Euphoria (2017) Movie Script

It's so good to see you.
I... I was afraid you'd cancel.
Hello. We have a reservation
for a double room.
- Your name?
- Emilie Thomson.
Ines Thomson.
So, let me know if there's
anything you need.
Thank you.
- What a place.
- I wanted to treat us.
- It's huge!
- Yeah.
So nice
to get out of New York.
I... I read some reviews
this morning
about your new exhibition.
That's fine.
I thought they were mean.
I'm sure you worked very hard.
They used to love you.
That's how it goes.
If people don't like my work,
then at least
I make them feel something.
It's very fancy.
I got more than I was expecting
for my flat.
- You've sold your apartment?
- Yeah. I moved out last week.
If... If I'm gonna
go back to my studies,
a student room
will be just fine.
may I take your order?
I'll have the lobster
and champagne.
- The same.
- Excellent.
I found this. Look.
- What's this?
- Mum's ring.
I found it when
I went through my stuff.
I thought you might want it.
No, you keep it.
I'm so glad you came.
Grateful that you took the time.
Of course.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
- Please.
Would one of you beautiful
ladies care to dance?
- Yeah.
- No.
Why not?
So, tell me about yourself,
What is there to say?
I'm nobody. Alone, unimportant,
full of unfulfilled dreams.
Actually, I'm here on a holiday
with my sister.
Now that her career's
not going so well,
she finally agrees to see me.
I don't have time to lie.
And why is that?
Just dance with me, please.
You've got sensitive hands.
I'd love to go to bed with you,
I don't think
that's possible, I'm afraid.
What happened to you?
Is everything fine?
What's happening?
- What's...
- Get... Get the fuck off!
I probably shouldn't have
drunk champagne.
There's just been a lot going on
in my head.
I just need to relax.
This place we're going to will
be so nice.
So calm.
So peaceful.
It'll be perfect.
Just perfect.
That's so gorgeous.
- Stop that. No.
- No.
- Emilie, tell me...
- Come on, Ines, it's... It's...
Tell me where we're going.
We're going to the most
beautiful place in the world.
Yeah, you already
said that. Come on.
It's... It's very special.
The question is,
can I have a massage there?
Of course, madam.
As many as you wish.
Oh, good!
Then I'm happy.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello. Can you hear me?
- Who is this?
Well, I, um...
I saw the... The press photo
you're using and...
The one that you agreed on?
Well, I want you to use the
other one.
Which one?
The one where I'm not smiling.
We're leaving the country.
I thought I told you.
Don't worry, it's not far now.
This is it.
Shouldn't they have a signpost
or something?
They probably want to keep it
as anonymous as possible.
Well, they've definitely
succeeded with that.
- You must be Emilie?
- Yes.
And you must be her sister?
And you are?
I'm Marina. I am Emilie's
personal companion.
I'm so glad you made it.
Most of our guests prefer
the helicopter option.
It's a bit of a walk, but if you
get tired, we'll help you.
Are we going through here?
It's not so far, you'll manage.
Here we are.
Is it like you imagined?
Even better.
This is where
most of the guests
love to come on their own,
or their partners or friends
to sit, play chess, be quiet.
That's why I love this house.
You have to sign in first.
Reception is through there.
Let me know
if there's anything you need.
Hello? Hi, welcome.
Please, come in.
- Hi.
- Hi.
And you must be Emilie?
- Yeah.
- Please, sit down.
So, first things first.
Passports, please.
Thank you.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
We have a medical certificate,
lawyer's documents
and proof of payment.
So everything seems to be
in order. Thank you.
I'm sure you know
how everything works here,
but I'm legally required to run
it all through with you
in person before
we can continue.
Unlike other organizations,
we offer
our guests a service created
for, and by, the individual.
Freedom of choice is our utmost
concern and serving that choice
is our aim.
There are a selection of
activities you can choose from.
You'll find a schedule
by the front entrance.
We try to accommodate
our guests' unique desires
and wishes in order to make
their final days as fulfilling
and comforting as possible.
should you choose to continue,
your leaving will take place in
six days from now.
Each leaving
is preceded by a bell.
The individual is taken
to the leaving cabin
and is offered a drink
containing a strong sedative
- that will put them to sleep.
- What do you mean?
The choice to drink is
left entirely to the individual.
A week later,
the body will be transported
to the address you
have provided.
Photographs are not permitted.
Do you have any questions?
Where are my bags?
I don't know.
Well, can you go and get
somebody to get my bags.
Try to calm down. I'm not well.
Your bags are already
in your room.
- I will take you there.
- What are you doing?
- It's okay.
- What the...
Don't you fucking touch me!
You do not have to do anything.
You just have to stay with me.
What do you mean
you're not well?
What are you talking about?
I'm gonna have a shower.
We can talk when
you've calmed down.
I'm not going to calm down!
I want you to tell me
- what is going on!
- I just want a shower!
I was diagnosed
three years ago.
I had chemo, but it didn't work.
It's everywhere.
I don't have long left.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't want to scare you.
I didn't want to give you a
reason... not to come.
I had the right to know.
I don't think so.
I tried.
I tried to call.
But you didn't pick up.
I waited, but you
never called back.
A while later you emailed
saying you were busy.
And then...
I don't know.
Time went by and...
I lost the words.
And this place?
This is how I want to leave.
Sugar Puffs?
Yeah. We always had them
when we were little.
Don't you remember?
Mum's blueberry pancakes.
I sent them the recipe.
I'm sorry if you feel
like I don't respect you,
but I really think that we
should get out of here.
You need proper care.
If you leave...
I'll still do it.
Have some pancakes.
They're good.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- Did you sleep well?
- Yes.
And breakfast was wonderful.
Everything just as I wanted.
I'm glad to hear that!
And, Ines, how are you today?
- Well, I thought that...
- Excuse me, um...
What are you doing
with these people?
- We're helping them.
- Really?
We can't save their lives, but
these last days are important.
So people can leave in the
right way for them.
This is a free zone.
Without the world to judge.
So, Emilie, what would you
like to do today?
I was hoping the three of us
could sit and talk.
- Of course.
- About...
- Follow me.
- Emilie...
No music, thank you.
So... Emilie?
There's some things I wanted
to talk about so...
I wrote them down.
I've never been able
to control my feelings.
Everything has always flooded
straight into me.
My sister...
on the other hand,
has always been very clear.
She can turn her emotions on and
off, feeling exactly what
she wants to feel,
when she wants to feel it.
It all began when Dad left
with another woman.
I was nine, my sister was seven.
Mum never got over it.
I stayed by her side.
I tried to stop her from
slipping through the gaps.
But there was no way.
Five years ago,
she hung herself in the woods.
Just stop it.
What are you doing?
What could she possibly say
about that?
You told me yesterday
that you were dying,
and now you want me
to sit here, in this place,
in front of this woman
and talk about our childhood.
Is that what you want?
You never wanted
to talk about it.
I don't need to listen to this.
Goddamn this.
Those charming bells of death.
I don't think that's allowed.
It's personal, for inspiration.
So, you're above
the rules, are you?
Art's above the rules.
I don't dislike rules.
It's just that I have never
found any sufficiently
worthwhile to follow.
I understand everything.
But I have yet to find the
meaning in anything.
Can I take a photo of you?
Yes, all right.
I have a stage three terminal
brain tumor.
What about you?
You don't look sick.
- I'm here with my sister.
- Oh.
Is she artistic too?
It's just me.
It keeps me together.
I don't understand this place.
People seem to think that
there's some kind of meaning.
Something they should be able
to understand before they die.
There's nothing to understand.
You just die.
They refuse to accept
that their lives
are completely meaningless.
Especially women.
I mean, why would a life
suddenly become important
only because
you are about to die?
People come here and give up.
It's pathetic.
So, what's the alternative?
Carry on with futile
hospital treatment?
More suffering for even higher
bills? I don't think so.
places like this allow those of
us who can afford it
to pay for a comfortable death.
In the end, we're all pathetic.
That's quite artistic,
don't you think?
"Both its end and its beginning,
sense that here and now is both
your departure and return.
Sense how death and life
are as strong
as wine inside you!
To be one with the night...
one with myself...
with the candles flame which
looks me in the eyes still,
unfathomable and still.
One with the aspen
that trembles and whispers.
One with the crowds of flowers
leaning out of darkness
to listen to something I had
on my tongue to say...
but never got said.
Something I don't want to
reveal, even if I could.
- And it murmurs..."
- I'm sorry.
"...of purest happiness.
And the flame rises.
It is as though the flowers
crowded nearer, nearer...
and nearer the light...
in a rainbow
of shimmering points.
Aspen trembles...
- and plays..."
- I'll try my best.
"...and all that was
inexpressible and distant...
is inexpressible and near.
I sing of the only thing
that reconciles...
only of what is practical,
for all alike."
I'm trying to think
about the things
that have been
beautiful in my life.
Like what?
Just... small...
everyday things, really.
When it's cold in winter
and you come into the warm.
Soft things.
I've never had particularly
great sex.
- No?
- No.
Maybe I was just scared.
I think I've spent my entire
life being scared.
Of what?
Come on.
Tell me about the best sex
you've ever had.
I don't know...
Well, there was this time...
in Madrid.
It was after a dinner with this
owner who invited me
after an exhibition.
You had sex
with a gallery owner?
- Yeah.
- No, no, it wasn't. No.
- It was his son, actually.
- Oh.
And the son had
also a very cute girlfriend.
- Go on.
- Come on!
- What do you want me to say?
- Details. I want details.
No, they... They drove me back
to my hotel and I guess
I had way too much to drink
and I definitely just...
I couldn't guess what...
Well, they just...
asked if they could join me
up to my room, really...
- They did?
- Yeah.
Did you like it?
Come on. I want to know.
Really, what do you
want me to say?
Details? Details.
Do you want me to tell how
she unbuttoned my blouse and...
- how she kissed my breasts?
- Yes, yes, you tell me!
- I want to know everything.
- Why?
Because you owe me.
We went up to my room.
She took my hand...
and she laid me down on the bed.
And then she pulled
my knickers aside
and let her tongue glide in.
He unbuttoned his trousers
and walked...
across the room...
towards the bed and I turned
around and I pulled up her skirt
and I licked her beautiful,
wonderful cunt...
while her boyfriend penetrated
me from behind.
Oh, my God!
When was this?
I don't know.
Summer, like,
four or five years ago.
August. Five years ago.
How long
have you been awake?
- Coffee?
- Yes, please.
What the...
What are you doing?
Do you have any idea how much
work it is to arrange a funeral?
But you won't be arranging mine,
will you?
- Emilie...
- You'll just hire some...
party planner
to sort it all out.
No, don't.
So, while I was...
burying Mum alone,
you were in Madrid having
the best sex of your life.
I just can't stand what goes
through someone's head
when they don't turn up
to their own mother's funeral.
Maybe it was a case of being
She was dead already.
You don't automatically become
a better person
just because you've lived your
life in floods of tears.
What the fuck!
What are you doing?
Stop this! Stop this!
What is it? What's happened?
- I can't breathe.
- Yes, you can. Yes, you can.
Gently, gently.
I don't want to feel
like this!
I don't want to be the kind of
person who feels like this!
Emilie, you can
do this. You know you can.
Don't be afraid. Come on.
Come on, come on,
you can do this. Come on.
Come on, we'll go to a quiet
place. Come on.
There's no point talking
when you're like this,
- you have to calm down.
- I want to know why.
- What?
- Why don't...
- Don't you respect me?
- Here we go...
You treat me like shit!
You left me to take care of Mum.
In and out of hospital,
just trying to keep her alive.
I waited for you to call.
She asked for you,
do you know that?
And I lied.
Different lies all the time.
"She's swamped with work."
"Yeah, she called yesterday,
but she's broken her leg."
I just couldn't tell her
you didn't give a fuck about us.
You know, I can't be responsible
for your happiness.
It just doesn't work that way.
Life doesn't work that way!
- You're not human.
- Oh, God!
You think like a machine.
You don't get any bonus points
in heaven just because
you walk around feeling
so bloody sorry for yourself!
Maybe that's not the world
you want to live in,
but that's how it is.
That's reality. That's what it's
like to be a grown-up.
Sometimes you have to shut
things out to survive.
That's what
everything's always been about.
You, and your fucking survival.
Scroll down, stop, stop.
Take out any reference
to that woman.
Barking mad. Now...
down to this side, you know,
all those poor people.
Can we get into that?
May I?
Yes, now...
can we make it look
as if I'm hugging a refugee?
What are you doing?
She can tweak things
about you on the net.
So that if anybody Googles you
in a few years' time...
you'll appear to be much nicer
than the person
you perhaps really are.
- Look. I'm sorry.
- Oh.
- Google Ines Thomson.
- What?
- What are you doing?
- Ines Thomson...
Uh, there are some
photos here, several reviews.
Was there something specific
you wanted me to change for you?
Go ahead.
You know how to handle this.
I understand that you must be
going through hell right now.
You have no fucking idea!
I was miles away.
Would you like a drink?
Your sister is scared.
I was naive to bring her here.
You are not naive, Emilie.
You are thoughtful, kind,
and intelligent.
And you've done
everything you can.
Why are you here?
I came with my husband
two years ago.
- Where is he now?
- He left here.
And you've been here ever since?
I found no reason to go back.
- Stop that. No.
- No.
- Emilie?
- Come on, Ines.
Tell me.
Tell me where we're going?
We're going to the most
beautiful place in the world.
you already said that, come on.
It's... It's very special.
Oh, my back.
This is so nice.
Make sure
everybody has enough.
...with the biggest electricity
bill they've ever had.
Excuse me, uh...
- When's that helicopter leaving?
- Tomorrow morning.
Is there room
for one more person?
There you are.
Have a drink.
- What's going on?
- It's my farewell party.
I paid them so much money
they couldn't possibly refuse.
Don't be a party pooper! Relax!
One, two, three, ow!
I took my love
On a trip to Rome...
You have a way of making an old
man very happy. It's true.
I took a car
For the ride on loan
On the road we had
To sleep in a tent
You're taking two steps down
But just one up...
Are you having a good time?
Please sit down.
...on a Friday night
Well let's say that
I was on the edge
I didn't tell her we would
Meet my friends
For some drinks to
Watch a football match
You're taking two steps down
But just one up
You don't know how
To climb the ladder
I'll be a better man for my
Honey I'll do what I can
I'll be a better man for my
Honey I'll be a better man
I'll do what I can for my
Honey I'll do what I can
Cheer up.
Oh! Look at that.
I'd like to sleep with you.
Sorry, nothing.
You don't know me.
Does that matter?
I look ridiculous.
I have scars everywhere.
My dick doesn't work.
So, I can't...
I don't know.
But when I saw you here...
you were just so beautiful.
Fucking hell.
It's like everything
I'm thinking
is just coming out
of my mouth. Sorry.
I didn't mean to force myself on
you in any way.
More music!
Go on, play my favorite,
the one I like.
That's what you're paid for,
come on.
I don't get along
With my change in fortune
I could never tell
But it feels all right
Maybe I'm amazed
But it's a torture
But all I can do is start
Something new
You don't want to try
But you can't ignore it
Don't tell me that
You cannot feel it too
Let's go, baby.
Show me what you've got.
Yeah, enough. That's enough,
enough, enough, enough, enough.
Talk about flogging
a dead horse.
Oh, never mind.
I want you to comfort me.
Just give me some...
Put the fucking macaroon down!
Comfort me!
It's what you're paid for.
Give me some comfort,
you fucking wanker!
You're just a...
A fucking amateur!
You... Christ!
All right, all right, all right.
Oh, God...
Okay. Okay.
I'm ready.
Are you gonna let him
go out like this?
Our job is to allow him
to make his own decisions.
He's free.
I was a...
professional football player.
Heading straight to the top.
I could have been
so fucking good.
What happened?
Car crash.
That's all?
It might not mean much to you.
- But for me...
- But, you're...
You're healthy otherwise.
You're not sick.
It's just your legs?
My whole life went down
the drain when I lost them.
Everything I was.
- But the rest of your body...
- I hate this body.
This fucking...
I don't know what to do with it.
It disgusts me.
How can you say that?
I can't do this anymore.
I can see that.
Can't we just go somewhere?
Just you and I.
Before I leave.
what will you do
when you get home?
I don't know.
Of course you do. Tell me.
What are you doing next week?
I've ordered some, uh...
Some new... walls for my studio.
But I don't know if they're
gonna fit through the back door.
What else?
Sleep. Sleep, maybe...
I'm gonna...
start to look for
my next project.
After those reviews...
something new.
I guess there'll be...
still a lot of work to do.
Stop it!
You've always left me!
You've always left me!
I'm sorry. Emilie? Come here.
Hey. Wake up. Emilie?
She doesn't have
much time left.
But she's not
going to die today.
The helicopter is ready.
So you're leaving?
I just make things worse.
There's something I wanted to
show you before you go.
Just come with me.
They'll wait for you.
Go on in.
Open... Open the...
She drowns
in her emotions.
She's always been like that.
Dad left and she and Mum
just clung to each other,
dragged each other down.
I refuse to live
my life as a victim.
Your mother died
of a broken heart.
Mum died because of weakness.
She died because she couldn't
handle life as it is.
She stopped going to work.
She wouldn't eat.
She couldn't...
She couldn't pay the bills. She
couldn't go and buy cigarettes.
So you had to go and do that.
You had to go out and buy
and milk for the money that you
got from social services
because your mother was no
longer a mother
because your family was no
longer a family.
She failed.
Drowning herself in the bath,
putting her head in the oven...
sleeping pills.
Do you know what?
When she actually succeeded,
that was a relief.
That's how it was when Mum died.
A relief.
- Come here, come here.
- No, no...
Come here,
come here. Shh.
It's okay.
I miss my Mum.
I miss her so much.
Do you remember
that summer in the house?
That house out on the islands.
Mum borrowed it from someone.
- Do you remember?
- It was so hot.
You taught me to swim.
That was the summer
before Dad left.
There was a piano upstairs.
And Dad used to sit and play.
The window was open.
All night, yeah.
It was so hot.
I was happy then.
was happy that summer.
You used to braid my hair
in the morning.
There was
a kiosk we used to walk to,
to buy ice cream.
We were bare foot.
we passed a tractor.
I held your hand.
You held it tight like Mum
said you should.
You held my hand.
Emilie Thompson?
- Yes.
- Please.
I hereby ask you,
Emilie Thompson,
if you are absolutely certain,
answering of your own free will
that you wish to leave?
As you know,
it tastes bitter.
After you drink it,
I will offer you a sweet
to take away the taste.
Then, a few seconds later,
you will fall asleep.
And, in a few minutes,
your breathing will cease.
Are you sure
this is what you want?
I have something for you.
Tell me. What are you going do
with your material?
What do you mean?
The images you took here.
The films.
Are you going to use
them in your work?
I don't know.
Be honest with yourself,
that's all.
Off you go now.
Go on.
Thank you so much.