Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance (2009) Movie Script

[OPERATOR MAN] Start entry sequence.
Initializing LCL Ionization.
Bootup voltage is over the threshold.
Launch prerequisites achieved.
requirements are go.
[WOMAN] Pilot, please specify linguistic
norm for cognitive functions.
I'll go with Japanese,
this being my first time.
[WOMAN] Roger.
[KAJI] I'm sorry the new plug suits
weren't ready.
My boobs are getting squished flat
in this thing!
[KAJI] And on top of that,
I'm sorry we're sending you into battle
in a half-finished Eva.
No worries, I'm just happy to be piloting.
At last!
[KAJI] Being a troublemaker held you back.
But it's up to you now.
We're ready to roll! I can't believe it!
Awesome! My heart's pounding!
OK! Evangelion Provisional Unit Five,
Defend the Limbo Area at all costs!
We cannot allow it
to escape from Acheron!
How could a containment system
as secure as Cocytus be neutralised?
We knew it was something
that could happen.
- Hmm?
- On its own,
humanity is completely
incapable of keeping the Angels at bay.
The Third Angel
was excavated from the permafrost.
The dissections and experiments
were so extensive
that all that's left now
are some bones.
That's how we arrived
at those conclusions.
Well, I'm off. Gotta run.
[MARI] Happiness
never comes that easily
That's why you've got
always to walk the right way
One day, one step,
three days, three steps
Three steps forward, two steps back
Life will throw you a one-two punch
Here's my target! Raising AT Field!
[WOMAN] Target inbound.
Eva Unit Five
is about to engage the hostile.
Oh, crap!
This Eva moves like a brick!
OK, I guess I'm gonna
have to use brute force!
[WOMAN] Upper outer wall
integrity compromised.
The final seal is about to be breached.
Target has broken through Limbo Area.
Now moving into Acheron.
Tell Unit Five to do something!
No, you don't! Yah!
Ah! This hurts,
but I've never had so much fun!
Running out of time!
This Eva's falling apart!
The limbs were just thrown together
and synchronized.
They don't have any real power!
Screw this!
I'll beat you with... only one arm!
Just die!
[OPERATOR MAN] Target obliterated.
Unit Five has been vaporised.
[MAN 2]
Pilot appears to have ejected.
Looks like Unit Five's self-destruct
mechanism worked exactly as planned.
I know it's what we wanted,
but I feel bad about using kids as pawns
for the benefit of adults.
Oh, why didn't anyone tell me syncing
with an Eva would be that rough?
Well, I'm alive,
so at least there's that.
But I feel bad about using adults
as pawns for my benefit.
Well, adios, Eva Unit Five.
Thank you for your service.
[GENDOH] The last time we came here
together was three years ago.
[SHINJI] The last time I came here was...
when I ran away.
I still can't believe that's Mom
in there.
I can't even remember her face.
You must be able to forget,
if you are to go on living.
But there are some things
you must never forget.
It's an important lesson
that Yui taught me.
I come here to remind myself of that.
Do you have a picture of Mom?
No, I don't have anything.
Even this grave is just for show.
There is nothing in there.
So you really threw everything away.
Others told me that before.
[GENDOH] What's important
is what you keep inside.
This will have to do for now.
It's time. I'll be going now.
Father, wait!
Father, thanks for coming today.
I was happy to talk to you.
So, you see, Shinji!
I know you were nervous about today.
But it wasn't so bad,
meeting your father here!
It sure beats staying at home
and just moping around, right?
At least you paid
your respects to your mom.
I only came because you made me,
Ms Misato.
Come on! I think you came because
deep down, you wanted to come!
Be honest with yourself.
Being honest only brings pain and misery.
You came through for us
just when we needed you most
and saved everyone.
You should be a little more confident.
Be proud of yourself.
I'm sure your father is proud of you too.
- Katsuragi here.
What did you just say?
[MAN] The Seventh Angel
has been spotted in Sagami Bay.
The second army group
is engaging the enemy.
A state of emergency was declared
three minutes ago.
[MISATO] I have direct visual contact!
Currently en route with Unit One pilot.
Start Task 03.
Prioritize deployment of Unit Zero!
[HYUGA] Actually,
we have task 02 already started.
Task 02? Is that...?
It is Unit Two!
- The core was destroyed in one shot!
- No, not quite! It's a decoy!
[MISATO] Engagement complete.
[OPERATOR WOMAN] Affected areas
have been fully sealed off.
Eva Unit Two is currently being
transported via Sagami Mainline N.1.
[TOHJI] Whoa! So Eva Unit Two is red?
That's really cool.
[ASUKA] And that's not the only thing
that makes it special.
- [ALL] Huh?
- After all, Unit Zero is a prototype,
while Unit One is just a test bed Eva.
But Unit Two is different.
This is the world's first true
Evangelion that was built for combat
and officially approved
for combat duty!
- Oh!
- Let me introduce her.
This is Euro Air Force's ace pilot,
Captain Asuka Shikinami Langley.
The second child
and official pilot of Eva Unit Two.
Long time no see, Misato! Hmm.
So that's the commander's pet,
who got to pilot Unit Zero?
Now, which one you rode on his father's
coattails to become an Eva pilot?
You're an idiot, aren't you?
You were supposed to defend your city!
Bah! Absolutely irresponsible!
And totally unprepared, I see!
You should be ashamed of yourself,
neglecting your duty as a pilot!
You're just coattail-riding, aren't you?
Give me a break!
Who does she think she is?
What's that girl's deal?
[KENSUKE] Well, you got to hand it to her.
Already a captain at our age!
That's awesome! What a girl!
And she's already graduated from college,
- [KAJI] Excuse me.
- Huh?
Is this the gate where I can catch
a transport to the Geofront hub terminal?
Um, yes, sir. But you'll need to
change trains four stops from here.
Hmm. I leave for two years and
I already feel like Rip Van Winkle!
Thanks a bunch. I appreciate it.
Where's Katsuragi,
and why is she not with you?
- Huh?
- She's an old friend of mine.
So you're not the only one who knows
what she wears to sleep at night,
Mr Shinji Ikari.
- You know what she wears to sleep?
- What is with that guy?
I gotta say,
that mission was quite interesting.
This little accident solved our problem
with the Third Angel,
and with Eva Unit Five
all in one fell swoop.
Their loss is a major setback
for the Marduk Plan at Bethany Base.
All proceeding
according to your scenario.
And I submitted
my latest report on SEELE.
Yes, we've already read it.
Thank you for the intel on
the construction of the Mark Six.
My pleasure, sir. And here is what
I promised to bring back.
The lost number
kept in storage as a spare.
The guidepost
that will unite soul and God.
[GENDOH] Right. This will open
the gates of Human Instrumentality.
The Key of Nebuchadnezzar.
My work here is done.
Now, if you don't mind,
I'll take a little personal time.
Chief Inspection Officer Ryoji Kaji.
Do you think
this young man can be trusted?
Did you lose a little weight?
Huh, Ritsuko?
I haven't. Actually I've gained
three and a half pounds.
I'd like to check that myself, if I may.
You're welcome to. But you should
know my lab is monitored.
Don't worry about it. I set up
a fake video loop of you working.
You're always
two steps ahead of everybody.
What can I say? I do not like to lose.
- You've lost this battle.
- Huh?
There's a very angry lady
looking right at us.
- Dear Ryoji, it's been a while.
- It has. Far too long.
[MISATO] What are you doing here?
You're assigned to the Euro Branch!
Special assignment.
I'll be here at HQ for a while.
We can all hang together again,
just like we did in college.
No! I'm not interested
in reliving the past!
I came to talk to Ritsuko about work!
Asuka's transfer has been finalized by HR.
Misato hasn't been that jealous in ages.
You know,
you still have a shot with her.
Thanks, Ritsuko. But I'm not so sure.
Asuka Shikinami.
some people enjoy being an Eva pilot.
I'm home!
What's all this stuff?
- What happened to my room?
- [ASUKA] Don't be rude!
- These are my personal belongings!
- Then where's... my stuff?
What are you doing here?
What does this mean?
- You're an idiot, aren't you?
- Huh?
What it means, is that
you have been fired. As you should!
I'm a way better Eva pilot
than you can ever hope to be.
Are you serious?
I can't believe how small and cramped
the rooms are in Japanese housing.
I could only fit half of my boxes in here!
And you people seem to have zero respect
for privacy, or even basic security.
I can't imagine living in a house where
doors don't lock, and anybody can open!
- Aaah!
- Well, Japanese people
value trying to be
considerate of others.
- Ah, Ms Misato!
- Boy, oh, boy, you're annoying!
- Now take your crap and get outta here!
- Oh, not at all.
- Shinji is staying right here with you.
- What?
Yes, you and Shinji desperately need to
learn how to get along with one another.
You're both Eva pilots.
Living together will help you
work together. That is an order.
We'll have so much fun together!
[MISATO] Ready? Now all together.
[BOTH] Thank you for the delicious meal!
Oh, man, nothing better than a nice
hot bath and a cold beer chaser!
Aaah! There's something in the bathroom!
It's a wild animal!
It's a bird, called a penguin.
His name is Pen-Pen.
I... Ugh!
Oh! Oh!
You're such a pervert!
You're a stupid, sex-crazed idiot!
They're getting more familiar
around each other.
That's a good sign. Isn't it, Pen-Pen?
You're not like all of these idiots.
I'm so happy for you, Asuka.
You're very special.
So, just like every other time,
you can only count on yourself, Asuka.
Why won't you answer the phone,
- A social studies field trip? With Kaji?
- Yes.
- He wanted everybody to come along.
- Oh, yuck!
Nothing good comes
from hanging out with him!
[ASUKA] OK, well, then I'm gonna pass!
No, you won't! You're not gonna pass
on a trip with your class!
- That would be kinda crass!
- Is that another order?
[FUYUTSUKI] We've come all the way
to the moon to see Tabgha base
and they deny us permission to land?
SEELE are as petty
as they are ruthless.
[GENDOH] It's clear Mark Six is built
on a completely different concept.
That fact alone was worth the trip.
I thought Unit Five was supposed to be
the very last Eva ever built.
Parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls Apocrypha
remain under lock and key.
SEELE must proceeding with their scenario
based on that information.
[FUYUTSUKI] But by now,
SEELE must have some kind of knowledge
of NERV's ultimate goal, don't you think?
Yes, it's possible they do. But that
won't stop us from doing what we must do.
Even if it means opposing God's Logos
to make sure the plan succeeds.
A boy? That's impossible.
Nice to finally meet you, Father.
[KENSUKE] Awesome! This is so awesome!
They're reviving and preserving
the marine life we lost
and returning the red oceans
back to their original state!
This is a real sanctuary,
closed to visitors,
where visionary men do God's work!
I can't believe we're getting a tour,
even if it's only of a small part!
Wow! It's good to have friends
in high places!
Thanks, man, we really appreciate this!
You're welcome,
but it's Mr Kaji you should thank.
[KAJI] OK, guys,
here's where things get a little messy.
[ALL] Hot, hot, hot!
[ALL] Cold, cold, cold!
Let me out! I promise I'm clean, now!
Woohoo! Check out this gigantic aquarium!
[SHINJI] These are all life forms
from before the Second Impact?
There's just so much life!
Awesome... Just totally awesome!
Check out these things!
They look like a boulder with legs!
- I think they're called turtles!
- All running around like stupid kids.
- What a bunch of idiots!
- Wow!
[SHINJI] I'm glad you could come with us.
Are you OK, today?
[REI] Yes. I finished my assignments.
- It's so cramped in there!
- Hmm. That's too bad.
They'd be way better off
out in the open sea.
They can't. These animals can
only survive here, inside their tanks.
They're like me that way.
[ALL] It's lunch time!
- Aaah!
- It's actually good! I can't believe it!
Yeah, Shinji. Everything is
perfectly cooked and seasoned.
How did you make meat
that's 90% artificial taste so good?
Who knew you were such a chef, Shinji.
This is delicious!
I have no choice.
Misato only uses her microwave.
I had to learn
how to make real food.
You won't regret it.
Women love men who know how to cook.
Listen and learn!
No way I'm learning how to cook!
Real men avoid kitchens!
What millennium are you from?
Idiot Tohji!
What did you say?
Real men gotta have principles!
- You're even dumber than you look.
- What did you say?
Just calm down and eat, please.
Sorry, Ayanami.
You don't like what I made?
It's not that.
It's just that I don't eat meat.
[ASUKA] Stupid Japanese,
apologizing all the time!
And you, lil' Miss Veggie! All living
beings eat other living beings.
If you care about the animals
in your meal, don't let them go to waste!
What? You want a fight?
Don't worry!
I'll get rid of that for you!
Hey! I called dibs on that!
Do you know the phrase "eat like a bird"?
Go away!
- Bird brain!
- Bunch of idiots!
[TOHJI] I'm bigger than you!
How about some Miso soup?
It'll warm you up.
This is how Mother Earth looks now?
It breaks my heart to see her this way.
[GENDOH] Yes, but some people
actually wanted this outcome.
A pristine world,
untainted by the original sin,
where no man may ever set foot.
Well I, for one, prefer a chaotic world.
A world that has been soiled by man.
Chaos is in the eye of the beholder.
The world is always made up
of harmony and order.
So it's the human heart that's
responsible for the world's corruption?
[SHINJI] It's hard to imagine the oceans
could have been blue before I was born.
[KAJI] What amazes me is
that they could restore the environment,
make it liveable again.
But there's something about it...
[SNIFFING] I think that ocean
smells a little funny, don't you?
It's the smell
of marine creatures rotting.
A testament to their life.
It's not like those empty red waters.
That's how a real ocean looks and smells.
The world, not just the oceans here,
is huge,
and bustling with all sorts of life.
I wanted all of you
to know that first-hand.
I'm so happy right now! Too bad
Miss Misato didn't come along today.
Yeah, I knew she wouldn't come.
Too many memories.
Memories of what exactly?
Memories of the Second Impact.
[KAJI] Do you know why
Misato decided to join NERV?
Her father was a scientist there.
Consumed by his work.
His research was all he thought about.
I think Misato resented him for that.
- Maybe to the point of hating him.
- So you have issues with your father?
We have that in common.
She was right about that.
Yet, in the end, it was
her father who saved her life.
Survivor's guilt is real.
You carry a lot of baggage.
You have to accept the loss
and pick up the torch.
And when you're the sole survivor,
I guess it's even worse.
So, you see,
you're not the only one hurting.
The Mauna Kea Observatory
spotted it three minutes ago.
Analysing and calculating trajectory!
Observation Satellite 3 has images
of the object. Maximum magnification.
Its AT Field is so powerful
that it can warp light.
Absolutely amazing. All right.
Projected point of impact?
Let me guess. Right on us.
Magi is still calculating. But probability
of impact on NERV HQ is 99.9999%.
[HYUGA] Orbital N-two mines
have no effect on it.
Can we alter its trajectory?
The AT Field energy projection
is focused on a single point.
What's more, the speed of its descent
is helping it.
So the Angel itself
is a bomb that's coming right at us.
A direct hit would result in an impact
crater 260 miles in diameter,
and a geoid deviation of minus 15,000.
Tokyo Three would be completely levelled,
the Geofront would be exposed
and Central Dogma
left with no protection.
- What's the commander say?
- It's causing
massive electrostatic disruption.
Comm link with him is not possible.
So we're gonna have to take care
of this threat on our own.
Contact the Government.
Make sure all of the agencies are warned.
Issue Special Declaration D-17
under NERV authority.
Order immediate evacuation
of all civilians
- within a 120-kilometre radius.
- No problem there!
An example is being made. Government
officials are rushing to get out!
[WOMAN] Evacuation of all
citizens from Tokyo Three complete.
Non-combatant personnel
and class-D employees
have been directed toward shelters,
under class-C departmental alert.
I've initiated
a complete Magi backup at Matsushiro.
[RITSUKO] So what do you plan to do?
Evas might be powerful,
but unfortunately, they can't fly.
And the massive spatial distortions
mean we can't shoot at the target.
So how are we going to stop
a gigantic beast like this one?
- [RITSUKO] You can't be serious!
- [MISATO] I am dead serious!
Come on,
how can you even call that a plan?
MAGI computations
put the odds of failure at over 99%.
And even if it did work,
we would lose all three Evas!
As head of tech R&D,
I find the risk unacceptable.
- At least we have a chance of success.
- We need to do our duty
instead of hoping for miracles.
Protecting Lilith and Unit One
should be our top priorities.
I'm not hoping for a miracle.
We'll make one happen through sheer will.
- Colonel Katsuragi!
- I am the senior officer in charge.
I make the call, here.
- Besides, defeating Angels is my job!
- Your job? Or your personal vendetta?
You want revenge against the Angels.
- [ASUKA] What? Catch it with our hands?
- [MISATO] That's right.
You will directly catch the Angel
with your Evas' AT Fields at full power.
The target is concealing its trajectory,
so calculations based on adaptive
optical observation are unreliable.
So, in order to cover all bases,
quite literally,
we will need all three Evas
to take part in this operation.
Forget it!
I can defeat the Angel by myself!
No, you can't. One Eva, by itself,
cannot cover
the entire projected impact perimeter.
- How did you figure our position?
- Woman's intuition.
- So you made a wild guess!
- What are our chances of success?
- No clue, really. Heaven only knows.
- Ha!
All the more reason
to keep those two outta my way!
I'm more than capable
of saving humanity all by myself!
[MISATO] You may be great in one-on-one
combat, but that's not what we need today.
So what you're saying
is that I'm not good enough?
What I'm saying is that
the three of you need to work together
to give us a miracle.
[RADIO TRAFFIC] All Eva units
running on live electrical feed.
Physiological power supplies are green.
[MAN] Shin-Gotenba relay station online.
Commencing charging.
[MAN 2] Auxiliary power cables
have arrived on site.
[WOMAN] All pilots are standing by.
Vitals are nominal.
Final medical check complete.
We are go.
Currently testing
Number Seven transformer group.
Work crew should vacate areas
once power linkup is verified.
Power linkup check of Number Six
Emergency Power System is complete.
Status nominal.
[SHINJI] I don't know why, but sitting
in here feels strangely calm
at a time like this.
Maybe I'm just getting used to it?
That's strange.
It feels almost familiar.
This smell, it reminds me of my mother.
Or Ayanami?
Calculating target trajectory.
OK, everyone, here it comes.
All Eva units, get ready to start!
Secondary data from HQ won't be reliable,
so each of you
needs to use their best judgment.
Everything is riding on you and your Evas.
[AOBA] Target approaching.
Distance about 12 miles!
All right. Commence operation!
And launch!
[AOBA] Target's AT Field has morphed!
New trajectory!
Adjusting estimated impact location!
- [HYUGA] Target speed increasing!
- It's faster than what their models said!
- I won't get there in time, damn it!
- I'll take care of it somehow!
- Miss Misato!
- Layout emergency course!
- 6-0-5 to 6-7-5.
- Roger!
Next! 1-0-7 to 2-0-7-8! Stand by!
[AOBA] Target transforming!
Approaching the ground!
AT Field, full power!
Hang on, Coattails!
- Unit Two, target core.
- I know what to do!
I don't take orders from you! Yah!
Take that! Oh no, I missed!
This bastard should just give up!
30 seconds left!
- Asuka! Hurry!
- I know. I'm trying to!
Commander's pet?
- Please hurry!
- Asuka!
I told you that I know what to do!
You haven't had enough?
[MISATO] Well done, guys, and thank you.
Radio is back online. Incoming
transmission from Commander Ikari.
Patch him through.
My apologies, Commander. My decisions
resulted in damage to all three Evas,
as well as injuries
to all three of the pilots.
I take full responsibility
for this operation.
[FUYUTSUKI] No matter.
That was a small price to pay.
The important thing
is that you defeated the target.
[GENDOH] Agreed.
You performed well, Colonel Katsuragi.
Thank you, Commander.
[GENDOH] Patch me through
to the pilot of Unit One.
[GENDOH] I've heard the news.
Good work, Shinji.
Um... uh, thank you.
[GENDOH] Colonel Katsuragi,
I'll leave you to handle the rest.
[MISATO] Yes, sir.
Initiate recovery of the three Evas!
[IBUKI] Priority to Unit One.
Transport Unit One to Cage 99.
I couldn't do it by myself.
I just couldn't.
I've only ever been by myself.
Being alone, it never bothered me before.
Huh? What?
Don't turn around.
Hey, Coattails.
Let me stay here for a while.
OK, Miss Shikinami. Of course.
Today, you yelled out my name
during the battle, remember?
So I'll give you permission to
call me Asuka. And I'll call you...
Idiot Shinji.
So... uh, Asuka, tell me,
why do you pilot an Eva?
Dumb question. Just keep
your mouth shut, Idiot Shinji.
I pilot my Eva for my own sake.
What about you?
I'm not really sure.
You're such an idiot.
You're just saying that
to avoid giving a real answer.
I guess I want my father to praise me.
He did it today,
for the first time in my life.
I've never felt so happy and proud
of anything before.
I wonder...
I wonder if my father
is proud of me now.
Maybe it's just like Miss Misato said.
I can't believe it.
You really are an idiot.
Chow time! Chow time! Come on,
this is the best part of the school day!
You didn't bring a lunchbox for me?
Sorry, I was busy with homework.
I didn't have time to do it.
That's no excuse! How dare you
deprive me of my lunch, you idiot!
- Do you want me to starve?
- I'll bring you one tomorrow, OK?
Oh, man!
The class lovebirds are fighting!
[BOTH] Don't say that!
[MISATO] Asuka, can you bring me
your facial cleanser?
[ASUKA] Cut it out, Misato!
Buy your own, for a change!
[MISATO] You're such a cheapskate!
[TOHJI] Chow time!
Best part of the school day!
This looks great!
That's pretty good.
But it could be better.
He's slacking off.
[HIKARI] Hello! How are you Asuka?
I'd like to have lunch with you.
Is that OK?
Yeah, OK.
But I'm not sharing my food with you.
[SHINJI] This is for you.
This is for you.
I noticed you never bring lunch.
[GASPS] Thank you very much.
I'm so glad I got up the courage to
ask you. I'm a little intimidat...
- Here. You can have the rest.
- Huh?
Oh! I'm stuffed!
Thank you for the delicious meal!
- Having a late lunch, I see.
- Oh. Yeah. Thank you.
I hear Shinji
is making those lunches for you.
I'm not surprised. You were never
much of a wizard in the kitchen.
Guess that's true. But that's because,
unlike your lazy butt,
I'm always busy with work!
[KAJI] You are as dedicated as ever.
That's your strength,
but it could also be a weakness.
From what I heard, you fought
with Ritsuko during the last attack.
- You need to chill a little.
- Well, I'm sorry.
It happens
when you have responsibilities.
- Not that you'd understand.
- Still, you should be careful.
- You're less sexy when you're stressed.
- I didn't ask for your opinion!
"Thank you". Words of gratitude.
The very first words.
Words I've never said to him.
[HIKARI] All rise!
Be seated!
Uh... Apparently miss Ayanami
is absent again. Well, never mind.
She seemed to be OK yesterday.
- I wonder what happened.
- They're like me, that way.
"They can only survive in there."
I wonder what she meant.
Let's have dinner together.
[REI] Yes.
- Commander Ikari.
- What is it?
Do you enjoy having meals, like this?
I do.
Do you enjoy having meals
with other people?
I do.
And do you like it
when people cook for you?
I do.
Commander Ikari,
would you like to share a meal
with Shinji and others?
Well, I have very little time.
My dear, take care of Shinji.
All right, then. I'll come.
synchronization tests results are normal.
No psychological contamination detected.
[OPERATOR MAN] Plug depth, 0.1, 0.3...
Oh, man! I'm so bored!
No Angels around, all we do is run tests!
- Nothing is happening!
- Well, "nothing happening" is good news.
We do our best and work really hard
in the hope that someday,
we're finally rid of Angels
and the world is at peace. Whoo!
A today like yesterday
and a tomorrow like today.
Celebrating the repetition
of uneventful days. You're right.
Let's be happy nothing's happening.
Diagnostics complete.
Readings are nominal.
[RITSUKO] Enough for today.
You did well. Thank you.
[HYUGA] Sorry to say this, but if
the Evas keep getting so heavily damaged,
we won't be able
to repair them fast enough.
So maybe we should do away
with the Vatican Treaty.
[MISATO] I wish! With only three
Evas allowed per country,
we're chronically short
on operational units.
[IBUKI] Even now, we're forced to give
priority to the repairs on Unit One.
We're using all the spare parts
we have to keep it operational.
We have no idea when we can finish
repairing Unit Zero.
[RITSUKO] All the nations
negotiated fiercely for that treaty.
A revision is unrealistic.
And with their precious Unit Five lost,
Europe and Russia are trying to get other
Asian countries to go along with them.
Politics. Complicates everything!
[IBUKI] We're here to save humanity,
but there's so much to do before that.
- Huh?
- Watch out! Coming through!
Sheesh, where are my glasses?
- I'm so sorry. I hope you're all right.
Hello, Mari here.
Yes. But I think I glided off target.
It looks like I'm on the roof
of a school or something.
What? You're the one who told me
to enter into Japan covertly!
Why don't you have the Euro branch
work this out?
Just be there for my extraction later,
OK? Thanks!
- Huh?
Well, well, well. You smell pretty nice.
Actually, you smell like LCL.
- Huh?
- Makes you... pretty interesting.
Right, well, let's keep all this
between us. OK with you, NERV doggy?
Huh? What's wrong?
[OPERATOR] Third regional
coastguard military unit.
Hey. How are you?
Would you like to go on a date?
Huh? But... I'm a guy.
I have no problem with that.
Don't you know
that love is gender-blind?
Just kidding!
- Here.
- Huh?
That's the smell... of earth.
[KAJI] Are you tired already?
I paid in advance, so you gotta work!
What do you mean, "paid"?
You're talking about that can of coffee?
I thought you said this was a date.
You're not the nice man
I thought you were, Mr Kaji.
You live and you learn!
Gotta be a bit sneaky
when you're a grown-up.
So, these plants...
- they're watermelon, right?
- Yep! Cute, huh? It's my hobby.
Making and growing things...
These are wonderful hobbies.
You see and understand new things.
Fun things, sometimes.
[SHINJI] And sometimes painful too?
You're afraid of pain?
I'd rather avoid it, if I can.
Have you found anything you really enjoy?
That's all right.
Listen, being a little familiar
with pain makes a person more caring.
So never mistake that for weakness.
Tell me something. Do you like Misato?
Miss Misato? Um, well, I mean,
I... uh, I don't dislike her.
Please protect her. Do it for me.
It's just that... that I can't.
You're the only person who can.
So, please.
Good morning.
- Ayanami!
- Did I imagine that?
- No, she said, "Good morning".
Ayanami, are you OK?
Yes. I'm fine today.
What happened to your hand?
It's OK. Dr Akagi took care of it.
- How did you injure it?
- It's a secret.
I'll tell you,
once I get better at it.
- [MISATO] Rei has changed.
- [RITSUKO] Yes. That's true.
It's hard to imagine
her doing anything for someone else.
It seems out of character.
I wonder what brought this on.
- Well, do you think it could be love?
- Please, Misato! That's impossible.
I'm sure idiot Shinji would probably
like a more subtle flavour.
- [MISATO] I'm home!
- Misato? Is that you?
- You're home early.
- But I have to rush right back to HQ.
I just came for a quick bath
and a change of clothes.
[SNIFFS] Ooh! Wow!
Wow! What do we have here?
Are you cooking
a nice little meal for Shinji as well?
Uh! Not a all! This is for a friend!
Her name is Hikari.
[CHUCKLES] First Rei gets all
lovey-dovey, now you get romantic too!
I'm nothing like the commander's pet!
Uh, no, you're right! It looks like Rei
is planning something more than a dinner.
- What does that mean?
- She'd like to be the peacemaker
who will bridge the gap
between the commander and Shinji.
So she's inviting everyone to a dinner
party and plans to do all the cooking.
It's so simple
that it might actually work!
I gotta say, getting the father and son
to get along is not gonna be easy!
And she's doing that
just for idiot Shinji?
It's supposed to be a special surprise,
so please don't let Shinji know.
Just who do you think I am?
Of course I won't!
Vaporised? Eva Unit Four and
the Second Branch just went up in smoke?
[AOBA] This is data
from ground zero at T plus ten.
[MISATO] That's horrible.
Satellite intel shows there must
have been a huge AT Field collapse.
- But that's about all we know.
- Unit 4 must have been at the epicentre.
- How about our Evas? Are they safe here?
- Well, Unit 4...
It was a test-bed Eva with a new kind
of internal power source,
designed to be more self-sufficient
during combat. Supposedly.
It was developed
at the North American Branch.
Most of their research was
kept secret, even from doctor Akagi.
Yeah, but not from everyone.
Eva Unit Four.
It was an experimental unit designed
to test the new generation of Evas.
Anything can happen with a prototype.
An accident, really?
[TOHJI] Three of those. Thanks, ma'am.
Thanks a lot, Tohji.
You never buy us anything.
That's on you!
I never thought a square like you
would hang with us
after school for snacks!
You should tell him the good news.
Your sister is getting better
and you want to celebrate.
That's my good news! I'm the one
who should tell him, bigmouth! Argh!
So tell me, Ikari. Is it true
that Unit Three is coming to Japan?
Unit Three? I didn't know that.
I heard the US want the Eva's activation
tests to be done in our facilities.
Well, I guess the pilots
don't need to know that kind of stuff.
By the way,
do you know who will pilot it?
How would I know?
You just told me about it!
Oh, man, Eva pilots are so cool!
I wish I could become a pilot too!
I can't do anything about it.
I have no say in that stuff.
Man! No luck this time!
[KEEL] Evangelion Unit Five
was recently destroyed.
And now Unit Four has been lost as well.
[GENDOH] The loss of both units
will seriously hinder
the execution of our plans.
[KEEL] It should not.
These setbacks are correctable.
[GENDOH] The US government has begged
you to accept Eva Unit Three.
Your government seems ready to cooperate.
[KEEL] It is a brand-new Eva.
Perfect to be your main weapon.
[GENDOH] Angel elimination operations
are still ongoing.
We cannot put our faith
in an untested unit.
If you would only approve the extra
funding for the repairs on Unit Zero...
[KEEL] What for?
It was only supposed to be a prototype.
- We don't need it any more.
- That's true.
There are more pressing issues at hand.
[KEEL] The true Evangelion.
The one we all dream of.
Its birth and the resurrection
of Lilith will seal the Covenant.
The required rites
must be carried out ahead of that.
All we do, we do for
the Human Instrumentality Project.
[GENDOH] I am well aware. Everything
shall proceed according to SEELE's plans.
The true Evangelion...
All currently active units,
including Unit One,
only exist to clear the path for it.
[FUYUTSUKI] And that is the Mark Six?
Their false gods don't satisfy them?
They want to build themselves a real one,
this time?
[GENDOH] Right. We must expedite
the awakening of Unit One.
Core separation complete.
[ASUKA] Why does my Unit Two
have to be placed in storage?
You know about the Vatican Treaty.
These are the terms
for accepting Unit Three.
Why don't you store Unit Zero?
It's not even fully repaired!
[IBUKI] The Euro Branch is in charge.
They retain Unit Two's command codes.
There's nothing we can do about it.
[RITSUKO] For now, Unit Two has no pilot.
You'll have to await further orders
from the Euro branch.
Unit Two is mine.
No one else can pilot it.
The Evas are combat weapons.
There's a backup for everything.
Including the pilots.
No way!
This Eva is the only place
where I really belong.
Evas are reflections
of their pilots' hearts.
- What did you say?
- You don't need to be dependent on them.
You can be happy without an Eva.
I don't need you lecturing me right now!
You're just the commander's pet!
I was chosen to be a pilot on merit!
I'm a prodigy and I worked my way here!
Unlike you two,
no one played favourites with me!
I'm a pilot because I'm bound to it.
The Eva
is my only link to other people.
Shut up! You're here today
because you're just a baby-faced doll
who does everything
commander Ikari tells you to!
- I am not a doll.
- Yes, you are!
Be honest with yourself, for once!
You're pretty cocky, aren't you?
For a doll.
I just have one question.
What do you think of the other idiot?
- Idiot?
- Idiot Shinji.
- Who else would I be talking about?
- What about him?
Answer my question.
- I don't know what to tell you.
- You Japanese, always so evasive!
- Just tell me what you think of him!
- It's hard to say.
But I feel all warm and fuzzy inside
when I'm with him.
So that's why I want Shinji
to feel warm and fuzzy too.
I wish he'd feel better about himself
by being closer to commander Ikari.
Now it makes sense. Ugh!
Talk about stupidity of epic proportions!
Only one explanation. You're in love!
This dinner party should be fun.
I wonder if Ayanami's cooking
will be any good.
I only wish Father could come too.
[MISATO] So, that's the new Dummy System?
It's only supposed to provide
supplemental pilot assistance,
but it can run the Eva by itself
and even project an AT Field
without a human pilot.
They say it solves
the ethical dilemma of using children.
- [THUD]
They just put in that new Dummy System.
Well, I don't trust it at all,
let me tell you that!
Right, that new super-secret black box
that Golgotha Base sent here.
- It's an enigma, that's for sure.
- Humph!
How can they trust that thing
to pilot an Eva?
- Are they completely crazy or what?
- Because the Evas
should only be entrusted to kids?
Is that it?
Shinji's being entrusted with a lot.
Ah! I suppose you feel
he is worthy of your trust.
Hey, listen, can you give me
any intel on this SEELE group?
Our supervisors.
I'm warning you,
that's dangerous territory.
I have to know.
Human Instrumentality Project.
What is NERV really doing
behind our backs?
Good question.
I wish I knew.
We haven't had dinner together
in forever.
And all you do
is talk about work.
We're not college kids any more.
We've learned tough life lessons.
We carry much more baggage.
We have big responsibilities.
There's no room for us to be selfish.
Shinji and the others, they carry
an even bigger set of responsibilities.
Yeah. The burden is too heavy for kids.
But we have no one else to turn to.
Yes. I know, I know.
I'll make a decision before midnight, OK?
- Was that Ritsuko?
- Yes.
She's pressuring me to decide
who will pilot Unit Three.
Well, that is your responsibility.
I know, but its arrival has been delayed.
Because of that,
its first tests have been pushed back...
to the worst day possible.
Activation and testing
of Unit Three scheduled for...
the day of the commander's pet's
dinner party.
[RITSUKO] I see. So it's gonna be Asuka?
OK. Yes, I'll take the redeye
to Matsushiro.
I'll leave you in charge, Maya.
[IBUKI] Yes, Doctor.
- Um... Dr Akagi?
- Yes?
Can I leave a message
for the second girl, if you don't mind?
Welcome to your voicemail.
You have two new messages.
Now playing message number one.
Here you go, Rei. Leave your message.
- [REI] Thank you.
- Huh?
Humph! What an idiot!
I just want to pilot an Eva!
Just one thing. If I like
Unit Three, can you paint it red?
- [HIKARI] Good morning, class.
- Good morning.
- You're alone? Where's Tohji?
- He went to the hospital in Odawara.
To see his sister.
She's getting discharged today.
Oh, right. I see.
[KENSUKE] Message from Tohji.
"No need to worry any more.
My sister thanks you too."
End of message.
There you go.
That's wonderful news, isn't it?
So, Rei has planned a dinner party
especially for you, tonight, huh?
Hmm. Oh, I'm so jealous, you lucky dog!
Hey, cut it out!
Main power supply
current switch complete.
- Copy that. Resume mission countdown.
- Resuming countdown.
All ground crew, begin evacuation.
Test pilot medical check-up completed.
Standing by in mobile quarantine chamber.
It looks like
I can hand off the rest to Ritsuko.
[MAN] Maintenance Group Six
has completed evacuation.
- All systems go.
- Secure transmission. From Asuka?
What's up, Asuka? You're almost on.
I just wanted to talk to you, Misato.
Girl to girl.
I see. I'm glad you called.
I wanted to thank you again.
For doing this.
No need to thank me.
Helping the idiotic masses
is the duty of the elite.
Besides, spending time with others
has never been my thing.
Most of all,
I hate pretending to be happy to fit in.
I can't stand
to watch others be happy, either.
I just wanted to pilot an Eva,
that's it.
I like being alone, anyway.
I don't want to team up with "friends."
Nobody ever sees me
for who I really am, anyway.
I never cared if I'm all alone.
As long as I get top marks,
I'll be fine at NERV.
But recently, there were times when
being around others didn't bother me.
I know it sounds strange, coming from me.
No, it doesn't.
You're kind and caring, Asuka.
You're the first person
I ever told that kind of thing.
Now, I feel better somehow.
Talking to other people feels good,
doesn't it? I never knew that.
This world is vast
and bustling with all sorts of fun things
that you don't know about.
Enjoy it all you can.
OK. I will.
Thank you, Misato.
Oh, one last thing. About this test plug
suit, I really like its colour,
but, uh,
it's a bit too revealing, isn't it?
- [OPERATOR WOMAN] Start entry sequence.
- [MAN] LCL ionization...
[RITSUKO] Roger.
Shift to phase-two operations.
Initiate secondary connection.
Oh, wow. Who knew? I can even laugh.
- Oh!
[WOMAN] Plug depth over 100. Psychological
contamination levels in the red zone!
- What's the problem?
- Pilot immersion levels
- well above safety margins!
- Pull her back!
We need to stop this now
or she won't be human any more!
Cancel the test! Shut it all down!
- It can't be...
- An Angel?
[SHINJI] An explosion at Matsushiro?
- [FUYUTSUKI] Damage report!
- Unknown! Epicentre is the temp cage.
- Surface buildings have collapsed!
- Dispatch Rescue and Group Three.
I want this taken care of
before the SSDF shows up.
- Roger.
- Unknown object detected
moving southwest from blast site.
We have a pattern orange.
Can't determine if it's an Angel.
- Battle Stations, condition one.
- Ikari...
I said,
"Battle Stations, condition one."
I want Unit Zero on standby.
Finish installing the Dummy System
on Unit One and then get it deployed.
[MAN ON RADIO] Fifth armoured company
in position along defence perimeter 18.
[WOMAN] Two minutes until power cable
extension is connected and ready.
Mobile fire-support strike force
in position.
[SHINJI] So, how are Miss Misato,
Asuka and the others?
- [AOBA] Don't worry.
But without other Evas
or Miss Misato around,
I don't know
what I'm supposed to be doing.
Command and control will be fine.
Commander Ikari
is personally taking charge now.
Really? Father?
We have a visual on the target.
Onscreen now.
We should have been more careful.
Send Unit Shutdown signal.
Emergency ejection of Entry Plug.
[IBUKI] Negative! Unit not responding to
either shutdown or ejection code signals.
[AOBA] Entry plug compromised.
Angel-core contamination.
[HYUGA] Pattern analysis complete.
It's blue.
Evangelion Unit Three
is hereby declared a total loss.
Target will now be designated
as the Ninth Angel.
[OPERATOR] Target approaching!
- Prep ground to ground intercept.
- Interception forces, open fire.
What? It can't be!
An Angel? That's an Angel?
- Yes. And it's your target.
- That's my target? How can it be?
[SHINJI] That's an Eva!
- Wait a minute.
- [GENDOH] The target is closing in.
- You will defeat it.
- Defeat it? What am I supposed to do?
Wasn't Asuka piloting that Eva?
Where is Asuka?
Damn it! Oh, no!
The entry plug!
Asuka is still in there!
[WOMAN] Armouring
on cervical vertebrae corrupted.
Contamination has progressed
to layer 6-200.
I see. A corruption type.
This will be troublesome.
[WOMAN] Unit One's AT Field is unstable.
Warning. life support failing!
The pilot's life will be in danger soon.
Block it! Quick.
Lower the nerve connection to 28%!
- Delay that.
- But, Ikari, if we don't act,
- the pilot will die!
- Shinji! Why aren't you fighting?
Father, I can't fight.
Asuka is still in that Eva.
It doesn't matter!
That is an Angel. That is our enemy.
But I can't do it!
- You're asking me to murder someone!
- You'll die if you don't fight!
I don't care!
I'd rather die than kill Asuka!
That's enough.
Shut down the sync
between Unit One and the pilot.
- Ikari?
- Complete sync shut down?
That's right! Switch control
over to the Dummy System.
But, sir, we're not sure
how the Dummy System will react.
Without Dr Akagi, it's too dangerous.
Perhaps, but it's still better
than our current pilot.
- Do it.
- Yes, sir.
What's happening?
Father, what are you doing?
[IBUKI] Dummy System activated.
Switchover complete.
[WOMAN] AT Field is stable.
Has recovered...
No matter.
Unplug all safeties. Initiate attack.
This is what the Dummy System can do?
- Dummy System operating normally.
- Damaged areas are self-repairing.
[SHINJI] What is this, Father?
What are you doing?
What the hell are you doing? [CRIES]
Stop it! Stop, dammit!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Stop, stop, stop!
What's that sound?
Don't do this!
[RADIO] Team Three, expedite data deletion
of Eight Zero Seven as soon as possible.
[MAN] We're investigating
the situation at ground zero right now.
The inspection will be difficult.
But I'll make sure
an intermediate report will be...
I'm alive?
- Kaji?
- You were lucky, Katsuragi.
What about Ritsuko?
[KAJI] Don't worry.
She had it easier than you.
I see.
Asuka? What about Unit Three?
It was designated an Angel
and neutralised... by Unit One.
Unit One link circuits have been cut.
- And the ejection signal?
- Negative, sir.
- Our orders are not getting through.
- He's locked himself in the unit.
Stop this, Shinji! Try to think about
what you're doing here, please!
[SHINJI] That's a bad idea.
Do you wanna make me angrier?
Unit One still has 285 seconds left
of internal power.
- That's enough to level half of HQ.
- In his current state of mind,
- it's very possible.
- Please! It's Ibuki!
Listen to me. If the commander
had not made that call,
you're the one who would have died
in that fight!
- That has nothing to do with this.
- Whether you like it or not, it's true!
I just told you
that has nothing to do with this!
Father! That monster tried to kill Asuka!
he used me to do it!
Why? Why? Why did you do this?
You don't understand anything!
I was an idiot for ever believing in you!
I wish you'd lose someone
that you care about!
Then you'd know what it's like!
[GENDOH] Increase LCL pressure
to maximum allowable levels.
I don't have time
for his childish tantrums.
You can cut off power,
but I still control...
Ah! Damn it!
Damn it! Damn it...
[REI] Shinji,
you're always listening to that device.
Um... Yes, this used to belong
to my father, years ago.
It's like Ayanami's glasses.
Father left it behind
once he didn't need it any more.
- [YOUNG SHINJI] Just like he did with me.
- Then someone else looked after me.
So I kept it.
When you wall off your ears,
you wall off your heart,
so you don't have to deal
with the cruel world.
- [REI] The cruel world?
- Yes.
The world of the father
that I hate.
The world of scary Angels and Evas,
where I'm forced to do terrible things
and where Father doesn't need me
because of that Dummy System.
A world where my friends and I
keep getting hurt.
I had some nice things happen too,
but they're always ruined in the end.
It's a cruel world.
Now I'm throwing this thing away.
I thought Father would protect me from
the cruel world if I kept it with me.
But I was simply lying to myself.
Did you ever try
to understand your father, Shinji?
- I tried to understand.
- Really?
- You didn't do anything, did you?
- I tried to! I did!
It's all Father's fault!
Father is the one who abandoned me!
[YOUNG SHINJI] So I see that, again,
you want to run away
from whatever can hurt you.
So what? What's wrong
with leaving behind the pain and misery?
I'm back here again.
I've had enough of this.
[RITSUKO] On a cellular level,
I see no trace of residual corruption.
But it is possible
that her very mind was infiltrated.
We have to keep her in quarantine for now.
[IBUKI] Doctor,
they won't neutralise her, will they?
They would never do harm to Asuka.
She's a priceless specimen.
You may leave, Shinji Ikari.
Commander Ikari will see you now.
[GENDOH] Insubordination. Personal use
of an Eva. Threats and tantrums.
Do you realise
the seriousness of your crimes?
Do you have anything to say for yourself?
Yes. I never want to pilot an Eva again.
I see. Then get out.
Are you running away again?
You can only realise
your desires and dreams
through hard work and many sacrifices.
No one will do it for you.
Shinji, grow up.
I don't understand
what it means to be a grown-up.
[GENDOH] It's me.
Delete the Third Boy from the system.
From now on, Unit One
will be operated by the Dummy System.
There is no need for a backup.
So, Rei didn't stop Shinji from leaving.
[HYUGA] She seemed different lately,
so I had hoped that she would.
It's hard to gauge
where these kids stand with each other.
Well, we're back to just one pilot now.
Back to square one... I guess.
[MISATO] You do realise
that even though you've left NERV
and been struck from the rosters
your actions
will still be monitored and restricted?
You forgot this.
Tohji and Kensuke left several messages
for you. They're worried about you.
I don't need it.
I left it on purpose.
And you don't want to know
what's going on with Rei and Asuka?
maybe the fate of humanity and the world
don't mean that much to me, either.
Even though I am now
Operations Director at NERV,
at first, I joined the organisation
because I wanted
to get closer to my dead father.
Just like you became an Eva pilot
because your father needed you.
Because of that, I think I projected
my own hopes and dreams onto you.
I also know they must have felt
like a weight around your neck.
And I realise you're disappointed
and disillusioned about the Evas.
But still, I just wanted you to know...
Rei had invited Commander Ikari
to the dinner party, that day.
She wanted to give you a chance
to get closer to him.
She wanted to see you laugh together.
I'll never laugh again.
Not ever, with anyone.
[TANNOY] Next stop. Kamigoura. Kamigoura.
Please exit on the left-hand side.
[PA WOMAN] Attention. A state of emergency
has just been declared by the Government.
Following emergency regulations, this
train will stop at the nearest shelter.
Once at the station, please exit the train
and board the incline train.
Another Angel.
[OPERATOR] Eva Unit Two's containment
measures have been unlocked.
We are currently opening up Silo Two.
Atchoo! So cold.
OK, then.
I like my new plug suit. The colour's
great and the fit is just... perfect!
[KAWORU] The time has come.
[OPERATOR WOMAN] All personnel.
Battle Stations, condition one.
- Target status?
- It's approaching rapidly, sir.
[AOBA] Kyu-Odawara defence line breached!
That must have been a massive explosion.
I felt it down here!
[MAN] Southern block.
All ground facilities collapsed.
- Surface armour plates have melted!
- It destroyed 24 layers
- of reinforced armour in one strike?
- The Tenth Angel.
The most powerful Refusal Type.
It's even more formidable
than we thought.
Go all out! Direct every ordnance
this fortress city has on that thing!
Just buy us time! Every minute counts!
Eva Unit two? Who's piloting it?
[HYUGA] Pilot unknown!
The launch order did not come from us!
- [WOMAN] Second barrage ineffective!
- Drop that! Prioritise civilian evac!
Launch third wave of N2 guided missiles!
Give us fire support!
It's too late
for a surface Eva Interception.
Send a request to the Euro Branch!
Station Unit Two in the Geofront!
Status of Unit Zero?
Left-arm repairs ongoing!
It's barely operational!
Get it ready! And send it to support
Unit Two! They need backup to fight this!
- Copy that!
- Status of Unit One?
Preparing activation
with the Dummy System!
Try to expedite the process.
[EVACUEE MAN] That last one
was in the city centre, right?
The Geofront shelter is up ahead.
It's the safest place in the world.
Colonel! Target has entered the Geofront!
- Eva Unit Two ready to engage!
- Do we have comms with Unit Two?
No. Comm link relay has been disabled!
Can't contact pilot!
I see.
So that pilot wants to do it alone.
What a wonderful smell.
I don't mind an Eva
that smells of another pilot.
It's breached the fifth defence perimeter.
So I'm gonna have to wrap this up quick,
or HQ is toast!
Oh, man! Its AT Field is much too strong!
I'll never get anywhere near it
from way out here!
Let's see how you like that! Yah!
Nothing like point-blank!
Oh, crap!
Little bastard! A real ballbuster.
[WOMAN] Dummy System connect complete.
- Begin contact sequence.
- Roger.
- What is it?
- The Core Unit won't accept the Dummy!
System shutdown!
Eva Unit One will not activate!
- It's rejecting the Dummy System.
- Fuyutsuki, take charge while I'm gone.
Let's see where we are here.
I'll never win like this.
Time for a plan B.
What can this Eva do
when it's free from its humanity?
Launch invert mode. Enter secret code.
"The Beast".
Try to hold it together, Eva Unit Two...
And I promise that I'll do the same!
- Evas are capable of that?
- [IBUKI] All restrictors disengaged.
Readings have jumped off the scale!
Interior monitoring disabled!
The plug has dived
into negative depth.
The pilot risks
irreversible contamination.
We have to stop this! It's too dangerous!
Sometimes, you have to risk everything
in order to win
what you really want!
Just a little more!
The second form of the Eva,
the Beast state.
It purged itself of its humanity
and turned into a berserker.
There's nothing we can do.
Unit Zero?
That's not a rifle it's carrying!
- What is she doing?
- Stop! Right now! Stop, Rei! Rei!
AT Field... full power!
Got to make sure... Shinji...
will never have to pilot an Eva again.
Whatever the cost.
She cannot make it.
No Eva can breach that AT Field alone.
OK, Unit Two,
it's time for your last hurrah!
Come on! Just one more!
Unit Two, please move away. Thank you.
What happened to Unit Zero?
[WOMAN] This shelter
has now been declared unsafe.
Please evacuate immediately
to a secure shelter.
I repeat, this shelter has been...
I thought I bought the farm, on that one!
Oh, no way! What are you doing here?
So that's why we were missing an Eva?
Yes, I... I made up my mind.
I'm never piloting again.
Oh, wow, so you're losing sleep
over whether or not to pilot an Eva,
is that it? In that case,
you need to get out of here.
Wait. Let me help you.
I decided I'll never pilot again!
I decided I'll never pilot again!
I'll never pilot again!
[MARI] But, you know, fretting over that
kind of stuff tends to make life less fun.
[RITSUKO] An Angel... devouring an Eva!
- That's impossible!
- [IBUKI] That's not all!
The target's ID signal
is morphing into Unit Zero's signal!
Then we're screwed! Dogma's self-destruct
mechanism won't see it as an enemy!
That thing can walk right up to Lilith!
The Angel is merging with Unit Zero.
It absorbed the whole thing,
pilot and all!
If you stay, you'll die.
Hurry, get out of here!
Oh, boy... there he goes.
Final layer of protective armour
has been completely destroyed!
Oh, crap, no!
Now the main shaft is exposed!
What about Unit One?
[MAN] Entry plug insertion failure.
- Dummy system is refusing...
- Resetting the systems didn't work!
Keep trying.
Restart procedure from line 3-0-8.
- [WOMAN] 3-0-9, checking initiated.
- Why now?
Why are you refusing me?
- [SHINJI] Let me get on board!
- Hmm?
Please! Please!
Let me pilot Unit One once more!
[GENDOH] What are you doing here?
I am here because I'm Shinji Ikari,
pilot of Evangelion Unit One!
Target is currently descending
toward terminal Dogma.
Target has passed Layer Seven.
Target approaching!
Non-combatant personnel, evacuate!
Eva Unit One?
Shinji came!
- Miss Misato!
- Disengage elevator safeties!
I have no power left?
Unit One reached it operational limit!
Power reserve depleted!
No! Shinji!
Shinji, no!
Ayanami... Give her back!
The Eva is moving!
But it's past its operational limit!
- Has it gone berserk?
- I can't tell you for sure.
I have no idea
what's going on with Unit One.
What the hell? An Eva can do that?
Unit One has transcended
all human limitations.
Plug depth now over 1.80!
This is too dangerous!
Shinji, stop it, please!
You'll lose your humanity!
[SHINJI] I don't care what happens to me.
I don't care what happens to this world.
But I won't let Ayanami go.
I'm gonna bring her back,
no matter what!
- Yes, do it, Shinji!
- Misato!
Do this for yourself!
Do it to make your wish come true!
Ayanami! Where are you?
[REI] It's too late.
Now, I can only live here, inside.
[REI] It's OK, Shinji.
Even when I'm gone,
others can replace me.
- Others can replace me.
- No, they can't!
- There's only one Ayanami!
- Oh?
That's why I'm coming for you!
What's going on? The Eva's
physical regulators are disappearing.
I'm not getting any data!
Finally freed from its humanoid limits,
it's reverting back to its original form.
Emancipated from human bondage, it's
transforming itself into a divine entity,
beyond the reach of mortals.
In the swells of complementarity,
it's finally binding together the Heavens,
the Earth and all Creation,
merging them into a pure energy.
Just to make one human's wish come true
and nothing more..
- Ayanami!
- Oh!
Ayanami! Give me...
your hand!
[KAJI] Unit One is now the awakening
trigger, ahead of all the rest.
Beware, Commander.
We should expect a reaction from SEELE.
Just as we thought. These two were enough
to launch the awakening of Unit One.
[GENDOH] Yes. Now we won't have to wait
too long for our plans to come true.
[SHINJI] I want to thank you
for trying to help me with my father.
[REI] I'm sorry. I couldn't do anything.
No need to be sorry.
It's fine.
Oh! So now I see.
This guy gets all the breaks.
Maybe it's because
he smells so nice. Atchoo!
We're witnessing the birth
of a new life-form that's broken free
of this world's logos.
And the price to pay is the death
of all previous life-forms.
Those wings... Just like 15 years ago.
[RITSUKO] Yes. It's the continuation
of the Second Impact.
The Third Impact is beginning.
It's the end of the world.
What just happened?
At last, the appointed time
has come, Shinji Ikari.
And this time, I'll make sure
you're happy, no matter what.
[MISATO] Eva Unit One is locked down,
with Rei and Shinji inside!
The fortress city is in ruins.
NERV HQ personnel is held captive.
Unit Six descends into Dogma!
And the Quickening
of Eva Unit Eight and its pilot!
The children with predetermined
fates gather at last!
Where will the story
of these survivors lead them?
Next time!
In Evangelion:3.33
That's our cue! Get ready for all that,
plus many surprises... coming up!