bell.
Good. Then we'll wait for the boat.
It should arrive with the tide.
They'll demand a new sacrifice.
I don't know what to do.
It's horrible.
I love her.
do you remember the vows you took
when you entered the order,
and signed with your own blood?
I remember them sister.
I know my duties.
Believe me, she won't escape.
She will be mine
before the sacrifice starts.
I must have her.
I fell asleep...
and had such a strange dream.
Or was it a dream?
Oh, you drank too much at lunch.
We thought we'd let you sleep it off.
Where is everybody?
Resting, like yourself.
It was terrible. So cruel.
But wonderful too.
Was it only a dream?
How can I tell? It was your dream.
Yes, it was.
A dream I've had so many times before.
But this time it was real.
In this bed, and with...
Eugenie! Sister! Where are you?
Where are you hiding?
Don't let him come in.
Erm, go away!
We're changing for supper!
- Well, don't be long!
Where's Augustin?
Oh, I sent him down to the boathouse.
He's probably singing to himself.
And how beautifully he sings.
Oh, occasionally
I prefer the record player.
Click click!
Less troublesome...
and much more obedient.
I should've thought
that hardly possible.
Your knowledge of my
requirements dear brother is extensive,
but not necessarily complete.
My dear ladies, do you mind if I smoke?
Oh, please do.
I don't think smoking is a vice.
My father does it all the time.
One's parents habits
are a dangerous guide
to the difference between vice and virtue.
Oh, is that another quotation from
the works of the Marquise de Sade?
No, I made it up myself.
At least, I think I did.
What's that?
It's just a night bird I expect.
It's getting cold.
Oh, can't you think of
something amusing for us to do?
Let's play games.
Lovely! What shall we play?
You're the hostess.
Well I suggest... charades.
But we're only three people.
It's possible...
let's go into the other room.
Oh no no no,
we'd better stay here.
Remember Eugenie,
you have nothing to fear.
Why should I be afraid?
Oh well,
remember the dream
you had this afternoon?
Maybe you'll dream again tonight.
I hope not.
Or do I?
It's very difficult.
What do you think about dreams?
Dreams are only an extension
of our own desires or fears.
- Should I?
Oh, now really, dear!
Don't be ridiculous,
of course you should.
This cigarette tastes funny.
They're Turkish... Oriental.
They're sweet, but rather nice.
You haven't told us what,
or how we play it.
In a moment.
Imagine yourself... free of all restraint.
Floating on a cloud...
Observing below you all the foolish
earthbound men and women.
We are your friends, Eugenie.
Disciples, like your host,
of the divine Marquise.
He whose lessons
we have learned so well,
and to whom in homage,
we wear the very costumes of his time.
We are coming to celebrate
your initiation, Eugenie,
into the practises to which
the Marquise gave his name.
We shall be watching you, Eugenie.
Observing, and admiring
your aptitude to learn.
Cruelty, far from being a vice,
is the first sentiment
nature injects in us all.
Cruelty is natural.
Cruelty is simply the energy in man
which civilisation has
not yet altogether corrupted.
Female cruelty is, if anything,
more active than the male.
Announce a cruel
spectacle a burninga battle,
you will see droves of women come running.
But these occasions
are not numerous enough
to feed their fury.
They contain themselves and they suffer,
as you Eugenie, must suffer, too.
Good morning, Eugenie.
Good morning, Augustin.
Good morning, Madame.
Will this wind drop so we
can go out on the boat?
- I hope so.
What's the matter Eugenie?
Have you had another dream?
Oh. No! This time it wasn't a dream!
They beat me and...
They beat you?
Then where are the marks?
I don't understand.
There... come along.
But what about the man in the
red coat and all his terrible friends?
Eugenie, I think you must
have had another dream.
And all those people you speak of...
are as unreal as the marks
you thought where on your body.
You see?
Then what happened?
- Nothing!
You fell asleep and we carried you to bed.
It was then I fear
that your nightmare began.
Thank Heavens that
it really was a nightmare.
I feel so happy now.
Then this is no time for tears!
The whole day lies ahead of us,
so let's enjoy ourselves together.
I'll race you up to the house!
- OK!
I'll give you a start OK?
One... Two... Three!
- See you!
That music again.
What about it?
I heard it in my dreams, yesterday.
Come along.
Dream on, Eugenie.
Dream of all that has happened to you.
Taste again the pain and the pleasure,
for soon it will be time for you to wake.
Is anybody there?
- Eugenie!
You... you murdered her!
Shall we say she
fulfilled her purpose.
Dear Therese,
she delighted in her own suffering.
So when the time came for her to die,
she was quite content.
I don't understand!
Don't you?
Poor Eugenie.
And after I planned it especially for you.
For me?
- Of course my dear.
I told you the truth when first we met.
I've been watching you for weeks.
Hoping that some day we would share
the same stimulating experience...
You've never been out of
my sight since you've been here.
But... might your sister...
Madame Saint Ange
is not only my step-sister...
But for the past two years
has been my mistress as well.
I don't believe you!
Then ask her yourself.
But not yet!
Relax Eugenie.
Let go of me!
Did you love him?
But now I am glad that he's dead.
And I am glad that you killed him.
But why me?
Because since he first saw you,
it was you he wanted and not me.
But why did you ask me here?
Because of him. And my own plans.
Please! Please, I must go
home! I must go home tonight.
Poor Eugenie.
I'm afraid that will not be possible.
Why not? Why not?
I have invited company.
Especially for you.
Eugenie! We meet again.
Everything that has gone before
has been a preparation for this moment.
Last night we played a...
a charade.
The whips that beat
you were made of wool.
The blood was water,
specially stained.
The pain that you
suffered was in your mind,
together with the pleasure.
But now, reality awaits you.
At last, she hates you...
but most of all she hates
the man who dared to love you.
Whom you killed.
Please let me go.
This is the way she planned it.
Step by step.
- Yes!
Save for one thing.
All this, which you so
carefully prepared for her,
is waiting now for you.
No! No! Dolmance!
You can't! No!
She planned all this for you, Eugenie.
Why do you pity her?
The play is over.
For the author is dead.
Or should we say... the adaptor,
for the author himself
died 150 years ago.
I approved her plans, and then unknown to her,
I provided a final act,
that was more to the author's taste.
And mine.
First, her lover lying dead,
and then her own end, and finally,
your own education,
corruption and destruction.
You will remain here,
with the body of the man who loved you,
and the body of the
woman who hated you.
In the morning, your mother
will learn where to find you.
She will come here with the police.
The law is hard, and for a murderess,
however young, however rich,
there is no mercy.
The last word is from the author:
"I never dine so heartily,
I never sleep so soundly,
as when during the day,
I have sufficiently befouled myself
with what somefools call... crime".
Hello. Eugenie!
No, of course not.
I was just taking my bath.