Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo (2012) Movie Script

Tracking team,
report current Eva unit positions.
Pod Two Dash
has reached operational altitude,
locked in intended orbit.
Pod Eight...
altitude insufficient.
Cannot reach intended orbit.
Copy, switching to backup plan,
Two Dash solo operation.
Roger, Pod Eight will
provide cover fire. Shift to sub-plan 7.
Pod Two Dash, is now beyond PNR.
Entering into Area 88.
Roger. Initiate Operation US.
Roger. Pod Two Dash,
begin entry into final operation orbit.
RCS synchronized.
Starting deceleration.
Ready all Stage 1 engines. Start burn.
S1C, burn complete.
Deceleration confirmed.
Opening draining vent.
Jettisoning Stage 1 boosters.
Recalculating mass change.
Roger. Burn timing
set to auto. Stage 2 all engines start.
S1C burn complete.
Closing pressure valves.
S1C burn complete.
Closing pressure valves.
Recalculating velocity.
No deviation from scheduled
timeline. Re-verifying altitude.
All green. Re-verifying values.
Results nominal.
No abnormalities detected
in contact airspace.
Final orbital adjustment complete.
Roll over complete.
Roger. Pod Two Dash, beginning
transfer into intercept trajectory.
Operation will now commence.
Disengaging remote guidance.
Further control will be local.
Good luck.
Transfer orbit lock
complete. T-minus 80 to contact.
- Target confirmed.
- No change in airspace.
Maintaining Shift M.
All is go.
Two Dash, prepare for RDV.
Eight has insufficient altitude
and can only provide 96 seconds
of fire support prior to re-entry.
Get this wrapped up before then.
Reflected waves
from target area. Hostiles incoming.
The mechanism's
mass projectile weapon. Not a problem.
Multiple explosions!
Blast impact in... three, two,
Second wave incoming.
Pattern Blue.
Expect a rough ride.
Initial barrage launched.
Stronger than expected.
It's has an anti-AT Field!
What a prick! Damn it!
Screw this helmet!
Damn it, Four-Eyed Crony!
Quit singing! You're pissing me off!
And your cover fire is two seconds late!
No, it's not.
You're 3 seconds early.
I'm going with the flow.
Improvise, damn it.
But of course...
As you wish, Your Highness!
Fullerene shift cleared.
Breaching the final defense, Area 89.
Huh? Wait,
target object is on the move!
Orbital correction slow.
It's risky, but I'm going in!
Starting deceleration!
Eight, seven...
Six, five...
Four, three, two, one...
Burn complete!
Two Dash jettisoned boosters.
Minimum safe re-entry window
has been reached.
Target seized and secured.
Returning to base.
See you at the collection point.
- RDV code is Saturn Five.
- Copy that.
Pattern Blue! Where?
Code 4B.
Deploying field reflection membrane.
Give me a break.
I was just about to go into re-entry!
Four-Eyed Crony, give me back-up!
My bad! Didn't get
enough altitude so I'm outta here.
You'll have to do that one yourself, K?
Damn... persistent jerk! This wasn't
part of the mission briefing!
Huh? Ouch!
What's the deal with this light!
My AT Field isn't neutralizing it!
Gotta kill that core block!
Come back here, little prick!
Caution. High angle of attack.
Crap. I can't maintain my
re-entry angle. The Eva might break up.
Two Dash! Your objective
has top priority. Don't lose your target
- even if you lose your Eva.
- You don't have to tell me that!
Damn it,
do something you idiot, Shinji!
Welcome back, Shinji Ikari.
I've been waiting for you.
and lung functions normal.
No paralysis in his limbs either.
Yes ma'am, his eyes are open.
Do you understand what I am saying?
Uh, where am I?
He's responsive.
I think he's fully conscious.
Last thing I remember
is saving Ayanami and...
Yes ma'am, he seems to
exhibit continuity in his memory recall.
Um, where's Ayanami?
Do you know who this is?
Er... That's me.
Self-aware, too.
He seems fine.
- Do you need to urinate?
- What is this?
Cargo loading. 86% complete...
Maintain N2 reactor output at 90%.
Open the valve manually.
Don't worry about condensers.
Priority One on boarding the crew...
We are critically short on cargo
hands working on loading provisions.
Checking port and starboard
gyroscopes 3 and 5.
Please institue repairs.
Updating outfitting roadmap.
Ordnances behind schedule by 3%.
Subject BM03 is now in custody.
Roger. Unbind him.
Stand down.
Unit 106 has completed operations.
Scuttling support ships.
Check wiring of gun directors.
Number three is reporting errors.
Resuming power inflow.
Ms. Misato Katsuragi?
Shinji Ikari. Correct?
Physiologically, he's a perfect
match to the Third Boy's archive files.
Dental records are an exact reproduction
of him at the time of the N3I.
We're analyzing the results
of his deep synchronization test.
Is the DSS choker on his neck?
Already done,
Captain Katsuragi.
Captain Katsuragi?
So it is you, Ms Misato.
It's operating fine.
It's set to the captain's access code.
What is this?
Can I take it off, please?
That thing is never coming off.
This conversation is over.
Take him to quarantine.
We've lost decoys O-1 and O-5.
Detecting wave patterns.
What is this?
Get it together!
It's a Pattern Blue! Target classified
as a Code 4C, Nemesis Series.
They don't give up.
They're widening formation. All axis.
They're trying to pen us in.
We're not ready to move yet.
Halt ops except main engine outfitting.
All hands, battle stations condition 2!
Target all Nemesis Series entities.
Assume battle stations
condition 2.
Ready anti-air, anti-surface
and anti-submarine.
Abort loading and fueling.
Crew to board immediately.
All stations, discontinue loading.
Prioritize boarding crew members.
Continue working on the main engine.
Check status of all power inflow gates.
Verify all gates of power circuit.
Ready remote-controlled
gun turrets and torpedo tubes.
Ditch any supplies not yet loaded.
Crew boarding has highest priority.
Outfit the ship until contact.
All units conduct headcounts
and report numbers to the bridge...
Continue power
to main engine conductors.
Hurry it up!
Anti-air surveillance
system is still a no-go.
Continue working on the power supply.
Open all valves up to Number 90.
Power supply pipes connection complete.
Opening all valves up to Number 90.
Beginning power inflow.
Power supply
to the N2 is holding steady.
It's battle stations, people!
Come on, get to your posts!
You there!
Get the lead out!
Chief, this is a makeshift crew.
We got civilians among us, remember?
No excuses! Get to work! Now!
This is the problem with young men.
We'll stop the outfitting there.
Closing and securing bulkheads.
Is this it?
Gotta be vigilant about
aerial attacks. Sonar will show up here.
What's the deck plating status?
Wait, am I in charge of that?
I don't care!
We need a waterproofing supervisor.
Moving right now
would be too dangerous. We'll stay here.
But wow... It sure is exciting
to be on the bridge
Priority on guarding Unit 01.
Unit 01?
Incoming target!
Pillars of Light confirmed.
Their numbers are increasing.
Unable to detect
target's core block.
It's most likely concealed
within its camouflage cocoon.
That's not good. They're gonna
hit us with a saturation attack.
- T-minus 600 secs!
- Katsuragi,
I recommend
that we disperse the fleet immediately.
We're undermanned and undertrained.
And the ship isn't even fully outfitted.
And to cap it all, we have no fix
on their core block.
Our chances of defeating them are nil.
We should retreat like we always do.
We have no other choice,
Captain Katsuragi!
All the more reason to stop
second-guessing and make the jump.
X-O... Let's fly.
To fly?
You want to activate the main engine?
All stations, ready for launch.
Ready main engine!
Captain Katsuragi,
this ship isn't ready!
I agree!
It's too dangerous without a test run.
I never used gravity control.
I'm not sure.
I'll pass on an unwinnable battle.
I don't want to die just yet.
When you die, you die,
that's it.
You youngsters shouldn't be so fussy.
Oh c'mon, you're old.
You should be more cautious!
I know the risks. We will draw
our target into the open with this ship.
It's time we found out
if this ship is capable of deicide.
But the ignition system
hasn't been installed yet.
You're thinking of using an Eva?
- Mari?
- Unit 08 is a no-go.
- Asuka?
- Asuka?
Already on it. You just need me
to jam in the igniter, right?
Counting on you.
Containment field is strong by the engine.
And your Eva
is still undergoing a refit.
"Target comes first,
human life a distant second."
No time to worry about it!
Eva Unit 02 Improved, launch!
Deploying Unit 02 Improved.
Unit 02 Improved currently underway.
Drop underwater motor
and Number 1 left container.
And here I just got Unit 02
Improved looking all new and spiffy.
Talk about a mundane debut.
It really is Eva Unit 02!
Thank goodness.
I guess Asuka's okay.
Ms Misato,
what about me?
All hands,
assume battle stations.
All personnel,
man your battle stations.
Command control to combat mode.
Crew to the battle bridge.
Ready gravity ballast systems.
Checking all vent systems.
Centralize ship control systems
to the anchoring plug.
Roger. Readying descent.
Checking injectors. Starting countdown.
Ms Misato!
Unit 01 is here, right?
I'll pilot it. I'll help Asuka!
Shouldn't I be piloting Unit 01?
Ms Misato!
There's no need for you to pilot an Eva.
Initiating Hirnstamm Tower separation.
Moving command control to battle bridge.
There's no need?
What am I supposed to do?
Ms Misato!
Shinji Ikari.
From now on...
Don't do anything.
LCL gas injection complete.
Start entry sequence.
LCL ionization nominal.
Computational integration systems go.
All crew counted.
Initial contact is go.
Transfer confirmed.
Bulkhead lockdown confirmed.
Pressure check complete.
Power feed to the main engine
for ignition. 5% to critical threshold.
Initializing gyrocompass.
Stabilizers show green.
Activating visual display
data processing and main monitor.
Target still inbound.
They're taking an encircling formation!
Unit 02 Improved has discarded
the UPV. Swapping out left arm.
Easy does it.
All right, then.
Let's do this!
AT Field. Deploy.
Change detected
in Pillars of Light!
Their energy's growing!
They're moving.
A cruiser's been vaporized!
It's a blitz.
If they make it to the ship
it's over.
T-minus 360 seconds to contact.
Here we go!
Unit 02 Improved
has begun the ignition process.
Ignore it.
Direct all energy to the flywheel.
Priority One!
Number 7 converter array
has exploded!
Ignore the lines
that have gone down! Power infusion.
Ignore all the pressure gauges!
Flywheel pressure plate unlocked!
Initiating rotation.
Main engine
energy pump now operating!
Adjusting APU rotation power to 80%.
Force-inject catalyst.
And next up...
T-minus 35 seconds!
- Unit 02 in ignition position.
- We've hit critical!
Flywheel powered at 102%.
Threshold reached!
Main engine activation,
now in final stage.
Change helm systems.
Enabling time space control.
Switching over to tri-axial helm.
Deploy AT Field on ignition.
We're at 36,000 RPM!
All systems go!
We are go for contact!
Skip countdown.
Initiate contact.
Course clear.
Check systems.
Friendlies to evacuate!
Here we go...
And locked. Wunder!
Main wings damaged!
Ignore it!
Ready enemy annihilation!
Pitch 90 degrees down. Go astern!
Go astern, aye, captain!
Drag the core block
out of its camouflage cocoon!
Fissures forming
in main wing structure!
Helm, hold course.
Main engine, give me full power.
All back full!
Maximum battle speed!
I have visuals
of enemy core blocks!
Hard to port!
Swing them round!
Roger that!
Full thrusters! All stop!
- Targets inactive!
- Main guns, get ready.
Load AP rounds. Enable direct feed
from main engine. Engage reload circuits.
Circuits engaged.
Maintaining range correction until fire!
Turrets have direct visual
targeting and manual tracking enabled!
That's good enough. Fire!
Targets annihilated.
All stations stand down
to alert condition 2.
Retrieval of Unit 02 Improved.
Expedite damage control on the wings.
- Oh, wow.
- We actually won.
Oh man, that was pushing it.
This Captain's even more interesting
than Kaji let on.
So this is the power to slay gods.
Wunder, a fitting name
for a ship that embodies hope.
Subject BM-03,
provisionally Mr. Shinji Ikari.
The XO would like to fill you in.
- This is Unit 01?
- Yes,
Unit 01 is currently being employed
as this ship's main engine power core.
Hence, no pilot is needed.
So I'm really
not needed for anything.
The results of your
deep synch tests are back.
Your synchronization rates
were 0.000 percent.
Even if you boarded an Eva,
it wouldn't activate.
Isn't that wonderful, Mr. Ikari?
Nevertheless, we cannot ignore
that you recently had Unit 01 awakened.
For this reason, you have been fitted
with a DSS choker.
- What is that?
- An insurance policy.
A physical failsafe device meant
to prevent any further awakenings.
It symbolizes our distrust,
as well as your punishment.
What do you mean?
If you allow your emotions
to overwhelm you while piloting an Eva
and the risk of another awakening
becomes real,
we will shut it down
at the cost of your life.
Does that mean...
I would die?
I won't deny it.
What are you... What?
Ms Misato, what's going on here?
Why kill me? It doesn't make sense!
How am I supposed to understand?
Confusion is natural.
- Yes ma'am!
- Tell him your name and rank.
Yes ma'am.
I realize it's a little late now,
but I'm your supervising medical officer,
Second Lieutenant Sakura Suzuhara.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Oh, sure.
Wait, Suzuhara?
Are you related to Tohji?
Yes. Thanks for looking out
for my brother. I'm his younger sister.
Don't you mean his big sister?
No, sir, younger sister.
His younger sister? But how?
It's because you were out cold
for 14 years.
Idiot Shinji.
I'm so glad to see you!
I knew you were okay, Asuka!
It's no use, I can't hold it in.
I've kept it pent up all these years.
What's gotten into you?
Pent-up rage and sorrow.
What are you talking about?
Asuka, what happened to your left eye?
None of your business.
Asuka, you said 14 years have passed.
But aside from the eye patch,
you look the same.
Yeah, the curse of the Eva.
The Eva's curse?
Wait a second!
Asuka, you would know, right?
Tell me! Where's Ayanami?
No idea.
What? But I saved her back then!
Big fuss over just one person.
The life of one single person
means absolutely jack in today's world.
Isn't that right, Colonel Katsuragi?
Ms Misato!
Where is Ayanami? Please tell me.
You need to understand,
Rei Ayanami doesn't exist anymore.
No, I know that I saved her!
I'm sure she's still inside Unit 01's
entry plug. Please, look inside carefully.
We've searched
every inch inside Unit 01.
All we found was you, and...
this, which had been
reconstructed somehow.
Screening results reveal
no abnormalities, you can have it back.
This is my father's.
Ayanami had this with her.
I did save her.
What was that?
Talk to me.
Target has appeared
on the afterdeck.
Must be the real deal.
All hands, battle stations. Position 1!
Prioritize safeguarding Unit 01.
Unit 08 is ready to go, right?
Prepare Eva 08.
I'm saddling up as we speak,
Your Highness.
So how is our little puppy?
Did he sit still like a good dog?
He hasn't changed a bit.
His hair and face, goofy as ever.
Oh, but that was exactly
what you wanted to go and see.
No! I went there...
to belt him one.
Ms Misato! Ms Ritsuko!
What happened? Is it a new angel?
Shinji. Where are you?
Ayanami? You heard her voice
just now, right? Ms Misato!
Damn it, what the hell!
We're ready to go.
Mr. Ikari, come with me!
Shinji... Where are you?
It is Ayanami.
It's Ayanami!
Mr. Ikari, we must hurry!
I've had enough.
Ayanami, I'm here!
Depressurization in temporary
quarantined interrogation room.
- Emergency bulkhead shutdown.
- Eva?
Unit Zero?
Shinji, come this way.
No, Shinji.
You're staying put.
What the hell, Ms Misato!
You just said you didn't need me.
We'll keep you in protective custody.
You're not making any sense at all!
Stop this!
That's an Eva you're firing on!
We going to exterminate
all of NERV's Eva Units.
But you're a part of NERV!
No, we are WILLE, an organization
dedicated to the destruction of NERV.
But Ayanami's piloting that Eva!
Ayanami is gone!
You're lying! She's right here!
How can you be so blind?
I've had enough of this!
Mr. Ikari!
Do what you want,
but just don't pilot an Eva, ever.
Seriously, I couldn't handle that again!
Don't let them escape!
You got it!
Hey, come on!
I knew it! The Vessel of the Adams!
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Show some manners, jackass!
If NERV prioritized him over Unit 01,
it means he's still a potential trigger!
Misato! Activate the DSS choker!
XO to Bridge. Cancel pursuit.
Continue damage control
and outfitting the ship.
Roger. Canceling pursuit.
That makes it clear:
he's less of an idiot
and more of a brat.
Ms Misato did lie to me.
I saved Ayanami.
Over here.
I can see the sky
from inside the Geofront.
That's NERV HQ?
What happened here?
I guess 14 years really have gone by.
We're here.
Huh? What?
An Eva?
Evangelion Unit thirteen.
You will share it with your co-pilot.
You were the one playing piano?
When the time comes,
you are going to pilot the Eva with him.
That will be all.
Father, wait, Father!
I have lots of questions!
I want to talk to you more. Father!
There's no dial, so I guess
I can't call anyone from this end.
I have to go thank her.
Where are you, Ayanami?
What is this place?
Ayanami? I finally found her!
Ayanami! I looked everywhere for you!
Hey! Clothes!
Come on, put some clothes on!
I will, if it's an order.
I'm coming in.
Ayanami. Thank you for this.
I've been meaning to thank you
for a long time.
Oh, I see you have a new plug suit.
It looks nice,
but the black is a bit...
So, a lot has changed around here
Why is Ms Misato now fighting NERV
instead of the Angels?
What's father trying to do here?
What happened to everyone?
Ayanami, do you know anything?
I don't know.
Oh, uh...
I suppose you wouldn't.
So, when did you make it out of Unit 01?
This isn't even a proper room.
I suppose it fits you, but still...
They don't have school here, right?
What do you do all day?
I wait for orders.
I don't see any books here.
Don't you ever read?
Would Rei Ayanami read books?
You used to read all the time.
You had them in your room.
I see.
I know! I'll find the library
and you bring some.
Do you want books in English? You always
had one and seemed to like them.
Yeah. At least, I think you did.
What is "like"?
So SEELE still remains silent?
The Human Instrumentality Project
will occur as per the Dead Sea Scrolls.
There is no further need
to interact with us.
Ikari, do you intend
to use Unit 13 next?
No matter. I'll go along
with your plans, anyway.
For Yui's sake.
I guess it's broken.
Don't do anything.
None of your business!
Just don't pilot an Eva.
- Pilot the Eva.
- I don't know.
Come on, Ikari. Let's talk.
Um, I thought...
I thought we were going to talk.
A piano duet is a conversation
through music.
No, I'm not cut out for this.
In life, it's important
to embrace change and try new things.
It's simple.
All you have to do is...
Hit the keys over here.
Go on... Try playing something.
I like it!
Our melodies work well together.
Music is so wonderful.
It's great to play together.
Thank you. It's been a while
since I enjoyed myself like this.
Same here. Let's do this again.
You're welcome anytime.
Shinji Ikari.
And what's your name?
I'm Kaworu.
Kaworu Nagisa.
Another child
with a predetermined fate.
She's out again.
The books haven't been touched.
Good morning, Shinji Ikari.
You're up early.
Well, I've got nothing else to do.
I wonder what can I do to play better?
Playing better isn't important.
Create sounds that feel good to you.
It would feel good if I could
play better sounds. How do I do that?
Practice through repetition.
Do the same thing over and over.
Do it until you think to yourself,
"That's pretty good."
That's the only way.
Sure, leave it to me.
You want me to get it working, right?
Yes. Thank you.
I feel bad, asking you
to do something like this for me.
Don't worry about it.
After all, we're friends.
It's getting dark.
Let's head back for today.
Say, can we stay here
a little longer?
- Let's watch the stars.
- The stars?
You like the stars?
Taking in the immensity of the cosmos
really relaxes me.
I've been like this since I was young.
It makes me happy to know
that 14 years mean so little up there.
It's like I can lose myself
and stop worrying.
It's soothing, I guess.
It's hard to explain.
The sentiment
came across just fine. Shunning change.
You prefer the empty,
merciless world of the abyss.
That's so like you.
You know lying here with you is nice.
I never realized
this could be so pleasant.
Thank you for inviting me.
No, uh, I just thought
maybe watching the stars with you
might be something fun. Huh?
It is fun.
I realize now
that I was born to meet you.
This is a little big on me.
"Tohji Suzuhara"
Here you are.
It works now.
Thank you.
You're amazing.
It seems like you can do anything.
It's only a matter
of technical knowledge.
I've just been here
a little longer than you.
Still... You're amazing.
You seem rather deflated.
What's the matter?
I'm worried about my friends.
Your friends?
There used to be a city
on top of NERV HQ. They all lived there.
Tohji, Kensuke,
the class rep and everyone else.
I guess I really was asleep
inside Unit 01 for 14 years...
and everything changed during that time.
It must be hard
for you to cope with all that change.
I'm afraid...
because I don't know what happened
to the city, to everyone.
I'm so afraid, its driving me crazy.
I'm terrified!
Do you want to know?
Nagisa? Nagisa!
Come on, we're almost there.
The clouds will break soon.
You'll be able to see the truth.
What is this?
The result of the Third Impact
while you were fused with Unit 01.
Then everyone in the city must have...
Mass extinctions
are not rare on this planet.
They actually spur on evolution.
After all, life-forms transform themselves
to adapt to the world.
But the Lilin transform the world
instead of themselves.
And so, they created a rite
in order to artificially evolve.
Sacrificing the life-forms of the past
in order to create new life-forms
imbued with the fruit of life.
This extinction is all part of a program
hard-coded in antiquity.
NERV called it
the Human Instrumentality Project.
NERV did this? What was...
What was my father trying to do?
Shinji Ikari...
Once awakened,
Eva Unit 01 opened the Doors of Guf
and acted as the trigger
to bring about the Third Impact.
The Lilin call it
the "Near Third Impact".
You were the key to all of this.
I just wanted to save Ayanami.
Perhaps. But that caused this.
How was I supposed to know!
It's all too much.
I can't do anything about this!
True. It's a horrific past
you can't do anything about.
This is the truth you wanted to know.
As a consequence, the Lilin
made you bear the wages of that sin.
Isn't that what that thing
on your neck represents?
Sin? I didn't sin!
I have nothing to do with this!
That's not how others see it.
However there are no sins
you can't atone for.
There is hope. There is always hope.
SEELE's boy
has made contact with the Third Boy.
It appears the Third Boy
was shown the outside world.
I wonder how he will take it.
Aren't you worried, Ikari?
We will rewrite SEELE's scenario.
Any and all beings
are tools to that end.
Do you feel
that opening up to your son...
would not be in his interests?
I feel differently.
What the hell?
How did this happen?
Wait. I was able to save Ayanami.
That's what matters.
She's out again.
And she hasn't touched these.
What's going on?
What happened to Ayanami?
Third Boy, can you play Shogi?
Well, I know the rules.
That'll do.
Come with me. I'll play
at a handicap to even the odds.
Calm yourself to achieve inner serenity.
It's a necessity in order to win battles.
You will lose in 31 moves.
This should make
for a more enjoyable game.
Thank you for humoring this old man.
I am a coward, you see.
I needed an excuse
to be able to converse with you.
Do you remember your mother?
No, I was very young
when she died.
And my father threw away
everything related to her.
This woman...
is it Ayanami?
That's your mother.
Her maiden name was Yui Ayanami.
She was a student of mine in college.
She's now part
of Eva Unit 01's pilot interface.
Good, the power
has finally been restored.
That is the very
early version of the Eva control system.
Yui envisioned a direct core entry system,
and she tested it herself.
You saw it,
although your memory has been wiped.
It ended with Yui disappearing in there.
Leaving behind only her information,
which would become the Ayanami series.
The Rei Ayanami you know
is one of the replicas of Yui.
Along with your mother,
she too is now trapped inside Unit 01.
It's all part of your father's plans.
Breaking apart the world
is a trivial matter.
rebuilding it is not so easy.
As with time itself, the course
of the world cannot be reversed.
Nor can people's hearts.
That is why your father is sacrificing
everything to make his wish come true.
Including his very soul.
I wanted to share some truths with you.
To tell you about your father.
What a wretched role to play.
Is this what you wanted, Yui?
The time for the final pact
draws near.
We'll be together again soon, Yui.
Why don't you read the books?
I wasn't ordered to.
Orders, huh?
Fine! Forget it, then!
You're Ayanami, right?
Yes, I'm Rei Ayanami.
You're the one I saved, right?
I don't know.
I didn't save her...
I lost Ayanami.
Don't do anything.
Pilot the Eva.
Just don't pilot an Eva, ever.
Don't do anything.
Pilot the EVA.
Ms Misako.
Pilot the Eva.
Just don't pilot an Eva, ever.
Pilot the Eva.
Pilot the Eva.
Just don't pilot an Eva.
Don't do anything.
Don't pilot an Eva.
I don't know.
What have I been doing?
So, the final
executor is at last complete.
Yes. We now possess
all the tools we need.
The time has come.
This is our moment,
Shinji Ikari.
No! I don't want
to pilot an Eva anymore!
I didn't save Ayanami!
Nothing good ever comes
from piloting an Eva.
I'm sick of it.
I don't want to do anything!
But nothing good would come
from replaying
a traumatic refrain in your head.
Nothing good ever happens!
You showed it to me!
That red desolate world...
Change brought about by an Eva
can be changed again with an Eva.
It doesn't matter! Evas, Father,
Ms Misato... I can't trust anyone anymore!
But at least you can trust me.
I can't!
Ms Misato and the others
put this thing on me.
They said never to pilot an Eva again.
Threatened to kill me if I did.
I don't care about Evas anymore.
I'll take the Lilin curse and
the risk of the Eva awakening on myself.
Nagisa... no...
Don't worry about it.
They originally made this out of fear
for what I might do.
I planned to do this sooner or later.
Shinji Ikari,
your hope rests with the two spears left
at ground zero inside the Central Dogma.
They are the key to the initiating
the Project.
All we have to do is take those spears.
That way, NERV won't be able
to bring about a Fourth Impact.
And when used with Unit 13, the spears
will allow us to repair the world.
You're right.
Yes, you could do it.
No, it's us together.
Unit 13 uses a double entry plug system.
Together, we'll give hope to the Lilins.
What you need
most of all right now is hope.
As well as redemption and peace of mind.
You're amazing.
You know everything.
That's because all I think about is you.
Thank you, Nagisa.
Just call me Kaworu.
Call me just Shinji as well.
It's like playing the piano.
Good things come when we play together,
Right. Let's do this, Kaworu.
Evangelion Unit 13, activate!
Signal detected!
An Eva has been activated.
We're not doing this
by ourselves?
You mean the Mark nine?
It's here for backup.
NERV is worried about WILLE.
We can handle this by ourselves.
She's not Ayanami, anyway.
I am not Ayanami?
The wall, they're...
Yes, they're the ones
that failed to become Infinities.
You don't have to worry about it.
We're almost at Lilith's seal.
It's completely blocking the main shaft,
preventing anyone from entering
for the past 14 years.
It's like a huge lid.
Don't worry.
Unit 13's purpose is to breach it.
Together, we can do it.
just like when playing the piano.
Here we go, Shinji.
We did it.
Here we are.
The bottom most level
of the Central Dogma.
Ground zero of the Third Impact.
Is that Lilith?
What used to be.
Now, it's only a carcass.
Ms Misato was willing
to sacrifice her life to protect it.
Is that an Eva?
Yes, Eva Mark 6.
The sad remains of the unit altered
by the Lilin to function autonomously.
The things sticking
through Lilith, that's our target?
Yes, Longinus and Cassius.
Two souls are required
to retrieve the two spears.
Hence the double entry plug system.
If they needed two souls,
why didn't they just use her?
A facsimile
made by the Lilin wouldn't work.
The seat of the soul
is in a different place.
Alright, let's get started.
Something's not right...
What is it, Kaworu?
This is strange. The two spears
have changed shape to look alike.
Let's pull them out.
That's why we've come here, right?
What the hell was that?
Unit 02!
What are you doing, Asuka!
Idiot Shinji!
Don't tell me you're piloting that Eva!
Yes I am.
And with this Eva I will change the world.
Damn brat.
You can help by not piloting an Eva!
You're always late with your cover fire!
Sorry, my bad.
Well dear Vessel of the Adams.
At the very least, I'm going
to slow you down a bit, kiddo.
Why are you trying to stop me?
Those spears are our only hope!
Stop trying to help!
You'll only make things worse!
Do you want to start
another Third Impact?
If we had those spears,
we could start everything over!
We could save the world!
You're such a nave child.
You never listen!
I could use your help, Kaworu.
We need a matched set of spears.
We need Cassius and Longinus.
Instead, all we have here
are two identical spears.
So that's it...
That's your plan.
dearest SEELE stand-in pilot.
I know you can hear me.
I suggest you clear out of there
before you become part of Adams' Vessel.
I can't. I wasn't ordered to.
Uptight, ain't ya?
You know, your original
was a lot easier to get along with.
Original? A different me?
Kaworu, what's gotten into you?
please stop getting in my way!
Just give up
and drop dead, Brat Shinji!
Damn it, not now!
Four-Eyed Crony, throw me a spare!
Now get the spears.
How dare you hit a woman.
You bastard.
Here's your spare, Highness.
We should stop, Shinji.
I have a bad feeling.
We can't stop now, Kaworu.
What did we come all this way for?
We need to let it go.
Those are not the spears we need.
What do you mean,
not the spears we need?
You said we needed these spears!
That's why I got into this Eva!
My control systems!
I'll grab those spears for you.
For everyone...
The world will be normal again.
And then even Ms Misato...
will have to...
Crap! Four-EyedCrony, you've
got a shot! Permission to use AA rounds!
My ace in the hole.
It doesn't have an AT Field?
Wait a second, don't tell me...
Don't do this, Shinji.
Stop it, you brat!
Let's begin, Fuyutsuki.
Eva Mark 6...
Pattern Blue!
What's going on?
The 12th Angel isn't dead yet!
Four-Eyed Crony,
Container three, now!
I'll finish this thing off
before the Third Impact restarts!
These were my orders.
An Angel!
Your Highness!
Don't waste your ammo!
That whole thing is a core.
Forget it.
We don't have a chance in the world.
Besides, I'm curious to see what'll
happen after the final Angel is beaten.
What is this?
Is this me?
Then who am I?
The controls aren't responding!
What's going on, Kaworu?
To think that I, the 1st Angel,
would fall and become
the 13th Angel like this...
What are you saying?
So the beginning and the end
are one and the same.
Well played, King of the Lilin,
Father of Shinji Ikari.
Pattern Blue detected
in the DSS choker!
There shouldn't be a 13th Angel.
So this is what Gendoh was after.
It is time to revise the pact
laid down in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
This is farewell.
Though your souls may have
taken on a different form,
you are still products
of the forbidden fruit.
While it may be possible to live
eternally, death must come to you
as it does to us.
In your quest to assist the evolution of
our ilk and kin burdened with mortality.
You gave us the gift of civilization.
So today on behalf of all of humanity...
I express our gratitude.
With your death, I will return
your souls to where they belong.
I shall carry out
your Human Instrumentality Project
as well as the deicide
that you long sought after.
You can rest in peace.
Our goals have already been met.
It is good. All is very good.
We hope for humanity's instrumentality
to be realized.
Let their souls be peacefully cleansed.
It's going beyond
the Pseudo DMS Phase!
It has awakened alright.
Must be a straggler Adam!
What is going on?
What is this?
Is this my fault?
Because I pulled out the spears?
Is this...
The Fourth Impact.
This is its opening rites.
Kaworu... your choker!
Ms Misato!
A.T. Field at max strength!
Seal the Eva inside it!
All main guns, ready salvo.
Load high-arcing rounds.
We'll prevent a Fourth Impact!
We're hit!
Direct hits to our main guns!
Vessel of the Adams!
Central block hit!
We're losing power.
Helm not responding.
We are going down!
Central block hit!
Start emergency measures
to bypass damaged areas!
The Adams
was Wunder's original owner.
It's trying to take back control
of this ship from Unit 01.
The controls,
why aren't they coming back?
Oh, that's one fine mess
we got going on here.
Four-Eyed Crony,
handle the Eva! I'll rescue the Wunder!
We can't dislodge the Adams Vessel!
Unidentified data
infiltrating central control.
I'm losing control of the ship.
Not fair!
SEELE's playing dirty again!
Change modes!
Code Triple Seven.
Who the hell are you?
Engaging the Vessel of the Adams!
I'm counting on you, Asuka.
What would Rei Ayanami do
at a time like this?
Hell if I know!
Question is what do you want to do?
Now I can hit the core!
What? This entire thing is a core!
I'm out of time.
I'm sorry, Unit 02!
Control systems back online!
Emergency full power!
Pursue target Eva immediately.
We need the main engine first!
Is it my fault?
Did I...
do this?
It's not your fault.
It happened because I turned
into the 13th Angel. I am the trigger.
What should I do?
Please, tell me.
Kaworu... Tell me.
What am I supposed to do now?
Even when a soul is lost,
its aspirations and curses
remain in this world.
Human will is conveyed as information
throughout the world, and it changes it.
In time, we rewrite who we are.
I'm sorry. This isn't the happiness
that you were hoping to find.
I'll close the Doors of Guf.
You don't have to worry, Shinji.
I don't understand
anything you're saying. Kaworu...
Shinji, you need to find a place
to rest that you can call your own.
The ties that bind you
will show you the way.
Please, don't look so sad.
We'll meet again, Shinji.
The doors aren't closing!
Our puppy must be SEELE's insurance.
Everything's wrapped up!
Snap out of it, doggy!
Stop being a baby!
At least save the Princess!
Man up, kid!
And learn a thing or two
about life while you're at it.
What an absolute mess.
This is almost what SEELE wanted.
Perhaps, but we've neutralized
SEELE's Boy and awakened Unit 13.
Colonel Katsuragi's actions
were expected.
For now, this is fine.
All stations,
remain in alert condition 2.
Pattern Blue can't be detected.
No contact in alert airspace.
Temporary repairs on
damaged areas complete.
I don't know how or why,
but a Fourth Impact was averted.
That's something to be thankful for.
Hey, Shinji.
You didn't come to help me, stupid brat.
All you do is think about yourself.
You think shutting up is the answer?
You act like a baby.
After all these years,
you're still the same annoying brat!
Here, you'll carry the bag.
Come on!
You can at least stand up, can't you?
Hey, you're that pilot.
One of the original Ayanami batch.
The L containment field density here
is too strong for them to rescue us
so let's move to a spot
where the Lilin can come for us.
Come on!
Having lost his will to live,
Shinji Ikari wanders aimlessly.
The place he ends up
helps him regain hope.
The Human Instrumentality Project
is finally initiated.
WILLE begins the final showdown
to stop the Final Impact.
The Wunder streaks through the sky.
Eva Unit 08 plus 02
runs across the red Earth.