Everyday Black Man (2010) Movie Script

I just can't call it out
That goes on all the time
I know what's going to happen
It's like I pressed ''rewind''
A battle goin' on
Just never seems to cease
And I can't lose again
It's stressing to that beast
in Harlem
Now look at what she's become
One with no respect for anyone
She tells me
that I drove her there
Down that one-way street
that leads nowhere
See, I've started to compromise
I tried to make everything right
So I can sleep at night
But she lives in the past
so this won't last
From home
I choose to stay away
To clear my head from all this
stress that's got me
Got me drinking again
Got me drinking again
Got me drinking again
Got me drinking again
You got me drinking again
The good times in the dry
Are few and far between
Every word that comes out
of her mouth
Makes me feel like I'm nothing
She sits and drinks again
Bartenders know my name
All of this is an effect
from her driving me insane
You got me drinking
You got me, you got me
Got me drinking again
You got me drinking, yeah
[ Sirens wail ]
[ Blues plays ]
l'm sorry, Moses,
there's no way l can get you
a loan with what you got here.
What are you talking about, William?
You have to show a profit.
Small store, man.
Which you've had for almost
ten years, now.
And you don't have anything
to show for it.
lt's growing.
You've got one worker,
who you can't even pay.
And you give him
free room and board.
Sonny's a good kid.
And you give people free groceries.
lt says all that
on the application, huh?
Moses, l know what you do
with that store.
You barely make enough
to pay your mortgage.
When was l last late
on my mortgage?
You were never late.
Moses, in order to expand,
you have to show a profit.
William Campbell. Personal banker.
You know what l've been doing, man.
Our store is small.
But as long as l've been there has not
been any drug dealers on the corner.
l can do more.
You got me before,
you can help me again.
l need it now. A little help.
That's all l'm asking.
Then stop giving people free food.
Or get yourself a partner.
l got a partner.
Get yourself a partner
that can help you.
Sonny helps me.
Someone that's already got
some capital built up.
Or maybe got
some political backing.
The new principal
at Horizons School.
She's pretty community-minded.
Talk to her.
See if you guys can get
some programs going together.
l think her name is Gloria--
That's got nothing to do
with my store.
Moses, l want to help you.
-You do?
But you don't have any collateral.
l will make you proud.
l'll take these outside.
Careful with those.
You bruise them, l can't use them.
Good morning. Hey.
-Good morning.
-Well, look who's here.
Yeah, l got your message
about the groceries.
l figured l'd just come by
and pick them up.
Yeah, well,
you didn't have to come for them.
l'd have brought them to you.
Excuse to see you, girls.
No, l figured that.
But, you know,
l haven't really been home much
with grandma in the hospital.
-l just--
What happened?
Oh, it's her heart again.
The doctors want to do surgery
this time,
but they say she's too weak,
so, for now, we wait.
She'll be okay.
How come you didn't call me?
l really didn't think about it.
l've been so busy with work
and school,
and going to see her, it just,
l didn't think about it.
Slipped my mind. l'm sorry.
She's okay, though.
Uh, Sonny. Sonny.
Why don't you
get a bag of the groceries
that l got in the refrigerator
for Claire?
Hi, Claire.
-Hi, Sonny.
-You want to do that today, Sonny?
She's got stuff to do.
l think when he--
When you come in here, he just--
Sweet kid, but--
Anyway, so you're working?
-Yeah, yeah.
-That's a good thing, right?
lt is good.
l got a job working full-time
at the school.
Yeah, there's a new principal,
named Gloria Johnson.
-Ah, a lady principal.
-A lady principal, yeah.
She's real cool, she wants to do
some cool stuff in the community,
and she hired
a bunch of young people,
and she said
that when l'm done with school,
l can maybe have my own classroom.
Sure, and you will.
-Okay, is this everything?
-Thank you, Sonny.
All here.
Thank you.
How much do l owe you, Moses?
Let's see.
Nothing from nothing
leaves nothing.
Same price your grandma paid,
you get the same deal.
-Come on, please, let me--
-l can't do it.
You always say that.
You should listen to him.
The man is offering you something,
young lady.
You should take it.
Can l help you?
Oh, good morning, brother.
Good morning.
Something we can do for you?
Oh, l'm sorry.
l come bearing gifts.
''Black Muslim Bakery.''
l'm considering becoming a fellow
business owner in the neighborhood.
Been talking to old man Johnson.
You know, the one who runs
the Laundromat and the barber shop.
Well, anyway, he claims
that a place is about to be vacant.
lt is not about to be.
lt is vacant.
But he's never going
to let you rent it.
The only one who runs businesses
in Mr. Johnson's place
is Mr. Johnson.
And if you'd know him,
that's just yakking.
Well, l think we can work
something out,
but, in any event, l just wanted
to leave some pies with you,
for the business owners
in the neighborhood,
hoping we can work together.
Oh, that's nice,
but l'm really not looking for--
What kind of dessert is it?
Sweet potato pie is today's special.
l love sweet potato pie.
Yeah, most black people do.
Can l have a slice?
Of course. You can have
anything you like, sister.
-Moses, do you have a knife?
-l'll get a knife.
-Ah, still warm!
-Fresh out of the oven.
You'd think it was the first time
she saw a sweet potato pie.
Good, right?
Perhaps you should have a taste, too.
Uh. . .
He doesn't like sweets.
Ah, not my thing.
You taste one, you taste them all.
l don't know about that, brother.
That's a good recipe -- special.
They say it's better
than your grandma's.
Claire, you know
that's not my thing.
Just try it, Moses.
You know l'm not into this,
but l can tell by Claire's look
l'm going to have to try this.
-Good pie.
-Good pie, right?
-lt's great.
-lt is good.
Moses, you should think about letting
him sell some of them in the store.
This is a fruit and vegetable store.
All right?
l know, but you're always telling
grandma how you want to expand.
You two related?
No, l'm just raised
on his fruits and vegetables.
Well, anyway, l've taken
probably too much of your time,
so here's my card, and, uh--
Good day, brother.
-Okay, man.
-All right.
Malik Mohammed.
You're a part
of Minister Khan's Mosque?
-So, you've attended before?
-Oh, no, l--
l used to work with his daughter
Aisha before she quit
and started working full-time
there at the mosque.
How's she doing?
Sister Khan is well.
She's doing, ah, quite well.
Maybe you should see her
in person.
l teach every Thursday night
at the mosque.
Well, l appreciate that,
but l'm not sure if l'm welcome.
Why not?
-She's not Muslim.
Anyone who is seeking the Truth
is welcome at the mosque.
That includes you, brother.
Well, good luck with your desserts.
All right.
Tomorrow's special will be
banana cream pie,
so perhaps l'll bring by
a couple for you and--
But, um, seriously, l'm not looking
to get into baked goods.
Well, sometimes a man doesn't know
what he's looking for
until it's presented him
a nice opportunity.
A smart man like yourself
would not back away.
Thank you for your time, brother.
Moses. And, sister--
-Claire, yeah.
Claire. Pretty name.
Thank you.
Thanks for the pie.
Of course.
-You two, take care.
Well, good luck to him, selling
his stuff in this neighborhood.
l like him.
So, you want to try some pie?
Let's see.
lt's good, huh?
l told you it's good.
All right,
you can have the rest of this.
Smells good.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-All right.
[ Monitor beeping ]
Hey, you.
Moses! What are you doing here?
l'd have been here sooner if you had
left word that you were in here.
l didn't want to bother you.
You never bother me.
You know that.
Now. . .
What'd you do to yourself?
Well, they say l have
congestive heart failure.
That don't sound good.
l don't think l'll be around
much longer.
They told old man Johnson
five years ago his heart was failing.
He's still around here,
bothering people.
Oh. Easy.
Old man Johnson
never could tell the truth.
He was just up here yesterday
visiting me,
telling lies as usual.
He knew about you and l didn't?
Well, l think one of the church
members must have told him.
Well, l'm a church member.
Nobody told me.
Why, you haven't been
coming around that much.
Now, if you would just sit down
and talk with Claire
and tell her the truth,
she would have told you first.
l haven't made anything of myself yet.
Moses, Claire is your daughter.
Not your prospective bride.
She doesn't care what you got
and what you don't got.
She just needs to know
that you are her father,
and you have always
been there for her.
Besides, you have made
something of yourself.
-You've got the store.
-That's not enough.
No money's coming in.
l went to the bank
to get a loan to expand.
Reality is l need the money now
just to keep the store open.
l got some money.
l got $5,000 in my savings.
l was going to give it to Claire
for my funeral
in case the insurance money
doesn't come through.
Don't matter what they do with me.
-They can just put me in a box--
-Mary, no.
How come your pride is acting up?
My money won't bite you.
Moses, Shauna has been dead
for 20 years.
You have paid your debt to her
and to me.
l'm not going
to take your money, Mary.
l'm never going to take it.
Well, you're just plain stupid.
You tell her!
You tell her the truth.
Don't let my dying
wait for it all to come out.
You're not goin' nowhere.
You're not going anywhere.
You hear me?
l'm through with that.
Whatever you say.
What do you mean
you're stopping the payments?
You can't stop the payments.
l understand
you can't take late payments,
but, look, we've been doing business
for too long together.
Come on, now!
Look. Surely-- Hello?
Damn it!
Can't be begging white people
for money in business.
You know that's a no-no,
Brother Moses.
l didn't hear you come in.
Obviously not.
Business problems.
lt happens, all right?
Maybe you're doing business
with the wrong people.
Can l do something for you now?
Banana cream pie,
just like l promised.
For Sister Claire
and Brother Sonny.
Since l know you don't have
much of a sweet tooth.
Thanks. Now?
Also thought maybe
you would give yourself a chance
to work with a black man,
for a change,
instead of all these white boys
you owe money to.
Like l told you before,
l'm not looking for a partner.
l know you said that, brother,
but l, you know,
l guess l'm just wondering
if you really meant it.
l mean, l look at you, and you don't
really appear to be a dumb man.
Excuse me?
By appearance, brother,
you're not a dumb man.
But here l am,
walking into your store.
Looking for a handout.
Offering you a chance
to expand your store,
and yet you want to turn me away.
You see everything in this store?
l built this!
lt's my store.
-All right, you got that?
-l got that.
-ls it clear?
-lt's very clear.
But when the doors close
because you wouldn't accept
a kind handout,
and when the products stop coming
because you couldn't
produce a check,
that's what you're going to have left,
Brother Moses.
You will still have your store.
You're right. lt's your store.
Sorry for inconveniencing you.
So, what exactly is it
you're proposing?
Let me aid you in your desire
to serve the community, brother.
Yeah. How are you going to do that?
By offering you a check for $60,000.
All you got to do in return
is allow me to run my bakery
out of your store.
$60,000? Where are you getting
that kind of money?
Well, it definitely wasn't
from whipping my ass,
like you so aptly put it.
l'm a businessman, brother.
Making money is what l do.
Give me an opportunity
to do the same thing for you.
The check's on the table.
Clock is ticking, Brother Moses.
lt's your play.
[ Clears throat ]
Well, l'd have to check with the bank,
and stuff like that.
Of course you do.
You've been working
with the white man for so long,
brother comes along,
you can't even recognize him
helping you
in the middle of the street.
Why me?
Simple. Allah told me so.
You don't make mistakes.
l expect to hear from you.
And may Allah be with you, brother.
And, so l ask you,
l do, l ask you, brothers,
and l ask you, sisters,
that we stop allowing the devil
to drag us apart,
that we stop letting the white man
tear us apart at the seams.
l ask us, brothers and sisters,
to remember
who we are as a people,
to stand up,
to stand up against injustices
and stand up against poverty,
against hate.
That we stand up
to our rightful place.
l think the time is now.
Yes, l think the time is now.
Brothers and sisters,
can we do this?
Can we-- can we stand up
and hold hand-in-hand
and build a new
black nation together?
[ Single applause ]
Very powerful speech, young man.
lt will be.
Still working it out, Brother Moses.
lt's working for me now.
Then, maybe you should come down
to the center right now.
Well, maybe.
-Oh, let me get this right.
-You got it right.
-Asalaam Alaykum, Brother.
-Alaykum Salaam.
-You got it right.
-All right.
Brother Moses,
this here is Brother Yusef.
Brother Yusef is my right-hand man
around here.
The silent type.
[ Clears throat ]
And l take it you've had the time
to think about my proposal?
l've been thinking.
But you have reservations.
Around here
everybody knows everybody.
We don't take candy from strangers.
What about me
not being a stranger?
We don't know who you are.
Who are you?
Okay. Fair enough.
l'm somebody who's working
in the community just like yourself.
Let me show you something.
Take the lead.
So, we have where A equals
the length of the first side--
See, Brother Moses, in the past,
the tutoring program
was only offered to the Muslims.
But now we offer it to everybody
in the neighborhood.
That's nice. l like that.
That's decent of you.
Thank you, brother.
Leroy Monroe.
And his whole gang, too.
Of course, he's Brother Abdul
around here now.
His rival's here, too.
Slim boy?
Brother Mahoud.
Actually, Brother Abdul recruited him.
No wonder
nobody's seen them around.
l thought they finally
put his ass in for life.
They tried to, but Allah
gave him a second chance.
Allah know the boy kills?
He's a killer.
Allah knows he was a bad man.
Now he's a good man of faith.
Just like all the brothers
around here.
Let me show you one more thing,
Brother Moses.
All right.
You won't be sorry, brother.
l'm telling you.
l can see you're very ambitious,
but looks like you're making it work.
What's this?
Planning another expansion, brother?
Not expand -- reinvent.
Reinvention! You so full of it!
Oh, hear me out.
-Hear me out.
Under this plan,
the mosque will serve
as the center for this neighborhood,
offering benefits and services
to everybody.
Just doing all that
seems like you put your money
in the plan, not in my store.
l fully intend to.
l fully intend to,
but for now, any plans of--
of growth, or expansion, as you say,
Minister Khan
has to make those decisions.
And he's not yet ready
to implement thts plan.
But still my faith says
l have to serve you.
And if l can help you
with your store--
Then Minister Khan
can see the rewards
and give you a shot at the mosque.
That's impressive.
So will your store be. . .
if you and l work together.
Come on.
l'm coming.
l'm here, l'm here, l'm here.
You made me a happy man.
This is cool.
Do you mind if l. . .?
No, take your time. Have a go.
Way cool.
And l-l can assure you
that you will not be sorry,
Brother Moses.
Brother Malik.
-ls everything all right?
-Everything's cool, brother.
Uh, no, everything ain't.
l hate to mess with y'all,
but, first off, um,
the finished side has got to be
up front, like that.
You got to hurry up,
though, brother.
You got to start it out straight.
The products for the bakery are here.
The sooner we get this started,
the sooner we start making money.
Oh, cool.
Well, hello.
Good morning, Sister Claire.
Morning, Moses.
Hi, Claire.
So, you're going to be
working here now, huh?
Yeah, Brother Moses and l decided
to become business partners.
-And Brother Yusef, too.
You just didn't mention it,
that's all.
You haven't been here.
l haven't seen you.
Yeah, l've been real busy
with school.
You teach, sis?
No, l'm just a--
l'm a teacher's assistant.
And a damn good one at that.
-Almost there.
-Yeah, well, it's true.
l'm, uh, over at New Horizons.
Well, you know the mosque
is starting a school pretty soon.
Tutoring is not the same
as running the school.
No, l said ''pretty soon''.
That's why l said that.
Yeah, maybe you should think
about applying for a job.
l'm still in school right now,
but thank you.
Okay, well, you can be
an assistant at the mosque
just as easily as you can be
at the school.
Claire's fine where she's at, man.
But that's
a white person's institution,
so she can't really grow there.
New Horizons is practically
an all-black school, though.
Yeah, but the foundation is white.
The money is --
it's run by white people.
That's why New Horizons got some
of the weakest numbers in the city.
See, white people, they're not really
interested in educating our people,
so, we're going to have to build
our own schools
if we're trying to get
a stronger community.
Claire will find her way.
Okay. l'm sure she will.
-lt's good to see you.
l have some things in the back here
for your grandma.
You want to come and get them?
l think it's really good
that you're working with Malik.
Oh, you think so?
Why do you say it like that?
Well, you know what l see?
Young man moving real fast
trying to get over.
Now, l'm not hating on him for it,
but that's what l see.
Well, even if he is,
l think it's working for him.
Yeah, maybe.
l don't know, Moses.
l think he's different.
Well, just, he moves fast,
so go a little slow.
What's that supposed to mean?
Don't get too close too soon.
What makes you think
he even wants to get close?
Good question.
l've never seen this picture before.
You never come back here.
When did you get it?
Oh, you know,
me and your grandmother --
We go way back.
Yeah, l know, but--
l think this was taken
before we moved here.
You sure were cute back then.
Yeah, well, l was a baby.
Well, all babies
are not so beautiful.
ln fact, some of them
are down right ugly.
Little crumb snatchers.
l always thought you knew
my grandmother from here.
So, l guess you knew
my mama, too, then?
[ Crashing ]
That's what l get
for not paying attention.
That's okay.
Where's the mop?
l knew her a little.
Wh-- what-- what happened?
Sonny, can you bring a mop in?
lt's just an old picture.
l didn't even realize l had it.
You can keep it if you want.
No, it's okay.
l was just surprised, is all.
You and grandmother
never talk about anything
but life here in Oakland.
Well, life didn't seem like much
until l came here.
You know, my grandma always says
that her life became special
when l came into the world.
Well, maybe she's right.
Sonny, can you--?
Can you carry this box out
to the car for Claire?
Oh, no, Moses.
That's too much food.
Grandma isn't even back
from the hospital yet,
and l can't eat all that.
Well, she's going to come back,
and you guys have to eat, so. . .
l don't want you starving.
Eat, drink, be merry.
Go, go, go.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
-Thank you, Sonny.
-You're welcome.
He's late.
-YUSEF: He'll be here.
-He better be.
He want to do business with us,
he's going to be here.
He wants to show us who's boss.
Fat fuck.
-There you go, right there.
-About damn time.
Brother Malik, my main man.
Darcy, my main man.
-You're late.
-What? You gotta be kidding.
l'm on time as usual, motherfucker!
We ready to roll?
We gettin' there.
l'm going to need
about another week or two.
Another week?
Nigger, l thought we was good to go.
l got people expecting things
to move, man.
You're going to end up
costing me money!
lt's ''Brother Malik''.
And l ain't going to cost you
a damn thing.
The drugs will come in
through the store
and will go out through the bakery,
as l told you before.
As long as you got people in place
that are clean and on time,
we're all good, Darcy.
We're getting a little uppity,
ain't we?
-l'm just trying to run a business.
Yeah, business, and you're
making me look like we're working
for the motherfucking
crack addicts of America.
You're going to have everybody
around here sniffing our ass.
Now, it's a respectable store,
l'm a respectable businessman,
as is Brother Yusef here.
And we need you
to start sending us
some motherfucking
respectable-looking people.
l'll give you a week.
lf you don't sell all that dope
by then, l'm taking my shit,
and you can practice
being Brother Malik
somewhere else, nigger!
We know who controlling
that clown yet?
l got a line that say he's working
with some foreign dudes, though.
You gotta hurry that up, Yusef.
The quicker we drop
that motherfucker, the better.
He's trouble.
Loud, fat, and fucking trouble.
MALlK: How many boxes
you supposed to bring me?
Lonnie told me to bring you this box.
Who the fuck is Lonnie?
He works for Darcy.
You know where this cat stay?
Yeah. On 7 3rd.
And he worked for Darcy at that
7-Eleven over there on 83rd.
Darcy know this nigger Lonnie
is trying to get over on him?
-Darcy said that he's expendable.
-That's what he said?
[ Laughs ]
-l thought Lonnie paid you.
-He paid me for the boxes.
So, what you got
your hand out for?
l gave you the information.
Now pay me.
l like him.
What you think about him?
-He'll do.
-Okay, he'll do.
Friday, 'cause no--
no payments today, Shorty.
Friday, you come back.
8:00 sharp.
You run deliveries for me.
You got a watch?
My mama got one.
Your mama got a watch?
Use your mama's watch.
Be back here. 8:00, Friday, sharp.
-No bullshit?
-No bullshit.
Just get out of here.
l like that little nigger.
l like him, too.
Ain't you supposed to be sweeping?
l had to take out the garbage.
The trash is out.
Go back in.
You need to keep an eye on him.
lt ain't him l'm worried about.
Don't worry about Moses.
Ain't going to be no problem
with Moses.
We just need to figure out
what makes Brother Moses tick.
There we go.
There's the candy.
-Yeah, it's good.
But motherfuckers like Lonnie
are a problem.
Come on, nigger.
Lonnie is just a robot for Darcy.
Why are you even tripping on him?
But that's the point.
This nigger Darcy
need to know who's in charge.
And we need to show him who's in
charge, and not the way he expects.
-What are you talking about?
-We wait.
l mean, the nigger expects us
to make a move soon, anyway.
He wants us to fuck up
so he can take over.
So what we do is we wait. Better yet,
he would rather us get in a war.
Maybe we get taken out,
he takes over the whole shebang.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That nigger's stupid like that.
Maybe add a nosy nigger or two
to the body count,
make it more interesting.
Then, we're
''black in business'', homey.
About time.
We don't have enough people
who care.
So l really appreciate that.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Can l help you with something?
l said, can l help you?
Oh, l was looking for Claire.
Claire Brown.
She left early today.
ls everything all right?
She had to check
on her grandmother. What--?
And you are?
Oh, Moses.
l should have known.
Mary has told me a lot about you.
l'm Gloria.
Gloria Johnston.
The new principal.
l see somebody's
been talking to you, too.
Just a bit.
l've been meaning
to stop by your store.
Ah, it's not all that.
Oh, that's not what l heard.
l heard you have the best fruits
and vegetables in this town.
l wonder who you heard that from.
And now you have a bakery, too.
Well, it's-- that's not up yet.
We're working on it.
lt's a work in progress.
We're getting there.
Well, Claire seems to be quite taken
with your business partner.
Mmm, Brother Malik.
She's young.
l'll just say that.
She seems to think that you're
making a-- a difference here.
Well, this place was
in such bad shape when l came
that almost any attention is better
than what it was getting before.
l don't know.
There're so many kids
that need my help here.
Maybe Claire was right.
Maybe this system's
never going to work here.
l don't know
if that came from Claire.
Well, it makes sense
no matter where it came from.
l guess that's right.
Well, the school day may be over,
but my work is just beginning.
lt was nice to finally meet you,
Mr. Stanton.
And you, too, Miss Johnston.
Next time, you stop at my office,
get a hallway pass.
Otherwise, my rent-a-cops
will stop you.
l was looking for them.
l figured you guys would have pretty
much round-the-clock service.
Budget cuts.
We're down to two.
We need a police force
with all the gang violence
going on around here,
but the superintendent says,
''Things aren't bad enough yet.''
So, for now
it's just overworked rent-a-cops.
Well, l'll check in.
Oh, Moses, was there something
you wanted me to tell Claire?
My bad.
l was just being foolish, is all.
Don't even mention l was here.
[ Monitor beeping ]
Shauna, is that you?
No, Mary. lt's Moses.
l thought l saw her earlier.
No, Mary.
Did you tell her?
Tell her what?
l ain't got much longer.
You promised me you would tell her.
Don't you be worrying about me.
Everything's going to be fine.
Just rest.
She's getting older, Moses.
Too old.
She's got to know that there is
somebody else in this world for her
other than me.
She's got to know
that she ain't going to be alone.
She won't be alone.
She cried for you, Moses.
She don't remember it,
but she cried for you.
Like l said then,
she was better off.
A child ain't never better off.
You remember that.
Mary, you can't
leave her like this. Don't.
[ Flatline ]
Mary, you can't leave her, Mary.
She's gone, baby.
[ Sobbing ]
Reverend James.
Yes, Brother Moses?
Thank you, sir.
lt was an honor.
She was a good woman.
You know, she's gone,
but the church is still here.
Go with God.
Yes, sir.
l'd like to thank you, too,
for all that you've done.
Ain't no need for that.
We're partners. All right?
You treated Claire like family,
so l will, too.
l want you to know,
l do appreciate everything.
The flowers,
helping us to set up these things,
and serving as pallbearers.
No ''thank you'' needed, again.
Anybody close to you
is close enough to me. Okay?
-All right.
Thank you.
l think l'll walk Claire to the car,
Brother Moses.
She seems a little upset.
Thank you.
l missed you at the cemetery.
l just had to make sure
everything was ready here.
l can't thank you enough
for offering your own doors.
Mary was a friend of mine.
And Claire --
she's like a daughter to me.
lt's the least l could do.
She doesn't have much family.
All Mary's people are back East,
or dead.
Well, then,
it's good that she has you.
You think?
Claire's going through a tough time.
Mary was all she knew.
She's going to be looking
for some direction.
Well, l better get inside.
l got all these people coming
to my house, and here l am.
Thank you.
l told you, it's nothing.
For caring.
For caring.
l should go back in.
No, no. No, you shouldn't.
Care to take a walk, Sister Claire?
l don't know
what l want to do anymore.
[ Chuckles ]
l always liked this neighborhood.
This is beautiful.
What's not to like, right?
l mean, the landscaping is perfect.
We were walking back there,
and l--
The houses are perfectly spaced.
Not a poor person in sight.
lt's nice.
Do you think l'm foolish?
l think you're beautiful.
You know, Claire,
l wish that our brothers and sisters
can live like this.
Not have to slave
for the white man's world.
[ Chuckles ]
l don't think Gloria
would see it that way.
She's good at what she does.
She loves it.
l'm sure she's good at it.
l'm just saying,
imagine what she could do
if she wasn't confined
by such a corrupt institution.
Well, what would you call it?
ln an environment, an institution,
where no matter what you do,
all they do is take and take?
That's corrupt.
lt's not what Allah wants for us.
lt's definitely not what Allah
wants for somebody like you.
What does He want for me?
That's between you and Allah.
Do you talk to Him?
[ Laughs ]
Yeah, l do. l talk to Him.
And He tells me what l want
from somebody like you.
What l want is simple.
Yeah, simple.
Can you hook me up
with some love? Hmm?
Stop crying.
WeII, I guess, that's tt.
You and Sonny do good work!
lt hardly looks
like anyone was here!
Well, Sonny's quick, that's all.
Well, you can at least
take some food home.
No, that's okay.
We have so much stuff at the store.
Moses, you are not leaving me here
with all this fried chicken!
Oh, gosh.
Take it home.
Moses, are you okay?
Yeah, sure.
l-- l--
l just had this thought of-- Claire.
l should have taken her home.
You can take her some food, too.
l'm sure she--
We-- we-- we need to get--
back to the store.
Okay, there's not like this is
going anywhere, Sonny.
We-- we been--
been gone too long.
Okay, okay.
You can always come back
for Claire's stuff.
l'd like that.
We-- we need to go.
Okay, Sonny.
Hey, what's the hurry?
We just-- just-- just been gone--
gone too long.
Thought you like
getting out of the store.
l-- l j-- l just don't think
that we should be away, that's all.
Too-- too many-- damn--
damn boxes.
Too many-- damn people.
Look, Sonny.
l know it's always been me and you.
But Malik is okay.
All right?
What-- what-- what's with his boxes?
What-- what-- you-- you need to--
check those boxes.
You need-- you need to look-- look--
look-- look at those boxes.
l'll check the boxes, Sonny.
l'll check them.
l'll check them, man.
Okay? All right?
Y-- you--
l'll check the boxes, Sonny.
[ Opening box ]
So, got some good stuff today.
One apple.
Only one doctor to keep away, huh?
All right. Thank you.
-Oh, Brother Malik.
-What's up, Brother Moses?
Thought you'd be in here early today.
Well, l got people working for me.
We're not missing any money,
are we?
Oh, no, no.
Just thought you'd be
in here early today.
Decided to sleep in
for a change, brother.
Malik, Malik, Malik!
Hey, little man,
slow down, slow down.
Right on time.
Just like l asked, 8:00 sharp.
You see?
He remembered.
-He remembered.
-Always get your money.
-l like that.
What, you don't have to give
no directions to him, or anything?
lt's on the box.
Kids today.
lt's amazing, they're so sharp.
They got all that stuff.
Wee-Fee -- Wi-Fi, yeah.
-Yeah, he's a good kid. l like him.
Seem like he --
he not even old enough yet to read.
Seem like he ought to be
in the mosque, or something,
getting sharper.
So he can emulate his new hero.
You are his new man,
new hero, huh?
l'm working on it, brother,
sure am working on it.
Oh, you work hard for the money,
don't you?
Work ethic.
Where your shadow?
l'm sorry. Yusef.
l ain't seen him around.
Where he at?
He's taking the kid around.
-You got it?
-Yeah, l got it now.
So the kid don't have to read.
'Cause Yusef will get it done for him,
like he get done stuff for you.
You're asking a lot of questions
this morning, brother.
l'm still trying to figure out
how you are running things.
And you are
running things, aren't you?
How you do it?
l thought l knew, but then
last night l'm cleaning up.
You know, love you, Sonny,
but you leave stuff.
Quality control.
l'm doing all of that.
So l'm cleaning up
what needs to be cleaned up.
ln my area.
Your area got to be cleaned, too.
lt gets nasty under there.
So, l was moving some boxes,
and, um--
l noticed your safe.
That's a safe, right?
ls that a safe?
We ain't never discussed
no safe for you.
l don't even have a safe.
This is my store.
lt is my store, right?
-And l ain't got no safe.
-You should get you a safe.
Yeah, l'm sure.
And then l won't tell you how
to handle your money in your safe.
So why would you tell me
how to handle mine in mine?
-Point well taken.
Well taken.
l guess l was just curious.
Actually, more so than that,
l-- l-- l--
l'm surprised.
l'm surprised that you would have all
these nice baked goods, and fresh,
and you store it in--
boxes in this little dank,
filthy area,
where you got a refrigerator
back here you can use, huh?
Make that make sense to me,
Brother Malik.
How about you don't tell me how
to run my business, old-timer?
Good advice.
Well, look, let an old-timer
get some more advice from you.
What-- What is good for me,
in-- in--
all your array, and what--
what's good for me is-- is--
ain't nothing good for me here, yeah?
-WOMAN: Hey, Moses?
Hold that thought.
Got a customer. Back at you.
Yes, Ma'am?
What can l do you for?
[ Woman singing ]
Hey, hey, hey, little Shorty.
There'll be no more
deliveries here tonight.
Where's Malik?
What up, Shorty?
l done told him,
no more deliveries tonight.
What's up?
What's up, brother?
-Darcy's people are asking questions.
-l got it.
-But Darcy--
-Did you hear what l said, Malik?
l got it, Shorty.
-But Darcy's people--
l got it covered. Later.
Good kid.
l don't allow no drugs in my store.
[ Laughs ]
You think that's funny?
Why don't you go on upstairs?
l'll finish sweeping tonight.
Go ahead.
-l think l-- Sh--
-Sonny. No, Sonny.
l got this.
You got this?
You got something
to say to me, old man?
l don't allow drugs in my store.
l told you, man, l don't know
what you're talking about.
You got something to say to me?
Think you got this whole thing
wrapped up, don't you?
You got little Shorty.
He's making the runs, and he's
passing off the drugs to the sellers.
They're going out making big money
all throughout the neighborhood.
Told you, l don't know
what you're talking about, man.
You got your right-hand dog
keeping control over everybody.
l don't think so.
Malik, let me fuck
this nigger up, man.
-MALlK: l got it, Sef.
-Malik, let me fuck this nigger up!
Yusef, l got it.
Yusef, l got it.
l'll see you out back.
Like l said before,
you got him trained well.
You don't know shit about him.
And you definitely don't know shit
about what l'm doing up in this store.
l know what drug dealing is,
and l saw it today.
Just how long it take you to get
a couple of cops on your side?
Well, hell, everybody
needs somebody, brother.
You should know that.
l know l don't allow no drugs
in my store.
Fuck you!
Your store?
This is my store.
All this shit, l own this.
-All this!
-Hey, hey hey!
Yeah, hey!
All this shit l own.
l funded all the big improvements
around here.
When l got here, you was nothing.
-l survived without you.
-Motherfucker, l own you.
And everything up in this piece,
including that bitch
you got working for you.
Claire ain't a part of this, okay?
So, you leave her out of that.
See, even the mention of her name
got you whining
like a little old baby--
-Shut up!
-Or what?
Or what?
You going to call the cops?
You going to risk
sweet little Claire's life
by calling some folks
that don't care about you no way?
They don't give a fuck about you.
-You lay one finger on her.
-Too late for that, pops.
l laid a lot of fingers on her,
She fine as all outdoors.
l know it's sad, really.
You know -- a man of your age
trying to get a taste
of something so young and sweet.
Her big, wet. . .
Look here.
Claire is my bitch.
She's my bitch.
And, see, that means she's going
to do whatever l tell her to.
And so are you.
And l need you to not forget that,
because l'm running things now.
Oh, it hurts so good!
l'm going to see you
in the morning, okay?
l'll see you in the morning. l need
you to be here on time, now, partner.
Be on time.
[ Knock on door ]
So these go right here.
We're not open yet.
[ Knock on door ]
-We're not open yet.
-CLAlRE: Moses, it's me!
What are you doing here?
Well, hello to you, too.
What? Move!
Malik said l could work here today.
Can l have an apron, Sonny?
-lt's here in the back.
-Hey, you're not helping.
Don't you have a job?
-l got a day off.
-Well, why don't you use it?
We don't need your help
here at the store.
That's not what Malik said.
Malik does not speak for me!
Moses, l didn't say
that he spoke for you.
l'm just saying
that l have a couple days off.
l thought it might be nice
if l come in and help.
You might have a crowd,
you might need me.
So, can l put the apron on, or what?
l really don't want you working here.
lt's not safe.
Moses, nobody bothers your store.
You know that.
Yeah, but it's still a store.
You never know
who might come in here.
Well, you're here.
And Malik says that Yusef
is always here. Nobody bothers him.
l think if Gloria gave you
some time off, you should use it.
-Away from the store.
Moses, it's just a couple of days.
You act like l'm going
to do something wrong.
l'm not acting like that, l just--
l'm worried about you, that's all.
Okay, well, l'll be fine. Okay?
l'll be fine!
Good morning.
Y'all left the door cracked.
Come on, Brother Moses,
you know better than that.
Everything cool?
No, Moses doesn't want me
to work here.
Why would you tell Claire that, huh?
-Because it's not safe, is it?
-l think it's plenty safe.
Nothing but grown men
working around here.
And a couple outside that l hired on.
lt's just the brothers.
So, now you're going to scare
everybody away. ls that the plan?
Oh, l got even bigger ones out back.
Big business coming in here, brother.
You've got to be prepared.
Come on, get it together.
You know what's funny?
Not in a ''ha-ha'' way.
What's that, brother?
We never needed protection
until you got here.
Well, ha-ha!
H-- H-- How-- how come he gets
to use-- the register?
l-- l nev-- l never--
able to use the register.
You always-- told me l--
l couldn't use the register.
[ Clears throat ]
-What's wrong with him today?
-l have no idea.
You rubbed him wrong, girl?
-No, l--
-You must have rubbed him wrong.
You look good!
-Yeah. l'm glad you made it.
This is your world.
l'm over here.
-What are you doing?
-l like you.
Malik, can l talk to you for a second?
What's up?
-She's a liability.
-She's cool, brother.
That's the same thing
you said about Aisha.
She's cool, Ray.
l'm glad you remembered that.
What are you getting at, man?
l'm glad you remembered who we are,
what we're up here doing.
Once we take over everything, we get
rid of Moses's old Uncle Tom ass,
we're right back to being
Ray and Anthony,
two motherfuckers
from South Central
trying to make some money,
you feel me?
l devised the plan, homey.
Of course, l feel you.
Ah, nigger, you ain't feeling me.
My brother let us use the mosque.
He said we ain't fuckin' Muslims.
Because being a Muslim
is in your heart.
Making money is in our heart.
l got you.
l got you, my nigger.
We cool?
That bitch is going to fuck us up.
What the fuck are you looking at?
You're missin' some, Sonny.
All right.
You know, Sonny,
if you paid attention to the floor,
like you do Claire,
maybe it'd get clean.
l saved the rest of this apple pie
for you and Sonny.
lt's right here, okay?
Oh, no, thanks.
Sonny and l'll be just fine.
Moses, l saw you
eating the pie at Gloria's house.
l know you like it.
Maybe l just like it
at Gloria's house.
Did okay today, huh?
See, aren't you glad
that you and Malik are doing this?
lt was fun working here today.
-Yeah, it was fun.
Let's see your hands.
-All wrinkled up and dirty.
This is not the fun
that you should be having.
You'll see that
when you get back to school.
l don't know if l'm going back.
What? You saw how busy
it was in here today.
What would you have done
if l wasn't here?
Like we always do.
Claire, this is not a step up.
No degrees needed for this.
Nothing here but hard work
and sweat.
Every day.
Right, Sonny?
Now, see, at the school, now,
you're working with kids,
helping them.
Helping them
to maybe be somebody someday.
-The next Obama might be in there.
-No, Moses.
lt's nothing but a bunch
of bad-ass kids.
And it's not like l'm a professional.
l'm a lowly assistant.
Yeah, but you're going to school.
You're working your way.
You'll be there.
Yeah, and who
am l really benefiting?
ls that you talking,
or is that Malik?
Because if it's Malik,
let me tell you about him.
Tell her what?
-Tell her what, Brother Moses?
l was just telling Moses
that l was thinking maybe
l'd work in the store full-time.
l love that idea.
Don't you, Sonny?
What about you, Brother Moses?
Ain't that a great idea?
Claire can run deliveries for me.
She's going to school.
Yeah, well, Claire knows, l know,
and especially you know.
Yeah, but those schools
are made for white people.
She can't really learn
at those schools.
Are you going to be her new teacher?
ls that it?
Why not?
l could teach her a thing or two.
l'm tired.
Would you take me home?
l would, baby, you know,
but l got too much work to do.
-Brother Manny's out front.
-l can take her.
Sonny can close up.
See you, baby.
Unless you got
some business here.
Only to help you run your business,
Ah, that's what l thought.
Sonny, you close up tight.
Go on upstairs,
no hanging around.
Sonny is going to be fine,
Brother Moses.
Got brother Yusef here
to look after him, standing on patrol.
What's going to happen to him?
Y'all get her home safe.
You do as l say.
Don-- Don-- Don't treat me like--
no kid.
l-- l'm-- l'm a man.
-All right.
Know why he don't treat you
like no man?
Because all you do all day
is shuffle that broom.
You-- you don't know nothing
about me.
Yeah, but l know what it's like
to be treated like a little boy.
You get treated like a boy
because you act like one.
Oh, you better watch out, Sef.
You best shut the fuck up.
He's coming after you.
ls that what it is, Sonny?
You know what?
Maybe if you did
some of your own work
instead of waiting for Brother Moses
to hand it out to you,
he would treat you like a man.
But-- but-- but Moses--
Moses knows what l can do.
Of course he does, that's why
you go on upstairs at night,
like a good old boy, and you're
going to close the door real tight.
What are you going to do
when you get up there?
Going to put
your little jammies on, nigger?
ls that what you call 'em?
Probably call 'em ''jammies''.
Say, ''Moses,
where my j-j-j-jammies at?''
l'm-- l'm-- l'm a man!
You a man?
l'm-- l'm a man!
-He a man, Malik.
-You a man?
You a man? Huh?
You a man?
l'm-- l'm a m--
l-- l--
Prove it to me.
Make one more delivery.
One more, just one more.
l don't know what's--
in these boxes, Malik.
Don't bullshit me.
You know exactly
what's in those boxes.
All that's in those boxes --
lt's a little old pie.
Just a little old pie, Sonny!
Fuck him, Malik.
Let him go to bed.
He a little boy.
He don't want to carry no pie.
He want to go lay in the bed
with his pajamas on.
-Take your ass upstairs.
-All right.
Take your ass upstairs.
You just a b-b-boy!
Give-- give me it.
What you going to do with that?
Sure you can handle it?
Answer him!
Think you can handle that shit?
l-- but-- Malik-- Shut up!
Now, that's a big pie.
Big street.
Look how dark it is outside.
Takes big balls to walk that pie
where l need it to be walked.
Takes big balls.
-You a man?
-l-- l'm a man.
You a man?
l'm-- l'm a-- l'm a man!
l don't believe you.
l-- l-- l'm a man!
Aw, shit!
We got a man on our hands, now!
We got a man, now!
l think l believe you.
l-- l'm-- l'm a man!
l see you.
You a fucking man, Sonny.
Go ahead, Sonny.
l believe you.
You sound like a man.
l-- l'm a-- l'm a man.
l believe you.
Say it again.
l-- l-- l'm a man!
Don't get lost.
Me-- men don't get lost!
See you later.
That's too bad.
l'll walk you up.
lt's okay.
Thanks for the ride.
You know, Moses,
Malik is doing a lot to help you out.
And me. l just don't understand
why you treat him like he's bad.
You don't know him.
What is so bad about him?
Just a few days ago
you had a plan.
Your life was going somewhere
where you wanted it to go.
Your hopes, your dreams.
Now Malik comes in, and --
everything's gone to shit.
All because he says
it's not good enough.
And you didn't say that.
He said that.
No, that is not true.
l was having doubts
before l ever met Malik.
And l've said that to you,
and my grandmother,
and she doesn't listen,
because that's her dream, Moses!
Yeah, right.
Malik says that you're just jealous.
Excuse me?
Of us.
Because you don't have anybody.
Claire, l have a love for you.
l have reaI love for you.
l want only what is best for you.
l think of you as my daughter.
l knew your mother and your father.
l know how much you are loved.
Some of their dreams and their
hopes for your future, their plans.
You knew my father?
How come you never told me that?
Well, it's kind of complicated.
Yeah, because you know,
as well as l know, Moses,
that my father didn't love me.
That's just not true.
Don't claim to know something
that you don't!
My father left me
when my mother died,
and he lever looked back,
he never sent me a letter,
a card, he's never sent me money,
Sometimes, baby,
things just aren't that easy.
No, it's pretty easy to tell someone
that you love them,
or you care about them, Moses,
you just have to make the effort.
Do you know my father
didn't even bury my mother?
He left that, like everything else,
to my grandmother!
So, fine, maybe l'm just following
in my mother's footsteps.
How's that?
By loving somebody
that isn't worth loving.
Then, stop it!
But that's what you're saying,
isn't it, Moses?
That Malik isn't worth anything,
that l can do better?
l think you can.
How can l?
Look around here, Moses!
Do you see any better
options for me? Do you?
That's what l thought.
l appreciate you, Moses.
But you can play father
to somebody who needs it.
[ Car door slams ]
Hey, baby, what's up?
You planning
on ringing the doorbell?
l need you to talk to Claire.
You got to tell her,
''Stay away from the store.''
She won't listen to me.
Moses, Claire's a grown woman.
She can make her own decisions.
She's a kid, Gloria.
She's just a kid.
You okay, Moses?
He is not good for her.
l seen what he did with women.
He uses them.
He uses them up
until they ain't got nothing left.
The worst kind of man!
And l can't do nothing to save her.
l don't understand.
You talking about Malik?
l just wanted to make
a way for me and Claire.
Now everything seems--
lt's hopeless.
Wait, you and Claire?
l-- l--
She deserves something better.
Real family. Real father.
And l failed at everything!
l don't believe that.
You're a good woman.
A good woman, Gloria.
Talk to her.
[ Police sirens ]
[ Sirens wail ]
[ lndistinct talking
over police radio ]
[ Sirens wail ]
[ Knock on door ]
[ Knock on door ]
[ Knock on door ]
[ Sirens wail ]
RadtoIogy techntctan, 2 56, pIease.
How long has Sonny
been with the gang?
Sonny was with no gang.
Mr. Stanton, how long has Sonny
worked for you?
Since he was a kid.
Seven or eight years.
And he never associated himself
with anyone outside the store?
Sonny wasn't with no gangs,
didn't do no drugs.
lf you want to look into things
like that,
maybe you should look into
your own police force, officer.
What the hell does that mean?
l'm sorry it took so long.
Here are his things.
They're a bit sticky.
They got something like pie,
or something, on them.
Can l see him?
Sure, just a few minutes,
and we'll have to move him.
Mr. Stanton,
we still need to talk to you.
l'm going to go in there
and look in on my son.
You two do whatever
you feel is best.
Mr. Stanton, sir.
[ Sighs ]
l don't quite know
what to do now, boy.
lt's always been me and you.
Seems foolish now --
All that talk about partners
when we were the partners.
We opened that store up
in the morning
and closed it down.
We worked like a team.
Day in, day out.
l didn't do right by you, boy.
l know that now.
You see. . .
A long time ago,
l went the wrong way,
did the wrong things.
And it cost me.
lt cost me everything l had.
So l decided to become
an everyday black man,
and only focus on doing good. . .
. . .being better, things like that.
But, in the end, that cost me, too.
And l can't pay.
l can't pay that cost no more.
And you shouldn't have had to pay.
But l don't want you
to worry about nothing.
l'm going to fix things.
l'm going to fix everything.
No, no, no, you misunderstand.
l'm not-- l'm not--
l understand that, but l'm not asking
you to give me any information, l'm--
No, l'm not asking
about his condition.
l'm just asking if you can tell me
how long do you think he's--
Okay, thank you very much.
We need to go to the hospital.
We got work to do, babe.
Look at the store.
Malik, l can't get any information
on the phone.
Could you take me to the hospital,
l'm sorry, babe, we got-- we got
a bakery to run. Try them again.
l can't get any information
on the phone.
-Can you take me to the hospital?
-Woman, you kidding me?
Malik! Do you not understand
what's going on?
Mrs. Reed, from across the street,
said that Sonny was shot, okay?
He's in lCU!
You know what?
l say, good riddance.
That motherfucker
was strange anyway.
May Allah be with him.
That's it.
That's all we can do.
Pray for him.
lt'll be okay.
Where you going?
-The boxes--
-To the hospital, Malik.
l want to make sure Moses is okay.
Babe, put your apron back on.
We got work to do.
Why you making this so difficult?
Malik, do you not understand,
Moses is like my family?
Okay? And Sonny
is a part of that family, too.
They've always been there for me,
so l need to be there for them.
And l'm here for you.
Why don't you return the favor
and be here for me?
We got work to do.
You see Brother Yusef slaving back
and forth. Just stay for a while.
l think you'll be fine.
Malik, l'm going to go, okay?
Malik, come on, let go of me.
Malik, really.
l'm not kidding, Malik.
Stop. Really. Bye.
Are you serious?
-Put your apron back on, please.
See, l asked, ''please''.
Put your apron back on.
We got work to do.
Come on.
We got work to do.
[ Crying ]
l'll show you--
[ Crying ]
Who's in charge, right?
Brother Yusef, you mind
getting that apron for me?
l said, no.
You got me?
Put the apron back on you.
What is wrong with you, Malik?
What do you mean,
what's wrong with me?
Ow, ow!
We got work to do.
You not listening.
l said, put your apron back on, baby.
Everything will be all right.
You going to hit me?
You going to hit me?
That's a good girl.
That's a good girl.
Got to put your apron on now.
Can l tie it for you?
You spit on me?
-Stop, stop!
Get your ass up!
[ Mumbling ]
You spit on me.
You know who l am?
-l'm your man.
Come here. Come here.
[ Mumbling angrily ]
Over here!
l'm not finished with you!
l'm not finished with you!
Turn your ass around!
Got people looking all in the store.
Be a good girl, be a good girl.
Be a good girl.
[ Whispering ]
Be a good girl.
Get back to work.
-You ready?
-l'm ready.
Yeah, l'm ready.
Back to work.
[ Claire crying ]
DARC Y: Well, well, well.
Look what we got here!
Making house calls now, Darcy?
Yeah, l was told some things
need fixing around here.
-l-- l didn't say nothing, Malik.
-Shut up!
-What's going on, Malik?
-Look here, bitch.
Me and Malik got to do a little
straightening some things out.
Maybe we should go in the back.
Maybe we can straighten them out
right here.
l don't give a shit
what you think, nigger.
We talking business here,
Perhaps you should see
your way out.
Oh, don't mind me.
Just came to remove some trash!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshot ]
Ray, shoot that nigger.
[ Claire screams ]
[ Gunshots ]
You can do better than that, dawg.
[ Horn honking ]
l thought you were a killer.
Show me something, brother.
[ Gunshot ]
You lose your chump change, dawg?
-You can do better?
[ Gunshot ]
Please, stop!
Hit him again.
[ Gunshots ]
MOSES: Okay.
Malik, just me and you, man.
-Let her go.
-You fucked up, old-timer.
You don't want her.
You want me.
You fucked up, old-timer.
You got to care more about her
than that.
Why don't you let her go, man?
Forget about her.
Fuck you!
You know, back in my day,
men didn't cower behind women.
Go to extra lengths to use them
for things that they want.
A real man steps up out front
and gets his job done.
Come on, brother, go at it.
-Ain't no pussy here, nigger.
-Ain't no man either, boy.
Oh, you got me fucked up.
Must got me switched up
with your boy, Sonny.
He was the one screaming
like a little bitch.
That's going to be you
when we're done here.
Sonny's dead, baby.
What the fuck did you do to Sonny?
Let her go.
Go upstairs, old-timer. Okay?
Put the gun down,
go upstairs, so l can
clean up this mess.
Sooner we get back to business,
all right?
You got me, you surprised me.
-You got me.
-You know l can't do that.
[ Speaking indistinctly ]
That woman
you're hiding behind now. . .
. . .that's my daughter.
We got a problem.
You know we do.
Let her go, Malik.
You want me,
come get me, man.
[ Panting ]
Oh! Oh!
[ Crack ]
[ Coughing ]
l don't care who tells,
but tell somebody.
No more drugs!
No more drugs here anymore!
Not in my store.
l called an ambulance, okay?
You're going to be okay.
You're going to be okay.
Please. . . l always loved you.
l always loved you, baby.
l love you, Claire.
l just always, always loved you.
Somebody, help me!
l just --
l wanted to tell you, but --
[ Crying ]
l just -- l thought
you would be better-- better off.
Don't leave me, Moses!
No, no, you stay with me, Moses!
Come on!
l love you, Moses!
l always loved you!
You remember--
remember, l always loved--
Somebody, help me, please!
Be something strong, baby girl.
Okay, amen. Okay.
[ Singing ]
AIways Iove you
How'd it go?
Sing it for me, Moses.
[ Sirens ]
Sing it for me, Dad.
I aIways-- Iove
l remember, Daddy.
You hear that?
l remember, Daddy.
[ Jazz music plays ]
Ba ba-ba-ba
Ba-ba ba-ba
Ba ba ba
Ba-ba ba-ba ba-ba
Ba ba-ba-ba
Ba-ba ba-ba
Ba ba ba
No story, yeah
No great mustc
We at war wtth each other
We at war wtth each other
We at war wtth each other
Yeah, yeah
We at war wtth each other
In the ghetto
What a IoneIy feIIow
Here I go
We at war wtth each other
We at war wtth each other
We at war wtth each other
Yeah, yeah.
We at war wtth each other
We at war wtth each other
We at war wtth each other
We at war wtth each other
We at war wtth each other