Evan Wood (2021) Movie Script

[light music playing]
[piano music playing]
[girl] Uncertainty
and entanglement
mean different things
in the world of physics
than they do to you or to me.
You might think you have
a familiarity with uncertainty.
You don't.
You might feel that you've
experienced entanglement.
You haven't.
But I have.
[piano music playing]
[sirens wailing]
[music continues]
So, um, as all of you know,
we're only a few weeks away
from the end of the semester,
which means all of you
should be
over halfway through
your theses.
And you guys have been
handing in ten pages every week
like champs,
and it's been amazing.
And since you have
a few extra weeks,
a little extra time,
I'm gonna ask
that you bring in 30
by the end of the break.
-[students groan]
-I know, I know,
I'm a terrible person.
It goes--
It just goes way back.
Dad left, Mom joined a cult.
That's my story,
that's not yours.
-[whispering] Late again, huh?
-[teacher] A rough childhood.
-I never knew my Dad.
-That's not on you.
-I didn't fall asleep
until 5:00.
Working on
the grant submission?
-[teacher] Yeah,
you guys have been...
You know, you really have to
try some melatonin
or Sleepytime tea
or something, it'll help you.
For the last little bit...
And what was that
about 30 pages?
You of all people
could write that in your sleep.
I'm not sure about that.
Yeah, well,
not with that attitude.
So, um,
you don't have to go home,
but you can't stay here.
And, uh, class dismissed.
So what are you plans
over the break?
Oh, I don't know.
I think I'm just gonna
lay low,
catch up on some pages,
and maybe spend
some quality time with Mike.
What are we talking about?
Rach was just talking
about quality time and Mike.
Um, those two don't go
in the same sentence.
-Shut up.
-Worse every...
Oh, I'm late for work.
I'll catch you guys later.
-See ya.
-See ya.
[traffic noise]
Almond milk latte.
-[piano music plays]
-[phone buzzes]
[door bells jingling]
Wow, someone's popular today.
It's no one important.
You can take it if you'd like.
I think I can manage.
Okay, thank you.
I'll be back.
[door bells jingling]
[door closes]
I'm so sorry.
[door bells jingling]
Everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
-[Rachel sighs]
-Who is it?
[TV announcer]
...and tries to cut through
the middle.
They're closing up on him
only to gain one yard!
Back to the huddle.
Second down,
nine from their own 35.
-What's up, beautiful?
-Where have you been all day?
-Slater's dad just bought him
this dope new truck--
-I called you 100 times.
Can you please stop
letting yourself in like this?
Why? Are you hiding something?
You know I've been
thinking of you all day,
don't you?
-Yeah, how could I not?
So hot.
-Wait, wait, stop.
-What is it now?
my grandma died.
Baby, you--
you had a grandma?
[TV announcer]
The ball is snapped.
[bell ringing]
Okay, I'll see you
in a few weeks.
Have a great break.
[indistinct chatter]
Miss "Woods,"
could I have a word?
[Rachel] Yeah?
Is everything okay?
I guess not, seeing as
I'm getting "Miss Woods"
instead of "Rachel."
Uh, Rachel,
you've been late to my class
three times this week.
I just noticed
you haven't handed in
your ten pages yet,
and now you owe me 30 pages.
I'll try my best.
How's your grant application
It's gotta be
better than the writing
you've been handing in recently.
What's that supposed to mean?
You're either exhausted,
distracted, or in love.
The first two.
Have you tried melatonin?
What's going on?
I've just been dealing
with a lot of stuff recently.
Oh, stuff. Agh!
I hate that stuff.
[chuckles] Yep.
You wanna talk about it?
Death in the family.
Oh, God.
Are you okay?
-Are you going home?
Thinking about it.
Your best work is always
about your family.
Maybe you'll--
maybe you'll get inspired,
write about it.
The best writers
built huge careers
writing about their stuff.
I can't.
I wouldn't even know
where to start.
You only know where to start
once you're finished,
so just start.
Just write--
write a few pages.
If it's nonsense,
then you scrap it.
It will be nonsense.
You have no idea.
I am an undergraduate
writing teacher.
My experience with nonsense
far exceeds
your imagination of it.
Okay, I'll try.
Just write one true sentence.
Write the truest sentence
you know.
And, Rachel,
even if it is nonsense,
it's cheaper than therapy.
-You have a good break.
-You too.
[piano music playing]
What a load of bullshit!
I don't think so.
[Sophie] It's like
an invasion of privacy.
Rach should be able
to write about
whatever makes her feel
And how far
has that gotten you?
-What is that supposed to mean?
-I'm just saying...
-[mocking] Oh, I'm just saying.
-[Rachel] Guys, stop.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, my aunt just text me
about funeral details.
-You gonna go?
I don't know, maybe.
Yeah, I'd stay away
if I were you.
I mean, it's our final semester,
and, honestly,
I'd rather kill myself
than be around
a depressing funeral.
-Really, Sophie?
-I speak the truth.
-[phone buzzing]
-[Rachel] You speak
a lot of shit, though.
-[toilet flushing]
Yeah, I do that, too.
Hey, your aunt just texted
about some guy named Evan.
-Is that the old flame?
-[Rachel] No!
Get off my phone!
Oh. Okay.
[water running]
Hey, look, Rach.
If going home
isn't gonna help your writing,
then maybe
it's the closure you need.
-[man on TV] Good, that should
cover next week too.
-[man 2] Sure.
Rach, your soap smells
like fucking daffodils.
-It's lavender.
-I smell like a dyke.
Shut up, it's calming.
[man] Do you think
there's hope for us?
[man 2] Well, hope
isn't the word I'd use.
Now I'm calm.
You're stupid.
I'm not as stupid as you.
[man 2]
That's great, Doc!
Pump the brakes there,
Johnny boy.
If there was
a court order out there
that barred you two
from having children,
I would sign it
in a heartbeat.
Please tell me you never
plan on procreating.
[woman] Pro-what?
Let's take a shot.
What are your plans
over Thanksgiving?
-Are you gonna go home?
-Hell, no!
I was thinking that
the boys could come over
and we could have
some dope food and beers,
and maybe go out after.
You know I don't know
how to cook a turkey
without you.
Mike, you don't even
know how to make toast.
Hey, I like my bread black,
all right?
-I'm actually thinking--
-Oh, and Slater
wants to hook up
with Megan, so invite her.
I'm actually thinking
of going home for the holiday.
It's my grandma's funeral
and I think it--
it would be nice to say
goodbye properly, you know?
Last night you said
you two weren't that close.
Mike, she's my grandma!
[TV dialogue continues]
I'd really like it
if you came with me.
I could really do
with the support.
And not to mention,
I always have so much fun
on trips with you.
What's fun about a funeral?
-Are you joking?
This is the one time
I've asked you to do anything.
The one time!
And all you seem to care about
is your fucking bros.
-Bros before hoes.
Now, you know what I think
is a fucking joke?
That you'd rather spend
time with your family,
who you've not seen
in fucking years,
over me.
Get out.
I said get the fuck out!
[Mike laughs]
[woman on TV]
I'm starting to understand
him and myself a bit better.
Well, that is his job...
Let me get this straight.
If I hurt him more,
he'll love me more.
[man] Let's try to think
of it as making love.
-[can clatters]
-[TV continues]
-[light music playing]
-[door opens, closes]
-[crickets chirping]
-[light music continues]
-[traffic humming]
-[birds chirping]
[luggage rattling]
[car engine starts]
[light music continues]
[metal clanking]
[car approaching]
[Jessica] Rachel!
You're early!
-[Rachel] Aunt Jessica!
-Oh, please drop the aunt.
-Makes me feel old.
-[both chuckling]
[Jessica] Mm.
[sighs] Should we go inside?
-You must be freezing.
Hasn't changed at all, has it?
-Not one bit.
You, on the other hand.
I mean, look at you!
It's been years.
You look great.
[chuckles] Thanks.
-How's life treating you?
-Yeah, um, really good.
I'm actually just about
to finish college.
-What, already?
That's great!
Do you want some tea?
-[water rushing]
-How's things with you?
They're good, good.
I mean, Adam's not dealing
with it that well, you know,
but he's putting on
a brave face for the kids.
Yeah, we have
two-year-old twins.
Wow, um, I had no idea.
to the both of you.
Oh, thank you.
And what about Evan?
Shouldn't he be home by now?
Evan is, uh...
He's grown up quite a bit
since you left.
Honestly, I haven't
seen him in a few months.
He and Adam have been having
a few arguments lately
and he kind of avoided us
whenever we came to see Grandma.
Oh, I hope he doesn't mind
me staying here.
Don't be silly.
We all love having you back.
Honestly, I think it'll be
good for him to have you home.
[crickets chirping]
-Thank you.
-You call me if you
need anything.
I will.
-I'll see you tomorrow.
[light music playing]
-[light clicks]
-[light music continues]
[gas hissing]
[car door closes]
[footsteps thudding]
[car drives off]
[door closes]
[fridge door opens]
The fuck are you doing here?
Jessica called me
and told me about Grandma.
Thought it would be
good to come.
You did?
-Are you staying here?
I saw you took Mom's room.
How was the party?
You were out partying,
weren't you?
I was at the library.
I made breakfast for dinner.
Your favorite.
So, are you driving yourself
to the service tomorrow,
or do you wanna come with me?
Yeah, I have friends
driving me.
Okay, um, I think
it starts at 12:30.
I'll be there at 10.
Are Peter and James
driving you?
Are you still friends with them?
[plate clatters]
Do you ever get tired
of asking questions, sis?
It's not even that good.
[somber music playing]
[lamp clicks]
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping, cawing]
-[door closes]
-[quiet chatter]
-Do you have a minute?
Your grandmother wanted you
to have her wedding ring.
Wow, it's-- it's beautiful.
-What's going on?
-[Jessica] I'm giving Rachel
the ring.
-No, she can't take it.
-[Jessica] Adam...
-It stays--
-She wanted me to have it.
It stays in this house.
Put it back in the box.
-[Josh] Looking for someone?
-[sighs] Josh, hi!
How are you?
It's-- it's been a minute.
Yeah. Yeah, no.
I've been-- I've been good.
-How about you?
How's the big city treating you?
Well, uh, I've been better.
Um, my condolences
about your grandma.
Thank you.
It's been a really hard blow
for everyone.
Yeah, I mean, she was
a real pillar, you know.
She never stopped inviting me
over for dinner even after--
even after you left.
[kitchenware clattering]
Look, Josh, I gotta go.
Thank you so much for coming.
I really appreciate it.
Yeah, of course.
Um, hey, I hope
this isn't insensitive,
but I'd love to catch up.
You know, hear about
your LA life.
Yeah, that'd be nice.
[Josh chuckles]
I'll call you.
[door opens]
-[TV playing]
-[door opens]
-You missed Grandma's funeral!
-[door slams]
Oh, no shit.
What is wrong with you, Evan?
The woman
practically raised you!
What? What?
Are you gonna act
that you care a bit?
I care.
What are you talking about?
[TV turns off]
What are you doing?
What... the fuck?
What are Adam and Jessica
gonna think?
Do you think I care
what they think?
They're probably happy
I didn't go.
Of course they would
want you to be there!
[scoffs] You can't just leave
for three years,
then come back and expect us
to act like nothing happened.
You can't do that.
-That is not what I'm doing.
-Yeah, that's exactly
what you're doing.
You know, if you'd been here,
you'd know that Grandma
died a year ago.
You'd know that she had dementia
and that she wouldn't
even know me at the end of it,
that she'd
confuse me with Adam,
with fucking Adam.
We don't even look alike.
That she'd ask where you'd gone.
Well, she's left.
Where-- where Mom had gone.
Oh, she's OD'd and died.
Sorry, Grandma.
I didn't know.
Of course you didn't know
'cause you fucking left me.
So don't come at me
because I didn't go
to Grandma's funeral,
'cause I lived with her
for three years.
I'm sorry.
Maybe next time,
think about it before
you speak.
Actually, sorry.
I was actually thinking
Peter's doing this--
this movie night tonight,
and I was wondering
if I could borrow your car.
No, Evan.
Honestly, I feel
a little sad here, you know?
We lived here, Grandma and I.
It's just gonna be
a bunch of us,
just a group of friends
watching a movie.
Peter-- Peter and Jake,
Okay, fine.
But don't drink.
Thank you.
Keys are on the counter.
Thank you.
-[keyboard clicking]
-[music playing over earbuds]
-[keys jingling]
[door opens, closes]
And even though
The colors change
But somehow
I still want you
[car door closes]
[car engine starts]
[phone clicking]
[line ringing]
-[light guitar music playing]
-[woman vocalizes]
I knew it from the start
That you would fuck me up
Doesn't have to be
A lifetime
I just want you right now
[Josh chuckles]
Do you remember
when I snuck you out
to go to Jason's party?
Thank you.
Oh, my God,
my mom was so pissed.
[both laughing]
I still managed to win
her over in the end, though.
-Yeah, you definitely did.
Yeah, I miss those days.
I miss her.
I know.
-[light music playing]
-[audience clapping]
[woman coughs, sniffs]
-[man] I got it.
-[indistinct chatter]
[people groaning, sniffing]
-[chatter continues]
-[light music continues]
[breathing heavily]
[woman mutters]
So tell me about LA.
it's not glamorous at all.
I spend my time
either working or writing.
Well, uh, you look great.
The SoCal sun agrees with you.
So, um, do you see Evan a lot?
Yeah, I try to-- I try to
stop by when I drive past.
He's not in most of the time.
And when he is, he's usually
with his girlfriend.
-[Rachel laughs]
I think it's his girlfriend.
I didn't know he had a...
I don't know for sure.
Don't get me in any trouble.
Don't worry, I won't.
[light music continues]
-[crickets chirping]
-[Rachel sighs]
[door closes]
[keys jingling]
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for?
I'm sorry for leaving.
I understand why you did it,
You do?
You were so young and...
what you went through was...
If anybody
should be apologizing,
it's probably me.
I didn't exactly do
a great job of helping you
through your grief.
We were both pretty young.
Do you hate me?
How could I hate you?
All I've ever wanted
is for you to be happy.
Will you ever stop being
so sweet?
Not with you.
[light music continues]
[crickets chirping]
[birds chirping]
[music playing over earbuds]
[sirens wailing]
[vehicle passes]
[ominous music playing]
[heartbeat thudding]
-[suspenseful music playing]
-[light dramatic music playing]
-[door slams]
[suspenseful music playing]
-Hi, Rachel.
-Is everything okay?
-Yeah, yep.
-It's Evan, he's not home.
-Oh, calm down.
What happened?
I lent him my car last night
and he's not made it home,
and I don't know where he is.
Okay, okay.
Did you call his phone number?
[sighs] I don't have
his number.
All right,
let me try to reach him
and I'll get back to you.
-Okay, yeah.
-I'm sure everything's fine.
-Thank you.
-[keyboard clicking]
-[birds chirping]
[car door opens, closes]
[door slams]
His friend Faith called me.
Your car's at Jake's.
He knows where to find it.
Look, honey, uh...
We can't keep doing this,
Adam and I.
We just don't know
what else to do.
We found a clinic, it's good.
A clinic?
Adam doesn't want him
anywhere near the twins.
I'm sorry, I'm gonna
have to call you.
[Jessica] Okay.
Since when?
[Evan] When what?
What the fuck
are you on, Evan?
What do you want, Rachel?
-Why are you doing this!
After what we went through
with Mom?
Can you just go and spare me
the spiel, Rachel, please?
-I-- I--
-Fucking look at me.
Okay... What?
I was at a party.
What do you want?
-When did this start?
-When did what start?
The drugs, the partying.
Look, I just wanna get
some sleep,
so if you can go,
that would be great.
I'm not leaving until
we've had this conversation.
What conversation?
-Just tell me how
I can help you.
You can let me sleep and...
and we can talk about it later.
'Cause I'm not going
anywhere, so...
Fine, and then you can
take me to get
my fucking car, you asshole.
-Hi, hey, Megan.
How is the writing discovery
Well, it's not going
as good as planned, but, um...
I'm actually gonna stay here
for a little longer.
I'm not quite sure
how long, but, um...
Why? What's wrong?
Is everything okay?
Oh, no, no, nothing's wrong.
No, I'm good.
I emailed Mr. Phillips,
but if you could tell him
on Tuesday,
-that would be awesome.
-Yeah, of course.
I'm-- I'm so sorry
to hear that.
Let me know if you need
anything, okay?
I will.
Thanks, Megan.
Love you.
[phone thuds]
[birds chirping]
[vomiting, spits]
You don't look too good.
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-Well, I made breakfast
for breakfast this time.
You want some?
No, I'm good.
I was thinking we could
go on a walk later.
It's been a while
since I've been up
in these mountains.
It's November.
So what?
It's freezing.
You think
'cause I live in LA now
I can't handle the cold?
I just wanna sleep, honestly.
Haven't you slept enough?
Besides, don't you have
anything better to do
than going for a walk
in the freezing cold?
No, not really.
Okay, fine, we can go,
but later.
Sounds good.
Also, I'm gonna take you up
on those pancakes
since you made them.
Thank you.
Were you able
to get your car back?
Yeah, I did.
Look, we really need
to talk about that.
-No, we don't.
-Yes, we do.
I thought it was a movie night.
We did watch a movie.
Yeah, I'm sure you did.
Also, what the hell?
It's so cold in here.
Yeah, because you didn't
get any firewood.
Yeah, that'd be my bad.
I might call Josh.
He might have some
we can use for the night.
-Yeah, that guy I used to date.
-Tall, really nice.
-I remember Josh.
He came after you left
to visit Grandma and I.
-He did?
-Brought her flowers
and everything.
-That was nice of him.
-Yeah, very nice.
-Are you okay?
-[Evan] Yeah, I'm fine.
[door closes]
[water running]
-[ominous music playing]
-What happened?
-Nothing, nothing.
I'm fine.
[ominous music continues]
[metal clanks]
[lighter clicking]
[light dramatic music playing]
[phone clicking]
[line ringing]
-[Josh] Hello?
-Uh, Josh, hi.
[keyboard clicking]
[Rachel] Hey.
Feeling a little better?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Still down to go
on that walk?
-[leaves rustling]
-[birds chirping]
[Evan] So majoring
in dramatic writing, huh?
[Rachel] Yeah.
[Evan] Who woulda thought?
[Rachel] What's that
supposed to mean?
Nothing, I just never
imagined my popular sister
majoring in writing.
Well, things change.
They really do.
Are you sure you're warm enough?
You want another hat?
-[Rachel laughs]
-Some gloves or something?
I've got pockets.
Have you thought about what you
wanna do?
-As in...
-As in college.
What do you wanna study?
I haven't really thought
about it.
I'm sure you've thought
of something.
I remember you liked writing,
so don't play tough with me.
-No, I don't think
that's for me.
It's-- it's not really my thing.
Plus, it's expensive, so...
I'm sure you've got the grades
for a scholarship.
Things change.
How bad?
Drop it, Ray.
Please talk to me.
I promise I won't get mad.
It's bad.
[light music playing]
[stammers] I don't go anymore.
Thought you said you
wouldn't get mad, so...
I'm not mad.
[sighs] Well, I guess it's
GED classes for you, then.
[Evan chuckles]
Don't laugh at me.
Look, I-- I know it's important.
I do think about it sometimes.
[sighs] I mean, I petitioned
to get back in and everything,
but they wouldn't take me.
That's insane.
What did you do?
-Tell me.
I was high.
A teacher grabbed my bag
and I grabbed it back and...
the principal said
I'd assaulted the guy.
I thought it was just
When did it become partying
at school?
I don't really know
how to answer that question.
I'm only asking 'cause
I'm really trying to understand.
There's nothing to understand,
really, I...
I just started doing it
'cause it made me feel good
now I do it so I don't feel
like shit.
You have so much going for you.
So many talents.
I would kill
to write like you do,
to paint like you do.
-Yeah, I'm a regular van Gogh.
-Van Gogh killed himself.
All the best ones do.
-What are you doing?
-Shut up, you're ruining
the moment.
-[door creaks]
-[Evan] Fuck, it's cold.
-[Rachel] Yeah.
[door closes]
I'm gonna go meet Josh.
He said he has some spare wood
that we can use for the night.
-You wanna come?
Uh, no, I'm good,
I'm just gonna stay home
and lay low and make some
We could stop by Jojo's
and get hot chocolate.
No, I'm good.
Okay, well, uh,
call me if you need anything.
Yeah, Mom.
It's all good.
[birds chirping]
[heavy rock music playing
over headphones]
-[rapid knocking]
-[girl screams faintly] Evan!
-[knocking continues]
That is some coat.
[Rachel] It's cold!
Come on in.
I'm sure you remember the way.
[Rachel] I do.
-[door closes]
[knocking continues]
Hey, what's up?
I, uh...
-You okay?
-I need a favor.
Can I come in?
[door closes]
I'm-- I'm sorry about
last night.
Um, Evan took my car
and he didn't make it home,
so I needed to make sure
he was okay.
-Was he?
-Yeah, yeah, um, he just
stayed at some friends.
So firewood, I have
a few logs in the back
that should last you
the couple days
that you're here.
I'm gonna give you the number
of the guy I order from
just so Evan can call him
after you leave.
-Thank you. I owe you one.
-Do you, uh, want anything
to drink?
Coffee, tea, I made pie.
I actually have to get going.
Pie to go, then.
Cute mugs, Josh.
-I didn't know you had a passion
for them.
Uh, my mom used to
get me one every year
for Christmas.
I don't even drink
that much tea.
Great taste.
Let me go grab that firewood.
-[Evan] No.
I already told you I have
nothing left.
-Evan, Evan.
-[light dramatic music playing]
Evan, Evan, you're lying to me.
Oh, I can tell
when you're lying,
-I'm not lying. I'm...
-I'm your best friend.
-Tell me you're lying.
-I'm not lying,
I'm not lying,
but even if I had something,
I wouldn't give it to you.
-Look, hey--
-Cut the fuck--
Fuck, you're losing your shit.
Fuck you, Evan.
Fuck you!
That's fucking bullshit, man.
I'm fucked up?
I'm losing my shit?
Who the hell do you think
you are?
Who the fuck has been there
for you
this entire fucking time,
and now when I need something...
Now when I need something,
oh, you don't fucking have it.
That's fucking bullshit.
Who the fuck...
Who the fuck helped you out,
like, two fucking nights
when you needed some shit?
This is fucking shit, Evan.
-Stop, Faith, stop!
Stop, stop, stop!
-Stop, stop, stop!
-[breathing heavily]
I may have something.
Some weed.
Some coke.
Just not much, though.
That's fine. [clears throat]
That's fine, man.
-Anything will do.
-[suspenseful music playing]
[Evan] Just wait here.
[breathing heavily]
[birds chirping]
-[trunk closes]
-All right, that's the last
of it.
[light music playing]
Uh, I've been meaning to ask...
I don't wanna intrude
or anything, but are you, uh...
-What's-- what's Evan gonna do?
-What do you mean?
Like, I didn't know if he
was gonna go back with you
or if you were planning
on selling the house.
Well, he's 18 in a few weeks,
so I guess that's for him
to decide.
-I didn't mean to intrude.
-No, it's, it's... it's okay.
Anyway, uh, I better be going.
-[light music continues]
-[birds chirping]
[Rachel sighs]
Thanks for the pie.
-[door closes]
-[car engine starts]
[pensive music playing]
[drawer rattling]
[hand thudding]
[Faith coughs, sniffles]
-This is all I have left.
-Oh, fuck.
Oh, thank you so much.
[stammers] You should go.
-[metal tapping]
-No, Evan, come on,
do a line with me.
[groans, pants]
-Here, Evan.
-[stammers] Just take it
and go, it's fine.
-Just, just...
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
-[car approaching]
-Who is that?
-Fuck, my sister.
Just, just go, please.
-Evan, your sister's back?
Why didn't you tell me?
-Yes, yes, it's our--
It's just, please go.
-You have to go.
Come on, go on.
-Okay, yes, I know.
I'm going, Evan.
Jesus, you're mean today.
[door closes]
[Evan] Hey, you're back early.
-Uh, this is Faith.
Faith, this is my sister,
A pleasure!
Faith was just leaving.
Yeah, that's right,
I asked him if he wanted
to go out tonight,
but seems like he's just
been a big old grandpa
since you've been here.
Well, have a great night, guys.
-Drive safe!
-[Faith] Yep!
[car door opens, closes]
[engine rumbling]
-[hands squeaking]
-[door opens]
[Rachel] So Faith, huh?
Yep. [sighs]
Is she, like, your girlfriend?
Just a friend.
How long have you known her?
A couple years.
And why are you
in detective mode again?
I'm just curious.
What was she on?
-[light music playing]
-How would I know?
We grew up with Mom.
I can tell.
I had some left you didn't take.
And did you?
No, I didn't.
I almost did, though.
It's really hard.
I know, Ev.
[Evan sighs]
[somber music playing]
[birds chirping]
[keyboard clacking]
[engine rumbling]
[car door closes]
-[door creaking]
-Oh, Jess, hi.
-How's he doing?
-Yeah, yeah, he's good,
he's much better.
So, Adam and I spoke
and we'd love
to have you over
for Thanksgiving dinner.
It's a small thing, just us,
but we'd love to have you.
Well, that would be amazing.
We would love to come.
-Um, do you think
Evan will be okay?
-What do you mean?
You know, clean?
Yeah, of course
he'll be clean.
Jessica, what's going on?
Before I say this,
let me tell you that
I really truly love Evan
and I am so sorry
that he's going through this
and I am so sorry
that you're going through this.
My aunt was an alcoholic,
I know how hard it can be.
What are you trying to say?
What I'm trying to say
is that I have...
tried to convince Adam
to let Evan join us for dinner,
-but he won't have it.
-He's his nephew.
His sister went through
the same thing,
-he should understand.
-I know.
Believe me, I have tried
to get him to understand.
Ever since Christmas last year,
they have not spoken a word.
What happened at Christmas?
[car door closes]
Um, it was Christmas morning
and we came over
with the babies
to have lunch
with Evan and your grandma,
but Evan wasn't back yet.
He came in, in the middle
of lunch pretty out of it
and started asking
your grandma and Adam
for money.
When he could see
that they weren't gonna
give him anything,
he threatened Adam with a knife.
-Oh, my God.
-It really wasn't as bad
as it sounds,
he regretted it almost
but Adam never forgave him.
He felt that he was a danger
to the twins
and they haven't spoken since.
I'm so sorry.
But we won't be coming
for dinner.
We'll be spending it here
-Are-- are you sure?
I-- I really appreciate
your honesty.
Can you tell my uncle that
my mother would be ashamed
if she saw him treat her son
this way?
Believe me, he knows.
[footsteps thudding]
[car doors thudding]
[car engine starts]
-[door closes]
-[light music playing]
[dog barking in distance]
[bag rustling]
-[door closes]
-[keyboard clacking]
[music playing over earbuds]
With you
I thought
That you'd know...
What are you working on?
Oh, just something for school.
It's nothing.
Uh, Jessica stopped by
when you were asleep.
-She did?
And Adam.
Really? [chuckles]
Jessica told me
about Christmas last year.
-She shouldn't have
told you anything.
-Yes, she should!
I was really messed up
and it's usually not like that
and I was really messed up
and I needed to get some stuff
and I...
And I really...
I really didn't mean
for that to go that way and...
and I've apologized to Adam
a million times
and he just won't hear me out
I know, she told me that.
She did?
They were really trying.
Where do you get the drugs?
Why are you asking me that?
Was it Faith the first time
you did it?
Was it?
-Well, she was there, yeah.
I really don't think
you should see her anymore.
-Don't do that.
-[light music playing]
She was there for me
when you left.
Hanging out with an addict
when you're trying to be clean?
Like, how is that gonna help?
I'm not stupid, okay?
I-- I know.
-I know.
-Can you promise me
that you won't see her again?
-[light music continues]
-[leaves rustling]
-[birds chirping]
[Rachel] Hurry up,
you're missing the best part!
Where'd you get this pie?
-Oh, Josh made it.
He gave me some yesterday
to bring home.
-Marry him.
-[TV chatter]
-No, seriously, what's going on
with that?
-With what?
You and Josh.
You're seeing him.
"Seeing him"?
I've been back in town
for five days.
And he gave you pie.
If you ask me, he's committed.
No, I have...
I actually have
a boyfriend in LA, whatever.
What does that mean?
Evan, I date the worst guys.
I saw a therapist once
and he said
it was maybe because Dad left.
And he also said I have
abandonment issues.
You think you do?
There's just something
about these guys.
I don't know, they make me...
They make me feel worthy.
And then they treat me
like shit and...
I feel like they take away
all my worth.
And then I come here
and you all actually
have real problems
and here I am talking about
this shit which is not
important to anyone.
That's not true.
Look, I obviously have
my own shit...
but that doesn't make
your shit less important.
So when I left here,
I moved to LA
and created this seemingly
perfect life for myself.
Every day, I'd wake up
and I'd think of you
and Grandma.
Mom too, actually.
I liked to imagine your life...
who you'd grown up to be.
Like a famous writer
or artist or something.
I guess I refused to believe
that this would happen
to you...
and that's why I didn't
consider the consequences
-of me leaving because--
It's not your fault.
-Mom made her choices.
So did I and so did you.
It's not fair to think
that we're responsible
for other people's actions.
It's not fair.
Why do you sound like
the older sibling right now?
-Must be all the pie.
But to answer your question...
Josh is great,
but that ship has sailed.
Although he did invite us over
for Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Will there be any more
of this pie?
[laughs] I'm almost certain.
Then that's a yes for me.
[phone buzzing]
Who's that?
It's nothing.
-[Evan vomiting]
-[TV chatter]
[Rachel] Hey, you ready?
[Evan spitting]
-[water splashing]
[birds chirping]
-[Josh, Rachel laughing]
-[light music playing]
-Thank you, Josh.
-Don't thank me.
Your sister did the
garlic roasted potatoes,
and that was my favorite part.
-Ray, stop. You're my guest.
-You've done everything.
Not the garlic roasted
You guys are like
you used to, I like it.
Yeah, me too.
Just like we used to be?
-Well, he agrees.
-Really, Evan?
I guess he doesn't know
he's the other guy, does he?
Can you shut up!
Here we go.
[Rachel] Here we go what?
Everyone's having
to pussyfoot around Rachel
just in case we might--
we might say
the slightest thing that might
offend you!
You can be such a fucking brat
-A brat?
-I'm a brat?
-Yeah, a fucking brat.
You know what?
Since the day I got here,
all I have done
is try, try, and fucking try.
Have you ever thought
that-- that maybe
you're not the victim in life?
You're not the victim.
Maybe you're the problem,
Maybe you're the problem!
[Evan breathing heavily]
[Rachel] Fuck you.
Fuck you, Rachel!
[Rachel] I'm out.
[door opens, slams]
What happened?
She got pissed at me
for making
that comment about you two.
Why? It was-- it was harmless.
I guess she has a boyfriend
in LA or something.
She does?
Sounds like a fucking
Okay, uh, look, I'm gonna--
I'm gonna go find her.
I just don't want anybody
to be upset today.
I just wanted her to be
with someone she deserves.
[Evan sighs]
Save some pie for me.
I will.
[door squeaking]
-[door slams]
-Rachel, wait up, stop!
I'm sorry, I--
I took it too far.
You always take it too far,
I don't get it.
It's like as soon as you're
you're so desperate for
everyone else to be unhappy.
That's-- that's not
what I'm trying to do, I--
I want what's best for you.
You don't decide that,
so keep your nose out.
-Like you're doing with Faith?
-That's different.
How is that different?
Look, I see, I see
and I've seen it,
how you smile when you're
around him.
You smile like you used to
when you lived here.
You don't see how I smile
around Mike.
I really don't have to see
You said it yesterday,
you only date douchebags.
Have you forgotten that?
-Or do you have a memory
like Mom's?
-Shut up!
I remember.
You're so stubborn.
Look, I'm gonna go in,
I'm gonna chill with Josh,
and I'm gonna eat all the pie,
and if you don't come in,
then you get nothing.
You wouldn't dare.
Try me.
-[door squeaks]
-[leaves rustling]
-[door closes]
-[birds chirping]
[keyboard clacking]
You look very intelligent
in those specs.
That's because I am.
Toast or pancakes?
-A woman after my own heart.
[Rachel chuckles]
I'm really sorry
about last night.
It was really rude to storm out
like that.
Evan just really knows
how to push my buttons.
What'd he say that upset you
so much?
Just a bunch of nonsense.
I don't really think that him
things are the way
they used to be is nonsense.
Why didn't you tell me?
Tell you what?
About your boyfriend.
I'm sorry, Josh, I should've.
There really is not a lot to it.
Why didn't you say anything
last night?
I wanted you to have
a good time.
Plus, I was enjoying myself
a little too much
to bring it up.
It's really complicated
with him.
We had a huge fight
before I left and being here
is really making me feel
that everything is over.
I mean, you should've
had a conversation with him
before the other night.
I didn't plan on that happening.
Do you regret it?
Not at all.
Okay, uh, I think you know
how I feel about you,
but if you need me
to back off...
I will.
-You're actually
really helping me get--
-[Evan] Morning!
[Josh] Breakfast is ready.
Yeah, I could get used
to this.
-It's like a hotel.
-[Rachel] Yeah, well don't.
Josh, when Rachel leaves,
you're welcome to come here
and cook for me
whenever you want.
-[Josh chuckles]
-Ah, you won't be a burden
at all.
Yeah, I think I would
go broke in a week
with the amount you've
been eating recently.
-I don't think so.
-[Josh chuckles]
I could teach you how to cook,
I prefer eating, honestly.
[Josh] Yeah, don't we all?
Oh, it's, uh-- it's Sarah's
tenth birthday.
We're having a party later,
you guys should come by.
-She would love to see you both.
-No way is Sarah ten.
I know, I know,
it's double digits.
You guys gonna come?
We all know how I love
a party...
but I think I'm actually
gonna look at some colleges,
some GED classes.
-Great, Ev.
[Evan] Yeah,
don't get too excited
-'cause I'm just looking.
-Too late.
I will need your laptop,
Mm, where is yours?
Um, mine is super old.
If that's okay.
-Okay, fine.
-Thank you.
[man on TV] Ain't no one
gonna save your ass
-if you fucking...
-[door creaks]
It looks like your research
is going well.
We'll be back soon.
Call me if you need anything.
Will do.
[man] We're doing the legwork
for you.
Okay, that's the last of it.
I'm just gonna get changed.
-[kids cheering distantly]
-[light music playing]
[Rachel chuckles]
I've gotta go get the piata.
I'll be back.
[Josh hums]
[door opens, closes]
[gate slams]
[Faith] Josh!
-Where the fuck have you been?!
-What are you doing here?
I told you not to come
to my house anymore.
I need your help, man,
I'm fucking dying.
Please. [whimpers]
-[Rachel] What's going on?
-[Faith] Oh, God.
-I'm not fucking around,
Josh, I need my shit.
-You need-- you need to go.
-I am not going anywhere
-without my something!
-Jesus Christ, Faith,
-it is Sarah's-- Nothing!
-What's she talking about?
Jesus fucking Christ,
how stupid are you,
Little Miss Grad School?
Fuck you, God!
[Faith groans]
Don't move.
-[door opens]
-Fucking Christ.
Beautiful day
for a birthday party.
-[door closes]
-[Faith] Okay. [clears throat]
I told you I don't do this
This is the last time.
[mouthing words]
-[door closes]
-She's just...
Rachel, it's not...
Look, it's not what you...
-I can explain.
-Do you sell to my brother?
[woman on TV] Pride has
everything to do with this.
-[somber music playing]
[TV chatter continues]
-[suspenseful music playing]
-[TV chatter continues]
[laptop clattering]
[dramatic music playing]
[bag rustling]
-[car door closes]
-[car engine starts]
[tires screeching]
-[door slams]
-[light dramatic music playing]
[somber music playing]
[muffled police radio chatter]
[officer] We recovered the car
in downtown San Francisco.
There was nothing left inside
and no sign of your brother.
-[officer continues muffled]
-[somber music continues]
Just keep your phone on you
and just try to...
[officer continues muffled]
You ready?
[engine humming]
-[Rachel] It's all my fault.
-You can't think that.
-Yes, I can because it is.
-No, it isn't.
[Rachel] I was supposed to
protect him.
You weren't supposed
to do anything, Rachel,
you were just a kid.
You still are.
I'm Mom's age
when she had me.
Yeah, that may have
been part of the problem.
[Rachel] Seriously?
I'm sorry.
[car door closes]
[front door closes]
-What are you doing?
-I'm unpacking.
-You're not staying here.
-Yes, I am.
-No, you're not!
-I have to.
-What are you doing?
-You're not staying here.
You're such a fucking asshole.
Oh, yeah, and why's that?
You did this to him.
-You isolated him.
-I was protecting my family.
He is your family!
Yeah, I know.
And so are you.
Come here, sit down.
[Adam scoffs]
You're as stubborn as your mom.
Please, five.
Five minutes.
Come here.
Come here.
[Rachel cries]
Come here.
I love your brother.
I love you.
Just like I loved my sister...
and just like we loved
our father.
But I know this disease
too well.
He is gone and he has
been gone for a long time.
He's not.
He's gonna come back,
I know he will come back.
Yeah, he'll come back and
he'll be fine for three days,
and then it'll grip him
like it does.
And then he'll go back out
or he'll sell your things
for drug money.
That's what they do,
that's what your mom did,
that's what my dad did,
that's what it does.
He is gone.
And it's you hoping that
is gonna ruin your life.
He wouldn't do that to me.
Oh, he wouldn't?
You didn't try.
Not with Mom, not with Evan.
I'm not leaving.
I tried everything
with your mom.
I've tried everything with him.
If I leave, you won't be here
for him.
I'll be here.
I'm stuck here.
I'll be stuck here
for the rest of my life.
Go and live your life,
go have fun,
go and be a success.
He's not coming back.
You can't help him,
there's nothing you can do
that I haven't tried.
And if you don't get out now...
you'll be stuck here
for the rest of your life too.
It's your choice, kiddo.
It's your life.
[door opens, closes]
[Rachel sighs]
[somber music playing]
[crickets chirping]
[somber music continues]
[car door closes]
[piano music playing]
[car engine rumbling]
[piano music continues]
[phone buzzing]
-[automated voice]
Hi, this is your friendly
neighborhood wireless provider.
Do you have a moment to hear
about our brand new offers?
It will only take a moment
of your time
and it could save you
up to $50...
[phone clicks]
[Rachel's voice]
My brother is a thought
A paradox.
Simultaneously dead and alive.
A quantum super position.
An entanglement.
One day, he may collapse
into a definite state...
but until that day,
I remain in suspension
between a one and a zero.
Every phone call,
every errant noise convinces me,
for just a moment,
that I'm about to have
my binary answer.
Zero dead, one alive.
Zero one...
one zero.
Until the coin lands,
until I have my answer,
I live as two people:
one in grief, the other in hope.
Each morning,
both rise to the occasion
to face the day.
And each evening,
they go to sleep to dream.
They suffer in equal parts...
no more...
and no less.
Thank you, Rachel.
Good job.
So, it's really an existential
-[phone buzzing]
-I mean,
-it's a chicken
or the egg kinda deal.
-[suspenseful music playing]
[phone buzzing]
[soft music playing]
[light music playing]
We started out
Two best friends
You and I
We fit together
Like a puzzle piece
Feel like I'll never find it
We've got so many
Inside jokes
It drives me insane
How do I tell you
Every single one
Still haunts me?
And even though
The seasons change
I don't change my mind
About you
And even though
The colors change
Our lives aren't the same
But you're still my home
I miss all the days
We shared
Wasting all our time
Acting like fools
But we didn't care
What other people thought
Of us
'Cause what we had was ours
We were fine
Till it wasn't anymore
And even though
The seasons change
I don't change my mind
About you
And even though
The colors change
But somehow
I still want you
Different bodies
Through the night
None of them
Are feeling right
I just want you in my arms
Ooh, oh
Even though
The seasons change
Our lives aren't the same
But you're still my home
You're still my home
And even though
The seasons change
I don't change my mind
About you
Even all the colors change
But somehow
I still want you
Different bodies
Through the night
None of them
Are feeling right
I just want you in my arms
Ooh, oh
Even though
The seasons change
Our lives aren't the same
But you're still my home
[music ends]