Europa (1991) Movie Script

You wll now lsten to my voce.
My voce wll help you and gude
you stll deeper nto Europa.
Every tme you hear my voce,
wth every word and every number,
you wll enter a stll deeper layer,
open, relax ed and receptve.
I shall now count from one to ten.
On the count of ten,
you wll be n Europa.
I say one.
And as you focus your attenton
entrely on my voce,
you wll slowly begn to relax.
Your hands and your fngers are
gettng warmer and heaver.
The warmth s spreadng through
your arms
to your shoulders
and your neck.
Your feet and your legs get heaver.
The warmth s spreadng
to the whole of your body.
On sx I want you to go deeper.
I say sx.
And the whole of your relax ed
body s slowly begnnng to snk.
You go deeper and deeper and
On every breath you take you go
You are floatng.
On the mental count of ten you
wll be n Europa.
Be there at ten.
I say ten.
You are lstenng to the nose of ran
beatng aganst a large metal drum.
Go closer.
There's a fence and you have
to stop.
You are walkng across the ralyard,
and you've been travellng by tran
from Bremerhaven,
and before that on a shp from
New York.
You are n Germany.
The year s 1945.
His name is Leopold Kessler.
I'm your uncle.
You may embrace me.
I have received this letter from
your father.
He has the nerve to ask me
to find you a job.
My God!
Isn't he aware of the situation in
My father...
I do not wish to know anything
about my brother.
He left our country at a difficult time,
for that I'll never forgive him.
Family bonds are intolerable!
Well, also I'll probably regret my
kindness dearly...
Due to my position I succeeded
to get you a job in Zentropa.
Your reasons to apply for this job,
and why you are here at all,
is of no interest to me.
-Uncle, I truly...
-No, I don't want any gratitude.
Zentropa will give no guarantee
that only new material will be used
for your uniform.
Your uniform will be delivered
within twelve hours.
Remeber that the uniform has
to be changed twice a year.
The uniform is the property
of the company,
but paid by the employee.
Give me your wallet, please.
Is your nephew ready to be examined,
Herr Kessler?
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you, Herr Kessler.
There's no need for further
Your nephew is of standard health.
Standard fee, please.
Your wallet.
The German citizens you'll meet,
will all give you the impression
of friendliness,
but never for a moment believe
that it's anything but trying to gain
something from you.
All Germans will hate you,
and in my opinion,
they are right in doing so.
We're all living at the mercy of the
The military authorities have tied
Zentropa hand and foot.
Your fellow countrymen treat
Europeans without much respect.
Humility, Kessler.
Never forget humility.
Don't draw the courtans!
What are you doing?
Do you want to wake the sleeping?
All these people work at night
and need their sleep.
-I just wanted to look at...
-There's nothing to see!
You are n Germany
just after the war.
You are cold.
You're coverng yourself up wth the
clothes you have n your sutcase.
You are to start your tranng as a
sleepng car conductor.
When you have rested you wll be
on your way to your new job.
Get up.
Get up and be on your way.
Come on, come on!
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
-Tonight you'll be going on train 317.
-Tomorrow, train 212.
And then on 522.
Then we return here.
Now we shall receive our papers.
Timetable, list of sales, receipts,
electrical chart, green checkbook,
book of tickets, account book,
and the green journal.
Thank you, Frulein Schulze.
The inspector wants you at
turntable 3.
I have promised not to say anymore,
but I think he's got a surprise for you.
Thank you. Come on!
Wait. I see young Herr Kessler
hasn't paid his guarantee yet.
I think I understand unemployment
in Germany much better now.
People just can't afford to work here.
This is for railway personel only.
Stay back!
Over here, Kessler!
I thought I'd tell you right away,
Car 2306 is back in order.
-Really, Herr Inspector?
-Yes, dammit, Kessler!
Your nephew is off to a great start
with us.
Would you please turn the handle?
Yes, Herr Inspector!
Track 8, Kessler. Track 8.
You'll have the honour of serving
on the first class
sleeper to run under the revived
company of Zentropa.
We've worked day and night to get
it back in order
and now it will run again.
I understand you specifically wish
to become a sleeping car conductor.
A fine choice.
But it's a symbolic gesture
the management has given you,
a foreigner, the job.
We're dealing with the important
issue of human transportation
which no borders should prevent.
l, too, began as a sleeping car
and believe me,
those were the happiest days.
An engine driver's work is exciting,
so is the systematic's in the tower,
but only the sleeping car
conductor is
in direct contact with the travellers.
A fine task. He can say:
I guarantee you a pleasant journey,
sleep well.
-Right, Kessler?
-Sure, Herr Inspector.
I'd call this a mythological task.
You'll be accompanying your uncle
during your training period.
Your exam is in three months,
after which you'll be able
to advance,
but you can read all about that in
the service regulations.
Here it comes.
Come in.
Herr Sleeping Car Conductor,
the rails to Berlin is our best section.
When I was in America
I was fortunate enough to meet
Mrs. George Pullman.
She gave me this bonbondose that
Mr. Pullman himself used to carry.
Take two!
And crush them... is the custom in your country.
Attenton, please!
The tran for
over Bebra
Erfurt and Halle,
wll be ready for departure
n platform sx n a few mnutes.
No, first class!
First class!
First class!
Tickets! No, first class!
First class only! No!
No, first class! Tickets!
Money! Please!
Please, sr!
Gve us some money!
Have you got no decency at all?
The shades must be down now.
Those are the rules.
Please listen, Herr Kessler.
Things will be quiet for a while.
I'll retire now if you would be so kind
as to keep an eye on everything.
I'll entrust you the passkey.
I'm in the kitchen if you need me.
And keep in mind
that the management's private
compartment has been taken.
You can make the bed now.
Sorry to disturb you, uncle.
I need some help.
Please, excuse me.
It's my first trip...
Your German is not bad at all,
Herr Kessler.
Please, continue.
I took the liberty of getting a bit of
information about you.
My name is Katharina Hartmann.
As you may know my family owns
You've chosen an unusual
time to come to Germany.
An American in a civilian job is
a rare sight these days.
Please, excuse my curiousity but,
what are you doing here?
I'm a sleeping car conductor.
I'm just trying to understand why a
young American
wants to play tourist in these sad
I understand you refused to be a
I had to come here.
I believe my taking on a job
as a a civilian here,
is a small contribution to making
the world a better place.
It's time someone showed this
country a little kindness.
Why Herr Kessler,
you are a true idealist.
Are you laughing at me?
No, I'm smiling because what you
say seems to come from far away.
What's this?
Partisans. Executed by your
countrymen, I believe.
But I thought the war was over.
Some would rather fight
a lost battle.
Will that be all?
No, please, stay.
Please, sit here.
We are approaching a tunnel.
It's ridiculous, I've been on trains
all my life, but...
I'm so frightened of tunnels.
Could I persuade you to stay until
we've passed through?
Once the electric light went out
Give us a hand!
I must have fallen asleep.
It's very embarrasing.
You see, normally I have problems
falling asleep.
But when I hear the sound of the
wheels on the tracks
I become drowsy and I fall
asleep for a while,
and when I wake up, I'm ice cold.
It's frightening.
And then there's the feeling that
I don't know
in which direction
the train is moving.
I don't know if we're going
forwards or backwards.
Or what I thought forward has
suddenly become backwards.
Know what I mean?
Let me tell you, it's most frightening.
My dear uncle.
What's happened seems to me
to be a simple switch.
You lost track of things for
a moment.
and it was then the train was just
turned around.
You see?
It's easily explained.
Young Kessler, you are a fool!
You have travelled through
the German nght.
You have met the German grl.
On the street above t s daylght.
But as you go on wth your job
n car 2306
there s lttle to see.
Go deeper.
On the count of three
there wll be a message for you
of great mportance.
Wake up! Wake up!
Leo, you have to hurry!
This invitation
came by messenger.
I don't know why but you're
invited to dinner at 7 p.m.
at the home of the Hartmann family.
You're already late.
Naturally I'll accompany you.
An invitation like this is
a great honour.
I demand that you behave correctly.
It's of the utmost importance.
The Hartmann family founded
Zentropa in 1912.
My nephew, Leopold Kessler,
has been invited for dinner at 7 pm.
He is alone to blame for his tardiness.
I turn him over to you and will myself
wait in the kitchen.
-They've already sat down to dinner.
-Thank you.
" the right hour you feed them.
You open your hand and bless all
that dwells there".
- Amen.
- Amen.
Our guest has arrived.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Never excuse yourself.
Life is too short for that.
Kat tells me you've just joined
our company.
I'm very pleased.
Father's glad you're an American.
He'd like for Zentropa to be an
international company.
As Germans are ill-regarded now.
Rubbish, Larry! Let us eat.
-My sister's got her eye on you.
Calm down, both of you.
It's very brave of you, Herr Kessler,
to come to Germany at this time.
A great tragedy has befallen this
part of the world.
Are you a catholic, Mr. Kessler?
What kind of a question is that to put
to our guest.
I'm affraid I'm not very religious.
Herr Kessler is a sensible young man.
He realizes that if the scars
of the war are to heal,
we have to turn to each other.
My sister says you're a deserter.
In my father's opinion, so am I.
That's enough, Larry!
My son was too ill to join the service.
My illness!
The illness my father's never
He thinks it stems from my mother
spoiling me till the day she died.
Excuse me.
I must excuse my son's behaviour.
I thought you didn't like excuses.
Excuse me, Father.
In war, life is ever so simple.
The problems arise afterwards.
-Don't you agree, Father?
Religion may play a great part
in times of war,
but more so when
the silence of arms
toys with our peace of mind.
When we pray to God
in times of war
we can rely on his support if only
we have faith in our cause.
Excuse me, Father,
but what about the other side?
The enemy believes as much
in his cause.
Why of course, Herr Kessler.
God is on everybodys side.
But when you fight for a cause
with all your heart,
God finds it easier to forgive
if you thereby disobey
his commands.
And who doesn't God forgive?
The unbelievers.
The lukewarm ones
who don't take sides.
They are condemned to eternal
He has no mercy on them,
Herr Kessler.
"So because thou art lukewarm,
I will spee thee out of my mouth".
They're just about to blast!
The Allies are blowing up
cranes in Westhafen.
They're dismantling.
They want to prevent another
German military power from arising.
So they're destroying everything
that might be of use for that.
I fail to see how the few cranes
we have left
might pose a threat.
The food supply situation
will become even worse.
You're so naive, Kat!
The cranes are loading coal
for IG-Farben.
The Americans are clever.
They get hold
of the chemical patents
and then they destroy the plants
to prevent any further production.
All in the name
of demilitarization.
I really admire the Americans.
Mr. Kessler?
Did you know that many factories
in Germany
were owned by Americans
during the war?
The Pater is praying for Mariakirche
in Westhafen,
so that the explosions
may not harm it.
That was that.
You may bring the coffee now.
-May I call you Leopold?
-Of course, sir.
You must understand,
Herr Leopold,
our family has always treasured
international contacts.
Pay us a visit now and again.
How about dinner on Friday?
I'm affraid that's one of your fellow
Americans at the door.
Just a mnute, please.
I'm sure you'll like Alex.
We studied together in Berlin
and now he's back in Germany.
-Colonel Harris.
-Welcome, Alex.
Max, you must fill in
this questionaire.
May I introduce to you one
of your countrymen
who has just been employed
in our company.
Mr. Leopold Kessler,
Herr Alexander Harris.
How do you do?
In fact it's actually Leo
I came to meet.
I understand you're
of German descent.
I'd be the last one to blame
you for that.
You meet so many sensible
Germans these days.
It's been a pleasant evening,
Herr Hartmann.
I have to go and check up on the
church before curfew.
I'm affraid we won't have time for
a game of chess tonight, Colonel.
-Coffee, Alex?
-No, no, later.
I've got some information on you.
I know about your AWOL.
I have come to ask you to do us
a small favour.
What's that?
Well, your job with the railways
could be an advantage to us.
I don't know what you've heard
about the "Werewolves",
but you should know that sabotage
is still going on
as well as liquidations of Germans
who cooperate with the Allies.
All I'm asking you to do is
to keep an eye open for us
and report back to us.
Here, I brought you this.
Excuse me, sir,
but I can't accept a gun.
Why not?
If I wanted to carry a weapon
I would've come here earlier.
I wouldn't make a move in this
country without a weapon.
Okay, it's a deal.
You keep an eye on the nazis for me.
I'll go and have that coffee with Max.
Colonel Harris?
My father apologizes
that he cannot bid you goodnight
in person.
He is indisposed.
Just see to it, Larry, that your father
fills out that questionaire.
I've made arrangements
for someone to come
and verify it on Friday.
Come and sit down.
Father is taking his bath.
He's always retiring to his bath
when he is upset.
The Colonel is forcing him to fill out
this stupid questionaire.
So what's it all about?
They ask you about your relation
with the Nazi party.
And father has to have
a perfectly clean record
if he wants to retain his position.
And the Colonel knows father
will have to lie to keep Zentropa.
Your uncle wants to leave now.
He's waiting for you in the hall.
Goodbye, Frulein Hartmann.
There's one thing I want
to confess to you.
I fooled you a little the other day
when I pretended that
the tunnel frightened me.
It was the sight of those hanged
people what touched me so deeply.
After all they were only
fighting for their country
like most of the world
has been doing.
And suddenly it's a crime.
You have left the house.
Behnd you s the German famly.
You see before you the questonare
that s desgned to test
the gult of the country.
Frday, you wll be back.
Herr Kessler!
I'm a friend of the Hartmanns.
They were sure I could ask you
a small favour.
My nephews are going to Cologne.
Would you please look after them?
They're being picked up
at the station.
Here are their tickets.
Here you are, sir.
The children are with me.
You can stay in here.
Compartment 13 has ordered
a bottle of sekt.
The name is Ravenstein.
By the way, no guests on duty.
I'll see to it that a fine of 7 mark
is deducted from your salary.
-Sekt for Ravenstein.
We're celebrating.
The Allied command in Frankfurt
has appointed my husband mayor.
-Thank you.
Excuse me.
Are you the engine driver?
I'm the sleeping car conductor.
I don't want to impose on you
but my family and I have lived
in London during the war.
Now we're returning to WIstadt.
But all of a sudden my wife is
refusing to leave the train.
She's very upset about the present
state of Germany.
Would you be so kind as to help
me set her mind at rest?
If you'd perhaps reassure her
that WIstadt has been spared the
havoc of war.
We live in Sachsenstrasse 43.
I don't know WIstadt.
But what I've seen from the train
looks bad.
But you must help me.
You must.
I'll never get her off the train.
Our home is in WIstadt.
Maybe we could take a taxi
from the station.
My dear, I have encouraging news.
Please, repeat what you told me.
I don't really know WIstadt...
But you did tell me WIstatd
had been spared.
I've only seen it from the train.
Listen to that. Listen. Listen.
Next stop is WIstadt.
You'd better get ready.
Palestine, Palestine...
She wants to live in the desert!
We're Jewish, but we're German,
but we're Jewish.
You brutes!
Leo! Help me. These people
will kill me.
What's going on here?
We have dismantling orders
for all the heaters on this train.
But it's freezing outside!
War debts
for Scandinavia.
It's outrageous!
Take it easy, old man!
I don't have to accept this!
We gotta give the blankets
we have to the passengers.
-We'll get the children to help.
We've got problems
with the heater.
Here are some blankets.
We've got problems
with the heaters.
Here are some blankets.
Give the children some chocolate.
Hurry up!
We'd like another bottle of sekt.
Certainly, sir.
Security check before
the zone crossing.
Can we see the passenger list?
Here we are.
You got the newly appointed mayor
Ravenstein and wife in 13.
Thank you.
Have another piece.
Security check before
the zone crossing.
Security check before
the zone crossing.
Papers, please.
This paper has expired.
Do you have another paper?
You can't cross
the zone with this.
This guy's ID is no good.
One. Two. Three.
Four. Fve. Sx.
Seven. Eght. Nne. Ten.
You are at a party.
I heard about that
little episode.
I understand you handled it
very well.
-I didn't do anything.
-That's just it.
We'd have a lot less problems
if everyone behaved like you.
By the way, we've already
appointed a new mayor.
The children were brought
to me by this man.
He claimed to be a friend
of the Hartmann family.
Yeah, yeah. They're not stupid
those Werewolves.
Listen, I can hardly recognize Max.
He's been staring off that window
for over an hour
waiting for the 9.15 to come in.
It's pathetic.
I insist on a return match
today, Colonel Harris.
I've never understood how anyone
could be proud to be German.
If I had my way, I'd get on a plane
bound for America today.
You probably find that
hard to understand.
To me, the war was just
a waste of time.
Just as you would feel,
if you were to attend
the good Father's mass.
The ceremony might be colourful,
yes, even entertaining,
but to an unbeliever it's just
a sophisticated way
to waste time.
Shoddy, when the Sacrament
is nothing but a dry cracker.
She's flirting with you.
A bit scheming, don't you think?
Why don't you dance with her?
Not today.
I'm too tired.
All right, Max, the Jew is here.
Please fetch those silly papers
for me.
The form must be verified
by somebody from the resistance
or by a jew.
Those are the rules.
I must ask you whether
you know this man.
Max, you have to turn around.
Max Hartmann is my friend.
He fed me and hid me
in his cellar.
I won't do it anymore.
No more.
Do as you please!
We handed out 13 million
and found out that eighty per cent
of the Germans in our zone
had Nazi sympathies.
Max Hartmann is important
for the reconstruction
of the transportation system.
I admit I made a little private
arrangement with that Jew.
He broke into an American
food depot
and he's quite thankful
I got him out of trouble.
Is it my move?
What am I doing?
No, I think I'll retire.
There's no need to disturb
the Father and Alex.
Good night.
-Good night, father.
-Good night, father.
Your uncle has always
been a good man.
Don't forget that whatever happens
you must always do
what you think is right.
Never let anyone tell you
My dear Katharina...
Come, let's get out of here.
Blow out the lamp.
The lamp...
Father has given Larry this train
for one of his birthdays.
Larry never touched it.
It was quite rude.
That thing with the questionaire...
It was a farce.
Colonel Harris forced
the Jew to sign.
I know.
I could see that father had never
seen that ugly little man before.
I'm sorry that father agreed to
such a farce.
You are so good
and understanding...
I find that a little provoking.
Allow me to test your
tolerance, Mr. Kessler.
I am a Werewolf!
Or more correctly,
I was a Werewolf.
So now you know.
I have no doubt that my secret
is safe with you.
I was foolish enough
to get involved with these people.
I realized right away
it was a terrible mistake.
But to get out was not easy.
Maybe it was just to spite father.
I've been very Ionely
with this secret.
But it's all over now.
I have broken with them forever.
But I had to tell you.
Don't you understand?
Mr. Kessler, you once said to me
that the time had come
to show a little
kindness towards Germany.
Now, Mr. Kessler, I ask you
to prove your open mind,
and show a little
kindness to me.
Yes, I'm affraid I have to admit
you've won.
You know, we've played chess
together about fifteen times
and I've beaten you every time.
Doesn't that bother you, Father?
It is just a game.
You know, sometimes it's very difficult
for me to understand Germany.
We've bombed you to pieces
yet you all behave as if there never
was any war at all.
Max Hartmann and I have been
very close friends
and now I risk everything,
including a courtmartial,
just to help him keep
his position in Zentropa.
Do you think he knows about this?
I don't think he cares!
Damn you, Max! Get out of
that bathroom and talk to me.
Max, you can't treat me like this.
Open that door and face
reality for once!
-It's time to go home, Colonel.
- Come on, Colonel Harris!
He can't do that to me!
Mr. Hartmann!
Mr. Hartmann!
"Sancte Antonius, ora pro nobis.
Sancte Christoforus, ora pro nobis.
Sancte Stephano, ora pro nobis.
Sancti Joanne e Paole,
orate pro nobis.
Sancte Cosme, ora pro nobis.
Sancte Agnese..."
I don't know what happened
upstairs this evening,
but from the way that
the kitchen personnel reacted,
it wasn't very pleasant.
I'm inclined to believe
that my nephew
bears a large part
of the responsibility.
Actually, I've taken a rather
substantial risk
in getting you this job.
My reputation is at stake.
And all this at a time when
the letter
you've been waiting for so long
has finally arrived.
This means that your application for
the examination has been accepted.
And is to be executed in
nine or ten weeks.
As the test is comprehensive
and the grading particularly severe,
I'd recommend you to,
as soon as you've finished
with these shoes,
go through the regulations.
Excuse me, Herr Kessler,
but I found this pair of
Crockett & Jones
outside compartment nine.
I'm sure there must be
a misunderstanding.
Well, they are polished.
I don't think so.
Where is the chalk mark?
-Chalk mark?
-Chalk mark!
A chalk mark
on the sole
is the passenger's guarantee that
the shoes have polished
and they've been polished
by the conductor of the car!
I can't see how a chalk mark can be
the passenger's guarantee.
No, you've come here with
your background
in American culture,
American way of thinking.
But I ask you kindly,
kindly, Herr Kessler,
without humility you will no get
Besides the guarantee,
the chalk mark also indicates
the traveller's compartment.
Take these shoes for example.
Where do they belong?
- Now I've lost track of...
- Ah, there you are.
And how will you find out?
Well, I could always ask one of
the passangers.
When I return I want to see all
the shoes marked
with compartment numbers.
And under no circumstances
will I tolerate
any disturbance of the passengers.
Do you have a moment?
We need your help, conductor.
I implore you, Herr Leopold,
please, come along.
You are beng led through the tran.
You are led through carrages
you never knew exsted.
Be careful here.
Welcome, Herr Kessler.
I can understand if this setup
puzzles you.
But this sector is in
a state of emergency
and the authorities won't allow us
to give Max Hartmann
a proper burial.
Gatherings are forbidden,
Herr Kessler.
We therefore have to resort
to this unworthy arrangement.
We'll proceed with our ceremony
in secret,
just as the Christians
in the catacombs.
Everyone is gathering at the old
marshalling yard at Darmstadt.
It will be your job
to stop the train there
so we can get the coffin
off the train.
I am waiting for an explanation.
You pulled the emergency brake!
"Si iniquitates observaveris Domine,
Domine quis sustinebit?
Kyrie eleison.
Christe eleison.
Kyrie eleison. Et ne nos inducas
in tentationem.
Sed libera nos a malo.
Requiescant in pace.
Domine, exaudi orationem meam.
Filium, deus..."
Ths s the Amercan
occupaton force.
Law 1067 of the
mltary goverment
forbds gatherngs
and processons.
Please dsperse and go home,
or you wll be arrested.
Dsperse and go home,
or you wll be arrested.
The ceremony s over.
The coffn s to be turned over
to the occupaton forces
for confscaton
"Vivat, vivat. Vivat, vivat".
Go back to America, please.
Herr Leopold.
Over here!
Come in.
Kat is a lovely girl.
You stay away from her.
I just wanted to thank you.
It turned out fine with my
nephews on the train.
I don't know what the youngsters
would've done without you.
Open the door, please!
Our superiors
appreciate your help
in the Ravenstein assasination.
Please, open the door!
We have a new job in mind
for you.
Why, there is your little girlfriend.
Listen, Leo, I'm not asking you
to make up your mind right away.
I think we'll offer Herr Kessler
a ride back to Frankfurt.
And then we must get
the back door fixed.
It's stuck.
You love her. She s so strong.
And yet so vulnerable.
I want you to go forward n tme.
Go forward
one month n tme.
Be there on the count of three.
You have a visitor, Herr Aspirant.
-I hope I'm not intruding.
-Not at all, Father.
Thank you.
Have you been promoted yet?
The exam is in
a few weeks.
Are you working in Munich?
At Saint Christopher church.
I've come to ask you not to judge
Kat too harshly.
I know she's told you about
her mistake.
Kat is confused as there are
many others these days.
But she is not a Werewolf.
She repents her sins
and tries to make amends.
She had to flee from these
people in Frankfurt.
They stop at nothing.
Max Hartmann received
threatening letters
as his collaboration with the
Americans was no secret.
After his death,
the authorities have confiscated
his entire estate.
Do you have any contact with Kat?
I really have to go now.
We'll meet again.
Goodbye, Herr Kessler,
and Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Father.
Herr Kessler, if I were you...
I'd attend the Midnight Mass
at Saint Christopher tonight.
Priests are
an necessary discomfort.
"Sanguis Domini nostri
Jesus Christie
custodiat animam meam
in vitam eternam".
"...ut intres sup tectum meum,
sed tantum dic verbo,
et sanibitur anima mea."
"Corpus Domini nostri Jesus Christi
custodiat animam tuam
in vitam eternam".
"Corpus Domini nostri Jesus Chisti
custodiat animan tuam
in vitam eternam".
Marry me, please.
With this ring I thee wed
in the name
of the Holy Trinity.
It s New Years mornng,
year one.
You are on your honeymoon
n the Hartmann famly's
prvate compartment.
You have been makng love.
You have enjoyed the tenderness
of your wfe,
but now she s asleep
and you are alone.
For the frst tme you experence
the fear of beng on a tran
wth no possblty of gettng off,
and no dea of where
the journey may end.
Stuttgart, Lepzg,
Berln, Wesbaden,
Hamm, Hannover, Hamburg,
Frankfurt, Dusburg...
-What's the matter?
I'm so glad you got this
compartment for us.
I've travelled so many times in it.
My father showed me all of
Germany from here.
Kat, I know so little about you
and your family.
And yet you know more than others.
I don't believe your father could
be threatened to take his own life!
You see, for father transport was
a sacred word.
The most important thing for him
was that the wheels kept on rolling.
But they were rolling...
Yes, but the war made father
old and strange,
and he saw the whole of Germany
as his own model railway,
running around and round and
round and round and round...
And he wanted to believe
the cars were just as empty
as toy trains.
But although he did his best
it was not possible
to repress the fact
that Zentropa during the war
transported jews
in cattle trains
to concentration camps,
and American officers
first class afterwards.
In the end it was all
too absurd,
even for father.
But listen, I just...
Jesus Christ, what a dump!
The two of you are movng
nto what can be provded
for a newly marred couple.
The place s OK wth you because
she s there.
And as you go on wth your job,
and are back on the tracks,
you feel stronger.
One nght there's a call for you n
the mddle of the Berln Frankfurt run.
Answer the call n the mddle of the
Berln Frankfurt run.
Hello, Leo?
Kate, is everything all right?
Where are you?
I am at the vlla, n Frankfurt.
-What are you doing there?
-Can you come over here?
I'll be in Frankfurt in half an hour.
Are you OK?
We'll talk when you get here.
I'm affraid young Herr Hartmann
wasn't as cooperative as you.
But then, one faggot
more or less...
Where is my wife?
We've taken her to
a temporary hiding place.
We thought you'd be more
cooperative if she was with us.
I'm so glad you came,
Let's talk about your next job.
We would like to see the
Bremen line shut down tonight.
You're a good man,
Herr Leopold.
We're sure
you can handle
a larger job.
All you have to do is place
some explosives
underneath your sleeper.
The bomb will be detonated
on the Neuwied bridge.
You'll have time to escape.
I'm sorry to have to press you
like this, Herr Leopold,
for I really do care for you.
Remember. Tonight you're going
on the Bremen Express.
Attenton, please!
The Bremen Express
wll depart shortly
for Cologne, Essen,
Doden, Dortmund...
Excuse me!
Here you are!
-Up you go.
-Your suitcase, sir!
I've reserved compartment 3
for you, Colonel.
Take your seat and
I'll come once we're off.
There is a package for you.
We don't approve of such things.
Come in.
Sit down, Leo.
-Now talk to me.
-Well, I...
Excuse me, I would like
a word with the conductor.
Excuse me.
Allow me to present
the examinee:
Leopold Kessler, my nephew.
Herr Seifert and
Inspector Stelemann,
they are in charge
of the examination.
The examination consists of two
parts, practical and theoretical.
First we'll ask you some questions
and then we'll accompany you
to see
how you handle the travellers
and the equipment.
Politeness and firmness
are the virtues of the conductor.
Please accompany us
to compartment 9
and let us begin.
Has this examination taken you
by surprise?
No, I was just attending
to one of the travellers.
If you don't mind,
I'll just finnish that.
I'll be right back.
-Sorry about the interruption.
-So what is your story?
Remember the Ravenstein
Germans killing Germans,
that doesn't break my heart.
I met that man again,
the Werewolf,
at the Hartmann villa
Yes, and...?
Excuse me.
Kat, what's going on?
They want you to plant
a bomb, Leo.
-Follow the instructions.
-Please, listen to me!
-Or else her life is in danger.
-No, not if I can't tell him.
You must plant the bomb at
Checkpoint Urmitz.
-For Christ's sake, Kate!
-Come on, tell him.
The bomb must go off
in the middle of the bridge
rails are under repair.
The train will go very slowly.
-That's all I can say.
-We don't tolerate mistakes!
They're watching your every move.
Don't forget!
Checkpoint Urmitz!
I love you!
I'm affraid the external examiner
is getting a little impatient.
I think we had better proceed
with the examination.
Well, Herr Kessler,
we'd like to know
what you would do
if the cleaning man
handed you a green card
filled in like this.
Only a short stop
at the check pont.
Ths tran contnues
to Bremen.
Kessler, do me a favour,
stop messing around with me.
What sort of information
do you have for me?
Is it that brown bag
you wanted me to see?
The situation is a bit more
complicated than I thought.
Kessler, God damn it!
Can't you stay put
for a minute?
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
On your way to the platform?
Excuse me!
Jesus Christ!
-There's something I gotta tell you!
-Where is your cap?
I don't have the authority
to decide if this examination
can proceed without you
wearing your cap.
But I know that if you want
to carry out the job
of a sleeping car conductor
with your head uncovered,
I have no choice but
to put you off the train inmediately.
There's something I gotta tell you.
The last thing I desire is
private conversation on duty.
You have carred out the orders.
Now relax.
I want you to snk down nto the
soft cool grass on the ralbed.
Look up.
Look at the stars.
See how the stars resemble
llumnated ctes on a map.
Or maybe t s
the fadng lghts
of human lves.
But you are here to help
the lghts burn brghter.
Not to put them out.
At any prze you must make
ths good agan.
Run for the bomb!
Out of the way!
Out of the way!
Hold it, boy!
Are you out of your mind?
Get out of here!
Don't you want your promotion
at all?
There is a high ranking military
officer in number three.
He has put in a complaint
about you!
This will be noted
in your exam.
It's going to be difficult
for you now!
My nephew's behaviour
cannot be excused.
My first thought was to advise
you to cancel the exam at once.
The exhaustng run
has made you sck.
Do you wish to proceed?
That is up to the examiner.
I repeat my question:
What would you do if
the cleaning man
handed you a green card
filled in like this?
Your clothes are soaked wth sweat
and you are affrad
of fantng.
Come now, can't you see it's
filled in improperly?
Wrong and incomplete!
Your heart s pumpng faster
and faster n panc.
Can I have a glass of water,
Would you like to tell the
examinee the correct answer
to the question?
It's a trick question.
The answer is:
Report the cleaning man
The green card should never be
in the cleaning man's possesion.
Normally, the cleaning man
doesn't keep any papers
for the conductor.
On the contrary, the conductor
must give him a receipt
upon the completion
of his work.
And which form is used
for this?
B, that is correct.
And now a question after
Herr Seifert's heart.
What's stated in paragraph 4,
section 62 in the book of regulations?
You cannot breathe.
On the count of three
you'll fant.
I must inform you
that an open collar is against
the regulations!
One second of nfnte rest.
Your uncle was kind enough
to fetch a card for you.
We now want you
to make bed 42.
I have put out the correct number
of bedding covers for you.
You may begin when
I tell you to.
We want you to make it twice
and then we will test the bed.
Are you ready with the clock?
You may begin.
The clock is ticking.
The clock is ticking!
-Stop your automoble!
Stay where you are!
Come back here!
You don't have time for that.
The clock is ticking!
Hurry up, Herr Kessler.
The clock is ticking!
The clock is ticking!
Thank you.
Kate is sitting in
compartment one,
if you wish to talk to her.
Excuse me, Colonel,
there must be an error,
my wife is handcuffed.
I'm affraid there is no error,
Leo, I'm sorry.
I once told you that your
connections with the railways
could be of help for me.
You couldn't know that it was
your association
with the Werewolf
Katharina Hartmann
that really interested us.
We needed your help
to keep track of her,
when we found out
it was Kate
who wrote the anonymous letters
of threat to her father.
Tell the Colonel you are not
a Werewolf.
Please believe me when I tell you
I really cared for you.
What are you saying?
You know, they say a Werewolf
is only a Werewolf at night.
In the daytime it's human being.
I know I can't make you
what it is that makes a man
turn into an animal
because you don't accept
that it ever happens.
During nights I wrote
the letters to father.
During days, I regretted it.
I didn't want him to die,
but it hurt me so much to see him
bow before the Americans.
And Larry?
He must have followed me
to meeting at the villa.
It was him or us.
So our marriage was just a part
of a plan to blow up this train?
No, that's not true.
I really loved you.
You know, there were times when
all I wanted
was for us to leave and forget
about Germany.
But, Leo, it didn't work
I'm sorry, Leo.
I did what I had to do.
But it's your fault too.
The bridge would have been
so easy for you.
Nothing could happen to you.
And all the people
on the train?
What people?
Everybody on this train has been
through the war just like me.
You can't compare yourself to us.
Everybody here has killed
or betrayed,
directly or indirectly,
hundreds of times,
just to survive.
Look into their eyes and you'll see
what I mean.
Kate, you're talking about
an awful crime.
But the way I see it is that
you are the only criminal.
I haven't done anything!
I'm not working for either side!
I'm sorry to say this,
but I've got this rotten feeling
that everyone's been screewing me
ever since I got here.
That makes me mad.
And now it's my turn
to say something!
Herr Asprant...
Herr Kessler!
Would you please come to
compartment nine for a moment?
Excuse me, I was told I could
find the conductor here.
I have a problem.
Is it too much to ask for
a bit of service?
We must be quiet.
The external examiner needs to rest
before we proceed
with the exam.
Let me give you a piece of advice,
Herr Kessler.
In my opinion,
you have only one option.
As soon as Herr Seifert wakes up,
ask him to accompany you
as you go through the train
and apologize to each one
of the travellers.
Think it over.
Those shoes have not
been polished!
Although I wanted them
to be polished!
I'm sure those shoes
are polished.
I don't think so,
I don't see any chalk mark!
Your problem is not important!
You had better be careful!
The emergency brake!
You pulled the emergency brake!
Because I don't want this train
to go to Munich, Bremen,
Frankfurt or fucking Auschwitz!
I want it to stay right here!
You'll have to excuse me.
I need some time to think.
Isn't this the Neuwied bridge?
Might be. There have been
some diversions.
Back into your compartments!
Bed making?
Shoe shine?
You are n a tran n Germany.
Now the tran s snkng.
You wll drown.
On the count of ten
you wll be dead.
In the mornng the sleeper
has found rest
on the bottom of the rver.
The force of the stream has opened
the door and s leadng you on.
Above your body,
people are stll alve.
Follow the rver.
As days go by,
head for the ocean
that mrrors the sky.
You want to wake up,
to free yourself of the mage
of Europa.
But t s not possble.