Evil Does Not Exist (2023) Movie Script

- Sorry I'm late!
- It's OK.
Lunchtime was busy.
Busy's good.
- Are these ready?
- Yep.
Was that near?
Nah, I heard they're
hunting in Kurihara.
Pretty far then.
Wild wasabi.
Wild wasabi...
Strong flavor.
Locals eat it with soba noodles.
Udon noodles too.
I'll try adding it
to one of our dishes.
Go pick some.
I'll carry the water.
I remembered
I'm late to pick up my kid.
No worries.
See you at seven tonight!
For what?
To discuss the glamping project.
Almost forgot! See you then.
Takumi, you're so forgetful!
My bad.
See you!
Green light, red light.
Sorry I'm late.
Where's Hana?
She said you'd forget
so she walked home.
Green light, red light.
Sorry about that.
Careful, I'm backing up.
Come on. Out of the way.
The car's coming.
Where's your bag, Hana?
At daycare.
That's a larch.
Larches have black bark.
Pine bark is red.
What's that?
Mountain cherry.
Mountain cherry?
This one's young.
There's a big one there.
That's right.
That one?
Pines are red, larches are black.
This is...
Don't touch it.
It's Siberian ginseng.
It has thorns.
Even deer don't eat its berries.
Are they tasty?
Well, they're a bit
too hard for people.
But they can be made
into a drink like wine.
You're not into that.
Bite marks from deer.
Redvein maple?
See them here and there?
Looks like cucumber.
I bet it's tasty.
Look, deer tracks.
A fawn.
It was gut shot.
Wounded by a bullet.
It's their watering hole.
Mr. Suruga will love this.
It's in two days? So soon.
They showed up out
of nowhere yesterday.
They want a small audience.
I reached out to
a bunch of people though.
How were they?
The lady who came to me seemed nice.
The company's actually a talent agency.
So it's for company retreats?
I think this company's
after pandemic subsidies.
Nowadays, you get paid
just for submitting a project plan.
Well, let's hear them out first.
It's just a formality though.
Don't get into needless fights, Tatsu.
Thanks for the wasabi tip.
It's nothing.
We're adding it to our seasonal dish.
- I'll try it soon.
- Please do.
New dish?
Yeah, wild wasabi was his idea.
It's great.
It used to be a noodle shop staple.
I can't wait.
Just remembered.
- Mr. Suruga.
- Yeah?
Check it out.
- What's it from?
- Some kind of pheasant, right?
- You can use it?
- Sure.
Quills are used for instruments.
My son plays the harpsichord.
What kind of instrument is that?
Like a piano.
You see the shaft here?
You pluck the strings with this
to make sounds.
Get it?
You play the piano?
No, not me.
Thanks for this, Takumi.
My son will love this.
See you!
- See you at the briefing.
- Yep.
- See you.
- Good night.
You'll get sick.
Good afternoon.
Thank you for joining us
on such short notice.
I'm Takahashi from Playmode.
And I'm Mayuzumi.
We plan to operate a glamping site here.
It's set to begin construction in May.
Thank you for coming.
We would like to show you
the concept behind it.
We have prepared
a video for you to watch.
Takahashi will share further
details after the video.
It will be followed by a Q&A session.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Let us begin.
Glamping in Harasawa
Some of you may be
unfamiliar with the word "glamping."
It derives its name from
the concept of glamorous camping.
A luxurious outdoor experience
awaits at Harasawa.
We hope the site will
be loved by visitors
as well as the local community.
That's all from us.
Now for your questions and opinions.
Does anyone here have any questions?
Please pass this on.
So much doesn't make sense.
The site can handle up to 64 people.
Why's the septic tank capacity for 50?
It's based on site area and a projected
average occupancy rate of 45% to 55%
We think it's adequate.
But numbers will vary by season.
As a business, you're aiming
for full occupancy, correct?
Then that should be the benchmark.
we're striving to optimize operations to
provide top-notch service for everyone.
But you raise a valid point.
We will take it into account.
That's just for your own benefit.
No, that is not the case.
Yes, please go ahead.
Can you show us
the septic tank blueprint again?
If you drain from that spot,
it'll pollute wells downstream.
You can't put the tank there.
Thank you for the feedback.
We spoke to authorities.
We were given some limitations
on drainage locations.
So we'll select the spot that.
Impacts the region least.
You can't put it there.
Wells connect to groundwater.
It's the water supply for us
and communities downstream.
To reduce the impact on our region,
put the tank in the center.
Or build a reservoir on-site.
I'm not qualified to respond to that.
The location was determined
by surveyors and experts.
How efficient is your septic tank?
Let's see...
One moment.
It can purify 90% of
the water used by 50 people.
So five people's worth of sewage
will go into wells each day?
Yes, if we run at full capacity.
But you are planning to run at
full capacity as a business.
Yes, but think about this.
The population here is 6,000.
Five people's worth of sewage
is within the safety margin.
That's not for you to decide.
May I?
Go ahead.
Um, I'm Sachi Minemura.
I run an udon restaurant nearby.
I ran a restaurant in Tokyo.
When I tried the soba here,
I realized water makes a big difference.
So I moved here four years ago.
I'm not sure I can call myself a local
since I'm not originally from here.
I'm sitting on this side,
but my position is similar to yours.
I'm able to run my restaurant
thanks to help from the community.
Personally, your actions will turn
my world upside-down.
It will rob me of
my purpose for being here.
But I'm not here to talk about myself.
Even in my short time here, I could feel
how important water is to these people.
When I tell them I use spring water
for my udon, they commend me.
They look so proud and happy.
You need to understand that the very
essence of this village is at stake.
So please proceed with care.
Hear everyone out.
As a resident, I ask that you reconsider
the septic tank's location.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Your valuable input will be considered.
Considered? By who?
Our company president.
He has the last word.
Why the heck isn't he here?
She and I were placed in charge.
But you're a talent agency.
That's right.
So what do you know?
We're not experts, but a consulting firm
well-versed in glamping is advising us.
Why isn't your consultant here then?
Our schedules didn't match up.
You chose this date.
We'll consider it.
It's like talking to a wall.
Now, let's not get emotional here.
You need to be aware that this facility
will benefit the entire community.
Glamping draws in tourists.
People from Tokyo will come here.
It will become a new tourist hotspot.
The shops here can generate more sales.
Maybe the visitors will stop by
your udon restaurant.
More people means better business.
It'll invigorate this region.
We believe this project
is mutually beneficial.
Let's think about that.
This village is mostly made up of
residences and vacation homes.
Your glamping site is basically
a camping-themed hotel, right?
Guests don't eat out.
They have barbecues.
Well, we can't keep track of
each guest's actions.
I'm worried about the campfires.
Don't worry, it's forbidden.
And we'll have fixed BBQ spots.
You just said you can't
keep track of each guest.
There won't be a caretaker on site
from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., you said?
So who will enforce campfire rules?
It's a budget issue, no?
You don't want to pay for night shifts.
- I don't know about that...
- I do.
I was a caretaker myself
so I know how these things work.
But someone needs to
be there around the clock.
People from the cities
come here to decompress.
Some young people are bound to make
a racket and light fires late at night.
This is a dry and windy region.
There have been
big wildfires every few decades.
They could become more frequent
once your glamping site arrives.
The site must have 24-hour supervision.
If you can't meet that demand,
we'll oppose the plans.
When does construction start?
It's scheduled for May,
but could be delayed a month.
That's unfeasible.
I bet it's the subsidies.
The subsidies have a cutoff date.
That's why you're rushing.
This briefing is just to make
you look good on paper.
You're throwing us under the bus
just to make a quick buck.
You got a problem?
Let's do this again.
Now you know the problems.
And we know that it's
no use talking to you.
Bring your boss and
the consultant next time.
Not to shoot them down.
We haven't taken a stance yet.
We'll help if the plan is good.
My grandparents were settlers.
This region was opened up to
people for farming after the war.
It doesn't have a long history.
In a way, all of us here are outsiders.
Outsiders developed this region.
They also damaged the environment.
Balance is key.
If you go overboard,
you upset the balance.
Thank you.
We hope to arrange
another briefing session.
We now realize how ignorant we were.
We would like to learn more,
if you have time.
My name is Suruga.
I'm the chief of this village.
It all boils down to
what Takumi said earlier.
Water always flows downhill.
What you do upstream will end up
affecting those living downstream.
I'm not even talking
about conservation.
But any activities upstream will add up,
leaving a huge impact downstream.
The people upstream have to
take the blame for that.
It leads to disputes.
To prevent this, upstream communities
are expected to act responsibly.
That's our duty.
We can't let dirty water flow downstream
just for the sake of some quick profits.
We need you to understand that.
In order to be part of this community,
that's the first thing you need to know.
Please make sure to convey that to
your boss when you return to Tokyo.
Then we can talk again.
Hear, hear!
Go tell your boss!
Yes, you have a question?
I'm concerned about the number of staff.
Do you think four is enough?
Thank you for your valuable input.
Tough crowd, eh?
Thank you for your time.
Let's try again, alright?
Hana, it's you!
Is this for me?
Yeah, you like it?
I do indeed.
Where'd you find it?
- In the field.
- I see.
Thanks for the gift.
But don't go there alone, OK?
You should get Takumi's number.
He can help out if you ask him properly.
He knows everything about this area.
Do ask properly, though.
Got it.
Until next time.
Thank you for your feedback earlier.
Could you kindly give us a business card
so we can contact you in the future?
Don't have one.
I see.
Pass me that.
Pardon me for prying,
but what do you do?
I'm a jack of all trades.
The local odd-job man.
Call me if you need anything.
Thank you.
Thank you for your time today.
Want some more?
It's yummy.
Have a bite.
It's in the way.
You stink.
This project is full of holes.
Of course it's not perfect.
We'll make changes as we proceed.
Then come to the next briefing
and say that!
To convince the locals.
Well, I don't think that
will change their minds.
Here's my takeaway.
I think the briefing was a huge success.
How can you say that?
The briefing was held with
two purposes in mind.
One is to show authorities that you
are communicating with the locals.
The other is giving locals
a chance to let out steam.
They were steamrolling us!
Hats off to you then.
You were able to find out
what their gripes are.
Now you have to divide them into
issues you can and can't solve.
One demand you can meet is
24-hour supervision.
We can't change the budget,
so we have to cut down on staff.
That means lower quality of service,
but it's a compromise.
As for the septic tank issue,
it's possible to relocate it.
But it needs to be placed somewhere.
One side has to take a hit.
I recommend keeping it as is,
or you'll end up incurring more costs.
A little pollution
won't affect the water.
Just show the locals you made an effort
by accepting their caretaker demand.
I see.
The locals are not as stupid
as you think, Mr. Horiguchi.
I never called them stupid.
I found their concerns to be quite
reasonable after hearing them out.
If we can't meet their requests,
I think the plan itself is unfeasible.
We need to rethink
this plan from scratch.
What do you think, Mr. Hasegawa?
That's impossible.
Why? Because of the subsidies!
It amounts to two months' sales.
It goes into your paychecks too!
Yes, exactly.
Can you pull up page 13
from the slides I sent you?
As mentioned before, the demand
for glamping has been on the rise.
To ensure your place in the market,
you must enter it ahead of competitors.
OK, you can take it down now.
You can't get a head start
if you aim for perfection.
We just bought the land.
There's no turning back.
But it's not too late!
Mr. Horiguchi?
- I have an idea.
- Yeah?
Why not ask that odd job guy
to be the caretaker?
He's influential, knows the area,
and probably has time to spare.
We're not sure if he does...
Nice idea!
Well, I have to get to
another online meeting now.
Sorry for keeping you.
Let's move forward with this idea.
Keep me updated.
OK, thank you.
Thanks. Talk to you soon.
Let's call it quits.
No way.
Get to work.
Go to the village right now.
Bring the guy booze.
Butter him up, Mayuzumi.
Tell him how much we need him.
Takahashi, you're driving.
You'll get there by noon, right?
We can't have any delays
and can't afford any more expenses.
No time like the present!
Good luck!
Where do we meet?
He shared a location.
He'll be there till 1 p.m.
Weird guy.
Hey, Mayuzumi.
Why don't you quit?
Quit this job.
I mean, why are you even doing this?
What'd you do before?
Care work.
Didn't I say I was
a certified care worker?
- Then why do this?
- Do what?
Why this industry?
Change of pace.
Big change.
I loved show business.
I bet it's not what you expected.
No, it's full of scumbags,
just as I expected.
Ouch, that's harsh.
Why'd you join?
Maybe a part of me was dysfunctional.
Like your brain?
My soul.
Then you shouldn't be in this industry.
But I like how there's
no whitewashing in this job.
You make this old man worry.
You're not much older than me.
I've been in show biz for 17 years.
Why'd you join this company?
Oh, I never told you?
You didn't.
I started out as Mr. Tamura's assistant.
Really? I had no idea.
Yep, I was even on some of his shows.
Wow, you used to act?
I enjoyed it, but then that incident
happened with Mr. Tamura.
That's when I realized that
I'm better off being a talent agent.
I could relate to the actors.
So I just went along with it.
You don't have any regrets?
Wow, you sure dig deep.
I was already burned out by then,
so it didn't affect me.
What bothers me is aspiring actors
who waste opportunities.
I wanna smack them.
But chances come to
those who don't chase them.
It's so strange and unfair.
So you should just quit.
That was out of nowhere.
You didn't join to set up a campsite.
- It's a glamping site.
- Who cares?
How the heck did
I end up in this mess?
Did I scare you?
A little.
More than a little.
I don't like it when people yell.
Would you hate it if I light a cig?
Can I open the windows?
Never mind then.
It's fine.
Nah, I'll smoke when we get there.
What's so funny?
You're lucky I'm not your girlfriend.
I don't have one!
No wonder.
It's a legit service!
- Not a hookup app?
- It's not!
They do a background check.
ID, salary and all.
- You want a wife.
- Yep.
Pretty ambitious,
especially with our salary.
- Don't tease me.
- I mean it.
Is your profile pic hot?
Zip it, kid.
It's a big turn off for women
if you talk like that.
Come on. I'm not gonna talk
like that straight off the bat.
So you will once you're married?
I'll treat her nicely.
I bet you'll be like,
"Get me tea! Bring me food!"
Hey, I'm not that type of guy.
I can be sweet!
You're not on any apps?
I've tried it out.
How'd it go?
I went on a date,
but stopped soon after.
I found it scary.
Something bad happen?
Not really. The date was quite nice.
I was in a bad place mentally,
so I didn't want to lead him on.
I see.
Lots of trashy guys on the app too.
I deleted my account.
There are better apps.
But do you really want to get married?
I do.
'Cause I'm lonely.
What else would it be?
The pandemic took a toll on me too.
Just get a pet.
No way. I travel too much for work.
You don't wanna get married?
I'm sure about that.
Maybe I'll get married
and quit this job.
I should find a wife and
move to the countryside.
Hope it works out.
Maybe the campsite caretaker
should be me.
- Why not.
- I'll get a dog too.
I'll go visit you sometime.
Yeah, come visit!
What a great plan!
There he is.
Thank you for meeting us
on such short notice.
No big deal.
We have a small gift for you.
I don't drink.
You could share it with the others.
Don't want it.
Have you had lunch?
No, not yet.
Let's eat after I'm done.
I'll be able to stop soon.
We can wait.
Let's go.
What is it?
Can I try that?
Put your strong foot forward.
Keep your eyes on the log.
Let the axe slide down as you swing.
That felt great!
Let's go.
Hop in my car.
Not much parking there.
- For table three.
- OK.
What do you think about
the caretaker idea?
I'm not a loafer.
Of course not.
And I don't need the money.
We also thought it was a bit much
to ask you to be the caretaker.
At the briefing, we realized how
ignorant we were about this region.
We would like to learn from you.
Would it be possible for you to
take on the role of our advisor?
Yes, you'd make the perfect advisor.
Let me share
something personal with you.
See, I'm a talent agent.
That's my main role.
But I want to do something different.
I was thinking of changing my career.
I'm hoping to become the caretaker.
That's why I want to
learn more about this area.
I want to connect with locals
to deliver this project.
Maybe you could start off
by becoming my advisor.
Teach me everything from scratch.
It felt great chopping wood earlier.
I haven't felt like that in years.
I felt like this was
the place for me.
It's on a deer trail.
Your glamping site.
So we have to put up deer fences?
They can jump over two meters.
You need a three-meter fence.
Wouldn't that deter visitors?
It's a genuine question.
Thank you for the delicious meal.
It really warmed me up!
That's got nothing to do with taste.
Don't pay for us!
Thanks for coming!
Got enough water?
We've been using a lot.
It's running out.
I'll go get some now.
I can't go today.
I have helpers.
You're 180 yen short.
- We'll take you to the station.
- Huh?
You can take the train back to Tokyo.
What about you?
I'll stay here a bit.
I'll do it.
I'll stay too.
It'll be my last task.
You smoke?
Yeah, I do.
They're hunting deer.
It's my first time hearing gunshots.
How'd you know then?
Just a guess.
What else could it be?
She left by herself again.
Got it.
Can I...
Can I ask you something?
Do deer attack people?
But I've heard of them
attacking people in tourist spots.
They see people a lot.
The deer here don't attack.
You're sure?
I'm sure.
it's a gut-shot deer, or its parent.
Hit by a bullet.
It might fight back if it can't run.
Very unlikely though.
Wild deer are timid.
They avoid people.
In that case, the deer trail
might not be a bad thing.
It'll be a chance for city people
to interact with wild animals.
Good point.
Touching them is risky.
They carry diseases.
But they avoid people, right?
So they won't get touched.
Maybe the deer won't even
come near the glamping site.
Where would they go?
Somewhere else, I guess.
Hana, are you here?
Call out if you're here, Hana!
She didn't come here.
Where could she be?
Too many places.
Maybe she went home.
What happened to you?
Got cut.
Show me.
Come on!
That's deep.
Clutch your wrist.
Lift it high.
You'll stop bleeding.
Sorry to trouble you.
No, it's my fault.
Can you wait here a bit?
Of course.
I'll call if she comes back.
Make yourself at home.
There's food.
I'll come with you!
This is a public announcement.
A child has been reported missing.
Hana Yasumura, eight years old,
has not been seen since 4 p.m.
She is about 120 cm tall
and has long, black hair.
She was last seen wearing a blue jacket,
jeans, and a gray wool hat.
If you have any information,
please contact local law enforcement.
I repeat.
This is a public announcement.
A child has been reported missing.
Hana Yasumura, eight years old,
has not been seen since 4 p.m.
She is about 120 cm tall
and has long, black hair.
She was last seen wearing
a blue jacket...
Come here!
We checked the south.
Can you try this area?
A child has been reported missing...
What are you doing?!