Everything's Gonna Be Great (1998) Movie Script

Look, I'll be here for at most an hour.
Call me if you'll be late,
don't keep me waiting.
Anyway, there was this guy, nder,
we were together in a boat deal.
We were to meet that day,
he called me, I went there.
I wait but he doesn't come.
I phone him, no one answers.
I wait for him, no one comes.
I was waiting in front of a kiosk.
Then I decided to eat something
because I was hungry.
Ferdi, I'll sit here.
Hotdog and cola.
-What's up?
-Who was that gesture for?
-What is it, who's that?
That man over there! Hey, you, creep!
-Who, me?
-You're the only creep around!
-Take it easy, guys.
-Take that finger and...
-What is going on?
-Don't lick that finger, you idiot!
-No need to be rude.
-Don't talk like an idiot!
-Why get up, pervert?
-What the hell?
Son of a bitch!
-Shut up, bitch!
-Sit down!
Cut it out!
Stay out of this.
-This is for big boys, stay out!
-Are you a psycho?
I'll smash your head in, shut up!
-Wait a minute!
-What are you doing?
Don't hit me, you son of a bitch!
Come here! Don't run!
-Run, Altan!
-I'll smash your head, I'm telling you!
-Get inside!
-Leave them, OK?
-Your head's bleeding.
Don't touch the wound.
My skull's broken.
Don't whine, we'll do something.
You talk back to them,
and then you run away.
But I'm so glad I hit that girl
in the end.
What are you doing?
-Don't meddle.
-What is this place?
-Wait a minute, what are these boxes?
-Sit down.
Is this a warehouse?
Sit down, I'll clean it up for you.
Don't move.
-What's this place got to do with you?
-Don't talk.
Plenty of drugs and stuff here.
Don't move, Altan!
Worth quite a lot of cash.
How's Dad?
Are you even interested?
Scold me, don't be shy.
I'm the ungrateful son.
Dad's not OK, Altan. He's ill.
You never call him.
What kind of son are you?
-He's really mad at you, by the way.
-Who, my dad?
Our dad, Altan.
-He's mad at everything. Where's he now?
-At the house in ili.
In that small place!
Whoa, what a beating we got!
A fight parted us, and a fight
brought us together again, right?
-Has it been three years since we parted?
-Two years, four months.
Have you been counting the days?
You're still a comedian, I see.
Altan, we're done, you can go now.
Where to?
To wherever you came from.
But we haven't seen each other
for two years.
-Let's talk a little bit.
-Didn't we, Altan?
-Wait a minute. What's this, bro?
-Rasim's locker.
-What's inside? A treasure?
-Altan, this is a workplace, got it?
-All right.
-This is a workplace!
OK, let's talk business, bro. Gosh!
What business can I talk about with you?
Don't do it, honey. I'm trying to
figure out these drugs...
Wholesale! Where do you sell them?
That's none of your business.
Why do you ask? You're a real pain!
-Whenever I see you something goes wrong!
-Bro, what the hell?
Am I that kind of person?
You're really exaggerating.
You came two years ago and said
let's start business, didn't you?
-Didn't we do it?
-We did it and then what?
You ruined the business and ran away,
Altan. I don't trust you, man.
OK, maybe I look a little bit unreliable.
-Leave them, don't fiddle around.
-All right, I won't eat them.
"You haven't called for two years."
I wonder why?
What's this? "No Entrance"?
-A bedroom!
-Get out!
-Still got your scrap book?
-Don't touch it!
-Don't touch it!
Leave it, Altan!
I drove an identical car,
it goes really fast.
To hell you did, that car is 320 hp.
0-100 in five seconds. It catches up with
355 at startup. It's got ABD, not ABS.
ABD was... What was it?
-What's your job?
-I wanted to tell you, you didn't let me.
I want to talk business,
but you're trying to get rid of me.
I'm opening a bar.
-A bar, huh?
-A bar?
-Yes, bro. Why?
-You worked at the carpet shop?
-That's history.
-What about that boat business?
-I get seasick.
What are you talking about?
You said the boats went aground.
-You were a tourist guide, right?
-Didn't work out?
-And now this, you're opening a bar.
-I am, everything's ready.
Are you off your head, man?
Bro, please don't do that.
Don't say such things.
Do you own the place?
No, I don't. I sleep here and work here.
And I don't want to see you here, Altan.
Come on. Goodbye.
-Please don't! You're so unkind.
-Please, bye!
Don't do this, bro. Please.
Don't you understand a thing?
-Get out of my life!
I've been fed up with you
since you were a kid!
Show mercy.
-Please, Altan!
-OK, then. I'm out.
I'll call you.
-Please, don't!
-All right, I'll call you.
-Don't call me, Altan. Bye.
-I'm saying I'll call you, you say don't.
We'll go to Dad's one day. I'll call you.
Don't call me. Goodbye!
Good morning, Bedriye.
I just cut the doorman's throat.
-Got any plastic bags?
-Get out of here!
You're going to die!
-Bumble bee, buzz buzz buzz.
-Go away, Altan.
-Bumble bee, buzz buzz.
-Leave me alone.
I won't. Buzz buzz buzz.
-Altan, I'm sleeping.
-Ayla, I found my brother. I found Nuri.
There was a fight, they smashed my skull!
Why don't you look at me?
Altan, go away.
Whoever did it did a very good job.
Go to the place you've been
idling up till now.
You're being very rude right now.
Bumble bee, buzz buzz buzz.
Altan, go to your bed, will you?
Fuck the duck and the bed!
You don't even listen to what I'm saying!
This is it! Flashy shop,
dynamic crew, business booming.
What's up, kid? Do you have tea?
Will you get me a cup of tea?
Didn't I tell you not to come here?
No, you only told me not to call.
So, what's up?
-Get me a cup of tea.
-What's he saying?
What do you want?
Come on, I don't want anything from you.
Man, I've got things to do,
I can't waste time with you, get lost!
Bro, you're being rude
in front of this kid.
Look, will we do business together?
Did you think about it?
-You're still talking about business!
-What are you looking at?
-Are you really brothers?
-Yes, we are.
You don't look alike.
Yeah, we don't. My skeletal structure
is more like an Italian's.
-Buongiorno, come stai?
I'm going, you keep an eye on him.
-You're a really funny man!
I wasn't aware of it until you told me!
Where are you going?
I'll sleep in my brother's room,
if you don't mind.
But the boss may come any minute.
Fuck the boss!
Please, don't do it.
Then he'll scold us, not you!
Stop babbling,
I'll lie down for two minutes.
Come on, go get me some tea.
I'm opening the bar, dude.
I just need some cash, that's all.
-You'll figure it out, Altan.
-Of course I will. Why are you laughing?
I've got some goods.
When I sell them, it's done.
-I've got some goods too.
-What a joke, so funny!
Do you learn these jokes from the fish?
I need some advice, dude.
-What goods are those?
-All from Europe.
-No, I mean what kind of goods?
-Cream, shampoo, drugs.
-What? You robbed a perfumery?
-No, dude.
A friend owed me, he told me
to sell them and get the money.
So he'd sell them himself, if he could?
Yeah, kinda.
Then don't even bother.
Tell him to sell them himself.
Dude, I'm in a hurry!
Don't you have any friends? Ask them.
He'll accept half price.
I don't know that market, Altan.
I don't know about drugs and stuff.
God damn it, dude!
You've turned into a fish here!
You're no help. At least get me some tea.
You're a crook!
I have nothing to do with you anymore.
Why, Dad?
Because I want it that way
as it's my decision.
-You never call me.
-Have pity, Dad. I come here twice a week.
-You kick me out every time I come here.
-Shut up, don't answer me back!
You came here empty-handed again.
You could've brought some chocolate.
My mouth's bitter.
I got you candy floss, Dad.
You eat that. You're not even
ashamed to bring me candy floss.
Why, Dad? It's really delicious.
You'll never jump with that stick!
Wow, he made it, Dad.
Does it say "idiot" here?
-I'm an idiot, I don't get it.
-Why, Dad?
Shut up! Don't answer me! You blockhead!
Why'd you bring me this?
Do you mean that my ass hair
turned into candy floss?
I'm better than all of you!
You and your useless brother!
-I'll have a shave, Nihat.
-Right away.
-After that, work on the hair.
-How do you want it?
Shape it up, OK?
OK, I'll trim the top, we'll do something.
-Nihat, trim this part too.
-Don't do that, Altan. Behave, my boy.
Give that to me. So you took it?
I'll give it after I finish
Nihat's brain surgery.
-Please, don't do that!
-Wait, I'm removing the tumor!
Give it, I've been looking for that
for a week.
-Why are you looking for it?
-I need it, come on!
-Take it, don't cry.
-All you do is play games.
What games? I'm here to talk business.
Don't play with that stuff!
You made a mess here!
For God's sake!
You're a real penny pincher,
fussing over a bit of hair gel.
-So, you were opening up a bar?
-I will, I'm here to ask you something.
I have some drugs and stuff.
How do I find a buyer? Who should I ask?
-Did you ask Eczacba?
-No, but I asked Mickey Mouse,
-he sends his greetings to your mom.
-What drugs?
Drugs, bro. Medicines, aspirin.
If I sell them, I'll open the bar.
Like the Hodja's sheep. If we sell them...
What a joke!
You'll beg for free beer
when I open the bar, you smartasses!
-Come on, go away!
-Fuck off!
-Welcome, Rasim.
-Come here. Where have you been?
-I was out delivering, sir.
-Why did it take so long?
What are you delivering?
I dropped by Dad's on the way back, Rasim.
Just for five minutes. It was on my way.
Do you think it's appropriate
during work hours?
I haven't seen him for a long time, Rasim.
-When did you come here?
-Like one or two hours ago.
-Did anyone ask for me?
Everything's OK, right?
No, he left an hour after you.
What's the latest news
on the bar business?
I'll open it up. I have some stuff
to sell, drugs and stuff.
After I sell them,
the place is ready, you know.
What drugs are those?
Nothing big.
Sun lotions, aspirin, stuff like that.
I was scared, I thought you meant
the drugs that get you high. Stimulants.
Come on, of course not.
But the money's in that business.
Of course.
You can't get rich selling aspirin.
There was a guy, skender.
He did this kind of business.
They really messed up, he's in jail now.
-What were they selling?
-Don't be so naive!
Stimulants... Where do they sell them?
You're into this thing.
No, dude. I'm just curious.
I want to meet those dealers.
It's risky. You may get in trouble.
Come on, dude.
I'm not a drug addict. Just curious.
Come on, for God's sake.
-Sava, I'm leaving these here.
Just show it to me.
You said you were just curious,
don't mess it up.
Come on, bro. OK. Thank you.
Good evening.
-I want to ask you something.
-How much do you want?
Give me one box.
-Do you have that much money?
-How much is it?
One pill is 10, a box is 240.
I want one pill, then.
Here. Beat it.
-What's its name?
I mean, the pill's.
Dude, are you high?
Its name is written on it.
-Call me if you need to.
-I will, Rasim.
Hello. Excuse me, what's up, bro?
Who's this guy, Nuri?
Altan aml, sir.
His brother. How are you?
OK, I'm off. Have you been to Tevikiye?
-Yes, sir.
-Talk to Rza, tell him to pay his debt.
-OK, sir. See you later.
-I thought you didn't have a brother.
I have, sir. Unfortunately, I have.
What are you saying?
-The boss is a great guy.
-Goodbye, come on.
-What happened?
Altan! Yes, the boss is great,
my job is great. I love it, yes.
I told you,
I don't want to see you here, Altan!
I'm glad for you! I won't come any more,
even if you want me to!
-I'll take you somewhere.
-To our place.
-No, I can't come to your place.
I told Ayla that I found you.
She went crazy, you know!
She told me to take you home.
She cooked for you.
I'm busy tonight,
I can't come to your place.
-She'll get upset.
-I won't come.
-I said I won't come.
He's my brother, sweetie.
I haven't seen him for two years!
I'm so touched.
We have nothing but pasta, OK?
OK, very nice. That's what we eat anyway.
Bro, what's up? We kept you waiting.
Tomatoes, you love it.
Glad you're here!
Ayla, come on, honey!
No salt, bro?
Ayla, come on, sweetie!
We're hungry, bro, right?
Don't yell, Altan.
Look at all this food!
My pretty wife's a great cook!
-I cooked nothing!
-Are you a bit nervous today?
Yes, I am!
Please don't get me wrong,
but I've had enough of this marriage.
The decision is yours.
Let's hope for the best, Ayla.
Ayla, sweetie.
Wait a second. Nuri, you know Altan well.
Six years, and I still don't know him.
My business is a bit hectic,
she can't keep up with me, that's all.
-That's why she's mad.
-What business?
Tell me, are you against the bar project?
Tell me frankly.
What bar?
You couldn't open it, it's been years!
You brought home a couple of
shitty stools, that's all.
You're not supporting your husband.
Support what? Are you going to
open the bar with two bar stools?
Stools are the main assets of a bar.
I said I will open it, and I will do it!
I'm sure you will!
He may open, he may close,
he may go bankrupt. Excuse me, guys.
-What happened, bro?
-I'm leaving.
Well done, Ayla. See what you did?
I'm going with my brother.
-Go to hell!
-Are those your last words?
You see how she slams me?
It's impossible to please her!
Women are ungrateful.
In the end, they always sulk.
She may be right, actually.
I've done no good to her.
That's not a decent marriage.
But I'm near the end.
She's making fun of my bar stools.
But that's not the case.
What's the case, then?
Bro, I'm opening the bar.
Don't you listen to me?
I'm listening, Altan.
I picked her up with just one bouquet.
Now she doesn't even care.
It's not easy to be your wife.
Don't talk like that, please.
We were in love when we were married.
She was head over heels in love with me!
You're no stranger,
we didn't get out of bed for 40 days.
-Where are you going?
-I don't know. Let's go to Dad.
-Are you insane?
-Why? Let's go now.
-At this hour? You must be kidding me.
-No, I'm not.
We'll say we missed him.
What happened? What brings you two here?
We missed you, Dad.
-We wanted to see if you need us.
Do you want some tea?
No, I don't. I had two cups of tea
in the morning. It makes me sick.
Look at that!
You know mer, the clothier.
His trashy sons
bought him a house in Ayvalk.
Just to get rid of him!
-His shit would freeze there!
-Shut up!
What did you say?
You didn't even bring me
any pastry rings on the holy days!
Dad, I did bring you some.
You didn't eat them.
Don't interrupt me!
You can't talk to me like that!
I say you didn't and you say you did.
No one would even notice if I die here.
Neighbors bring me some food.
Strangers strive to help me.
Dad, don't say that.
I will. I'm actually cursing myself.
I must be an ass to bring up
sons like you!
Did I bring you up
to be unfaithful guys, you animals!
Now you two come here and bug me.
So you brought me pastry rings.
Damn you, I don't want
your pastry rings, go!
What a fuss over a ring!
-I'll go get some in two minutes.
-It's too late now!
-OK, Dad. Don't mind him.
I never mind him anyway.
Where has he been for two years?
-He's been working.
-I've been working.
Go on and work then,
let me see you, come on.
Dad, you've given us hell
since we got here!
Don't talk to your dad like that.
We don't appreciate him,
we're not worth a shit! It's enough.
-Cut it short.
-He never liked me anyway!
-He got peevish as he got older.
-I've seen his younger days.
Fuck off!
I'm better than all of you!
Look at them! Idiots!
Dad, don't do it.
So I get older.
Shut up, don't talk! Don't be a smartass!
I know what you're worth, too!
You asshole!
-Let's have a drink here.
-You go on, I don't feel like it.
-Come on, we'll relax a bit.
-Let me go, Altan.
Come on, they're all friends.
Come on, bro.
Orhan, that's my brother.
Erdo, see my brother?
I'll bring him there. Tevfik, look!
My brother.
How great!
-Don't make a scene.
-OK. They're all my friends.
-Suat! What's up, dude?
-What's up, Altan?
-I'm OK.
-How are you doing?
That's my brother.
-Really? It's a great pleasure.
-Not for me.
-Excuse me?
-He's a bit strange, tolerate him.
He's a joke machine.
-I don't like it here, let's go.
-OK, bro. We'll have a drink and go.
Tuncay! Look out! What are we having?
-You should drink something!
-Tuncay, we have a guest!
-Tuncay, come on.
-Beer! Suits me. Any appetizers?
-I'm leaving.
-Where to?
-I'm going.
Why don't you sit for a while?
Is there a problem?
That prick, Tuncay spoiled everything.
-I'll teach him, don't worry.
-I'll pop by. Bye.
Certainly. I found an audio system
for your bar.
Man, you're cool.
-Tuncay! You're dead!
-Say hi to Ayla.
OK, I will.
-How's Suat, great guy, right?
-He's a real trickster.
Come on, bro. You're so strange.
Everybody's a trickster.
You even call your real brother that.
The real trickster is my brother.
No, I'm not.
I may look like one, but I'm not.
Suat is a great guy, bro.
-God knows, he helped me a lot.
-Leave it, Altan.
He came up with the cash,
that's how I got those stools, I swear.
What? You never listen to me!
-Where are you going?
-We're just walking.
-I'm going to the warehouse, I'll sleep.
-I'll take you there.
-You can't go there.
-It's a work place, don't you understand?
-OK, I'll just walk with you.
-Don't walk with me. Go.
-Come on, I'll show you something.
-I'll show you a place.
-What's that?
-Come on!
-Not at this hour, Altan!
Please, come on.
It's very important for me.
I'll take you there afterwards.
This is very special, come on.
Right there.
-We're here.
-That's my bar, don't you see it?
-What bar?
Here, look.
-Altan, I'm going, don't waste my time.
-Where to?
-Where are you going, Altan?
-I'll take you there.
Go home.
I've come all this way, come on.
Altan! Good night to you.
Good night!
-What are you doing?
-Nothing, I'm doing nothing!
Go on. Go on and sleep.
Are you sick, man?
I'm sick and I'm alive
My heart is full of sorrow
-Go home, man.
-How can I go home?
Didn't you see how we argued?
How can I go back home?
Am I an ass here?
Altan, don't play with me.
Get off my back!
Who's holding you back? Look at me,
I turned into a stray dog now.
I'll sleep here, no problem.
OK, come inside.
-Come inside.
If you insist. I'll have to endure
the smell of drugs for a night.
Please don't get me wrong,
it's only for one night. Never again.
I'm not a beggar. If that's
what you think, I won't stay.
-OK, I'm going to bed.
-Come, I'll give you a massage.
Don't be ridiculous, I'm going to bed.
Where will you sleep?
-I'll sleep here.
-All right, good night.
-What's this, bro?
-Rasim's locker.
What's inside? A treasure?
-Don't touch anything, OK?
-I'm sleeping.
-Don't get your hands on anything.
-I said I'm sleeping.
-Fine, take this pillow.
-Have a nice sleep.
-Thank you.
Didn't you sleep yet?
Haluk, you know the pill I got
the other day?
A friend has those pills.
He wants to sell it, I'll help the guy.
He'll pay his debt after selling them.
You have a friend,
he owes you money, and stuff.
Do you have drugs, dude?
You want to sell them? Don't get
involved in such deals. It's risky.
Congrats, Haluk. You've got a point.
Ayla's going to divorce me.
-What's Ayla got to do with it?
-Yeah, right.
I've been living in misery,
saying I'll open a bar.
All I have is three stools, you know that?
People laugh their ass off.
I can't take it anymore.
I need that money.
Will the problem be solved
when you sell your friends' drugs?
Of course it will.
Look, I know a place. We'll go tonight.
But this is the last time
you do this business, OK?
OK, dude!
Stay here, I'll be back.
-What happened?
-I talked to him.
-What did he say?
-There's a guy called Nusret.
-He says he'll buy it.
-He's in Bodrum.
-How are we going to find him?
I have his number. He'll talk to you
if you give Fevzi's name.
-What's his number?
-Here, write it on the back of this.
-OK, tell me.
-0542 425 16 07
16, 07.
-It starts with 0542, right?
Thanks, bro. Drop me at a phone booth.
Hello, I want to talk to Nusret.
I'm Altan, calling from Istanbul.
I got the number from Fevzi.
OK, I'm waiting.
Hello, good evening.
Nusret. Sir, I have some drugs.
I have seven large boxes.
I want to...
Yes, how much?
Yes, all of them.
OK, I'll bring them myself.
Dollars? OK.
I can leave tomorrow morning,
I'll be in Bodrum in the evening.
I'll get it all in cash, is that right?
I'll get it all in cash, OK.
OK, I'll call you on this number
when I get there.
OK, Nusret.
Of course.
No. OK, I'm so sorry. Thank you.
OK. I'll be there tomorrow evening.
Thank you.
He says "Be careful".
You be careful, idiot!
The bar is open!
-What's up, bro?
-Open the door.
Won't you let me in?
What's this, like a jail bar?
I won't let you in.
Ever since you were born
I am happy now
I'll go to bed.
-You can't set one foot in here.
-I brought you ice cream.
What a shameless guy you are!
I'm telling you to leave,
don't you get it? Go away!
-I don't get it.
-Go away!
-You're so rude.
-Leave, man!
You're being really rude.
All right then.
-Would you take this car?
-Right away!
-Welcome, sir.
-Thanks. Wasn't there a queue?
-Not for you, sir.
-Thank you.
You're welcome.
Don't go too far.
-Don't worry.
-Park it safely.
In the best place.
-He's driving so fast.
-The car is fast, what can he do?
Altan! You stick like a leech!
I'll call the cops if you don't leave.
Oh, God!
You weren't interested in ice cream,
so I brought you this.
Carrera 4S. That's it!
-Hope you didn't steal it!
-You can't be serious!
Dress up, let's take a ride.
-But I'll drive it.
-We'll see.
Come on, I'm waiting here. Dress up.
Comb your hair. Put on lotion.
I used all my credits to bring
the car here.
And you think I'm no good.
Who's ever done such a favor
for his brother?
Come on, I'm waiting here. Be quick.
Come on, bro!
Yeah, that's it!
-I'm ready, let's go!
-Right away!
Slow down!
You hear the music?
What do you think?
You loved it, right? So fast!
It's marvelous!
And you don't even
let me into the warehouse.
Trust your brother.
See what I've brought you.
-Thank you!
-Slow down! You're going crazy!
-The car went mad, Altan!
-Slow down!
What about going to Bodrum
just for two days?
-Damn it, tell your boss.
Ask him for the car for two days.
We'll have a holiday,
I have a small business.
All right.
Go on!
-Let's have some soup.
-What about the car?
Leave it. Come on, get out.
We'll be back, just lock it.
Aren't you hungry?
Give me the key. You'd spend
the whole night there if I let you.
Of course I would!
Tonight is very special.
For me, as well as for you.
Why are you posing like a statue?
Get those gloves off.
-Great car, right?
Know your brother!
-Where is the car, you idiot!
-What car, dude?
Get out, stand up!
-What the hell?
-Sir, wait.
-Sir, wait a minute. Who are you?
-What's happening?
-Wait a minute.
-What are you doing, dude?
-I don't get it...
You douche bags! You turned
this place into a three ring circus!
-You mock gangsters! Who the fuck are you?
-What do you mean?
-Shut up, don't answer!
-You stole my car!
And you still talk!
So you stole the car?
-Goddamn you!
-Why do you spit? You had a nice time!
-Will you tell me where the car is?
-I will. I didn't steal it.
Here, the keys are here.
Shut up, don't lie to me!
You will pay for it!
Where is the car? Don't try to trick us!
Dude, I'm telling you. Wait!
-The car's over there.
I took the key from you. It's over there.
-Can I smoke a cigarette?
-Fuck your cigarette!
-He asked you something.
-OK, I took the car from Tolga.
He told me to park it,
and not to drive too far.
The parking lot was full,
I was bringing it down.
I was driving and there was a traffic
stop. I didn't have my license.
So I stopped by here.
-Don't act like an idiot!
-Am I hitting you? Please.
-You thief!
-Ask my brother, I was...
-Let me take you to the car.
-Where the fuck are we going?
Turn right, make a U turn.
-The car's gone.
-So we see.
Didn't you park it here?
I said, "What about the car?"
you said "Leave it here"!
You parked it.
Wait! Is there another entrance?
Could it be on the other side?
Speak, say something!
I swear, we parked the car here.
It must be thieves!
-Fantastic, great. Bravo.
-Shut up!
-Am I hitting you?
Hilmi, I swear my brother parked
the car here. Bro, say something!
I'm not your brother.
-I don't have a brother like you.
-Why do you say that?
What an asshole you are!
What the hell? My own dad
didn't even pinch me!
-What the fuck did you say, asshole!
-We won't be kicked around as usual.
-Tolga, are you OK?
-Come here, don't run away!
-My foot's broken!
-Is it bad?
-Never mind, run!
-Shut up!
I'm trying to cheer you up. Come on, bro.
Altan, please stop!
You're such a weird guy.
Just when I got things together.
I came along, your life changed.
Why did I even take pity on you?
How could I let you in the warehouse?
What, is that a song request?
-Oh, God!
-In the warehouse
What the hell am I going to do in Bodrum?
Why the hell am I going there?
What will I do there?
I told you, honey.
Don't call me "honey"!
Come on, bro. I told you.
You smashed the guy's face.
He must be looking for you.
They'll find you. Get lost for two days.
This is for your own good.
So we'll run away all our lives.
Not that long.
Let's get lost. How you hit that guy!
It was like he hit a wall!
A heavy headbutt weighs two tons.
-Great job!
-This forehead would survive two tons!
Think how much it'd weigh
when I hit someone!
Great, bro!
What's going on?
I can't go on, Altan. I'm going back.
Where are you going?
I've got to go back to work, Altan.
I have to go back, they'll be worried.
You must be crazy! We're on the road!
Who will be worried?
We can call them. Just for two days.
You must be crazy.
Altan, you think you're free,
but that's not the point.
I've got work to do in Istanbul.
Do you know what they'll do
if they catch you in Istanbul?
They'd beat you so fast that
you'd be surprised. Let me drive.
What are you doing?
We're going to Bodrum for two days.
Are you nuts?
We'll go to Bodrum for two days
and everything will be OK, huh?
So what? Bro, please.
-I'll make you forgive me.
-Shut up, you thief!
Come on, I've got a small business.
-For God's sake.
-Bodrum. What?
Yes, Bodrum. So what?
I'll make you forgive me.
You'll love Bodrum!
-Bastard thief.
-What did you say?
-I treated Rasim badly.
You still think about it?
-Shut up, turn the radio off!
Call him if it's bothering you.
What will I say? "My brother stole a car."
"We're going to Bodrum, Rasim." Right?
Just say, "Our aunt in Yozgat died."
We're off to her funeral. And that's all!
"So you had an aunt in Yozgat," he'll ask.
He'll ask questions about everything.
No, forget it. I can't even lie anyway.
You will.
So what? Stop at a gas station then,
let me make a phone call.
OK, we'll stop.
I'm about to wet my pants.
I'm going to the toilet.
-I'm going, too.
Thanks. Fill the tank.
I'll pay you when we get back.
I don't have cash, bro.
I'll pay you back in dollars.
-Get it?
-OK, Turkish lira will do.
-How much did you pay?
-You owe me.
Did you call Rasim?
I didn't, but I will.
I'll say, "It happened so fast, Rasim."
She was standing erect, suddenly she died.
The ceremonies will take
at least two days.
What can I say?
How much for the shirts, 2.50?
All for the same price.
Make a discount.
-I can't, the boss is away.
-Where are you?
I was telling you something.
I'm here, look.
I'm checking the t-shirts. We look awful.
The sun is strong here,
we're not used to this hot weather.
Let's buy a hat.
There's a hat, take it.
-Is it OK?
-It's OK.
-That's it.
-And sunglasses...
Check it.
How are these?
-No, for teenagers, right?
What about these?
Let me see.
-That's it.
That's it.
I'll buy a pair, too. Hold this.
Look at me.
-How do I look?
-They suit you.
Legendary, right?
We'll buy them. My brother's paying.
Come on, bro.
Come in.
-Look, son. Listen.
-OK, listen to me.
-That guy right there
was talking to his dick in the toilet!
Hello. Nuri.
-Play something lively.
-I don't know how to.
How do you do it?
I know the technique.
Let me play something for you.
What do you think?
It's so hot!
Everyone's gone crazy!
I mean, this is no holiday.
If we can't find a room here,
I'll sleep in Bodrum castle.
-I mean it.
-I didn't call Rasim, I should go back.
Come on, for God's sake!
-I'll go back to Istanbul.
-Come on!
Hey, do you have a room?
-A single room?
-He's my brother.
I'm sure he's your brother.
We'll see. What a lovely brother.
You're lucky, 311.
I'll fill in the forms.
Call me if you need anything.
I'm tired, we walked a lot!
-I'm tired of walking.
At least try to enjoy this place!
-Come on!
-It's full of tourists!
That's the point.
They don't have any notion of jealousy.
None at all!
You can approach a girl
who's with her man, even kiss her!
He wouldn't even mind.
They're douches, that's all.
You douche bag!
You're a married man, you have a family!
I'm married but you don't know it all.
Nothing going on for three months.
-Have pity on me.
-Why are you staring at me?
I wonder why?
I don't know, she must have a problem.
Women don't like broke men.
Really? Is that the problem?
Yeah, that's it.
Women don't like broke men, Altan.
These girls look gorgeous!
-Excuse me?
-They're gorgeous.
-You see what I mean?
-I'm a bachelor, Altan.
Bro, come on. It's this place.
Gosh! Let's hang out a little bit.
I'll have an important project today,
you don't know it.
Hang on here for five minutes. I'll see
a friend and come back right away.
-What will you have?
-Apricot juice.
-Wait a minute.
-Altan, don't go.
-Just for two minutes.
-Don't go for too long.
Nusret, hello. I'm Altan.
How are you?
I have the stuff.
I don't speak German.
-Are you Altan?
-Yes, I am.
Nusret's waiting for you.
I'm so sorry.
The dude was German.
I'm going with a friend,
I'll be back in half an hour.
What will I do all alone?
You're not alone,
there are many people here.
Celil, I brought you the guy.
-He's here.
-Hello, I'm Altan.
-Give me the bag.
-Go on.
-Bodrum's so hot!
-Nusret, it's too hot for...
-Sit down!
I'm sorry.
Bon apptit.
-You look like a nice guy.
-Thank you, I'm an unusual type.
Especially ladies...
Look! I don't even trust
my own father in this business.
All right.
If you do something wrong,
I'll make you pay for it.
No, I'll try to keep up with you.
You're right, it's difficult.
Well done, did you bring the stuff?
I did, Celil has taken it. Celil...
Fine. Is it OK, Celil?
Yes, it is.
-Take this.
-Thank you.
Don't be offended.
-But I have to count it.
-Go away!
Look, whatever we talk about here
stays here, OK?
-Don't forget!
-All right.
-Where can I find you?
I live in Cihangir, in Istanbul.
If you ask for me at the taxi stand...
-If you say Altan...
-OK, get lost!
All right, I'm leaving, then.
Thank you, bon apptit.
Good evening, Celil. Thank you, dude!
-Where's Osman?
-I'll find him.
A Japanese woman!
The other day we missed
the Dutch girls because of you!
Let's take a shot!
-Why would I?
-Come on, dude!
OK, let's do it.
-That guy is staring at us.
-Which guy?
That man over there.
I guess they're together.
Let's get lost.
Yeah, let's go.
Hello, dude.
I don't know how to dance.
Shaw Mei.
-Shaw Mei.
-Shaw Mei.
-Shaw Mei.
Nuri.Ni hao.
Ni hao.
-Ni hao.
-Ni hao. Hello.
-Ni hao.
-Ni hao, Nuri.
-Ni hao.
Ni hao.
Good news, right, Nusret?
You've done a lucky deal.
I don't know how it happened, Osman.
I gave half-price and he accepted it.
-Who is this guy?
-An idiot, never mind.
Get the guys together
and distribute the stuff.
-All right.
You'll be rewarded when this is over.
Thanks, right away.
-What's going on?
-Slow down!
You're so weird!
-What have you done?
-You'll hit my head, stop.
Mission completed.
So you've got yourself a Japanese.
-Where have you been?
-I'm doing business!
-Got yourself a Japanese?
I'm Altan, his brother.
-Brother, yes.
-Altan, Shaw Mei.
-Shaw Mei.
-Shaw Mei.
Shaw Mei.
Your brother?
Brother, very bad brother!
I'm leaving. Goodbye.
Don't wear yourself out, boss.
I'll knead the rest.
I'm not tired! I'm kneading it
for my personal pleasure.
You think I'd be embarrassed to ask you?
-No, I didn't mean it.
-A call for you.
-Who is it? Tell him I'm busy.
-Osman, from Bodrum.
Good heavens! Give it to me.
Hello, what happened, Osman?
Nusret's doing a deal here,
I became suspicious.
He got five or six packages
of drugs from a guy in Istanbul.
For half price. He told me to
distribute it. I thought you should know.
Got it. Thanks, my boy,
we'll find the source.
You follow him too, see what he's up to.
OK, my boy, thank you. Goodbye. Take it.
Hasan! Tell Apo and Sleyman
to search all the warehouses.
Tell them it's my order.
Tell them to if see there have been
any deliveries without informing me.
-All right.
Bumble bee, buzz buzz buzz.
What's up, Ayla?
How are you, honey? Did I wake you up?
What are you doing?
I just called to say I love you.
Enough! Where are you?
I'm here, baby, I'm working.
We'll be back.
I'll open the bar when I come.
But I'm hanging up, Altan, I'm sorry.
Tahir. We're checking Rasim's place.
-Any other places on the list?
No, boss, we'll check here too.
Listen, Apo, if he's the leak,
make him pay for it this time.
-I got it, boss.
Have you seen my brother?
Your brother's got a room
with someone else.
-Someone else?
-Yeah, right.
I don't know. Go and ask him. 314.
For God's sake!
What the hell is going on here?
Hello, Altan.
It means "Hello" in Chinese.
I heard the noise and wondered
what's going on. What's this?
Don't touch. She knows her job.
Yeah, acupuncture.
-You must try it.
-I know what it is.
-Sure it won't do any harm?
-Listen, she's leaving.
Try it before she goes.
I'll tell you one more thing.
-Wo haini.
-Wo haini.
-Chinese for "I love you," Altan.
-Yeah, very well!
-Wo haini.
-Wo haini.
Yeah, fan me, darling.
-Wow, Chinese, huh?
-Yeah, Altan, we don't have much time.
OK, well,konichiwa,sister.
Enjoy each other.
Bye, Altan.
Wo haini.
-Have you really fallen in love with her?
-I saidwo haini.
-Wow, you already speak Chinese.
-Altan, the ship's leaving.
-Wave at her.
-Should I?
Look at you. OK, bye.
That's enough, she's gone.
OK, I'll send you to China.
-Come on.
-To China?
-Of course.
However people go. By ship or plane.
-Come on.
-What about the bucks?
I've found a way to get the bucks,
you'll be amazed. I'll open the bar
when we get to Istanbul.
Everything will be great, come, I mean it.
Turn up the volume.
I don't know
What's up? Lover boy!
-A bird takes off from my heart
-He's singing so nice!
Struggles but cannot fly
Look at these eyes.
Look at her, look at this beauty.
Look at the eyes, Altan.
You say eyes, but those are
just two lines.
It's all in those lines.
All in those lines.
I love someone, but who?
Look at the lines and they'll tell you!
Being human is not enough
It's not enough
You have to be a Superman sometimes
How have I fallen in love again?
This love is one of a kind
Driving me crazy
I don't know
You're in love
I'm in love.
Yes, it's me. Who are you?
Tahir, with respects, boss. Respects.
My voice is far from your mind, Nusret.
Or did you build your own empire
in that trash hole?
I'll be damned,
I couldn't catch your voice, boss.
One of our warehouses was robbed, Nusret.
Six or seven packs are gone.
I wanted to let you know.
Apo and Sleyman
checked it out last night.
-If you get them, call me.
-Of course, boss.
You'll know about it.
Any wrong done to you, is done to us.
With respects, boss.
Sit down.
-That faggot who brought us the drugs...
That bastard stole it from Tahir
and sold it to us.
-What does Tahir say?
-He told me to call him if it gets to me.
Let's find him, Celil.
If Tahir finds out,
this time he'll kill me.
Come on, go find the guy!
As of this moment,
brothers Altan and Nuri
have started a new life.
-Lover boy, are you listening?
-Yes, I am.
I'm telling you something, listen.
What are you doing?
I'm eating it Chinese style.
Gosh, listen.
One, I'll open the bar.
Two, I'll make it up with Ayla.
Three, I'll make Dad move in with us.
That's it!
Don't exaggerate. Hope for the best.
I'm tired of your plans.
Great plan. You know nothing,
I'm a different man now.
I'll save you, too.
Let's go Altan, we have a long way to go.
Wait a minute!
Tolga Baykal, the young and handsome star
of high society beaten up by city thugs.
The son of a famous transport tycoon
threatened them
saying "We'll make them pay,"
on his way to hospital.
Now we're dead!
-Who's Tolga Baykal?
-Who's Tolga Baykal?
Tolga, what's up?
What are you doing?
Am I shooting you?
-That guy you hit with your head.
They'll hit us now.
I say we shouldn't go to Istanbul.
Let's run away to Greece.
We don't have passports.
Never mind that. We can stow away
on a tanker, or a ship.
What about your wife?
First, we should go.
I mean it.
-What about Ayla?
-I'll get her later.
Dear God!
If we step foot in Istanbul,
they'll catch us in no time.
I'm telling you.
I completely forgot about it.
What the hell!
Why aren't you saying anything?
You hit a stranger with your head!
All because of you!
What a shame!
You ruined my business!
I was a happy man until now!
Don't get smart with me!
You brought all this trouble, you devil!
I made all the plans,
I set everything straight, and now...
It's my plans, my job that's ruined!
And now all the fuss about Tolga!
You were happy looking at that picture!
So he left. Was anybody with him?
There was a man. His brother.
-His brother! What's his name?
-Nuri. And a Chinese girl.
-Chinese? What kind of a gang is this?
-I don't know, Nusret.
-Do you know where they went?
-Istanbul, I guess.
Istanbul? Come on, Celil!
-It's been the same car for an hour.
The van, look back.
Don't be ridiculous.
This guy's been on our tail
since we hit the road, I'm serious.
Nonsense, don't be paranoid
and don't make me nervous.
-I'm speeding up.
-Maybe it's Tolga.
-Cut it out, don't drive me mad.
-How should I know?
-I've got a headache.
-You're really strange!
-Did it make a turn?
-No. How should I know?
Two bloody idiots stole your car,
and give you a nice beating.
Now, you're in the papers!
Look at it, you've got a big mouth, too.
"'Son of transport tycoon
in search of revenge".
I've been working my ass off for years.
And this gentleman decides to play mafia!
What's up? Do you plan to take
a gun and shoot people?
Dad, I didn't say those things.
They make up stories.
I should congratulate them
for giving you a nice beating.
Dad, please.
We found the car, OK? It's all over.
Of course it is, what did you expect?
People are talking about us!
We're nearly in Istanbul.
Maybe we shouldn't enter the city.
-I don't know.
-What do you mean?
Tolga's guys must be after us.
The cops must be after us too,
I'm serious.
We're already there.
What are we going to do?
-I don't know.
-What do you mean?
Know something, for God's sake!
I think we shouldn't go.
I don't know, Altan.
Look, I'm talking about Tolga,
the cops, you get it?
They'll be all after us, I mean it!
We shouldn't even stand here.
What are we going to do?
-Should we go to Dad's?
-What will we do there?
What? We'll hide. No one knows about it.
No one from work knows about it, right?
I didn't call the warehouse.
I don't know, Altan.
Let's stay there tonight.
-And after that...
-I don't know, Altan.
-I don't know.
-That place is safe.
We stay there, you make your calls.
Leave, if you want to. We all go
our own way. We'll make a plan, OK?
-What are these shoes for? Guests?
-These are ladies' shoes.
-Is he having a party inside?
-We'll find out.
-God bless you.
-He was a good man. God rest his soul.
-Akif, what's going on?
-I'm sorry for your loss.
-We buried him today.
What are you saying?
The one with the blue shirt, his son,
used to come, upset him.
I'm sorry for your loss.
May God give you patience.
Thank you.
-Didn't you know about it?
-No, we didn't.
He talked about you a lot.
Sorry for your loss.
My dear dad.
So, he's gone.
-What are you doing?
-I'm just looking.
-Don't be sad.
-My dad died.
Altan, that's how it is.
Don't cry, don't be sad. Come on.
How can my dad die?
People are born, and then they die.
That's how it is.
-Come on, don't cry. Don't be sad.
-How can my dad die?
All right, OK.
Come on, Altan.
-What happened to this place?
-I don't get it.
I'm so suspicious right now.
I think we should go.
Shit! Gosh!
-Nuri, where have you been?
-Serkan, is something wrong?
-Nothing. We're packing up.
-Why, are we moving the warehouse?
Nuri, you're not aware of anything.
-What's he saying?
-Didn't you hear about Rasim?
-He got mad at me, right?
-He didn't get mad, he died.
I swear. He killed himself.
Didn't you hear about it?
Come on, let's get away
before it's our turn.
What luck, we get back
and everyone's dead.
I wonder why he killed himself?
My beloved dad is gone, too!
We're torn to pieces, bro.
We had a fight with him. Turns out,
it was the last time we saw him.
Get inside.
Come inside.
-Isn't Ayla here?
-She must be sleeping, sit down. Ayla!
Sit down.
What's happening, Altan?
Looks like you've found the way home.
-Welcome, Nuri.
-What's up, Ayla?
-My dad died.
-You just found out?
You must be really sad.
God, of course I'm sad.
-Where were you?
-I've been working, darling.
What's that package?
You think we went to Bodrum
for acupuncture treatment.
I'm doing business.
This is our money, Ayla.
Where did you get that money?
Did you steal again?
What do you mean "steal it"? I did a deal.
I'm opening the bar.
That money must be fake.
For God's sake! I said
I'm opening the bar! You don't listen.
Forget about the bar.
We'll give this money to Tolga.
Excuse me?
We'll give it to that guy, Tolga.
To compensate for the car.
-We'll close the matter this way.
-Are you nuts?
I've worked so much for this.
-I'm opening the bar, don't meddle!
Enough! You're obsessed with this bar!
What bar? They are after us,
they'll kill us, don't you see?
Give me something to wear.
I stink.
Do you want a shirt?
Let's give the money and get it over with.
You work your ass off,
and hand it all to a stranger.
Let's find another way, please.
-Altan! What's up? Where have you been?
-What's up, Haluk?
How you doing? Wait a minute.
-Where have you been?
-Just working.
-What about that business?
-What business?
-You were talking about the drugs.
I hope you're not in trouble.
-Why would I be?
-Two guys were looking for you here.
-Two guys? Who are they?
-I don't know, they asked the guys.
-What is it?
OK, it's nothing. Thank you. Bro!
-They're after us.
-I told you.
Let's hand them the money.
Listen to me for once.
Where are we taking it?
To the hospital. We smashed his face.
-What do you mean you don't know him?
-I really don't know him.
-I've never seen someone called Altan.
-Don't make me mad!
-He gave me your name while talking!
-He must've heard my name.
I swear, I haven't seen him.
That bastard.
Maybe he used a false name?
Go on.
I'll find him even if he's disguised.
Altan, give me the money. I'll keep it.
-I have it already!
-Give it to me, I'll keep it.
-You're obsessed with money!
-Are you sure it's this hospital?
This is the one in the paper.
Hello. Ma'am, we'd like to see Tolga.
-Excuse me?
-Tolga Baykal, we want to visit him.
Mr. Baykal has been discharged, sir.
He's discharged? How come?
Yes, sir. He left the hospital
yesterday morning.
He must be in a coma, we have to see him.
-Who are you?
-Ma'am, it's OK.
Altan, let's go.
He's discharged, don't you see?
God! What are we going to do now?
-We'll call him.
-Where will we find his number?
From the directory,
there's a taxi rank there, come on.
Sir, a call for you.
Yes? Hello?
Hello, greetings, sir,
sorry for bothering you.
We want to correct a mistake.
I have good news.
Something's happened, sir.
But it's not what you think it is.
We want to pay you for that stolen car.
At least, a part of it.
Let's put an end to this...
Get off my son's back.
We have no time to waste
with guys like you!
If you don't want to get into
more trouble, never call us again.
Why are you yelling? Thanks.
-He hung up on me!
-What did he say?
He says "Get off my son's back".
He must be crazy!
-Didn't you say we'll pay?
-I did.
-What did he say?
-"Fuck off!"
God, no!
Never mind, he won't have
the money. Suits me.
We saved the money! Let's go.
We were worried for nothing.
Those guys had nothing to do with us.
-I'm feeling low.
-Let's have a beer.
-What's up, Tuncay? Two beers.
-Is that money ours now?
Ours? Whose money was it? Come on!
Altan. Let's have a tombstone
made for Dad.
Let's do it, bro. We'll have the best one.
-Altan, what's up? Where have you been?
-Suat, what's up? I'm doing OK.
You brothers are a team now,
you can't stay apart, right?
-We lost Dad, Suat.
-I didn't know. So sorry.
-Dad's gone, the boss is gone.
-My brother's boss killed himself.
God, what a pity!
I'll tell you what.
Some guys asked for you today.
Oh no! Must be Tolga's men.
Are they insane, man?
They told you they didn't want it.
Yeah, I've got it. I made a call
and had it all figured out.
-All right.
-Thanks, Suat.
Altan, what's up?
Nusret! What brings you to Istanbul?
-I've come to see you.
-To see me? How great!
-Who are they?
-Nusret, from Bodrum.
You guys didn't meet.
Nusret, this is my brother, Nuri.
-My best friend Suat.
-Nice to meet you, sir.
-Thank you.
-Why don't you sit?
-No, thanks.
-Why is that?
-We're here to get you.
All's well, I hope?
Very well. Let's go, we can chat
somewhere else.
No, you're my guests. Tuncay!
Give us some flaming drinks!
Don't worry. We've prepared
something with flames for you.
Let's go!
Suat! Call Ayla, tell her
I won't be home tonight.
All right.
Whose stuff are you selling, you pricks?
What have I done to you, Nusret?
Don't do this to us!
-You stole our boss's stuff
-and sold it to me!
-What boss? What boss?
Shut up, asshole!
Those drugs belonged to the boss, Tahir.
I don't even know who Tahir is!
-Shut up!
You've got me into trouble for nothing.
-What drugs, Altan?
-Wait a minute.
I'm telling something, wait a moment.
I swear, I don't know who Tahir is!
I got them from a warehouse.
-What warehouse?
-Which warehouse?
Wait a minute!
-I'm telling him something!
-You robbed the warehouse, too?
-Why are you hitting me?
And you've done this, too!
-You've done this. How could you?
-Shut up!
What kind of a brother are you?
How could you do it?
-How could you?
-Just shut up!
You robbed me, you stole the car.
How could you do it?
-Shut up!
-What kind of a man are you?
What car? Shut up!
Nusret, wait a second. This is between us.
You're not a human, you know that?
You're just an animal in disguise.
You don't know the whole story,
don't talk!
-Pour the gasoline!
Please don't.
I've never seen anything like this!
-Please, don't! What the hell is that?
You burned yourself.
-Now you're burning me, too.
-Don't talk, for God's sake.
-Celil, isn't it over?
-They should be thoroughly soaked.
-Don't do it!
How can you burn a man with gasoline?
Please, don't!
Where's the money?
Shit. Who's this now?
Yes, hello?
Shut up, he's talking.
Regards, boss. How are you?
Business as usual.
Of course, I'm in Bodrum.
-Of course.
-Shut up!
-Tahir, boss!
-You're in Bodrum, right?
I'll bury you in Bodrum, you asshole!
Who the fuck are you?
We're running a bar!
Fuck off! Get out!
-Who are these guys?
-I don't know, we're like drowned rats.
-These guys have become our nightmare.
-All because of you.
-Because of me?
-Of course.
-Am I to be blamed for the mafia?
-Yes, you are!
So I am. You could say
the same for the Chinese chick.
Don't talk like that.
She's not just an ordinary woman.
And I'm not any guy. I'm your brother.
Unfortunately, you are.
Sad, but it's true.
Unfortunately, right?
You should be ashamed!
You'd never have driven that car,
if not for me.
-Why shouldn't I?
-That's the kind of person you are.
"Why shouldn't I do it?" You're a jerk!
Your dad's a jerk!
God forsake me for calling him names!
-You killed Dad, anyway.
-What? I killed Dad?
-Of course!
-Shame on you!
Gasoline! It's burning!
How could I have killed Dad?
-It's burning.
-Why are you like this?
-Look, it's burning!
-My money's burning!
-No, don't touch it, it's gasoline!
-My money's burning!
Don't, Altan. It's gasoline.
-My money's in it.
-Don't go near it.
My money's in there! My money's burning!
My money's in there!
Leave it!
My money's there, bro.
At least we're alive.
That's something too.
Never mind, Altan.
All right, I'm sorry.
Please don't make it a big deal.
You always say you're sorry,
but you do it anyway.
You do it, then say you're sorry.
Always happens that way.
All right, bro.
We couldn't open a bar
with that money anyway.
You ask why? That money was ill-gotten.
It was no good.
Well done! So you've learned
to tell good and bad apart.
Gosh, Altan.
I would never do it if I were alone.
It's all for Ayla, I swear.
I love her. I can't help it.
I love her.
Looks like no car will stop here.
This place is full of florists.
I guess they're wholesalers.
Buy a bouquet for Ayla,
women love flowers.
-Don't make fun of me.
-I'm serious, women love flowers.
Would he sell just one bunch?
Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Give me one of those!
-This one?
-Of course.
-To work, right?
-Yes, we're going to work.
-Where to?
Can you take us there, bro?
-We'd be glad.
-Of course.
-How much is it?
-Keep it, it's yours.
-Let's go, come on, Derya!
-Come on.
-Let's go.
Come on.
-What the fuck is going on here?
Altan! Don't get me wrong, bro, right?
We were...
How could you do this to me? You're dead.
I think he might kill you.
How could you do such a thing?
How could you do this to me?
How could you do this to me?
-Altan, don't.
-What have I done to you?
What have I done to you?
Why did you do this to me?
Ayla, what have I done to you?
How could you do this to me?
You're both dead!
God damn you! You're dead.
Think about it, you come home.
You see this.
You have nothing to do anymore.
Now you'll say, "Ayla wouldn't do it."
She would, or she wouldn't.
Anyway, that's life.
What a tall tale, Altan.
-Yeah, isn't it?
-Still telling your story?
This guy will never stop speaking.
-Altan, let's go.
-So did you find the place?
-I'll tell you.
-Thanks, Tuncay.
Look at me, you found the place, OK.
What's this Chinese restaurant?
-Are you serious about it?
-Of course I am.
What restaurant?
We were going to open a bar!
She's coming here
all the way from China in two weeks.
Are you insane?
She's coming here from China.
What are you saying?
We can't do business with women.
-We'll be done for.
-I'm already done for.
Wo haini!
Wo haini!
-I love her!
We're opening a bar!
The bar stools are ready.
-We can turn one corner into a bar.
-It's going to be a Chinese restaurant.
No place for a bar in
a Chinese restaurant?
One corner can be bar.
OK, let's do it that way.
-OK, then.
-I'm in charge.
-I'm the manager.
-All right.
-Wo Haini bar, right?
-Wo haini?
-You're nuts.
-Wo hainibar.
-Don't mess up my plans.
-Wait a minute.
I'll open a bar, I tell you.
-A bar and a Chinese restaurant.
-We'll open them, and we'll love it.
Subtitle translation by Eylem Beirolu