Every Girl Should Be Married (1948) Movie Script

We will not change the world.
Why can not we
send them flowers?
dinner invite?
Take the self campaign?
With out of gas?
Maybe, if we said ...
Certainly, I will not meet
idal man today.
Maybe not even this week.
Or even the New Year!
But when I see it,
I reconnatrai!
Harry will serve there?
Order for me, Julie.
I'll magazines.
What do you want?
It is so beautiful ...
I'll eat anything!
Forgiveness. After you.
Thank you.
How many do you have?
From this ... how many do you have?
- No, fortunately!
- Thankfully?
I'm not married.
Give me a box.
You smoke the pipe, Anabel?
I relieve you of your rflexions!
How cute!
Do not you imagine his father?
I reprsente the
as if he was here.
If you find a cretonne clear
tell me.
Is not this the cottage Moon
honey we saw Sycamore Lane?
But of course!
You remember you?
Check out this comfortable chair
front of the fire!
Do not you see someone in ...
with a pipe and a book?
And the child's bedroom
is not it perfect?
I would add a terrace ...
It shows you a picture of a
home and you already installed it!
With what we earn,
not to mention deductions and impts
should be 5 years to buy
that horse!
Everything is well drawn plans.
A young girl is well
combine his case.
This is know the difference between ...
a simple soldier and General.
Here's your egg salad
My gnral!
And pickle?
Busy, these days,
Mr. Gogarty?
Attention to magazines.
If a customer wanted.
I'll buy it,
instead of a dessert.
It's not too early!
I'll take a dozen.
Of course he's married!
Who is married?
How do I know?
Do not you think that marriage?
Items for children
layettes, keyrings ...
Chantilly lace
background of blue crpe ...
These are stores Roger Sanford,
not the Folies-Bergre!
Happy birthday, Suzy.
You do not recognize me?
I was at the bar ...
The magazine Better Babies!
Sure, of course.
I send you dresses
As soon as they arrive.
Since I know you,
if you serve me?
I want to see slippers
of babies. A shoelaces.
We have them.
For your nephew, maybe?
Trs pretty. They are fourrs.
I see. No. Those
you advertise, the "Winkie-Woolies".
Here's the "Winkie-Woolies".
That's what I want.
I'll take 14 pairs.
9 5 blue and pink.
Please send Miss Hazel ...
Miss Hazel?
Williebrand ...
It is a gift, send
Housewives Childhood Fernwood.
Childhood home! This is lovely!
And it explains everything!
Really? I am delighted.
- Invoice to me. "Doctor ..."
- Doctor!
Dr. Madison W. Brown,
710 North Rexford Drive.
This is wonderful! I mean:
you're a doctor,
you gurissiez people
and we have got to know.
The world is small.
Is not it? Especially in April!
You will always find me here.
Anabel Sims.
And since you love babies ...
Not at all.
I find unbearable.
Attention! Okay?
You almost put me earth!
When they are really sick,
I'll send you my bill.
I have no doubt.
Come, children,
it does not take us seriously.
Hello Hank. It is better dad
a poker player.
Another client.
She phoned it ran.
But it is 18 h 15!
I have not arrested him the day.
It is free qu' this hour.
But I am having dinner 19
at Caroline Davis.
You will be late.
Regain your firm.
Stop driving me
wand, Mary.
What have I become ... employ
office boy or scheduled!
So shut up. You're pediatrician
and the best ever!
Open the drawer to invoices
and take a thousand dollars for you.
Tchez and return the appointment
Are you alone?
I wanted
an interview with you.
I could not come sooner ...
and I wanted to see you.
Why? Who sent you?
You're the only doctor
I know really well.
Where did you hear about us?
booties for babies!
Ah, yes, shopping Sanford.
How could I forget you?
- Sit down.
- Thank you.
Let's start at the beginning.
The patient's name?
Sex e ... fminin.
A little more than 20.
That is enough. Thank you.
Child's Name: Anabel Sims.
20 months.
What do you observ exactly?
Insomnia, somehow.
Do you have an idea of ??what can
cause this "insomnia"?
I do not know ...
Is nervous, no doubt.
Have you noticed redness,
of inflammation?
Oh, no!
Anything. Nowhere!
And digestion?
Affame, time it is!
We cry a lot?
From time to time.
Ms. Sims,
bring me the little Anabel ...
"Ms. Sims!" Where did you get that?
And who is the little Anabel?
I supposed ...
I said "Miss Sims."
Why do you married?
But ... and child?
What child?
Suddenly here I am with a child!
This has nothing to funny!
You made a mistake.
I spcialiste children!
Even more wonderful!
I love kids!
I hope that you will one day.
Oh, Probably ...
as soon as I am married!
I had not seen them entering.
What is this wonderful child?
Little Mary Nell.
Here is the mark of his teeth.
It is time for me to go.
The doctors must have
visits do in the evening.
They have soires free?
Oh, yes. Lt reminds me ...
Mary, Miss Davis tlphonez
I'm going to take it.
For your "nervous insomnia"
I recommend less imagination
romantic and more sleep.
And you store those thousand dollars.
This is me!
Between, if you want.
I just see you.
You work home?
You can tell.
"Birthplace of Dr Brown.
Studies of the junior high ... "
"Sports. Distractions."
You cris his biography?
No. It's part of my plan.
I note all the details.
The "gnral" into action!
That means that you will
to lay a trap?
What do you want?
Men compel us!
It's for his own good. At this time,
it's very unfortunate.
He seemed happy enough.
How so?
Clibataire, alone in the world?
And the life he mne!
These menus, for example.
It has a restaurant
for each night of the week.
No home cooking!
These features red pencil?
Dsignent dishes he loves.
"Turtle Soup . Steak
mushrooms. "And the blue pencil?
For dishes that he loves.
"Potatoes the cream."
Julie, is not it wonderful?
It should not be like him.
"Size: 43.
Neck: 42. Sleeves: 58 ".
Why not color
its caleons?
"Lectures prfres.
Distractions. "
"Amours antrieures.
Causes of chec. "Oh!
I put ten days dgoter all this.
And here is his book: "Errors
committed by mothers. "
He knows nothing,
but it's nice to try him.
And here choir
the college.
He was second tnor.
He was already beautiful boy.
Yes, is not it?
You know what he eats
and where he sleeps.
A What's it you will he?
You'll see!
Every Tuesday
there having dinner alone at Pierre.
Next time I will not be
also gourd qu' his cabinet.
I did not know his specialty.
He sent his note: $ 10.
We had you expected.
Lt has been my plan late
fifteen days.
And he thinks I'm after him!
How did he have thought that?
Suffice to say the fish:
"Train the hameon!"
What he needs is a rival.
He believes that another
intresse is me!
Your boyfriend Greenville?
Jo? A centipede
would not be jealous!
You do not know millionaires?
If I knew,
I would keep!
Yes, Peter.
This is the secretary
Mr. Roger Sanford.
You were absent.
I left my number private.
Tuesday, 20 h.
The usual table of Sanford.
Champagne? Oh, yes!
Piper ... Uh ...
Piper-Heidsieck 1933.
Ask orchestra
soft music.
I need $ 25.
I'll pay you back!
This is the shot, in Pierre.
Maybe I should pay my dinner.
Think about it before you start.
Am I right in this dress
Blue in Ponnet?
XB 247?
But cote $ 289 50!
I will just
borrow for the evening.
You're a girl dangerous!
I must be beautiful!
You spend the usurpation
some ID theft caractris!
Lt you can claim 20 years in prison!
Bah! 20 years
because I love someone?
It's beautiful!
At this table there,
there is someone who is also lonely.
Remember! The doctor of children
for girls.
Dr. Brown! Sure!
How could I forget you?
Do you mind if I asseoie?
Why not?
While I wait for someone.
So I will not stay.
Why not, if I help you?
You say that I treat
your "nervous insomnia."
Want Piper-Heidsieck 1933?
Thank you. This is anne
I'd rather my wine favorite.
Really? What coincidence!
What a lovely place!
You dnez here often?
Yes, rgulirement.
I habits.
I having dinner here one evening
each week.
I eat, Think about it
and I draw on the tablecloth.
My fiance and I
because we are almost fiancs,
dnons here every Wednesday.
Just tonight
he was confrer with the governor.
This is interesting. But today,
it is not Wednesday.
It's Tuesday.
This is not because I am
cheated on your spcialit
I do not know what day it is!
Do empche today
It's Tuesday.
It's not possible!
But if! And I understand
how it happened!
I have my current mnager
and puriculture Tuesday.
He's been avanc Monday.
So I thought we tait Wednesday!
You see?
More or less.
Your appointment seems
very important. Who is this?
I do not know.
It is well-known and sduisant.
And it is still confidential.
Family, you know.
Being old friends,
you could tell me.
I would, but ...
Come say.
I'll tell you
how it started.
Every girl must marry.
This, you probably know.
My parents want
that j'pouse Jo, Greenville.
He's only 25 years, but each time
phone to me, he said:
"This is the old Jo"
and that the dcrit pretty well.
- What is he?
- I do not know what to say.
But not a man n'pouse
we love for 15 years!
And here you have experienced
the important M. ..
Do not believe me blouie
by his fortune and his situation ...
or by succs
auprs girls.
One of them has failed to throw
in the river, because of him.
I know a man who rpond
this description.
But I can not rvler name,
even an old friend.
Where did you do your tudes?
Even in middle school
your fiance, I think!
Roger Sanford.
Everything fits,
sduction and so on.
And I heard Peter say
It was that his table.
As you know, do not tell
anyone, especially him.
It's so weird about it ,
tant even in both stores.
One thing'm surprised,
you can maybe explain.
I will be very happy.
Since the wonderful Roger Sanford
so you're interested,
why do you continue
last 15 days?
You? II there are people who
the cheek, but you tassel!
You're an expert in this matire!
What do you mean by that?
You just found out
on my account if I believe
My hairdresser
my tailor, my dyer,
and my friend last year!
Let me tell you the truth.
It's all part of a plan.
I was chasing
without you continue.
Because I was chasing him!
Get it?
No, but in a few days
The trouble is that Roger considre me
agrable as intelligent,
frquenter and fun.
But I feel
he would think of marriage
if it finds competition.
All I want each is BE CON
a wife and a mother idale
and have a home
such as Sycamore Lane.
This is amazing!
You do not believe me?
Now, if I start.
The sduisant Roger Sanford!
The young lady is already here.
I thought
she was powdering his nose again!
He must've followed me!
He is so jealous.
Leave before it makes a clat!
You wanted a rival.
Why do not I stay?
Hi, Sanford.
Hi, Brown.
I wanted your company friend
and I regret that you came.
This is comprhensible!
I missed you, honey?
Thank you, Brown.
At one of these days.
I will return my table
and drown my loneliness
in a bottle
Piper-Heidsieck 1933!
When this young lady
return in the room
tell her that important business
empche me to dinner with her.
Call him a cab.
Of course, sir.
I understand.
Who would thought we would see you
here tonight, Mr. Sanford?
You, apparently.
No. And if you go ...
No! My only appointment
is now with you, Miss ...
Sims. Anabel Sims.
The radius of the children!
And I never would you jou
such a trick
if I was in trouble!
Well, Anabel,
Roger put the current.
You do not know what I did.
Usurping your name,
I prtendu there was
a romance between us!
Really? I'm doing well?
Well, I think.
I'm flattered.
You will be less
when you know.
This dress is you.
I emprunte tonight.
This is lovely!
You can not make me stop?
It Depends, my dear child.
Dr. Brown will push marriage
as a rival not arise.
It's very avis, my dear!
Alone can make him jealous
a rich man
and good looking!
So I figured you .
Get it?
I think so. Let us play our rle.
Several ladies have already
arranges to see me.
But none procd
originalit with this.
Do not be fooled.
It is not sure I!
We have changed your mind.
Away We Go!
This is not the place to discuss
Business as srieuses.
Would it not be better
I know where we're going?
We will my villa.
We'll be better
to discuss the matter.
What thing?
A girl like you should
get a better job!
be the head of the radius
with office and secretary.
You like it?
Many, it seems to me.
BASEMEN A $ 5 per week
we will rembours dress
in 17 weeks!
Was there as long
in these catacombs?
Mr. Sanford's been generous,
considre that when I
repouss shovel coal!
You should know
that does not strike
a man who
over $ 10,000!
And when one wears
emprunte dress,
we do not cltures climbing!
Look at the time.
I need to file!
What's going on?
What do you do?
I'll explain. Smile at me!
I've had enough of your antics,
and if you do ...
Shhh! It is on the opposite sidewalk!
He must know your driving
my gard unfriendly.
"Unfriendly" is pretty!
You should be in jail!
I know. Another would have
sacques both.
Finally you admit your folly!
Do me a favor! The only
I ask you again.
Kiss me with conviction!
It's worth more than 25 cents!
My journal will give you $ 25!
You're dconcertante,
to say the least!
I hope that you do not want me.
Well, I do not really know.
We will have were to discuss
one of those nights.
Forcment not home and ...
Hello, Dr. Brown!
I was hoping to see you again!
How will the love?
- I do not know yet.
- It l hear on track.
Because he believes
I I'm interested you!
Glad to have you t useful.
It would be even more intress,
if he saw us, you and me,
usually together,
here and there.
I'd like to help,
but I do as .
What are you doing in this neighborhood?
I lunch Athletic Club.
Also on Thursday.
Have you tried Bixby?
Lower. It's very good!
Its shrimp curry
are wonderful!
Really? I love shrimp!
- And it does cote than 65 cents.
- It's very reasonable.
And the setting is pleasant.
I'll try it one of these days!
IN THE HIGH STREE I do not know how it came here
but I want you remove it!
I do not know how they got
but the newspaper did not finish
you put on the grill.
I guess how it came here!
Send it. Someone will
go on the grill before me!
I want each have
an interview with you!
This is dsir rciproque.
I just call you!
How dare you publish it?
You want me to sing!
It is you who maniganc!
My first wife-she even
would not os!
"Kiss me, I beg you!"
You think any woman you
wants because you have a million.
Twenty million!
This is another I want
gchez and now you all!
It prtend I have a rival.
Brown, the doctor for children.
I here until your shenanigans!
I give you five minutes
to leave the store!
Believe me, you're doing well.
I would stay there not even with
$ 4 more per week!
No prcipitation, Miss Sims!
Sit down.
We will arrange this.
Mr. Sanford, I have done
Reputation one large dmocrate
which encourages its staff.
What will this journal
if you woo pretty girls
and then return?
II you acculera bankruptcy!
So, should I marry her?
It would not be so bad!
Lt would be enough!
Whether you blame him?
Beautiful eyes, beautiful line ...
You do not look my teeth?
I should have hit you
with a shovel steam!
Let me out!
And I changed my mind.
I will not go!
Why should I be
If I put someone out ,
Mr. Sanford, that would be you!
That's for sure!
At this rate, it could be me!
You know, Julie,
is nice you support me
in these moments of despair.
You're my only friend.
I want a "desperation"
like yours.
As soon that supposed will be better,
I emmnerai dinner in Bixby.
Soon you will be asked
your autograph!
They make me sick!
I have something Interesting
show you.
Newspapers I have done enough!
I am not a journalist.
If you want to come here.
Beautiful, is not it?
Do not you like to have?
I would also like that hotel!
A word from you
and this car is yours!
What should she do?
I do not even what
buy a press pure crdit!
That talking about money?
Here is the trick.
I represent
Life Insurance Plans Peerless.
That does not interest me.
Lt intresse Mr. Sanford.
I told him propos one.
So see it then.
I'd rather it be you.
- A very pretty car.
- It does not interest me!
But if, of course!
A malignant like you
can have anything she wants.
Men do not come here!
Everyone believes that there is something
between Sanford and me!
Why you fches you?
Because we want to give you
You could take this car!
You can have whatever you want!
Everything I want.
When is girl
you can never give up.
Must collect setbacks
and transform little bit
to the point of making a victory!
Why everything seems he
more beautiful when it is you?
You know Alice Bleeker?
And then?
The firm wants his friend btir
50 houses this modle it.
This is a great project!
And they say that someone will
speak Roger Sanford,
so that the finance company.
I was asked to live there.
For a month!
You would have done better
take the car!
You can not make dinner
in a car.
If you keep the house,
you leave in police car!
I have done nothing illegal.
If you do not call
your imagination
you pouseras any kind!
Julie, the easy chair!
Is not it wonderful?
I'll put flowers everywhere,
He loves them so much!
But how amneras you here?
Do not worry.
He comes. You'll see.
The saleswoman that frquente
Roger Sanford
is not happy with all this.
And if a guy is good in mlait ...
Where did you learn that?
My sister in law is a living
of beauty. You can hear everything.
Women are so talkative.
I believe you again!
It is unfortunate.
There was another man
it's crazy.
The one here dciderait quickly.
When you see it,
ask him.
I bet she does not want
Sanford as a millionaire.
It must pinch another.
Really? We know you?
I do not know.
But I bet I'm right.
How are not you married?
I have 4 kids.
Besides, you know,
since you treat!
Marriage means nothing to you?
You sold me
rowing machine.
You will not sell me anything else.
Dr. Brown! What a surprise
meet you here!
I did not know you djeuniez here!
But today, as an exception.
This lady's gonna be love
and a back seat.
It was here that occurred
premire our meeting.
Should the commmorer
a plate!
Give me my flat on Friday.
I have my habits, like you.
That means:
"Flat Friday"?
What will you eat?
Give me coca-cola.
It happened many things
since I saw you.
You're a celebrity now.
People make such a fuss!
They amplify all.
In ralit, there is nothing.
Mr. Sanford knows what to do
to me
but nothing has yet been decided.
Mr. Sanford grabbed me
and kissed in the street.
I was berlue!
Here's what caus
these commrages.
Marriage is something serious.
We must think.
We can reconsider
when it encounters another!
Yes. By a curious coincidence,
my hairdresser told me about this morning!
The dbitante tobacco galement.
And where have I heard yet?
Ah, yes, my masseur, Hester,
Athletic Club.
He would not have said it better,
if he had rehearsed
his speech with you.
I take your addition.
by Dr. Madison Brown
Finally ... I would remind you
that every child
has its personnalit,
just like his father and his mother.
And I might add:
more often!
The coax is also constantly
worse than to dominate.
You and deprive
his initiative.
And when he is sick, parents
show too much indulgence.
Yet the wisdom of a mother
dpasse whole science of doctors.
And I leave the final judgment
expert in your hands!
I speak on behalf of all,
expressing our gratitude
for this night if intressante
and so suggestive.
Mrs. Willoughby,
and you, ladies,
thank you for your attention.
Maybe one of you
she has a question ask me?
If it is not too complicated,
I tcherai to go answer it.
No questions? I must've
lighter than I was hoping!
Dr. Brown, on behalf of the Club
Lakeside Moms ...
I have a small question
ask you, Dr. Brown.
The babies the healthiest
rsultent they do not
the happiest of marriages?
Yes, I do.
Anyone else?
Wait! I'm not finished!
There would he no
more happy marriages
if men did not
as their "libert"?
If they consented,
they find love!
Someone who
make them happy!
I do not know what you mean.
You know very well!
It does not matter discut.
It is concerned perfectly!
This is troitement li.
Where did the parents come
if all men drobaient
to live in apartments
poussireux full of ttes of lans,
of punching balls ...
instead of accepting
the responsabilit to start a family?
He is not here
advice to heart briss
but a confrence mdicale!
But you sollicit
If I understand correctly,
you protest
against the man's privilge
to choose his mate!
In your opinion, man must wait
dcide a woman to marry him!
It is this, Doctor!
Dcrt that man can do
sign the woman who like it?
While rciproque
is not allowed!
She can say:
"Where did you come
those beautiful eyes? "
Who dcrt this?
Men! Obviously!
Dear Madam, you forget
modesty and propriety!
If we wait your requests
there would be no marriage,
no children,
and you would not be here!
And if you tiez,
you would be out of work!
Maybe it is Very funny
but your point of view
is not prouv by the facts!
Really? I would like
all women here prsentes
who admit having conquered
their husbands without their suspecting,
please stand up!
This is the worst dploiement
extravagance that I have ever seen!
If you reprsentez
the mother modern
that Heaven come to the aid
the gnration coming!
Do not be too
boulevers, Doctor.
There are some women that sicles
must dployer their tricks.
But we never felt it
to notify people!
Who was he again?
And Mrs. Willoughby?
She annul. Others also
with vague prtextes.
Where do you come from?
You can not wreathe
and expect
in what they are delighted!
I emport,
as happens everyone.
And I did not enguirlandes!
A doctor can not lose patience
without losing its ... patients!
Very funny!
I have a nurse humorist.
This is yet another round of the Sims!
I've heard so much about the joys
Marital that I have the nauseous!
The marriage, however, made
Do not support them, you will also ...
"Love stronger than anything ..."
and other bullshit!
I'm a monster, because
I mean my wife choose!
I find it nice.
Nice, indeed!
It becomes an obsession!
Wherever I go, I meet!
"Hello, doctor, what a surprise!"
"The shrimp curry!
What luck! "
Even the barber,
I made the lesson.
I'm quiet
as Turkish baths ... And again!
Let false beards
and leave the city!
This joke is not
funny either.
I'll put it good order ...
and now!
She moved out.
Here is his new number.
Tell me, Mary ...
Eve how she conquered Adam
without the help of another woman?
Are you, doctor. I did not say anything.
Be gentle ...
It creases easily, I think.
Long ago? Do you?
I have something important
tell you.
Could we have dinner together?
Chez Pierre, if it suits you.
Do not bother.
Finally, if you prfrez.
What address?
Fine. I'll be there.
It was him!
It is dinner tonight!
I would pari 25 dollars
You owe me that you do not see him again.
My intervention did think about it
the question of clibat.
He has something important
tell me!
Probably against Roger Sanford.
Lt is not difficult!
I must take a shower.
I'm so nervous.
I must be calm!
You can get for very well.
I do not know where to start!
Will you help me?
I want to dive
in a bath of soft music.
Must pousseter.
And there are so many buy!
Turtle soup , buttercups,
steak with mushrooms and salad.
Martini with an onion.
He wants like that.
So it must be like that.
We dnerons on the gaming table
before a good fire.
A home can make dinner
give a man clibat.
My eye! Accounts you pretty
all those little embellishments
dress as your sticky,
when you serve the soup,
caress purely coincidental
your hair on her cheek!
I do not want to give you ideas.
If you see that I oublies ...
I start my cake
the cream banana!
Did you noticed that?
Is to move
cocktails, etc..
We will take
like a trap!
Here's a word
not speak to him!
It's Martini
but with a little onion!
This is how I like it.
I guessed right, is not it?
Yes. You have the knack
to guess what we love!
Some people like that.
Sit down in the chair.
Obviously, the need
a fire does not feel,
but it's been so "at home"!
It is charming, Anabel!
You have taken much trouble.
Me? I never
been this happy!
Tell me about yourself.
The little things
you did say person.
I came ...
A moment.
This is for you.
Lt will not be necessary.
Do not give as tea and
biscuits, a little lemonade.
Yes, and it sits.
Here it is. But this is nothing.
Excuse me. That's what it is
than being a doctor.
You do not belong!
Being a doctor,
This line of work is the most beautiful in the world!
I do not see them intrt
prter you this house.
But just as soon as the press talks
people are
the craziest things!
I even asked my opinion
Who understands something?
Once a plumber fell
in a well. He stayed there three days.
When we went back,
they wanted the mayor lire!
I hope you enjoy my menu.
In any case, it smells good!
I am not yet
good cook.
Here's the menu:
Turtle soup ,
barnaise steak,
asparagus salad
and banana cake.
Potatoes and the cream !
What would it
if you were blue ribbon!
Oh, Mom taught me
few things.
She taught you many things!
Including one on
which I speak to you.
Again this is for you.
We are not therefore leave
not alone!
Yes, Mrs. Willoughby.
Yes, I'm happy
our rconciliation.
Pink pills in water sucre.
And the cuillere remde
every hour.
Alternating with the other cure.
No. In orange juice.
How can she remember?
Who cares! Us,
it is water sucre!
I rarely do, but
Mrs. Willoughby was so nervous ...
and so it will not have the time
to worry for his daughter.
It's very clever!
I know about you
something that will surprise you.
I doubt it! Say a little?
Malgr everything you prtendez,
You love children
much as me!
They have the future, is not it?
What happens to us
in childhood
Can it really
affect our lives?
And I bet qu'tant the cradle,
you tried to move your
ring finger the little neighbor!
Because I told you about
my project with Roger Sanford?
As we speak,
What's new?
We see that you're
attard in clibat.
You know nothing about women.
A young nice girl intentionne
may reconsider
if she meets the man
suits him!
I could go
home and marry Jo.
We can not force anyone
He must wait!
This requires second thought!
Oh, yes, certainly!
Sorry, you must
I go watch my dinner.
In the meantime, here playing.
How did you do
never married?
Offers are not must've missed!
I've been too busy
become doctor!
And if the marriage choue,
it is the children who suffer.
Must be nice course!
Oh, I am! I mean:
I totally agree with you.
Can you light the candles?
All this is not it
charming and romantic?
It almost seems
dcor one of thtre!
Sit here, you prsidez.
With Xrs! Delicious!
Whether you live alone,
in a hotel room,
I am dpasse!
Do not you think?
I'll tell you
I think, Anabel.
I do not know
how you say it
but I want to be
as frank as possible.
I do not considre
as someone special.
This is why
it will be so difficult.
But I want you to
understand something.
A moment.
And do not my words dformer
to learn more.
I'm not in love
and do not intend to get married!
And you're too smart
to extend this stupid game.
It will eventually hurt you.
And that I do not want it!
I do not know where you take it.
You were right,
confrence this.
It seems that I want
my freedom.
Maybe you should
return home
and marry Jo ventuellement.
Thank you! But I do not need
you choose me a husband!
I almost fiancee
Roger Sanford,
which begs me to marry him!
I should also not
dinner with you!
It is me who drive
like a fool. I'm sorry!
You should be!
What have men
of this city?
They all believe
wants to marry you!
"Exceptional!" Ah, not so!
I'll tell you my opinion.
You should go home!
Let us be calm, Anabel.
Let's finish dinner
and let's be friends!
In fact, I like you a lot.
I admire your ingniosit,
your "notch".
Keep your "ingniosit"
and all your big words!
"Dcor of thtre!" This dinner
cost me everything I had!
I'm going to rob me.
And then you prtendez
I'm trying to spear you!
You're worse than a shark!
Take this horrible old galurin
and go away!
Go! Get out!
I do not want to see you.
And I regret to have known you!
Who? Mrs. Willoughby?
I do not know where he is
and I do not care!
I hate him!
Stop tormenting yourself
for your child.
You know very well
she did nothing!
If you have a little common sense,
you change the doctor!
Do you feel better now?
There is no girl in the world
more unhappy than me!
You will understand
when you have t repousse!
What's that supposed rapport me?
A broken heart and a lot of dpenses!
Intimate dinner!
The food is overpriced!
And we will probably sacquer me!
Why did you hit him
Mr. Spitzer with this toy?
That he wanted to help you.
Help me? II and fchait
I say things dsagrables
because I did not want
serve customers.
And others
this band of false tokens!
They smiled at me when I
believed best with Sanford!
They still believe,
if you did you were not entiche
the charming,
Dr. Brown's sduisant!
II tait all
when I loved him.
Oh, how I wish to see him!
Lt would serve as a lesson,
j'pousais if someone patant!
Prcisment, I know one.
Sanford not!
II do not think qu' fun.
What for? I give up.
Maybe Brown was right.
Maybe I should marry Jo.
Jo phoned me this morning
and wants to pick me up.
I return to work.
Stay here and rest.
I am looking for an escalope
eye for Spitzer.
Yes, see what you can do.
Miss Sims,
the office of Mr. Sanford.
What can he want with me?
It's gotta be aware
for the home!
I bet I'm spinning in prison!
I bet not. And recoiffe yourself.
Mr. Sanford, I am very sorry.
You had difficults
with Mr. Spitzer.
My mind
my personal difficults.
I thought so.
I was going to apologize, when
Mr. Spitzer exig that I do.
It's infuriating to see
order that we would do!
How true!
Come, sit down, Anabel.
I'll deal with Spitzer.
I sometimes wanted
to knock him too.
This is not lt
I wanted to talk.
I wanted to have
a little chat with you.
You were in tears,
these days.
Julie can not stop!
Believe me,
you're wrong, Anabel.
The clibat plat really Brown!
He remains single.
I do not care what he plat!
But I, by cons,
I am a great party.
Three times married. I love wedding
but I did not like women!
If we knew better,
who knows what in rsulterait?
In all my dpit dconvenues,
I do not wanna be amre.
You were trs chic
but you know my feelings about you.
It has not changed.
When I did not think Brown
ft a rival, I was indiffrent.
But now that I am
aware, this is diffrent!
This is human. I am well.
Do not torment yourself
for Dr. Madison Brown.
I hope not to see him again!
Can we have dinner together
and discuss our views?
How could I
do not you intresser yesterday
and you intresser
suddenly today?
Maybe you will change
believes that fast?
Maybe this explains it
the number of your pouses!
Anabel, you're tonnante!
No one has ever been
as frank with me.
Thank you, but for me it is not
the time to think about men.
Y was he wrong about that
dnions us together?
I do not know.
Could you give me dcouvrir
of qualits.
In fact, a home and a family
I really intressent.
We could have dinner with me.
This is say: you.
Finally in this house
where we're going to expel me.
Do not tell the truth these people
qu'aprs dessert!
Say ... eight hours?
Yes, why not eight?
What's going on?
You are very gay!
Older we get,
less one knows men.
Mr. Sanford me almost
propos marriage
and tonight we dnons
home ... Finally: here.
He knows how I
and he does not care.
Soon, I will work for you.
I augmenteras you $ 50?
Sure! And Brown can keep
ttes of its lans empailles!
I told you so.
You will be more stylish
with meraudes
with a stthoscope!
But you know, Mr. Sanford.
He promised advancement.
What happened?
I landed in the basement!
You can have a shovel
in every room!
Julie, djeunes you with someone?
No. Why?
Go get dressed. I invite you.
I talk
of something special!
And it is your fault.
You pier
in the arms of Sanford.
If something happens,
it will because of you.
And why?
A girl who's been due
everything's ready.
It is clever, it is ruined.
It is no longer a child.
How could I
I set her guardian?
They will head to dinner--head
and you know Sanford.
I told him: "Anabel,
you know he loves fun. "
Do you know what she rpondu:
"And after that?"
Here it is. His pride was wounded!
I believe in danger!
I gave him good advice.
Not frquenter Sanford,
return home and marry Jo.
Maybe will she.
But it is for tonight
I storm!
A question, Miss Howard ...
You she sent her here?
I hope you're not
also souponneux with babies.
Anabel so imagination.
I was against you.
I was supporting Sanford.
If I changed,
there must be a reason!
I do not see what I can do!
I'll get you warned you!
They dnent 20 h.
What happens there 21 h?
Sorry, but my soire is taken.
Finally, rflchissez go.
Tell him that it is not
one head of lan!
Dear Roger, I forgot
something. I'm back.
Make yourself at home.
Love, Anabel.
What are you doing here?
Where is she?
That does not concern you!
What are you doing here?
I could ask you!
I just dinner.
And it does nothing for you!
This does not concern you at all.
It concerns me.
I know, your dners!
We do not want
your presence here!
We told you clearly trs!
I would like to say clearly
I do not care who frquente Anabel,
as it is not you!
I do not agree
you ask yourself as referee!
You know me well.
And I know you well too!
You do not say
a word of your intentions.
This is my business!
She knows the number
your marriage?
Sure! We do not
secrets from each other.
So if you like ...
I will not move
before qu'Anabel back!
In the meantime,
do at home.
Martini with small onion!
I know! I'm already come!
So look well. Because it is
unlikely that you will come back here!
Anabel you're interested more
you do not want to admit it.
Here's a new one: I do think
Anabel the new Mrs. Sanford!
And what would she
for fun?
acts with your marriage?
Enough insolence! Out,
if I throw you out!
As a doctor,
I rprouve violence.
But since you insist!
You must be mistaken!
To see you, I prsume
qu'Anabel is not here.
The old Jo! Maybe it
you! Nice to see you!
Dr. Brown!
I reconnatrais Anywhere!
And you're Mr. Sanford,
one who has so much money!
Who are you
and what are you doing here?
It does not tell you
I could?
Lt looks good
my little Anabel.
Lovely. Lovely.
There is a rception?
II tait good question.
This is Providence that sent you!
That's pretty Anabel
who phoned me the good news.
What good news?
Yes, she do not say.
It's nice you
for being so friendly,
because I'll remove Anabel!
The old Jo you breath!
That, it is not trivial!
So she took
my advice. Congratulations Jo!
Excuse me ...
- This is the old Jo!
- From Granville!
And then?
Anabel you never
Jo talked, huh?
The wedding will take place on Sunday.
You should have seen the joy of ours,
this new!
Sanford, we are out of the race!
The best has won, it seems!
If Anabel returned,
I know what it means.
It is very simple, sir.
Anabel and I we love
since childhood.
And I continu of esprer.
But I doubt that's it ralise.
So when she phoned,
my heart almost clater!
Darling! How are you?
You make Jo
the happiest of men!
Our wedding will be the most beautiful
Greenville has seen that!
If you had seen
the joy of your parents
and mine, when they knew!
Roger, I'm sorry for dinner.
You were wonderful.
I do not hustling,
like the others.
But you had many women,
you find
Probably another!
This dinner is the most tonnant
I've seen!
But I offer you my best wishes.
I knew you would take
good thing.
For you too, Jo.
Good luck and goodbye!
I think the best won.
Dr. Brown, I wonder
what you are doing here.
We said all
what we say!
Yes, Anabel, I think.
I just wanted
that nothing happens to you fcheux.
Jo is a girl tonnante,
and you're a lucky guy!
I think you're the man
remarkable qu'Anabel dcrit me.
And God knows
if she told me about you!
Soon I'll be ready, Jo.
I finished my suitcases.
I want to talk for a moment.
Our train leaves in 25 minutes.
It will not be long.
I came here to viter
Anabel an error.
It does not commit another!
I do not understand very well, doctor.
I told him conseill
back to you
but now I doubt.
This is me to worry about!
But you Anabel she
all told each?
How so?
I know what it implies.
What does he not?
He means
I have pursued everywhere!
Because it is such
I did have him rsister!
Here they claire
diffremment situation.
I'm telling you, Anabel ...
It goes something
I do not understand.
I was in love with him.
And then what? Since it is finished!
Hurry! The train leaves in 25 minutes.
A moment.
I'm 15 years expected.
I can wait a few minutes.
I reach a conclusion
trs embarrassing:
a man should give
the clibat.
In other words:
I want each you to stay!
I wonder ...
I have only dsir ...
you to be happy.
A Jo to decide.
It is always better!
Tell me. What should I do?
At the bottom of myself,
I always knew that supposed would not.
Here's the man for you!
Take good care of it.
It is a good girl.
Harry! Here, Harry!
How it worked?
Epatamment! I repeat this rle
mission in my radio.
With a guitar!
It will be "Old Tom".
- Can I drop off?
- No, thank you.
Bring me pretty in Bixby.
Its curried shrimp are
dlicieuses! Only 65 cents.
My only dsir tait cooking
dners your small intimate
for the rest of my days.
Madison, when you
really understood?
Tonight, when I realized
you go out with Jo!
As regards Jo
I want to tell you something.
He is so brave boy, so sweet.
What will it become?
Do not worry. These things here
eventually settle.
With time,
he will find another!
I guess.
Or another rle play
as good as the "old Jo!"
Because it is one of my habits
you do not dcouverte!
I listen to mission
the "mountain" radio
and accent Harry Proctor
of those we do not forget!
You're the most wonderful
In the words
of a great man:
"Never before has a girl
has done so much for so little! "
You're appuye the bell?
From the inside?
I thought, just in ...
I'm not late?
I came about
your wedding.
If you want
high crmonie ...