Exile (2023) Movie Script

[tranquil piano music]

Maybe we should just
head home.
You must wanna see the kids.
Oh, I do.
But I'm just trying
to reschedule.
Spend a few nights
with you alone.
That would be good for us.
Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
[car honking]
[child laughing]
Oh. Sorry.
It's okay.
No. I... I should know.
[sighs] They told me that
awkwardness is to be expected.
There's a diner up ahead.
You haven't gone off crullers,
have you?
[voice on phone]
Oh, hi.
Uh... um... I'm wanting to
reschedule with Doctor Frei.
[voice on phone]
Hold please.
[ominous music]
Uh, sorry.
Um... it's been so long. I...
Enjoy it.
I'll be back in a second.
[voice on phone]
Oh. Hello. Hi.
This is, uh, Ted Evans.
I'm calling to reschedule my
appointment with Doctor Frei.
[voice on phone] I'm sorry Ted,
but Doctor Frei
has been missing
for the past two days.
The police are investigating.
It's just so awful.
I know how close you were
with him.
Doctor Pike will be handling
emergency cases from now on.
[dramatic music heightens]
I have no one...
because of you.
I have nothing...
because of you.
From now on...
you're going to be
like me.
[dog barking]
[Sara] Ted, where are you?
I don't...

Don't cry my love,
don't cry no more...

A crashing sky, a rolling

A city drowning,
God's black tears...

I cannot bear
to see you...

She lay under
the midnight moon...

Her restless
body stirring...

Until the magic
morning hour...

Like poison
it succumbs to her...
[wind whistling]

He's early.
You look fabulous.
Oh, really?
It's not me I'm worried about.
I just want another couple
minutes with you.
No, we gotta go.
No, we have a little bit
of time.
[laughing] No, we
really don't.
Come on.
He's here, we gotta go.
But you look so beautiful.
I do but I still can't give you
a compliment.
Okay, two minutes.
I told him not to.
Oh my goodness,
give me that marker.
You're so funny.
[children giggling]
Hey buddy.
[puppy whining]
[ominous music]
Come, boy.
[pupping barking]
Good boy. Come.
[puppy whines]
[dramatic music]
[door closes]
[ominous music]

Like a small bird
on the rise
from the heather...

'Fore you ever heard,
it rose off in
golden weather...

So let it all just cave in,
our world today...
Oh... oh...

[clerk] Great to see you Sue.
Hey, and don't forget the
coconut pie tomorrow night.
Oh, come on down.
I don't bite.
Been a while since
you've been in.
What's your name again?
My dog Jasper goes crazy
for this stuff,
does little backflips
in the morning.
What kinda pooch
you got?
There's a big thing
tomorrow night,
harvest festival, the whole
town's gonna be there.
You should come.
You could come with me.
You can't stay shy
in a town this small.
I could pick you up.
You staying out past
Miller road?
Stop! Enough!
Here. I will need this.
Oh, my...
[keypad beeping]
[shaky breathing]
[dramatic music]
[radio static]
Hey. We got a call from
Marshall's Grocery, right?
[Dispatch] Copy that, 13.
That's confirmed.
Hey buddy.
Can I give you a lift?
Those groceries
look pretty heavy.
I'm good.
Thing is, the manager called.
Seems one of the girls working
the till said you spooked her.
I was doing nothing wrong.
Hey... I hear you, buddy.
If I got picked up every time
I creeped out a girl...
Thing is, they call, I gotta
check it out, get a statement.
You know?
Sorry, what was your name again?
Okay. Come here, Steve.
Station's on the way.
It'll save you 20 minutes
on the road
and it'll take three to write
down that nothing happened.
It's, uh, more paperwork
than I thought.
I'll be out in a sec.
You stole my wallet.
-[bodies thudding]
Not too bright, are ya?
He has no right!
Shut up, psycho.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Put him in the back and then
you come to my office.
Right now!
You broke protocol.
His right to
elected notification.
He's a missing person,
not an offender.
Uh... not an offender?
What, did he touch you?
A bit, yeah.
I hear you perjure yourself
again Cole,
you are done here.
You understand me?
You think your father would be
proud of that?
I ran him.
Vehicular manslaughter.
He did a decent stretch.
Three applications for
a restraining order too.
Yeah. A judge denied them all.
Well, who filed them?
He did, against his wife
and kids.
Alright. Thank you.
I want you to go and take
Dawson's statement for that B&E
he had last week.
[clears throat]
I wanna leave.
So, you quit driving, huh?
Easier than drinking,
I suppose.
Here, call your wife.
Call your wife or I'll charge
you with assault.
Okay then.
The judge won't be able to
arraign you until the morning.
I'll bring you a pillow.
[dramatic music heightens]
He's in a town called
Powell River,
it's about 10 hours
north of the border.
If I leave now I can be there
first thing.
Are you gonna be okay?
I'm hoping it'll just be
a couple of days.
No, no, no.
Don't worry about the kids.
I've got their schedules,
we're gonna be fine.
Now go.
Okay. I'll call when
I get there.
Just tell them that...
Work conference,
I got it.
You can do this, honey.
Thanks Mom.
Drive safe.
Thank you.

[car engine starts]

Help me find
the silver lining
here at the end...

Run your finger
all along the edge...

I feel worn out,
almost torn,
like an old leather belt...

Broken here but smooth
everywhere else...

Help me find
the silver lining...
What has it meant?

I wonder, was it worth
the fortune spent?
[chief] Hi. He's right
through here.
[ominous music]
No. No. No, no, no!
No, no, no!
No! No!
You shouldn't be here!
Ted, it's okay.
Calm down, Ted.
[Sara] I'm here for you.
[chief] Ted, you really need
to talk to her, man.
[sobbing] You killed her!
You killed... she killed her.
You killed her.
Okay. It's okay, I'll leave.
Okay? I hate upsetting you.
I just... I just wanted to see
that you were okay.
[sobbing] He'll see you.
He'll see you.
He'll see you!
[melancholy music]
I'm sorry.
I don't know what the hell's
going on here.
[melancholy music]
The system's failing him.
I'm just happy to know
he's alright.
You know, physically at least.
He really believes this McGrath
character is out there.
I just find it hard to, uh,
to understand how a man
can walk away from his family
without any good reason.
You know?
Ted's accident destroyed
McGrath's family.
His wife and kids died.
I mean, McGrath lived,
It destroyed Ted too.
He can't forgive himself,
can't live with what he's done.
He spent five years in prison.
He could've been paroled
in two... never applied.
I have no real case
for officer assault but, uh...
Charging him will get him back
into the system at least.
Please don't do that.
When he was inside...
I know. I read his file.
Thank you for calling.
But... until he stops believing
someone's out there,
he'll never come home.
Well, you came all this way.
I... I wish there was more
I could do for you but, uh...
Could you give him this?
He won't take it from me.
Thank you.
[clears throat]
Okay, she's been gone
for two hours.
But if you insist on
staying here
I'm gonna have to put you
in a cell.
Can I have my backpack?
Right. Be back in a minute.
[dramatic music]
Oh, there you are.
You know, if you need anything
just, uh...
You're welcome.
[branches snapping]
[heavy breathing]
[ominous music]
I did not speak with her!
You hear me?
I'm following your rules!
[dramatic music]
[ominous music]
[Ted] What should I do then?
I'm running out of some ideas.
[child] Um... do a big heart.
Like a...
[Ted] Oh, I know what to do.
Have you seen this tree?
[child] Oh! That's
actually good.
[Ted] Da da da dun!
You have a heart.
-[child] You think Mom's gonna
like this.
-[Ted] I think so.
[child] Needs more glue.
-[Ted] Look. U, R...
-[child] U, R...
-Oh, my gosh it's amazing.
-U R pretty.
[children giggling]
[child] I wanna go back to bed.
[Ted] The sooner you finish,
the sooner you can.
Why can't we do it tomorrow?
Because it's today.
You forgot, didn't you?
No, I didn't.
[Sara] I see nothing.
[child] We're totally busted.
[guard] Single file.
Single file.
I have a message for you.
Are you listening?
Ted, are you listening?
Don't look.
You get out next week, Ted.
Five years.
For killing my wife and kids.
Stop man, I need you
to hear this.
Hearing what I say is the only
way to save your family.
Five years.
Not nearly enough.
I have no one because of you.
I have nothing because of you.
From now on, you're going
to be like me.
You stay away from my family.
Your family is safe.
Unless you speak to them.
You speak to them,
you try to have a relationship
with them...
I'll take them away from you.
You try to have a relationship
with anyone...
they go.
I'll be watching.
From today on, you're exiled.
You hear me?
You piece of shit.
You leave this room
and you live alone.
The way you left me.
I don't wanna be a killer, Ted.
Like you.
But I will...
if you make me.
[taser zapping]
[dramatic music]
[fire crackling]
What the fuck?
No. No.
No! No! No!
Sara, you shouldn't be here.
Get me out!
I know this terrifies you and
I know you don't believe this
but you have nothing
to be afraid of.
Did he see you?
You have nothing to fear.
Answer me!
This is gonna be hard for you,
for both of us,
but we're gonna get
through this together.
What are you doing, Sara?
I know you can't see it
but there's no one out there.
I'm staying here with you
and no one is gonna come
for me.
No one is gonna punish you
for being with me.
You'll see.
You don't have to do this.
You're not safe here.
You have to go, now!
I'm gonna get some things
from the car.
No. Wait, wait! No!
Once he sees you... don't go.
I'm not trying to hurt you,
I'll stay 'till you're
not so upset.
No, just... please.
If you take this...
I'm... I'm already taking...
You're not. I looked around.
Okay. Okay.
But you don't go outside,
just promise me.
Promise me.
Why did you come?
You don't know
what you've done.
[crying] I wish...
I'm gonna get you better.
I promise.

Feel better?
I need to go back to the car.
'Kay? It's a bit of a trek.
No. Don't.
You... you promised me.
That was a one-time offer,
just to help you adjust.
Sara, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
In the drawer.
[dramatic music]
I'll be fine.
You'll see.
No. Don't... don't... Sara.
Take it with you.
It'll protect you.
That's not how this is
gonna work.
Sara. Don't go out there!
Sara! Listen to me!
[muffled yelling]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct conversation]
[chief] ...Well done.
[Officer Riggs] Okay.
Ah, Cole.
You investigate
that Dawson case?
Guy lost a puppy.
What are we, the SPCA now?
Did you inventory the property
of that missing person
Yeah. It's, uh... in...
in the...
Here you go, Chief.
Thank you.

[car alarm chirps]
Sara. Sara, listen to me.
He's here.
Please listen to me.
The dog, I have a dog.
I tied him up.
And he's not here.
He's taken him, I know it.
Dogs get away all the time.
Look, it looks like he chewed
his way out.
No, he's here.
Listen to me.
Look, you have
to cut me loose.
If he comes back I'm not gonna
be able to help you.
I'll go find him.
You... You really think
I'm insane.
I think...
I think you need to ask yourself
a few questions.
How would someone watch you,
out here,
alone in the woods?
How would he even find you?
I had our friends, family,
private investigators...
everyone looking for you
for a year.
Not a trace.
So, how can you think someone's
out there watching you?
I'll go find your dog.
You think I'm gullible?
Like, really how fucking
gullible are you?
Look, let's be honest.
Has it ever crossed
your mind
that I just don't wanna be
fuckin' around you?
That maybe I just don't want
our shitty life together?
Or have you just been walking
around like you're a prize?
You just could never imagine
that I would never wanna spend
another day with you.
I know what you're trying
to do.
Yeah? Well, just tell me.
Have you thought about that?
Because I was in jail
for five years
thinking about how
I wasted my life.
And I told myself that I wasn't
gonna waste my life
or do anything that
I didn't wanna do.
Not be with anybody
that I didn't wanna be with.
This won't work.
Look, I'm happy here
in this shithole.
So why don't you just leave?
Get outta here.
Leave me alone.
I'm gonna go outside.
And why don't you call Richard
while you're at it?
Need another shoulder to cry on?
Another dick to suck?
Hey, fuck you!
I get it, I was in jail.
I made one mistake,
one fucking mistake.
You call fucking someone
a mistake?
It's not a mistake.
Convincing someone
they wanna be with you
for the rest of your life,
that's a mistake.
You think this is about McGrath
and not about you?
How fucking gullible
can you be?
Stop this.
Why don't you just leave
and go call Richard
or whoever it is that
you're fucking.
[tranquil music]
Here, boy.
[mysterious music]
Let's see.
[dramatic music]
[wolf howling]

[nervous breathing]
[wolf growls]
[wolf snarls]
[wolf snarls]
Go! Go!
It's beautiful out here.
I realize to you, me coming
here looks like an attack.
It's not what I want this
to be.
I want you to hear me but it's
only fair that I hear you too.
Why don't you tell me why you
believe McGrath is out here?
Why? You saw something,
didn't you?
Actually, I did.
I saw your dog last night.
In the jaws of a wolf.
Sometimes we convince ourselves
we're certain of things
that just aren't true.
And sometimes we need
someone else
to show us another perspective.
So you said McGrath visited you
in prison.
Tell me what happened.
He said he would kill you...
and the kids.
Anyone who I tried to have
a relationship with.
It was real.
And it was him,
you're sure?
So, you saw him then,
his face.
He was talking to me through
the prisoner behind me.
But you say you saw him.
I know it was him from what
the prisoner was saying.
There's something you need
to see, okay?
What's this?
McGrath's suicide note.
He mailed it to you... at prison
and he sent a copy
to our house.
It was addressed to you.
You can see that he was trying
to hurt you, emotionally,
I mean.
You can see that.
Frei wanted to wait
to show it to you
'till after you were released.
When did you receive this?
Six months before you believe
he visited you.
McGrath is dead.
He has been for some time.
He killed himself.
And they found his body.
The handwriting is a match.
The police investigated.
They found his things in order,
signs he was preparing for this.
Cached info on his computer
on how to drown yourself.
He had a boat that went missing.
He did it.
You can't be 100 percent
Neither are you.
You didn't see him.
You haven't seen him.
How come you believe it?
I know what you're trying
to do.
To convince me I'm wrong.
What if I can convince you
that you're wrong?
That you're in actual
danger here?
Then I would leave.
Did you know that there's
a camera out there
in the trees, pointing toward
this cabin.
Now, I noticed it there
about three weeks ago.
And I didn't wanna touch it
because I didn't want him
to know that I know.
Look, if we go out there,
we can know what has happened
to the dog,
we can see everything.
Okay. Yeah.
Now you just have
to cut me loose
and I'll show you where it is.
No, there's no need.
I know where it is.
I can get it.
Wait, no... Sara, please.
You can't go out there. You...
I'll take this.
I'll be fine.
No. Come...
I'll be fine.
I don't want you to get hurt!
Sara, please don't do this!
You leave her alone!
Don't hurt her!
Don't hurt her!

[metal scraping]

[phone alert chimes]
[dramatic music]
[breathing heavily]
What, you tracked me?
I'm just gonna follow you.
Okay? Let's just go back.
I'm still willing to keep
my end of the deal.
Let's just go look
at the camera.
Look, whatever it shows,
you're just gonna fit it
to your story.
You already made up your mind.
Look, that wolf takes the dog
and then buries it at night.
And then the next day
it just digs it up?
I'm not the one
making up stories.
It just doesn't make sense.
The stupid dog getting eaten
by a wolf does make sense.
This... this doesn't make sense.
You spent five years in jail
just to get out and lock
yourself away again.
How does that make sense?
I know you're sick...
I am not-
...and you're here because
you think you deserve this.
But I don't deserve this.
Chasing after you,
trying to rebuild our family.
I've told you, leave!
Well you don't get to tell me
when this life we made ends!
Not then and not now!
Come on, let's just go back.
Sara... I love you so much,
and the kids.
Look, whatever I said
in the cabin...
I didn't mean any of it,
none of it. Okay?
I know he's out to hurt me.
If he hurts you...
He won't come if I'm dead.
I just need you to know
that everything, all of this,
it's for us.
Ted, please don't.
I can't see you hurt.
I can't.
[gun cocks]
I don't want you hurt.
[gun clicks]
Wait... wait.
[gun clicks]
-[taser zaps]

Where is it?
[groggily] What?
Your vodka.
I haven't had a drink
since the crash.
[phone buzzes]
Ah, there you are.
I can't do this.
Maybe you should...
you should think about
coming home.
For the kids.
They okay?
[Karen] Yes, they're fine.
But they miss you
and they're expecting
a pretty big present
for a conference this long.
Maybe a puppy.
It didn't occur to me that...
I might be doing
more harm than good.
If I hadn't removed the bullets
beforehand, he would...
[Karen] Yeah, but you did,
and he isn't.
You prepared yourself.
I didn't prepare for this.
I didn't think it
would be so...
I mean, I knew it wouldn't be.
I knew that he was sick,
I just...
I didn't think...
I don't know what I thought.
[Karen] Maybe it's best you come
home... for the both of you.
Maybe. Maybe.
I thought I'd leave this.
That you'd eventually accept
what it proves.
I assume you don't want these.
I'm taking the gun.
And I'll only let you free
if you promise
not to hurt yourself.
I love you, Sara.
[crying] Fuck you. Fuck you.
I'll leave.
I'll leave.
But first you have to tell me...
how'd you choose?
I just wanna know.
I'm done trying to change
your mind, just tell me.
How'd you choose?
Like, you're right.
I can't be 100 percent certain
that McGrath is dead.
You know, I know there's
no evidence he's alive,
no evidence he's watching you.
That he's here or he ever
has been.
I know he wrote a suicide note
and hasn't been seen since.
But that's not quite...
I mean, it's not exactly
the same as knowing he's dead.
I can admit that.
And in that same way,
I know that you can't be certain
that you're right
about him being alive.
That even if he is alive that
he's out here doing this to you.
I mean, deep down
you know that.
Right? You aren't sure.
So what I'm asking is,
how did you choose?
'Cause that's what you did.
You chose to walk away from us,
from me, the kids.
You let us suffer.
After the years we stood
with you waiting...
[crying] waiting... for our
life to start again.
Only to have you steal it
away again.
Leave us wondering what
the fuck happened to you,
where you were.
You're choosing to let our
children grow up without you.
With just me, like this...
That's a choice.
You're making a choice.
You could choose to live with
the guilt that you rightly feel
for what you did and work
to salvage what we have left!
But you're choosing to run!
He'll kill you.
See, that's how!
That's fucking how!
You tell yourself that so that
it's not really a choice, right?
You convince yourself you're
doing it for us, to save us,
but that's bullshit.
And I am gonna make you
own that.
I'll leave.
But not before I take that
excuse away from you.
And then you'll have to face
that you picked a side.
And you'll have to live
knowing that you chose
to walk away from us.
Sara. Sara...
what are you doing?
Sara, you come back inside!
Let's talk, just come in!
Why talk?
You don't believe me,
I don't believe you.
Let's just find out.
Either he'll come or he won't.
Here I am, McGrath.
Talking to my husband.
Breaking your rules.
Sara, you stop!
Look, I'll... there is a reason
why I believe.
You just have to come in
and I'll tell you.
No more talk, Ted.
[music plays
over headphones]
[Ted] Sara. Sara... come inside!
[voice muffled]
[music plays
over headphones]
[woman] Hey big daddy.
You want a date?
Ah, very nice.
Hey old man.
It'll cost more than that.
I just want some information,
that's all.
Don't let that bright face
fool you.
She's no angel.
You know she's missing.
Hey. I don't like it
when that happens
but she knew what she was
getting into.
Always tried to roll the John's.
Get a picture of him.
Threaten to tell the wives.
You play those games,
what do you expect?
That bullshit's bad
for the rest of us.
You ever see her
with this guy?
A couple weeks
before she disappeared.
He was here.
With her?
And did he ever seem nervous,
like he was afraid somebody
would see them?
He seemed really eager
for some company.
Notice if he...
they go anywhere?
All I know is that he was here,
talking with her.
You think he's dangerous.
[man] Hey! Let's go!
I gotta go.
Thank you.
Mister, you got any more
of those bills?
I, uh... was a friend of
Oh, yeah.
If she's still with us I might
know where she is.
Look, I'm not...
I'm not interested in supporting
your drug habit, okay?
'Kay... 'kay...
It's a ways from here.
[birds chirping]
[tranquil music]
[shower running]

I was thinking that maybe
I should do the same.
Okay. Uh, just...
Uh, give me a minute.
[dramatic music]
[door slams]
You put this up!
You did have doubts!
Look, not at first.
Look, I've been out here
for such a long time
that I just wondered.
So I put it out there
to see him.
How long ago?
What, a month?
Three months?
Six months?
You saw nothing that whole time
and still you stayed?
Of course I stayed.
[crying] What do you think
it feels like
to realize that you might
be crazy?
Wasting all this time.
Away from you, the kids...
I just... I can't...
Like, to think I put you guys
through this for what?
How do you admit it?
If I was wrong, like, I couldn't
come home. I just...
How am I supposed to live
with this, I don't know.
And I know you're here for me.
And you're out there looking
and there's nothing.
Like, I really... I believed,
I believed.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.

[phone vibrating]
How are they?
Great. Good.
Uh... I don't know, Mom,
probably tomorrow.
He's not the same
but it's still him.
It's still him.
[phone beeping]
Uh... just tell the kids
that I love them and,
uh, that I'll be home soon.
Okay? Just that.
I'll call you tonight
when we've set a plan.
Sorry. I didn't mean
to wake you.
[guitar strumming]
Darling, I am the wind
in the trees.

Just a howling my tune
in the leaves.
Here you go.
But the year is getting on.
Pretty soon I'll be gone.
But I'll be back again
next spring.
[clears throat]
We're just closing up.
So... is it, uh, Nicole
or Felicity?
It's Carmen now.
Picture doesn't do you justice.
Nice to meet you too.
Is that it?
There's a lot here that I don't
wanna bring home.
I have to call my mom back,
let her know when to expect us.
You don't have a phone,
do you?
There's nothing here.
I've got a back-up battery
in the car.
Well, why don't we just call her
tomorrow on our way back?
Uh, I told her I'd call tonight
with our plans.
She'll be worried
if I don't check in.
Well, it's a long hike,
so I'll go get it.
I'll be back. Trust me.
I don't.
If you're gonna leave,
you'll leave.
I've done all I can do.
It's a little north of where
we were on the service road.
I know the road.
[ominous music]
[phone rings]
Oh... Yeah.
Hey Cole.
Look, I need you to do something
for me right now.
You know that missing person,
Just... just listen to me.
His whole story was an act,
so I want you to listen
very carefully,
and do exactly as I say.
[ominous music]
[dramatic music heightens]
[thunder crashing outside]
[dramatic music heightens]
[car tires squealing]
[dramatic music]
No. No.
Hey you!
[dramatic music]
[branch snaps]
You sure you can't be
more precise with the location?
It was in the woods
off that road,
I told you.
It's the best I can do.
It's, like... the woods,
you know?
Okay. Take me through
this again.
So, he... he lures you
out to this place.
He paid me to go out
there... a lot.
I mean... it wasn't the most
glamorous thing I've done
with a guy, but...
I don't know.
He seemed soft.
I wasn't as scared
as you'd think.
I mean, the cash helped.
So, what?
Takes you out to the cabin,
you have sex for a couple days?
Not even.
He wasn't interested.
He just wanted to sit
outside together
and go for walks
on the beach.
Five hundred a day
just to go for a stroll.
How long was that?
We agreed a week although
he said he might wanna extend.
But you left after four days.
So what spooked you?
Must've been pretty bad
to make you leave town.
[dramatic music]

[shaky breathing]

[shaky breathing]
[dramatic music heightens]
Well, why the hell would you
think that?
I called her house,
her mom answered.
Said Mrs. Evans
has been gone
since we called her
to the station.
I pressed her a bit and well...
she said she's with Ted.
Oh, for fuck's sakes.
Ah! Jesus!
[voicemail recording]
Hi, this is Sara.
I'm not able to take your call
right now.
Please leave a message.
Mrs. Evans... Sara.
I know that you have Ted
in the house with you.
Listen to me, it's not safe.
Get out of there immediately
and give me a call.
This is serious.
[breathing shakily]
[sobbing quietly]
Sara! Sara. Hey, don't worry.
It's me.
[bone crunches]
[breathing shakily]
I know what it looks like.
Don't go outside, I saw him.
Give me my keys.
Don't go outside.
Give me my car keys, Ted!
I just...
I don't wanna know.
I don't wanna know what you do.
Just, please just...
I will leave. You were right.
Just please, just give me
my keys.
I'll give you the keys.
Just... look, just hear me out.
Look, we couldn't be together
if McGrath was out there.
I had to stop him.
And he couldn't show himself
unless I broke the rules.
To meet someone,
hang out with them,
and that's what I did.
[crying] I don't understand.
I was with a woman and I paid
her but it wasn't like that.
It was just to be out
in the world, to be seen.
And then I tried
to bring her here.
I wanted her to be safe until
he came so I could kill him.
This place was for her to be
safe and hidden and quiet.
Stopping him was
the only way
that I could see you
and the kids.
[crying] I don't know who you
are anymore.
Just please give me my keys.
Okay. Look, I'm hurt.
I'm gonna lower my purse down.
I just want you to just
put the keys in there.
Just put the keys in there.
[groaning in pain]
I didn't hurt her.
I didn't.
I did this for us.
You have to understand.
I do, Ted. I do.
Go to the car and leave.
Don't use your flashlight,
he'll see you.
You promise not
to hurt yourself.
Just take the gun.
Just take it.
Is anything broken?
No. I'm good, I'm good.
[dramatic music]
[car alarm chirps]
Sorry to startle you ma'am,
You're still here.
Chief just learned some
disturbing information
about your husband and we need
to speak with him.
I'm assuming, ma'am,
that you can point us
towards his location?
He wants to be left alone.
Thing is, that's not really
true now, is it?
Now I know he made a big show
trying to make us all believe
that that's what
he really wanted.
But, uh, some... sex workers
the Chief spoke to
they said he was actually
quite interested
in their companionship.
You already knew that.
Ted hasn't done
anything illegal.
He's a danger to himself,
no one else.
Well part of my job, ma'am,
is protecting people
from themselves.
So, I'm gonna ask you again,
where is he?
I apologize.
I'm sorry.
Now... I know this
can be difficult.
But you gotta understand
that these women,
they gave us where your
husband's general location is.
So, we know he's out here
and we're gonna find him soon.
So... you won't be
betraying him.
You'll be helping him.
You'll be helping us,
all of us,
searching around in these
cold woods for a couple nights.
About five miles straight up.
He's hiding in an emergency
on the side of the mountain.
Thank you.
Tell him I'm sorry.
And he's hurt, make sure he gets
the help he needs.
Oh, I will.
Now I'm not one for giving
advice, ma'am,
but I strongly recommend
you drive home.
I can't imagine this is
still the man
that you've been looking for.
[engine starts]
[groaning in pain]
[branch snaps]
[branches rustling]
[dramatic music]
Sara! Sara!!!
[wolf whines]
[dramatic music]
Sara, are you okay?
You're hurt.
It's not mine, it's his.
You were right.
He was here.
I'm so sorry.
I should've believed you.
Are you sure he's dead?
He grabbed me right here.
He was... he was on top of me
so quickly,
I... I shot him twice
and then he toppled in.
I really wanna get out of here.
I shot a man and the police
are looking for you.
I don't want to get
into trouble.
Why would you?
You didn't kill him.
I mean, as far as anybody
is concerned,
he's already killed himself.
You have nothing
to worry about.
We have nothing
to worry about.
Thank you.
Let's get outta here.
[Ted] Alright, guys.
Take it easy on me.
Look both ways.
Race you to the park!
[Karen] Didn't take long
to get back to this.
Is he okay?
Much better.
Seeing the doctor,
he's getting healthy,
he's really working hard.
You did good, Sara.
You did really good.
You know what?
I'm gonna head back.
I'm gonna get supper going
for you guys.
Oh, I can do it.
No, no, no, no, no.
You stay.
[Ted] Enemy airplane!
Enemy airplane!
-No, I need your help!
-[Sara laughs]
[Ted] Another turn!
Come on, JR.
No! Hey!