Everwinter Night (2023) Movie Script

I think I know where we are.
It certainly does sound that way.
What does that mean?
This, this! That is the sound of a woman
that knows exactly where she's going.
I know what way we're going, okay?
We took 3-A up until that right
off of Dick Brown, and then we took...
We are still on Dick Brown.
No, no, no.
We took a right on East Clementine,
but it's still technically
Dick Brown until...
Would you please just
pick a direction for the map?
Keep it there, and don't move.
Thank you.
What a grump.
I'm sorry, okay?
It's just been driving for
hours in this friggin' snow.
And all I wanted to is
just kick back by the fire
and put my feet up preferably
on the corpse of Dick Brown,
and whoever made that map.
Sugar bear.
Look at me.
I'm still driving.
This is gonna be fun.
I can't wait to just be away
from the rest of the world
with just you.
Me too, Buttercup.
Me too.
Wait, is that it?
No. No, it can't be.
We got at least another hour.
You know what?
Fuck it, maybe we can pull
in and ask for directions.
We are not lost!
No, maybe we just pull
into that lodge up there
and I can brag to whoever's inside
about what a good navigator you are, huh?
Well, this is pretty rad, huh?
We paid for the time share already.
We are going to make it to the time...
Hey, hey, hey.
As long as we are
sharing our time together.
That's all I care about, Buttercup.
Is any of this working?
You're lucky I have to pee.
Shouldn't we have knocked?
Look at this place, it's
welcoming, it's friendly.
They got a fire going for
us, they got a coat rack.
We can hang up our coats.
Videotapes I
bet they have a bathroom!
Why don't you ring the bell?
Why would you tell me to ring the bell?
What, do you think the
bell summons baby tears?
- Hey! - Hey!
Sorry about the wait,
there's a little one back here
that's just fussing up a...
Son of a gun.
Well, I guess I'm the gun.
Coming Jackie.
I mean, I can just hold it.
It's gonna be fine.
I'll cross my legs, I'll find a bush.
Buttercup, it's okay.
You just go to the
restroom, I'll get directions.
You mean you'll confirm
our already correct directions.
I'll confirm our already one
hundred percent correct directions...
Sorry about that folks.
Little, Jackie boy just
doesn't take the bottle
when his mama's not around, you know.
Only the real thing will do.
He's not the only one, right?
Yeah, right. Uh
Listen, uh
I unfortunately can't put
you up tonight. We're full up.
Oh, that's so okay.
We were actually just
hoping to use the restroom
if you don't mind.
I can't.
I promise I'll be in and out.
Please, please, please
All right.
Down the hall, first door on the left.
- Oh my God, thank you, thank you.
We really appreciate that, sir.
Thank you.
One working man to
When you say that you're full up
Do you mean that you're full up or...
We are full up.
Alecto rise!
Alecto rise.
Alecto rise.
Aid us your power. Feed Us.
Okay, what if
I double the rate?
That is seventy eight...
Sir, we have no vacancy.
You two ought to head out. It
It's not a good time.
All right.
Thank you, we'll be out of your hair.
Sir, don't, you can't go back there.
I'll grab her, we'll be right
out of here.
You can't go back there, sir.
Hey, I'm serious. You... Jack!
Alecto rise!
Alecto rise.
Buttercup, we gotta go.
Alecto rise.
Feed us!
What's wrong?
My Dizzy!
How are you? - Oh, I'm dead.
I can feel it.
Squishy zombie bones.
Careful of my zom-boner.
Ew. What is wrong with you.
On a scale of one to ten, how mad are you?
I died of boredom.
Numbers mean nothing to me now.
Looking to leave so soon?
No, I just can't stand the sight of you.
You all locked and loaded.
That laugh is gonna haunt my dreams.
Have you heard yours?
You think they use her laugh for like
torture methods at POW camps?
Can you not hate fun?
You're here now.
Can we go?
Can we actually hang out for just a second?
Okay, but like This weird
old lady runs the place
and I don't think she's
gonna be too thrilled
about a late check-in.
Yeah, we can handle that.
She goes to bed at like five p.m.
Well, then we're definitely over time.
I just don't wanna make her mad.
Oh, come on, V.
Wet blanket, dizzy bones, Isabella, chill.
How do you look so
effortlessly put together?
Um, this isn't effortless.
You know what I mean.
I don't know what you mean.
That coat would wear me.
Okay, V, actually, can we talk about
the weekend for a second?
Are we not doing that right now?
Oh my God!
Oh, the Kappa Girls are back!
Becca, Fiona.
So beautiful.
This is V.
Oh my God!
Hi, V.
Oh, she's so pretty.
You are, you're gorgeous. Wow!
This is your friend from childhood
who I remember hearing all about
Ooh, ooh!
We have news.
Okay, okay. Let me tell them.
Okay, so we were like over there
being like frumpy little bitches, okay?
Just like, no guys around.
- We met these guys...
And then these hot, rich guys.
These hot, rich guys.
And they're so nice.
They're not jerks.
And they're so hot.
Okay, they're renting a place
at the base of Shukrah Mountain.
It's like a super nice place.
They started talking to us.
They were chatting us up...
Oh my God!
Address, they
They sent an address.
We gotta get our shit together. Stat!
Okay, we'll be right back.
We're just gotta grab our
stuff. We'll be right back!
Okay, listen, I made plans with them
before I made plans with you.
And I totally forgot.
That's why I was so adamant
about getting the bigger place
and I was going to tell you
but I couldn't find the right thing to say
because I know that's not
what you were expecting.
But hey, the point is, it's us.
It's just, you know. A couple, uh
They're gonna be there
but I see them all the time.
It's you and me.
The Dizzy-Trunks
Through and through.
Okay, all right.
Alright... New plan.
So instead of doing the
bullshit girls-spa-weekend
we are gonna be pampered by...
We are going to get pampered
Slash comped.
Slash fucked!
- And so they're renting a
place... - We have a reservation.
Then we'll fucking cancel the reservation.
I'm so sorry.
I know I just met you
but are we seriously
considering saying no to this?
They're gonna pay for everything.
It's gonna be great.
They're paying for the food,
they're paying for the drinks
whatever else rich people pay for.
We paid for a reservation.
Well, yeah, but it was on my card.
It's gonna be perfect.
It's gorgeous.
Yeah, and if it is sketchy
or it sucks, then we'll bail.
And we can always fall back
on... -Why would we bail though?
Ladies, ladies, ladies.
Pardon the interruption.
I just realized that we've
only had the pleasure
of meeting half the factions so far.
So, I just figured we'd pop
over and remedy that real quick.
I'm Tony.
This here is Ford.
Well, I don't want Ford here to
Chat your ear off all evening.
So, I'm just gonna make up
for splitting up the pack
these last few minutes
by taking that tab of yours there
and putting it on the house.
As it were.
Maybe we'll see you all later.
Okay, maybe.
How much do they think coffee costs?
Look, look, look!
Oh my God.
That car cost more
than my parents' house.
That car costs more than my life.
Oh, I should have gone with him.
We... I ain't messing around.
Let's go.
Okay, I think I'm in love.
I seriously, I think that I'm in love.
On a scale of one to ten.
How much do you hate me?
At least eight, but I'll move them.
All right, just soon, please?
So you came here all by your lonesome?
Back visiting my parents
for the holiday weekend
and I almost made it one whole night.
Yeah, this is like a new record.
Hey, uh, it's Priscilla, right?
Yeah, what are the keys to your Mazda?
The ones with the Long Island U lanyard.
Look, I just really gotta get out of here.
I'm clearing your path right away, miss.
One more year.
Oh, hi.
No, I
Baby, I wouldn't.
Did I invite you ladies?
Oh! What's up?
Y'all made it.
Yo, Dom.
These are my mighty fine diner girls.
Oh! So you all like
Work the same shift?
No, no, no...
Forget him.
Come on.
Get up in here, put your bags down
and have your pretty selves and drink.
You gonna have a drink?
My boy Jack's gonna set us up.
Are you fucking serious right now?
Well, I mean, were we serious?
Yo, Jackie-Boy!
Let's get my friends here set up
with some champagne, will ya?
Coming right up.
So, guys, tonight we will be pouring a...
Ah, gracie, gracie, gracie.
Thank you, sir.
Ah, now.
You'll be able to taste it.
Ooh. Thank you.
But just in case you wanna put a number
on how good them taste buds are gonna feel.
That's twelve-hundo a bottle right there.
Holy shit.
Well, that's the holiest shit
you ever put in your mouth.
Ahh. Yeah.
Pardon me, won't you?
Oh my God, he's so sexy.
Oh my God.
And you're so subtle about it.
So, we're just gonna do this?
Yeah Yeah.
You guys aren't even a little bit worried
these men did something to our drinks.
Oh, like water it down?
No, no, no, that would dilute it.
It's a $1,200 bottle of champagne.
No, no, no
Queen V is right.
She obviously needs the royal taster.
All right.
Ah. Your grace.
- Good evening. - Oh!
I Hope I'm not interrupting,
but I just wanted to thank
you ladies for joining us.
Thanks for uh
Thanks for having us.
Anthony informs me you
Trekked all the way up the mountain
for our little celebration.
Oh yeah -Yeah
We trekked.
What are you celebrating?
I suppose I don't have
an elegant answer for that.
Perhaps making time to
spend with one another.
So if this is your
tradition, we don't wanna...
Oh, no, no, no. Everybody's
welcome to stay.
I apologize, I meant no offense.
I only wish to offer that if
you needed accommodations.
We are more than happy to have you.
And this offer extends
to you all, of course.
Very kind of you.
I'm Eric.
Eric. Madison.
I agree.
Wait, Trunks...
Sorry, she's so pushy.
Oh, oh. We'll switch tomorrow night.
I promise! -Bye
Tomorrow night?
Let's go find your room.
Yeah. Let's do that, huh?
See if we can't
lose a few of them layers.
Oh, shit!
You fuckin' seeing this?
Oh my God.
Are you not fucking entertained?
You know.
A real badass would do it with two guns.
So it's gonna be like that.
Oh, it's gonna be like that.
Fuck it.
I can't find another.
Oh, I'll do it fucking dizzy.
Oh, maybe don't use the bat.
That's the real shit right there.
Hey, why don't you do
the real shit out there
in the living room, where
you have more room to
You know, spin.
This guy.
This guy fucking gets it.
Yeah, let's give this fine-ass
fuckle-berry some room to gallop!
Like, who does that?
No, I know.
It's like...
Am I wrong?
No, you're right, I mean...
Because like it's
It's weird.
It's like...
No, no, you're not wrong.
Who are we talking about?
We've always
been really close, you know?
Its just...
Friends are difficult.
Yeah, they are, you know, because
I mean, it's not like she
can just be in the moment.
We're all out here trying to...
Well, she's correct.
Yeah, wait.
Now, from what you say, there she is.
Yearning for nothing more
than your companionship,
and yet, here you sit.
And yet.
And yet.
You're mad I'm sitting
on your piano, aren't you?
It is not my piano.
I care not that you sit...
So this is fine?
It is rather old, and...
I don't feel great that
you're sitting on the piano.
Here we go.
Sorry, I had this terrible girl...
Anything else? - You're sorry?
Damn right, you're fucking sorry.
I don't even know if I
wanna drink this now.
He's cute.
Nice talking to you.
It was not nice talking to them.
You need to be cut off.
'Cause those two were assholes?
No, they are unrelated, but both are true.
Do you have the power to put me off?
I am not sure, but I
still think you should...
Buy you a drink?
Are the drinks not free?
The drinks are indeed free.
No, I'm getting her a drink.
You're making me a drink?
Oh, am I done?
Would you like to...
I can make a drink,
whatever the lady wants.
Oh, an upside down frisky tango.
Ooh, that's a good one.
A Carolina frog bath.
Frog, what?
That's a little unoriginal,
but I'll go with it.
I'll make, take, steal, get, pillage
Whatever you want, girl.
Oh, I should go save.
No, please.
You are my guest.
Just tell me what it is you fancy
and your wish is my...
How goes the evening?
Everything going to your
liking, Victoria was it?
It's great.
I was just...
Raymond, would you mind terribly
if I stole this one for just a moment?
Of course, Erik.
I really appreciate that, Ray.
Would you like anything, Erik?
Oh, would I like
You know, Jack, what I would like
is if we could have this one left alone
until at least tomorrow morning.
You think you could do that?
Hmm, I think I could do that.
Do you believe him?
We shall see.
We shall see.
And so we shall.
Fare thee well.
Fare ye well as
Very smooth.
Open up, baby.
You're so good to me.
That's all I want to do
is make you feel good.
Girl, you know I want to make
you feel good too, though, right?
Oh, do you?
Three at a time.
What are we watching here?
They're obsessed.
They're doing that thing where they whisper
in each other's faces really fast
and you can't tell whether
they're going to fight or fuck.
Yeah, they have like a whole
aggressive thing going on.
Right, like, why be so close?
It's fucking disgusting.
Do it, do it, do it.
You know what? all the guys
in here are seriously awful.
Awful. Like I mean...
What is this?
I'm a sick puffer fish.
Like, I was saying, I was
having this whole conversation
with this stockbroker guy
and he was like on the phone
the whole time that he was
having a conversation with me
and I'm like, seriously,
like, what the fuck, dude?
How can you minimize me like that?
Am I right?
Yeah, right.
Yeah, right.
And then I'm, like, trying to pretend
That I care about classification,
diversification, or some sort of shit
and then he's like, can't
even pick up my drink.
And I'm like
suck my dick, Stuart.
You're a fucking tool.
- Sorry, but do we
do we know you?
No, but aren't I like a human being?
We spoke last night,
I don't know if you...
Okay, what am I, like a fucking monster?
Can't you just like
sympathize with my shit?
Good morning.
I just wanted to make sure
all of your accommodations
were to your liking.
They were.
I like the old rusticness to everything.
Old rusticness, Madison?
I think that the
accommodations here are terrible
if I'm really being honest.
Yes, I do believe I overheard
your sentiments from the other side
of the room.
Perhaps though we could
tempt you with a little retreat
of relaxation we have
planned later this afternoon.
You see, every year we trek
down to the base of the mountain
to Basque in the Hvergelmir.
It's a hot spring.
But we do not pressure.
If you would like to stay
on site with the amenities,
we're more than happy to have you here,
but we would love if you would attend.
That doesn't sound terrible,
but honestly I can't un-feel
the way I'm feeling right now, so.
But I do like swimming.
Splendid, well
I await your decisions.
Can I help you?
You look busy.
You are very observant.
Aren't you supposed to be at the...
The virglet?
Whatever the thing they call that is?
Kind of like bothering you more.
So this is an annual thing?
Stacking wood?
I more meant the frat-dude
Well, they've been doing
that longer than I've been here.
Seems lonely up here.
Well, except when you're
being interrupted at work.
It's a family business.
I'm gonna tell your sister you said that.
My sister?
Yeah, isn't your sister's
name Trunks or whatever?
She's not my sister.
You're not sister's name is Trunks.
It's a friend thing?
You wouldn't understand.
Well, stacking wood is officially
more fun than talking to you.
You're such a grumpy ass.
I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
You're just white noise now.
Hot is a bit of a stretch.
They were like tepid springs at best.
Why does it even matter?
You didn't even go in the spring.
Okay, you know what?
It is frickin' cold.
And also I dipped my big toe in.
Yes, I did.
Oh, wow.
You're about as fuckin' adventurous as V.
Come on.
No, we're kidding. She's fine.
Yeah, I mean, she's not adventurous.
She doesn't go anywhere.
She doesn't do anything, but she's great.
Hey! New pants, guys.
Come on.
Would you two mind terribly if
I stole this one for a moment?
What if I mind?
Do you mind?
She's does not.
Why, you're trembling.
Yeah, it's cold.
For some.
Thank you.
It's really beautiful here.
Yes, it truly is.
I uh
I wanted to gauge your interest on perhaps
spending another evening
here on our fine mountain.
I could be persuaded.
Well, we throw an event each year.
Nothing too grand.
And of course, your friends are
more than welcome to join us.
Oh, yeah, but you just
had to ask me, though.
I suppose that is correct.
Looks like you were trying to get me alone.
Well, we both know that's not true.
We do?
Come now.
Two redheads
Quite gross.
- So gross.
You keep doing that, and you're
going to look like a little raccoon.
I take it we're staying here tonight?
I did book the room switch.
At least
One to ten?
Hard ten.
That's what I'm getting tonight.
Guys, why am I so nervous?
Look, my hand is trembling.
Ew, it's like warm salami.
That's what I'm getting tonight.
To the Hall of Yule.
The irony of this masquerade
is that in actuality, this is a time
of truth.
For though we gather in
anonymity, we all share the need
for connection.
So, to old friends
bonds reborn
and to new companions.
It is you who are truly essential.
For, without you none of this
would be possible.
we drink!
For the wind blows cold!
We drink. For the wolf runs free!
We drink for the ships
with sails like wings!
For Alecto's sons
are we.
Alecto rise!
Be merry.
Light of my life.
Would you kick it with me?
I do declare, Mr. Beauregarde.
That ain't my name, though.
I may have to tear your
clothes off on the dance floor.
I'm gonna grind on you so hard that
it's gonna wear a hole in your pants.
Yeah, you are.
Good evening.
I don't expect anything, however
Would you honor me?
Of course I wouldn't
want to separate friends.
I'll sit this one out.
Save me dance?
As you wish.
Must have missed you the first round.
Maybe we could go
around on this dance floor?
Weak, dude.
At least pretend.
Oh... Oh, God.
Oh, no, you've got me.
Oh, my heart.
It cannot take the shock
of what you have just done.
Is that good?
Was that better?
You know, why do you always
come by when I'm working?
Why are you always working when I'm bored.
Are the festivities not up to your liking
Miss Dizzy?
What did you just call me?
Ooh, looks like I found out
all the secrets around here.
You don't get to call me that.
And I've struck a nerve.
Quiet, sandwich wench.
Wait, so you're Dizzy then?
I'm not Dizzy.
I get Dizzy.
If I'm like nervous or
overwhelmed or whatever.
Plus, with my last
name, it just kind of fits.
I'm sure you're pumped
to have doven into that.
And trunks?
She used to wear boy trunks
when we went swimming.
She thought she had weird legs.
Well, does she?
Have weird legs?
I'm not exactly sure what
constitutes weird versus not weird legs.
Your buddy Erik doesn't
seem to mind them though.
Are you sure you're
talking about the right guy?
Tall guy with the voice and
terrifying blue eyes?
Oh, no, yeah. That's definitely him.
Well, he's been mercilessly
hitting on Maddy since we got here.
Somebody sounds a little jealous.
Just get me a drink already.
Nothing fancy.
I'm sick of fancy.
You know
That doesn't sound like Erik though.
I've been around for
like ten of these things.
And all he ever does is this whole
speechifying thing,
or he's smoking a cigarette and
staring longingly at the mountain.
Like a creep.
Yeah, well, I don't know about that.
You're not the most observant, huh?
Hey, I am just the help, okay?
Is Maddy having a good time though?
Hey, can I borrow one of your knives?
In case I gotta kubotan that
blue eyed shitbird on the dance floor.
Kubotan is not a verb.
Yeah, so you were right. There
were actually a few bottles back there.
I've never even seen
them before. They were...
Yeah, yeah.
Um, dusty.
Is how I would describe them.
Are you meeting somebody here?
I can leave this inside if...
I was actually hoping to
share this drink with you.
Oh, really? Why?
Your family's been very kind to me, Jack.
And soon you'll be taking over this place.
I thought we may want to
get to know one another better.
Oh, well.
I don't think I'll actually
be running the place.
Well, you're practically
running it now, are you not?
Well, my dad will be
back next year again...
But your dad's not here now, so...
Shall we drink?
Yeah, sure. Why not?
What is it that we're drinking again?
We are drinking mead.
And beautifully aged, if I may say.
Mmm. Yes, looks it.
According to legend
Mead was originated when two warring
factions of gods signed a treaty of peace.
And spit in a bowl to seal that bond.
And in this bull was born
Kvasir, the wisest of all men.
Whoa. Wait, what did he do?
Killed by dwarves, actually.
Oh, shit.
Stole his blood, too.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, so to
To not being killed by dwarves.
Wise man.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah. Thank you very much, Erik.
I appreciate that.
A man will be approaching soon.
I want you to do something for me.
He'll be delivering a package.
And when he does, you will give him this.
At whatever price he quotes.
Tip him, handsomely.
Whatever remains
you will keep for yourself.
But this
means something between us has begun.
Be ready, Jack.
Okay. Thank you.
This is a lot of money.
- Oh, she's fucked.
I don't know.
Everything seems to be in working order.
Anthony must have been mistaken.
Well, no worries at all.
These pipes do tend to
bark every now and again.
Winter will do that to
everything around here.
Still, I'm sorry to have had
you travel all this way, Harold.
All this way.
I'm just up the road.
Leg still bothering you, I see.
Yeah, well, winter will do that to you too.
Just need to stretch it out, that's all.
A lot of miles on those bones.
Cold or no.
Mm. Some of us take to the
years a little differently, I guess.
Morning, Harry.
You hanging in there?
Trying to, Charlie.
Ugh. I gotta rally.
Mmm. But first a nap.
Then a power dump.
Then I'll rally.
I see you still hit it pretty hard, huh?
Some attack the festivities
more aggressively than others.
Yeah. Well
if you need anything
else, just let me know...
Jack is
really growing into his role.
Nah, he's never had a
knack for this sort of stuff.
You think not?
I know my boy.
If there's any place he'd
rather be, it's anywhere but here.
You'll see. You'll be looking at my
old mug the same as always next...
It's time,
He's just a kid.
He's not ready.
I'll leave it to your
discretion how he hears it.
You've done fine work, my friend.
Your day of rest will
have been well earned.
Come on, let's go!
Ugh. Leave her. She's fucking dead.
Oh my god. It's so bright in here.
Yeah, mornings will do that.
Do we know what Wives Day is?
Hey, Dizzy.
Oh my god, I'm never
fucking drinking again.
I might get some tea, some coffee.
Oh, it's Tony.
I might stay a little bit longer.
Wait till he's done.
Fi, I'm so sorry. He's...
It's not true.
It's not true.
What's not true?
Love, V!
Our love isn't true!
I thought our love was true.
Come here. Come here. Come here.
Come on. We gotta go after her.
Do we though?
- Come on. - Coffee first.
Let's just talk about it!
Words are an illusion!
me, I was hoping I could...
Hope is dead.
Hope is dead!
Okay. Thank you.
Hi. You probably don't know
this, but can I park over there?
Sorry, I am so not the person to ask.
Oh, I'm always so worried I'm gonna
do something wrong at this place.
I know how you feel here.
Right? I know.
I'm Heather, by the way.
Hi. I'm Maddy.
Hi. So are you, like, one of the...
Oh, no. I'm just up here with friends.
Oh, fun. Well, it's nice to meet you.
Yeah, you too.
Every time, it's the same shit.
Come on. This
is only my first drink today.
It's fucking eleven a.m.
You were up until five a.m.
drinking and getting trashed.
Now you're drinking again, six hours later.
Oh, so now it's my fault how math works?
It's good.
Sugar's good.
I swear to God.
If you leave me alone
with these idiots again,
I'm going to strangle you to death...
Hello, hello.
Tony! So good to see you.
Hey, Charles, I'm going to
need you to make a run up north
this morning for a couple choice items.
Clark's running late, and I
need this shit off my mental palate.
We're supposed to go skiing.
Before they shut down the lifts.
Well, that's the
beautiful thing about snow,
it'll always be waiting for you next year.
They're all like this, you know.
They're like what?
The hierarchies, the duplicity,
the social masks they wear.
I'll get that list going, Chuck.
You think we would evolve past this by now.
I'm going to
add a funnel to the list.
That one we've been using for
the last few years has been caking up
They don't skimp on the chow.
And the sights
are always exquisite.
That is a lovely fabric there.
Is that a chartreuse?
Must be cozy.
Are you seriously going to
let him talk to me like that?
He has seniority. I can't
do anything about it...
You can't do shit, Charlie.
Just go run your fucking errands.
Merry Wives Day, Cailyn.
You are looking absolutely ravishing.
So, is this your first
swim in these waters?
I well
a baby threw up on me on a plane once,
so they let me sit in first
class for the last half of the...
You know, it's not just
all about the wealth.
Have you ever heard of the Ka-Rura?
Maybe you can show me
some of the finer points?
For that, you'd have to ask him.
Hi, baby.
Oh, bankrolls, my favorite.
I thought we
were in love, you know.
It was over there some...
It's his wife.
Some heartlet...
gypsy bitch
Oh, dear.
We made love last night.
It was passionate.
Maybe not the time.
You know, but...
so... so passionate.
And it doesn't matter
how quick it is, you know,
because it's about connection, and
there was real, real, real connection.
Let me let you in on a little secret.
They're all very...
very disappointing.
You know, I got writing again.
It inspired me.
I wrote a poem last night.
I was just watching him...
sleeping next to me, under the moonlight.
Do you want to read it?
Straight from my heart.
It's the best thing I've ever written.
First page.
Can I offer you a suggestion?
You don't like it?
I think you should read this.
Out loud, right here in front of everyone.
Tell them how you really feel.
Bare your soul.
You just might be surprised
where his loyalties truly lie.
All I'm saying is...
I mean, just hear me out.
One, two, three.
The devil and me.
Wrong tree, honey.
Look, I love the harpy.
They are the bringers of
life, the nurturers of life.
Which is why today is so
special to everyone here, but...
I don't think you understand
what she's trying to say.
Well, I'm flattered.
He only partakes in my pork.
I'm a vegetarian.
Dominic here...
Don't call me that.
partakes in many and any of
the fruits in this beautiful world.
It's so true.
So is this like the single section
or the smoking section of this thing?
I suppose it could be construed as both.
I do apologize.
I only brought the one chair.
No, don't apologize.
I just came over.
Obviously, you shouldn't
be standing. I insist...
No, hey, we can share if you...
I think it's more just in
terms of space in regards to...
Uh, okay.
Seems like this works.
What is this your device?
Oh, it's an e-cigarette.
They're synthetic.
It's supposed to be like, um
healthier versions of
the real thing, kind of.
Smoke smells of berries.
May I see?
So are you just not like a marriage guy or
I have respect for the notion.
Spending one's time with another, but
the theatrics and pomp
of it all I can live without.
I can give or take pomp, I guess.
I don't know.
It's just binding yourself
to someone for that long.
It can get...
Like, we all change eventually, right?
So wouldn't we grow out
of everything eventually?
I imagine it depends on
the strength of the bond.
You say this has healing properties.
Like, they're supposed to be healthier
but they're still not, like, great for you.
I do not know how much
any of us truly change, but
for those that do change us,
they should be taken in their purest form.
I'm sure a sweeter, more
saccharine version is safer, but
For those we truly care about
anything worth getting close
deserves to be experienced as it is.
As it is.
The good with the bad.
Bad is only a matter of opinion.
Oh, it's so good.
Tony took us there
for our last anniversary,
and it's so nice.
Oh, that's so sweet...
You know, the service is, like
but the food is so good.
Sounds it.
Here we are, ladies.
Thank you, Jackie Boy.
Ah, it looks like we got one more here.
Didn't know if you want
to wet your beak, Pris.
What are you making?
Well, we have bellinis or bellinis.
Which would you prefer?
Um, how about a Bellini?
Good choice.
Ooh, pretty.
Thank you.
They're not great.
So, do you have any...
That shirt looks very cute on you.
I told you it would fit.
Why, thank you.
I'm digging it.
Doesn't he look great?
Yeah, certainly.
All of you always look so good every year.
Fish oil.
But the trick
is to take one of those little capsules
pop it in your mouth, and
squeeze it until the oil
Just swallow the oil.
It's so fucking disgusting.
But the results, right?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Oh my God.
Um, everybody, I have something to say.
This is from my heart,
and I think I deserve to be listened to.
It's for...
I'm nervous.
When you looked at me
my world turned blue.
Twisted around, there was nothing but you.
You held me like a koala
mama bear holding her cub.
And when your legs weaved in between mine,
I knew it was love.
Your eyes were closed,
but your heart was open.
And you slept under the moonlight.
Couldn't stop thinking about
the way your hands were groping.
Very tight.
What the fuck?
I love you, Tony.
What the fuck did you just say?
And I know we have some obstacles.
But, that's okay, I don't care.
Tony, what is she...
I'm handling it, Evelyn.
She called me a fucking obstacle.
I'm handling it, Evelyn!
I can't even!
Tony, what is she...
Going outside now.
gonna get you some fresh air.
Fuck it.
I didn't write you shit, though, you know.
I would love to be your editor, baby.
Yes, yes!
Are you out of your fucking mind?
You are married to me!
Don't touch me, do not touch me.
Tony! Tony, you are married to me!
She said yes, everybody.
We're engaged!
We're engaged!
Oh my God, Sugar Bear!
Sorry, I'm late.
Traffic in Worcester was friggin' brutal.
We need to leave, baby.
Leave? What do you mean?
We just got here.
They took her.
They took who?
Eve, Tony's... he proposed to some woman...
And then she started screaming,
and they ripped her away.
Am I supposed to be surprised that Eve got
ripped away from bottomless bellinis?
She wasn't drunk.
They grabbed...
Come on, Buttercup, come on.
Let's go up to the room. We
can talk about it there, okay?
You can go there if you
want to, but I am leaving,
and I am never coming
back to one of these things.
Come on.
Just do this for me.
And tell you what, next vacation
I'll take you wherever you want to go.
Cape Cod,
Scarlet Cay...
I need you to believe me.
It's not that I don't believe you.
It's I just have other... -
Well, do you believe me?
Yeah, I...
Then come with me.
I am so scared right now.
And I just want to go home...
You Don't...
And I want you to be there with me.
You don't understand.
I need to be here.
And I need you.
It's just once a year.
You said you believed me.
Hey, Buttercup!
Don't fucking call me that.
What do you do for life?
Travel. You know,
whatever I desire really.
Just you?
Yes, just me.
Maddy! Maddy!
See y'all next year!
Maddy, it's happening!
It's happening, it's all happening!
What's happening?
Fuck me.
I know!
He's taking me to the Pocanos
for our honeymoon!
Oh, no, not necessarily.
We've got to talk about that.
So, you're leaving?
You know what tomorrow we...
Yeah, man, don't worry about it.
I'll catch you next year.
I love you!
Hey, any chance you know
where the Pocanos are?
Northern Pennsylvania...
Why would you do this?
It's alright, Erik.
Thank you, thank you! - Alright, alrighty.
Come on Darling.
Thank you for the magic of this place!
Enjoy the rest of your time.
Honey, pick me up!
Pick me up!
How am I supposed to to that?
Love you!
Is everything alright?
Can we talk?
There's nothing
more to say about it, darling.
So Tony asked me specifically to do this?
Someone specifically, not him, yes.
Think of this as a step up.
My little Larson's moving up in the world.
Oh my gosh, congratulations!
Why don't we skedaddle and leave
my hubby here to his honored duties?
Oh, okay.
His honored bitch work, you mean?
It's only bitch work if
you're a bitch about it.
I'm so excited for you!
Oh, I'm excited for
what I'm gonna do to you.
Do I got a job for you, buddy?
How would you
rate your people skills?
Uh six?
I'm done.
I'm so fucking done.
Why? Because of Fiona and
that guy?
Because of everything.
These people, this place.
What the place do?
How are you not seeing this?
Because I know Fiona.
Listen, I love the girl, but
she's a living, breathing soap.
I mean, Jesus fucking Christ, that girl.
But you wouldn't be saying
that if you were there.
I think I wouldn't be
saying that because I'm
not actively trying to
leave every five seconds.
I want to leave!
I didn't even want to come here and now
I am sick of feeling like the crazy one for
actually trying to spend
this vacation with you.
I don't know what to do with my hands.
You're right.
I don't need you to tell me that I'm right.
I'm fucking right.
I know.
Listen, this was kind of my idea and
this hasn't been fair.
I had to fight to even be
in the same room as you.
This was supposed to be you and
me and it's just been you and them.
I don't know, me a little.
Kind of.
What does closing the door mean?
Tonight, it is just us.
Me, you, whatever you want to do.
Everything else out there doesn't exist.
You stay in here?
I mean, well, I will need dinner.
But if I left to get food first
it kind of would've lessened the effect.
I didn't expect you to
agree with me so quickly
but yeah, that'd be cool.
I still feel like...
I can't help you with.
Let me know when sane
Dizzy comes back. Hmm?
Oh yeah, the
first wife's always a bitch.
I didn't hit my stride until
like the sixth or seventh.
Cailyn's been fun, though.
As you get older, you'll find out, Clarkey.
Take a walk,
Oh... Uh
Thank you.
They still tease you, I see.
No. It's, uh
I was just gonna head to
my room...
No, please continue.
Well, I
I know I've been putting
this off for a while.
And I understand what I need to... - May I?
Please, yes.
But you still care for her?
I, uh I do.
I just... I'm
I'm not ready.
Never apologize for what you love.
To anyone.
This is why we are here.
He thinks he
can talk to me like that.
Why don't we just go to bed?
We have to be out of here by
10 A.M. so I can make it to my...
Fucking coddles him. Like,
'cause he's the new kid.
No, no one around here
would ever do anything like that.
It's not the...
You know, I've put in my
time since The Eighteen...
The what?
Forget it.
Let's just go to bed, okay?
I'll, uh, meet you up there.
- Oh, fine. I'll start myself.
Are you too poor to pay the tax?
Well, we can't all be
fabulous in the big city.
Getting kind of personal.
I guess that's why you chose the cat
as the sigil of your capitalistic empire.
Hmm, I know. After all
you're the pussy.
Aw, V, you have such a way with words.
Better than the fucking shoe.
Oh, yeah, you're totally right.
That should have been you,
'cause you're always running away.
Oh, Trunksy. You're literally
stabbing me in the heart.
Definitely not, literally.
But I got a couple tricksies up my sleeve.
Five big ones in my offshore account.
Oh, my God. How can I forget about
the clearly not-cheating Dizzy fund?
Game on, bitch!
For, like, another roll or two.
This is nice, right?
We're having fun, right?
Right. The awareness
of the fun environment is
kind of eating away at its charm.
Son of a fuck!
Does anyone actually like this game?
Erik, perhaps?
The bro's probably out there
playing real life Monopoly.
Fuck off.
You're smirking.
No, I'm not.
You're smirking.
The awareness of the
smirk is eating away at its...
I didn't invite anyone. I swear.
I swear.
Oh, hi. Is everything okay in here?
Oh, shit. Are we being too loud?
No, no, no.
Well, yeah, but that's not why I'm
I just got off my shift, and
there's this great perk of free wine.
So, I figured I'd see if Miss V wanted
Or if both of you would like
Miss V?
Oh, I didn't mean to
What is it, Miss?
Miss? I don't know the formal...
Nope. Don't look at her. Look at me.
What exactly are your
intentions with Miss V?
Why does he have to have intentions?
Why can't he just have wine? And leave?
I don't think those are the
eyes of a boy who wants to leave.
No, I think those are
Those are the eyes of
a boy who wants to stay.
Okay, I get it. You're both just mean.
Sadly, per the decree of Miss V herself,
No boys allowed.
Ah. Well, that is a shame.
We will take this, though.
As penance!
Victoria, my darling, tip the barkeep.
Here. Fetch.
Wow. That's very degrading.
Say goodnight, alewife.
Ale Ale-What?
Dom, why'd you stop?
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
Ew. You smell like stale farts.
No, you smell like lavender
covering up stale farts.
I kinda only packed for our trip.
Weird, right?
Where's the loud one?
The loud one?
Not specific enough.
Where's your friend that didn't
get engaged and carried away?
I don't know. She didn't
come to bed last night.
We could asked Boy Toy.
Who is
Are you sure she
didn't come into your room?
It's weird. Maybe text her?
There's an almost limitless number of
guys she could have rolled into bed with.
I think she'll turn up.
Oh! The Summoner,
she's here.
May I present to you, Priscilla.
Oh, Gail.
It's good to see you.
As it is you.
I, um
have someone I would like you to meet.
I believe she to be special.
If you had time,
I would hope you would speak to her.
Yeah, that can be arranged.
Summoner wants you.
You again?
Me again.
Uh, what is this?
I don't know what you...
What do you mean?
So, Wives Day. I get it.
Weird sex parties, plastic
trophy-wives coming to
enjoy the show.
Ha ha. Fun times. We
can dive into that later.
But now: the Summoner?
Oh, you mean Gail?
Okay, but like,
you've been here since
you were born. So, is this...
Like, is this normal?
Well, I mean, you should see some
of the other people that rent here.
Oh, boy.
Oh, you are oblivious, huh?
Oh, wow. Okay, rude.
You wanna go spy with me?
Let's go!
What? Ow.
You, me, Trunksy, the Summoner...
Let's go watch Gail and Trunks talk.
Okay, ow.
You know, there's an
exit right over there, so
Okay. You just want me to help
you invade your friend's privacy.
That's a yes?
Madison, right?
Yeah, or Maddy.
Erik speaks highly of you.
I don't know what to say.
You're warm.
It's probably
just because I was inside.
There's an old soul in there.
Are you afraid to show it?
We all have a
little bit in every one of us.
Uh, a little bit of old?
Before you and me and all
of this, there was a condensed
minuscule just about nothing
that created
And that minuscule, just
about nothing, is now here.
In these trees, in these mountains,
in the emptiness between us.
Some of us have more than others, but
in each of us, that molecule has existed
long before you and
will exist long after you.
If you're not afraid to show that soul,
you can be infinite.
So, how are you liking everything
so far? It's kind of fun, right?
Yeah, it is, actually.
See? I told you.
What? Wait, you told me what?
Dude, I have been here for
like a day, and I can see that
there's some, like,
Illuminati-level shit going on here.
You know, have you ever considered
you might be a little paranoid?
Do you remember Gail's
little sidekick out there?
Because last time I talked to Priscilla,
she wasn't as Stepford-y as she is now.
Have you guys seen Cailyn?
Uh, no, sorry.
I'm not.
I mean, you're seeing this shit, right?
You know, you might have a better time
if you tried to have a better time.
Wake the fuck up, Jack.
Are your pains eased?
All eased.
Yes? Aw.
Alright, come on.
Hey... Hey.
You can play with her later, okay?
- She smells good.
I know.
She smells good.
Come on.
You're leaving already?
Uh, yeah.
I figured the long weekend's over.
Back to work tomorrow.
Makes sense. I'll probably
just get a ride with Becca later.
But, um
It was so good to see you, seriously.
Why do you have...
We should probably go tell Becca to...
You packed up my things?
It's time, Maddy.
You had your little chat with Gail and...
Oh my god, I can't
believe you're this jealous.
She was fucking vetting you.
Vetting me?
Do I need to spell it out for you?
They were psychoanalyzing you.
What is your problem?
What? Because it's normal
when the summoner grabs
your tit and reads your
fucking fortune or whatever?
Were you spying on me?
What? I saw you.
Oh my god, you were spying on me!
That is so fucked, Dizzy.
I wanted to make sure you were okay.
Now you know.
Leave us.
Shall all your cares beguile.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Yeah, of course.
Oh, um
This probably doesn't matter to
you, but I have to close up for a bit.
They're having this ceremony thing so,
this is sort of like last call.
Hey, sorry.
Can I have a couple more of then?
Oh. I guess this does matter to you.
Uh, Yeah.
Are you okay?
I can handle it, Jack.
Well, I could get you both...
I've been here long enough.
Oh... Hey, Erik.
I was just
Have you seen my dad?
I believe he was gathering his
things after adjusting the power.
If you wish to catch him, I would hurry.
I swear I recall liquid being in there.
I hope you weren't kidding,
knowing your way around the bar.
The spirits can wait.
Keep playing.
I don't know how to play.
I'm just fucking
hitting keys.
It sounds like music to me.
I have an engagement this evening.
Afterwards I could come
I want to see you.
And I would hope that
you would wait for me if I...
I've got time.
I know you're busy.
I wouldn't
have just... She moved.
Goddamn it!
I just panicked.
We have an
actual situation on our hands.
I fucked up, okay?
I know I fucked...
I'm fuckin' freakin' out here.
Look at her and tell
me what to do, all right?
Supposed to be stretching.
Just fucking help me, Ford.
Damn. I swear she
fucking went to move and I just...
I mean, you could
have done it cleaner.
She moved, she...
We need at least two, right?
What happens if it's just the one?
then one or the other
Trucks, we have to go.
They killed Becca.
We have to go now.
My fucking god, V. Enough!
You've been complaining
since we got up here
and I have a really high
tolerance for kind of stuff...
I'm not joking around.
You can't just let it go.
It's not just now!
It's not just now.
You're always like this.
You know, I can't fucking breathe.
And you play like you're happy for me.
And it's all bullshit.
You know, I get new friends, I talk,
dare I talk to a guy.
The only time that you're happy for me
is when I am with you.
Maddy, you have to listen to me.
Becca's dead?
That's right.
I'm heading out and I don't
think I'll be back tonight.
Get it, girl. Eat him alive.
Love your face.
You drive safe now.
Hey, dad?
Hey, Jackie boy.
What's up?
I couldn't find you in there.
Yeah, I'm just getting ready to head out.
Do you need a hand?
I'm good.
You all right?
Hey, what's the deal here, dad?
What's the deal?
With Erik, and these guys.
Like I know they pay for
most of our year, but
Wives Day?
And Gail.
Oh, sorry, excuse me. The Summoner.
What the fuck is that?
You must know.
I guess it's about that time.
Oh, my.
Can we talk? Or...
Yes, of course.
Come in.
I was thinking about, kind of,
everything that's happened up here.
And I'm not trying to
label whatever this is.
It's just
with the thing you guys do up here ending,
I wondered what you thought
this is.
Or was.
I most certainly didn't
think of it as it was.
Did you? -No.
Think that it was a was? -No, I didn't
What am I to you?
What do you want from this?
I want to show you something.
And I asked it when I say
after, you take as total fact.
No matter how it may sound.
I believe you.
Promise me.
I promise.
Very well.
Keep quiet if you
want to get out of here alive.
Wait, why?
I've been watching you and you're
right about what's going on here,
but you're also very fucking wrong.
We're running out of time.
What is all this?
It all started as a hunch, just some
nonsensical nothing that
one of the other wives said,
but it stuck in the back
of my head like a splinter.
And then my husband, my dear, sweet, stupid
Charlie, let everything slip
one night when he was drunk.
He was babbling on about how
the bat that Jack has behind the bar
was given to him by Babe Ruth himself.
Do you know when he played?
I don't know who that is.
Early 1900s.
He was talking about how exhilarating
it was to watch him live and in person.
You're starting to get it, sister.
And to think, Charlie ain't the oldest one.
A sword.
Open it.
All the way.
Still a sword.
That it is.
But you see, that sword,
which you cavalierly swing about my room,
that sword
is one thousand years old.
I made you promise.
So, you have a thousand
year old priceless sword.
What's the point?
You think that weapon has no price?
You find the right collector.
You would never have to work again.
Any man in this lodge could offer you
some sort of similar financial security.
Whether that be fortune, wealth, riches.
But what I offer
What I offer is far greater in worth.
What do you offer?
Time is what I offer.
I'm dizzy.
Who knows how long they've been doing this?
The wives, they seem to cycle through every
three to four years
once they've lost their
beauty or their youth or
their husbands have
just gotten tired of them.
Fiona's the only one who got engaged.
She and I were the lucky ones.
But claiming their trophies is
not what they're really here to do.
There she is.
Hey, baby.
I hope I wasn't too
rough with you last night.
You've unleashed something
in me and I don't know if
if I'm ever coming back.
Well, that's the idea.
Baby, I don't know if I
can handle round two.
So now you must choose.
What are you talking about?
There's a power.
One which makes
the sword in your hand the
second oldest thing touching you.
Wait, what do you mean?
I mean immortality.
Victoria warned you about this, didn't she?
Okay, that's not funny.
The abductions, the kidnappings of women.
Madison, it's all true.
Okay, what the fuck is wrong with you?
This power
It's cost, it takes out in blood.
Oh, you are so close to
believing this. You don't...
The cold.
Tell me you feel it.
This... This is...
Please don't touch me.
What are you?
I am the man you've
known these past few days,
who you've shared your soul with.
I am Erik Thorvaldsson.
And I am the only man who can offer you
the chance to never live
another day in your life
less perfect than you are right now.
And all it would take
is the sacrifice of those beneath us.
And who is beneath us?
You're a monster.
I am that too.
Now you truly believe.
I don't know what I believe.
And yet, your convictions are
strong enough to strike me down.
In warm blood.
Please don't make me do this.
Do you know how long
I've been searching for
someone as extraordinary as you
in these vast oceans of genetic mediocrity?
You're the only one I would
ever share this blessing with.
'Till the end of days, I...
Madison, don't make me live without you.
You want me?
Have I not made that clear?
I don't know if I can do what you do.
But I do want this.
You want this?
Do it.
Do it.
I only ask that if you do,
look me in the eyes.
For if I am to die on this day,
I can think of no greater
beauty for my final sight.
Starting to get it?
All of your friends are
going to be processed
and turned into a
fountain of youth, of sorts.
And The Summoner
is the key to everything.
I know it.
When is this happening?
Oh my... fuck. Fuck!
We have to stop it!
That's why I brought you up here.
Don't think.
Just shoot.
Dude, what the fuck are you doing?
He's going to kill you if
he sees you doing that.
What are you a fucking cop, Chuck?
Mind your business.
The time has come.
Once again, we the chosen,
the men of the Ka-Rura,
take part in the festival
of the Everlasting.
Through our holy conduit,
we call forth the unceasing
to offer us the feast of youth.
To bring rejuvenation of health,
healing of bones,
and the invigoration of our very souls.
Yo, are you grabbing food?
There's like a whole
spread set up for us for later.
A whole spread for fucking them.
Just go grab takeout,
alright? And I'll pay.
-Alright. -Sick!
One more year of this shit.
Two just left in front of the other...
Let me worry about them.
Just get to the hatch.
I'll guide you from there.
What we
need should be dead ahead.
Do you see it?
I see a couple boxes. Now what?
Whatever goes on upstairs,
they need to account for
some type of electrical surge.
So the owner reroutes
the power from the ski lift to...
The owner?
No, his father.
There should be a
separate breaker marked lift or cable.
Do you see it?
Let me go, please!
Alecto, rise!
Aid us your strength.
Feed us.
Feed us.
Alecto, rise!
Aid us your power.
Feed us!
Feed us!
Alecto, rise!
Alecto, rise!
We're fucked. We're so fucked!
you not find the box for the...
They threw that guy's wife down here.
I told you they were monsters.
Why am I doing this?
Why aren't you the one
in the fucking basement?
Trust me, you don't want my job.
Does your job include
dealing with a rotten corpse?
It does now.
They're coming for you.
I can hear them.
Look, I know you're scared,
and that's alright.
But I also need
you to be productive, okay?
So find the box.
I don't see one that says "lift" any...
Wait, rope tow?
Could that be it?
Well, if you don't see...
Yeah, it should be.
What do you mean it should be?
I mean, yes.
The rope must mean cable. Or...
Well, do you or do you not know?
just hit the fucking switch.
Erik... Erik.
Hey, Cailyn.
I'm coming upstairs.
Will you stop shooting everything?
We have guns for a reason.
You said you
were going to sneak past...
I am sneaking.
The snow makes sound.
Or would you rather we go through all
this trouble of rescuing your little friend
just to have these groupies
get us on the way out?
Can we just try and be quiet
and meet up where we said we would?
I'll meet you on the second floor.
I would give anything in this moment
if I thought I could change your mind.
Oh, God
But the eyes.
The eyes betray you.
Was the cost really so great?
Did you care for these people?
Because I'm evil?
Don't you get it?
our time,
is what is truly priceless.
I got you good, didn't I?
Hey listen, I'm sorry.
I couldn't help myself.
Don't come any closer.
I'm just the messenger,
but that message is that I
can't let you go up that way.
So, why don't I just give you...
I said stop!
Hey, whoa. Listen.
Whatever you think is fair, alright?
I got some going out on the town money.
Huh? We can sort this out tomorrow.
Where's Maddie?
That's above my pay grade, okay?
I was told to watch the house,
and hands off you and
the bosses, girl. That's it.
Hands off?
Where the fuck is she?
That's a great question. You
know, I don't have the answer.
But that worry right there,
that sounds like it's worth
another thousand in hazard pay.
How about it?
Oh, my God, we need to hurry.
I can't
You have no idea what's going on here.
Erik, please. Please don't.
Another sacrifice for the feast.
Feed us!
Alecto, rise!
Listen, you need to leave.
Hey, I tried to offer some severance pay.
Shut up! Just
You're one of them.
I can assure you, I just found out
how not one of them I really am.
Look, you have no idea what's up there!
My best friend is up there.
So, if you're really not one of them...
Oh, she is fucking special!
I know.
Feed us!
Alecto, rise!
Nobody move!
Honey, I'm gonna need
you to shut the fuck up.
The women are talking.
What exactly happens now?
We win.
There's no need for this, Jack!
Just stop fighting, it'll go
down a lot easier for ya.
Boss, Boy Wonder here,
he thought it'd be a good
idea to try to take on...
Leave it to a woman
to ruin paradise!
Mister Erik, are you okay?
Mister Erik?
Come here!
I was one away.
One fucking year away.
What have you done?
What have I done?
After everything I've given to your family.
Sustaining you people for centuries!
This is how you repay me?
My dad told me what you've
been doing for centuries.
We're your hostages!
You're the help.
Exceptionally compensated
help, I might add.
Who, until now, we're all smart enough to
simply take the money,
smile, and live with it.
And then die with it.
Unlike you.
But you all die so well.
Come on, Buttercup! Come on!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I think I peed my trunks.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
One to ten, how much do you hate me?
Just shut up.
Come on
Pick me up, I didn't mean it.
Oh, no-no-no, wait.
Wait wait wait!
No, no, no!
No, no, no
No! No!
It's okay.
Shut up, shut up
It's okay.
You're a badass.
And you're gonna continue
to be a badass all by yourself.
Now go fucking do it.
You know, Jack, I think I needed this.
We used to walk these lands as we pleased.
Took what we wanted, did what we desired.
Oh, the facade I must dawn
to live amongst you miscreants,
is simply exhausting.
- Wait a minute.
You mean the voice and your whole
general vibe, that was you blending in?
That's right.
Scurry away, mortal.
Gods, it's been ages since I tasted battle.
The illumination of peril.
Death's consignment
to a hovering wraith.
We really do take the simple
things for granted, Jack.
You were to be spared, Victoria.
Ugh! Ah...
Both of you.
I thought I told you to leave.
I kind of like bothering you more.
All this!
Is on your hands.
I hope it was worth it.
Actually, yeah. I got what I wanted.
Oh, and what was that?
Your precious Madison,
saw you for what you really are,
a fucking joke.
She died watching you run away.
You turned your back on her.
On all of them.
Then when I send you to her
Tell her, I'm sorry for that too.