Everybody Knows (2018) Movie Script

Look at that! It's stunning!
Hi, Dad!
Hi, honey. I see you've arrived.
Almost. Auntie Ana
picked us up from the airport.
Darling. How are you?
- What time is it there?
- Almost 12 p.m.
Did we wake you?
How was the flight?
We didn't sleep a wink.
- Hi, Alejandro!
- Hi, Ana. How are you?
It's a shame you couldn't come.
You'll be missed.
Next time. I'm sorry.
That'll be in three years' time.
I'm going to ask them
to spend their honeymoon with us.
We'll take them
on a tour of Argentina.
What a great idea!
Give my best to...
What's the victims name?
He's called Joan.
I will,
Dad, did Tutu sleep with you?
I don't know.
I was looking for her.
She doesn't miss me?
Come here, Tutu.
Come talk to your mistress.
- And your brother?
- Talk to Dad.
Hi, Dad!
Hi, lazybones.
How are you?
Good. Hi, Tutu.
My darling, I miss you.
Send me a kiss!
Don't mix these
with the others, please.
Keep them apart.
- Very Pretty.
- Really?
- It's a bit tight.
- Let me see...
You've put on a little weight.
- Really?
- I prefer you that way.
- I'm happy.
- About putting on weight?
That you've got your eye on me.
Shall I help you?
It's stuck.
Like this?
You'll tear it.
I'll try from inside then.
You look really pretty.
How are you?
I want to do that!
Mom, your sister's here!
Say hi to your cousin.
Where are you off to all alone?
Say hi to your aunt.
Will we all fit in this hotel?
We've also rented a house nearby.
We're too tired
to work out where we sleep.
For two nights, who cares?
I don't mind.
You decide. I'll be right back.
Hi, my love.
This is Joan. My sister Laura.
Diego and Irene.
Much cuter than in the photos.
Pleased to meet you.
Ana's told me lots about you.
Same here.
Is that everything?
Let's go.
Much better.
Nothing like the last guy.
- Where shall we put all this?
- I've prepared your rooms upstairs.
Where's Dad?
I don't know,
check the courtyard.
So handsome.
Looking good.
My sister!
I really missed you.
Dad has aged suddenly.
Yes, since you last saw him...
He's old.
Everyone sees that except him.
Get changed,
Granddad's waiting.
Give me that.
Not so fast.
Don't be scared!
Tie it back for me.
Who are these morons?
Wasn't that your nephew
on the back?
Who's driving?
I don't know.
My wife brought me here to tell you
about wine. Who likes wine?
the grape must.
The difference between this...
and this...
Nice story,
but when do we drink it?
Drink it?
If your teacher lets you...
Are you for real?
No way!
Time gives the wine character
and personality.
I'll be right back.
This wine I've brought
from the estate
is really good.
Now the teacher's gone,
who wants to try the wine?
- It's cool.
-Isn't it?
It looks good.
- So it's these three?
- Yes, Abel, Matias and Marco.
- You'll come with them?
- Of course, don't worry.
Listen, I promised the bride
you'd work like pros.
Even better.
He said he'd come.
Something came up at work
and he had to stay.
Work can wait.
His work isn't like ours.
- I'm sure he's very busy.
- You're very busy too.
With our ups and downs.
We make just enough
to pay off the loan.
That's normal
when you're starting out.
Starting out?
It's been two years.
It's better than bickering
at home.
Now we bicker here.
You're done?
What did I say?
Leave me alone.
Leave her alone?
Lord have mercy!
Cut it out for once.
What a beauty.
She looks like you.
With her eyes open
she looks more like her dad.
How is Gabriel?
He went to Germany.
- To look for work.
- What about you?
We're splitting up.
I didn't know.
We weren't in a good place
and my parents...
didn't like him much.
What about the little one?
She stays with me.
I'm sorry.
Each time you come
you have a new kid!
See how well they turn out?
How are you?
What a cutie...
Give him a kiss.
She doesn't want to.
I don't want to.
Let me see...
You gave me a kiss!
A kiss!
That's sweet. Thank you.
So pretty,
she looks just like you.
No, she takes after her father.
Alejandro? Are you joking?
Who said she was Alejandro's?
She's Roco and Gabriel's daughter!
Son of a bitch!
A bird crapped on him!
You bitch! You scumbag!
I'm going. See you later.
Is that your daughter?
What are you doing?
What's going on?
Felipe, you're brave to ride
with this crazy girl.
Boys are chickens.
Come here, chickie.
Where are your helmets?
"Chickens"? Tell her
what I used to do at her age.
Just about everything.
See that church roof?
Paco used to climb up there
when he was your age.
He was such a pain
the storks stayed away for years.
That's why they crap on me.
Stop it!
See how pretty she is?
So pretty and so grown up.
She just needs
to behave a little better.
Here and here.
- It'll be ready tomorrow?
- You can't go to the wedding naked.
Hi, son.
Does your mom know
about the bike?
Goddamn bike.
All those people
who just arrived,
are they wedding guests?
A Catalan husband,
an Argentinean husband...
Ana hit the jackpot, like Laura.
Good job.
If they'd stayed here,
they'd be like Mariana
with poor old Fernando.
Has Paco seen the dress?
He loved it.
The dress or what's under it?
That'll do.
- Your daughter...
- Enough!
A little more at the back.
It's your daughter's wedding.
Can't you lighten up a bit?
Who asked you?
What I have to put up with...
So pig-headed!
What the hell, man?
We're unemployed
and they steal our jobs.
Come on, I can't see you
picking grapes under a blazing sun.
I was working the land
when you were just a kid
chasing girls.
Don't lecture me.
In the name of the Father,
the Son
and the Holy Spirit.
May the Lord be with you.
Dear brethren,
we're gathered here
for God to safeguard with His grace
your intention to enter into marriage
the minister of the Church
and the Christian community.
It's a great view from here.
Stop! Are you crazy?
Why are you such a sissy?
Do you know who they are?
- They're probably dead.
- No.
How can you be so sure?
I'm not, I'm guessing.
Do I know them?
Your mother.
And the "P"?
For Paco.
Everybody knows.
They were in love.
- And your initial?
- I haven't put it up.
Go on.
I'll do it for you.
Don't you dare!
Go on, write it.
Go on.
But you'll leave again.
Come with me.
- To Argentina?
- Yes.
- My mom wouldn't let me.
- Your mom?
Pack your bag in secret and leave.
Go on.
You're crazy!
The church clock and the bell tower
are falling into ruin.
But we must wait for help
to fund the repairs.
It's such a shame that Laura's
husband couldn't come with her.
We must be grateful
for his help with the facade.
If he'd seen the bell tower,
I'm sure he would have helped us.
As for the parishioners...
He never misses a chance to beg.
You should look after the church,
it belongs to you.
By the way,
when you throw the rice
at the newlyweds,
wait until you're outside...
Go on.
Take it.
Here, let's toast.
- How are you doing?
- Good.
Not tonight, please.
Okay. Wash your hands.
Honey, come here.
Are you alright?
She got dizzy from dancing.
You were fine. What's wrong?
I'm sleepy.
It's jet lag, she's exhausted.
Let's get you to bed.
Take those upstairs for me.
- Shall I help you?
- No need.
You've drunk too much.
Go away! Leave me alone.
What a grumpy granddad!
This damn thing...
Feeling better?
It's me, Dad.
I want to get down.
Call Mariana.
- I'll help you.
- No. Get her...
Why does it matter?
Get her.
- You can't do it.
- Okay, I'll call her.
Dad's waiting for you on the stairs.
When's the power coming back?
Do you have
any idea what time?
It's the whole town.
Is it raining?
- A few drops.
- Just a few drops.
More than that.
Try to fix it if you can.
Make an effort.
Thanks a lot.
What are they saying?
It's raining.
- Open up. It's Paco.
- Coming!
Get a move on,
people are waiting.
- What's wrong?
- I need a favor.
Get me a couple of guys...
Relax, it's not that late.
We must go to the estate
to get a generator.
- Now?
- Yes. Hurry.
It doesn't matter.
Are you in there?
Wing wing!
Wing wing!
Paco, come here.
A turkey's phone goes wing wing!
She's not here?
Where is she?
Why was the door locked?
What's wrong?
Stay with the boy,
I'll be right back.
Police confirm
that Carmen was kidnapped.
Have you seen Irene?
Didn't she go to bed?
Nobody's seen her since?
Darling, I don't know where you are.
If this is a joke,
you're really hurting me.
Call me back.
Straight away.
She must be having fun somewhere.
Go see Laura and stay with her.
We have your daughter.
If the police find out,
we'll kill her.
Come here!
Have you seen Irene?
No. What's wrong?
All I know is
she wasn't feeling well.
- Were you smoking?
- No.
- Tell me the truth.
- It's true.
Go have a look for her.
I said go look for her!
What is it?
It's a joke.
Laura got this message.
Could this be
Irene's idea of a joke?
- When did this come?
- Just now.
- Did you call the number?
- Yes, it doesn't exist.
Where are you going?
If they've really taken her,
they can't be far.
I'm coming with you.
What's happening?
I let him drive.
I'm a bit wasted.
Off you go.
Be careful, please.
What's wrong?
A cable's been cut,
but we're fixing it. Don't stop.
Where now?
We won't catch up with them.
Should we call the police?
Do something! I beg you!
I don't want to scare you,
but the clippings you saw on the bed
could be
from the people
who kidnapped that girl.
Why was she kidnapped?
For money.
What did they do to her?
It might not be them.
The thing is, they threatened...
to kill the girl
if the police were told.
That's why
we must be very careful...
Did they kill her?
Did they kill her?
Are you going to sit around
all night doing nothing?
Who saw her last?
Felipe was with her all night.
Ask him.
Felipe knows nothing
except that she was tired...
and she went off to sleep.
In fact, she was fine, and then
she had a drink
and suddenly...
What if her drink was spiked?
With what?
A sleeping pill perhaps.
One of the guests
must have been an accomplice.
The electric cable was cut
while she was upstairs alone.
We should call the police.
Laura, please.
No way.
I don't want them to hurt her.
Let's think.
What else can we do?
Who has the video
of the reception?
- Who has it?
- The video?
The lads from the center.
Whose idea was it
to invite delinquents to a wedding?
Bea knows them.
We must call them
and see the video now.
- At 4:30 a.m.?
- I don't care.
Did Bea tell you they were
the ones who would film it?
She suggested it and I said yes.
Why them?
They wouldn't be capable of this.
What's happened?
We don't know anything yet.
Did she say anything strange
to you today?
Like what?
Like she wanted to mess with us.
You didn't see anyone suspicious?
And the fruit pickers?
Just one thing...
We fell off the bike on the road.
We couldn't start it up again.
The fruit pickers came by
and helped us fix it.
When did this happen?
this wasn't improvised.
Whoever did this knew
that Laura and the kids were coming
and they organized this.
They organized
the newspaper clippings,
they cut the power on the highway,
and entered the house unnoticed.
They're professionals.
Someone went upstairs
and left the clippings on the bed.
Maybe a stranger got into the house.
Maybe it wasn't a stranger.
You should rest, Laura.
Leave that.
Did you know about this girl?
It was years ago.
Around here?
Not far away.
Get some rest.
Let the parents decide
whether to alert the police.
I'm terrified for the girl.
Her mom must be even more terrified.
So I shouldn't help them?
You don't even know
if it will help or hurt her.
Leave it up to them.
What if it's those kids of yours?
Why would it be them?
Let's go home. I'm beat.
Call your colleague again.
Her cell's switched off.
She'll call me when she wakes up.
We have to see that video now.
Her door is locked.
What can I do?
Open the fucking door!
Shall I open it?
We woke you up, I'm sorry.
Never mind.
Is there a problem?
No, it's fine.
Looking for something?
I just wanted to find out
if any of these three kids
has a record. Marcos, Abel...
They all have minor charges:
a little dealing, petty theft...
Turn off the lights
and shut the door, please.
And not a word to the kids.
I'm sorry to leave you like this.
Take care.
I'm sure you'll have
good news soon.
Mom and Roco
will keep us informed.
Come back soon.
Stay strong.
You haven't told Alejandro yet?
You have to tell him.
What can he do from there?
You have to decide
whether to call the police or not.
You must decide that together.
Hello Laura.
My family wants to say goodbye.
Irene, honey.
Hello, my love.
Aren't we going to have breakfast?
Go eat with your auntie.
I'll be right there.
Call Alejandro, tell him
to come as soon as possible.
He won't be able to handle it.
How do I tell him?
You have to call him
and talk to him.
Tell him about the threat
if you talk to the police.
Don't go.
I'm right here.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Something happened to her
last night.
What happened to Irene?
What's going on? My God.
Where are you, Laura?
Please, don't cry.
Tell me where you are.
With so many kids at the wedding,
why did they have
to take my daughter?
She was the only one
whose father could pay the ransom.
Where did they get
such a stupid idea?
Why stupid?
Because it's not true.
You always told us
that you were doing well.
With the sum he paid
for the church renovations,
of course people think that.
He hasn't worked for two years.
What's wrong, Mom?
Why are you crying?
It's alright, sweetie.
Where's Irene?
Come on,
let's get you some breakfast.
He wants to speak to you.
How can this be?
Why didn't you tell me before?
Because I didn't believe it,
I still don't.
Does she have her medicines?
Come quickly, please.
What is it?
You know these guys well, right?
Of course.
Is there a problem?
- What's wrong?
- Look.
When did you get this?
- When did you get it?
- A few minutes ago.
300,000 euros!
Do those kids have your number?
Everyone at the center has it.
If it was them,
they wouldn't have written to me.
- Why was it sent to you?
- I don't know.
You're getting too involved in this.
You're getting too involved.
That's not the problem.
No, it's that they wrote to me
instead of the mother.
The problem...
is you bringing those kids
to the wedding.
That's the problem?
If you're so sure,
why don't you just call the police?
Did they give you
the rest of the video?
Laura, how are you?
We got a message.
A few minutes ago.
What does it say?
It's the same message Bea got.
Send it to me.
I'm coming. Right away.
She got the same message?
40 years saying the same shit!
Aren't you sick of it?
You can all go to hell!
Especially you, you old tramp!
Call the police.
Shut up, you loser!
You good-for-nothing!
You all owe me money!
Get the fuck out!
It belongs to me!
That land belongs to me!
You lost your land playing poker!
You drunk!
Watch what you're doing!
What are you saying?
Bunch of tramps!
We're going home.
Leave me alone!
Get off me!
We're going home!
Take it easy.
You'll give me back all my land!
What's bugging him?
They said he'd calmed down.
Why is he messing with us now?
Claiming his land
after 30 years?
Why let him drink?
You know what he's like!
Drink or no drink,
he's the same!
Until the police take action...
He's been saying this crap for years,
to me in particular.
Why are you all so wound up?
It's nothing. He's drunk.
That's all.
Everything's fine.
I'll remember this.
Do you have to drink
and bring shame on us?
You may not care what they say,
but I do!
They all worked for me.
Where would they be without me?
Why do you have
to bring this up now?
Because we need that money
to save my granddaughter's life.
You're the one
who gambled all your land away!
That's enough!
This is not the time.
For Irene's sake,
we must avoid these scenes in town.
You're telling me what to do?
Come on.
Don't forget where you come from.
This isn't your house.
You walk around here
like you're part of the family.
Make no mistake,
you're the servants' son.
Antonio, enough!
Let me speak!
Anyone who doesn't like it
can block their ears.
You owe me
even more
than all those people in town.
You boast about your estate:
"My estate," you say.
You owe "your" estate to me.
You forced Laura...
Let me speak!
You forced my daughter
to give you that land.
Did I force you to sell that land?
- What?
- Did I force you to sell your land?
Why are you talking about that now?
I bought it to help her.
You did?
At a price that suited you.
Nobody tricked me.
Alejandro and I needed the money.
Paco didn't have enough.
I told him to give me
what he had for the land.
Ignore him,
you know what he's like!
This is for Laura,
she must call me.
First, I'll take you
to see someone.
I'll tell you later.
Can I keep the video
for a closer look?
Is that a problem?
Let's see those messages.
Can you locate them
from the number?
Generally, it's easy
to trace the sender,
but they're good at hiding.
They buy various SIM cards
using fake IDs.
They send the messages
from old phones
that they destroy, with the card,
after each message.
But you should show
the messages to the police.
We haven't decided yet
if we'll go to the police.
Like it or not, when the police
hear of the disappearance,
they will intervene.
What should we do?
Pretend that you're getting
the ransom money.
By asking those close to you.
It's not easy to find someone
willing to give so much.
They must know
that you're looking for money.
That will buy you time.
How will they know?
They're watching you, somehow.
You can be sure of that.
Don't tell anyone
about this meeting.
Not even the girl's father?
Could I have a word alone?
can we trust this guy?
He won't tell anyone?
He retired years ago.
I made him swear on it.
The second message
was also sent to Bea.
Paco's wife.
How long have you known Paco?
We grew up in the same house.
Until I left,
we were always together.
Yes, together.
In love.
And now?
We each have our own life now.
It's over.
On good terms?
Why does that matter?
I'm trying to understand why
the SMS was sent to his wife.
Excuse me.
Dad, I'm going now.
Take care.
You too.
I'm going to miss you.
I'll miss you too.
- Call me when you arrive.
- I will.
Do you always come without him?
He couldn't come this time.
If I find anything,
I'll call Fernando.
Thank you, Jorge.
No, stay, Fernando.
I want to check the video with you.
I'll drive you back.
Sit down, please, I'm in a hurry.
It's been so long,
and you have to rush off?
- Let's try it.
- No.
You don't want to try your wine?
What's wrong?
You seem upset.
I have a favor to ask.
But I beg you,
before saying no,
please think about it.
I always think before I speak.
I need money urgently.
For the grape harvest?
No, it's a personal matter.
Can you help me with that?
I've thought about it
and the answer is no.
I'm willing to sell you my half.
Why now, all of a sudden?
This partnership of ours
has to end one day.
We must find some sucker
to buy the whole thing.
But I need the cash, urgently.
So I'll sell you my share
at a good price.
You've never let buyers
visit the estate before.
Has something happened?
Think about my offer
and give me an answer soon.
- I have to go.
- Go where?
Sit down.
Why do you need the money?
Tell me soon. It's urgent.
I'll think about it.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's this?
When did you get this?
Just now.
She doesn't have her medicines
with her.
Yes, I'm with Laura.
You just got it?
Read it.
Hold on. Read it.
Your daughter isn't well,
she can't breathe.
Prepare the money before she dies.
She got the same message.
I'll call you back.
I can't breathe.
- Are you alright?
- No.
Deep breaths.
That's it.
Do you want to get out?
I'm suffocating.
I said to her:
"What about my mother?"
And she said:
"Pack your bags in secret,
"and leave."
Maybe that's what she did.
Why would she do that?
I don't know.
See you later.
See you.
Any news?
We watched the videos
all afternoon,
there's nothing.
My friend said one thing
that made sense.
What if she wasn't kidnapped?
They were supposed
to come together, right?
Why did Alejandro
suddenly change his plans?
Laura said something came up at work.
He hasn't worked for two years.
- What?
- The company went broke.
Two years.
Don't fuck with me, Fernando.
How could he have set it all up
from Argentina?
Perhaps they're in on it together?
Maybe he's sending the messages
from Argentina.
If that were the case,
Laura would be the first
to suspect her husband.
Why would she doubt her husband?
I don't know.
Don't you think it's weird
that they write to your wife?
It's weird.
I'm really scared.
What if they hurt her?
Fernando's right.
We have to call the police.
If we don't call them,
what other option do we have?
I'd call the police.
And until they do something,
how will she survive
without her medicine?
Take it easy.
God will help us.
God? Why did he do this to us?
Stop this nonsense.
We have to find the money.
Are they going to steal it?
We must wait.
Paco may be able to help us
with the money.
All of it?
He spoke to his partner
about selling the estate.
Why would he do that?
He's not going to do it.
He's pretending
so the word spreads.
Was it his idea?
We went to see
a friend of Fernando's,
a retired policeman,
for advice.
He told us to pretend
that we're gathering the money.
And then?
In a few days, a week,
when they realize
we don't have the money?
I don't know.
I don't know what will happen.
I can't even think about it.
Sorry to make you come here.
My friend wants
to be discreet.
- Where is he?
- In the car.
He's waiting for you.
His name's Jorge.
Laura, he wants to see him alone.
He's very composed.
He's not showing it,
but he's suffering inside.
Do you trust your husband
Why do you ask?
He adores his children.
Do we run any risk
if we tell the police?
Even if the risk is minimal,
it must be done very discreetly.
They can investigate in secret,
without anyone knowing?
Why didn't you come
with your family?
I had some interviews
for a potential job.
Did they go well?
What does that matter?
Everything matters
to save your daughter.
- Did the job work out?
- No.
- Why is that?
- Why...
Ask the people
who didn't hire me.
Because of the drinking?
Who told you that?
I haven't had a drink
in 16 years.
Your wife says you're bankrupt.
The police will tell you
that this isn't
the work of strangers.
It was me.
It was her father.
Get in, we're going.
Who was it?
Was it you?
You told that idiot everything?
Told him what?
The drinking, the bankruptcy,
all of it!
Not now, Alejandro.
She's my daughter!
Let me decide
what should be done!
What assholes!
It was me who spoke to him.
He asked me about you.
I thought it might help.
You thought it would help to know
that I'm unemployed and ruined?
- What are you saying?
- Answer me!
Why would I suspect you?
- Did I say that?
- You're insinuating it.
Why would I suspect you?
- Your whole family does.
- What?
The way they looked at me
at breakfast!
And those two!
They're worried about your daughter
and all you can talk about is God.
Yes, they suspect you!
Get some sleep.
How can I sleep
not knowing where my daughter is
or what they might be doing to her?
I hate myself
for not being able to do anything.
Not even tell the police.
My love...
There is one way to help her.
If you agree.
Paco could give us the money.
You said he was pretending.
He could do it.
Why would he give us
so much money?
Let me try.
Let me speak to him.
What will you say?
I'll do anything to get her back.
Think of Irene.
We're losing our daughter.
He won't give it to you.
He might.
And if he doesn't,
we'll go to the police.
He won't give you the money.
You'll tell him
and end up with nothing.
I'm begging you, please.
I'm begging you!
I asked to hear
my daughter's voice.
They put me through to her.
I asked if she was alright,
she said no.
After, they strangled her
and threw her down a well.
When they pulled the body out of the well,
I couldn't recognize my daughter.
I said it wasn't her.
What are you doing here?
Are you alone?
Did he say anything?
Your partner.
No news, but word has spread,
that's what matters.
Sure, but...
Would you be willing
to sell it for real?
- The estate?
- Yes.
If this happened to your child,
would you do nothing?
I don't know what to say.
Many people work here.
Their families depend on it.
I know, but...
You still haven't forgiven me.
What for?
For leaving you.
- I don't want to discuss this.
- And you never let me explain.
I don't want to discuss this now.
Not here.
Not anywhere.
I don't want to discuss this.
Do you remember
the first time I came home
after getting married in Argentina?
We hadn't seen each other
for three years.
I came alone
and you weren't with Bea yet.
- Remember?
- Yes, I do.
And the last night too?
Yes, I remember.
You took me to the airport.
We chatted all the way.
Suddenly, you stopped the car.
You hugged me and started to cry.
You said that you couldn't believe
you'd lost me.
We got out of the car,
you came over to me.
You kissed me...
I'm just saying that
if this is your idea of revenge,
don't hurt the girl.
She's your daughter.
No, don't do this to me.
She's your daughter.
Are you alright?
What did Laura want?
But you are helping her.
She wanted money.
- Why you?
- I don't know.
Maybe she thinks she sold me
that land
too cheaply.
After all these years?
You okay?
Come and sit down.
Will you eat something?
We've had lunch, thanks.
We wondered if you'd heard anything.
Nothing, we're still waiting.
Paco and I are very upset
about all this.
We want to do all we can
to help you.
The thing is
we get the feeling...
that you think we owe you.
As if it's our duty
to help you.
Bea, this isn't the right time.
Everyone is here.
I'd like to get things straight.
What things?
What Bea means is...
Let her talk.
You still have claims
on that land.
- Who's "you"?
- All of you.
We don't have any claims.
But we haven't forgotten
how Paco bought the land.
The land was worthless.
- Of course.
- It was.
Paco and I slaved for 7 years
to recover that land.
- That land is mine.
- It belongs to whoever works it.
Are you going to share it
with the day workers?
- We didn't come for that.
- I did.
I only hope that Irene
comes back soon
so we can end these arguments.
Not talking about things
doesn't mean they're resolved.
I sold that land very cheaply
because I wanted to help a friend.
But you needed the money.
I don't need anyone's money.
Thank you.
My daughter...
will come back.
God will help me.
Excuse me.
- What else did you tell him?
- Everything.
We swore.
Forgive me, it's for our child.
Precisely, for her
you should've said nothing.
- What have you done?
- It's for our daughter.
What will this do to her?
What's wrong?
You didn't have that before.
What are you doing to yourself?
I'm going to sell my shares
to Andrs.
You said it wasn't for real.
I'm terrified for that girl.
Paying them just encourages them.
Tomorrow it'll be another kid.
If she were ours,
you wouldn't say that.
I would.
If you were a mother,
you wouldn't be so sure.
I never wanted to be a mother.
She's my daughter.
What did you say?
She's my daughter.
What are you saying?
Have you gone mad?
Don't touch me! Please!
- Let's talk.
- I don't want to talk!
Sit down and we'll talk.
- I don't want to!
- Listen to me.
- I thought we had no secrets.
- We don't.
Go away! I want to be alone.
Laura told me yesterday.
And you believe her!
We slept together
one last time and...
And she got pregnant?
Don't you realize
that all they want is money?
Maybe they made up
the story about the estate!
That you conned them
and didn't pay enough...
That didn't work, so they make up
this lie to force you!
- How do you know it's a lie?
- How do you know it isn't?
They don't want money.
You heard them yesterday.
What else would they say?
They have to keep up appearances.
Then his wife tells you
her daughter's yours!
And why hold this wedding
in the village?
Nobody does that now.
They're all involved!
You slept with her one last time.
What if the next day
she slept with her husband?
How do you know she's your daughter?
Why is she telling you now?
How can you be so naive?
Is Laura here?
She's upstairs with Roco. Why?
My little girl...
Where are you, my baby?
Good morning.
Could you leave us alone
for a moment?
Did you lie to him?
About what?
What you said to Paco.
I didn't think he'd tell you.
If you're trying
to get the money...
with this lie...
I'll have to tell
your husband everything.
It's not a lie.
My husband already knows.
What's wrong?
The guys heard in the village
that you're selling the estate.
Who'll pay us?
Don't listen to that crap.
I'll pay you. Get back to work.
Is Laura here?
I think she's upstairs. Why?
Someone wants to see her.
A friend. Tell her to come down.
- Laura!
- Any news?
Is something wrong?
They say you sold your estate.
It was locked.
They locked it
so you'd think she was still inside
and take longer to realize
that they'd taken her.
- Is he your son?
- Yes.
He was sleeping
in the same room that night?
It's strange
that they didn't take him.
It would've been less risky.
A sleeping boy is easier
to take than a teenager.
they had a reason to abduct her.
Fernando told me some things
about your daughter.
What things?
Did anyone already know
that you aren't the father?
Bea spoke to Fernando.
I don't know.
They aren't professionals.
They're people close to you
who have this information.
Nobody knew until now.
They didn't take her
because she's Paco's daughter,
for his money.
But they thought...
they'd have a better chance
by taking her.
That is,
if you couldn't pay the ransom,
Paco would help.
When we decided...
to have her...
we promised each other
that we'd never tell anyone.
Keep an eye on those around you.
Try to find out who knows.
Sit down, please.
Did he really sell the land?
I don't know.
What are people saying?
About what?
This crazy thing he's doing.
People gossip.
When they've nothing to do
in the village, they talk.
Gossip about what?
That one only does this
for one's child.
And before?
At first there were suspicions.
About my daughter?
What suspicions?
Paco and Laura were together
a long time.
They say that your daughter
sometimes does things
that resemble Paco as a child.
They say?
Who says?
- The family.
- But who?
Some of them.
So they know.
They hadn't mentioned it for years.
But now that Paco's
sold the estate...
everybody knows.
Do you still love her?
It's for the girl.
No, it isn't.
What if they did this themselves?
I know what I'm doing.
No, you don't.
- Who's that girl?
- My son's girlfriend.
They don't live here,
they just came for one night.
I'm sure we'll find her.
Whoever did this
can't be far away.
I've got the money,
I received it today.
The full amount.
Why are you doing this?
Why am I doing this?
Because if I didn't
and something happened to...
to Irene,
I'd never forgive myself.
Why wouldn't you forgive yourself?
You've no obligation to her.
You say I have no obligation?
No, but I have every right.
- Really?
- Yes.
Sixteen years have gone by.
Sixteen years.
And now that you need me,
you tell me?
Paco, let me tell you something.
Irene's birth saved my life.
I was...
Lost, depressed, finished,
because of alcohol.
Sometimes I never even went home.
One night, desperate,
I asked God:
"Kill me or save me, please."
That night, when I got home,
Laura confessed to me
that she was carrying your child.
I thought it was the end,
that I'd lost her,
forever, really.
But it was quite the opposite.
God hit me hard to make me react.
- God?
- Yes.
Laura wanted an abortion.
I didn't know.
I convinced her we should keep it.
God hit me hard
to get me out of that shit.
My God.
pulled me out of hell.
And I'm sure that
he's going to save her now.
Your God's going to save Irene?
Maybe your God is using me
to save Irene.
You saved her once,
now it's my turn.
I'm risking my daughter's life
for your damn pride.
What pride?
I have no pride left.
You have no pride?
Then accept his help to save her!
If your God had wanted to,
he'd have done it already!
- What are you doing here?
- Tell him to come out.
- Anyone follow you?
- No. Call him.
We agreed you'd never come here.
- How's my daughter?
- Fine, but I can't keep this up.
What's wrong?
- Maybe someone followed her.
- Shut up.
Let's hear her out.
This has to end.
We're destroying my family.
What's happened?
- Paco sold his estate.
- That's good.
We must free her now,
they suspect the whole family.
Do they suspect you?
But tomorrow they'll work it all out.
It'll all be over tomorrow.
I can't keep watching them suffer.
- Just wait.
- No!
- Fuck this.
- Stay out of it.
If we're caught, we'll say
you had nothing to do with it.
Let her go or I'll tell them.
- Wait until tomorrow morning.
- No.
You can't say no
after all this.
- Where are you going?
- To tell them.
- No!
- Wait!
I can't take it anymore.
You promised to see it
through to the end.
- I was wrong!
- Too late.
Let's split up for real,
instead of pretending.
Tomorrow it'll be over,
we'll leave.
We'll get arrested.
If there's a slim chance
of getting the money, I'm in.
- I'm not!
- We had a pact.
Did the pact include sending messages
to Paco's wife?
You did that?
I did.
Without consulting me?
Sending it to one person
looks suspicious.
- This is revenge on my family.
- I hate your damn family.
Shut your fucking mouth!
Don't force me
to tell the girl everything.
I beg you, please.
Let her go!
- I'll free her.
- Right now?
In the middle of the night?
- I'll free her at dawn.
- Promise me.
I will.
Swear on the life of our daughter.
Swear you will.
I swear.
I'll miss you.
You took your time.
It took a while.
What did the doctor say?
A virus.
Did he give you any medicine?
Why all the questions?
Why are your pants wet?
Where have you been?
I stopped to throw up
along the road.
I washed my face
and my clothes got wet.
Save me for God's sake!
They're going to kill me today!
I beg you!
Leave the money where they say.
I beg you, please!
You have reached the police.
Your call may be recorded.
Can you hear me?
The money's in the car,
but I want to see her first.
I want to hear Irene!
Are you alright?
It's me, Paco.
How are you?
Did they do anything to you?
Did I hurt you?
My baby...
Speak to me, darling.
Thank you.
Did you give them the money?
Thank you.
I'll get it back to you.
She needs to see a doctor,
she looks very weak.
I love you so much!
Come, darling.
Thank you.
They've found Irene!
- I'll help you.
- Thanks, Joan.
Give me that.
- We have to hurry.
- Why? We have time.
I have to return the car
at the airport.
Don't go down alone. Wait for me.
I'll help you down, okay?
Where are her meds?
In my bag.
What else?
Let me know when you arrive.
I'll call you.
What, honey?
Why was it Paco
who came to get me?
Be good.
Take care.
Let's go home.
Sit down,
I want to talk to you.
It's cold, let's go home.
Sit down.