Eva Doesn't Sleep (2015) Movie Script

That bitch.
That female made fools of us for 25 years.
But the party is over.
She's mine now.
One woman.
A red-blooded Argentinean.
the nation's hero.
It took me 25 years...
to get hold of...
a woman.
Just one woman.
A woman who was already...
That bitch...
unleashed chaos.
For that female...
savages invaded our beautiful capital.
Dirty laborers...
Indians from Patagonia...
toothless peasants...
street sweepers, cleaners...
They even invited the whores.
That bitch's voice...
is a plague.
Once again...
Once again, my dear comrades,
foreign capitalism
and it's oligarchic servants...
Foreign capitalism...
Foreign capitalism
and it's oligarchic and submissive servants
have learned
that no force can break a people
that stands up for it's rights!
That bitch...
managed to die at 33...
just like our Lord Jesus Christ.
The president's secretary of information
regrets to inform the Argentinean people
that at 8:25 p.m. this evening,
the nation lost Eva Pern,
it's spiritual leader.
- She's awake!
- What?
I'm helping.
Come here, I tell you.
- She's awake!
- That's enough.
Really. Come and see.
Come and see what?
She's moving.
Hurry! Come on!
- Come on!
- Stop it!
- Come on!
- I'm coming.
I can't see anything.
That's dangerous, seorita.
It's steamed up.
Steam would require oxygen.
- I don't see anything.
- No.
I just added a preservative gas.
Can I see her?
You could cause permanent damage.
But I haven't seen her.
The whole country saw her.
So what took you so long?
The cranial cavities
give you eyes
that are deep-set but prominent.
The maxillary prognathism...
stops you from closing your mouth.
It's a movement you can't control.
You seem to be fighting...
to hide the pain.
Where exactly...
is this pain?
This violence...
around the jugular.
This whorish expression.
We'll take away the pain...
and leave the smile.
We'll get rid of
the country-girl resentment...
in the superciliary arch.
God is just.
God... is... just.
16 June 1955.
God is just.
The nation's provisional president,
General Pedro Aramburu,
"has decreed."
It is prohibited to show photographs,
portraits or sculptures
of Peronist officials,
their wives, friends or families.
Saying the former president's name
is prohibited.
Saying his late wife's name is prohibited.
Ready for eternity.
I've finished.
Is anyone there?
If Evita was alive, shed fight.
They've all left, doctor.
Do you want to see her? She's almost ready.
I did it for you.
All right.
Do you see her?
She's beautiful.
I knew it.
You're a genius.
Can I embrace you?
Excuse me?
Thank you.
That pagan idol
upstaged God.
But the punishment came from above.
We, the glorious troops of the navy...
we removed all traces of immorality.
But we made one mistake.
Just one.
One fatal mistake.
We never destroyed her body.
Her damned woman's body.
Orpheus to Cerberus, over.
I hear you, Orpheus.
Consignment received?
Affirmative. Over.
Consignment identified? Over.
Affirmative. Over.
Are you alone?
The navy has taken over the CGT.
Can anyone else hear me?
Nobody. Over.
Leave. Right now.
I'm out. Over.
Drive towards
army intelligence headquarters.
You might be followed.
There are civilian brigades
that want to steal the consignment.
Don't trust anyone,
especially laborers,
rail workers, unionists,
women, journalists and children in general.
We've appointed a soldier to guard you.
He's at the barracks.
He must not find out
what you're transporting.
Understood. Over.
General Aramburu does not want witnesses.
If anyone finds out about the consignment,
whoever it is, destroy them.
Understood. Over.
Over and out.
Evening, Colonel.
Private Robles at your service.
Get in the back.
How old are you?
Twenty, Colonel.
Cerberus to Orpheus. Over.
WE DO NO Come up here.
Get out.
Here? Stand guard outside.
I hear you, Cerberus. Over.
State your current position. Over.
I don't know my exact location.
I estimate we're half way. Over.
Is the consignment damaged? Over.
The consignment...
has been badly treated.
It must be in good condition
to present to Monsignor.
Make sure of it, Orpheus.
Over and out.
What's that?
- It was down there.
- Down where'?
On the ground.
On the ground where?
On the ground.
How did it get there?
Someone put it there.
Did you see anyone?
Nobody, Colonel.
They're here.
Those savages.
They know.
Know what?
- What do you know?
- Me? About what?
I ask the questions.
Sorry, Colonel.
- Take the wheel.
- I'm driving?
We're going back. To find a shop.
- A shop?
- With womens clothing.
Everything's closed, Colonel.
Did you train as a soldier?
Where did you study?
Belgrano military school.
God, the nation, science and sport.
what did you learn?
Everything. Everything?
What's the first lesson?
The shop, Colonel.
Come back here.
Don't move. Don't touch.
If you hear someone coming, kill them.
What if it's you?
I'll yell. You get out. I get in.
- Understood?
- Understood, Colonel.
Robles, get out!
What happened?
Did you know?
Calm clown.
You've never seen a corpse?
It isn't a corpse.
It's her.
I'll tell you the truth.
I shouldn't say this.
It's a state secret.
Can I count on your absolute discretion?
Of course.
Do you swear?
Yes, Colonel. Silent as the grave.
I train the Argentinean army
on new methods of warfare.
We were interrogating a trade unionist.
She died on us.
Yesterday. That's her.
It's Evita.
Bottoms up.
Yes, sir.
- Bottoms up.
- Yes, sir.
Bottoms up!
Another one?
Over there...
in 200 meters, there's a port.
If I order you to sail to Uruguay right now,
do you obey?
Yes, sir.
If I order you to leave and never come back.
- Never?
- Do you obey or not?
Yes, sir.
If I order you to forget what you saw?
Are you disobeying me?
No, sir.
Who gives the orders here?
You're not as stupid as you look!
Stupid idiot!
What if she gets up?
I don't understand why her skin is blue.
Did they paint her?
What do you think? Hmm?
You haven't seen her.
The blue skin!
The blue skin!
You haven't seen her!
You weren't going to look?
Look at her.
What are you trying to do?
Nothing, sir.
Who are you?
Nobody, sir.
But I want to be like you.
Like me?
Like me!
Look at me!
Phu Tong Hoe.
Dien Bien Phu.
February '54.
Kids in my neighborhood.
Tell me.
You ever kill anyone?
No, sir.
Ever fuck anyone?
Have you or not?
Not even once?
With a whore?
It doesn't matter, they're all whores!
That's why we love them.
What I've never done...
I've never slept with a woman.
I never met a woman
I could lie down and sleep next to.
God will provide.
God will provide.
Fucking gringo bastard.
That woman's body...
was beautiful in death.
Her body...
turned us into wild animals.
It drove us crazy.
It made us delirious.
So we sent her far away.
But suddenly...
13 years later...
Once again...
we, the heroic battalions...
we crushed the uprising.
But that bitch...
The watch.
I'll do it. Careful, the clasp breaks.
you are being held
by Peronist revolutionaries.
You're being put on trial.
You're accused of the Plaza de Mayo bombing,
which left 400 dead and 800 wounded.
You're accused
of having 27 Argentineans shot dead.
You're accused of dismantling unions,
"abolishing the Peronists'" social gains
and selling off the country.
Who sent you?
The people.
The people.
Do you know what you're getting into?
Don't talk clown to me.
By now, the Armed Forces
will be out looking for me.
Just answer the charges please, General.
Very well.
We started a revolution.
All revolutionaries
shoot counter-revolutionaries.
What kind of trial is this?
Who's judging me? You?
Did the people call you up and ask you to?
Were you voted in?
Were you?
Some people take power at the urns
but they end up by becoming tyrants.
Some men, like me, believe in democracy,
but take up arms to defend the republic.
it was the only way.
We had to modernize the economy.
We scaled back the government.
Social welfare had become a cancer.
We got military support from the US
and we got Argentina into the IMF.
These are complex issues.
We could discuss them over coffee...
but not like this.
Anything else?
I fell asleep.
What time is it?
Is there coffee?
Who are you?
You're not like them.
You're from a good family.
You don't look like a Peronist.
You're not a Peronist.
Even worse. I'm a Communist.
In 1955, they were with us.
What went wrong?
General, it's been decided.
They're shooting you.
What the hell is going on here?
Are you here to soften me up?
Can anything be done?
The people you killed won't wake up.
What you did can't be undone.
Tell me, what do they want?
I'll sign whatever they want, I don't care.
Times have changed.
The country changed. I've changed.
We all know things are very different now.
Where's Evita?
I'm honor bound not to tell you that secret.
I can tell you one thing.
You were a girl when that woman... died.
She had become a symbol...
a dangerous one.
We couldn't bury her just anywhere.
I was the first to face this problem.
Others have faced it since.
I saw Che's hands in formaldehyde
when they identified his fingerprints.
They out Lumumba into pieces...
General, this isn't a history lesson.
Tell them where Evita is.
They wanted to destroy the body.
And I refused.
I wanted a Christian burial.
General, they'll kill you.
Tell me where Evita is.
Where is she?
Well, then, like your friend said:
Let the dead bury thew own dead.
Wait. Come back. Come back!
Come back, you bitch!
In breaking news,
the police have received a statement
from the terrorist group
claiming to have kidnapped General Aramburu.
LV10 has exclusive coverage
"of the entire message for listeners."
"To the people of the nation."
Today, at 0700 hours,
General Aramburu was executed.
May God have mercy on his soul.
The accused's remains
will be given to his family
"once the body of Comrade Evita
has been returned to the people."
The Apostolic Nuncio, Monsignor Cornicelli,
condemned the terrorist attack.
According to our sources,
the entire government has resigned.
More information in the evening news.
Back to the afternoon romances on LV10,
the voice of freedom.
Killers deserve to die.
But if you kill 27 people...
If you kill 400 people...
You bomb your country...
what do we do?
Tell me what we do?
Is there a problem?
No. He wants to talk.
Could you turn that off?
I don't know.
I never knew where the body was.
If you don't know...
who does?
Nobody knows all the details.
Nobody knows all the details.
Nobody knows.
They only know parts.
Whoever buried her knows where she is.
The Vatican...
was always...
- very involved.
- Evita is at the Vatican?
In a cemetery?
- Yes.
- Where?
Impossible to know.
The bishop and the agent
who transported the body
don't know where the grave is.
The nun who prepared the grave
didn't know who actually died.
Only the Holy Father knew the whole truth.
Sadly, he died.
There must be witnesses!
- No.
- No?
- All killed...
- And the nun's name?
The nun.
I don't know.
- You don't know her name?
- No.
Someone must know it!
- I fucking don't!
- Calm down!
Calm down!
Let's calm down.
You don't want one?
You want the phone?
Come on.
Come on.
Army intelligence service.
Seorita, extension 66.
Who's calling?
It's confidential.
I'm sorry, I can't connect you
if you don't give me a name, Mr...
Code 327. 3-2-7.
3-2-7. 327.
Hi, princess. Are you home?
It's Aramburu.
Nice to meet you, I'm Elvis.
You're a son of a bitch, brother.
Shut up, Cerberus!
Are you listening, Cerberus?
I left a sealed envelope
to be opened if I died.
That's what I did.
Of course. I understand.
In the envelope
is the name of an Italian nun.
In the envelope
is the name of an Italian nun.
I didn't read it. I gave it to my superior.
Put me through.
But he's in discussions with Pern-
Put me through.
Right now. That's an order.
Get a name, a date, a place, anything.
I'm sorry, General.
Here, they're telling me you're dead.
What did he say?
What did he say?
This is a meeting of dead people.
I know it, but you don't realize.
What comes after me is much worse.
You don't know what terror is.
They'll kill you like the Algerians-
in silence.
They'll make you eat your own shit.
They'll rip out your eyelids.
They'll rape your pregnant wives.
There'll be nothing left of you.
Not even your bodies.
Where do you get these ideas?
They're not ideas, dear.
They're techniques.
You have nothing to say?
God is just.
That bitch came back.
That female came back to Argentina...
22 years after her death.
But this time we brought her back.
We did.
There was no other way.
The savages insisted on it.
We welcomed her like a queen.
What a performance!
We took her to the presidential palace...
as if she was back in power.
But now...
Power is mine.
I am the defender
of Western Christian civilization.
I am neither the first nor the last.
In 1976...
I took power.
I buried that woman...
once and for all...
at night...
under six meters of concrete.
I took charge of cleaning up.
The extermination of the savages.
But this war...
never ends.
That bitch...
is the mother of the uprising.
She is dead, buried and gone...
but still bearing fruit.
I'll stand with the workers,
I'll stand with the women,
I'll stand with the nation's dispossessed.
Dead or alive!
Dead or alive!
In the dead of the night,
they want to inject their poison
into Pern's body and soul,
which is the people's body and soul.
Just as toads
have never managed to silence nightingales,
and vipers have never
stopped condors from flying,
they will not succeed.
They will not succeed!
Because we stand here, as men of the people,
as women of the people...
to defend our dreams and defend our lives.
They are the nation's lives,
they are the lives of future generations.
They will not... They will never pardon us.
To defend our dreams and defend our lives.
They are the nation's lives,
they are the lives of future generations.
They will not... They will never pardon us.