Eva (2021) Movie Script

Could be.
Dont you think?
Could be.
Good morning, Mr. Tornillo.
Good morning.
Im so excited because you got here just in time.
Everything is ready, everything is set,
especially our models.
Where are your models?
Theyre here, and theyre ready.
Im so excited because our pictures
will surely be trending.
Girls, lets go.
Shall we?
Lets go.
You might forget this.
Goodbye. Take care of the messenger later.
Dont worry, Ill take care of it.
Just a moment sir,
theres some dust.
Take care, sir.
Your mouth I know what youre going to say.
Visit me, Ill serve you pancit canton.
Youll serve noodles?
Youre getting excited again.
Am I paying you to gossip?
You, wherever you came from go back to it.
You I told you to do something.
Should I be the one to finish it?
Get inside! What are you
gossiping about?
What are you doing?
It has to be more sexy.
Sexy! More sexy!
Were selling condoms. Make it sexier!
Look here!
You should be sexy!
More sexy!
More wild!
Very nice!
Are you okay, Frankie?
Yeah, Im good.
Were selling condoms, not a memorial park,
my goodness.
Okay, change pose.
Charlene, Victoria, get Andrew
between the two of you.
Fight over him.
Clash into him.
The boss wants more wild!
Yes! Thats it!
How can we sell condoms with
lousy marketing?
There you go!
More! More!
I like it!
Thats the kind of kiss I like later, okay?
Yes, thats it!
Do it better!
Shall we do solo shots?
May I go to the washroom?
Its okay. Ill have to adjust the lights.
Sure. Well first work with Charlene.
What about you? Dont you need to go?
Maybe later.
Why not now?
Alright. Solo shots, Charlene.
Center, please.
What was that?
Didnt I tell you, later?
You want to rush things.
So, what are you looking at?
Whats happening?
Back to work!
Miss Victoria?
Miss Victoria?
Are you in there?
They need you.
Your shots are up next.
Were not done yet.
Miss Victoria, Im sorry.
But they need you now.
Its alright. Thank you.
Have you seen Andrew?
I wonder where he went.
Ah, he probably got thirsty.
He could have just asked for some water.
Lets go.
You had an affair with your boss,
and thats the way it is?
But thats how it is, Papa Dax.
I really cant explain.
The affair with my boss just happened.
How could it just happened?
You tripped, is that it? Lost your wits?
Then woke up, and suddenly
youre with your boss?
Its not that simple. Of course,
not all of a sudden.
You got me confused, sister.
You said it just happened,
but not all of a sudden?
What if the wife of your boss finds out?
That will mean the pits for you.
Thats precisely my problem, Papa Dax.
If she finds out, she will throw me out.
That will be the end of my
relationship with my boss.
Why? You think your affair with your boss
is going anywhere?
Sister, he has a wife.
Youre a househelp.
Tell me the truth.
Your boss was your first, right?
And you found pleasure.
So now you cant help it.
Youre craving for it.
Why? Is he as big as a cucumber?
Thats far too big! I couldnt handle that, Papa Dax!
Maybe more like an eggplant.
A big one.
I knew it.
Youre craving for it.
Put a stop to it. That wont get anywhere.
Hes your boss!
He surely still treats you
as an employee,
maybe even his property.
Maam, will you still have dinner?
Shall I reheat the sour stew?
No need. Well go up now.
Well have dinner in the room.
You can lock-up now.
Surely, you know how?
Yes, Maam.
Your housemaid?
A new one
Ive had her for a few days.
From Samar.
Lets finish this.
I havent even started.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir. Will you
have breakfast now?
No, thank you.
Not even a cup of coffee?
Im fine.
Im leaving now
Okay, sir.
Can you open the door?
Oh, just a moment.
Im sorry. Im new here.
Im not used to this yet.
Youve also just begun
working as a housema
a househelp?
No, Ive worked for others before.
You dont look like a housema
a househelp.
What should a househelp look like?
Oh! The gate.
Look, Im sorry. Its just
You seem smart.
Did you earn a degree?
I didnt finish high school.
My father died when I was in Third Year.
We fell into debt.
But this is your first job?
Is it?
With my first employer, my male boss
made advances.
He wouldnt let me be.
I got so frightened, I quit.
So, what happened to your debts?
Did you pay them back?
Not yet. I worked for other employers.
Then what happened?
You got courted again?
So, what did you do, give in finally?
You gave in to your boss?
Was he handsome?
He was kind.
If my female employer
would be mad at me,
he would console me.
He made me feel better.
And then?
His wife sent me away.
Why? If you werent doing anything
Ah, he caught the two of you in the act?
So thats why you work
for a female boss now?
My mother requested it from the agency.
You told your mother what happened
with you and your boss?
Of course, not. All that she knows is that
my female employer wanted to be rid of me.
But my mother still blamed me,
calling me a tease,
of that I gave my boss a reason
Dont worry.
It will be our secret.
Have you been with madam for some time?
You mean Victoria?
No, we were just introduced
yesterday, at the pictorial.
Whats your name?
Its Eva.
Im Andrew.
Thank you, Eva.
You know what Eva,
Im not really surprised at what
you had to go through.
Youre temptation itself.
Your name alone proves it.
Its probably good that youre
now working for a woman.
Lauro! What are you doing?
I made it very clear to you I leave early today,
you need to clean the car at once!
What were you doing last night
that made you wake up late?
Were you masturbating all through the night?
Answer me!
You see.
What are you saying?
I cant hear you!
I cant make up my mind whether
youre deaf or truly inept!
Clean the car! Do it quickly or
Ill be late for my appointment!
Yes sir.
Yes maam?
Come inside.
Good morning, Maam.
Has Andrew left?
Yes, maam.
Was I too loud last night?
Im sorry? What was it?
Get used to it. Im truly a screamer.
Did you preparebreakfast?
-Yes, maam.
What did you prepare?
-Sausage and egg, maam.
What did you say?
I cant hear you.
Sausage and egg.
That was what I had for dinner.
Shall I bring it up?
No need. Ill come down for it.
Sorry! I didnt mean to startle you.
Im Larry.
You wont find anyone as good-looking
in the whole village.
What about you, whats your name?
But your boss calls you Lauro, right?
Dont call me Lauro. It sounds so old.
Just call me Larry.
Dont call me Lauro. It sounds so old.
Just call me Larry.
Dont call me Lauro. It sounds so old.
Just call me Larry.
Youre new here, right?
I only saw you yesterday.
Ive just been here for a few days.
Hows your employer?
Is she kind?
Seems so.
And yours?
Gets mad easily.
His blood often boiling.
I noticed.
Hell just keel over one day.
Hes a mental case.
Couldnt find anyone to dump on but me.
He is loud.
So is your boss, shes loud too.
Nights mostly. I can hear her from my room.
I enjoy it really! Just like porn,
but without video.
Thats why I know it when she has
someone with her in her room.
When I start hearing her
grunts and shouts
Here, Ill show you.
Get yourself here! Lauro!
Yes sir! Coming!
Lets talk again, shall we?
-On my way!
What are you looking for?
Nothing, really.
Im leaving. Please open the gate.
Yes, maam.
Dont wait up for me tonight.
I have my keys.
Yes. maam.
Please clean my room.
I said, clean my room.
Even if you find anything to steal there,
youre not a thief, are you?
Yes, maam...
No, maam.
Eggplants of Mang Kanor!
Okra for lubrication.
Nenengs pechay!
Eggplants of Mang Kanor!
Okra for lubrication. Come and get
your vegetables, every all,
because we will have a raffle later on.
Come buy and buy.
-Hello Manang.
Youre the new girl from that house, right?
Im Desiree. Im a nanny from
that house with the pink gate.
This is Dinah. Shes from the house next to yours.
Heres Adam.
You havent bought anything.
Buy something!
Dont just gawk there.
Have a feel for what you want.
I want to see if its hard enough.
What about you, girl?
Do you like eggplants?
There so much you can do with it.
Manang! Youre lewd!
Lewd? But its true.
You can make omelet with it.
You can grill it
Grill it, did you hear?
Not flipped.
Dont listen to them.
You might become like them, poor you.
Why, what are we?
You have enjoyed your lives.
Better that we enjoyed,
rather than soiled.
And the one who isnt soiled
dares to speak.
Its true, Manang. My boyfriend is a seaman.
We have a long-distance relationship.
So you have use for my eggplants after all?
Oh, I dont go for that.
Id rather wait til my boyfriend gets back.
Then, one-time, big-time.
For your one time-big time,
you go like this.
Stop it!
What about you? You want these, right?
Dont bother asking her.
Shes not barren at all.
She gets watered regularly,
though the connections illegal.
I hope shes not found out, or else the tubes
will be cut and the water stops dripping.
Thats not true. Youre babbling
about so many things.
What about you? Have you decided
what you want to do with my eggplants?
Look at my eggplants.
performed by: FRANKY OCAMPO
performed by: FRANKY OCAMPO
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
My boss might see you!
performed by: FRANKY OCAMPO
What are you doing?
Go away! Go away now!
I will shout. I will call for help.
Come up here. Eva?
Did you prepare breakfast?
Yes, maam.
Prepare for two. Bring them up.
Yes, maam.
Come here. Im having
breakfast brought up.
Dont bother.
Did you really clean the car?
How come the tires are still dirty?
Youre really good-for-nothing!
I dont know why I still keep you!
You are useless!
Eva, Ive been calling for you.
Maam, sorry, I didnt hear.
When I call you, answer and come at once.
Is that clear?
Yes, maam.
Bring up some water. Weve run out of it upstairs.
Do you still need anything?
None for now.
What are you doing here again?
Id like to say sorry.
For what? For last night?
I got carried away with
you know. You liked it too, didnt you?
Wait a minute, Lauro.
First, theres nothing between us.
I dont even know why I let you do
what you did last night.
Its simply because you cant help yourself
because you met a good-looking guy like me.
If you repeat what you did, Ill tell my boss about it,
maybe even your boss.
Wait, easy.
I have no evil plans.
Its the fault of your boss.
And yours too
because youre too pretty.
I get carried away. Please do forgive me.
Where are you?
-Go now!
See me again tonight.
-I told you to leave!
Please, tonight.
Fine! Just leave.
Eva, where the hell are you?
I went to open the gate because
I know youre leaving.
Lets go.
In Kuwait, Filipina overseas worker Nadia Ismail
has been charged with murder
for killing her employer.
In her sworn statement,
Nadia accused her employer of raping her
one day that her employers wife
and their children were away.
After the alleged incident, Nadia stabbed her employer,
a Kuwaiti national, several times.
Your boss isnt here yet?
What did you want to say?
Come on. Dont be in a rush.
Lets talk.
Madam might come. Come on.
Why did you call me?
As you know, about last night
Youre apologizing for what you did.
Because, you see,
you werent ready yet.
Ready for what?
You know
that we become us!
How can we become us?
Come on, dont make it hard for me.
You know I like you.
And I hope you like me too.
Even if I like to,
did you even bother asking
if it is you I want?
No need to ask that
as its clear you have a thing for me too.
cant you be bothered to ask me, please?
I will answer you truthfully.
But dont assume that you can simply get
or use anyone anytime you want to.
All right.
Eva, Eva, I really like you.
And then?
Thats it. I like you.
Do you like me, too?
What? You like me, too?
Then why did we have to go
through all the motions.
Even if I like you, I dont want to be
forced to do so.
Of course not! Im not forcing you.
If you really like me, then wow!
So, were together now.
Were us now.
And if were us now,
may I
may I kiss you?
See, Im asking for your permission.
What? Youre too much in a rush.
It was you who was rushing earlier.
Madam is here.
You have to leave.
Ill woo you in earnest. Say yes at once.
-What was that?
Nothing, maam. I thought
there was something
You may go to bed after
locking up the doors.
Yes, maam.
Good morning.
Good morning, maam.
You broke the yolk.
Yes. Would you like me to
cook another one?
No need. That will be fine.
I will leave again today.
Dont bother waiting up for me tonight.
Yes, maam.
Why are you here again?
To woo you.
Your boss isnt here, right?
I saw her leave earlier.
What are those?
What for?
Come ontheyre for you.
And from where did you get these?
Come onyou shouldnt be
asking those questions.
You said you would woo me.
Go ahead.
Youre rushing again.
You like me.
And then,
What did you mean why?
What did you like about me?
What did I like about you?
What else?
Just you.
What else?
What do you mean?
What do you
want to happen now?
Hopefully, you like me too.
Because I like you.
I hope you would
also like what I like.
What is it that you want?
I want...
..to get to be close to you.
Like the other night?
Well, yes.
You went ahead with what you wanted
witout even asking me first.
Ask you? Eva, may I kiss you?
Thats what you mean?
You shouldve asked first.
Ask how? If I had asked first,
would you have said yes?
If I had asked, May I kiss you
you wouldve agreed?
may I kiss you?
performed by: XAVIER X
performed by: XAVIER X
Madams here.
Hurry up.
- Wait!
- We might get caught.
Hurry up!
Please wait.
Not here.
Lauro, what are you doing!?
Ill see you tomorrow.
What are you doing in my room?
Who said you could use my bathroom?
Your clothes are wet.
You better change.
Wear these.
Looks good on you.
Did you sleep soundly last night?
I was calling for you this morning
but you had no reply.
Is there something I should know?
I like someone who resists.
I get more excited.
- Lauro!
- What?
My boss is here.
He might hear you.
Id be done for.
Listen carefully.
You will come to my room tonight.
I will be waiting.
Do you understand?
If you dont show up,
I will tell on you to my boss
and to your boss.
I will tell them you forced
yourself into my room last night.
Ill show them the gashes on my hands
and marks on my body.
I will tell them you broke into my room.
Maybe to steal.
You will surely be
arrested and imprisoned.
It wont only be invectives from your boss
that youll have to bear.
He might even beat you up.
But you will surely lose your job.
I will be waiting for you. Tonight.
Get out of my house!
You ingrate!
I treated you well, yet you have the nerve
to destroy my family!
Dont make me leave.
This is the only job I know.
You pretend to be all nice?
You slut!
Stop that. Youre creating a scandal.
A scandal?
What about what you did with this woman?
Isnt that a scandal?
Have some shame. People are watching.
Now youre ashamed?
Wait here.
Enough, please. Enough.
Were you hurt?
I turned my back for a moment
and youre at it again?
Hey, you listen to me!
Let go of me!
The moment I see your face again,
I might kill you.
I dont want to see you ever again.
Why do you have your hands on her?
Get away from here!
Here I am.
What is it you want?
I want you to answer my questions.
What do you think I am?
What am I to you?
Do you see me as a woman to marry
or someone to get off on?
Didnt I tell you I like you?
And dont you like me, too?
If I get pregnant,
will you take responsibility?
Admit it, Lauro.
Did you enjoy fucking me?
Yes, of course.
I didnt.
I was hurt with what you did.
What is it that you want?
If you want a relationship based on lust,
Ill do it.
I can accept that.
But you cant be the only one
who gets pleasure.
Its not fair for you to be
the only one whos satisfied.
It cant be that wed fuck
only when you feel like it.
Just like now.
I want you to please me.
I want to feel that you love me.
I want to see that...
Im important to you.
Is that all? Then lets do it.
Take your clothes off but stay there.
Are you serious?
Lie down.
I said lie down.
Dont rush.
Wait for me.
Im busy.
Eva, Ive been calling you.
Im still busy.
Eva, when I call for you,
whatever else youre doing, stop it.
Come here, come with me to my room.
Come sit by my side.
Why dont you want to come here?
Come here beside me.
Are you going to tell me to do something?
Come closer and youll find out.
- Is that an order?
- Yes.
Im your boss, so Im giving you an order.
If you want me to do anything
related to what I am employed to do in your house
I have no right to refuse nor complain.
Im glad that you know it.
But if what you want is a repeat
of what happened between us yesterday,
theres something
we need to make clear
What is it?
My body is mine.
I am the only one who can decide
what I want to do with my body.
No one else.
If something were to happen
between us,
it is because I want it, too.
not simply because I am
complying with your order.
I like you.
I want to be with you.
I hope that is also something you want.
Next time, if you want me
to be in bed with you,
you will have to
come to my room
And if you were the
one who wanted it?
I will tell you.
I will be the one
to come to your room.
I have an idea.
What is it?
Im not sure whether youll like it.
Say it.
Where are we going?
Trust me, Ill take care of you.
What are we going to do?
Your boss might catch us.
That wont happen.
What is it?
Come in.
Stay there.
Whatever happens now,
it will be because that is what we want.
Wait, wait.
Dont you like it?
Isnt it every mans fantasy to
have a threesome with two women?
believe it or not
I love you, Eva.
I want you for myself.
And I hope you want me, too.
Just for yourself.
Not just
sharing me between yourselves.
Is he stupid?
Hes being given a blessing,
yet he turns his back to it.
He might have a point.
I thought you were smart.
I didnt realize youre just as stupid.
He wasnt talking about being smart.
Then what?
Dont tell me youre actually
in love with that idiot?
We had a deal.
I dont know, but...
Did she force you?
Or did you want it, too?
Or are you confused with what
you really wnat for yourself?
What do you need to do?
That your boss told you?
Its alright.
I understand.
If you dont please your boss,
youll be out of a job.
You know whats funny?
I may actually be in love with you.
Where did that boy go?
The latest on the case of Nadia Ismail
a Filipina overseas worker
charged with killing her employer
who allegedly raped her.
The spokesperson of the
Philippine Embassy in Kuwait
announced that they are doing everything
to prove Nadia acted in self-defense
against the transgressions of her employer.
We will continue to follow this case later tonight.
Why did you let him go?
Im sorry, Maam. I tried to hold on,
but he broke free.
Wait, Junjun is right there.
Hes playing, making sandcastles.
Mommys coming!
Dont follow her.
Order drinks for us.
Get water for Junjun.
Order something for yourself.
Thank you, sir.
Pay with this.
As for the change,
keep it.
Thank you.
One orange juice, please.
youre in a difficult situation
but I understand what youre going through.
Your male employer is kinder to you
than the female.
Because of it,
youre closer to him than to her.
I dont really know,
and neither do you
if hes really just kind to you
or he wants you for something else.
If his intentions are good or bad,
we cant really know.
But whatever it is,
Im sure it will turn out badly for you.
It might not even be true,
with no basis in fact
the wife will likely become
jealous of you.
Or the husband might really
take an interest in you.
He will soothe you,
be very nice to you
even give you gifts.
But in the end,
it will still not be good for you.
he is married.
And no matter how you look at it,
hes there at the top,
and youre at the bottom.
Were at the bottom.
If you cant find a way to the top,
I advise you to leave.
Get away from them.
Leave them.
Find a new employer or a new job.
Please charge this to Cottage One.
Believe me, sister. I know.
You can do it.
Thank you. What did you
get for yourself?
Nothing. I didnt want anything.
What do you think?
Could be.
Could be, too.
So, youre sure of your decision?
Dont worry. I wont take it against you.
I understand.
I told your boyfriend
to ask permission from his boss.
Say he has a family emergency.
Maybe his boss was in a good mood
because he followed you here.
It was more difficult for me convince him
that you love him, too.
Did you know we only communicate
over the fence?
I was afraid youd catch us.
Ill leave the two of you together
and you can take the rest of the day off.
Dont want up for me or look for me.
performed by: Ell