Eventyrland (2013) Movie Script

- When will it get dark?
- I guess in about an hour.
- That prick had better turn up soon.
- Are you nervous?
No, I'm not nervous.
What are you thinking about?
- Nothing.
- Absolutely nothing?
I think I might be pregnant.
Shit. I told you so!
I told you so seven weeks ago.
"You're getting knocked up.
I just hit the bullseye. "
- But do you want to?
- Why not?
- But do you like kids?
- Of course.
- I love kids.
- They can be pretty stupid.
Yeah, complete morons actually.
Me and you - and a kid.
Why not?
You won't bail on me?
- Leave me sitting there.
- Fat and ugly.
You've pinched it?
Yeah, but I'll get a new engraving.
"Ken Andr"?
Fuck that. But...
What do you want?
- But it's really terrifying.
- Yeah, it sure is.
- What if it's loaded?
- We have to take this.
- Why?
- We can sell it.
Sell it? You're so daft.
- Was it there?
- Yeah.
But it wasn't a bag.
It was a freaking backpack.
What the fuck is this?
- "A tiny bag of hash"?
- It's not even fucking hash.
Jesus. Goddamn Adne. What the hell
does he think he's doing?
Hey, what did he say anyway?
- He'd stashed away a small bag of hash.
- Couldn't he get it himself?
- I dunno.
- This whole thing stinks like hell.
- We're not gonna take it.
- It's worth a shitload.
We need the money.
We'll be fucking parents.
Hey, what should we call
the kid anyway?
- You've got a name ready?
- Yeah.
- You do?
- But... don't laugh.
- You promise?
- Yeah.
Okay. The first choice...
Fuck off. The first choice -
- is Merete.
- That won't work.
- My mom's name was Merete.
There are too many
others with that name.
So Merete is "no go", like?
Tove? Gunn-Tove?
Gunn-Tove? Are you shitting me?
That's not even a name.
Listen to it!
Gunn-Tove? You just can't call
a kid Gunn-Tove.
Where did you pick that one up?
- It was actually my own idea.
- Was it?
You got any suggestions?
What the hell was that?
Don't... Don't leave!
- Let me check it out. Two seconds.
- No, don't leave!
- Let me check it out.
- Don't go. Hide this shit.
- Two seconds.
- No!
Two seconds.
You have to sign out your belongings:
Marriage ring, Visa,
keys and mobile.
It still fits. Not bad.
- 417 kroner.
- I sign here as well?
- Going back home to Merete in time?
- I'm meeting her next weekend.
What do you think?
- Got butterflies?
- Yeah.
- Escorting me to the gate?
- No, I'll open it from here.
- I have to stay here.
- Will I find the gate?
Across the yard and bang out.
You're always welcome back, you know.
You can do it.
When's she coming home?
I couldn't help myself.
I just had to see her.
You can't just barge in here
like this, you know.
- What do you mean?
- It could be terrifying for her.
What are you trying to say?
It's not as if she doesn't
know who I am.
I've been here every time I've had
leave, got to see her all the way.
- Yes, but within an orderly framework.
- What's so different now?
We agreed you could see her on Friday.
I suggest we start there.
What did you say last Friday?
"I want to go to the thrift shop
and buy me a book. " That was positive.
- I only said that to make you shut up.
- Try not to be so damn negative.
We're here to try to be positive.
Leave all that old crap behind.
- Your turn.
- My neighbors are always so skeptical.
They say, "Look at her!"
Now I've cut my hair, -
- cleaned up my act, and it's...
"What's with her?"
It's always like that. It sucks.
I wanna join a choir.
Saw a note at the supermarket.
They're starting
a neighborhood choir.
- "A flock of jailbirds are we!"
- Anyway, that's what I want.
What about you?
What's your bright spot?
They told me to come here.
The whole point for me
is that you have something -
- in your lives worth living for.
Focus on your future.
I bought her a horse magazine.
But it got dirty.
Oh, that one. She's got it.
She's got a subscription.
- You're really good!
- Thanks.
I got you a horse magazine.
I didn't know you had it.
I lent it to a friend before
I had time to read it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- That's great!
- Yeah.
- It's a bit dirty, but...
- No, it's fine.
There's a horse necklace in there too.
Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen...
Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen...
But do you think I could stay with you
sometimes during the weekends?
- Would you like that?
- Yeah.
- Would you like that too?
- I'd like that a lot!
Hold this.
If it's encased in the wall or floor,
you've got a major challenge.
Because that's a huge job.
It's old cast iron, maybe
that's why it smells like rats.
If they've cracked, it can lead to an
almost unlimited amount of problems.
So I won't allow any water into
the pipes without a new stopcock.
- How much?
- Well, I need...
First I have to cut off the mains.
The stopcock alone takes a few hours.
If you're going to do that,
you might as well go all the way.
Why don't you talk to the bank
and get a loan?
Then we could renovate both
the kitchen and the bathroom.
Then we can give you a price.
But if my daughter is supposed
to come and visit me, -
- it would be nice to have water
in the tap - and the can.
You can borrow the car in the weekends.
Nobody's using it.
Drive as much water as you like.
We'll fix it. Just stay out of trouble.
- And don't mix with the old crowd.
- I won't.
That bird has a particular talent
for finding bad company.
- Hi.
- Hi. Can he get a lift?
- No, forget it!
- I'm just going to Reinskau.
- No, we're heading the other way.
- There's no fucking other way!
I'm going to Reinskau. It's five minutes
from here! Don't be such a bitch.
This fresh blood?
I know who you are.
I know a guy who
wants to break your face.
- I want to be with her.
- Yes, I understand.
I'm back now.
I can be a good mother. She has
the right to get to know me for real.
I... understand.
But I'm her mother.
- You're not her mother.
- I am her mother.
You can be a better mother
from the sidelines.
I'm her mother.
I want her to be with me.
That you make a stand, fight to get
her back, is positive. It's excellent.
But you mustn't expect
this to go through.
The emphasis will always be
on her situation, -
- and her well-being.
You must convince everyone -
- you can give her a better situation
than she already has. On every level.
You can't have a little girl
running around here, -
- with all this rot,
mould and fungus.
It's vital to give children
a good place to grow up.
How much can I borrow?
Well, that... depends.
- I recognize you.
- Okay?
I know you from way back.
- I know who you are.
- Okay.
Hey, wait.
You don't have to explain.
You can't lend money to just anyone.
Don't you recognize me?
We were classmates.
- We were?
- Yeah.
- Christian?
- No.
- Svessi?
- No.
I was like a bit chubbier
back then.
- Gary?
- Yeah.
- As in Fat-Ass Gary?
- Yeah.
Well, not very many people call
me that nowadays.
You've lost a lot of weight.
Yeah, thanks. But anyway...
I'm going out to grab some lunch.
I mean...
You wanna join me? We can have
a coffee and talk about the loan.
Alright? You sure?
I'll just get my jacket.
Back in two seconds.
How about dinner?
- I'm still pretty full from lunch.
- No, I mean...
Like go out for dinner someday.
Talk about old times and...
I don't know.
Catch a movie, or... go dancing?
- Are you hitting on me?
- Maybe.
Are you married?
Not exactly.
But unavailable?
Yeah, in a way.
Right. Well, but...
That's typical.
- Have you got a cigarette?
- That wasn't easy.
- Visiting someone?
- Yeah.
- Not always that much fun.
- No.
My dad's in there. Sometimes
he has a few lucid moments, but...
- Not today?
- Not today.
- Is it your grandpa?
- No.
Well, that's a tough one.
I guess he's pretty old?
- Your father?
- It's not my father.
It's my boyfriend.
My boyfriend's in there.
Why don't you come to see me next time?
I could use a handyman right now.
I've brought you something.
Look at this.
Thought you might want a newer one.
She's really growing up.
It's obvious who her mother is.
- But she looks more like him.
- No, more like me.
Wanna see something?
- You can tell, right?
- Yeah.
- Huh?
- Yeah, I can see it.
Show me.
Whose ring is that on your finger?
You have to move on.
You dream of creating
a perfect home for Merete.
You dream of Frank coming home,
that you'll all be one big happy family.
That'll never happen.
Frank's not coming home.
We'll never get him back.
Hi. I've got some bank papers -
- you should take a look at.
I was heading this way, so...
Okay. Come in.
Does this mean I can't get a loan?
Because I've done time?
Adne? What do you need him for?
He's the only one I know
who has any money.
This is all his fault. He knew there was
ten kilos of heroin in that backpack.
He was too big a coward to fetch
it himself, so he sent you...
We used to be friends. He used to be
Frank's friend. Friends don't do that.
If you go to Adne, you'll tumble down
every step you've climbed.
Merete will be gone forever,
and it'll all have been for nothing.
Is it you?
Hey, hey, hey! Okay.
Okay, stop.
You got cigarettes?
I thought maybe
you owed me something.
Why's that?
For what?
For clamming up about you. I thought
it might be worth something.
I wasn't there. I was in Sandnes.
You should've been there. I could've
told them everything about you.
Yeah. I hear you.
It's empty. Goddammit.
- Fuck, I just had half a million here.
- You got anything?
Hey, I've got shitloads of stuff.
I've got beer. Fancy a beer?
- Do you?
- Yeah.
The beer's in the kitchen.
In the fridge.
Behind the champagne.
The neighbor's got beer.
- Is he home?
- Fuck, I could really use a beer now.
Do you even know him?
I want beer. Don't you?
Check this.
- Tea candles?
- Cozy, huh?
- So what do you need, really?
- All I really need is water.
You've got beer.
Water at home.
- Fuck, you're living without water?
- I've got a plumber.
I need to pay him.
He won't turn it on until I've paid.
- Okay. I'll fix it. Got his number?
- You'll pay him?
I'll pick up the tab. I'm fucking
grateful you kept your mouth shut.
I was damn frightened.
Scared shitless you'd say something.
I'll fix it. The plumber.
And you'll give me some.
- We've got a past. We've fucked.
- We haven't!
- We sure as hell have. Twice!
- We've never fucked.
We have. We've fucked.
You liked it.
- We haven't! We've never fucked!
- We've fucked alright.
At least I remember it
damn fucking well.
- What?
- Hi. What's going on here?
- Tidying up.
- Right.
- I've got...
- More bad news?
I've got like a plan.
It sort of sucked the last time, so...
I've made like... a plan for
the loan and so on.
- Pretty neat plan and stuff.
- Well, come in.
I'll help you with a new application,
and you'll get a loan. It'll work out.
But is it normal for bankers
to make house calls?
I guess not.
Not unless you're particularly
interested in the client.
But... You don't wanna come along
and grab something to eat?
I really don't understand
how you got that thin.
You're always hungry.
Hungry all the time.
But do you have any paint?
But I've got a friend who knows this guy
who's got some paint lying around.
- He said. That he didn't need.
- Right.
You know a guy who knows a guy
who maybe has some paint?
Two of these... and one of these.
Hey! What the hell?!
Goddamn wankers!
Your painting outfit...
- What about it?
- Is it from the chubby days?
Why do you say that?
But... Are you hungry?
- It's nice.
- Very nice.
You want tickets to the safari park?
- You could take your daughter there.
- Have you got tickets?
We get them at work.
Like bonuses for people
who have a family.
Which I don't have.
Let me in!
I need to use the can!
- It's busted.
- Pee in the sink?
I need to pee like hell!
Oh, come on! Come on!
Come on!
Let me use the phone!
Let go of me! Let go!
Let go of me!
Your boyfriend was lying here.
You know who was lying over there?
My mate.
- Sorry.
- Come again?
Sorry. I never meant to do it.
It never should've happened.
I've done my time.
I've paid my debt.
Paid your debt?
Paid your debt?!
I was a young man back then.
A young man with a future.
I had a girlfriend.
I had friends
and a business heading up.
Everything changed that night.
My business went straight to hell.
Suddenly I owed lots of money -
- to a lot of really bad people.
Get it?
I lived like a fucking fugitive.
And when the debt was paid,
I was wasted. I was burned-out.
And my girlfriend, -
- and my house and my car, -
- everything was gone.
What do you want from me?
I'm reasonable.
But I'm not stupid.
And I know what it means
to be in debt.
I'm a realist.
You'll do some odd jobs for me.
- Odd jobs?
- Yeah.
Sell some stuff.
Move some stuff across the border.
Odd jobs like that.
Call it installments.
I can't do it.
I've already paid!
You've got no choice, sugar.
You're stuck.
- What's this? Is it gold?
- No.
- It's not real.
- It looks like gold.
What does it say on the inside?
- "Your Ken Andr"?
- Give it back.
Let me have your finger.
This makes us a couple.
I'm your Ken Andr.
You'll do as you're told.
You work for me.
It's a fairytale forest!
The thorns stung both his eyes
so he went blind.
He wandered aimlessly about
for ages and ages.
Blind in the forest. Lived on roots
and berries he found on the ground.
And after a long, long time, -
- he suddenly heard a voice,
a girl singing.
And he followed the sound of the voice.
Got closer and closer.
Deeper and deeper into the forest.
And when he was right
beside the voice, -
- the princess saw it was him.
And she was so happy!
She threw her arms around him.
Her tears of joy dripped down
on the prince's face.
When they fell on his eyes, his sight
returned. He saw it was her.
He took the princess in his arms
and ran home to the palace.
And they had a huge wedding party
and lived happily ever after.
How did you and daddy meet?
We met at the prom.
In eighth grade.
He was in a dancing competition.
He was the only boy.
And he had this really awesome dance.
With great moves. He called it
the "home economics twist".
He was dancing like...
Kneading dough.
Beating eggs.
I remember how he...
He had the pizza cutter too.
Maybe that's why I love to dance?
Do you think I could meet him sometime?
Maybe I could make a dance for him?
I'm sure he'd like that.
You're tired.
It was open. Sit down.
Ten liters.
If you're creative,
divide it into small doses, -
- and there's easily
a hundred grand in there.
Tonder wants fifty.
The rest is pure profit for you.
- Smaller doses, higher price.
- Who wants to buy it?
- But it's poison! It's just crap!
- So what?
The kids love that crap.
Try junior high.
- Rich as fuck, no brains.
- And then I'm done?
Done? You'll have barely
fucking started.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Can you leave now?
We're having breakfast.
This your daughter?
Hi. Eddie's my name.
Eddie Vedder.
Old pal of your mom's.
What's your name?
I should serve you breakfast,
but I don't have that much.
We'll let ourselves out.
See you on Friday.
- Who was that?
- Just someone who popped by.
I'm not leaving it here.
That's not what you said.
He'll come over, we'll fix it,
then I'll call you.
- He's fucked up. He's paranoid.
- That's not a problem.
If he sees anyone he doesn't know,
he's gone. So I'll take it.
- Well, well. Okay.
- I'm coming with you.
- What if I say no?
- Then I leave.
Bonnie & Clyde.
Okay. You'll wait here?
- No.
- Don't you trust me?
- Does he live here?
- Why you wanna know?
Try the door.
- Well?
- No, he's gone.
He's gone?
He's over at Hundvag.
Then we'll go there.
Did you know what
was in that backpack?
What are you talking about?
You know what I'm talking about.
Did you know?
What do you think?
I don't know.
That's why I'm asking.
Why didn't you rat me out?
You could have plea-bargained.
Want me to tell you why?
Because we're friends.
Friends don't do things like that.
I'm sorry I took the briefcase. Sorry
for knocking you out. That's how I am.
Ever since then they've been after me.
Bad fucking people.
- What are you talking about?
- You know damn well what I mean.
I fucked you and Frank.
I saw that briefcase, thought,
"Maybe that's what they want?"
"Maybe that's enough. "
Then I fucked you again.
I don't give a shit.
I don't give a shit about you.
Give me my briefcase.
Let go!
Just hide here. Don't come out.
I don't have any money.
I don't have the briefcase.
You know perfectly well who's got it.
What are you doing?
But I can't!
- You can't be here now.
- I just wanna talk to you.
- This isn't a good time.
- It'll take five minutes.
I can't think straight.
I can't talk.
Then let me talk.
You don't have to talk.
You came to me, right, in the bank?
I was there,
and something happened!
You make me laugh. I almost
never laugh. I make you smile.
I know I make you smile.
I can tell when you're smiling.
Where's your fianc anyway?
The guy you're engaged to.
Who's not here, never here?
Who I've never...
Does he even exist?
I just wanna be with you,
be part of you, part of your life.
Get to know you.
Come on, now.
Come on.
Now the other foot.
The other foot. Come on!
Hi, Merete. Remember me?
Jump in. We'll drive you home.
- But I'm going home. I can walk.
- No, home to your mom.
Hasn't she come home from school?
No, she... I'd tell you if
I was gonna pick her up.
- Does he recognize visitors?
- No.
- Faces, voices? Nothing?
- No.
He doesn't know who she is?
I can... search for her with the car.
I've tried playing the same song
over and over again.
You can almost sense a slight
degree of recognition, but...
We have to go. Merete hasn't
come home from school.
- She should be home by now?
- Long ago.
She doesn't have her phone.
Isn't in the stables or at school.
And none of her friends have
seen her either. It's not normal.
Could she be at my place?
They're alike.
- This one's bigger.
- No.
They're perfectly identical.
- Are you okay?
- They said we were going to meet you.
They picked you up at school?
What did they tell you?
They said I was supposed to be here.
They drove me here.
- Hello?
- Listen.
If you call the police,
we grab Merete.
If you as much as whisper to
your percolator, we grab Merete.
And then you'll be damn fucking
alone in this world.
- She went to your place all alone?
- Two friends of mine picked her up.
They got it mixed up with
last weekend.
I hope we can avoid this in the future.
Do you want to hear me
play the piano?
- You have to call the cops.
- Think that'll help?
Then they'll grab her for sure.
Do all sorts of shit to her.
Is that them?
Behind us. Is that them?
- Is it?
- Stay on the right side of the road.
I think it is, dammit.
Shit, it is them.
What do you want?
Why are you bugging her?
- "Bugging"?
- What's your problem?
Get a grip. Jeez! What the hell
are you doing, you goddamn fool?
Fingers in the door.
Come on! Get him!
Fingers in the door!
Bloody hell!
And you!
You fucking started it.
This is yourfault!
Get into the ER.
Rogaland police district?
- You know where he lives?
- Don't tell him I told you.
I've heard he lives in a camper
with some buddies in Hoines.
She's a woman.
Her name can't be "John".
- John's a surname, J, o...
- What about Elton John?
No, that's his middle name.
He's got another name.
But he's called Elton John.
It's just his stage name.
Grab her!
- Bloody hell!
- Sorry. Are you okay?
Hi, it's me. Is Merete inside?
Find Merete. Get her inside.
Someone's after me.
They're coming for Merete.
I don't have time to explain.
Call the police. Look after Merete.
Get up! Up!
Up, I said. Get up!
Come on! Come on now!
Got anything left?
Come on!
Hey, Tonder!
Cut the fuck out!
What the hell are you doing?
Cut it out! Fuck that!
- Are you tough?
- Bloody hell!