Even Lambs Have Teeth (2015) Movie Script

Katie, get your skinny ass
over here!
Here. We. Go.
I can't.
I love you. You can do this.
It's gonna be awesome.
-Katie, don't be such a pussy.
-You wish.
-Sleepover. 9th grade.
Gross. How come
you remember everything?
Who loved it?
Is Katie playing? I only want
to do it if she's doing it.
She's playing.
Katie's fine.
I'm not taking drugs.
You're playing. She's playing.
OK, everybody ready?
Do it, Katie-cakes.
You two, Zooey.
Katie, you got this.
What is it?
I put my hand in
the medicine cabinet of life
and pulled out six pills.
Life is random. It's chaos.
Chaos sounds like math.
Put yourself in the hands
of chaos.
-What are you doing?
-I think I feel it.
Look at the light.
You'll be able to tell.
Oh, my Lord
Here's a just reward
Bring me my devil
The door,
she said
And flies down the road
like thunder
Home at last but
you're fading fast
A friendly
An icy glass
The last
song sung
And freedom is in tone
And we'll go
flying through
The kingdom of the universe
But if you get there first
Fly away
Fly away
And we'll go flying through
The kingdom of the universe
But if you get there first
Fly away
Fly away...
Mom, we're home!
You know,
I wish I were your mom.
I'd kick your ass
for not taking at least
a year off before grad school.
Isn't what you just said
kind of kicking my ass
for not taking a year off?
-Pew! Pew!
-Oh, my God!
Dude, seriously?
Sorry. Day drunk.
Also, ecstasies.
-No kidding.
-You love it.
-I am so excited!
-No shit.
In a month we'll be shopping
in New York City.
Oh, my God!
What is your super cop uncle
like? Is he super hot?
-He's old.
-Nerd word.
-I might fuck your uncle.
Ew. That's disgusting.
-You'll be my niece.
-Aww, little niece!
-Your uncle called.
How did he sound?
-Did he ask for me?
You're gonna spend the night
at his house tomorrow,
and then he'll drive you up
to catch the bus
to the farm next morning.
-Super cool.
What kind of farm is it again?
-It's a hippie farm.
-It's not a hippie farm.
It's a CSA.
Community supported agriculture.
All organic.
CSA. That's right.
OK. Thanks, Mom.
I am so proud of you.
Working an organic farm,
I just think that's great.
Well, we're only doing it so we
can go shopping in New York.
And they say philanthropy
is dead.
What's 'silsantropy'?
You were an honours student,
-Don't talk like a stripper.
Strippers are people too!
Dinner's at six.
I love your mom and I hope
she gets laid in Cuba.
-I do!
Excuse me, it'd be good for her!
-It would.
Loosen up a little.
Oh, my God, it's my mom!
Hey! Your uncle's on his way.
You taking a cab to the airport?
I'm serious.
Cuban condoms? No way.
My cell phone
is not gonna work in Cuba,
but I will call you
as soon as I get to the hotel.
You're gonna have fun!
Ahh! And you are gonna be
in touch with your uncle.
-Every day.
-We'll text.
-You'll call.
We'll call.
Mm! Go.
Have fun!
What the fuck
did you do to my phone?
Don't pretend you didn't choose
your own ringtone.
Hey, Mom.
What? I can barely hear you.
No, yeah.
We're with Uncle Jason.
What? I can't hear...
Mom, you're breaking up.
OK, I'll talk to you
when you get back.
OK, 'bye.
So, Jay, you're a cop?
Yeah, yeah.
Well, a detective actually.
Cool. Homicide? Like 'The Wire'?
Yeah, I guess,
something like that.
But I am currently on leave.
Cool. Do you
currently have a girlfriend?
Yeah, her name's Gemma.
You'll meet her at my place.
Hm. Is it serious?
It's pretty serious.
-Gemma? Hey.
It's so great
to finally meet you.
You too! Come here.
-What do you guys want to eat?
-Anything's fine.
-But could we see our room?
-Yeah, of course.
-Yeah, it's down here.
-Make yourselves at home.
Come in.
-How are you guys doing?
Well, if you need anything,
uh... You know where it is.
OK. Goodnight.
Oh, that Gemma
must have some magic pussy.
I think she's OK.
My mom hates her.
Listen, I've been thinking,
and I really like
the name 'Heather'.
It's just so '70s.
Heather. Try it on me.
Wrong. Try it.
I'm not going to bed
until you try it.
-No way!
-I've got all night.
Can we go to sleep now?
One more time,
ask me a question.
Can we fucking go to sleep now?
Oh, my God, I love it!
-What are we gonna call you?
-I'm fine.
We're gonna leave our IDs here
and make up hippie farm
We've gotta call you something.
Oh, my God,
I fucking love it!
Heather and Ripley? Genius.
-Oh, my God, they're having sex.
No, they're not.
Yes, they are. Yes, they are!
Sloane, get back here!
Sloane! Get back here!
Oh, yes!
-Ah! Whoo!
-Must be helping him.
-Let's go check the times.
-We're gonna check the time.
Hey, do you know
when the next bus comes?
In about an hour.
I just checked.
Cool. Do we need keys
to the bathroom?
Sorry, ours is actually
out of order.
-They've got one across
the street. -Thanks!
But if you go in there,
don't drink the coffee.
I'm serious, trust me.
Just don't drink it.
-You'll never leave.
-Thank you.
-'Bye! Love your jacket!
-Thank you!
-And your shoes too! Look great.
The bus will be here in an hour.
-Want me to wait with you?
-Nah, it's cool.
We want to check out
the local flavour.
Well, call me
when you get there, OK?
I'll text.
Could you... just call?
OK, but if I can't call,
I'll text.
OK, fine, but use a word
at the end of the text
so I know it's you.
-OK, how about 'apple'?
-'Apple' is good.
And then the next day,
move through the alphabet.
So after 'apple',
something that starts with 'B'.
-Why not just 'apple'?
Because my uncle's
a crazy, paranoid super cop.
-It's just super cop, please.
Now, Katie, can you explain
why we alternate the words?
Because if the
evil killers take my phone
and see the word 'apple'
out of nowhere,
they might think
it's a code word.
-What about 'balls'?
-Can you use that in a sentence?
Absolutely, Katie!
I just love...
Alright, 'balls' is fine.
That's what I always say.
-How about 'banana'?
-Be careful, OK?
Bananas in pyjamas...
-OK, give me your phone.
You will know
in due time.
Hi there.
Can I help you?
Yeah, can we use your bathroom?
Where is it?
It's right over there.
This guy causing you trouble?
Do you guys have any pie?
We've got all kinds of pies.
You know when you get back
from the bathroom
and the food's
already at your table?
So let me get this straight.
You're working at
an organic farm for a month
so you can go shopping
in New York City for a weekend?
That's right.
Sounds cool.
We also want to hit up Brooklyn.
You know, check out some places
where they film scenes
from 'Girls'.
You guys have HBO?
No, ma'am.
Oh! He called you 'ma'am'.
What are your names?
I'm Heather and this is Ripley.
Well, it's damn nice
to meet you, Heather and Ripley.
I'm Jed, and this here's
my brother, Lucas.
You know, you don't have to
wait for the bus.
We could drive you
up to the farm.
Oh, I don't...
The bus goes right there.
It's no problem.
Thanks, though.
-Come on!
-I don't think it's a good idea.
-He called you 'ma'am'.
Besides, look at that ass.
-Which one?
It's called Eco Field
Organic Farm.
It's supposed to be
off Hawkins Pickle Road.
-That's right.
-We just passed it.
Are we gonna turn around
somewhere or...
You'll see.
Where are we?
-Home sweet home.
-This is our family's place.
-Shouldn't we get going?
-I'm sure they're expecting us.
All the farmers
come up here for supplies.
A few of them
walk down the hill.
I just thought I'd get you
acquainted with the area.
Now you know the way.
-Now we know the way.
Don't leave 'em just
standing out there, you idiots.
Bring 'em on in!
You're freakin'
these poor girls out.
I've just taken a pie
out of the oven.
Kettle's on the boil.
-Oh, that's not necessary.
We'll have a quick cup of tea
and then walk you to the farm.
That way you know
your way back here.
Once you taste my pie, you'll
be glad you know the way back.
Oh, that's just Edgar.
He's harmless, honey.
A little afternoon pick-me-up.
Have a seat.
The pie smells great.
It's a blue ribbon winner.
Ain't nothing like it anywhere
outside of Tendale, Washington.
You want some whipped cream
with that?
Whipped cream would be awesome.
Tell him we met some boys.
Thank you.
This pie is great.
Thank you.
It's my grandma's recipe.
We've been drugged.
You'd better get 'em before
they make it to the highway.
-What the fuck!
-I don't know!
-Oh, my God!
-We're gonna get out of here.
They're gonna kill us!
Katie, look at me.
We're gonna get out of here.
Say it. SAY IT!
We're gonna get out of here.
-Promise me.
-I promise.
Somebody please help us!
Help! Help us! Please!
Help! We're stuck up here in
the middle of fucking nowhere!
No-one can hear you
bang and scream.
There ain't a soul around here
for miles in every direction.
Let us go.
My advice?
Shit is gonna happen.
If you wanna keep all your
teeth, just go with it.
-It's easier.
-What are you talking about?
Let me show you our amenities.
What we have here
are outdoor showers,
some clothing.
And that there
is a fine mattress.
It isn't exactly one of them
fucking bowling-ball mattresses,
but it'll do just fine.
-What are you gonna do with us?
-What? No.
-We've got a tap
for fresh well water
and a small generator
around back that provides power
for the lamps and anything else.
-You have to let us go!
-That there's the toilet.
We'll take care of that
as required.
We are, after all,
not savages.
We're gonna get along just fine.
Well, let's get a look at you.
What'd I tell you about
this shit?
I'm sorry.
You picked them up
in the blue truck?
What'd I tell you about taking
the truck without asking?
I'm sorry.
Go get the other one.
Ladies, I apologise.
It's my job to make sure
that you stay healthy.
Looks like somebody
named Jason...
...is trying to text you
to see if you're OK.
He's my uncle.
Well, I'll text,
"Everything's good.
"We're having fun."
But these boys seem to think
your name is Ripley,
and this phone belongs
to somebody named Katie.
She's Ripley.
Why don't we let her answer?
I don't think I need to tell you
that... something terrible...
...is gonna happen
if you lie to me.
It's Katie.
You know, because
you told me the truth,
I'm not even gonna hurt
your friend for lying to me.
This time.
You typed 'apple'
in your last text.
I'm guessing that's the...
What is that?
Is that a safety word?
You have to text 'apple'
so he knows that it's from you?
It's a safety word. Apple.
Very good.
Now we're all getting along.
It's a long ride...
In the sunlight
Take control and command...
So the showers are
heated by the sun.
You just open that up there.
I'll be down in 10 minutes.
-Mother needs your help.
-10 minutes!
You got five.
What the fuck!
-What's going on here?
-Oh, my God.
No! Help us! Please!
Assholes kidnapped us!
Please help us.
They have a gun!
Is this true?
I'm afraid it is, sir.
What's happening?
What's going on?
I couldn't keep a straight face.
Ah. Oh.
I, I can't decide.
Take 'em both.
OLDER Jesus, Jed.
I'm too old for that.
No, I'll, uhh... take 'em
one at a time.
I'll see you girls
in about half an hour.
Fuck you!
You fellas got
anything to eat around here?
Please don't do this.
Please. Help us. Please.
We can get you money.
Yes. Anything.
Do you guys have any allergies
or anything?
We're allergic to being
kidnapped and tortured
by 'Deliverance' fucktards
like your family!
Do you have any nut allergies?
No! Please! Stop!
They're gone.
Have you seen my phone?
Yeah. I have.
I keep thinking about those
girls out there on their own.
They're fine.
She said she'd text
when she got there.
She did.
-Well, I never got it.
-She said they're fine.
-You're right.
I did get a text from Katie
saying everything's fine.
Great. Can you help?
My parents will be here
in 10 minutes.
I asked her to use
a different code word every day.
She used the same code word
from yesterday,
the exact thing
I asked her not to do.
Well, Jason, this is real life,
not 'Alias'.
She was probably just confused.
Look alive, ladies.
It's gonna be a busy day.
I think blue's
my favourite colour today.
Yeah, I really do.
It's OK.
No! No, leave her alone!
Leave her alone! Stop! No!
You know I love you, right?
Why did you make me do that?
Look, I love you!
Why did you make me do that?
You're too beautiful. It's...
It's too much.
You're too beautiful.
You're just too much.
You're too beautiful.
Oh, God.
Oh, please.
No, I'm just hoping
you can double-check.
-No, they...
-What the fuck, Jason?
Just a sec. Are you sure
they didn't show up there?
This other farm,
you think they might have
shown up there by mistake?
That'd be great. Thank you.
I'll be at this number. Thanks.
Are you coming or what?
-They never showed up.
-I'm sure they're fine.
-They're not 10 years old.
-I gotta go up there.
I'll explain everything
to your parents.
The last girls
tried to escape too.
If these hoods come off
and he sees you,
you're all out of birthdays
forever - do you believe me?
-He's coming.
-Who's coming?
Please make sure these hoods
don't come off
until we take them off.
Why? Who is he?
No! No!
No. Please! No!
Argh, no!
-No, leave her alone!
Please make him stop!
No! No!
Are you OK? Are you OK?
Oh, my God.
It's gonna be OK.
OK? I promise.
You're gonna be OK.
It's gonna be OK. OK?
It's OK.
Is there something
I can help you with?
Yeah, I'm here to see
Sheriff Andrews.
I left a few messages.
I'll take it from here.
Thank you, Deputy.
You, uh, must be Mr Carter.
Detective Carter, actually. FBI.
But I'm not here on duty.
I'm concerned about
my niece and her friend.
It's understandable.
What can I do to help?
Well, like I said
in my messages,
they never showed at the farm
they came to work at.
Eco Field Organics?
Do they have any friends
in the area?
-Maybe they made new friends.
I doubt it.
Young people have a tendency
to test the adults
in their lives, on occasion.
I don't think that's the case.
And it's doubly difficult
with young girls.
If they're the free-spirit type,
they'll often take off
on their own for a while.
-No way.
-You're sure?
Yeah, I think they were taken.
What makes you think
they were taken?
She didn't use the code.
-The code?
When she texted, she didn't use
the proper code word.
I'll tell you what.
I'll look into it.
Go home, get some rest.
My deputies and I will question
everybody at that farm.
We have your number.
Go get the other one.
-What's wrong with her?
-What do you think?
You... shouldn't have lied
about that text to your uncle.
We can't have the FBI
poking around up here.
Get rid of these two.
Dump them where we dumped the
others, just outside the city.
What about some new girls?
There's another bus
coming in tomorrow.
If they find these girls
by the morning,
they're gonna leave us alone
by the afternoon.
Wendy's on the docks
Another job well done...
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Look, sorry, we're closed.
I just want to ask you
a few questions.
It's about two missing girls.
I got a pistol
underneath this counter,
so if you're thinking of
robbing me, you best move on.
No, I'm a detective, OK,
with the FBI.
No shit.
My niece and her friend
are missing.
Last place I saw them was here.
Well, across the street.
A couple blondes?
Both crazy hot?
-Yeah, you saw them?
The short-haired,
she used my facilities.
Did they mention anything?
Were they with anyone else?
They said they were gonna work
on one of them organic farms.
-A couple of guys picked 'em up.
-What guys?
I've seen 'em around
a few times.
You know, good-looking,
if that's your sort of thing.
20s, cowboy types.
What were they driving?
Blue pick-up.
'69 GMC 910. Great shape.
Girls seem scared?
No, they didn't seem scared.
The short-haired,
she didn't seem like
she'd be scared of anything.
Is there anything else?
Blue pick-up had
a bumper sticker.
It said,
"My other ride's your mom."
OK. Thanks.
We have to get out of here.
I'm so tired.
I know. But listen.
I heard them talking yesterday,
and they said
they're gonna kill us.
Don't touch these two
till the sheriff arrives.
It's on the house.
Where are they going?
Into town.
They're going to get
more girls, aren't they?
I wouldn't know
anything about that.
What happened to the girls
that were here before us?
I don't wanna...
I don't wanna think about them.
They're dead, aren't they?
Did you love them?
You love me, don't you?
I'm, uhh...
I'm not supposed...
I'm not... supposed to.
But I want you to touch me.
I didn't think you liked me.
Well, you have to understand,
it's hard
given the circumstances.
-No, I understand.
The girls' uncle
asked about a blue pick-up.
I don't give a fart's fuck
if it's a classic.
You tell Boris to burn that
fucking truck with the bodies.
I'm on my way to pick up
the girls now.
We have a problem.
The platinum Jane
If that's your real name
You're a killer
You're a cool, cool ride
Just a regular guy
What a killer
Bup-bup-bup da-da da-da da
I really want a knife
that cleans
Bup-bup-bup da-da da-da da
What a killer
You're a passionate man
Put your dad on the stand
You're a killer
Your Super 8 team
in a pyramid scheme
You're a killer
Bup-bup-bup da-da da-da da
I really wanna a knife
that cleans
Bup-bup-bup da-da da-da da
What a killer
-We need gas.
-For this.
Gas is out...
...out back.
Paper or plastic?
Do you know someone named Boris?
He drives a blue truck.
Bup-bup-bup da-da da-da da
I really wanna a knife
that cleans...
What can we do ya for?
Well, I was parking, and I
backed into somebody's truck.
But when I went back with a pen
to write a note,
the truck was gone.
I didn't get the licence plate,
but it was a 1969
blue GMC pick-up,
and it had, uh... it had
a bumper sticker that said...
Well, I don't wanna say it here.
What did it say?
It said,
"My other ride is your mom."
What do you think it means?
-It's about fucking, Marge.
-Oh, my!
Just a second.
Just half a second.
I'll check the file.
-Ah, here it is. Yes.
The only '69 GMC registered here
is for somebody named
Boris Carlson.
Do you know where
I can find this Boris?
The address isn't listed here,
but I can get it from the DMV.
I would really appreciate it.
Just let me make
a quick call.
-OK. Thank you so much.
-You're feeling better.
-Those things are awesome.
Oh, hey, Boris.
We found some rusty nails in
your drawer, which is awesome.
I have money.
We tried that too.
The money thing.
You think more?
A few more.
I have lots of money
in this house.
I tell you, you let me go.
If there's enough money
in there, maybe.
It's in the green toolbox
in the other room.
There should be
at least $100,000.
It's not bad, Boris.
Not bad at all.
No, sweetie.
I'm... I know, I'm sorry.
Look, I have to go, OK?
This is just not a good...
I will make it up
to your parents.
Wherever you like, yeah.
I gave you the money,
now please let me go.
Well, he did give us the money.
OK, Boris. Just one more thing
and you're gonna be OK.
Where can I find
the man with the mask?
I've told you everything
you want to know.
I've done everything
you've asked.
Now please let me go.
I won't tell anyone,
I swear to God.
-You promised! You promised me!
-We lied!
You were gonna kill us, Boris.
Fuck you.
No! No! Ah!
-You might feel a little bit
of pressure. -No, no!
OK, I gotta go.
Kill me.
Did you ever forgive
The one who cast it all aside?
Did you ever look at them
With more sympathetic eyes
I thought the exhibition
had changed
But it didn't
It remained the same
And anyone
who could see through you did
And it was all the same...
He didn't make it.
Are you alone?
My guys are all out
on road blocks.
-The wife?
You calling her back?
No. No, I'm gonna try
my niece again. Just in case.
Where are they?
See you next Sunday.
Transform the air
Until it's filled with
little cones
Their faces are so cold
They deal and then they...
Sorry, the church is
closed for the rest of the day.
Sinners and lost souls
are welcome tomorrow at 10:00.
You should know
I have the loving good shepherd,
his holiness,
Jesus Christ,
on my side.
I have a BFF.
The summer farmer
can't complain
But Clementina
said she'll wait
Those seaside houses...
-Whoo! What's going on?
It's your obligation
to remind...
Go slowly. Keep going,
keep going, keep going.
We thought of
giving up the practice
She thought of staying out
all night...
Nobody broke your heart
Nobody broke your heart...
This season leans on
simple folk...
We'll be right back.
Want anything?
Jeremiah 46:10.
"And the sword shall devour
"and it will be satiate
"and drunk with their blood.
"For the Lord God of hosts
hath a sacrifice..."
-Did you miss us?
"Thy nakedness shall
be uncovered, yea..."
"...thy shame shall be seen.
"I will take my vengeance.
"And I will not come to thee
as a man!"
Isaiah 47:3.
No, no, no, no, no!
This place used to be part of
a bed-and-breakfast deal.
They used it in a movie once.
You know you won't get away
with this.
You know, what happened
to those girls
is nothing compared to what's
gonna happen when I find them.
Fuck you!
You know they'll be looking
for me.
Oh, they'll find you.
Well, they'll find your body
soon enough.
Get back here!
Get the fuck back here!
I'll be right with you,
Hello? Hello?
Save your strength.
I have money.
It seems that everybody
has money in this town.
What, did you guys miss
the financial crisis or what?
Help me! Help me!
-Pick a hand.
Pick a hand.
You're lucky.
You've seen
'Deer Hunter', right?
It's a classic.
-Pick a hand.
Do it.
Not so lucky
this time.
One bullet.
Five shots.
Here we go!
My turn!
What's going on?!
You fuckin' bitches.
You fuckin' bitches.
You fuckin' bitches!
Ohh! Oh!
How are you holding up?
Hey, what's happening?!
-Oh! -Oh!
One last shot.
You're doing great.
Well, how about that?
Oh! Oh!
I am... so sorry.
I will never...
Fuckin' bitches.
-Where's the sheriff?
-Take it.
-They killed him.
-They said to free you.
Who told you to free me?
We drugged you.
Same shit you used on us.
What the fuck did you do
to my boy?
We drugged him too.
N... no.
I can't believe you guys
actually have books!
No, I'll do anything.
Oh, my God.
You didn't think
we were monsters.
It's OK, baby.
But you were monsters.
No! No.
No, no, please.
I guess we're kind of
monsters now too.
Please. Please.
Fucking... bitches!
I will kill both of you!
So glad you got to see this.
No. Please, no.
No, Lucas. Please. Please.
Mother, I told you
we shouldn't be doing this shit.
What do you think?
Well, as far as angry
redneck sex traffickers go,
he was the nice one.
Please don't kill me. I'm so
sorry. I didn't want them to.
Aww! Well, that's nice, Lucas.
-What's this for?
-You're right-handed.
Yeah, so?
Hit your mother with the bat.
If you don't, we'll kill you.
No, no, no.
No. No.
-Do it!
-No, no.
I can't.
Well, then we're just gonna
have to shoot you.
If you let me go,
I won't say anything. I swear.
What do you think, Katie?
Shoot him again with the gun
in his own hand.
I saw it on 'Dexter'.
You have to match
the trajectory.
That is smart thinking.
We have to make sure we get
his prints on everything.
You will never get away
with this.
'Crazy Human Sex Trafficker
Kills Six and Then Self.'
Classic murder-suicide.
They'll find you.
My uncle's a cop and he laughs
at all that 'CSI' shit.
He says he wishes
it were like that.
We wiped everything clean
except for these weapons,
which only have Lucas's prints
on them.
I... I have money.
I have at least a hundred grand,
b... b... but you have to promise
that you won't kill me.
I promise.
It's in the cookie jar.
-Thanks. Thanks!
But let me... let me go!
Let me... let me go.
I don't think so.
Y... you promised that
you wouldn't kill me. You...
You promised...
...you wouldn't kill me.
I won't kill you.
You will never get away
with this.
Everything OK with Gemma?
-Yeah, we worked it out.
-You don't mean that,
but it is great. -Hmm.
Katie, your uncle's here!
-Hey! -Alright, you will call
or text every day.
We will.
And don't worry about
the time difference.
It's never too late.
New York is only
a couple hours ahead.
OK, get out of here.
-I shouldn't be worried, right?
-No, don't worry.
They're smart girls.
They'll be fine.
The summer farmer
can't complain
But Clementina
said she'll wait
Those seaside houses
sure look fine
It's your obligation
to remind
We thought of giving up
the practice
She thought of staying out
all night
Nobody broke your heart
Nobody broke your heart
This season leans on
simple folk
Her dying wish
just one more Diet Coke
He thought of giving up
the duchess
As she was giving up the ghost
Nobody broke your heart
Nobody broke your heart...