Everywhen (2013) Movie Script

Now, Ian!
- You've lost it.
- I had it only a few seconds ago!
Yeah... Great!
I found it.
If anything happens...
Eight o'clock?
- Break a leg?
- I think we will.
Are we going to say all this?
Fuck, the world's falling apart.
Jesus Christ, are we on?
Throughout the night several
thousand people have gone missing...
...including some of the national police.
They are hiring in new people using
Wilco's technology chips.
That's making them as smart
as any national officer.
I apologise for the delay of this
broadcast. The network is busy.
It is being used by people
in much bigger need than our's.
All I can say right now is -
stay tuned, stay safe.
Hey, pal. I've noticed you've
been acting a bit strange lately, -
- So is something wrong?
Mum and dad are just travelling.
You know that, right?
All right. I know it's not your
birthday party for another nine hours.
But I've got you something.
It's the quarterback chip. Just place
it in the thing on your wrist.
And then you know all there is to
know about being a quarterback. Cool'?
Go and get dressed.
We'll be late.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
- Are they not open yet?
- There doesn't seem to be anyone here.
- 7:10.
- It' strange, isn't it?
Come on, Dylan.
I have to get back to work. Go to bed,
and I'll be there when you wake up.
I love you.
Hey, Ian!
What are you doing here, Shorty?
Long time, no see!
Where are you working these days?
I just applied for a job
with some pretty high ranking people.
Oh, shit.
Hey, Ian. I forgot my wallet.
Are you sure? Thank you, Ian.
You're the man, Ian! He's the man!
What's this?
Watch it!
Ok. Fill me in.
Jane, we have 30,000 people missing.
- 30,000?
- The number is rising as we speak.
- Since when?
- 2 a.m. this morning.
At every work hour, in every country,
there is a spike on the graph.
Of course, the graph is
changing drastically, as we speak.
We are receiving tons of calls,
but if you look closely...
- This means?
- We will get three times as many calls.
The average work hour is 8 a.m.?
That's correct.
- What time is it?
- 7:20.
Ian Finch, 18 years old,
no siblings, just moved.
Your family adopted a young boy
a year and a half ago.
Nothing unusual.
Today you were reported missing
after not showing up at Wilco's.
A bit too hasty, maybe, but some
people are a bit too protective.
Where exactly were you?
Excuse me, Mr Finch.
You know...
These handcuffs are really comfortable.
Are they your wife's?
Listen, Ian!
You're in a pretty bad situation.
It pleases me to say that so are you.
You know, I hate politics.
I really do.
A politician once said...
A wise one, actually.
He said that the airways
should belong to the people.
If a TV signal comes to my property, -
- I should feel free to do
any damn thing I want with it.
And right now
you remind me of a TV signal.
- This is my house.
- Really?
I'm pretty sure
I've spent the past year here.
I live here. Is that so hard to get?
Well, yeah...
I don't want to waste any more time.
I think you should leave now.
Excuse me.
I said
you should aim more to the right.
I tend to always lean to that side,
you see...
That's more like it.
- Where's Dylan?
- My brother? You're getting better.
Dylan? My brother Dylan?
Speak up! I can't hear you!
Tiny kid, keeps to himself.
- He's my brother.
- He's your brother?
You and your brother Dylan
live in this house?
You don't find that a bit strange?
So it is just a lot
of coincidental similarities, -
- that may not be
so coincidental after all.
What have you done to him?!
To Dylan? I haven't clone anything.
I was going to ask you the same.
I'm his big brother.
You seem to know a lot about him.
You really don't get it!
Do you have to have it the hard way?
- Do we just have to wait 15 minutes?
- Yes.
Hopefully all hell breaks loose,
and we get an idea of what's going on.
- I have something to show you, Riddley.
- Riddley?
I thought I was handling the case.
Riddley seems more...
I'm taking this case, Michael.
Listen up, everyone!
Meet the new head chief
of this investigation, Jane Scott.
This is all new to us.
It is strange and frightening.
I ask you all to give your best.
Even though some of our staff
has been reported missing.
I leave the rest to Miss Scott.
They are so young and so few.
Best on the planet.
Right, let's get to work, people!
What are we're dealing with? What
happens at 8? Why are people missing?
Are they dead? Thousands
of people don't just disappear!
I want to know where they are.
Were you aware
that three billion people were missing?
- No.
- Then how do you explain...
- I don't.
- Excuse me?
Do I have your attention?
Do you see that guy over there?
Is that muscles, or is he just fat?
He's dead.
A year and a half ago.
- I thought so until you showed up.
- Why didn't you kill me?
- Do you want me to?
- How come he never mentioned you?
What is this?
When I look at myself in the mirror,
I find only sadness, emptiness...
As if I don't exist.
What's going on?
I don't understand anything!
I've been trying to tell you. I could
show you, but you won't like it.
You just tried to kill me,
and now you're offering your help?
Let's just say that your business
is just as much my business.
I want to find him too.
- Let him go, Finch!
- Are you in love with him?
You're acting like a child.
There is no way out of here!
Drop him!
You're a lucky man.
Are they in a different country?
Ls Soviet up and running again?
Millions of people don't
just disappear!
They're not in any country. Population
and heat signals have decreased.
Flights have been cancelled.
Shops and schools stay closed.
It seems
like people are just... gone.
That's a good start. Write it down
and put it on the main screen.
Who's this guy?
Did he kill his own brother?
Is this the legendary case
everyone is talking about?
I hope this is important.
He killed his brother, disappeared
and the case got locked down.
He's wanted everywhere. He even
ranks higher than most terrorists.
And they've done
some pretty bad stuff.
Jane... Didn't you spend
half a year on this guy?
Did you ever find his brother?
He killed a family member,
he didn't slaughter a whole town.
What's with all the fuzz?
The brother was not found.
Only blood and what seemed to be...
body parts.
We did spend half a year on the case,
but he disappeared into thin air.
Like a light switch had been
turned off. The system lost him.
We lost him. That's why.
The first time we lose since 2014,
we lose to a teenager.
What did we do wrong?
Is this all part of his plan?
If he's still alive.
- You think he's still alive?
- What's this got to do with anything?
- Show me. What have you got?
- Take a look here.
Since we introduced teleportation,
we have more missing people.
- Explain.
- What if something happened that night?
Four billion people
use a teleporter every day.
That's impossible. We tested it
for ages before we made it public.
Did you use a teleporter yesterday?
I walked. I never liked the concept
of being torn apart and put together.
Did anyone here
use a teleporter yesterday?
We need to pay someone a visit.
Lexington street. You come with me.
- Where are we going?
- Lexington...
- Why did you do that?
- Do what?
- You just shot her.
- Come on! You think they're real?
- She seems pretty real to me.
- Actually real?
One hand washes the other.
Somebody has to clean up.
- We're going to Lexington street.
- What will we find there?
- Do you know how to handle a gun?
- Why do I need a gun?
- Do you know how to handle a gun?
- My dad used to take me hunting.
Anybody can pull a trigger,
that's not why I'm asking.
Use it. Now.
Take this.
- What was all that about?
- Forget it. It happens all the time.
The "Give Us Back Our identity" idiots.
You'll get your answers.
- Thomas Wilfred?
- Yes, that's me.
We have a problem.
You might have the solution.
Is that right?
I just made some coffee. Come in!
- Sir Wilfred...
- Call me Thomas.
Right... Thomas, this is Ian Finch.
I know who you are.
You don't have to tell me.
I don't know you,
but you're not from around here.
The coffee doesn't quite
taste the same, does it?
The newspaper doesn't feel the same.
But you can't put your finger on it.
Where is that bloody mirror?!
Oh, well. I'll show you.
To you this may sound familiar,
but we have a guest. Take a look.
Do you ever work out?
What do you want?
We'd like to ask you some questions
about your latest invention.
Police, open up!
Aren't you going to invite us in?
I'm sure you can do what you want
to do without seeing my kitchen.
Is that wine in his cup?
This is trespassing!
You're under surveillance
by National Security.
You and your teleportation invention
has killed a billion people.
That's not true. I didn't do that.
I swear on my mother's grave.
Sit down! We need to talk.
I still don't understand
what this is.
Why is my house old, dusty
and turned into a fortress?
- Where's my brother?
- You don't belong here.
You're in the wrong place.
Just like me and him.
That is why
you can't see your reflection.
The world is trying to tell you
that you're in the wrong place.
I never thought it would happen
to anyone but me.
One and a half years ago teleportation
was invented. I had long worked on it.
One and a half years ago, to the
general public, the world changed.
This morning
30,000 people were missing.
Two minutes ago one billion had
vanished. We don't know where they are.
We don't know if they are still alive.
They are gone.
And you think
it has something to do with me?
1.5 years ago the percentage
of missing people rose by 2%.
This year there is a 15% increase.
Your invention might be involved.
Get out of my house! This is bullshit!
Do you think I'm a terrorist?
We are not the regular mall police.
- We need your help.
- Then you'd better bring them...
You made me spill my wine!
So, somewhere in this world,
but not in this world, -
- my five year old brother is trying to
kill himself, and I can't do anything?
I'm afraid so.
And there is no way back?
How did you get back?
Some time ago I came across
some powerful people.
With their help I managed to create
a gateway between the two worlds.
It just happened. Just like you,
I couldn't see anything different.
I could see things were different,
but couldn't put my finger on it.
I was telling myself it was the same,
but then I met myself.
You met yourself?
Yes, and that's why we need your help.
You created this, and you are
the only one who knows it by heart.
- What are my chances?
- Of getting away unnoticed?
None, I'm afraid.
This has happened before
to a few people, me included.
- You went missing in your teleporter?
- No.
I was sent to an alternate universe,
a bit like this.
- This is my alternate reality.
- I'm sorry, but I don't follow.
When you teleport you get dissolved
into atoms and you get reassembled.
When I teleported, something happened.
The atoms collided.
If atoms collide you get a nuclear bomb
or something odd happens.
- Odd?
- They have been working on this.
My atoms collided and I ended up here
in this godforsaken world.
This is my alternate reality.
Can you repeat this process?
It would be almost impossible
to travel between the two realities.
- Why? You've done it before.
- It's quite self-explanatory.
You have all these collisions.
You could even lose body parts.
You could end up with 1/3 in Moscow
and 2/3 in New York.
- You'd come home in pieces!
- How did you do it?
I didn't. My other self did it.
He brought someone with him.
He was the one who got back
without it being a coincident.
I don't think you realize
the seriousness. People may be dead.
They could be scattered around Europe
for all I know.
You might find an arm on my doorstep.
Sorry, pig lady, but I can't help you.
The only thing I know,
is that I know nothing at all.
It's possible, but dangerous. I
can't explain why you're not dead yet.
People from different realities
commit suicide or start riots.
I almost did myself for a while.
I need... We need to get back.
According to you we don't belong here.
- I can't let my brother kill himself!
- My brother.
Ok. Come with me.
I think I might be able to help.
You have a bus?
You need to find a chip that will
manually dissolve you into atoms-
- and drive them together
with incredible force.
Manually bump you off
to an alternate reality.
It kills you
and puts you together again.
You have to hope that the person
coming back is you in one piece.
If you need to save this boy,
I can get you the chip.
It's not going to be easy,
but you didn't expect that, did you?
I've done it before.
I have two chips left in my lab,
and you have to break in to get them.
I can get you through the main doors,
but that's it.
To get access to the chips
you need clearance.
Or you need to be able to make
quick decisions and no mistakes.
Remember, even if you do have a gun,
you don't have to kill people.
Be creative. Sometimes the least
obvious is the most effective.
I may be old, but I haven't lost my
touch. Make sure you don't either.
- How is he?
- Not sure.
Ever since we adopted him
he's been kind of strange.
As if there was some sadness in him.
He was never really happy.
Can I ask you a question?
- What's with all the...
- The murders?
Somebody has to clean up
the mess that we make.
Most people won't do it,
or can't do it on their own.
Sending people to this world
makes society unstable.
Everybody in this world has a double.
I'm just cleaning up.
One hand washes the other?
20 years ago
we started a virtual memory-program.
We each stored our knowledge on a chip,
a second brain, really.
If anything went wrong, we'd take
each other's experience and continue.
Within this is all my knowledge
and experience from the last 20 years.
- I can't...
- You'll need this to break in.
- This is nothing to do with you.
- Listen, Ian.
I've lived a good life. I've made
a gateway to an alternate universe.
Now you go live yours.
Let it go.
I see every step you take, Ian.
Excuse me, sir! Are you new here?
I haven't seen you before.
Ian! There is someone on your tail.
Excuse me.
I'm just trying to help you.
Do something!
Don't! Don't!
If he sets off the alarm,
we're all blown.
I need some hands here!
Police! On the ground!
What were you thinking!
If this blows, it's all on you.
Three, two, one, go!
- It's locked.
- How are we going to use these chips?
I don't know.
We need Mr Wilfred!
Fire at will!
That's an order, goddamn it!
Come on, get up!
The door isn't locked. Come on.
Do you have any idea
how to use these things?
- No, but Thomas does.
- He just died.
Thomas just died!
- We don't know how to get back.
- Great!
Let's just improvise.
Now, Ian!
Are you ready?
- You've lost it?
- I swear I had it a few seconds ago.
- I found it.
- If anything happens: 8 o'clock?
- Break a leg?
- I think we will.
Did we make it'?
Ian Finch, 18 years old,
no siblings, just moved.
Your family adopted a young boy
one and a half years ago.
Nothing unusual.
Today you were reported missing
after not showing up at Wilco's.
A bit too hasty maybe, but some
people are a bit too protective.
Where exactly were you?
I don't think you realize
the seriousness of this matter.
Are you aware that you are the only
one of three billion who has returned?
Are you accusing me of mass murder?
At this point, yes, I'm afraid so.
We have reason to believe
that you are working with this man.
His brother is the boy
your family adopted.
The man killed this boy's twin a week
before the other went to an orphanage.
Why would I co-operate with him if
he's killed my stepbrother's brother?
Cameras picked him up walking
out of the station one hour ago.
Then we found you
in the exactly the same shape.
Excuse me, Mr Finch...
You know...
These handcuffs are really comfortable.
Are they your wife's?
You are in
a pretty bad situation here.
It pleases me to say
that so are you.
Calm down, Riddley.
- Ian, about teleportation...
- You don't know yet?
What the hell am I doing here then?
You don't know that everyone went
missing when using your teleporters?
Don't tell me you don't know?
Were you aware
that 3 billion people were missing?
- No.
- Then how do you explain...
Do I have your attention?
Do you see that guy over there?
Is that muscles, or is he just fat?
- Let him go Finch.
- Are you in love with him?
You're acting like a child!
There's no way out of here!
Drop him. She wants you alive,
but you know I'll take the shot.
You're a lucky man.
- On time.
- Should be.
- The interrogator mentioned you.
- What about?
Something inappropriate at the moment.
Please, Ian.
These people are real.
You should become an actor!
You've just played along
all this time.
I'm not up for any games.
Another riot. They have probably
realized how many people are gone.
My brother, the boy Wilfred died for,
the one we're risking our lives for...
- it was all your fault, wasn't it'?
- Are you taking about the murder?
Can you even remember
seeing your brother in the mirror?
Open fire!
Somehow, your brother from
the world we were just in, -
- the alternate reality, managed
to end up in this world. Our world.
I panicked! There were two of them
and they were fighting.
There wasn't a single hair
that didn't look the same.
I killed one of them.
I didn't mean to...
Get your shit together!
I was the one respecting you.
Remember that?
Let's not change that.
We're home now.
- Why didn't you try to get back?
- Are you serious?
Do you think
I could survive this on my own?
Not bad. No, Ian!
I know you want to see him, but we
need to get through many teleporters.
Are you going in there?
Three billion!
They are using the teleporters!
Listen up! They are using
the teleporters in order to escape.
I want them here! Change their
location. Shoot them! I want them here!
- Halt! You're under arrest!
- Oh, really?
Where are they? I need their location!
Relocate the Plaza teleporter
right now.
Where did my gun go?
John, are you there?
Where are they?
Relocate every teleporter back here.
- Everyone?
- Yes!
They're changing
the teleporters locations!
Are they all relocated here?
What are you waiting for?
- She's real. She's...
- We don't have time for this.
Come on!
It's over. I won't let you push me.
Is that what you said when you killed
yourself? She wanted your place.
You're not from here. You're that
other person Wilfred talked about.
You brought this guy to cover it up.
- What's he talking about.
- It's obvious!
The only person who seems to know
what is going on. You killed him...
Now I'm the threatening one,
so you bring the police force after me!
I have a five year old brother
at home. He killed the wrong version.
You know it is hard to live in a World
where you have nothing to relate to.
I know you do.
Now let me go.
Happy birthday, kiddo.