Every Christmas Has a Story (2016) Movie Script

Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
We're laughing all the way
Bells on bobtails ring
They're making
spirits bright
Oh, what fun
to laugh and sing...
[male radio host]:
Yeah, it looks like traffic's
gonna be heavier than usual
this morning,
with construction
blocking two lanes,
but to keep you
in the holiday spirit
while you're inching along,
here's another
Christmas classic.
["We Wish You A Merry
Christmas" playing]
[shuts radio off]
No thanks.
Good morning, Los Angeles.
Let's make a day of it.
Good morning.
Hi. Hi.
Morning, Sam.
Morning, Ms. Harper.
Are you all ready
for Christmas?
Are you getting all ready
for Christmas?
Are you planning on getting
all ready for Christmas?
Sam, I love you, but if you say
"Christmas" one more time,
I'll put a lump of coal
in your stocking and hit
you over the head with it.
I see you haven't
lost any of your
charming Christmas spirit
Morning, Jack.
Fan mail?
Don't be jealous.
Oh, me? I'm content
to bask in the glow
of your fame.
Oh, please.
Any mail for me?
I had to move
the segments around a little
for this morning's show.
We had a cancellation.
Turns out the Christmas twins
aren't talking to each other.
Oh! Families
and holidays.
Yeah, but I replaced them
with a guy
who has the largest collection
of Christmas ornaments
on the West Coast.
Wait. Not
Dr. What's-His-Name?
We had him on
last year.
Yeah! Kwan!
But he's got new ones
to show you,
so we could make it
like an annual thing.
Oh, I'm so glad I spent
all that money and time
a journalism degree.
Well, you didn't spend
all your time
getting a journalism degree.
Hey, I worked hard in school.
Yeah, but...
wasn't all work.
At least... wasn't for me.
Kinda off-topic, Jack.
Kind of?
You're right.
It's unprofessional.
I apologize.
I didn't mean--
you don't have to apologize.
I just meant that college
was a long time ago.
Doesn't matter
what happened back then.
I get it.
We're professional journalists.
We have
a show to do.
That's all I was trying to say.
We have a show to do...
and a lot of great memories.
Maybe a couple.
Uh, plans for the holidays?
Um, uh, a week in Hawaii.
You know...
Christmas, snow.
Well, speaking
of shows to do...
Yeah. Yeah.
I'll see you in the studio.
Yes. I'll see you there.
What kind
of memories?
Don't you know
it's not polite
to eavesdrop?
I wasn't eavesdropping.
I was full-on listening.
Every time I come in here,
I have this sudden urge
for peppermint.
No, no, don't
change the subject.
Why didn't
you tell me
that you and Jack were
an item in college?
We weren't an item.
We dated for a while.
How long?
Not that long.
Just three years.
Oh, well, pardon me!
What, just a passing
fling, then?
What happened?
Nothing happened.
Well, you didn't live
happily ever after, so...
We graduated,
then Jack got an offer from
a little station in Vermont.
I got hired in Albuquerque.
We tried to do the long-distance
thing for a while.
Ooh, that is
a long distance.
Which we figured out after
maxing out our credit cards
on cross-country
red-eye flights, and...
And after...
Jack told me
he was getting married.
To someone else.
[sighs] Oh. That'd do it.
I was surprised.
We kinda lost touch
after that.
Until he came to work here.
Yes, and then
we mutually agreed
that, whatever happened before,
we had moved on,
and the only thing that mattered
was that we both
had a job to do.
Building this
little morning show
into a huge hit.
You okay?
Is that
one of those mash notes?
No. It's from my father.
Oh! Well,
that's nice.
Well, it's time to go.
Can you help me?
Are you sure
you're okay?
Yeah. Great.
Thanks, Wendy.
Wait. Jack isn't married.
Not anymore.
Well, that's about
all the time we have today.
I'd like to thank
my very special guest,
Dr. Kenneth Kwan,
for joining us again
this year
with his fascinating collection
of Christmas ornaments.
Kenny, maybe we'll see you
again next year?
I'd like that, Kate.
And thank you
to everyone watching at home.
And, as this is--
-Camera one.
-...Our final show of the year--
Slow zoom.
I'd like to wish each
and every one of you
a very Merry Christmas
and a happy, healthy New Year.
We'll see you next year.
Music. Roll credits.
Nice work, everyone.
Oh, Kenny,
that was great!
Thank you so much.
My pleasure.
And... boom. We're out.
That's a wrap!
Good job, everybody.
Nice work. Nice work!
Good job. Nice.
Good job, everybody.
Merry Christmas.
You've earned it, right?
Good job.
Perhaps you'd allow me
to give you
an early Christmas gift?
Oh, that's from
your personal collection.
This is one of my favorites.
It's from
a little town in Norway.
Very old, one of a kind.
Oh, well, that's very generous,
but, actually,
I don't have a Christmas tree.
Thank you so much.
Nice job.
Good job, man.
Well done, everybody.
[Kenny]: How do you
celebrate Christmas?
-Audio's live.
-The truth is...
I'm not much
of a Christmas person.
We're on the air! Guys!
What about
Christmas carols?
And all the presents?
The lights?
All those things are fine.
I don't have anything
against Christmas.
And children
singing in the park?
Chestnuts roasting
on an open fire?
Kenny, I wouldn't know
a chestnut
if you put a ribbon around it
and sent it to me by reindeer.
Audio's live!
Excuse me.
I'm sure if you just
give yourself a chance...
Please, I insist.
I know, I just--
I don't like Christmas.
Guys! Audio! Pardon me!
Please tell me
we were off the air.
Jack, it was
an accident.
Of course,
it was an accident!
Obviously it was
an accident.
Everybody saw
it was an accident.
Then why do you
keep saying it?
Look, the music
was playing,
the credits
were rolling.
And no one watches
the credits anymore.
I doubt anyone
even saw it.
You think?
-It's no big deal.
Oh, Ms. Harper...
[TV playing]
[Male announcer]:
...Live announcement
by morning show host
Kate Harper that, quote,
"I just don't like Christmas".
[sighing heavily]
And in a turn of events,
Ms. Harper
then pushed her guest,
sending him
into a Christmas tree,
and crashing to the floor.
Please tell me
we were off the air.
It was an accident.
[phone rings]
It was an accident.
Turn off
the TV, Kate.
[clicks TV off]
You're going to
need some sleep.
We have a meeting
tomorrow morning.
With Lauren.
And she doesn't
sound happy.
[sighing heavily]: Oh...
[Protestors]: We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry...
[Lauren]: Needless to say,
our competition is having
a field day with this.
It's pretty, though,
isn't it?
So Christmas-y.
I've always loved Christmas.
But then... who doesn't?
Oh. Right.
Lauren, listen.
I didn't mean to...
I turned around,
and he was just
standing there--
It was my fault,
I was in the booth.
I should've caught the mistake
with the audio.
[Lauren]: It doesn't matter
whose fault it is.
The damage is done.
People are upset.
Kate, your audience
is not happy with you.
The video from the show
went viral in record time.
Over five million
views and counting.
No "likes".
You're also
trending, big-time.
What's trending?
Hashtag "Harper
hates the holidays."
I never said that.
Hashtag "Send Kate
coal for Christmas."
Hashtag "Bah, humbug,
Okay. I get
the point.
People are threatening
to boycott our sponsors.
No sponsors means no money.
No money means no Morning Show
with Kate Harper.
Try and make a day of that.
All right. I messed up.
But can't I go on the show
and apologize or something?
Tell everyone how much
I really love Christmas?
Do you really love Christmas?
It's... you know...
Which is precisely why no one's
gonna buy your apology.
I'm afraid this calls for
something more proactive...
before this thing spirals
completely out of control.
Such as?
This came in
a few hours ago.
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish
You a Merry Christmas...
Hello, Kate Harper!
I'm Ted Drysdale,
mayor of
Hollyvale, North Dakota--
"The Biggest Little
Christmas Town in the Country."
What is this?
Now, I know you're probably
asking yourself,
"What's going on here?"
Well, a lot of us saw
your TV show this morning,
and darn it
if it didn't get us to talking.
And we decided,
what better way for Kate Harper
to find her Christmas spirit
than to come visit us,
right here in Hollyvale,
where we've got plenty to
So we'd like to invite you
to come on up
and find out what Christmas
is really like.
You never know...
we might just put a little
"Ho, ho, ho" back in your day.
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas!
[Santa chuckles]
...Good tidings to you--
The network has agreed
to give you
a two-minute segment
every evening for the week
leading up to Christmas.
W-Wait, I--
We'll do a remote,
showing how you've rediscovered
the magic
and the spirit of Christmas.
-It's perfect.
-A remote from where?
You're going to Hollyvale.
Jack, talk to accounting
about your travel expenses.
You can get
a local crew up there.
What? Why do I have to go?
Because it's your show, too,
and I'm sure you'd like
to keep it on the air.
I can't do this.
I'm flying to Hawaii
tomorrow morning.
Yeah, and I'm booked
on a flight to Aspen.
You two seem to be under
the impression
you have a choice here.
Let me be absolutely clear.
Kate, you have a serious
image problem,
and the network has
canceled shows for much less.
And Jack,
your contract
is up for renewal next month.
This could make negotiations
a tad... oh! ...awkward.
But look on the bright side.
You'll both still have
your vacation time.
You'll just be together.
And in Hollyvale.
Christmas time
at last is here
And the stars
put on a show
Lift our glasses
Sing some songs
we know from childhood
Is that Santa's sleigh
Hope this year
we've all been good
Lots of laughing
lots of toys
The memories will stay
Christmas time
for girls and boys...
[knocking] You okay?
The van's circled the parking
lot three times already.
We gotta go.
Let's go.
Tell me you brought
more winter clothes
with you than that?
What's wrong
with what I'm wearing?
It's minus-10
degrees outside.
You're gonna
freeze to death.
Oh, exaggerate much?
You know how you are
with the weather.
I'll be fine.
You complain when your
Chardonnay is too cold.
I do not! Besides,
it hurts my teeth.
Kate, maybe we should stop
on the way into town
and get you
some warmer clothes.
Oh, please! This outfit
was fine in Aspen.
I'm sure
I'll survive Bismarck.
[gasps] Oh...
Oh! Don't be ridiculous.
It's very refreshing!
Whoa! Oh, oh, oh!
Careful, careful, careful.
You okay?
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Here. I'll get the bag.
No, no. I got it.
It's fi-- Oh!
[both gasp and groan]
Are you okay?
You did that on purpose.
Don't flatter
Ms. Harper?
Yes, that's me!
Who-Who are you?
I'm Doug.
Your crew.
As in there are more of you
in the van, right?
Nah. It's just me.
Okay, well...
It's nice
to meet you, Doug.
You can call me Kate.
Hi. I'm Jack.
Hi, Jack.
All right, well, then,
we'd better go.
You guys are gonna
freeze out here.
Yeah. The van's
right here.
I'll get the bags.
Be careful.
J-Jack. J...
[chuckles nervously]
[Doug]: Have you been
to Hollyvale before?
First time.
It sure is
something special.
People come
from all over
to visit during
the holidays.
It's like the way
you remember Christmas
from when
you were a kid,
and you'd get
all tingly for it.
I'm sure
it's very nice.
We're on
a pretty tight schedule,
and we were hoping
you could help us
break the ice,
so to speak.
whatever you need.
Great! Well, uh,
we'd like to talk
to some locals,
to find out what it's like
to live here.
Um, why Christmas is so special
for Hollyvale,
and where do you get
all that Christmas spirit.
Yeah. Sure thing.
[Doug]: Well... there it is.
Welcome to Hollyvale.
Whoa. Look at
all that Christmas!
Hmm. I thought
it would be busier.
I mean, Christmas
is only a week away.
It kinda comes in waves...
Uh, here and there.
It gets busier.
It's... yeah.
This is Mia Walker,
reporting for Hollyvale News.
Back to you, Bob.
This is Mia Walker,
reporting for Hollyvale News!
Back to you, Bob!
This is Mia Walker,
reporting for Hollyvale News.
Back to you, Bob.
Good Afternoon!
Welcome to Hollyvale Inn.
How can I--?
Hi. We have
a reservation.
"Let's make a day of it!"
Kate Harper!
This is such an honor.
I'm such a big fan.
Kate Harper!
In my hotel!
I-I don't mean "my" hotel.
It's not like I own the place.
It's just, I work here.
Because, I mean,
otherwise, what would I be doing
behind the front desk? Duh!
I don't usually talk this much.
Oh, happens to Kate
all the time.
Well, yeah!
He's kidding.
Just breathe.
Breathe. Thank you!
Your rooms are down here.
stifles a chuckle]
After you.
I gave you the Santa Suite.
I hope you like it.
[Kate, awkward chuckle]:
It's very... festive.
Thank you.
Ms. Harper, I know you probably
hear this all the time,
but you're actually the reason
I'm studying journalism
in school.
I mean, I'd never expect
to be like you,
with the whole country
watching and all,
but you inspire me.
I think what you do
is important.
And I think
you're the best at it.
Thank you, Mia.
Although you probably
should've reconsidered
that thing you said
about not liking Christmas.
Thank you, Mia.
Well, if you need
anything else--
I know where to find you.
Kate Harper...
Well, if this isn't the star
on the Christmas tree!
Ms. Harper, I cannot tell you
what an honor it is to meet you.
Though I feel as if
we're old friends,
after watching you
all these years.
Oh, it's a pleasure
to meet you, too, Mr. Mayor.
This is my producer,
Jack Brewster.
Mr. Mayor.
Oh, you two!
We don't stand on
ceremony around here.
Call me Ted.
Take a load off!
Let's chat.
Well, first off, Ted,
thank you so much
for the invitation.
It's very generous of you
to open up your town to us.
Like they say--
"'tis the season."
From what I've seen
of Hollyvale,
you folks really take
the season very seriously.
That's what makes us
the "biggest little
Christmas town in the country."
Like the sign says.
Our town
is your town.
And Ms. Harper...
I meant what I said
about you
coming to Hollyvale
to find your Christmas spirit.
And that's exactly
why we're here.
To help Kate discover
the joys of Christmas,
and also to see
what's so special
about Christmas
to Hollyvale.
You're gonna be doing
a segment on the news
every night this week?
Right here from town?
That's right.
So we're gonna be
on televisions
all over the country?
And on
our website.
We have millions of viewers
on the Internet,
all over the world.
Does that sound okay, Ted?
Sounds just fine.
[Kate]: Three, two, one...
Thank you, Ms. Harper.
Oh, thank you.
I think my Dad's
wrong about you.
What do you mean?
He says they should change
the name of your show to
"The Morning Show
with Kate Scrooge."
[forced laugh]
Bye-bye now.
I can see
the poster.
Oh, it's not funny.
It's funny.
I should be
on a beach in Hawaii,
and instead, I'm here,
trying to prove to people
I'm not a Scrooge.
Well, I don't think
you're a Scrooge.
And I'm kinda
getting into
this whole
"making spirits bright" thing.
I don't know.
It still seems kind of quiet
around here.
You heard Doug.
It'll pick up.
You folks ready to order?
Actually, I have a question.
Um, we're with
the TV crew.
Oh, I'm not much
of a TV person.
I spend most of my time
here, anyway.
Well, that's exactly
what we're curious about.
We thought the restaurant
would be a little bit busier,
with Christmas being so close
and everything.
What? No!
No, we're plenty busy.
We have parties and reservations
coming out of our ears
for the rest of the week.
Tonight's just...
a little slow.
It happens.
Even in the biggest little
Christmas town in the country?
Uh, yeah, I don't know
what I'm gonna order yet,
so I'm gonna need
a couple minutes to...
What was that?
I know you.
I know what you're doing.
You're turning this
into an investigative piece.
Okay, fine.
But don't you think
it's weird that th--
Wonder what the soup is.
I got to ask.
Why don't you
like Christmas?
I don't know.
I mean, it's not that
I don't like it.
I just...
I don't get it.
You don't "get it"?
I mean, people don't
like-- don't "get" golf.
They don't "get"
hairless cats.
But, Christmas,
on the other hand...
Why are we talking
about this now?
You knew this about me
in college.
No! I was thinking about it,
and I didn't know.
You did.
We talked about it.
No, we talked
about everything else,
but, come Christmas,
we'd go home for the holidays,
we'd come back,
and say they were great,
and that was that.
Look, if you're worried about
me finding my Christmas spirit,
you don't have to be.
Jack, I've spent half my life
in front of the camera.
I'll make it work,
one way or the other.
Wha-- Katie, no.
No, let me explain.
Please don't call me that.
I used to call you that
all the time.
Yes, well, college
was a long time ago.
We've kept it
professional, Jack.
Let's not backslide.
[carolers]: Deck the halls
with bough of holly...
'Tis the season
To be jolly
Don we now
Our gay apparel
[carolers trail off
into the distance]
Well, uh...
Early day tomorrow.
[exhales deeply]
You ready?
Yes. Yes, got it. Ready.
All right.
And... rolling.
And... action.
They call it
the "biggest little
Christmas town in the country,"
and when you come
to Hollyvale, North Dakota,
you can see for yourself why.
Take one look around,
and it's pretty clear
there's something very special
about this little town.
But it's more than
the lights and decorations.
It's the feeling you get
when you're here.
It's the spirit of Christmas.
I'm Kate Harper,
and for the next few days,
we'll get to know
Hollyvale a lot better
and find where
that Christmas spirit
comes from.
And hopefully, while we do,
I'll have the chance to learn
what it means
to really love Christmas.
And cut. That was great!
-Got it?
-Yeah. It was good.
All right. Got it.
-Moving on?
-Moving on.
Are you guys cold?
Gosh, I don't know!
I just love
it all so much
But is there something
in particular
that makes Christmas
in Hollyvale
special for you?
Well, I guess
I would say
it was the big
Christmas tree
that went up every year
when I was growing up.
I just loved
the way it felt,
how it brought
everybody together.
How it brought
everyone together?
Hey, Doug.
Hi, Olive.
Well, thank you
for your time, Olive.
I'm Kate Harper,
NTN News.
[man]: Yeah!
No, that would
definitely be it.
The big tree,
every year.
I mean, this goes way back,
my parents talked
about when they were kids,
and how much they loved it.
So a tradition,
passed down from
generation to generation?
That's right!
A tradition. Hey.
Look what I've got.
Oh... there you go!
Now, who
wants a candy cane?
I do!
There you go.
And then one for you.
Now, if someone would just
point me towards
this Christmas tree
everyone loves so much...
They always put it
in the town square.
Wait. You know about it?
Yeah. My parents used to
bring me to Hollyvale
every Christmas
to see the tree
when I was growing up.
-Well, lead the way!
Okay. Follow me.
It was always
right here.
Are you sure?
[Doug]: Every year.
Well, it's not
here now.
Well, that's strange.
Why would people talk about
a Christmas tree
that's not even there?
Can I help you folks?
Uh, yeah. Hi.
Jack Brewster.
Sheriff Omar.
This is Kate Harper.
We're from NTN News,
Los Angeles.
Oh, the Mayor said there
was gonna be a TV crew in town.
How's it going, Doug?
Hey, Robby.
Does everybody in this
town know each other?
Sheriff, uh,
what happened
to the Christmas tree that's
supposed to be here every year?
Oh. Yeah. No.
They haven't done
that in...
I don't know,
a couple of years now.
But it was tradition.
Well, I guess they decided
to stop making it a tradition.
Do you know why?
Oh, search me.
There's so much red tape
with these things now,
it's a wonder
anything gets done.
You got
a point there.
Well, I've gotta roll.
You folks take care
and Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Thanks, Sheriff.
Merry Christmas, Rob.
What do you think?
I think we don't
have a show yet.
All right, so there's no tree.
There must be something else
around there
that says Christmas.
Just stand in front of it
and roll the camera.
Well, that's the thing.
The whole town "says"
but our story's about
the "feeling" of Christmas.
I'm afraid you lost me.
you sent me here
to find
my Christmas spirit,
but when you talk
about Christmas spirit
around here,
you're really talking
about that Christmas tree
that's been
in the town square.
If the tree's so important,
why isn't it there now?
We don't know.
Now, we are gonna
try and find it,
but even if we do,
it doesn't necessarily
solve the problem.
Because all
of our interviews
are about that tree,
and, well, there's no
point in talking about it
if we can't show it.
You guys know
I love you, right?
But the network
has been promoting
these spots since you left--
"Kate Harper
Finds Her Christmas spirit."
Everybody's over the moon
about it.
They want to hold hands
in a circle
and sing
"I'll Be Home for Christmas."
Oh, but, Lauren--
So I don't care
what you have to do,
or how you have to do it.
Just find
your Christmas spirit, Kate,
and find it fast.
Merry Christmas. Bye.
Now what?
Maybe they're hiring
at the Home Shopping Channel.
[knocking on door]
I hope
I'm not interrupting.
No, come in.
I know you guys have
been working all day.
I figured you might be hungry.
We squeeze the apples
right here in town
for the cider,
and I made the cookies myself.
Oh! Thanks, Mia.
Oh, my gosh!
You're working
on the show right now?
That is so cool.
I have to pinch myself.
Well, I don't want
to get in the way.
If you need
anything else...
Uh, Mia?
You said you were
studying journalism, right?
Well, if you were gonna
do a story
about Christmas in Hollyvale,
where would you go?
[Mia]: That's easy.
I'd talk
to Millicent Aberdeen.
[Millicent Aberdeen]:
The founder of Hollyvale,
Daniel Hollis,
loved Christmas.
It's said that
when he was a child,
he was actually in the room
the night Clement Moore
first read his poem,
"The Night Before Christmas."
And every Christmas Eve,
Daniel would gather together
the children of Hollyvale
for hot chocolate
and Christmas cookies.
He would read
the story aloud
by his fireside,
and then send each child home
with a Christmas present.
Sounds like a wonderful man.
Oh, he must have been,
because he left
instructions in his will
to continue that tradition
every year
by giving the people
of Hollyvale
a gift at Christmas.
What was that?
Daniel said
that a Christmas tree
should be placed
in the Hollyvale
Town Square
and lit as a reminder
of the Spirit of Christmas.
We've heard a lot
about those trees.
People remember them
very fondly.
Oh, yes.
And yet there hasn't been
a tree in the square
for the last two years?
Can you tell me why?
Two years ago,
the trees just stopped coming.
I don't understand.
You see, when the town
was incorporated,
Daniel retained ownership
of the square.
You mean, the square
in the middle of the town
is actually private property?
And the only condition
on Daniel's Christmas gift
to the town
was that the tree in the square
had to be a Hollis tree,
placed on Hollis land.
So if it's not a Hollis tree,
then technically,
there can't be a Christmas tree
in the square.
But every year,
like clockwork,
the trees came.
Until Vernon Hollis
stopped sending them.
But why?
No one knows.
Thank you for your time,
Reporting from Hollyvale,
North Dakota,
I'm Kate Harper
for NTN News.
Yes, we have a show.
[clears throat awkwardly]
Yeah. Yeah, there's uh...
a little bit more
editing to do,
but, um... yeah.
There's energy,
there's heart,
there's Christmas.
And we have mystery.
We have it all.
That interview you were
doing with Millicent
was pretty solid
before you started
talking about trees.
But that was
the best part.
What happened
to the trees?
How come
the Hollis family
doesn't send
them anymore?
Yeah, no,
that's good, too.
People are going
to eat it up.
Jack, about what happened
last night...
I didn't mean to snap
at you like that.
Forget it.
No, it's just,
it's this time of year.
I don't know, I...
I should lock myself in a cave
for a couple
of weeks.
Anyway, I'm sorry.
That's okay.
Well, I'll let you
finish up.
Okay. Yeah.
[clearing throat]
...Reporting from Hollyvale,
North Dakota,
I'm Kate Harper for NTN News...
Oh, Ms. Harper?
There's a package
here for you.
Oh. Thanks, Mia.
I noticed there's
no return address.
Thanks, Mia.
Aw, that's cute.
Who are they?
Uh, just some people
I used to know.
...And finally this evening,
we bring you the first
of five special reports
from Hollyvale, North Dakota,
where our own Kate Harper
has gone
to find her Christmas spirit.
This is so cool.
They call it
the "biggest little
Christmas town in the country,"
and when you come
to Hollyvale, North Dakota,
you can see for yourself why...
Well, I guess I'd say
it was the big Christmas tree
that went up every year
when I was growing up...
[man]: I mean,
this goes way back,
my parents talked about
when they were kids,
and how much they loved it.
The founder of Hollyvale,
Daniel Hollis, loved Christmas,
because he left instructions
in his will
that a Christmas tree
should be placed
in the Hollyvale Town Square
and lit as a reminder
of the Spirit of Christmas.
Every year like clockwork,
the trees came.
[Kate]: So, a tradition,
passed down from generation
to generation.
[Millicent]: Oh, yes.
[Kate]: Reporting
from Hollyvale, North Dakota,
I'm Kate Harper, NTN News.
Kate, wait a second.
I know, I tightened
it up a little.
Tightened it up?
You took out the missing trees,
you took out the mystery,
you took out
the heart of the story.
No, I made sure the story
still had heart,
because that's why we're here.
Oh, right,
"Kate Harper finds
her Christmas Spirit."
Yeah, I know all about it--
I don't think you do,
which is why you're trying
to turn the story
into some sort of
small town mystery.
I think you're afraid
that you're never going to
find the part of yourself
that can feel something
as simple and genuine
as the Christmas spirit.
Sorry, Katie, I--
I asked you
not to call me that.
Why not?
Because that's what
you used to call me
when I loved you
and you loved me,
and that was a long time ago.
I did ask you
to come to Vermont.
-I had a job.
-So did I.
And then you got a wife.
I moved on.
I never thought
I'd see you again.
Well, here we are.
[cell phone rings]
It's Lauren.
No, yeah,
I'll tell her.
She loved the show.
You're a good producer, Jack.
Kate, I--
I'm gonna go
for a walk.
What? You can't, it's like
the North Pole out here.
Well, then maybe I'll find
my Christmas Spirit.
North Pole. Get it?
Go inside, Jack.
I'll be fine.
...It's everywhere you go
Each smile is filled
with Christmas cheer
The children laugh and play
on this very special day
That day is finally here
Sleigh bells and snow
and rosy cheeks aglow...
Hi. I'm Kate Harper,
reporting for NTN news
from Hollyvale, North Dakota,
the biggest little
Christmas town in the country.
Okay, so,
once the wire hangers
are coiled tight,
you can start wrapping
the evergreen branches,
under and over,
nice and gently
all the way
around the circle...
For those of you at home,
this is a wonderful way
to start your
Christmas season.
Then you can just attach
with the glue gun?
Pop it right on top.
Look at that beautiful
snowflake, folks.
This is just gorgeous.
[Kate]: These are beautiful.
I can't believe
you made these all by hand.
Amazing. Amazing stuff
here in Hollyvale...
You know, my mother
had a secret ingredient
when it came to decorating
gingerbread houses.
And what was that?
Always add
just a sprinkling...
of love.
And cut.
...You know, my mother
had a secret ingredient
when it came to decorating
gingerbread houses.
Always add
just a sprinkling...
of love.
[clears throat awkwardly]
What I'm looking for, Doug,
is beauty shots of the town.
Uh, Christmas decorations,
happy people,
things like that.
Hey, what about this?
What are
all those notes?
Well, this is
the Christmas Wishing Tree.
What's the Christmas
Wishing Tree?
Well, for families
who don't have a lot,
they wish for
something for Christmas,
and they put it
on the tree.
Then someone else
from the town,
if they're feeling
the Christmas spirit,
they take the wish
and make it come true.
Wow, that's really beautiful.
Yeah. At least we've got
one tradition left.
What do you think, Doug?
About what?
The Hollis tree.
Why did they stop sending them?
Well, it beats me.
Anyway, uh...
I've got to
get back to work,
so I'll see you
later, okay?
Thanks, Doug.
See you later.
[door closes]
Oh, hello, Doug.
Beautiful day.
Uh, yeah, nice.
About the Hollis
Christmas tree thing,
This is not exactly the place
to be discussing this.
I know.
The thing is, it's Ms. Harper,
she's... very nice, you know?
I feel a little uncomfortable
lying to her.
We discussed this, Doug.
It's not lying.
Think of it as a legend.
A story we tell each other
around the holidays.
That's all.
Yeah, I know, but--
Look, do you want
to do the right thing
for Hollyvale?
Of course.
Okay then.
Just keep it up
a little bit longer.
Can you do that?
I guess so.
On behalf of
the whole town,
I thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Yeah. Merry Christmas.
No one there by that name?
Sorry to bother you.
Mia, have you
seen Kate?
Oh, yeah, Ms. Harper
asked me to tell you
that she'd meet you
at the mayor's office
for his interview.
Okay. Thanks.
I'm kinda following
a lead myself.
Working on a story?
Yeah. Ms. Harper asked me
to call every Hollis
in the county,
and ask for Vernon.
Vernon Hollis.
How's that going?
No luck so far,
but I'm gonna stay on it.
That's what we journalists do.
Okay. Thanks.
[Kate]: Ted, thank you for
taking the time to talk to us.
My pleasure.
I hope you don't mind
if Charlie keeps working
back there?
We kind of overdid it
with the Christmas lights,
and blew an outlet.
No problem.
We're all set, Jack.
I'm ready.
All right,
and roll cameras.
And... action.
Mayor Drysdale, let me
just start by saying
you have a lovely town.
Well, thank you.
We're pretty
proud of it.
When you walk along the streets
of Hollyvale,
and talk to the people,
it really does
feel like Christmas.
"The biggest little
Christmas town
in the country."
And with Christmas being such
an important part of this town,
you have to wonder
why the Hollis family
stopped giving Christmas trees
to Hollyvale.
Wait, what?
Well, it's been
a tradition
for so many generations,
but two years ago,
it suddenly stopped.
[stammers] Uh...
You said we were
gonna talk
about the town?
Two years ago,
which was
also the year
that you became Mayor,
wasn't it?
Uh, that's right,
but it-it's got
nothing... nothing...
So, are you saying
it's a coincidence
that the trees stopped coming
after your election?
absolutely. Of course.
And you have no idea
the reason?
[gasps, stammering]
I'm gonna have to
cut this short.
I-I... I have just been called
to an emergency
town council meeting.
Mr. Mayor, if--
You folks,
enjoy the rest of your visit,
and if you have
any more questions, um...
And... cut.
What was that?
I know.
Did you see the look
on his face?
Not him. You.
What's with
the Nancy Drew routine?
This interview was going to
be the centerpiece
of tonight's segment.
There's something going on
with those trees, Jack.
Don't get me started
on those trees.
Excuse me?
Huge pain in the neck
to put up.
Do you know where
they came from?
Not off-hand,
but there was probably
an address
on the shipping papers.
The shipping papers?
Yeah, they're in the files,
out at the town's warehouse.
They store a lot of
stuff out there.
Like the Christmas float we use
to drive Santa
into the town
Christmas Eve?
Kids love that.
Oh, I'd love to get
that Santa float on camera.
What do you
say, Jack?
Maybe we could
interview Charlie
for tonight's segment?
You want to interview me?
We sure do.
Well, here we are.
Wow, it's perfect.
Yeah, we can cover
the whole Main Street with this.
Uh, Doug, why don't
you set up up top?
We can shoot
the chair that way.
And, uh, why don't you guys help
Charlie get settled?
I will look for
a bathroom
to check my makeup.
Oh, it's in the office.
Right there
by the front door.
Oh, in the office.
Thank you, Charlie.
I think your makeup
looks just fine.
I'll just be a sec.
Just get in the chair, Charlie,
we'll shoot you there.
Okay, okay,
so just give me
a sound check?
A what?
Just count to 10.
One, two...
[shutter clicks]
[bells clattering]
What was that?
I didn't hear
Sounds like it's coming
from the office.
I'd better go check.
Probably just mice!
Looking for warmth...
[Kate]: Charlie?
Whenever you're ready.
[wind gusting and howling]
[sighs] The number's
no longer in service.
Well, at least
I have an address.
Are we gonna be arrested?
Because when I took this gig,
nobody said anything
about being arrested.
No. We had permission
to be there.
And technically,
I didn't steal anything.
I just took a couple
of pictures, so--
All right, that's it.
Jack, what's wrong?
What's wrong?
We talked about this, Kate.
About what we're doing up here?
About keeping our jobs?
Ring any bells?
You saw the way
the mayor practically ran
out of his office?
Are you telling me you're not
the least bit curious?
That's not the point.
We drive all the way to...
I don't even know
what we were doing
at that warehouse.
And now we have maybe
three hours
to get Lauren the show...
You're smiling.
Something about this
amuses you?
Yeah. I don't--
I don't know.
I mean, Jack,
nobody twisted your arm.
Oh, come on.
If you wanted to stop
the interview with the Mayor,
you could've at any time.
And if you didn't want
to drive out here,
you should have
just said so.
Admit it.
You wanna find out
what's happening, too.
You used to drive me nuts
with this stuff.
Back in school!
You'd get a hold of,
like, a story,
or a lead,
and you wouldn't let go,
no matter what,
until you'd taken it
as far as
you possibly could.
You made me crazy.
I thought that was
part of my charm.
But we still owe Lauren a show.
Get the camera.
[sighs in wonder]
For 2,000 years,
people have celebrated
Christmas with lights on their trees,
mantels and homes.
Just about anywhere
you can light a candle
or flip a switch.
Our Christmas lights come in
all sizes, shapes, and colors.
But every now and then,
we're reminded
that the Spirit of Christmas
has a very special light
all its own.
A light that, if you're
lucky enough to see it,
even once,
stays with you forever.
Reporting from Hollyvale,
North Dakota,
I'm Kate Harper
for NTN News.
[knock on door]
[persistent knock]
Good morning.
Parking lot.
30 minutes.
Uh, you look great
in the morning,
by the way.
I still think we should
have brought Doug.
If this Hollis guy is
staying off the grid,
I think the last thing
we should do
is show up with a bunch
of camera equipment.
Why would somebody
from a successful family
want to cut himself off
from the world?
Maybe Christmas trees
is just the tip of the iceberg.
You're getting into this,
aren't you?
Just as long as we have
something to give to Lauren
to put on air
by the end of the day,
then... I'm good.
How we doing?
Oh, it says, um...
yup, stay on this road
for 22 miles.
I'm kinda getting into it.
There's nothing
out here.
You sure
this is right?
No, yeah,
it says right here.
Oh, no.
I think we just lost
the signal.
You think?
We definitely lost the signal.
No. You?
How far do you think
we were from the house?
I don't know.
There were big stretches
of emptiness on the screen.
Did it look
anything like this?
Okay, fine.
Maybe we should
go back.
Do you remember the way?
Yes, of course.
Probably. I think.
Good enough.
[gasping and shivering]
Oh, man...
Oh, it's cold.
[starter chugging]
[starter chugging and whining]
I am so sorry, Jack, this is--
-This isn't Siberia--
-This was a bad idea--
-Lots of people live here--
-It was all my fault--
I shouldn't have
talked you into this--
Someone's gonna
come by any minute.
I think I see smoke.
Well, thanks
for the coat.
It's very toasty.
You're welcome.
I wonder what the temperature
in Honolulu is right now?
Probably pretty nice.
Jack, look.
I see it.
I see lights.
Maybe someone's home.
Only one way
to find out.
[shivering] Yeah.
Wow. It's beautiful.
I don't see anybody.
Try the door.
We can't just walk in.
This is
a nice coat, Jack,
but I'm still starting
to freeze out here.
It's locked.
Anybody home?
Our van wouldn't start.
We just need to use
your phone, please.
I'll look for
a land-line.
Uh, listen,
they left a fire going,
so somebody's here.
I'm going to check outside.
Oh! Hi.
Um... sorry.
Can I-can I help you with that?
No, I... I got it.
Yeah, yeah, I...
you want to tell me
what you're doing
inside my house?
Yeah, uh...
no, we had some, uh,
car trouble up the road.
Oh, I'm sorry, it's my fault.
I was cold.
I've seen you before.
I'm Kate Harper,
and this is Jack Brewster.
We're from
the NTN morning show.
Again, I apologize
for barging in like this.
Oh... no harm done.
You can help yourself
to the fire,
and I'll get you
something warm to drink.
Thank you.
Vernon Hollis.
Yes, Ms. Foster,
I understand, but--
No, I don't think you do...
I've been calling
their cell phones all morning,
and I haven't reached
either one of them.
That is not acceptable.
No, ma'am,
but that's the thing.
Ms. Harper and Mr. Brewster
left early this morning,
and they haven't come back yet.
Where did they go?
They didn't tell anybody.
And there are still
parts of the area
where cells phones don't work.
Don't work?
What kind of town
are you running up there?
I'm not actually
in charge, so...
What is your name?
Mia. Mia Walker.
I'm gonna be
a journalism student at--
Well, Ms. Walker,
I want you to find them,
and when you do,
you tell them
to call me immediately.
Do you understand?
Absolutely, Ms. Foster.
Don't worry, I am so on it.
Well, it gets
so cold around here,
you have to keep
the engine running
to make sure that the car
doesn't freeze up.
But I've got some jumper cables,
I'll get you squared away.
Thank you,
we appreciate that.
The main thing is
getting you back on the road
before these clouds
get too close.
We have a snowstorm coming.
These cookies are delicious.
Did you make them?
It's an old family recipe.
Well, your home is lovely.
It looks like something
out of a story.
You live out here alone?
Yeah, I kind of
prefer it that way.
Peace and quiet.
Something like that, yeah.
Now, the real question is,
what brings you folks
way out here?
you do.
I'd like
to interview you.
To be on television.
we're doing
a series of segments
on Hollyvale,
what Christmas means to the town
and the people who live there.
And you would like
to interview me
about the Hollyvale
Christmas tree?
Well, it was
a tradition for so long,
and then, for no reason,
you suddenly
stopped sending them.
There's a reason.
Does the Mayor
know the reason?
When I asked him,
he didn't want
to talk about it.
Like the question
made him nervous.
Jack just said
he needed the van
for a couple of hours.
He didn't say
where he was going.
Well, did he take
any of the equipment?
No, just the van.
Maybe they went for a drive,
and stayed away longer
than they planned.
They've got
a deadline, you know.
Excuse me?
They wouldn't just
take a drive.
They're professionals.
They've got a story to deliver,
and believe me, that's something
we journalists
take seriously.
We get a story,
we stick with it,
and we don't go for a drive.
All right, Mia.
Where do you think
they got to?
All I know is,
Ms. Harper and Mr. Brewster
shouldn't be out there
when that snowstorm
gets here.
You can't let anything
happen to them, Robby.
Don't worry, I'm gonna
talk to the Mayor
and then I'm gonna
go look into it.
Oh, you might want to
let the Mayor know
that Kate's been looking into
that tree story real close.
The Hollis family
and the Drysdale family
moved out west together
when the Dakotas
were still a territory.
They settled
the town of Hollyvale,
they helped
make it grow.
In those years,
they were about as close
as two families could be.
Ted Drysdale is like
a brother to me.
So then,
why doesn't he want to
talk about the tree?
Maybe because
that's the only way
he doesn't have to admit
that I let him down.
I let
everybody down.
I don't understand.
We all grew up
right here.
Me, and Ted, and...
a girl named Amanda Clark.
We went to school together.
I mean, we really
knew each other.
That's why Ted always said
that he knew
long before anyone else
that Amanda and I
would end up married.
he was my Best Man.
And I loved that girl.
So much.
And she loved Christmas.
Especially that tree
that we put up every year.
What happened?
About three years ago,
we had just finished
putting up the Christmas tree,
and, um...
the whole town had come out
to celebrate,
same as we did every year.
Amanda called
and said that
she was on her way,
[chuckles fondly]
I'll never...
I'll never forget her voice.
You know, she was like
a little kid, you know?
She was
on her way there,
and, uh...
there was--
there was an accident.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It was like something
broke inside of me,
and I just couldn't bear
to put the tree
and see it standing there,
all bright...
full of life.
Not without her.
So you stopped
sending the trees.
I don't think that's
the kind of Christmas story
you want to put on television.
And no one's heard from them
since they left this morning?
They're from Los Angeles, Ted.
If they're lost,
and that storm
blows through here...
This is my fault.
I never should have reached out
to Kate Harper.
I thought
she could help the town.
It has helped.
The people are watching us
on the news,
and they're starting
to come back.
Not like this.
Not at Christmas.
Put out the word.
Let's get organized.
We've got to find 'em, and fast.
Okay... try it again.
[engine starts]
[laughing in relief]
You did it!
Thank you!
Okay, you should be fine.
Just keep it running,
and stay between the snowbanks,
Will do.
Thanks, Vernon.
You folks
take care now.
Those segments
we've been doing from Hollyvale?
They're for
a specific purpose.
Well, on my show, live,
I told millions of people
I didn't like Christmas.
You may be the first person
we've met so far
who hasn't seen that show.
[Kate]: I never have
cared for Christmas,
but I love my job,
and to keep it,
I was prepared
to come here and pretend
that I somehow magically found
my Christmas spirit again.
Why are you telling me this?
Because I realized that
you've never had to pretend,
and I think, even though
you're hurting inside,
you have a greater
love for Christmas
and more genuine
Christmas spirit
than anyone
I've ever met,
and I think it's a shame for you
to not share that spirit
with the town
your family helped build
by giving them that gift
of a Christmas tree.
I'm asking you,
what would Amanda feel
if she knew you were taking
so much joy away
from so many people
because of her?
Vernon, what better way
to honor her memory?
We should get ahead
of the storm.
What do you mean, missing?
[Mia, on phone]:
But don't worry.
The sheriff's putting together
the search team
right now.
A search team?
This is terrible!
No, hey, they're really good
at finding people.
[Lauren]: Yes, yes, yes,
I'm sure.
I'm talking about
this is the kind of thing
we need right now.
Excuse me?
For Kate.
When word gets out
that she's lost in a storm
in the middle of Christmasland,
all will be forgiven,
but how am I supposed
to get a reporter up there
in time to cover the story?
Um... Ms. Foster?
I have an idea.
Anything yet?
[Kate]: No.
No signal.
Well, Lauren's just going
to have to understand.
I mean, the guy didn't want
to be interviewed.
There's nothing we can do
about that.
Right? What do you think?
You okay?
You know,
Vernon has me thinking.
There are things in my life
that I've been holding onto
for way too long.
I don't understand.
When I was seven years old,
my father gave me a doll
for Christmas.
I wanted that doll
so much.
I thought I was the luckiest
little girl on earth,
and I knew
he was the best father
anyone could ever have...
and then he was gone.
He left my mother and me.
I'd hear from him
sometimes after that...
birthday cards,
phone calls,
but that was the last Christmas
we ever spent together,
and nothing felt the same
after that.
Nothing was the same.
Do you still hear from him?
Every Christmas now,
he sends a letter,
telling me
how much he loves me,
and how proud he is,
and that he would like
to be back in my life.
What do you say?
I don't answer.
If you did...
what would you say?
Good evening.
We have breaking news
tonight out of North Dakota.
Morning Show host Kate Harper
and her producer, Jack Brewster,
have been reported missing.
We take you now live
to Hollyvale, North Dakota,
where our reporter
is standing by with details.
Thank you, Paul.
We're here
at Hollyvale Town Hall,
where a large group
of volunteers have gathered
in order to help find NTN's
Kate Harper and Jack Brewster,
but with a serious
winter storm on the way,
and snow accumulation predicted
to reach up to 10 inches,
the search team knows
that time is of the essence.
I never thought I'd be so happy
to see Hollyvale.
Ooh, we got service.
We should call Lauren.
Well, what do we say?
What's going on up there?
She was very nice,
and she took
a real interest in our town.
I just hope
we can find both of them safely.
Thank you,
Mrs. Aberdeen.
Ms. Harper?
Mr. Brewster?
You're all right!
They're here!
They're all right!
[Jack]: Yeah, we're...
oh, hey!
Oh, Millicent, hi!
[excited chatter]
A new development
in tonight's story
in Hollyvale, North Dakota.
Kate Harper and Jack Brewster
have been found
safe and unharmed!
More details to follow!
Back to you, Paul!
Hello, Katherine.
We can go over here
and talk.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
When they said
you were missing, the storm,
I was afraid I'd waited
too long to do this.
What are you doing, exactly?
I wanted to see you.
We don't even know each other.
I came to say I'm sorry.
You said that in your letters.
Why come all this way
to apologize now?
I saw your show.
I heard what you said about...
how you don't like Christmas,
and I knew
I'd done that to you.
Don't feel sorry for me.
That's not it.
I can't give you
those years back, Katherine.
I'm so sorry for that,
but you came here to find
your Christmas spirit.
Maybe in some small way...
maybe I can help you do that?
Give back a little bit
of what I took from you?
I wish you could.
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm...
Deciding what you're going
to ask Santa to bring you
for Christmas?
I don't think Santa would be
too happy with me right now.
Your father?
Came from a long way.
So that's good.
Half my life, I imagined
getting a hug from my father
on Christmas.
I still sometimes wonder
what that would feel like.
Probably feel
pretty good.
I wanted to move
to Vermont.
I wanted to be
with you, Jack,
more than anything...
but I couldn't
because I...
I had to know that
I could take care of myself.
I had to make sure
that if...
anything ever happened,
that no one could ever hurt me
the way that he did.
I would never hurt you.
I love you.
I never stopped.
we can't do this.
Why not?
Because you were
right about me.
I've lost something
really important.
Trust me, Jack.
The last thing you want to do
is spend Christmas with me.
So what do we do now?
We do the show tomorrow.
We go home.
We get back to work,
just like it was before.
Just like it was before.
Fa la la la la
La la la la
Strike the harp
and join the chorus
Fa la la la la
La la la la
Follow me in merry measure
Fa la la, la la la
La la la...
Bourbon, old-fashioned.
Can I ask you something?
What's that?
Do you think
there's such a thing
as the Christmas Spirit?
If you had the chance
to prove to someone
that it was real,
and it would change
their life...
would you do it?
In a heartbeat.
Michael Harper.
You look familiar.
I've been in love
with your daughter
for most of my life.
[Mia]: Good morning,
Ms. Harper!
Mia, what's going on?
Have you seen
Jack this morning?
No, sorry.
Good morning, Kate!
Mitzi, what's going on?
Where did all these
people come from?
You don't know?
Thank you!
Wait, is Jack here?
I haven't seen him.
[Mayor]: Kate!
There you are!
I've been looking for you.
I wanted to make sure
you were okay.
Yes, I'm fine.
Ted, what's going on here?
That's the reason
I wanted to talk to you...
to thank you.
Thank me for what?
We're pretty proud of our town,
of the Christmas spirit
we have here,
but we also know it sounds
a little old-fashioned
these days.
The "biggest little
Christmas town"
isn't exactly a draw
in the digital age.
Well, it's a lovely town.
And you made sure
to let them know that.
These people are here
because of you, Kate.
You showed them Hollyvale
in all its Christmas glory,
and they came to see
for themselves.
Thank you.
Oh, you're welcome.
I also owe you an apology.
I put you and Jack
in danger yesterday,
and that was wrong.
Oh, it's not your fault
we almost got caught
in a snowstorm.
That may not be
entirely accurate.
I don't understand.
Well, you see,
there was another reason
we wanted you to come out
to Hollyvale.
We were worried
about a friend of ours.
You two were
kind of in the same boat.
You both lost
your Christmas spirit.
You mean Vernon Hollis?
I guess we hoped that,
with you coming out here
all gung ho
to find your Christmas Spirit,
that maybe we could get you
out there to talk to Vernon,
you would stir something up
in him again,
the way he was
before he lost Amanda.
You mean this whole "mystery,"
the tree, Millicent,
the warehouse...
that was all for my benefit?
We're all big fans
of yours, Kate.
We knew
you had a nose for news.
but it kind of went
awry yesterday,
and for that,
I apologize.
Now, I hope
you'll understand...
we miss our tree...
but we miss our friend
a whole lot more.
We thought while you were
finding your Christmas Spirit,
you could help Vernon find his.
No hard feelings?
No hard feelings.
things did not...
Morning, Kate!
Doug! Is Jack with you?
Nope, but there's
something you should see.
Both of you.
Guys, start unwrapping
from the top and...
Of course,
be careful of the bow, okay?
It's perfect.
I think she
would've liked it.
Very much.
I'm sure she would've.
That's a fine tree.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Ted.
[phone rings]
Hello, Lauren.
Last night's news cast
was a smash!
The audience loves you again,
and they want more Kate Harper!
Oh, that's great news.
And I've got even better news.
The network wants to do
tonight's segment live.
It's the big finale,
so I hope you two have
something special planned
for Christmas Eve.
Good luck!
Good luck.
Still no sign
of Mr. Brewster?
Apparently, Mr. Brewster
has decided to spend
Christmas Eve somewhere else.
So what do we do now?
We do the show.
But we're live.
Mia, have you
learned anything yet
about producing live TV?
Well, you're about to.
And finally tonight,
something very special
for Christmas Eve.
Coming to us live
from Hollyvale, North Dakota,
our final segment in the series
we call
"Kate Harper Finds
Her Christmas Spirit."
Kate, are you there?
Hi, Paul,
and Merry Christmas Eve
from Hollyvale, North Dakota!
We're getting a great shot
of that tree, Kate.
It looks beautiful.
It is beautiful,
and it's very special.
So tell us, Kate...
have you changed your mind
about Christmas?
Well, as everyone knows,
I said something silly
on the air last week.
I said I didn't like Christmas,
although it wasn't silly
at the time
because I meant it,
but I was wrong.
It's not that
I didn't like Christmas.
I didn't know Christmas.
I thought Christmas
was about pretty lights,
and shiny decorations,
and big Christmas trees
like the one behind me,
but what Christmas
is about,
the place to look if you want
to find your Christmas spirit,
is with the people around you,
the people who love and care
about each other,
not just on Christmas
but every day of the year,
and they might not always
get along,
and they don't always agree,
but they're always there
for you...
even if they have to go
out in the cold and find you.
My only regret
is that I didn't
figure this out sooner.
There are a couple of people
who aren't here tonight
that I would like to...
Well, I'd like
another chance to show them
that Kate Harper
has found her Christmas spirit.
Merry Christmas!
And speaking
of Christmas spirit,
we have
a very special visitor.
Doug, Mia, come on!
[Kate]: Jack?
Jack! I thought you left!
It's Christmas.
He brought the tree!
It's beautiful...
and now,
all you need
is Santa Claus.
Merry Christmas,
Would you give me
another chance?
I would like that.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas, Katie.
I like the way that sounds.
Ms. Harper?
Ms. Harper,
we're... still live on the air.
[crowd chuckles]
Merry Christmas!
[crowd]: Merry Christmas!
Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
We're laughing all the way
Bells on bobtails ring
They're making spirits
Oh, what fun
To laugh and sing
A sleighing song tonight
Oh, Jingle bells
Jingle bells
Jingle all the way