EVIE (Evil has a New Name) (2021) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
I put a star to my
words which afflicted me
And I shall sail nothing
by sea ever again
Long as I live
Praise to the bride king of
angels I regain my health
Hide from the
storm (indistinct)
Without drowning
safely return
(slow dramatic music)
- Tony, it's my go.
- You're not having it!
- [Evie] I'll tell Mom!
- Do you need anymore, Tony?
- No, I'm too busy trying
to untangle my kite.
I told her not to
touch it it's mine.
- Well, you need
to share darling.
- I don't need to share.
She breaks things, it's mine.
- Evie, don't go in
the water please!
You ready for off?
- 10 more minutes.
- It's getting cold love.
- Oh please.
- Okay, I'll go up
and get the tea ready
and you two can
follow me up in a bit.
Bring the towels with you.
- Mommy, what do
you think is faster,
a dog or a giraffe?
- Don't know really.
- Mommy, did you
know that giraffes
are the only other animal
other than a cat which
purrs when you stroke it?
- I didn't know that actually.
Okay, you know the rules,
no going into the water
while I'm not here and
listen to your brother
if he tells you something.
He's in charge
- He's in charge
when I'm not here.
when I'm not here.
I know.
Mommy, would you rather
no ears or no mouth?
- I'm only there, so call or
whistle if you need anything.
And don't talk to strangers.
- To strangers, I know.
Mommy, if you could only
eat one thing forever
would you rather have
pizza or fish and chips?
- Well, guess what
we're having tonight?
- Pizza!
- 10 minutes.
Tony, it's starting
to rain, 10 minutes!
- Okay!
- Love you, Mommy!
(waves crashing)
- Here.
- It's my turn!
(ominous music)
(disembodied whispering)
(eerie horror music)
(ominous music)
(disembodied whispering)
(ominous music)
(eerie horror music)
(ominous music)
- Where were you?
- Oh, you're freezing.
What's that?
- It's mine.
- Have you found something?
- No one else can have it,
it's mine.
- Let me see.
- I say it's mine!
(hand slapping)
(woman grunting)
(ominous music)
(bell chiming)
- May the glory of God, the
fellowship and the Holy Spirit
be with you all.
- [Congregation]
And also with you.
- In the name of the
Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit, amen.
- [Congregation] Amen.
When I mentioned to
Tony yesterday that
the gospel passage
was about Jesus' words
to Peter in response
to his question, how
often should I forgive?
He pulled a fierce and
said, "Not another sermon
on forgiveness."
I akle his sense of
tiredness with the way
that the Church so often
speaks of forgiveness
and so frequently feel to
either offer it or find it.
That's not because I don't
think forgiveness is important,
it is central not just to
our life but faith also
and I'd argue our life
together in this world.
- Evie.
- Without forgiveness,
- I wanna go outside.
how could we possibly stand
relationship with each other?
Forgiveness isn't something
that only restores,
even frees the one forgiven.
Forgiveness also restores and
frees the one who forgives.
- Jen, she's fine.
- Forgiveness creates
possibilities, keeps the future
open, offers paths forward
formerly not imaginable.
(ominous music)
To forgive is to live free.
To live free in the present
and hope about the future
while not to forgive
is to be dragged down
and kept captive by the past.
Forgiveness is life.
(ominous music)
(bell chiming)
- Evie!
(thunder rumbling)
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
(disembodied voices whispering)
(Tony hollering)
(flashlight slamming)
(ominous music)
(TV statics)
(engine revving)
- Get in, come on.
Right, children, does everyone
know who the Vikings were?
And does anybody know
the legends of the
Viking ship wrecks
at St. Brendon's Bay?
Right, well that's good
and for those that don't,
Britain has always been
vulnerable to attack
from various quarters
throughout our history.
Our story and the
artifacts around us
washed up on our very own beach
and it concerns the Danes,
well the Vikings to be precise.
The local emblem which
we find above the school
and church entrances
is the Selkie.
Folklore dictates
that it was during one
of these Viking raids that
the brave men of the village
fought against their enemy
with everything they had
and they were outnumbered
and beaten back
by the sheer brutality
and force of the invaders
looting every building
the Vikings found
where the women and
children were hiding
and took some for themselves
to claim as wives,
killing anyone who resisted.
- Ow.
- Debra!
And with that, they
sailed back to Denmark
or sometimes to Scandinavia
and the boat set sail that
night with their spoils
and rounding the
rocks at the far end
of St. Brendon's
Beach, the boat started
to get into trouble,
even though the sea
was relatively calm,
there was a cry.
- There was a cry
from the front of the boat
of something in the water.
The boat lurched once
and then was gone.
Only the women who
swum ashore were saved.
One was taken as token sacrifice
to join the Selkie and
her sisters in the ocean
as one of their own forever.
(girl huffing)
- Evie?
(ominous music)
(disembodied whispering)
(Evie coughing)
- Freak.
- Go away.
- Freakie Evie.
- Leave me alone.
- Make me.
(girl slamming)
(ominous music)
- Get off her!
You are a disgrace!
(ominous music)
(people arguing)
- Freaky Evie.
(Evie knocking)
(ominous music)
(disembodied whispering)
(slow music)
(hand slapping)
(woman sobbing)
- Morning.
- Morning.
(phone ringing)
- Hello, Ponta's Insurance,
is it a claim on your policy
Yeah, hello Mrs. Stevens.
Yeah, I am late, yeah.
Yeah, no, you're
absolutely right, yeah.
No, I'll make sure to.
- Coffee?
- Oh yeah, please.
Hmm-mm, yeah.
- Bad night?
- I can handle the nights,
it's the mornings that kill me.
- What was he like?
- Thick not thick.
(woman laughing)
- And did you?
- Oh yeah,
it'd be a shame to waste it.
That's an euphemism.
- Oh, these are the deferments
from yesterday that came
down from central office.
- Hmm-mm.
- Morning Mr. Stevens.
- Thank you, Selma, I
will make sure that these
are all up to date and correct.
(ominous music)
(water rushing)
(water bubbling)
- So, do you have
family around here?
- Oh, straight with the
deep questions shall we?
Here you are, same again.
- Certainly madame.
- No, I don't have any
family around here.
I don't have any family.
I was adopted if you must know.
- Hmm, how exotic.
- Do you think?
- Yeah, what's the story?
(Evie chuckling)
- You need to keep your
fucking nose out, Jeremy
and that's the story.
- More wine, madame?
- Yeah.
- Would you like me
to pour it?
- No, it'll be fine, fine.
(wine pouring)
That was off.
(phone ringing)
- Hello, yes, this
is Mr. Tony Halloran,
I'm ringing in regards
to Mrs. Evie Halloran.
(woman and man moaning)
- [Man] Oh, oh, oh yeah.
- Oh.
Oh, I don't wanna go
on top, I'll be sick.
(ominous music)
(boy moaning)
(eerie music)
(ominous music)
(Evie screaming)
- Jesus!
(Evie sighing)
(Evie retching)
(shower running)
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
- I just never
thought I'd hear back,
I'd given up hope and
accepted I was gonna be alone,
maybe he didn't want contact.
- Did he say?
- Oh, it's just
a generic letter from
the adoption agency
confirming that Tony
had acknowledged receipt
of my letter and he was
willing to make contact.
- Do you remember
anything about him?
- I think so.
Some things clearly
and others, oh god,
I'm really nervous now.
- Why did they split you
up in the first place?
- Fuck knows, that's
what they did back then.
He got chosen first,
I remember that much.
- So he just let you there
in the old orphanage,
like a little munchco
wrapped in a woolen shaw,
love me, someone love me please.
(Evie laughing)
- Fuck off you.
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna stop talking
about myself all the time
and buy you a coffee.
(eerie music)
(door creaking)
(ominous music)
(sirens blaring)
Hi, could I speak to Mrs.
Lively please, thank you.
Hi, my name's Evie Halloran,
I've just received your letter.
Yeah, that's me.
Yeah, I did, thank you.
Yeah, I'd be very much
interested in meeting Tony.
(ominous music)
- Evie?
- Yeah?
- I'm Tony, can I sit?
- Oh, oh my god, Tony.
Oh come here.
Oh wow.
No, no family, I work in an
insurance firm, in an office.
Pays the bills but
I hate it, you?
- I live on my own, I
read a lot, play games,
I fish a bit, have my
own boat, I walk a bit.
- Sorry, did you just try to
slip in that you've got a boat?
- Yeah, just a small
one, I'm by the sea.
I always wanted one.
- I know, I remember.
Well, I'm glad you
got one, it's nice.
- Thank you.
- Do you work?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I just keep asking all
these personal questions,
it's none of my business.
- I'm your brother, you
can ask me what you want.
You always used to ask
me lots of questions
about what is the fastest
or the oldest or the best.
(Evie chuckling)
- You know, I've imagined
and idealized this moment
for so long and now it's here,
I don't know what to say.
You're a man.
- Are you happy?
- That's a big question.
- Are you?
- I don't.
- Are you?
- I don't know, is anyone?
Well, where you living?
- Not many miles from where
we were brought up actually.
- Do you work?
- No, struggled after.
I'm writing, novels actually.
- You're a writer,
that's amazing.
Are you published?
- Self published.
I've written five novels.
- Wow, wow, I'd love
to read one one day.
- Ah, here I brought you one.
- Hmm, ooh, that is
a very thick book.
(Evie laughing)
(ominous music)
I know this story.
- You used to draw
them all the time
and always said you'd seen one.
- I was a kid, we were kids.
- Do you remember,
do you remember us?
- Of course I do.
- Do you remember what happened?
(man hollering)
(dramatic music)
- I do.
- Evie, I have to tell you
something, Dad is alive.
- Why did no one
tell you this before?
- Don't know, Tony
said apparently those
doors were shut,
as soon as my dad
signed the papers, done,
you're on your own literally.
- But someone would tell you.
- I didn't even know if
Tony was alive did I?
- Where's your dad now?
- Schlarasbol always has been.
- What was your brother like?
- He was a bit
strange, a bit full on.
- You fit.
(Evie chuckling)
- Oh god.
No, he's not what
I expected at all.
I don't know what I expected
but I like horror films,
do you like horror films?
I like sci-fi and Vikings
and on and on, that was mean.
No, he seemed nice enough.
- Do you think he
could be a friend
if he wasn't your brother?
- Oh fuck no.
(women laughing)
- Do you like heavy
metal, do you sew,
do you wanna have sex with me?
- Oh, god, stop it,
that's terrible.
(women laughing)
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- Hi Evie.
- Hi, Tony.
- [Tony] It was good to
see you the other day.
- Yeah, it was good
to see you again.
Did you get back all right?
- Yeah, thanks.
Did you read my book?
- No, not yet.
What you think?
- I was wondering.
- No.
- Ah, sorry go on.
- No, no, I interrupted you.
- I wasn't entirely honest
with you last week I'm afraid.
Look, I'm at your house.
(ominous music)
- I'm sorry?
- I'm at your house,
it's where I live, our house.
You there?
- Yeah.
- You all right?
- Yes, sorry.
- [Tony] Okay, it was
left to me (indistinct)
I'm doing it up.
- Sorry, Tony, can I
call you back later?
(ominous music)
(water running)
(ominous music)
(instant messaging dinging)
(Evie sighing)
(ominous music)
- You're not seriously
thinking about it are you?
- I don't know, it might help.
Oh my god.
Look at me, Selma,
I'm a fucking mess.
I barely sleep, can't
keep a relationship
for more than a night
and I drink like a fish.
(slow music)
(engine revving)
(Evie knocking)
(slow music)
(disembodied whispering)
(ominous music)
- Evie.
(ominous music)
(disembodied whispering)
(eerie music)
- Hello?
- Evie, come in, come in.
Excuse the mess.
I'm about halfway through
what needs to be done.
- Oh, it's fine.
- How was the drive?
- Yeah, it was okay.
Had the music blasting.
- Yeah, what'd you listen to?
- Anything good really,
Coldplay, The National,
- The great middle ground
is reached.
(Evie chuckling)
- So I meant to
show you the place.
Why do I leave you to it,
take your bags upstairs
and I'll mix a drink.
- Oh god, (indistinct)
for that Tony.
(item crashing)
Boy, you never offend.
Sorry, what have you got?
- To drink?
- Yeah.
- Well, I got tea but
it's not Yorkshire.
- You've not got anything?
- Orange juice, lemonade.
- Anything else?
- Well, water.
- Is there a shop
anywhere nearby or?
- I'm joking, I'm
a massive pisshead.
Come on through
when you're ready.
(ominous music)
(Evie sighing)
(ominous music)
(dramatic eerie music)
- Ripped out all last month.
- Jesus Christ, Tony.
- I'm sorry.
I've made some food.
- Thanks.
- Sour chicken Kiev.
- Yeah?
- Right.
(ominous music)
(children hollering
and laughing)
(man hollering)
(children laughing)
- So, what do you plan
to do with the place?
- I've not decided yet.
- So, Dad signed it over to you.
- Yeah.
- Well, he wasn't gonna
sign it over to me was he?
- Why?
- Don't know,
you tell me.
- What do you remember?
- That's right, Tony,
let's not fuck about.
- Huh, yeah, it's been
said I have no filter.
So, what do you remember?
- I remember Mom tried to drown
us and Dad killed himself.
I thought Dad killed himself.
- Do you remember
the day at the beach?
- Yeah.
(dramatic music)
- Ow, you're hurting me.
(engine revving)
(ominous music)
(Evie screaming)
(waves crashing)
- Come on.
- Mommy please, stop!
(ominous music)
(children hollering)
- Fuck.
(climactic music)
- Jen!
(Evie screaming)
Jen, Jen!
(water bubbling)
(ominous music)
Just come on up, come on and
stay there, stay and don't.
Jen, Jen, Jen!
(dramatic music)
Jen, Jen!
(slow dramatic music)
Jen, no Jen!
(waves crashing)
- I know Dad blamed me
'cause I was badly behaved
but who isn't at our age?
- You should go and see him?
- I knew you were going
to say that at some point.
- Of course, he's our dad.
- Who gave us away.
Do you blame me, think
I drove her to it?
(climactic eerie music)
What was that?
(ominous music)
Oh my god.
- It was a bird.
(waves crashing)
- Hear that sound.
When we were growing up I
used to leave the window open
in the summer just to
hear the waves crashing.
I would sleep and
wake up with it.
- Do you miss having a
family, having a brother?
- I think I accepted
everything that happened after
as a normal
continuation of my life.
I was too young to
know it wasn't normal.
- Where did you go
after I'd been adopted?
- Everywhere, I was shuffled
from care home to foster family
then back into care all
through secondary school.
Then at 16, I was dropped
out of counsel's hand
into the exciting world
of being an adult.
- It's a steep drop isn't it?
- And after a brief
sectioning, which was fun,
I managed to sort my self out
with a combination of
class A drugs, alcohol
and bad relationships.
- Cheers.
- So, Tony Halloran, where
were you between the ages of 10
and 33 years old?
- I'm afraid I don't
have a story quite so
romantically outlandish.
I was fostered and adopted into
a nice, middle-class family
of primary school
teachers who left me alone
to play Dungeons and Dragons
and write fruity fantasy
stories and share them with
a close group of fellow nerds.
Never stood a chance did I?
- Thank God one of us had love.
- Do you have anyone?
- You're joking.
I think my work colleague's
my best mate for fuck's sake.
(slow music)
(waves crashing)
(dramatic music)
(Evie breathing heavy)
(climactic eerie music)
- I smell coffee.
- [Tony] Morning Evie.
Father Robert's here.
Do you remember him?
- Yeah, of course.
- Hello Evie.
It's been such a long time
but you still look like
the Evie I remember.
- [Tony] Please join us, we
were just talking about you.
- Yes, it's a travesty
you were ever apart.
- Coffee?
- I'm just gonna
drive out and find a shop.
- Please, join us for coffee.
I'm leaving in 10 minutes.
- Do you have any paracetamol?
- Tony's just been telling
me what you've been up to
in the intervening years.
It's amazing that you've
got through all that
the way you did.
You know there's no
shame in asking for help
even in this stage.
- Help?
- Yes.
Personal fortitude
comes from within
but it's a shallow who live in,
we can get strength from
the bottle or from the arms
of the stranger.
- Yeah, I'll be sure
to come to church
on Sunday, Father.
- I'm just saying I'm
here if you need me.
I'm a good perverge
for both of you.
- Well, you've certainly saved
me from a life of sin so far.
- Found them.
- Well, you know
where I am.
All okay?
- Yeah, yeah,
I'm just so happy to see
you both together again.
I never thought
I'd see this day.
May God bless ya's both.
I'll see myself out, Tony, Evie.
- You've been a great help.
- Yeah, well, I'm
really happy for you.
(ominous music)
- Been visiting Dad,
says he's dying.
(slow music)
(Evie sighing)
(door creaking)
(ominous music)
(man gasping)
(eerie music)
- Tony, where the
fuck is a shop?
(engine revving)
(waves crashing)
- Hello Evie.
- Father.
I'm so sorry of how
rude I was earlier,
it's just been a lot to take in.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay, Evie,
you don't have to
apologize to me.
- It's exactly
how I remember it.
- Yeah.
Your parents used
to sit just there.
(Evie sighing)
- I'm sorry.
- Sit down.
- It's just it's all so sad.
(slow dramatic music)
- Evie, I know your
father loved you.
After what happened
with your mother,
I think life became too hard,
just too painful for him.
You don't know what went
through his head that night
but he never recovered.
He's a very sick man
but now he's dying.
- You've seen him.
- I do mass and confessions
up at the hospital
so yes I do see him.
He's not the man he was and
he's certainly not a monster.
He was just incapable of
looking after two children.
It's not because he
wasn't thinking about you.
And it's not because he didn't
love you and your brother,
because I know that
he did very much.
(slow music)
(Evie sighing)
- Thank you, thank you, Father.
(slow music)
(door rumbling)
- Jesus Christ, you don't
just waltz in normally Evie.
- I'll go if you go.
You all right?
- I think so,
a bit nervous.
- Yeah, same.
(man hollering)
- No!
I know it was you (indistinct)
I know!
(ominous music)
(man hollering)
(climactic music)
(Evie gasping)
- Please remember he's very ill.
I'll leave you both to it okay.
I'll just be outside
if you need me.
- Thanks.
- Son.
- Hi, Dad.
Good to see you.
- Thanks.
Evie's here too.
- Hello Dad.
(man moaning)
(man gasping)
Get out.
(ominous music)
- Dad.
- Get out, get out!
(climactic music)
- Mrs. Halloran.
(man gasping)
(climactic music)
- Do you remember, do you
accept what you have done?
Do you remember in the name
of the Father and to the Son,
onto the Holy Ghost!
(priest hollering)
(dramatic music)
- No, not at all, I understand.
Thank you for
everything you've done.
Thank you.
- Tony.
- That was the
hospital, Dad's dead.
(slow music)
(Evie sighing)
(ominous music)
(fists punching)
(boat revving)
- I'm sorry about this
but it was necessary.
(slow music)
- What have you done?
- Well, bluntly I've knocked
you out, tied your hands
and feet together, best
not to jump out of the boat
just in case.
- Why are you doing this?
- 'Cause you need to know.
- Tony, I'm really scared,
could you take me back
now please?
- Poor Evie,
poor little gentle
child, so innocent
to lose both parents
at such a young age.
What did Father Robert
call it, a travesty
and our love gone forever.
Love replaced with death,
madness and addiction
through no fault of your
own, what a load of shit.
- What do you want?
- I don't want anything.
- I don't know what you
want me to say, I'm sorry.
- You're sorry.
- Yes.
Tony we lost everything and
I think about them everyday.
I missed you, your my
brother and I loved you.
- Loved.
- You have no idea
what I've been through.
- And you have no idea
what I've been through.
- You had new parents
who loved you,
you had a bedroom and toys.
I just had a communal box.
- I had fuck all!
I had a life of abuse and pain!
I had to live through
that no child should ever
have to live through.
I was shown love that had
nothing to do with love.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Poor Evie.
- Oh, stop fucking
saying that!
(Evie sobbing)
What do you want?
- I want you to
know what you did.
Everything that ever
happened to you,
you brought on yourself.
- Oh Tony please.
- You remember?
- Please, please.
- Tell me, you
know what happened!
(Tony hollering)
(ominous music)
(slow music)
- Ow, you're hurting me!
- Stop pulling then Evie.
- Freaky Evie.
- Tony, will you
stop teasing your sister.
(slow music)
(engine revving)
(Evie laughing)
- Tony.
(Evie hollering)
Tony, it hurts get away!
Give it back!
Give it back!
(Evie laughing)
Give it back.
- Come and get it.
- Freaky Evie.
- Give it back!
(ominous music)
- I'll throw it.
(Evie screaming)
(dramatic climactic music)
- No!
- Fuck!
(dramatic climactic music)
- Jen!
- Evie!
- Get off me!
(Evie screaming)
(water bubbling)
(dramatic music)
- Get up, get up,
come on, come on!
Stay there, stay
there, don't, Jen!
Jen, Jen!
(dramatic music)
Jen, Jen!
(dramatic music)
Jen, no, Jen!
(dramatic music)
(boat engine revving)
(slow music)
(slow music)
(waves crashing)
(ominous music)
- I remember.
- You'll die alone.
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
(Evie breathing heavy)
(knife slashing)
(man hollering)
- [Man] Jesus!
(man hollering)
(knife slashing)
(man hollering)
(knife slashing)
(man hollering)
(knife slashing)
(ominous music)
(man gasping)
- I'll never be alone.
(dramatic horror music)
(Tony gasping)
(knife slashing)
(dramatic horror music)
(waves crashing)
- Eden!
- It's mine
(ominous music)
(waves crashing)
(disembodied whispering)
(slow music)