Everything Puppies (2024) Movie Script

Here, boy!
Alex, that's it, this way.
Okay, try this new batch, Bella.
Smell good, Bella?
And you know what's even better?
It's really good for you.
Hey, Dad.
Oh, hey, sweetheart.
Hey, Maggie.
How are you doing,
my sweet preggy girl?
Yeah, only a couple
more weeks to go.
- Yeah?
- Come here.
The puppies seem to like
that twinkle ball of yours.
Ehh, forget that.
What I have here
is true alchemy.
Pure puppy gold.
Check this out.
Oh, my gosh.
Come here, you, come here.
Mwah! What'd you put in 'em?
I think...
I finally got the recipe right.
Hi! Hi!
Oh, you really ought to try
and get these into stores.
That's the plan.
Look, they love them.
I've cracked the code.
What's this?
A recipe for the healthiest,
most delicious
dog treats on the market.
Well, they're not
on the market yet,
but that's where you come in.
Oh, Scarlet...
You remember
our last pitch, right?
I remember, yeah.
It didn't go super well.
Yeah, and the pitch before that?
You know what they say, geniuses
are often misunderstood.
But you gotta
trust me on this one.
And all those products
that we couldn't sell
to the other stores, I mean,
who carries them now?
Okay, fair.
Look, I do trust you,
but your last venture into pet
cuisine was a bit of a disaster.
Yeah, I'll admit,
vegetable-infused ice cream
wasn't the best choice,
but this is the real deal.
Bella loves them, the new litter
at my dad's went wild over them.
I even brought
some for Baxter and Tilly.
If they love them, will you
partner with me on this?
Come on!
You're so good at branding,
and I need a
catchy name and a logo. Please?
Fine. Fine.
Okay, let's see
what we've got here.
Oh, they smell good.
Do you want to try one?
Do you want to try one?
Yes, baby.
I've got one for you. Yes, baby.
Yeah! Oh, I haven't
forgotten you.
I guess you
really like those, huh?
Are you smiling right now
because you love them?
Oh, I don't think you do.
How do you convey...
and delicious in a name?
I think you're gonna love this.
It looks great, doesn't it?
Pup's Palate? It's perfect.
I think this is gonna work.
Right? All right. Let's go.
I'm sorry, the figures
just don't work for me.
Best of luck.
The name and the
packaging are appealing,
and the ingredients
are top-shelf, but...
Pup Chuck is the leading brand.
Truth is, we don't have room
in our stores for
an untested product
with no sales history.
I'm sorry. Good luck.
- No.
- Not gonna happen.
Thanks for coming all this way,
but it's gonna be a no.
Ugh, what a day.
Tell me about it.
That's nice.
I just don't understand
why Pup Chuck has
so much shelf space.
I mean, our puppies
don't even like it.
Yeah, Tilly and Baxter
don't like it either.
Pup Chuck?
It's more like upchuck.
Okay, well,
it hasn't been a total loss.
You did manage to
convince one buyer.
You carry
my product out of pity.
That is not true.
You just need to keep at it
until something hits.
I mean you know that
Thomas Edison quote
about light bulbs and failure.
Yep. I haven't failed.
I just found 10,000 ways
that didn't work.
I should frame that
and hang it on my wall.
Okay, well,
things may not be working out
the way we want
them to right now,
but Matt still sent me over with
this delicious bottle of Pinot,
and said that we should toast
to our efforts so far. Hmm?
You have a great husband.
Hm. I do, don't I?
A toast to Edison
and his 10,000 failures.
And the light bulb.
And to you and your...
indomitable creative spirit.
Okay, okay, what I'm
thinking is that we just...
we need to cast a wider net.
We've pitched it just about
every store I know of.
Actually, there is one that I
thought of on the way over here
that we didn't get to.
It opened last year.
It's called the, um...
Paws and Wellness Emporium.
Hmm, interesting name.
It's a new chain, but they're
expanding nationwide.
I mean, their shelf space
is probably already
filled with Pup Chuck.
Well, I don't know.
But it's still worth a try.
Look, it just takes one "yes",
and then, we're in business.
That's true.
I'm up for
one more pitch, if you are.
- Okay.
- Hmm?
What you accomplish in life
comes down to a few key moments,
and I think this is one of them.
Let's do this.
They have a
dog mascot named Duke!
Aww, that is so cute.
Oh, here.
Excuse me.
- Can I help you ladies?
- Hi.
We have a meeting with the
general manager, Alex Paulson.
Right over there.
That's him right over there?
Thank you.
You okay?
You're looking kind of nervous.
Oh, please.
You'll see. By the end of this
meeting, I'll have him eating
puppy treats
out of the palm of my hand.
- Oh!
- Oh, no.
That did not just happen.
Clean up on isle three?
I... I'll go get the broom.
- Thanks, Benny.
- I am so sorry.
It's okay. Accidents happen.
I'll pay for all of it.
That's kind of you.
But that's not our policy.
Believe me,
I've seen a lot worse.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Like I said, accidents happen.
Mr. Paulson.
Oh. Call me Alex.
- I'm Gina.
- Gina.
This is Scarlett,
my business partner.
- Scarlett.
- Hi.
And, uh...
we're with Pup's Palate.
Well, mess aside, it's
nice to meet you both.
Oh, you've got, uh, birdseed.
There you go.
- All good.
- Thanks.
How about you both
come to the office
and tell me a little more
about your product?
Great. Great.
Oh. Oh.
- Sure.
- Great.
Watch your step.
Off to a great start, huh?
I'm so sorry.
I'll pull it together.
You know,
just try to keep your hands
out of his hair
during the pitch.
Unlike the leading brand
that currently
overclutters the shelf space
at grocery stores
and pet supply retailers,
there is nothing
artificial in Pup's Palate.
Every ingredient
is the highest quality and
engineered to promote
strong bone and muscle growth,
strengthen eyesight,
and aid in brain development.
Hmm. Wow.
These have been test-marketed?
Absolutely. Extensively.
And dogs seem to like it?
Oh, they love it.
Hmm. And where's it
currently being carried?
Chew That.
Not familiar with that.
Is that... is that a chain?
No, it's a single store.
It's great, though.
It's the best. Gina owns it.
Oh, makes sense.
Listen, I think this
is an excellent product.
I really do. But...
But you don't
have room in your store
for an untested product
with no sales history.
That's not what
I was gonna say. It's just...
before I make a decision,
I thought maybe
I'd try it out on my own puppy,
see if he likes it.
You... do you have a dog?
- I do.
- Ah.
A young Golden named Mosey.
So, if you... Pup's Palate is
actually what you say it is,
I'll consider placing an order.
That's amazing.
Don't you think,
Gina, that's amazing?
Oh, I do, I do.
But I think we
should be going before we say
or do anything that might
make him change his mind.
Um, thank you so much
for your time, Alex.
Pleasure. Scarlett.
We'll leave you the box.
I hope Mosey enjoys it.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. Bye.
See ya.
Like, "Mosey along?"
That's exactly it.
I love it.
Pup Chuck quarterly report,
Mr. Prescott.
We need to do something to
boost this profit margin.
I was thinking the same thing.
- Were you?
- No.
It's too thin.
Board's gonna jump all over it.
We need to fatten it up.
What's glucosamine, anyway?
Well, look it up.
- Oh. Right.
- Jeez.
They teach you anything at
Harvard Business School?
Glucosamine is a nutrient
that supports joint health.
Does it affect taste?
Says here it's tasteless.
Then get rid of it.
Cost of that stuff's
gone through the roof.
But, sir...
Not up for discussion.
Our priority here is what?
- Fattening the profit margin.
- Now, you are getting it.
Uh-uh-uh. I need you to run
another report for me.
Come here. Write it down.
If we were to reduce the
amount of food in our bags by,
let's say, two or three percent,
but we continue to increase
pricing at CPI plus one percent,
how would that
impact profit margin?
My guess is
it'd make it even fatter.
Good because
I want it as fat as that bear
that won Fat Bear Week.
You see that thing?
- No.
- Well, it was... it was fat.
Now, go.
Go faster.
Mosey, want to try a new treat?
Mosey, come on.
Try this out, buddy?
What do you think?
Someone is hungry.
That's a lot of Pup Chuck.
You wait right here. I'm not
done with your spa treatment.
- Hello?
- Scarlett.
Hi, it's Alex Paulson,
general manager of
Paulson Wellness Emporium.
Oh, hi.
Hi. Listen. Um...
I just wanted to tell you
that... Mosey...
absolutely loved Pup's Palate,
and, um...
we'd like to place an order.
Scarlett, you there?
Oh. Yeah, hi.
Sure, an order, we can do that.
Uh, how much were you thinking?
Well, how soon can
you deliver 100 boxes?
Oh, Scarlett, why did you
have to tell him tomorrow?
You know a few extra days
would have made this
a little more manageable.
I just wanted to
seem official, you know?
Like, "100 boxes.
Yeah, no problem.
"We'll get that to you."
You know?
"We're a real company."
Hey, we are a real company now.
Yeah, we are.
You know, if this works out,
we're gonna need to staff up,
you know, get
some more equipment.
This is so exciting.
Yes, it is!
You know what else was exciting?
That thing I noticed
between you and Alex.
What thing?
Oh, don't even.
Sparks that flew when you two
locked eyes were like...
4th of July fireworks.
Please. He likes you. Trust me.
You know,
it didn't even seem to matter
that you destroyed
his display of birdseed.
Oh, my gosh,
that was so embarrassing.
Okay, fine. I'll admit,
he's sort of good-looking.
Sort of? Okay,
no disrespect to my husband...
you know I love Matt to pieces...
but Alex is just...
He's just...
different level attractive.
Yeah, well, he's probably
got loads of girlfriends,
so he's not the kind of
type I would date, anyway.
We did just meet the guy.
But beyond his looks,
I mean, he's...
polite and friendly.
And unlike your ex,
actually employed?
Okay, just because
Jeremy didn't have a job
didn't make him a bad guy.
Look, Scarlett, let's face it,
you don't exactly make the best
choices when it comes to men.
I mean, time and
again you've dismissed
what may have been
the right one and...
and gone with the wrong one.
Am I right or wrong?
Yeah, you're right.
I thought I could trust him.
I thought a lot of things
about Jeremy that were wrong.
So, don't be afraid
to take a chance. Hmm?
It's often
where you find true love.
Check it out, Boss.
It's flying off the shelf.
- High paw.
- High paw.
Just right inside
the door would be perfect.
He wants to meet for coffee?
Why do I feel like
I'm getting nervous?
"How about
Little Victories 8 a.m."?
A date?
It's not a date.
Is it?
It's totally a date.
It's a business meeting.
Okay, fine. Then, it's a date
disguised as business meeting.
Do you really think so?
I mean,
we're just going for coffee.
Well, my first date with
Matt was at a coffee shop.
Oh. How romantic.
It was, actually.
Yeah, but what was romantic had
nothing to do with the coffee.
No, it's when I realized...
how genuinely interested he was
to know every
little thing about me.
And the way that he...
he looked at me...
it was like no one else existed.
I... I'd never been on a date
with someone that was
just so focused on me.
It's like he was
savoring every minute.
He never even
checked his phone once.
You know what he told me after?
That he knew right
from the beginning
that I was
the girl of his dreams.
You know, really,
that sounds special.
So, remember, Scarlett,
when it comes to relationships,
never settle for anything
but the absolute best.
No, it's true.
You're looking at
the Illinois state record holder
for the longest ride ever.
You're serious?
Peoria to Chicago, 173 miles.
No way.
You can look it up.
I mean, how'd you do that?
I don't know.
Youthful determination?
I was 16.
My friends thought I was crazy.
Maybe I was crazy, but...
I raised $17,000
for the animal shelter.
I was more proud of
that than the ride itself.
You know, I wouldn't have pegged
you for a unicycler, though.
Oh, then,
you do not know me at all.
If it is unusual, unique,
something most people
can't do, I am all over it.
Yeah, I guess we could see that.
How'd we get
on the subject, anyway?
Hmm. My fault.
I'm just asking
way too many questions.
Yeah, would you cut that out?
Sorry, I'm just
genuinely interested.
In what exactly?
In you.
Do you need to get that?
I can wait.
So, we should probably
talk business, right?
I mean, that's why
we're here, isn't it?
Yeah, let's get into it.
I'd like to double
what I ordered last time.
Double? You're kidding.
No, I'm the GM.
It's my job to supply
what the customers want.
I'd like to speak
with our regional manager
and ask her if
she'll hear your pitch.
Yeah, I would really
appreciate that, Alex.
Don't mention it.
Thanks again for everything.
Of course. It was a lot of fun.
Yeah, it was.
So, where are you off to?
Oh, I go to this rock climbing
gym on the weekends.
I'm just gonna
head over there right now.
Wow, rock climbing.
So, I'm not the only one
into unique hobbies.
Yeah, yeah.
It's really therapeutic,
keeps my mind off everything,
gets me really present,
you know, in the moment.
It's also a really good workout.
Hmm. I worked out earlier.
I like to get
my exercise in early,
so the rest of the day
is dedicated to work.
- Even on a Saturday?
- Even on Sunday.
It's just us
running the business.
It's the only way to get ahead.
Well, I hope
I'm not being too forward,
but do you want to come with?
I mean,
you're totally dressed for it.
Take time to
celebrate your wins?
You know what?
Maybe work can
wait a couple of hours.
I think I want to give
rock climbing a try.
I think we should do it, then.
- Come on, let's go.
- Okay.
Okay, this is my happy place.
You don't do this
on real mountains, do you?
Sure, yeah.
I go camping as often as I can,
just to kind
of restart, you know?
Can I grab this from here?
Thank you so much.
You know, I go climbing,
hiking, fishing.
You know, it's just really
nice to detach for a while,
just completely
immerse yourself in nature.
It's good for
the soul, you know?
I think I would
have a panic attack
if I was away
from work for too long.
Well, I believe in
a work-life balance.
Who knows?
You might even
find being in nature,
well, you know,
it might actually
feed your creativity.
You want a demonstration?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
All right, chalk
your hands up like this.
And get a good hold, like so.
And then, away we go.
Remember to use your legs.
Wow, you're really good.
And one last move.
All right, that's it.
Way to go, Alex.
That was impressive!
No worries.
But now it's your turn.
Okay. Okay, first,
I'd like you to loop this,
and you're gonna feed it
right through the
red loop, both red loops,
- Like this?
- Yeah, just like that.
Okay. I'm gonna belay you.
What's that mean?
Well, if you fall, I got you.
Oh. So, I'm putting
my life in your hands.
Well, a rock climb
requires you trust your partner.
That sure is asking a lot.
I mean, we're just starting
to get to know each other.
Trust me, Scarlett. I got you.
You got me?
I got you.
All right, Scarlett,
away you go.
I think I like this.
You're doing great.
Keep going.
- I did it!
- You did!
Congratulations! That's great!
All right, now,
I want you to hold the rope
and push off the wall
with your feet.
You want me to
let go of the wall?
Don't worry, Scarlett.
I gotcha. You can trust me.
He's got me. I can trust him.
There you go.
Oh, my gosh, that was amazing.
That was incredible.
You did great.
So, do you want to
try a different route
or do you have
to get back to work?
I think
I have time for one more.
Well, that's what
I like to hear.
All right, let's go.
Alex Paulson is here to see you.
Oh, great.
Just give me a minute
and then send him in.
Come on in.
Please, have a seat.
Oh, okay.
So, what brings
you up to corporate?
Aside from wanting to see me.
Well, I just want to bring
a new product to your attention.
What is it?
It's a dog treat
called Pup's Palate.
A new dog treat.
- Mm-hmm.
- Not very exciting.
Well, to dog owners, it is.
I just put a little shelf space
aside in my store
and it's doing really,
really well.
My own pup loves it,
and the women behind
the business started it
because they actually
care about the health
and wellbeing of puppies.
Puppies don't spend money, Alex.
Well, in my store, the owners
are spending it on Pup's Palate.
Look, I just ask you to hear
their pitch, that's all.
Sure. Why not?
Look, I'm not one to mix
business with personal matters,
so let's just
shelve the business for now.
You've been very distant lately.
Sorry, I thought we...
agreed that, um,
we're gonna step back
from this relationship.
For the sake of our friendship
and-and, you know,
working together.
That was not my takeaway
from our last conversation.
I thought we had a good thing
going and I agreed we should,
you know, slow things down, but
I don't think either one of us,
like, was definitive
about ending things.
Well, I...
Sorry, I...
Oh, sorry. Yes?
Your 10 o'clock
conference call
is ready when you are.
All right,
I'll be right with them.
Listen, I have to jump
on this call, but I would love
to get together to talk.
You know,
I think it's pretty clear
that I'm not ready to move on.
And if you are, that's... fine,
um, but I would love
to talk it through.
- Sure.
- Great. Okay.
I already made us a reservation,
anyway, so that's perfect.
- Thank you, Alex.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, Dad.
Oh, hi, honey.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I thought I'd stock you up.
Paws doubled their order,
so we've cranked
production into high gear.
And we're looking to
lease some new equipment.
Oh, honey, that is great news.
I think that this is
going to really take off.
But the...
the Pawggles
might need a little work.
Hmm. Yeah.
Looks like I need to go back to
the drawing board on that one.
Because dogs need
UV protection, too, you know.
How's Maggie doing?
Well, you know, she's been
a bit more lethargic than usual,
but I think she's okay.
I'm keeping a close eye on her.
I think I'll go sit
with her for a bit later.
- Okay.
- Okay. Bye.
How you doing, sweet girl?
Yeah, creating new life
must really tucker you out.
But the joy you'll
bring into this world...
Hey, Mose.
Wanna go for a run, boy?
Yeah? You ready for a run?
Oh, so am I.
Okay. Here we go.
Okay. Let's go. Come on.
Come on.
We can go by the dog park, too.
Come on. Good boy.
Okay, I know you love the park.
We're almost there.
gonna be there all day.
Good boy.
Come here often?
- Alex, hi.
- Hey, Scarlett.
- Oh, mind if I sit?
- Of course.
All right. Thanks.
Did you bring Mosey?
- I did.
- Which one is he?
He's right over there.
You got him from Picket Fence
Puppies, didn't you?
I did. How'd you know?
I never forget one of our pups.
As a matter of fact,
I think I was there
when he was born.
- Jack Townsend is my dad.
- You're kidding me.
- Nope.
- He's great.
So, puppies is
a family business?
I guess you could say that.
I actually
designed this dog park.
Planning to
expand it in the spring,
so I'm just
brainstorming a few ideas.
Wow. You got a lot going on.
I also invented 27
new dog toys and accessories.
I have patents on six,
the rest patent pending.
What are you? Like,
the Leonardo da Vinci
of the pet world or what?
I think that's
a bit of a stretch,
but I appreciate the compliment.
You're certainly prolific.
Oh, looks like Bella met Mosey.
Hmm. Bella's your pup?
So, are they
from the same litter?
Different parents,
a couple of weeks apart.
Hmm. Looks like they're
already fond of each other.
Yeah, I think they are.
You know,
it's sort of serendipitous
I ran into you here.
- It is?
- Yeah.
I, uh... I got some good news.
I was gonna see if you
wanted to meet up tomorrow,
so I could tell you in person,
but might as well tell you now.
I managed to get you
a pitch meeting
with our regional manager
Oh, my gosh. Thank you, Alex.
Thank you! Thank you!
You're welcome.
even though I don't have
an excuse to ask you out,
um... do you think you still
might want to do something?
What'd you have in mind?
This is pretty cool.
Feels like we went back in time.
You know, they've been
holding screenings here
in the springtime every year,
since our parents were kids.
Did you come here growing up?
Oh, yeah.
My parents were movie buffs.
So, whenever they
showed a classic screening
here in the park,
that was our Friday night.
I love that.
What are you doing?
You're gonna miss the movie.
Got to reply
to one of my suppliers.
Right this second?
"Nothing works unless you do."
That's Maya Angelou.
Um, yeah, she was a genius,
but I don't think
she meant that exactly.
Work-life balance,
just give it a try.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Hey, Dad, what's up?
Okay, slow down.
What's wrong with Maggie?
Okay, I'll be right there.
This pregnancy has
been harder on Maggie this time.
Her energy, she's been
really tuckered out lately.
I'm gonna do a sonogram,
so we can get a closer look.
I think I figured out
why she's so fatigued.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten.
That'll tucker anyone out.
I'll run her blood work
back to the lab,
just to get everything checked
out, but I think she'll be fine.
Thank you for coming
so quickly, Dr. Mitchell.
Whenever you have
any concerns, call me, okay?
You had us worried, sweet girl.
You're gonna be just fine.
I like it.
- You do?
- I do.
It's about time
we inject some new life
into the pet treat section.
So, I'll tell you what,
I will start it out at one-third
of our 72 stores,
and if it moves,
we will distribute
Pup's Palate regionally.
Yeah, yeah. I...
we would love that.
And I don't want to
get ahead of myself, but...
if it does well, we could be
looking at a nationwide rollout.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I'm glad Alex brought it to me.
He was a real
advocate for you two.
- We love Alex.
- Yeah, I do.
I mean, we do.
I don't actually mean love-love,
like in a romantic way.
What I meant to say is
we love his
enthusiasm and just...
general personality and...
And we should go. You know?
Because I'm sure Michelle
has a very busy afternoon
ahead of her.
Thank you again so much.
You're not gonna regret this.
Come on.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Alex, yeah, I just saw the pitch
and I placed
an order for 24 stores.
Oh, they were excited all right.
Listen, for dinner,
what do you think about Maddie?
Really appreciate you
guys getting here so fast.
Thank you.
- Hey, Alex.
- Hey.
Oh, big day, huh?
Just getting
all the new equipment.
Can't tell you how excited I am.
Well, I got you something.
- Oh, what is that?
- Take a look.
Just like the chef
at Cordon Bleu wear.
- How do I look?
- You look great.
I mean official.
Thank you.
Do you want to come inside and
see how I set up the operation?
- Oh, yeah.
- Okay, let's check it out.
This has always
been my design studio,
but it's also perfect
for this operation.
I like it.
I'm adding fans for ventilation,
an industrial-scale
kitchen over here,
and a packaging
assembly line over there.
Great space.
And all of our
ingredients for the next month
are express-shipped.
And, with the
equipment I've leased,
we'll definitely
have the capacity
to handle our current orders
and a good amount of growth.
Well, that's important
because I think you're
going to keep growing,
and I'll be
right there beside you.
Right against the back wall
would be great. Thanks.
Amazing how this has taken off.
I'm really,
really happy for you.
I think this calls
for celebration.
I owe you for all your help.
Work-life balance, right?
Celebrate our wins?
I'd love to take you
for dinner tonight.
Oh, I'd love to, Scarlett,
but I have a prior obligation,
with Michelle.
Michelle the regional manager?
Oh. I didn't realize
you two had a thing.
We're just getting together
to just talk things through.
- That's all.
- Oh.
But maybe we can
get together tomorrow night.
I think I'll be pretty busy
getting this place
all sorted out.
But maybe I can help?
No, you've done enough already.
Tina and I have it covered.
You sure?
Yeah. Um...
I appreciate all your help,
Alex, I really do.
It's not as good
as the 2018, but it's not bad.
What do you think?
It's pretty good.
Not too oaky?
No, I don't think so.
I'm no wine connoisseur,
though, so.
I recently did
a vineyard tour in Napa.
It was fabulous.
Maybe we could
do that together sometime.
Oh, you know me,
when it comes to the outdoors,
I prefer to rough it.
I guess I haven't matured
to wine tasting quite yet.
You'll get there.
Yeah, we'll see.
This is really nice, Alex.
Yeah, it is really nice.
No, I mean this, us.
listen, this is
really nice, but...
I need to be honest with you.
Let me guess. You don't want
to be tied down right now.
Why would you think that?
You know this not me at all.
You don't think that I see
the way women look at you?
Most of them would do
anything to date a guy like you,
and yet, you're still single.
Michelle, what...
I think it's best I leave.
I thought there might be
something between us
worth pursuing.
I'm sorry I put you
in this position, Alex.
Uh, Michelle...
- Hello, Michelle.
- Paul!
To what do I owe the, uh,
pleasure of this surprise visit?
Well, I caught wind
that a certain competitor
is trying to
move in on our turf.
If you're referring to the
new brand of dog treats, yes.
We're going to make a
little bit of room on the shelf
in a third of our stores
and just see how it goes.
I'll tell you how it's gonna go.
It's not gonna go at all
because that's our shelf space.
You'll still have
the vast majority.
But I want what we have now,
every square inch.
Paul, be reasonable.
this impacts me personally.
I mean,
this hits my bottom line.
Pup Chuck
is my bread and butter.
Do you even know what's in it?
Well, I know
what's not in it - glucosamine.
Listen, I'm a numbers guy.
It's a food for dogs,
it sells well;
I really
don't care what's in it.
You know this business, Paul,
there are new products being
introduced all the time.
You've got to figure out a way
to keep your customers happy
or they're gonna
take their money elsewhere.
Do I need to remind
you who owns Pup Chuck?
National Provisions.
Yes, one of your
largest suppliers.
I'm sure you're aware.
What are you saying, Paul?
Look, Michelle...
between you and me,
I've seen how the execs
at National Provisions
react to threats.
They're not afraid to sic their
attorneys on the little guy.
And then, next thing you know,
maybe there's something
in those dog treats
that the FDA wants
to take a closer look at.
So, they pull all
the products off the shelf,
until an exhaustive
investigation is concluded,
and well,
that could take weeks, months,
maybe even years.
Sounds like you're making
a threat yourself, Paul.
No, I'm just passing along
information to a friend.
Well, it's, uh...
It's good to see you,
as always.
- Hey!
- Hi! Okay.
You sure you have time for this?
Oh, yeah. At this point,
it's all hands on deck.
We have orders to fill
and Matt's got
the store covered, so...
Great. The team is on their way.
Let's get started.
So, we're going to shred the
apples, shred the carrots,
make the dough.
Oven is all ready to go.
- Perfect. Let's do it.
- Perfect? Okay.
Michelle. Hi.
Alex, we need to talk.
Um, look,
if this is about last night,
there's more to it
that I wanted to explain.
What I wanted to say was...
I actually have
feelings for someone else.
And I'm not totally sure
about how she feels about me,
but I just want to see how it
goes, so that's why I...
It's Scarlett, isn't it?
Alex, this isn't about us.
- It isn't?
- No.
I'm here to discuss business.
I need you to remove
Pup's Palate from the shelf.
Why? I mean,
it's flying off the shelves.
Pup Chuck is the best-selling
pet food that we carry.
it's the only pet food we carry.
We have a relationship
between Pup Chuck
and National Provisions
that I can't afford to upset,
so I'm canceling the order.
No, you can't do that. No.
Scarlett and Gina just
leased a bunch of equipment,
and they're actually fulfilling
one of our orders
right now, as we speak.
You know there is a clause
that stipulates the agreement
can be voided within 72 hours.
Michelle, that's not fair.
I'm sorry, Alex, but I need you
to remove Pup's Palate today.
I'll call Scarlett and Gina
myself and let them know.
I actually asked him
to dinner to celebrate,
which is so unlike me.
I'm proud of you.
Yeah, but he turned me down.
Well, I thought things were
heating up between you two.
Yeah, so did I.
Well, then,
why did he turn you down?
He had another date...
with Michelle.
The regional manager
that we pitched to?
Uh-huh. Turns out they dated.
He downplayed it,
said they just had a
couple of things
to talk through, but...
Am I naive for believing him?
Well, why would he tell you
that if it wasn't true?
Maybe he's more like
Jeremy than I thought.
No, I don't think so.
He's being transparent, and
that's a good thing.
Most guys would just tell
you that they're busy.
What if he's the type of guy
that likes to date around?
I mean, you've seen
the way women look at him.
He just doesn't strike me
as that kind of guy.
I'm not saying let
your guard down.
I mean, you've been hurt before.
Yeah. I'm gullible.
It's a fault.
No. You're trusting.
You take people at their word
until they prove otherwise,
and that's the way
that you want to be.
Now, I think that
Alex is an honest guy.
Yeah. I think so, too.
Thanks for the advice, Gina.
Well, what are friends for?
If I'm being honest, I think
I'm starting to really like him.
Mm. Well, there's
a lot to like.
There really is.
- It's Michelle.
- Uh, you know what?
She's probably calling
about the order.
Um, just, uh, tell her
we're ahead of schedule.
Hi, Michelle.
morning, Scarlett.
We are on track to fill
the order by Friday,
maybe even a day early.
That's what
I'm calling about.
I have some unfortunate news.
Not right now, Duke.
We need to talk.
- Um...
- Let me look into this, boss.
Thanks. I'll just
talk to you in a bit.
I take it you spoke to Michelle.
Yeah, I spoke with Michelle.
Yeah. She wanted
to tell you personally.
I was going to come by
right after work
and... and see you.
I can't believe this, Alex.
I trusted you. You
said you had my back.
I do have your back.
Look. I am sorry.
I tried to stop it, but it's...
it's out of my hands, Scarlett.
I'm on the hook for
the new equipment
and all the ingredients.
- I know.
- I hired three people, Alex.
I gave them my word.
Even if I go broke doing it,
I'm paying them for the month,
work or no work,
because I keep my word,
unlike Paws and
Wellness Emporium.
I have a shipment
emergency I have to deal with.
I really want to sit down with
you and talk this through.
Can... can we
speak tomorrow?
Okay. Listen.
We're going to figure
something out, alright?
I promise.
Oh, hi, Gina.
- Thanks for coming.
- Of course.
She's been laying out
there a while now.
It's not at all like her.
I know what will
snap her out of it.
Puppies! Puppies!
Come here!
Come here, puppies!
- Hello.
- There's that smile.
Hi, Gina.
How are you feeling?
I've been better.
Okay. It's time
to get up.
You're coming with me.
Where are we going?
- On a jog.
- A jog?
We just need a creative spark.
I get all of my best ideas
when I'm out running,
and you desperately need to
get those endorphins pumping,
so come on. Let's go.
- Okay.
- Let's go. Yeah.
Scarlett! Scarlett,
wait, wait, wait!
Wait, wait, wait! Wait!
Okay. I think... I
think I have an idea.
- Okay. Let's hear it.
- Okay.
We need to pivot.
Yeah. It's a
basketball term.
Uh, now, it's a very
overused business buzzword,
but in this case,
it might actually work.
Okay. So, Paws
and Wellness Emporium,
they won't put Pups Palate
in the stores, right?
Yeah. That's the problem.
Yeah, but they
never said anything
about outside of the stores.
I don't follow.
Okay. Um, what if we set up a
booth in front of the store
and we bring in some of
your dad's puppies
and we conduct a taste test
so customers can see firsthand
what an amazing product we have?
You know, they say the customer
is always right, right?
So, think about it. If they
see a bunch of customers
interested in our product,
they're going to feel pressured
to put Pups Palate back
on the shelf!
This is a great idea.
- You think?
- I do.
You see? I need an idea,
and I go for a run.
Works every time.
I already have a
vision for the booth.
And I can take care of
the signage, so...
- Ah! Let's do it!
- Let's do it.
Hi! How's it going?
We are Pups Palate.
Hi! Do you
have a second?
Premium puppy
We are really focused
on puppy nutrition.
I am the founder of Pups
Palate. Free sample?
online, and you
can order from us...
Here's two for you.
One for you.
We are a local business.
I don't know. Like,
I haven't tried it yet.
- Morning, Scarlett.
- Thank you.
Morning, Gina.
Oh. Hi, Alex.
So, what's this?
Well, we're showing Paws
and Wellness Emporium
why their decision to pull us
from the shelves was ridiculous.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ah, I see.
Um, I'm not really sure
if this sort of thing is
allowed out here.
Oh, really? Well,
who's going to stop us?
Well, not me, um,
but I was hoping
maybe we can go about this in
a more conventional way.
Oh, so you have
a conventional idea
that'll get us back
our shelf space?
Um, not yet, no,
but I am working on it.
Well, we can't sit around
and wait for conventional
inspiration to hit us.
We have bills to pay
and a business to save.
Fair enough.
Wow. I really like
what you've done here.
Oh. You do?
Marketing and promotion
guru right here.
Oh. Very clever.
Thank you.
Alright. Well, um, I'll
get out of your way.
Yeah. You do that.
Oh, we're not stocking it on
the shelves right now.
Do you guys have
this inside?
Gather round, everyone.
What we're going to do now
is conduct a taste test
between Pups Palate
and the leading brand.
Remember, the
blue bowl is our competitor
and red bowl is Pups
Palate's healthy treats.
What was it, the
store brand again?
- Hi!
- Come on! Hi, guys.
- Here, puppies!
- Yeah. There you are.
Come on, puppies!
Come on!
Oh, we have
to get some.
Well, there you have it.
Pretty unanimous, I think.
Puppies prefer Pups Palate.
So, we have some more brochures
on how to order
from our website.
Yeah! Is it good?
It's so good!
Alright. Fine.
I'll show it to them.
I asked you
to hold my calls.
I've tried, but
Paul Frasca from Pup Chuck
insists he speak with you.
I bet I know why.
A rep of his said there is
an incident unfolding
at the Paws on Tenth Avenue.
You should get down there.
Okay. Um, tell Mr. Frasca
that I am on my way
and I will call him once I
assess the situation.
He's on his
way there now, too.
Wonderful. Then
I'll see him there.
- And you can find...
- There they are.
all the nutritional
information through this.
They should, uh...
We should try this.
I am sorry,
Scarlett and Gina,
but you're not permitted
to sell your product
outside our store.
Oh, we're not selling anything.
We're just promoting
our business.
- Yeah.
- Well, you're not allowed
to promote your
business here, either.
Not without a Single
Event license.
And I'm assuming you
don't have one of those.
Actually, we do.
Even with the license,
this is private property,
and you need permission
from corporate.
And that I know you
don't have, so...
- Hello.
- Good morning.
- How may I help you?
- I'm here to see Mr. Dunbar.
Do you have an appointment?
I, uh... No,
but this is very important.
I'm the manager of his
Tenth Avenue store.
Oh. He has a 30-minute slot
available June 7.
That's over
three months from now.
He's usually booked
six months out.
Okay. Uh, could I
just please get his email?
Here's his executive
assistant's email.
Email him, and he'll forward
it along to Mr. Dunbar.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Ordinance DR 27 of the Swanson
County business district
prohibits the sales and/or
promotion of products
on private property
without a license
and express written consent
from the property owner.
Do you guys have
this inside?
Please, Officer.
We're just a startup,
and we're running low on funds.
- Very low.
- Any extra expense
could shut us down for good.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
The law is the law.
Amen, Officer.
Can't just let people do
whatever they want.
Otherwise, we'd have anarchy.
And who are you?
Paul Frasca, director of
sales at Pup Chuck.
I'm sorry, Scarlett. I
admire the effort,
and the taste test
was a nice touch, too.
Wait. You weren't
here for that.
Oh. Alex sent me a video.
It's a good thing he did, too,
or he'd be taking some heat
for allowing you to
pull this little stunt.
Alright. Shall we?
I don't know
what to say.
I'm sorry.
My cards are
maxed, and my bank accounts
are in the red.
Yeah. We definitely spent more
than we anticipated,
but we did get
some online orders today.
How many?
Oh. Let
me see. Um...
Um... seven boxes.
won't pay the fine.
I can't believe
Alex reported us.
I thought I could trust him.
Well, I'm sure we'll
get some more orders through.
I mean, we talked to
a lot of people today,
and maybe you could
talk to Alex.
It's him right now.
Why don't you answer it?
Him and I are finished,
and I'm not ready to
have that talk.
Let's face it, Gina.
Pups Palate's finished, too.
What are you doing here?
Uh, well, I came to talk to you.
I wish you had let me
know you were coming by.
Well, I tried,
but you won't answer your
calls or respond to my texts,
so I figured I'd
come here to talk to you.
There is not much
left to talk about.
Scarlett, I want to help.
You don't.
I knew better than to trust you
instead of relying on myself.
- What?
- I know you're the one
who got our booth shut down.
You told Michelle.
Uh, yeah. I sent
her the videos
and asked her to... to send
them to the executives.
So you could
wipe your hands clean
of any involvement and keep
yourself out of trouble.
No, no, no. That is not
what I meant to do at all.
And when they showed up,
you were nowhere to be seen.
Scarlett, look. I drove
to corporate and...
No. I get it.
You don't want your
work-life balanced lifestyle
disrupted by anyone or
anything unconventional.
What does that mean?
You got your rock climbing,
your camping, your nature time,
your movies, but when
it comes to work,
you're not someone
that's reliable.
Not someone that's
No, you're not,
and you have to be
if you want to achieve
any kind of success.
Success by whose measure?
You know what?
Forget it. I'll
let that go.
You're upset, and I think
you're just trying to
start an argument here.
Maybe I am.
Oh. Alright, then.
Well, maybe if you didn't
always focus on work so much
and weren't so intense and
obsessive about it,
you'd get better results.
Obsessive? That's
what you think of me?
Look. I'm sorry.
That's not what I think
of you, obviously.
Yeah. Obviously.
Listen, Scarlett.
All I'm saying is, if you
want to get some things done,
there's just different
ways to go about it.
Alex, my whole life
is collapsing.
If I don't come up with
a lot of money soon,
I'm at risk of losing
everything I've worked for.
Do you know
what that feels like?
Alright, Scarlett. Just
hear me out, okay?
No, I can't.
I just need some space to
figure things out on my own.
And one more thing.
I don't want to speculate
on what may have influenced
Michelle's decision,
but if she thinks there's
anything between us,
I want her to know
she's mistaken.
I think you should go.
That's a good boy.
You're going to be
so clean after this.
You know you can trust me,
right, Mosey?
Dry those ears off.
There we go. Mm-hmm.
Mm. Whoa.
Looking pretty
clean there, buddy.
Drying off nicely.
Bella, I'm not ready
to get up yet.
In fact, I don't think I'm
getting out of bed at all today.
Okay. Fine.
Come on!
Ugh. All I've got is this
old bag of Pup Chuck.
Can you believe,
before Pups Palate,
they used to only stock
Pup Chuck?
And they still do.
Go on.
Go on. One
bowl won't hurt you.
You'd rather not, huh?
I don't blame you.
Let's go get you some real food.
Hey. You get that
from the recycle bin?
Wow. You really like
those, don't you?
Hmm. You want some
more, don't you?
Well, then, where are they?
Been a tough stretch, huh?
More than you know.
Well, maybe I could
put together a small loan.
That's sweet, Dad, but no.
It's my responsibility.
I should have chosen a
safer career path.
I could have been an
animal rights attorney
or taken any job
that was more
financially stable.
An attorney?
Working for someone else?
That's not you.
You're a free spirit,
just like your mom was,
the type of person
who sees things and says,
"There has to be
a better way."
Trust me. You're doing exactly
what you should be doing.
Your passions align
perfectly with your talents,
and sweetheart, that's rare.
I only have one suggestion.
What's that?
Go a little easier on yourself.
You've been pushing it
for a while now,
and just remember, there's
a lot more to life than work.
I am really proud
of all you've done,
and your mom would be, too,
but at the end of the day,
we just wanted you to be happy.
I know.
I love you, Dad.
I love you, too, sweetheart.
Ah, they're here.
It's a miracle.
It makes me so happy.
Oh, Maggie.
I'm so
proud of you, Maggie.
Oh, good girl.
Heard through the rumor mill
Pup Chuck is looking
to sign long-term exclusive
with Paws and Wellness Emporium.
- Where'd you hear that?
- Ah, I have my sources, boss.
- Okay. Duke told me.
- Duke?
Yeah. Okay. He, was, uh,
he was up at corporate.
Overheard Michelle talking
to the Pup Chuck guy.
He's going to present
a contract to Lee Dunbar
at the executive
meeting this week.
Okay. I can't
let that happen.
Good evening, Mr. Townsend.
My name is Alex.
I got Mosey from you.
Oh, yeah.
You sent me
some photos of Mosey
a few months back.
Yeah, I did.
That was kind of you.
How's Mosey doing?
Is everything okay?
Oh, yeah. He's doing great.
Uh, but this isn't about Mosey.
It's about your daughter.
Did you want to come in?
Yeah. Thank you.
Well, Scarlett told me
she'd met a real nice fella
who had bought one
of our puppies.
- She did?
- Oh, sure.
In fact, she's talked about
you quite a lot lately.
She seemed to really like you.
But that sure
changed in a hurry.
Well, with her business
going so well one minute,
then crashing the next,
you know, poor Scarlett's
been through a lot.
And that fine for
the booth was excessive.
I know. I know, and
I've already submitted
an appeal to the county
to get it waived.
Listen, Mr. Townsend.
Look. I
just want you to know
I'm here for two reasons.
First, I think your daughter's
product is incredible.
I believe in it so much,
I'm willing to go around my boss
and take it directly to the CEO.
I already tried to talk with him
the day that Scarlett's
booth was shut down,
but he is a hard man
to get a hold of.
Well, it... it sounds
like National Provisions
has a monopoly on shelf space
and your bosses
protect that for them.
- Mm-hmm.
- How are you going to change
anyone's mind?
I have an idea.
But Scarlett won't talk to me.
So I'm asking you
to talk to her for me.
It's a possibility, I suppose.
So... what's the
other reason you stopped by?
Uh... well, that's
a little more personal.
And... I
just want to say,
since you're helping me out, uh,
my intentions are
completely sincere.
The truth is,
I've never met anyone
like your daughter, sir.
She just has this...
beautiful glow to her.
Her energy is infectious,
and whenever I'm not with her,
I just... I can't stop
thinking about her.
I know she's not happy
with me right now.
But I'm just hoping
she just gives me a
chance to make it right.
I'm thinking about it.
I'll give you two some privacy.
Scarlett, you put
a lot of faith in me,
and I should have been
a better partner.
No. You were right.
I shouldn't have gotten on
you about work-life balance.
I could use a little
balance in my own life.
I'm sorry I got on you about it.
I was really emotional and
jumping to conclusions.
I was totally out of line.
Do you think, um, we could maybe
take another shot at this?
Another shot at what?
Scarlett, you got me.
I'm all in on this.
I'm all in on us.
I'm all in on us, too.
What was your idea exactly?
We're going to go crash the
executive meeting.
- Yeah.
- No problem.
So, come over this
way, and I'll tell you
about the problem.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Hi, Duke.
Uh, we're here to see Lee
Dunbar and the executive team.
They're in a meeting.
Yes. That's why we're here.
I don't have a message
from Mr. Dunbar
about any additional
Well, that's because
it's confidential.
You see, they're thinking
about replacing Duke here
as the company mascot.
Yeah. You know,
they're considering
a ferret named Ralph.
A ferret?
I know, right?
Some of the executives aren't
keen on the idea, either.
That's why they called us in,
so if you could please
just keep it quiet.
The press has been,
you know, sniffing around.
We don't want this to leak out.
As you know...
Duke's a really big
hit with the kids.
Of course.
Secret's safe with me.
- Oh, thank you.
- Go on in.
- Alex?
- Keep going.
Alex, what are you doing?
I need to speak
with the executive team.
- They're in a meeting.
- In the conference room, right?
- Yes, but...
- Perfect.
Alex, you can't go in there!
Good morning.
We're here to review the latest
proposal from Pup Chuck.
Paul, the room's yours.
Well, uh, I think
everything in the proposal
is kind of self-explanatory,
so if you just turn
to page three...
- What's going on?
- Ah. Let's do this.
Oh, yeah.
- Hi.
- Excuse me.
We're in the middle of
a meeting here.
How can we help you?
Uh, actually,
Mr. Dunbar, sir,
I think we can
actually help you.
Now, if I could just get
your signature...
I'm listening.
Mr. Dunbar, sir, my
name is Alex Paulsen,
and I'm the general manager of
your Tenth Avenue store.
And I'm Scarlett Townsend,
the founder of Pups
Palate Healthy Treats.
Seriously, if we
could just put an end
to this clown show and
get back to...
I'd like to hear what
they have to say.
Thank you,
Mr. Dunbar.
This is the nutritional
which is miles ahead of
any other brand.
One serving promotes 100 percent
of the 22 most essential
vitamins and minerals
- a puppy needs.
- And when our store
sold Pups Palate,
it outsold Pup
Chuck three to one.
Well, I'd
like to see the numbers
to verify that.
Then why was it pulled
from the shelves?
Well, sir, I
think that's a question
for someone else in this room.
Oh, my goodness! Oh!
Are you seeing this?
Oh, they all love it!
- They really do.
- Oh, we have to get some.
- Do you believe in this?
- Is this your video?
No. No.
I think it was posted by
someone who was at your booth.
They hashtag Pups Palate
and Paws and Wellness.
And best dog treats ever.
Oh, my goodness! Oh!
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
There you are! There you are.
Paul, have you seen this?
Well, I don't trust
social media.
And look.
Our relationship with Paws and
Wellness Emporium is strong,
and to re-up our
wonderful partnership,
I just need you
to sign this contract
making Pup Chuck your
exclusive provider.
I mean, the numbers work, Lee.
You're not going to find
a retail profit margin
as healthy as ours with
any other product, guaranteed.
Well, you make
a good point, Paul.
But we got to ask ourselves,
"What's more important,
a healthy profit line...
or a healthy puppy?"
These... they
even smell good.
Dippy, what are you doing here?
- Oh!
- Aw!
Did he smell these
from all the way down the hall?
- Oh.
- The seal of approval.
I think the customer's
clearly spoken.
High paw.
You two think you're
pretty clever,
barging in like that,
but this isn't over,
not by a long shot.
Nobody muscles Pup
Chuck off the shelf.
You'll be hearing from me.
Here's where you can reach me.
Well, we have to get
you back to work.
You have a lot of
shelf space to fill.
I've been working
since I was a teenager
to create something like this.
It's literally
a dream come true.
Well, you certainly deserve it.
Best part? Dogs across the
country are healthier than ever.
You know what I love most
about you?
You're the rare businessperson
who genuinely cares about doing
what's right above all else.
Maybe it'll catch on.
I hope so.
I'm delivering.
I got to go.
- Alright. See you.
- Bye.
See you, Gina.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Well, well, well.
Paul Frasca, director of
sales at Pup Chuck.
Nice to see you both again.
You might remember him as
the guy who shut our booth down.
Of course.
Days gone
by, as they say.
Anyway, I wanted to
congratulate you both
on your tremendous
This is, uh... this is quite an
operation you have going.
I'm sorry. We have a big
shipment to send out.
May I ask why you're here?
Oh. I... I suppose I should
get right to the point.
This is a
business purchase agreement.
Excuse me?
We'd like to
acquire Pups Palate.
Uh, before you say anything,
why don't you have
a look at page seven?
You'll see at the top the amount
that we're willing to pay
to purchase your business.
Uh, well, that's...
that's a big number.
Indeed it is,
but we also think fair,
based on the quality and
the popularity of your product.
What's the rest of this say?
Oh, the rest of it just consists
of, uh, legal machinations,
uh, effectively create an
iron-clad agreement for a buyer,
us, to acquire the
ownership from the seller...
in this case, you... at
the agreed-upon purchase price,
thereby upon signatures
and transfers of
funds to the seller,
the buyer takes full and
complete control
of your business,
including all
intellectual property,
in perpetuity.
I'm no legal expert,
but does that means you
can change the name,
the recipe, even?
Well, I mean, it does mean
that Pups Palate is ours
to do with whatever we wish,
and if we find
ways to cut costs,
sell more product,
boost our profit margin,
well, we will.
After all, we are in
the business of making money.
Thank you, Mr.
Profit-Obsessed Executive.
can just call me Paul.
But I think we'll keep
our product in the hands
of people who prioritize
puppies over profit.
But you see what we're
offering, right?
You heard her.
We're not selling.
Oh! Oh, no.
Bella, that was
not supposed to happen.
Uh, what in the world is
my beautiful fiancee up to?
I'm working on a
temporary, all-natural,
biodegradable and washable
colored dye for pet fur.
Ah. Why?
Why not?
You know
what? You do you.
Thank you.
Are you, uh, ready to go?
It looks like you could use
some time in nature.
I think I'm going to need
a couple of minutes.
What do you think, Bella?
She agrees.
Come on, Bella.
- Here.
- There you go.
Let's go.
- There you go.
- Up, up, up!
Good job,
guys. Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
I know. We still have
to carry it, so...
But look at this and this.
We're going to be
back on Monday.
If you need to reach me, just...
Don't worry.
We got it covered.
You two enjoy yourselves.
Have a good weekend. Thanks.
See you on Monday, Duke.
High paw. Oh, yeah.
Hello, guys.
- Darling.
- Thank you.
Ah, nice.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.