Evaru (2019) Movie Script

[birds flap]
[birds flap]
[woman gasps]
[woman gasps]
[overlap of voices]
Breaking news!
Sameera Mahaa gets arrested!
Sameera Mahaa, wife of Rahul Mahaa, who is
in the top 100 on the recent Forbes list
and the owner of Mahaa Constructions
and Mahaa Steels has been arrested!
She has been arrested
in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu
for the murder of Punjagutta DSP
Ashok Krishna of Hyderabad circle.
Sameera was here for Ayurvedic treatment
and stayed in Valley View resort.
We were told that she was raped by
DSP Ashok Krishna in the resort.
It is reported that she shot
him with a gun as self-defense.
Ashok Krishna's body is
taken for postmortem.
What is the connection between
Mahaa Constructions, Ashok and Sameera?
There is no official statement
from the Mahaa family so far.
We are expecting to hear from
Sameera's lawyer soon.
-Take that off.
Come fast!
Our sir is waiting for you.
Take the photos.
[camera clicks]
[camera clicks]
Take your hands off!
[camera clicks]
What was a cop from
Hyderabad doing in your room?
How well did you know him?
Clean her up.
Send this to the lab.
Is this sample enough?
Previously, it was Abhaya and
Nasifa and today, it is Sameera!
The names keep changing
but the situation is the same.
How can we trust the police who has to
protect us, when they break the law?
This being a high profile case,
the police are being
meticulous in gathering evidence.
We've been hearing that DSP
Ashok is very alcoholic.
Tell me, Sir.
What do you know about Ashok?
Ashok sir used to attend office
intoxicated since last year.
The whole department was aware of that.
Reporter: We are in front of
Sameera's house right now.
There is news that she
would arrive here shortly.
The court has granted bail
to Sameera as expected.
[overlap of voices] The court gave 10 days
time to the police to file chargesheet.
[camera clicks]
[unclear voices]
Banerjee, let's move.
Father, don't worry.
Driver, just drive.
[camera squeaks]
[camera clicks]
Sameera, please read.
[camera clicks]
You know what happened to me.
And only I know how it happened.
It has caused immense pain
and damage to me and my family.
I would like to thank the media
-for being understanding...
-Tell us what actually happened, madam.
I am sure you have a lot of questions...
But today I would like
to ask you something.
They've filed the police case by stating
the rapist policeman as the victim
and me as the culprit for killing him.
Who is right and who is wrong?
Is it right to rape a woman?
Is it wrong to kill the rapist?
Whatever the court's verdict be,
I know I did the right thing.
The scars on my body may disappear.
But I will always
remember what I went through.
It's a reminder that...
I can fight.
No woman can express what she underwent.
And no family can accept it.
I am the voice for each one of
those girls and their families.
I am with you.
I am you.
[camera clicks]
Sameera's case reflects yet again,
the atrocities happening
on women in our nation.
Sameera's speech is trending
at number one on social media.
Women welfare associations
are demanding justice for her.
Sir, a moment please.
Any chance of the case being mishandled
since it involves a police official?
Please! The FIR is registered
with a charge of murder.
You are talking about a rape.
We have appointed our best
officer to investigate this case.
Best officer?
The DIG has put us in a tough spot.
If the case is messed up,
the media will destroy us.
Have some juice sir.
Seems like you'd have another award in
your shelf by looking at your workout, sir
No need for sarcasm, Reddy.
This is a sensitive case.
We have deal it very sensibly.
Okay, sir.
Where is Vikram?
Thanks, Ayyappa.
Sir, did you get any information?
I'm looking for some answers...
But there is a more of
commas and question marks.
Okay, sir. I'll wait outside.
[bolt clinks]
[phone ringing]
Are you leaving?
-I am staying.
-How can I leave you alone?
-I want to be alone.
-But Sam...
-Rahul! Please!
You know why.
Hello, Bhanu! I'm on my way.
No. She said she wants to stay alone.
[phone rings]
Tell me, Mr Banerjee.
Sameera! Watch the news.
According to the latest
information on Sameera's rape case
the prosecution has appointed famed
criminal lawyer Ratnakar Chetty.
In South India, Ratnakar has never lost
a single case for the past twenty years
and there is no lawyer
who has defeated him.
No one will be spared until we
bring justice to Ashok and his family.
-I will settle all scores.
-Are you submitting the evidence?
Who is this Ratnakar?
He is a tough lawyer, Sameera.
He can tamper the evidence, threaten,
change a lie and make a truth
out of nothing just to win.
But don't you need proof
to win a case, Mr Banerjee?
And we've submitted everything
including Ashok's DNA to his semen,
It's clearly an open and shut case.
You're right, Sameera! But it is a
'police officer' that was killed.
The media is brutally targeting
the police department for TRPs.
Hence, they can create evidence or
make it disappear with help of Ratnakar.
So? Should we be scared?
We should be careful.
There is an SI named
Vikram Vasudev in Coonoor.
I've talked with him to get
us the inside information.
But he is also a policeman, right?
He will do anything for money.
I asked him to meet you today.
I have already
transferred 25 lakhs to his account.
So, it's a win-win situation for both.
-What if he changes his word?-He will be at risk.
We can file a police case
accusing him of taking a bribe.
-But to meet him without you?
-I spoke to our people at the court...
Ratnakar is submitting
evidence by 10 am tomorrow.
So please understand.
This is very urgent.
But if you could...
You know how important the work
which I attending right now, Sameera.
-Please keep me posted.
[doorbell dings]
One second.
Who is it?
Speak to Banerjee.
Did you receive the money?
It's all spent.
But that was only the advance, right?
There will be more...
Why sir? Where are you?
I am going out on some important work...
We'll meet later.
Come back soon.
We have to save her, right?
Give the phone to her.
-I'll keep you posted.
I'm sorry. I just quit smoking.
If you don't mind...
And also, it's a no-smoking room.
I don't like to ever hear a 'no'.
I feel restricted.
The situation should always
be under our control, right?
Is it okay to break the law for that?
Why worry about the law? It will run
its own course and we should run ours.
We live in a nation where the
innocent parents were framed
for their daughter's
murder in the Talwars's case.
Then, what is my value or yours?
[TV playing smoking
awareness advertisement]
That spoilt the mood...
Look at this... a small symbol.
It shows how a small mistake
can change our lives.
All it takes is one bad decision.
Is that experience speaking?
Thanks, madam.
What information are the
police going to give Ratnakar?
I will tell you.
Nirbheek revolver.
32 caliber
6 shots
15 meters range
A single shot might have suggested
that it was done out of fear.
But the second shot suggests...
looks like vengeance.
It wouldn't be wrong to kill
Ashok a 100 times for what he did.
[door unlocks]
[locks door]
What are you doing here?
[glass shatters]
Shall we have some coffee?
No matter what, coffee from a
machine doesn't taste good.
Banerjee said you would give
me some inside information.
Well... Just asking...
Does coffee change the
color of milk or vice versa?
I had that doubt since childhood.
Well... This case...
[scoffs] I mean the
coffee should be tasty.
I am very particular about it.
That's not what I asked.
Do you see that file?
Whatever I write in that,
-it will decide your future.
I thought it will be decided in the court.
Whatever you submit to the
court, it is just an information.
When I submit it, it becomes proof.
Have the coffee... It would turn cold.
It's very simple matter, madam.
Ratnakar will instigate a
regional feeling to the police.
Moreover, the police are trying to
save their reputation in your case. So...
The police will dance to
the tunes of Ratnakar.
But... they can't change the truth, right?
They will change the
perspective of the truth.
I have followed your case
very thoroughly, madam.
But one thing is bothering me.
You worked as a mere receptionist
in a company for five years...
And you married the company's
owner all of a sudden?
Are you here to give
information or interrogate me?
I am here to make money.
Madam, I am very clear.
I want you to be clear
and tell me the truth.
It's beneficial for both of us.
The truth is, I married
Rahul because I loved him.
But... Did Rahul really love you?
What do you mean?
You have a murder case against
you. But you are saying it's a rape.
Rahul didn't make a single public
statement in your support so far...
He doesn't need to show
his support to the world.
The amount of 25 lakh rupees
given to you wasn't Banerjee's.
Why're you laughing?
Rahul doesn't need to
show his support in public...
But he should show it to you, right?
Look at these.
These are pictures from events
you've both attended in the past year.
If any of these pictures had both of you
holding hands or whispering in one's ears,
we can think that he has
immense love for you.
Your observational theory about
holding hands and kissing each other is
The truth is...
I like to keep my life private.
Is your husband a very
private person like you?
Doesn't this look odd?
It looks like a bachelor party.
Probably he was too drunk
to know what he was doing.
I thought the same.
Until I researched further,
and traced this picture to a dating site
during Rahul's college days in London.
That dating site was not for men
seeking women and vice-versa.
It's only for men.
Does that mean...
Rahul is a gay?
Shut up!
You are crossing your limits.
How is Rahul connected to this case?
if I could get this
information just being an SI,
Ratnakar can get it very easily.
And whatever evidence he gets, he will use
this as a weapon to break you in court.
He'll say your marriage
was one of convenience.
Stop it! That's not it.
There is a lot of money in
this marriage but no love.
-You married Rahul for money.
-Shut up! You...
Rahul could give you
status but not pleasure.
-You had an affair for your needs...
Even if it was an affair,
when a girl says no, it's a no.
-And this was a 'no'!
I'm here to help you and my slight
provocation stating Rahul being a gay...
...and your affair made you
fumble words such as affair, no etc.
And Ratnakar is not going to
highlight your 'no' but the 'affair'.
He will tarnish your character
and easily win the case.
I did yelled like this
to make you understand.
Shall we talk about the truth now?
-Are you married, Vikram?
Do you have a girlfriend?
I know a girl named Reshma
whom I her through Whatsapp.
The funny thing about
a relationships are...
they run on expectations and reality.
Expectations lead to disappointment.
And the reality leaves you in pain.
First, my dad left me
disappointed when he died.
I was left with pain as I couldn't
save my mother out of helplessness.
But after I met Rahul,
it felt different.
Thank you, sir.
Look at the census.
Don't you guys get it?
When you don't know how to do
it, just leave your job and go.
Good job.
Congratulations, Sameera.
I never realized when our professional
relationship transformed
into a personal one.
Rahul, Dhanunjay Constructions are
getting aggressive with their bidding.
Keep that aside.
Rahul, it's really important.
It can wait.
Do you like me?
You have given me enough
comfort to call you by your name...
Why wouldn't I like you?
Then, marry me.
Don't be surprised.
You were able to understand me
well in such a short period of time.
I made this proposal out of confidence
that you will accept me for who I am.
How could you lose your mother
due to lack of money, Sam?
Marry me.
You will have status...
You will have money,
prestige, basically a good life.
People generally express
their love when they propose.
Why are you talking about
status and reputation?
Because I cannot love you...
Affection... Yes. Caring... Yes.
But between us...
He found necessity in my love.
I found honesty in his proposal.
I married him with the hope that I could
make him fall in love with me someday
Want to know how our honeymoon went?
This is beautiful, Rahul. Thank you.
That's your room.
Rahul is a businessman...
He spent his life marketing.
First, he told you what
you'd like to hear.
-Then, he told you what you needed to know
I don't want to involve Rahul
or his orientation in this case.
I see!
No wonder Rahul isn't here...
But it's difficult, madam.
The moment you enter a police station,
they'll note down all your family details.
The moment you killed Ashok, Rahul
automatically got involved in the case.
Ratnakar will definitely talk
about your marriage in the court.
Don't become emotional and
confess that Rahul is a gay.
We will be screwed.
But that's the truth!
But you didn't divorce Rahul
inspite knowing he was gay.
So Ratnakar will definitely stress that
you married Rahul only for his money.
No one will sympathize with you.
Sometimes, a question
answers another question.
I didn't understand.
Ratnakar did not become
a lawyer overnight...
His wife is the daughter
of a judicial judge.
Not sure whether he
loved her or trapped her,
but his life transformed
after the wedding.
That's what you should ask!
I thought Banerjee would have
coached you by now...
Tsk! Very bad!
What could be more
important than this case?
He's been to case-related work.
[aeroplane whizzes]
[notification tone]
We wanted to be discreet.
But someone has found out!
What! But how?
I have no idea.
But I got a message 'Welcome to Coonoor'.
-Be careful.
How are things with Vikram?
He is giving me tips to win over Ratnakar.
He seems to be good at what he does.
Okay, I will call you once I reach.
French fries with fish for
her and double roti for me.
Make it fast.
How do you know about my preferences?
Investigation doesn't
mean asking for information.
It's about gathering information.
What else did you find out?
I mean...
how long have you known Ashok?
Rahul introduced me to him.
He was the police security in
charge for our company events.
He was on Rahul's payroll.
Why do you sanctify
corruption with such fancy words?
Call it a bribe.
So, have you known Ashok
for about two years?
Look at this, madam.
This is hotel surveillance
footage on the day of Ashok's death.
He arrived but didn't wait.
He walked in without knocking the door.
The door was open as if
you were expecting him.
I forgot to lock the door.
The same is mentioned in the FIR.
I just need the information that
you know, which isn't in the FIR.
Ashok entered at 1.25 pm.
You've killed him exactly
after one and half hour.
What happened during that time?
Were you raped so many times?
Or for so long?
Vikram! Mind your language!
Your anger won't be valued
as much as the proof in the court.
What proof?
2010, Gitam College...
Annual Day Function.
This is you.
And this...
So what?
A lot of people attend college events...
Just because we posed together for a
photo didn't mean we knew each other.
That's not the point, madam.
You denied knowing Ashok when I asked you.
Ratnakar will corner you with
this same matter in the court
and calls it an illegal affair.
Because... When there was no
affair, there is no need to lie...
And if a lie is proved, there is
no need to reinforce the truth.
If you make conclusive statements...
what's the value of my feelings, then?
Of course, there is value.
If you tell me the truth...
I will help you escape
from this situation...
And then, ask you how much I want.
[thunder rumbles]
I married Rahul and was with him.
But I felt very empty.
During that time...
I remembered all our good
times from the past at once.
I don't know how to explain it...
But Ashok was nice to me.
I connected to him emotionally.
In my 'nothing' life,
Ashok became something.
A friend...
A friend who never asked any questions.
A friend whom I could trust.
When I told him about my Coonoor
trip, he offered to come along.
I never asked him why.
I left the door open for him that day.
I considered him as a good friend...
I understood later that
he didn't think like me
Slowly he started dropping some hints.
What are you doing? Ashok!
Please, leave!
[locks bolt]
[glass shatters] Ten
years of friendship...
...and he was ready to give
it all away just for sex.
I tried to fight back. I screamed...
But he was like an animal.
You asked for the truth, right?
This is the truth.
Does anyone else know about
your friendship with Ashok?
Only Rahul, Mr Banerjee
and now you.
The soft copy of that
college picture is at home.
I will delete it by morning.
Don't worry.
I will not disclose your
college matters to anyone.
Please don't share this with anyone.
All we need to think about now
is to figure out what Ashok
did before you were raped.
We can.
Let's do it.
FIR suggests a blow to the head.
You lost consciousness upon the blow.
We can get it medically certified...
By the time you gained
consciousness he was on top of you.
Will Ratnakar believe it?
To tell a lie, you need to hide the truth.
But to tell the truth,
all you need is courage.
Of course, sometimes you have to
resort to a lie for the sake of truth.
It's inevitable! [chuckles]
And it is not wrong too!
First you believe it, madam.
Then we will convince Ratnakar.
One more thing!
I gave you two ideas till now.
20 lakh rupees for each idea
and it amounts to 40 lakhs.
-Don't evade my payment at last moment.
Moreover, Mr Banerjee isn't here.
[door unlocks]
[notification tone]
Madam, your phone.
Madam, why are you silent?
Er... Nothing.
Do you know what Mahatma Gandhi said?
When you want to be in
control of a situation...
You should always trust a man who
works for money rather than for love.
Er... It wasn't Gandhi...
I came up with it.
Ok, come to the point.
How do you get
something out of a locked room?
[smiles] It can be done. What's my cut?
Tell me your quote.
I didn't mean three
crores. It's thirty lakhs.
Since you asked in particular... I'm
quoting as per demand and supply theory.
Coonoor economics!
That means there's
something important in that room.
Idea, please.
The fire alarm will go
off on lighting a cigarette.
Won't it go off with a lighter as well?
Damn, the timing of
the dialogue is missed.
Once the alarm goes off,
everyone will rush
out and we can enter.
Let me know if you need anything else.
I'll give you a discount.
[phone rings]
Which case?
One year back...
Missing case... from one year ago?
I'm busy. I'll talk to you later.
Okay. I will call you. Bye.
Sorry, madam. Where were we?
Er... What is the missing case?
That is some other case...
Let's get back to our case.
You said one year back. What is it?
I've meddled with some
guy's life unexpectedly.
Now that case has become a burden.
Who is it?
[sneezes] Why are these
rains incessant, Sri Reddy?
Just call me Reddy, sir.
By the way...
Why don't you visit Reshma for a massage?
All your pains would vanish at once.
No way. Her husband installed
CCTV cameras at their house.
All those videos will become
viral if we get caught.
The public is already upset
with the police.
I bought some special ginger tea for you.
Hasn't your school reopened yet?
Does he have to study
now to be a collector?
Maybe not, but I won't
end up as a constable.
-Go look!
Help him, lift him up!
Take a look at those papers.
That was the first time I saw him.
He looked very weak.
But there was determination in his eyes.
Those eyes are scary!
He didn't stop with that first visit.
He kept coming to the station.
Why isn't anyone taking responsibility?
Why are you not concerned?
My father is missing.
-Do something. Please help me out, sir.-I'm checking, right? Wait for sometime.
-How can it be like this, sir?-Hey!
This is a Police Station.
Why are you shouting?
It's been three days since
my father had gone missing.
Nobody seems to care, sir.
Please help me, sir.
Please, sir.
-What is the name?
-Professor Vinay Varma, retired.
Uhuh... What is your name?
Look, Adarsh.
Coonoor has four police stations.
There are 400 pending cases and 25 plus
missing cases.
We're responsible for all of them.
Investigations will take time.
How can you call it lack of concern?
Have you lodged a complaint?
We have also filed an FIR, sir.
They've made a note, right?
We will verify and call you back.
You can go.
The thing is that, sir...
Get going!
Why is he wearing a
mask like Batman, Reddy?
Heard that he's got cancer, sir.
I hope it's not contagious.
-Someone get me soap immediately.-Okay, sir.
I'm already in recovery state.
Sir, the man inside has come
to an agreement. Can I send him?
I wish everyone was like him!
What will they gain by
creating a scene like Adarsh?
Except irritation and tension?
I told him the same, sir.
Don't waste your time here.
Instead take care of your resort.
-They own quite a big one.
Then what are we waiting for? Get the
boy's file. We shall handle Suresh, sir.
Are you interested in the
case or the resort, sir?
Do you want information or the share?
Sir... Adarsh is here.
Is this your resort?
Yes, sir.
Are there any property issues?
Generally, some people
run away out of pressure
and some commit suicide as they
couldn't handle these property issues.
My father has no reason to run away.
Nor is he a coward to kill himself, sir.
Here, take the folder.
The reason that I'm still alive
is because of his motivation, sir.
Then someone must have killed him.
No. That's not what I meant...
Just a doubt.
I am a policeman, right?
Look Adarsh...
There are 2 ways things
happen around here.
One, through the superior's orders.
Two, through bribing the subordinates.
To get orders from above,
it may take a week or a month or a year.
Moreover, there is no
guarantee that the job will be done.
I'm fine with both ways...
How about you?
-How much will it cost, sir?
Not in thousands.
Well said, Reddy!
Cash or cheque?
If it is possible, make it in cash.
If not, a cheque shall suffice.
There could be tax problem!
-Is it a crime to borrow, Reddy?
-In that case, there is no issue.
I will have cash arranged, sir.
Give me the file.
Here, Sir.
Vinay Varma!
That day, all of us went to the Collector
to discuss about the temple issue, sir.
After that?
-Sorry, Sir.
-Hmm. Then?
[gate creaks]
When I returned in the
evening, I saw the car at home.
I thought the master had returned
home. So, I went to my room.
-When did all this happen?
-No idea, sir.
He is keeping secrets, sir!
Let's go.
Here is Dad's phone.
His phone is upstairs...
His car is downstairs...
But the man is missing.
Okay. Type the password and give it to me.
I don't know, sir.
This is another secret, Reddy.
-Give it to Shahid and get it unlocked.
-Okay, sir.
Where were you that day, madam?
After his chemo session in Coimbatore...
Chemotherapy is a treatment.
We've started at 5.30 PM.
I was driving a bit
slow because of the rain.
We gave a lift to a girl on the way.
I think her name was Vaishnavi.
Who is she?
Er... no idea, sir.
It was raining that night.
The girl was alone... So mom...
Why would you do such social service?
Don't you know highways
are not safe at night?
-Why would you give a lift to a stranger?
-Correct, sir.
the girl didn't seem like that, sir.
She requested us to
drop her at The Hotel Taj.
She had come till there and
went away without intimating us.
-She left without intimation?-Yes, sir.
She said she got lost while trekking.
Who treks here, Reddy?
Mariamma temple is in a restricted area.
-But he says they picked her up here.
-Yes, sir. We picked her up here.
Hey girl, where are you
going alone at this time?
What happened?
She must have been a thief, sir.
This area is well known for robberies.
You are right.
Last night Reshma also knocked
off some cash from my pocket.
[phone rings]
It's Vinay Varma's call, sir.
Sir, we are calling from
Balaji Co-operative Bank.
Your loan of sixty lakhs has been cleared.
You can come and collect
the clearance certificate.
Thank you.
-Reddy! Get me the call details.
-Sir... Ok, sir.
Adarsh, get in the car.
What about me?
Take a jog, Reddy.
60 lakhs?
Though, there is another
year of loan period,
he pre-closed it citing it to be urgent.
Did he pay 60 lakhs in one go?
He paid 11 lakhs from his account, sir.
The other 49 lakhs was paid by Chirantan.
You have four things to do.
First, trace out who Chirantan is.
It is a Singapore based account.
Hello! We are calling from Coonoor.
Track Vinay Varma's phone signals
and collect CCTV footage
from the locations.
I want details of Vinay Varma's
car wherever it was spotted.
Send Vinay Varma's photograph to every
police station in our area.
Put up missing posters
all over the city.
"Whatever happens, he won't stop..."
Greetings, sir. The phone is unlocked
"No matter whoever is before
him, he won't spare them"
-"Whatever happens, he won't stop..."
"No matter whoever is before
him, he won't spare them"
Why did you bring me here, sir?
Take a look at this picture.
This is the last picture
on your dad's phone.
It was shot here.
He might have been in a hurry.
Or something must have happened
while he was taking it.
What could have actually happened, sir?
That too at this point...
I don't understand anything, sir.
-What are you doing?
You could have been killed!
You missed by a fraction!
Don't you watch out...
First major clue.
I tried calling Chirantan, sir.
No one answered.
I even tried calling the
Singapore mobile network.
It sounded like they were
cursing in their language, sir.
Singapore language?
Yes, sir.
[phone rings]
[gibberish] Don't call up!
Get lost!
Sir, I tried speaking in
Singapore language with my creditors...
It's already been a week
since they've lent me money.
I'm trying to manage.
It's good that they
have waited for a week.
Some people start calling
within an hour of giving money...
They start calling within
an hour of giving...
Look at this, Reddy.
The deposit was made at 2pm on July
23 and there was a call at 2.30 pm.
There was a deposit at 11am on July
27th and there was a call at 11.30 am.
Same... Same.
The call was from the
same number every time.
This number is 040. Second major clue.
[tyres screech]
I asked Adarsh to come to the station
and he said he was not well.
How is he feeling now?
It's alright, sir. I am ok.
We could not contact Chirantan till now
Each time money was deposited...
A call came from the same number.
From which place, sir?
From Hyderabad.
Panjagutta Police Station.
Police station?
We don't know who it was...
We are getting the account details
to find out who this Chirantan is.
Here, Vinay is missing...
There is Chirantan from Singapore and
Hyderabad's Panjagutta Police Station...
What is the connection?
Before I established a connection,
What is the status of Vinay Varma's
missing case?
Investigation is going on, sir.
Hand over the file and all the evidence.
I will take care of it.
You handle the cricket betting case.
-Sir, actually Adarsh...
-How much did you take?
How much did you take?
I gave it up.
I don't know if it was the money
or the pressure...
I didn't pursue the case.
I let down Adarsh.
Adarsh did not even know if
his father was dead or alive.
On one hand, his father was
missing, he has cancer... [phone rings]
and a mother to look after.
[phone rings]
Dialer tone: The number you've
called is not answering.
When someone like
that asked me for help...
I let him down.
I ignored Adarsh.
[phone rings]
Dialer tone:The number you've called is busy.
Did you see him?
Yeah, I'm coming.
Sir... Sir...
[doorbell dings]
Why are you here?
Why didn't you tell me initially
that money will not fix my problem
if you got orders from above, sir?
-Look, Adarsh! I...
-My father always told me...
"It's you who should find
solutions for your problems."
It was my mistake to depend on you.
Suresh is dealing with your case.
Mr Suresh is dealing with your case.
How much was the deal, sir?
I thought the police would do
their job after taking a bribe...
I never expected them to cheat, sir.
See, Adarsh!
You are unnecessarily over reacting.
Your dad's case...
It's not my dad's case,
sir. He is my father!
Here's the balance amount, sir.
There is no more connection
between you and me.
Deal closed!
[stammers] That's not the case, Adarsh...
I can't leave a job
half done like you, sir.
That's why I am paying you
the entire amount and leaving.
Reddy! Get the traffic signal
CCTV footage. Fast!
Sir, if Suresh finds out...
Sorry, sir.
Phone signals show that Vinay Varma
was at a lot of places that day.
Not all the areas...
I just need the route
from Kotagiri to Vannarpet.
Why are you very
particular about that area, sir?
This is Kotagiri and this is Vannarpet.
This is 19/20 hairpin bend
where the accident took place.
Every vehicle has to pass through
this toll gate.
I want the details of every black car
that passed through this toll gate.
Keep going.
Not this one.
This one!
How do you know it's this one, sir?
There is no side mirror.
Telangana Registration
What is the sticker on the glass?
It's a Hyderabad Car rental company.
[tyres screech]
I am from Coonoor police
department. I need details of a car.
Who rented this car?
A lot of people rent our cars.
How can I tell you who rented it?
July, 30th.
Let me check.
I offered a lift to a girl on the way...
I think her name was Vaishnavi.
Do you have Vaishnavi's address?
[door bell dings]
Hello, ma'am.
I'm looking for Vaishnavi?
It's me. Who are you?
We caught a thief in Coonoor a week ago.
We found this bag on him.
When we interrogated him, he said he
stole it from a car rental company.
When we enquired with the company,
they said the car was
booked in your name.
So, I came to return the bag.
Coonoor? Where is that?
We've never been there!
The details given by the
thief matched yours. So...
That can't be right...
Maybe, my husband often goes
out of station on cases.
He might've booked it.
Don't you know you have come to a
policeman's house, being a police officer?
My husband...
DSP Ashok Krishna.
DSP Ashok Krishna?
Every time there was a call
from the same number.
Where from, sir?
Panjagutta Police Station.
Hmm. Yeah.
-Where is he now?
-Nectar Gardens.
He's in charge of the security
for the Maha Constructions' event.
[phone rings]
I ordered you to leave the case but you
still went ahead and reached Hyderabad?
-Sir! It's not that, sir.
-Don't act smart!
Vinay Varma's son has
been roaming around
the Punjagutta police station, adamant to
meet DSP Ashok Krishna, since two days.
Sir, Adarsh is not in Hyderabad.
-He's in Coimbatore for treatment.
-What are you saying? Vikram...
Do you take me for a fool?
If he meddles further,
he'll get a bullet in his head.
My father always told me,"It's you who
should find solutions for your problems."
I couldn't leave the job
half done like you, sir.
Nectar Gardens.
He is the head of the police security...
He'll get a bullet in his head.
Take me to Nectar Gardens.
[indistinct announcement]
Hey, wait. Where are you rushing?
Sir, I have to meet the DSP.
Hey, what is it?
Sir... I have to meet DSP Ashok, Sir.
I will leave in two minutes, sir.
Hey, what is your problem?
-I want to meet Mr Ashok.
-Why did you come even here?
-Send him out!
-Sir, please hear me out.
-Ganesh, take him away, first.
-Sir, it's not that... Sir...
Let go of me. Leave me! Please....
What's with this heavy traffic?
Is there another route?
No, sir.
Sir... That boy from Coonoor is here.
He is making a scene over here.
Shall I take him to the station?
No! It will be a problem.
Bring him in.
Okay, sir.
Hey, let him go.
Hey! Come over here. Come...
Get my gun.
Don't stop! The signal
is green. Keep driving.
-How much longer?
-Ten minutes.
Hey, stay here. Sir will meet you.
What is it?
I am Adarsh, Sir.
I came from Coonoor.
Coonoor? But that place doesn't
come under my jurisdiction!
My father is missing.
We are not able to trace him.
As soon as Chirantan deposited money, he
got a call from Panjagutta police station.
I mean... That call was from you, sir.
I know nothing.
But, Sir... My father...
Damn it! I told you I know nothing!
Get out of here.
You know about that.
I am not leaving until you tell me.
-Sir, tell me.
I don't know who Vinay Varma is. Get lost!
Vinay Varma...
I never told you my father's name, sir.
You know about my father for sure.
You talk too much!
I will kill you right here. Go!
If you know my father's name...
Then, you should be definitely
knowing about his whereabouts.
Tell me, Sir.
I've been roaming around like a
madman since three weeks, sir.
-[gun whirrs]
-Please! He is my father. Tell me, sir.
Okay, sir.
Let go of me...
[coughs] Why didn't you
let me talk to Ashok?
He will kill you.
Let's go.
Try to understand, Adarsh.
There is a lot of pressure from above.
If there is pressure...
It means they did something wrong, right?
Adarsh, trust me one last time.
-Adarsh... Adarsh...
Careful... Careful...
Faster... Faster...
Careful... Careful...
[indistinct people cheering]
Don't miss the kid.
Boss wants him very badly.
Check everywhere.
[indistinct announcement]
Adarsh, we would be seen by them.
If they spot us...
-I met Vaishnavi just a while ago!
-That's Vaishnavi, sir.
Announcement: I would like to
introduce to you all... to my wife...
Vaishnavi, who was on
the stage on that day...
The day when Vinay Varma went
missing, Ashok and you were in Coonoor.
Because of pressure from above,
that case was pushed aside.
When we thought that
case couldn't be solved,
you've ended up killing
Ashok at Vinay Varma's resort.
I was in Taj Spa that day.
You can check the records if you like.
[scoffs] I always prefer to
be in control of the situation.
Don't you think I would come prepared?
Your missing phone.
Your finger prints are all over it.
But it has the blood of Vinay Varma.
Isn't that why you were
curious about the missing case?
What actually happened?
Smoking and drinking
is injurious to health.
Sometimes, so is silence.
I'm not sure if you don't want to talk
about it or have nothing to say,
but in Vinay Varma's missing case,
FIR has been filed on you and
Ashok that they suspect you.
Ratnakar will find
out by tomorrow morning.
Think about it for once.
Imagine the judge in front of you and
Ratnakar by the right-side holding the FIR
Then you'll have to speak up.
I love your hair color.
You got it done for Vaishnavi as well.
I saw it on her Instagram page.
Is that necessary to you?
First, tell me what's the surprise is?
Wait for it...
We are on the way, right?
Why are you worrying?
[phone ringing]
Hello, Rahul!
No. I will call you once I reach.
If Vaishnavi calls you now,
should I react the same way?
I am getting married in ten
days. I can't avoid him like that.
Why are you getting married? Huh?
Then? Do you expect me to be
your secret affair forever?
I've understood you,
when you got married to Vaishnavi.
That's different and this is different.
You mean, the rules are
different for you and me, hmm?
God damn it, Sam! God damn it!
Rahul's topic is over.
Are you happy now?
Please, Ashok.
Right now, we are together.
Doesn't this mean anything to you?
Ashok! Why are you doing this?
Please, not now. Ashok! Listen to me!
[car honks]
[tires screeching]
Sam! Are you ok?
Hey, are you blind?
Who even gave you a license?
-What nonsense I say!
Is this the way you drive a car?
What if something went seriously wrong?
You barged into my
lane, rammed into my car...
Hey, you bumped into my car
and you are talking too much! Huh?
Is there any sense in what you are saying?
Because I am sensible,
I haven't beaten you up.
Pay for the damages and leave oldie!
Ashok! Let's go, please!
-Is this how you speak to elders?
-Hey, what manners? Huh?
You are drunk and driving the car!
-Do you know it is a punishable offence?
-I will take you to...
-Are you teaching me law?
Why are you teaching me law?
-Ashok, let's go!
-You won't listen to me like this.
Just a moment.
[camera capture]
-Why are taking pictures?
Do you know who I am? Police!
-Leave him Ashok!
-Take a picture now! Come on, do it!
I am sorry.
Sam! Sam!
I am sorry.
Are you happy now?
Have you vented all your anger? Hmm?
I couldn't control it, Sam.
It is because of this anger...
Sam, please. I love you.
I am sorry, Sam.
[car engine starts]
Has your anger reduced?
[birds chirping]
Madam, madam.
That has just been painted.
I was worried it might stain you.
Oh! Thank you.
-How are you, sir?
Is this Vaishnavi madam?
[birds chirping]
I knew you were coming...
But, there's a small issue in the village.
I need to go there.
[door opens]
What issue?
The Government is proposing to displace
Mariamma temple for road widening.
The villagers are resisting and
we have stalled the work.
We need to meet the village head.
Ok, you go.
If I need something, I will call you.
-I'll be back, sir.
Sam! Where are you?
You want to play?
What will I get for finding you?
Where are you?
You've found me a long time ago...
What are you still looking for?
I've searched all the rooms...
Where is the surprise?
You have to wait.
Ok, then you will have to wait as well.
-"Even if I've watched many stories"
-You decide.
-"Different dreams are growing up"
-Will you tell me or not?
-"Are covered with the mask of reality"
-You decide.
-"Our forms which awoke from sleep"
-You know my dream, right?
That I want to settle
down in a cool place happily.
I've found a resort here.
They are into some financial
problems and are ready to sell it.
I liked it as soon as I saw the pictures.
Let us make it into a huge guest house...
Only for us. Only for you and me.
You have planned quiet well.
"There is some different
story within you and me"
"which hided inside me, right?"
"How it would be if anyone sees it?"
"My mind goes crazy
for you and chases you"
[doorbell rings]
Who is it?
My car met with an accident.
I will tell you the details later.
Hey, why are you here?
I am here to meet Chirantan.
Are you Vinay Varma?
Is Chirantan here?
Chirantan is my friend.
I am Ashok.
I am the one buying your property.
I am not selling you my property.
My property! My wish!
I think I have the right to
decide whom to sell it to?
I will not sell it to you. That's final.
Is this about the accident in the morning?
You want me to apologize?
-Come inside and we'll discuss it.
-And I forgot one more thing.
By tomorrow your advance will be returned.
-Thank you.
Why are you crossing your limits?
Bloody! I will kill you here right now.
-Please mind your language.
-Hey! Hell with the language!
That's my property and
I want it. That's all.
-What nonsense?
-What is wrong with you?
-Sam! Make this old guy understand.
-I'll kill him here itself.
-Ok, I will speak to him.
You go inside first. Please!
Uncle! I am really sorry for everything.
I know what he is in the morning...
Uncle, please leave it.
I was driving the car
and it was my mistake.
I am really sorry.
Actually, we heard you
were in need of money...
We liked the property.
We have paid you the advance, right...
take the balance also...
-Include your car damages as well.
-Just a moment.
Unfortunately, money cannot buy respect.
You probably have no idea.
Uncle, please!
I'm asking you to stick
to your deal ethically.
You will have your respect.
You speak a lot!
Especially about ethics and respect. Huh?
Don't talk about it.
It doesn't sound right.
You may don't know me.
But I know you quite well.
-What do you mean?
-I will show what I mean.
Rahul's dad was my college mate.
I don't know what he is to you,
but if Rahul and his
family finds out about this...
It won't be good.
It's not too late.
Change your ways before they come to know.
I will be forced to tell that...
What did you do? Are you crazy?
He was threatening you, Sam!
-He was threatening you.
-So what?
He is alive, Ashok.
He is moving.
We can save him.
Let's do something.
Ashok, help!
Go! Go... Help him!
I am here.
Help me Sam!
-Sam, help!
-I'm coming!
Sam, hurry up!
Oh shit!
Oh shit! What do we do?
I am here. We have to do...
Thank God, he is alive.
We have to call an ambulance.
-What the hell, Ashok?
-Are you crazy?
If we take him to the
hospital, we will end up in jail.
No, Ashok.
Let us report it as an accident.
Let us first save him.
We don't have much time.
Hey, if he survives
will he tell the same thing?
We have to save him, Ashok!
[panting in pain]
Sam, Sam! Listen to me!
Listen to me!
-Listen to me carefully, Sam.
-What did you do Ashok?
Sam, go up, pick up the car
and wait on the other side of the road.
I will come. I will come.
You go.
Go! You go, Sam.
Go, Sam!
Go Sam!
[vehicle arriving]
Wait here I'll be back.
[thunders rumbling]
[thunders rumbling]
I understood what fear was
for the first time in my life.
I didn't know how I got out of there.
What happened?
Where are you going?
-That is... I was going for trekking...
-Oh, Telugu?
Come, first get in the car.
How come you are
trekking so late in the night?
All my friends left in the morning...
I was supposed to
meet them halfway...
But my phone switched off...
So, I lost my way and I
didn't know where to go...
Yeah, this forest is dangerous.
Sorry, I didn't introduce you.
He is my son, Adarsh.
I didn't ask your name...
Where shall I drop you?
Taj Hotel.
Is Taj Hotel located in Lakshminagar,
right son?
-Yeah, but in this rain the road...
-Hmm, right.
Those roads clogs during rains...
Let's do one thing.
Come home with us.
Once the rain stops,
I will drop you at the hotel.
I don't mind taking a rickshaw or a cab.
You don't get cabs here.
Even if you find a cab...
this same problem, right?
Ask your friends to pick
you up after the rain stops.
Can I make a call?
Thank you.
Hello, Ashok!
It's me.
It's me.
I got lost. Can you pick me up?
Where should he come to pick me up?
Umm... Rajendranagar, House Number...
We can share the location.
Hello, I will share the location.
Please come fast.
You will find the location
in my husband's message.
Please share it.
What's his name?
Vinay Varma.
[thunders rumbling]
Did you send it, dear?
I think the rain has stopped.
Hey son, call up your dad.
His phone is switched off, mom.
Switched off?
Adarsh, are you ok?
Just two more minutes,
son. We've almost reached.
Adarsh, get down slowly.
You come inside.
Bear it.
[phone ringing continously]
Where are you?
Why are you out in the cold?
Why don't you come inside?
-Some phone was ringing here.
He keeps forgetting it.
-He's become old. Come inside, dear.
-Mother... Mother...
Come in.
Have you taken your medicine?
Excuse me.
One phone call.
[coin clunks]
Ashok! We have to go back.
I dropped my phone.
Lodge a complaint about your phone
in the police station...
Call up the phone network
and get the SIM blocked.
I will take care of the rest.
What did you do with his body?
Forget about it.
You don't know who Vinay Varma is.
We never came to Coonoor.
-But Ashok-
I told you! Just forget it.
After that, I was busy with my wedding,
guests, and events.
You asked me, right?
That why I was not looking happy
in the photographs.
I tried telling Rahul several times...
But I couldn't do it.
That incident kept flashing in my mind.
Ashok's very name terrified me.
Even with all the fear,
you managed to kill him.
What I don't understand is...
You went to the same Vinay Verma's
resort a year later after killing him.
That too, with the man you feared so much.
I was blackmailed.
Sam, what is that?
Something I liked online and ordered.
Ashok, pick the call...
-Dial tone: The person you are dialing...
-Tsk... Tsk...
-Dial tone: The person you are dialing...
-Tsk... Tsk...
[phone ringing continously]
Stop trying to figure out who I am
and follow my instructions.
You don't have any other option.
Come to Coonoor tomorrow
with two crore rupees.
[phone ringing continously]
I got the money.
Follow my instructions...
Go to room number 501.
[door creaking]
-Place the money above the fire place.
Hello. I've placed the money.
Can I leave now?
There is something else you need to do.
-What?-Go and open the side drawer.
A person will come to the room now.
Kill him.
What do you mean I kill him?
Hello! Hello!
[door creaking]
What are you doing here?
Did he blackmail you as well?
I tried calling you.
I've been trying for a year, Sam.
He told me to switch off the phone.
I will handle it. Leave.
No, Ashok. We both have done wrong.
We have to make this right.
How do we know he will
stop blackmailing us?
That's why let us meet Vinay Varma's
family and confess.
-Sam, Sam! Listen to me. Listen to me!
-We have to ask for forgiveness.
-I will take care. Just leave.
-Ashok, please understand.
Listen to me. You are not
thinking straight. [phone beeps]
You trust me, don't you? Sam?
Who is it, Sam?
Who is it?
He is asking me to kill...
He is asking me to kill you!
What do you want me to do now?
Is he asking you to kill me?
I'll not spare him.
I will kill him!
-How many people will you kill?
Who did I do this for?
Still you pushed me away, huh?
I was scared.
I wanted to share my life with you.
But you said I didn't match
your parents' expectations.
I didn't ask you anything at that moment.
I didn't ask you anything
when you came to me.
But I'm asking you now...
If you've honestly loved me,
let us go and confess, Ashok.
Please, Ashok.
Not if I have loved...
I've always loved you.
Even now.
If this confession proves my love for you,
then let's do it.
This isn't for you but
it's for the Sam I loved.
But remember one thing.
The truth will change everything.
No one will stand by us.
Will you be with me?
[mirror breaks]
[glass shatters]
Sorry, Sam.
-To save myself...
-Ashok, what are you doing?
...he asked me to kill you.
Sam! Don't...
[gun shots]
I tried telling the truth.
But the man who loved me
tried to kill me.
I couldn't handle it.
In a way, I think I have done justice to
Vinay Varma's family by killing Ashok.
Tell me, Vikram.
Did I do it right or wrong?
You will be happy if I hand
over this phone to you.
I'll be happy if you give me the money
you promised for giving you this evidence.
Ah... You returned the phone but
Adarsh knows I went to his house.
How will you manage him?
You said it yourself...
You have done justice to Vinay Varma's
family by killing Ashok.
Isn't that enough for Adarsh
to forgive you?
You are emotionally connected to Adarsh,
Why are you helping me instead of him?
[scoffs] I am helping Adarsh.
Adarsh is hospitalized.
He was very disturbed after
the Nectar Garden events.
I don't know much about medicine,
but I think his cancer relapsed
because of the trauma and tension.
It seems there is a new treatment at UCLA
in the US and would cost one crore.
That's when I realized that Adarsh's life
is more important than his father's death.
[scoffs] Though this is wrong, the
money is for the treatment.
It's not because you gave me evidence
but I owe at least that much to Adarsh.
For whatever Ashok did, I need to.
It's my duty.
Hello, Bhanu...
Ah... I'll send a guy named Vikram.
Keep one crore in cash ready
and hand it over to him.
Actually, keep two crores ready.
I will speak to Rahul.
Thank you.
I thought of paying it that day...
I am giving it today.
Good luck.
Thank you.
ringing] Hello!
What? Hello... Hello...
[thunders rumbling]
The police have arrested Banerjee.
Hello, Ramesh.
This is Vikram speaking.
Which lawyer?
Who is handling it?
Ok, ok.
How strange that Banerjee got caught
at the crime scene with two crores!
So Banerjee was in Coonoor!
I thought you told me the truth.
You hid something from me?
Actually, I got one more call
from the blackmailer.
He demanded five crores this time.
But I wasn't scared of his demands.
[chaos] [glass shatters]
He threatened to reveal to the cops
about the two crores I hid in the room.
I asked him for some time.
Meanwhile, you sent Banerjee
to get the cash.
How could you be so stupid?
Okay, you don't need me anymore.
You have your plans. See you.
It was such a waste of time!
Vikram! Please don't say that.
I really need to get out of this.
Please! I am not asking you
to do it for free.
Madam, not everything is about money.
I am wondering how you could be
so foolish.
If you agree that the
money belongs to you,
you will have totell
about the blackmailer.
If they ask about the blackmailer,
you will have to mention Vinay Varma.
If you say that Ashok killed Vinay Varma,
your affair will be exposed.
Only Ashok knows where Vinay
Varma's body is. So you killed him.
You don't know who the blackmailer is.
You don't know where Vinay
Varma's body is. [scoffs]
No one would believe you.
But that is why Banerjee
has hired you.
The court want proofs
but not the information.
It's not what you know.
-It's what you can prove.
If we know where Vinay Varma's body is,
we would definitely find Ashok's
DNA on the body as he killed him.
Then we can say Ashok was blackmailing
you to expose your affair to Rahul.
And we can create a scenario establishing
Ashok as the culprit.
[thunders rumbling] We need
only one thing now.
Madam, where is the body?
I really don't know.
It wasn't Ashok who hid the body.
It was you!
It isn't the Amazon forest to
lose your way for four hours.
Ashok doesn't have superpowers to vanish
with a broken leg.
I am not a fool to believe all this.
What will you do if Ratnakar accuses
you like this in the court?
I really don't know where the body is.
I don't trust you.
You had a greater motive
to kill Vinay Varma than Ashok.
Shall I tell you the reason?
Vinay Varma would always
be a threat to you.
You were afraid that if
your wedding was called off,
the life that you had dreamt off
would be gone.
So you had to kill Vinay Varma
to protect your dream life.
Am I right?
You don't know me but
I know you very well.
Don't worry.
Mend your ways.
It would be good for you.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Sam!
He threatened me, Ashok.
What will happen if Rahul
comes to know the truth!
It's true that Ashok's leg was
caught and you went to help him.
[vehicle arriving]But out of fear...
-Ashok! Please go!-You might have convinced Ashok to go up.
After Ashok left,
you did not find Vinay Varma there.
It's just you who knows
about what happened later.
The court wouldn't go by
assumptions but they only need proof.
And you said, "It's not what you know
but it's what you can prove, right?"
[chuckles] I
got you again.
When I made such a big accusation on you,
you are saying that I can't
prove it but you are not denying it!
So I am correct.
Do you really think,
I could move an 80 kg man from a
crime scene and make him disappear?
Logically no.
So what I said is true.
Ashok killed Vinay Varma
and that's all I know.
[sniggering] One can learn
to lie confidently from you.
You never told me that Rahul was gay.
I found out myself.
You didn't accept that Ashok was your ex.
I made you accept it.
Even now you are hiding something big.
Won't you tell me?
Your silence spills the truth.
The blackmailer did not ask
you to kill Ashok.
Ashok never planned to kill you.
You pre-planned everything
and killed Ashok.
Lies told with confidence
doesn't become true.
Just because you don't agree,
the truth can't become a lie.
It's a fact that Ashok
killed Vinay Varma.
It's a fact that Ashok tried to kill me.
[scoffs] If the blackmailer
threatened you both,
he would've asked both of you
to get the money?
But Ashok didn't bring any money.
How do you know?
Ashok wanted to confess
everything to Vinay Varma's family.
How do you know?
Ashok promised to tell the
truth to the blackmailer.
How do you know?
The one who blackmailer...
...is me.
[voice muted]
I blackmailed you both for Adarsh.
You played me? Huh?
I started the game.
But you changed the
rules by killing Ashok.
I didn't bring any money.
If you want to report this to the police
please do it.
I am not responsible for
Vinay Varma's missing.
I am ready for anything.
I'm not here because I'm scared.
I am here to confess the truth
to Vinay Varma's family.
Will you confess?
Will you confess?
So I came here to inform
you since I love you.
But I never knew
I was the only one in love.
I'm an idiot.
But I just realized.
Money is more important to you.
Because you chose to marry him instead
of me even after knowing about Rahul.
You have killed Vinay Varma as
your wedding would get cancelled!
You used me to hide the truth.
Were you scared...
...that dreams of money and status
would ruin if Adarsh reaches you?
Sam, when you ignored me I realised...
that I made so many mistakes for you.
That's why, I've decided to confess.
Ashok, do you what the truth is?
You deserved better.
I kept my distance because,
I didn't want to create a mess
between you and Vaishnavi.
I wanted you to be happy.
Ashok, it's not enough to be in love.
We need to understand each other.
And clearly you didn't understand me.
Do you know how difficult
this one year was, for me? Huh?
I always wondered
if you would forgive me.
Because, who else do I have
in this world apart from you?
Ashok, I loved only you.
If you think confessing is
proof of my love then let us do it.
But remember one thing.
The truth will change everything.
No one will stand by us.
Will you be with me?
When I heard Ashok screaming...
that you were going to do something.
[glass breaks]
[glass shatters]
[gun shots]
[gun shots]
Open the door.
[indistinct voices]
Two more steps... Just two more...
I would've been in the room.
I would've arrested you for killing Ashok.
But I wouldn't have been able to
save Adarsh if you get arrested.
That's why I had to stop myself.
I thought you were helping me.
But you are playing games with me!
I gave you all the information, right?
You and I did all of
these only for the money.
Listen to my plan then.
No body!
No crime!
Right now there is nothing that can
connect me to Vinay Varma's death.
But everything is connecting you
to Ashok's death now.
Your game was over at the
moment Banerjee caught there.
To get away with Ashok's murder,
you have to prove that he did everything.
Which means evidence against Ashok has
to be placed on Vinay Varma's body.
And only I can do it for you.
the situation is still in my control.
Do you think I will give
up if you torture me?
[scoffs] You feel one hour as torture?
How can you explain that
torture to Vinay Varma's wife,
who was waiting for one year,
two months and seventeen days.
And what about Adarsh's pain,
who has been waiting for his father's
arrival and fighting for his own life?
Get out!
Bhanu will not pay you now.
Will you get the money only after you
plant evidence on Vinay Varma's body.
Got it?
[scoffs] You won't be able
to save Adarsh till then.
By the way...
...The situation is still in my control.
Where is the body, madam?
[thunders rumbling]
[leaves rustling]
[leaves rustling]
How could you kill him so brutally?
I had to do it.
So what?
Move on.
Don't play any more games...
I've transferred 25
lakhs to your account.
Remember? Bribe.
Sorry, it's a fancy word, right?
[scoffs] I will tell them
you have asked for it.
Like I said,
situation will always be in my control.
Case closed!
Now the case is closed.
Vikram! Vikram! Stop!
How much do you want?
Two? Five? Ten?
Tell me, Vikram,
how much do you want?
I had to do it.
So what!
Move on!
[guns cocking]
Please hand over the gun.
You are under arrest for the murders of,
-Vinay Varma and Ashok Krishna.
No, no, no.
There's been a mistake.
-You don't understand. Let me explain.
-Listen to me.
I am extremely sorry, madam.
We have recorded evidence.
Vikram Vasudev threatened me to confess.
He even collected 25 lakhs bribe from me.
-Vikram Vasudev is corrupt.
-Excuse me!
I am Vikram Vasudev!
Coonoor PS, Tamilnadu State Police.
You've been talking to Adarsh Varma,
son of Vinay Varma.
Stage two...
Father, I am in stage two.
Our sadness and our problems
always look small to others.
So never depend on anyone.
Whatever is the situation,
first accept it.
And then fight it.
Most importantly Adarsh...
Never ever give up.
Where would father have gone
leaving his car and phone behind?
It's raining outside, mother.
He may have stopped at a friend's place.
Don't stress.
[speaking in Tamil]
Sir, Sir, Sir!
My father has been missing
for two days.
What is his name?
Vinay Varma.
-Take the complaint and file the FIR.
-Okay, sir.
Mother... Mother...
-Adarsh! Why are you so tensed?
-Vaishnavi lied to us.
She called someone from
your phone, right?
This number belongs to DSP Ashok Krishna
of Punjagutta in Hyderabad.
He has already raised a complaint
about losing it.
Try to understand, Adarsh.
There is a lot of pressure from
above to close the case.
Doesn't pressure indicate that they did
something wrong?
I am helpless.
-I have to close your father's case.
-My father is not a case, sir!
He is my father!
You gave up but I never did.
It's my father's strength
that I have overcome cancer.
I spent the whole of last year collecting
all the evidence.
I found out where my father
lastly used his phone.
What are you planning to do with these?
I have a plan, sir.
I am Vikram.
Adarsh Varma, the son of Vinay Varma,
becomes Vikram.
I will narrate a story.
I will make up all the lies by the
incidents that had happened to me.
I will become Vikram and
create another Adarsh.
I will use the lies to get the truth.
There is no choice.
And it is not wrong.
Will she believe you?
You said she saw you?
They don't know how Vikram looks like.
She only saw my eyes.
I will cover those eyes.