Evil Nanny (2016) Movie Script

We need to talk about what
happened with Ethan.
I'm so sorry.
It was a mistake.
I didn't mean to hurt him.
I'm sorry. We're not comfortable
having you here anymore.
Just pack your things.
You're leaving tomorrow.
They're making me leave.
You didn't tell him,
did you?
No! I didn't say anything.
It's fine.
This house sucks anyway.
We'll find a better
one next time.
I don't really
want to go.
You stay here.
You'd just weigh me
down anyway.
Allan, honey.
No balls in the house.
This is your great granddaddy's
stuff. We got to be careful.
It's our house now, right?
Yes. Grandma did
leave it to us.
But you still
got to be careful.
One day love, this house and everything
in it is gonna go to you and Caleb.
And you're going to want to pass it off to
your kids and your kids after that, right?
- Mm-hm. - So you have
to take care of it.
- Okay.
- All right. Good boy.
Careful with the ball.
Looking good,
honey bunny.
I know.
Gosh. I love
this place.
I still can't believe my grandma
left it to me, out of all the cousins.
I think she realized how much
home and family meant to you.
- I think she's was a very
wise woman. - Yes, well-
I just wish that I could stay
at home all day with the kids
instead of starting
work so soon.
Once this business gets off the
ground, you'll be able to do just that.
Speaking of which, I got to go.
The prototype came in.
Ah. Okay.
- Love you.
- Okay.
Love you, too.
I'm going to need that.
Thank you very much.
- All right, Allan. I'll see you tonight, okay?
- Bye, daddy!
- Bye, buddy. I love you.
- Love you, too.
Have a good day at work,
Thank you.
See you guys tonight.
- Love you. Bye.
- Love you.
Allan, honey. Why don't you go
check out that tree house?
- Allan, honey. Stay away from the ledge, okay?
- Okay.
All right. "Recommendation
for nanny wanted. "
Part-time nanny needed
for two wonderful children.
Oh, smoking. No.
It's disgusting.
Free room and board.
Plus a small stipend included. "
Nice to meet you.
I'm Jen. Jennifer Russell.
Oh, that was quick.
"Hi. I saw your post... "
They're moving out of town.
That sounds perfect.
Doesn't that sound perfect?
Yes, it does.
Next weekend it is.
We're going to take a
little time with our decision
but, um, it was great
to see you
and thank you so much
for taking
time out of your day to
come over. We'll be in touch.
Have a good day.
- Bye.
- What did you think?
I don't like that lady.
She keeps calling me Alex.
I always wanted
one of these.
Hey, that's mine.
Well, I'll give it back to you
if you give me a high five?
There we go.
I'm assuming
you're the Wells's?
- Yeah. Are you-
- Jen Russell.
- So nice to meet you.
- Hi. How are you?
- Nice to meet you too.
- Why don't you have a seat.
I'm fay. This is my
husband Tim.
This is Allan and that's Caleb
in the stroller.
Looks like you've had a lot of
experience for how young you are.
Yeah. I love kids.
I grew up with a lot
of brothers and sisters,
so I was always babysitting.
Then when I moved out here,
it just kind of seems like the natural
way to pay my way through school.
I studied psychology
at the local university.
Oh. Wow. That's great.
- And you were with the
Harpers for- - three years.
Yeah, I was the nanny
for Ben and mark,
but they're moving now, so...
- Well, they could not speak more highly of you.
- Aww.
All of your references
really loved you.
Yes. I mean, before
we're gonna hire anybody
we're going to do a full background
check. That's okay with you, right?
Oh, of course.
You can't be too careful.
- Yeah.
- The thing is though I do need to know pretty quickly.
The Harpers are
moving soon.
Well, that actually works
really well for us.
We need someone before
i start work next week.
I don't know
if Ms. Harper mentioned it,
but we only need
someone part-time.
So we're offering a small fee and we're
making up for it with free room and board.
I think I could work
with that.
- Yeah.
- Great. Well-
I guess we'll be in touch.
Okay. Sounds good.
Thank you so much.
- Have a great day.
See ya, Allan.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
What'd you think?
I like her.
All right. Let's see.
- Hey Jen! Come on in.
- Hey!
Let me grab that for you.
Oh, fay.
This view is amazing.
This house is stunning. It's
everything I ever dreamed of.
Thanks. Yeah.
We think so too.
You know, it use to be my
grandmother's house.
And my parents lived here.
We've only been here for a few weeks but
it's already starting to feel like home.
Here, why don't I show
you to your room.
Hey Jen,
good to see you again.
Hope you like the house.
- Thanks.
- How you doing?
- Good how are you?
- Gonna show her to her room.
Oh, great.
This house is beautiful.
Did you decorate it yourself?
Sort of.
It's a little bit my mom.
A little bit of me.
But I think it works.
So this is you.
And we still have a few
pieces to add, but...
It's beautiful.
And this bed.
It's all incredible.
Yeah, you know.
Tim wanted to get rid of
some of this stuff.
But, I slapped a new coat
of stain on it.
And I think I saved it.
I love that.
Giving things
second chances.
Come on, jenjen.
Come and see my room!
Where is it?
- It's upstairs.
- Okay. This way?
- It's going to be okay.
- Okay.
Don't worry.
Good morning.
So, I already checked.
Caleb is still sleeping.
But he'll probably wake up
in an hour. So make sure-
give him his bottle, get Allan
ready and take him to school.
I know. I know I'm a helicopter
mom. But, I just...
Maybe I can push back
starting for a day or two.
Seriously, fay. You're going
to have to leave him sometime.
It's not gonna get
any easier.
I meant to ask, what is it
that you do exactly?
Oh. Digital archiving. I work for
museums, libraries, those sort of places.
And we preserve their
materials in digital form.
You know, I'm pretty sure
i can start work tomorrow.
Seriously, fay,
don't worry about anything.
I have all the important numbers
and the kids' schedules.
And if I need anything Allan
will help me. Right al-pal?
- Uh-huh, jenjen.
- Yeah.
Just please don't hesitate
to call for anything.
And you, have fun
today, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
All right, you hungry?
You want some eggs?
No? What about cereal?
- Kayla.
- Yeah?
This is fay Wells.
Fay Wells, Kayla rapp.
Fay is going to be helping us
on the folio project.
Nice to meet you, fay.
You too, Kayla. I'm really
excited to get started.
So if you ladies don't need me for
anything else, I'm going to get out of here.
- Hey! I need to talk to you about the manchurian files.
- Sure, yeah.
- Okay. I'll be right back. Have a seat.
- Yeah.
- What's up? Hey listen, so the documents
- i was thinking, they
weren't quite right. What?
Caught you.
Oh, I'm sorry,
i was just-
first time leaving the kids
at home with the nanny?
- Yeah.
- Don't worry.
It'll get easier.
So let me bring you
up to speed on everything.
You scared me.
Hey fay!
Where were you?
- Oh, at the neighbors'.
What were you doing there?
New friends. They have super
cool video games and everything.
Wow! Cool.
Just smile and hand her
the flyer. Oh, hello.
Hi, we're the bensons.
I'm Claire. My son, Kyle.
- We're your neighbors.
- Oh, I'm the new nanny, Jen Russell.
Oh, it's nice to meet you.
Hey, I'm Kyle.
- Oh, hi guys!
- We just wanted to
give you this reminder about the
safari supper that we're organizing.
It's basically an annual
event for the block.
We make a dish. We go from
house to house, to house,
and it's just a great way for the
neighborhood to get to know each other.
It sounds like a lot of fun. I don't know
if I'm going to be able to cook something.
- Well, I can do it. I love
to cook. So... Are you sure?
Yeah, it's no problem.
I'm late though.
It was nice meeting you guys.
Nice to meet you.
- Looks like you got a good one.
- Right?
Fay. Guess who got
a meeting with rod topping
in Portland,
three weeks from today?
That's fantastic!
- Uh, who's rod topping?
- Who's rod topping?
He's only the owner and operator of the biggest
sporting goods empire in the whole world.
And he's interested in the
helmet your company is producing?
Well we're not producing yet.
It's prototype. But, hold on.
Oh no,
they all fall down.
See, look. Here she is.
The spartan 3000.
See, inside here those are actually
safety sensors all along the inside there.
Oh cool!
Does it come in pink?
Uh, no.
Honey, I think you're
going to be late.
Yeah, okay.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
- Bye, buddy.
- Bye, dad.
I'll see you later.
You be good, okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
Um, Jen, I'm going
to be home late tonight.
- Is that okay with you?
- Oh yeah, no problem.
Don't forget, though, you have the
event with the neighbors tonight.
I have most of what I need. I just need
to grab a few things from the market.
Right. I can drop you by
the store, it's on my way.
Oh, perfect.
You want to go, Allan?
- Mm-hm.
- Let's go.
- I forgot to give you money.
- Oh, thanks.
I'm sorry. You must have
mistaken me for someone else.
I'm sorry. You look like
someone I knew.
It happens all the time.
I have a common face.
You know, you better go
to work. You might be late.
I finally have everything
i need now. Thanks so much.
All right.
Bye-bye, now.
See you tonight.
okay, what-
what are you doing here?
I swear, Alexa,
i didn't know you lived here.
I promise,
i won't say anything.
You better not.
We all know accidents
can happen.
I don't see it.
Maybe it's over here.
I don't see it here.
How about
around the corner.
- Yeah, I think
it's on this side.
Hi Tim. Did you get my message
about that party tonight?
I really think one of us
should be home for it.
Hey! I haven't seen you
in a while.
- Great party.
- Thanks.
Excuse me.
Oh, fay.
You saw what I did
with the furniture.
I wanted it to be a surprise.
I hope you like it.
I really think it improves
the flow of the room.
No, you know, i kind of liked
it the way it was before.
How are ya?
You're having fun?
Fay! There you are.
Love what you've done
with the place.
And this one.
What an angel, huh?
The hors d'oeuvres that
she made, they're amazing!
- Thank you.
- Fay and Tim, how are you?
- Oh...
- Actually, this is our nanny, Jen.
- This is my wife, fay.
- I'm sorry. Nice to meet you.
The hors d'oeuvres are amazing.
Please give her the recipe.
Oh! Jen actually made those.
- Would you mind giving it to me?
- Oh, yeah!
- Tim Wells. Sounds so familiar.
- Yeah.
- You played sports, right?
- Yeah, a little bit.
Until I got injured
and had to retire.
I'm going to go check
on the baby.
- You want a drink?
- Yeah.
- Let's do that.
- Actually, it led me into my new career.
I'm working with a company that's
developing a smart football helmet.
- Nice!
- We got a prototype going.
I actually have a meeting
with rod topping in 3 weeks.
Old 'whipped topping' himself?
I'm sorry,
'whipped topping?'
please tell me that's some
kind of kinky nickname.
Nah. Topping caught a pie in the
face from an angry employee last year.
It was all over the Internet.
He was super pissed.
Okay, well, maybe don't use
that in your presentation then.
Yeah. You think?
I don't know, maybe I will.
Okay, folks! Time to move
the party next door. Let's go.
Follow me. House next door.
Come on.
Safari supper!
Excuse me.
- Hey!
- Yeah.
Time to go next door for soup
or salad, or something.
Um, I'm going to stay here.
Someone- someone
should stay with the baby.
And I kinda just want to clean up
a little bit before going to bed.
Uh, did you see
the furniture?
- Yeah, it looks great.
- Tim! Vamoose!
Oh yeah, hold on. Yeah,
really opens the room up, huh?
- Okay. You know best. All right.
- All right.
Listen, I'm going to go with Jonathan.
He might be interested in investing.
So it could be big. Okay.
All right.
- Goodnight. See you in a bit.
- Goodnight. Love you.
Mommy, I'm hungry.
Are you up?
- Just a minute.
- Okay.
Are you awake?
The kids need breakfast!
Oh, that's right.
Oh. Actually,
i don't feel so good.
Are you gonna be able to get
out of bed at all today?
Oh, that's not mine. Someone
must have left it here last night.
Um... I'll feel fine.
Just go.
I'll get everything together.
Don't worry about it.
Okay, I have to get to work.
The detail on this
is just beautiful.
So after we're done with this,
what's the next step?
Once this is all scanned,
we'll present it to the board.
And assuming we get approvals,
we'll move on
to the other collections.
Eh, what happened to her?
She said she wasn't
feeling well today.
Oh god, a killer hangover
would do that to you.
hi! I'm fay Wells.
Hi, I'm fay Wells.
I'm a digital archivist.
I have two sons. Mm-hm.
Allan and Caleb.
It's lunch.
You want to go?
No. I have to get home.
Why are you
in my clothes?
Oh, um...
We were playing dress up.
I must have fallen asleep.
Where are the kids?
- Um...
- Where are they?
Oh, my god! Caleb!
I'm sorry mommy! I was just
trying to give him a bath.
I'm so sorry. I-
I don't know what's wrong
with me. I'll do better.
Do better?
You almost killed Caleb.
Jen, obviously we can't trust
you with the kids anymore.
You need to go now!
I have nowhere to go.
I'll be homeless.
Please, just let me stay
till at least the morning.
All right, fine.
You can stay the night,
but tomorrow you're gone.
are you sure?
There's no babysitters
available on such short notice.
I don't want to leave Jen
home alone anyway.
Maybe I should just work from
home. Just until she leaves.
- Which will hopefully be any minute.
- Yeah.
Look, I got to get going. You sure
you're okay here alone all day today?
All right.
Call me.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
Hey, be good, all right?
- Okay.
- See you later on.
- Allan, honey, are you okay
here for a moment? - Mm-hm.
All right. I'm just going
to go check on something.
Open up.
I need to know
what time you're leaving.
When is your ride
getting here?
Who are you?
What are you doing
in my house?
What are you doing? You can't
have strange men in my house!
Allan, honey. Are you
okay? Did he touch you?
Yes. Hi. Can I get the police
at 211 maple drive, please?
There's a strange man
that is in my house.
No. He didn't exactly
break in.
No, he didn't threaten me.
When can you just get here?
Thank you.
Hurry. Allan, honey. Let's
go find your brother, okay?
- They're still there?
- Yeah, they're downstairs in her room.
Open the door now!
Who the hell are you?
Who the hell are you?
Bye, baby.
Later, baby.
Hey! What the hell do you think
you're doing? This is our home.
You need to get out now.
Do you hear me?
Are you listening to me?
Uh, not really.
Dammit you-
- You perv!
- No, no, i-
that guy is a creep.
What happened?
I don't know.
She's nuts, okay?
We just need to get
out of here. Now.
We need to call the cops.
Go away!
No, fay! Let me in the house right now.
You can't just kick
me out like that!
No, just go!
You need to go!
Let me in. Let me in. Let me in!
Go away! Please, just
leave my family alone!
This is my family.
I'm going to call the police.
Go away!
Too late.
Someone already did.
It's terrible, okay? She just kept
pounding on the door and trying to break in.
- Because I live here!
- No! Not anymore!
Yes, I do.
I can prove it!
I have a letter
that was sent to me here.
Your address is on here,
That's because she used to live
here. But she doesn't anymore.
She was our nanny
and we had to let her go.
They just kicked me out
without any notice.
I told them I'd be homeless.
But they didn't even care.
Everything was fine until Mr.
Wells started hitting on me.
And then, I guess Mrs. Wells
just got jealous or something
because she just told me
to leave.
That is a lie!
She's lying!
Hey, it's true.
I saw it from the window.
Mr. Wells pulled the towel
right off of her.
He's just saying that
because he is in love with her.
Fay. It's true.
I saw it from the window too.
Where's your husband at,
He went to go buy locks.
We have to change our locks.
I wouldn't let
him do that ma'am.
Look, I understand you want
her out of your house.
But the fact that she's
receiving mail at your address
means that she's
established residency.
According to the civil code
you can't prevent her from
gaining reasonable access
to the property,
nor can you remove her
private property.
This is our house.
We have small kids inside.
What are we supposed to do?
You'll have to evict her
through the courts, ma'am.
Would you like to press
charges against Mr. Wells?
- What?
I just want to go to my room.
I haven't been feeling well.
That's probably because you're still
hungover! She almost killed my son!
Ma'am, you have to
take it up with the courts.
I suggest you let her
back in the house.
Let her get her things.
Do you understand?
You understand?!
Look, this makes no sense! How
can they force us to keep her here?
Tim. Please calm down.
Calm down? Do you hear that?
It's 1:00 am!
You have to stay
away from her.
You can't go near
her again.
"Again"? What is that
suppose to mean?
Tim, she told the police
that you sexually
harassed her.
And Claire, next door,
saw something about a towel?
No. I-
I tried to get her attention.
I grabbed her arm and then she
dropped her towel on purpose.
The girl is a nut.
Come on, you don't
believe her, do you, fay?
I mean...
I just don't understand why you would
lay a hand on her in the first place.
I didn't, okay?
It wasn't like that.
So, what are we
supposed to do now?
They said we're supposed to
file a "three day notice. "
Three days?
Would you please
keep it down?
Tim, honey. Don't.
my power went out.
That's it. No more water.
No more heat. No more food.
You might be living there now but we're
gonna do whatever it takes to get rid of you.
Tim, stop.
She's filming this.
Allan, honey.
Stop being so mean
to jenjen!
That notice
goes on that door tomorrow.
hopefully that's enough
to scare her into leaving.
I'll make some coffee.
I don't have a problem with
that. That's totally fine.
Hey Johnny!
Hey, you want to check
those specs out?
I'm good, man.
We're good.
I gotta- I gotta-
we'll catch up.
Crazy idea with some helmet.
She saw the notice.
She was not happy about it.
That's good, right?
She's taking it seriously.
Hey, you want more
cereal, buddy?
Can I use these?
Mommy, is Jen leaving
this time?
Yep. I think so, hon.
I hate you!
- Allan!
- Allan. Get back here!
I guess all it took was an
official-looking legal notice.
Maybe she'll be gone
by this weekend.
Let's hope so.
Mommy, what's that?
I don't know, honey.
Come on.
Tim. What's going on?
There's a moving truck
out front.
I don't know.
It just pulled up.
Watch out, Allan.
Can I help you?
Hi, uh... Jen Russell?
Uh, downstairs.
She's finally moving out.
Excuse me, sir.
No. That stays downstairs.
Um, Ms. Russell said
that it goes.
No. I'm the home owner.
That's ours.
That stays downstairs.
Okay, but we won't have
any room.
- What?
- Room for what?
No, no, no, no. Sorry. Nothing's
going in today. No. That's not-
it says here bought
and paid for by Jen Russell.
Delivery too.
She's redecorating. Just-
What is going on?
Hi. May I help you?
- Timothy and fay Wells?
- Yeah.
You've been served.
Let's open it.
She's suing us?
For just $20,000...
All this can go away.
$20,000? What-
you're crazy!
Yeah, right.
Tim, honey.
We have to get a lawyer.
Allan, honey.
Come here.
Let's see.
Well, she's definitely
suing you
for interference of quiet
enjoyment of her residence.
Are you kidding me?
Look, she's the one making all the
noise. She's not even a resident.
We hired her as a nanny.
We gave her a room.
She's not a nanny anymore,
so she needs to get out.
Yeah, you would think.
But not in this state.
The laws here are very
Look, I wouldn't even
let someone crash on my couch,
let alone move in.
Once someone's in,
good luck getting them out.
Now, I assume she's not doing
anything illegal on the premises?
Well, that's too bad.
If she were,
we could get
an expedited eviction.
Listen, I just want to be clear
with you up front.
This can get very,
very costly.
Perhaps you should be
thinking about, maybe,
paying her off to leave.
I wouldn't pay her a cent!
Mr. Alden, we can barely
afford to pay you.
All right.
I understand that.
Let's see.
You've already filed for a
'three day notice'. That's good.
The next step is to file
an unlawful detainer.
In about a month or so,
we'll get a hearing.
A month? What are we supposed
to do until then?
She stays in your house.
And you supply her,
provide her with whatever
services you were
committed to originally.
- Like water, power, food.
- Food?
Maybe not food
but everything else,
you need to supply it
without complaint.
And I mean this.
All right. This is serious.
By law, she's considered
your tenant.
And that means, you are
prohibited from any coercive acts
which entice her
into leaving.
Do you understand?
You must leave her alone.
Unless you want to wind up
with her owning your house.
This is-
this is ridiculous.
maybe we should take
the kids to your mom's.
Just until she's gone.
Are you kidding me?
I know, but,
I have the presentation
at the library to prepare for,
and you've got your trip
to Portland coming up soon.
I just think
it would be easier.
Safer for all of us.
Maybe you're right.
I'll call my mom tomorrow and then
we'll drive them up over the weekend.
Let's not say anything
about what's going on, okay?
It'll just scare her.
Make her worry.
- We'll just tell her the kids miss her so much.
- Okay.
Get in here.
Who's gonna break?
Who's gonna go?
You. Go.
I'll go.
Thank you.
I owe you one.
What's good, mama?
It's okay.
It's okay. Hey.
Hey! Stay away from him!
I was just bringing him
his pillow. He was crying.
Look- just- you're not even
supposed to be in here. Get out!
thank you.
are you sure you just don't
want to stay with my mom
when we drop the kids off
this weekend?
There's no reason for us
both to be here.
I am not gonna let her
run us out of our own house.
Full screen.
They're eating our food.
Whatever happens,
don't come down.
You're not supposed to
eat our food.
We're not eating it.
What does that mean?
Did you put something
in our food?
I am so happy...
We are getting the kids
out of here.
Every time
I'm in the kitchen,
you're in the kitchen-
I'm not gonna
be making you sandwiches.
Bye, baby.
Jen! That was pretty funny the other
night in the kitchen, wasn't it?
With Mrs. Wells, like,
freaking out at you and all?
- All right, how did you know?
- I saw it on the cameras.
Oh, that stupid Teddy bear cam
they think I don't know about?
No, no, no. I'm talking about
the new ones.
Yeah, they're, like,
all over the house.
You know what?
I'll show you.
I sometimes hack into
people's laptops
and nanny cams
just for fun.
Okay. That is creepy.
They've been watching me
this whole time. Those pervs.
Oh, they are so gonna pay.
Mr. topping.
Good to see you.
Thank you for having me today.
As most of you know, I received
a traumatic brain injury
which ended my football
career for good.
Now, I really believe that if I
had a helmet like the spartan 3000,
it would have
never happened.
So, as you can see,
with the inflatable lining
and flexible shell-
hey Tim, let me stop you
right there.
I took this meeting because
I'm a fan of yours.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Not so much because of your
football playing
but how turned your life
around after the injury.
Now, we've seen these kinds
of flexible helmets before.
So I want you to tell me
something. Other than that,
is there anything else that is
proprietary about this helmet?
Uh, yeah.
Actually, sir,
the innovative aspect
of the helmet
is the sensor, which is
built into the lining.
So say a...
Say a player
gets hit in the head.
Coach on the sideline
gets notified
just how hard the
actual impact actually is.
- Okay.
- Like this.
Um, okay.
This- here we go.
Um, it's supposed to, uh-
Uh, let me see here.
I apologize.
That's all right.
She cut it.
Tim, why don't you do this.
Why don't you come back
when your product
is more ready.
Sir, I can explain.
Let me just pop
through here.
Get him out of here.
Out of here.
Get him out of here.
Sir, i
- whoa! Whoa! I didn't do that. I can explain.
I sure you can.
Do it from home.
Tell your wife a village
is missing the idiot.
I think our
chances look good.
She's representing herself,
which is always a good thing.
I think we have a really
good shot here.
And it's always good, you know,
to have the upper hand.
Ah, damn.
Looks like she lawyered up.
These guys
are 600 bucks an hour.
They're big time lawyers.
How can she afford
to pay them?
You don't want to know.
Let's just go to the
other room, okay?
That's how we arrived
here to this point.
So, what's the bottom line?
The bottom line is that she...
Is using and abusing
the system for profit.
Your honor,
as you can see,
the young lady
was hired as a nanny
and her term of service
is clearly over.
There's no reason not to Grant
the eviction to the Wells's.
Thank you.
Okay, Mr. Decker.
What's your response?
Your honor,
what Mr. Alden
failed to mention
is the room was provided
in exchange for work.
Work for which the Wells's
did not even pay my client
minimum wage!
After which, she was harassed.
And fired.
We have a police report
detailing the illegal lockout
of my client.
We also have proof
of intimidation tactics.
If I may.
No more water. No more heat.
No more food, okay?
You might be in that room now, but I'm going
to do whatever it takes to get rid of you.
Most importantly,
the three day notice
posted on my client's door,
it's defective.
Here is the notice posted
on my client's door.
As you can see,
there's an extra "I" on the end
of miss Russell's name.
That can't be.
I have no choice.
I'm ruling that the three day
notice is defective.
You're going to start the
eviction process all over again.
Over a typo? That's crazy!
Look, that's the way it works.
I'm sorry.
And we ask that the Wells's pay
all of my client's legal fees.
So ordered.
Next case!
That's how she affords
that lawyer.
By making you pay
her court costs.
Look, I can't do this. I can
do another six weeks of this.
Six weeks? Tim, Ken said they can
drag this out for another year.
Didn't Ken say something about
a quick eviction or something
- if she does something illegal in the house?
- Forget it!
- Tim!
- Forget what?! Huh?
We're prisoners
in our own house!
We're afraid to have our
children in the house!
We're afraid to eat our food!
- I think we should just pay
her off. Pay her off with what?
You just lost your job!
I'm about to lose mine!
And these bills are out the
roof because of her!
- Why don't we just sell the car. Or...
- Okay. Yeah.
Let's sell the car. Why
don't we just sell the house.
Better yet, why don't we just
give the house to her, huh?
I never wanted to live here
in the first place.
So, it looks like
you won, right?
And I really helped you.
I mean with showing
you the cameras and
hacking into Mr. Wells'
presentation and all.
It's sort of like...
You owe me.
You're going to have to do a lot
more than that to get my "thanks. "
Man. You are such a bitch.
You pretend to be nice
to get what you want but-
You know...
I can always tell 'em
what I know about you.
And what is that?
I know about that creepy
boyfriend of yours.
That he's, like,
a drug dealer.
And he's always
giving you drugs.
I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
Why not?
Trust me.
You don't want to know.
Right? Can you just
- no, that's not the person that I talked to.
No, I wasn't-
no. I can't hold, okay?
This has gone on
way too long.
We've been here for weeks
and our mail is not coming.
And now I'm really upset
about it because this is...
I keep getting the run-around
with all of this.
211 maple.
Yes, I'll hold.
Yo, Tim!
What's up, Kyle?
Man. That guy is such a creep.
I can't believe you let
him into your home.
Yeah, not my choice.
Yeah, I get it.
It's all about what she wants.
Such a bitch.
And a complete user.
In more ways than one.
What do you mean,
like drugs?
You didn't know that?
That guy
is like a total dealer.
He's always giving her something
to shoot, snort, or whatever.
I mean, look at it this way.
Do you really think she's
doing him for free?
Oh my god.
That's okay. We'll get
him back next time.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
See ya.
- hey! What are you doing in here?
- Oh! No, no, no, no.
No messing with the evidence.
I got you now.
I'm calling the cops.
Illegal activity means
immediate eviction.
Just let me in my room.
This is ridiculous.
Absolutely not.
- No way.
- Thank god you're here. He was filming me naked
- and he won't let me back in my room.
- That's bullshit.
She's got illegal drugs
on her night stand.
I saw her on the bed shooting
up with a needle in her arm.
I saw it. I got the whole
thing on tape.
Right here.
What are you doing in
here? Oh! No, no, no, no.
No messing with the evidence,
all right?
I'm calling the cops.
Illegal activity means
immediate eviction.
Just leave me alone.
Get out.
- Go check things out in there.
- Yeah. Go ahead.
Right on the night stand.
- Everything's right in there.
- Come here, ma'am.
That's all I found.
Yeah, you mean my
medication for my diabetes?
I was just diagnosed last week. I can
show you the receipt from my pharmacy
- for my prescription.
- What? No, no, no, no.
Mr. Wells!
You realize this is Insulin.
So you're just gonna film
her while she's unclothed
and then you're gonna
trespass in her room?
No, no.
I saw her on her bed.
Get him out of here.
Get him out of here.
With her drug dealer boyfriend.
She had a needle in her arm.
Sitting on the bed.
You have the right
to remain silent.
I'm really sorry
for the inconvenience.
Is there anything else
we can help you with?
No. Just...
Thanks for coming.
You guys are making a big mistake.
You have no idea what's going on here.
The girl is nuts.
We see this all the time.
I can't believe that he was
coming in my room and filming me.
I want a restraining order.
I don't want him
anywhere near me.
Tim! Tim, honey.
What are you doing? What
happened? Tim, what happened?
- What happened?
- Ma'am, I need you to please back up.
- What is happening?
- Just back up, ma'am. I need you to back up!
- Why is my husband in that car?
- I need you to back up for a moment, ma'am. Please.
Now, that little performance
of yours was very helpful.
My pleasure.
all right.
I'll call back later this
afternoon. Thank you, officer.
Look fay,
I've done all I could here.
It's just that he's really going
to need a criminal attorney.
Look, I want to be
straight with you.
You need to be prepared
for a big lawsuit here.
She's going to come after
you in civil court for this.
I've seen all this kind of
thing before, you understand?
It's what she wanted all along.
It's a big payday.
Just tell me,
when can he come home?
He can't come home.
His arraignment is tomorrow but she
has a restraining order against him.
He can't come anywhere
near the house.
Look, I know this is
difficult for you.
But in the end, it's all
going to be okay.
I promise.
Hey fay!
Join the party.
Poor fay.
You should have just
paid me off.
I might have just left.
But now...
I kinda like it here.
You know, with all of grandma's
little knickknacks.
Hey fay!
We're almost out of wine.
Don't worry.
I already put it on the list.
there you go, Allan.
Eat up.
You too, Timothy.
Thanks, grandma.
Yeah. Thanks, mom.
Thanks for having us here too.
Oh, honey, I love having
you guys here.
I just wish that fay
could be here too.
Daddy, where is mommy?
Mommy's at home, buddy.
Actually, I'm going call
mommy right now. Okay?
Eat your pancakes,
all right? Eat up.
Are those pancakes good?
Tim, everything all right?
Yeah. I just don't understand
why you can't come here.
There's plenty of space.
Babe, just
please consider coming.
The kids want you here.
I want you here, too.
I just don't want you in the
house all alone. It's not safe.
But, I do need to be here.
Someone has to.
And now that you can't...
Look, I know. I know.
I'm sorry, okay? I just-
look, I know
- you were right all along. She played me.
Okay, but, I don't-
we'll just pay her off, okay?
All right? We'll sell everything
we have to get her out.
The car.
The house if we have to.
Your cousin always
had an eye on it.
So maybe we can just
sell it to her.
Tim! It's too late for that.
Don't you get it?
Even if we wanted to we
couldn't sell the house now.
No one will buy it with a
problem tenant like Jen!
We're going to have to take her
to court to get her out.
- Fay. Fay. Hey.
- I have to go.
Well, the paperwork appears
to be in order this time.
And as miss Russell didn't
bother to show up in court today,
I see no reason
not to Grant the eviction.
Your honor, I'm so sorry.
But the bus was late-
It's okay.
Miss Russell, nice of you
to make an appearance.
But unfortunately,
you're too late.
I've just granted the Wells's
an eviction.
But your honor, I have proof
that I filed for bankruptcy.
- Wait, what does that mean?
Your honor! Please.
Miss Russell is trying
to game the system!
She obviously filed
for bankruptcy
in order to halt
the eviction.
She actually filed these
papers a couple of weeks ago.
I'm sorry, but in light of
the recent bankruptcy filings,
I have no choice but to Grant an
automatic stay on the eviction.
Next case!
- What is this?
- I'm sorry, she found a loophole.
I did the best I could.
I'm sorry.
Hey, what just happened
in there?
Filing for bankruptcy gives
tenants certain rights
they wouldn't normally have.
It puts a stop to all evictions.
Okay, so when do we get her
out? When does she leave?
It may be hard to say.
I'm gonna file a motion
in bankruptcy court
to lift the stay.
But in my experience,
it's another 2 months or so.
Two- what?
Hey fay.
Hey. Come here.
- Easy. Easy.
- How did this happen?
Why is this happening to us?
Come here. Come here.
Come here.
Just relax.
I just wanted to give our kids
a nice house.
I know.
I know. Just breathe.
Okay. Calm down.
Just breathe.
Tim. No. That's just not
gonna work.
Fay, listen,
i really think it could.
Ken was talking about
some company
that specializes in this.
It's called "dumping. "
They buy the house from us at a discounted
price. And then Jen's their problem.
Tim, I grew up
in that house.
I can't just have her
take it from me.
And from our family.
Look, I know that it was
your grandmother's house.
Okay? But she always
said that
family was the most important
thing in this life.
She'd understand.
Do whatever you have to do.
I'm sorry.
I know someone
who has that same tattoo.
Must be pretty common,
i guess.
No. It's the exact
same tattoo.
In the same spot.
Would you mind finishing this
up. I'm going to take my break.
Excuse me.
I really- I really need
to talk to you.
- I can't talk right now.
- I...
I- i- please. I just-
if you could just
talk to me for just a minute.
- Please. It will only take a minute.
- You can't be back here.
Listen. Just, please.
Listen to me.
A few months ago I came
in here with my nanny.
And you called her
by a different name.
- I thought maybe you just might
know- - i don't. I don't remember.
I'm really sorry.
Please. Please.
This is important.
If you know anything...
I don't know anything.
Just please leave me alone.
If Alexa thinks I'm talking,
she'll kill me.
Yeah, I've got everything.
I'll meet you at the
realtors at 9:00.
I think I'm going
to be late.
I got to run
to the supermarket.
I think I know someone there who
knows who our nanny really is.
No, no, no, no, no!
What's going on?
- I need your car.
- Forget about it.
I've seen the way you drive
and before you threaten me,
keep in mind that you just
had sex with a minor,
which, I still think
is a crime.
Give me the keys.
What are you gonna do,
stab me?
- What did you do?
- You should have just given me the keys.
- Come on. Let's go.
I can't move my arm.
- Just leave me. I won't tell. I swear.
- Let's go. Come on.
Let's go for a little ride.
Jen, I need
to get to a doctor.
Sure. We'll get you there.
In the trunk.
I'm not getting in there.
Did I stutter?
Get in the trunk!
Jesus. Jen!
Shut up!
Hey wren. We need to talk.
I can't, Alexa.
I have work.
Just get in the car.
There you go.
Thank you.
Have a good day now.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Yeah.
I'm looking for a girl
who works here.
She has a butterfly
tattoo on her wrist.
Oh yeah. Who isn't.
Must be talking
about wren.
- Wren?
- Wren roullen.
Yeah. She just went on break
and never came back.
Do you by any chance know
anything about wren?
Where she's from?
Uh, she's from a small town
Sugar... Sugar grove.
Sugar grove.
- Thank you! Thank you very much!
- Sure.
If you find her,
tell her she's fired!
I was hoping you could
help me.
I work downstairs.
I'm searching for a girl
who used to live
in a town nearby.
Sugar grove,
i think it's called.
I know her name is Alexa and I'm
guessing she went to school there.
Is there any way that I can search
through the high school yearbooks by name?
No. I'm afraid we haven't
got that facility here.
But, I do know
that we've got
every copy
of the town's yearbook.
And they go back
to the early 1950s.
i know she was friends
with a girl
named wren roullen.
This girl.
Oh, yeah. I recognize her.
I mean, she was the young girl
that was involved
in that house fire.
About five years ago.
It was terrible.
A fire?
Yes. It was a young
teenage girl
and she set fire
to the family foster home.
Do you know the name
of the young girl?
Sadly, no.
But, let me think.
You could look up the newspaper
articles that covered that time period.
And I know that we've got those on
the microfiche in the back office.
Follow me.
I'll show you.
- Here you go.
- Thank you so much.
And if it helps at all,
it was five years ago.
I'm pretty certain that the fire
took place in the summer months.
So I would start
your search, say...
July-August, five years ago.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
Alexa dodge.
Please. Just take a look
at the photo.
You can see that it is the same woman
that has been living in my house.
I don't know, ma'am. I need
this by the end of the day.
Please, just-
just look at the tattoo
on her wrist.
I'm telling you.
Alexa dodge is Jen Russell.
Her friend at the market even
called her by that name.
And what's the name
of this friend?
Wren roullen.
She works at Sam's market. I
just don't think she's on today.
I'll look into it.
Thank you.
Where are we, Alexa?
This looks like the desert.
Stop calling me that!
I told you
I'm not Alexa anymore.
Sorry, just please listen. I
didn't tell that lady anything.
I wouldn't.
Let me out and I will never
go back to that town, ever.
It's okay.
I believe you.
Only thing is, it doesn't
really matter anymore!
Wren! Stop!
Your house is clean,
Mrs. Wells.
There's no one inside.
We'll leave a cop car out front
just in case she comes back.
You believe me now?
We dusted the room for prints
and certified
that Jen Russell
is actually Alexa dodge.
And she's actually wanted
for arson and homicide.
- Officer Seymour.
- Excuse me.
We got a call
for an overturned vehicle.
I think we found the kids
you were looking for.
We ID'd Alexa dodge.
She's been pronounced dead.
You can stop worrying,
Mrs. Wells.
They found Alexa dodge.
She's dead.
She's dead?
Car accident.
Her and the neighbor,
Kyle Benson.
He was severely injured but he did verify
that Jen stole the car and crashed it.
Oh, wow.
I have to call my husband.
And tell him that he and the
kids can come home, right?
Thank you.
Can you get
me to pinewood?
Hope on in.
Come here, buddy.
Come here.
So mommy, can we stay with
you guys from now on?
Of course you can, honey.
This is your house.
And can I have ice cream?
I will get you a new bowl.
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
Never mind.
Look at what I have.
All right, Allan, honey.
Are you ready for bed?
- Mmhmm.
- Okay.
Probably just a fuse.
I'll go check it out, okay?
It's okay, honey. It's probably
something wrong with the fuses.
What's up?
There's nothing
to be scared of.
That's what Jen said.
You mean, when she was
your nanny?
But, honey.
We explained this.
She's not coming back.
She's gone.
She was just right here.
Allan. Come on.
Let's go find your dad.
This is all your
fault, fay.
You should have just...
Paid me off,
like all the others.
But no...
You had to go nosing
around in my past.
So now,
you're going to pay.
You like this house so much.
Then guess what?
You're never going to leave.
Or Allan.
I'll find Caleb.
Please, Jen.
Alexa, please.
Let the kids go.
They didn't do anything wrong.
That doesn't matter.
See, this is a good lesson
to learn, Allan.
Life's not fair.
I mean, just look at me.
I never did anything wrong.
Yet, they moved me
from foster house to house,
to house. It was-
it was like a safari dinner.
- Except it was my life.
Alexa, I know.
I know it wasn't fair.
I'll make it right.
I'll sign over the house to you.
I'll do anything.
How dumb do you
think I am?
There's nothing but a whole
bunch of old bullshit in here.
Where's the good stuff,
Oh, you don't know.
- I don't know.
- You know something.
No. I don't.
Oh, you don't?
Oh, god.
No, okay, okay.
I know what you want. I know
what you want. Downstairs.
My grandmother's
collectables. Please.
I knew it.
And you better not
be lying, bitch.
No, no. It's downstairs.
Mrs. Wells,
it's officer Seymour.
We just learned that the body ID'd as
Alexa dodge was really wren roullen.
Lock all your doors.
We're on our way.
- This is your fault, bitch!
- No, no, no, no.
Please. Please. You could
still run. You can still go.
You'll be safe.
Just go. Just-
- i need a hostage. Come on! Let him go! Let him go.
- No!
Let me have him
or I'll kill him.
If you follow me,
he's done.
Let the boy go. Alexa dodge-
Allan, get to the tree house.
Come on. Let's go.
To the tree out
front there! Go! Go!
Oh! Oh-
You shot me!
You okay?
You're safe now.
Hey, this is your fault,
You should have just
butted out!
I can't let them take
me again! I can't go back.
Let Allan go.
You don't understand.
I have nowhere to go.
This is it for me.
It's okay.
Everything's going to be okay.
I'm going to get you the help
that you need. Please.
Alexa dodge!
Drop the knife!
Alexa, just...
Please let him go.
Allan, honey.
Go down to the cops
down there.
I don't understand why no
one ever loved me like that.
No one ever did.
Oh, god-
oh, god, Alexa!
No! No! Alexa! No!
Even my mom didn't want me.
That's not true.
That's a lie.
My foster mom told me my mom
couldn't wait to get rid of me.
- I was bad from the start.
- No. Alexa.
No, your mother loved you.
She got sick.
She had to give you up.
She couldn't take care of you.
No, you're lying.
No! I'm not lying.
I can prove it.
I have proof, please.
I'm not gonna let you go.
I'll get you that article
about your mother.
It will explain everything.
It's going to be okay.
All right, come on.
So now we're moving back to live
near grandma? In another new house?
Yeah, honey. We're selling that
house to my cousin and her husband.
So we're going to move
closer to grandma.
Just, you know,
in a smaller house.
And Jen?
Where will she live?
Jen's getting the help
that she needs.
She's got a room all to herself.
It's really nice.