Exile Express (1939) Movie Script

With expression David
if you put those things away I think
we'll call it a day you're not doing
that on account of me that no no no I
just think we've done
than you should I try to find a new
why well I just thought that perhaps a
charming gentleman is trying to take you
away from me and that serious doctor
aren't you no cross man full is nice I
have a lot of fun together but it means
no well twice today you gave me chloral
for Corey up a pain and in one of your
equations two one two made fire did I do
dan Ted what it's you could mistake noil
it didn't always a mistake Nadine two
and two do make five when one's in love
right isn't that doctor I was thinking
about tomorrow tomorrow oh yes of course
tomorrow you'll be a full-fledged
American citizen he five past oh I
wouldn't worry about that all they do is
to ask you a few simple questions simple
mm-hmm when was the first time skating
ding it was it huh
you heard me 16:21 yes you're right now
I'll ask you one what is democracy a
rule by the people good very good what
are the aims of democracy um a liberty
justice and equality right what are the
aims of our government life liberty and
pursuit of happiness fine what is the
19th amendment equal suffrage she would
know the answer to that hey that guy
good evening breath in hear me.
Wow did any minute well you're still
working on that bug spray
how'd you think even the smell of that
would kill him it does but is it looking
like the fellow that stole apart for
every baby carriage factory that he
worked in when he put them all together
it turned out to be a machine gun
the Dean try to explain it to me but I'm
not a chemist I couldn't get it through
my head any one of these chemicals that
you see here can be safely used to
destroy a certain type of pest but mix
them together and they not only destroy
all the bugs but the crops as well even
the weeds everything and worse than that
the land is useless for many years after
all I should think you'd commercialize
it that'll be very valuable in roads and
say that'd be swell for my tennis court
the hell but there's something else to
be considered think what an enemy could
do with that in time of war a few
airplanes could destroy the crops of a
nation already antenna that day toss it
up as a bad job I don't know I've
reported it to Washington they're
sending a man down here to see me about
it I'm ready
goodbye doc sense alert don't forget
tomorrow 10 o'clock
remember you're going to be one of our
witness yes Oh mrs. Baxter and I will be
waiting I'll be there
I wouldn't arouse the temper of that
landlady of yours for anything now I
have a good time here to Agra dacha
goodnight goodnight
maybe we should have gone to some other
place oh I think they'll still feed us.
bikini non what may we come in or are we
too late and we've told you one coming
we're always open for you this way
I've had this um date and I spoke to
hours with Oh.
Pomeroy course 1924 exactly I'll take
care of it Henry the food yeah
now you relax and not think about
tomorrow I will he can tell me how
here's the prescription for glasses of
this and you have to carry me home oh
I've had worse luck I'm sorry
I guess this is the wrong place wrong
place wrong time and the wrong girl you
may be right about the time and the
place Nadine but the girl is very hungry
part name is the back about this Bluff
do you wish to fix the with the Europa
sauce yes oh no wait a minute I've gotta
see the chef myself do you mind not at
all thank you
aren't you miss Nicholas yes I am like
oh you don't do me I recognized you
instantly I used to know your mother
your mother very well we were neighbors
you look so much like she was very
beautiful thank you
this is quite a coincidence just before
I left home I talked with your cousin
the hair look at your your uncle I mean
what's his name their father yes yes he
told me to look you up he told me about
your job with high yes and his amazing
discovery I had quite a conversation
with your uncle
he's quite a fellow he was you've been
there for five years.
Oh perhaps I better come straight to the
point I wish you would tell me miss
Nicholas would you care to go back home
no I wouldn't never all ready for a
if I get reaching that that's not an
impossible to fake this discovery could
make you
would make me teach but it isn't mine
you have access to it are you asking me
to steal it and in return your country
will do a great deal for you
money luxury this is my country
remember my the earth our country knows
how to deal with traitors someday you
may want to return I'm sorry to hear
chef whoa but when he is a spy oh
darling how many sips have you had
what did he Ellie Paul he offered me
money I know Dean I've never known you
to get tipsy on two drinks before there
are no spies in this country you don't
believe me of course not
wish I could sit down you feel that rat
you hasn't food and no more of this
you'll excuse me please
oh is that you ready Oh doctor hi I'm so
glad you're still there anything wrong
what oh well that's impossible
yeah somebody's just trying to tease you
that's all
all right all right I'll put them in the
safe it'll make you feel any easier.
Oh what's the combination of the safe
you'll fight it to the last page of my
notebook all right
where do they take makers in the nation
for citizenship one moment please
room six have you two witnesses yes this
lady's one and the other should be here
any second
I told you not to depend on dr. Ho all
right take both of your witnesses with
you into room seven
where in the world can he be didn't you
tell him ten o'clock it's properly
forgotten and gone to the office there's
a telephone I don't keep calling I think
I will hear garden igloo
you can sell my I have one
dr. Hi
what happened why can't you tell me well
this is his assistant Madden Madden.
Nicholas huh
I am alright all did I told her but is
that God what's wrong
are you his assistant yes I am
when did you see him last Oh last night
it's about he why do you ask do you
write this yes I did
who did you give the combination to to
dr. Hyde when did you give it to him
well last night no but that is I I told
you for to find it in my notebook oh you
had to give dr. Heit the combination to
his alone save her yes he's very
absent-minded well that's not a tariff
on him two one here sure you did alien
aren't you no no not exactly I mean I
was to get my final papers this morning
I'm afraid it's going to be delayed but
why what's happened I don't know whether
it'll surprise you but dr. Heit was
murdered last night
it was amazing the plane at the airport
at noon and less than one hour mind
about that what's more amazing is how
only one could bungle to just simple job
well no need to be upset no need to be
upset you realize it without that girl
this whole thing is useless to us I got
those notes for you didn't I
it is my fault that the old man poured
acid over them man Luke Paul she'll be
released in a few days and I'll have her
here to figure out those notes for you
in no time
Steve Anna show up yet I'm not yet the
planet will call his apartment I did
three times well find out where Gus is
sleeping and send him in here oh hey you
give me the desk at get up out of there
fool how many times have I told you not
to sleep in this office oh four five six
times twelve times ya know hey Gus
where are you going come back here what
do you suppose I sent for you to come in
here for well I just thought you liked
me take a look at that oh thank you mmm
mmm is that all you can say all I said
was mmm I didn't think that is offend
anybody look I sent Steve Reynolds to
cover that Kisan deportation yeah he
tell oppose that Kazan is going
peacefully yeah will you stop that are
you mad at me no I'm not what will you
please stop saying yeah yeah now that's
fine all I want you to do is to go down
to the station and wait for Reynolds to
show up tell him to stop looking after
those girls and to keep his eyes open
and give him this pass for the train as
usual he forgot it
Gracie yeah oh yes mr. Hanley get me.
Pernille on the phone Pinal the petrol
man well then go and get him say chief
you know you're a nervous wreck you
ought to take a vacation
you're losing your health the Roses are
leaving your teeth why are you snapping
people yet hello hello hello oh right
now no I don't want to talk to him I
never heard a that now get out of here
well why don't you I'm out worried about.
Giles doing was worried about your head
worries about your health and I'm going
hello for now there what's the matter
with you my Health's all right say I'm
sending Steve Reynolds with you on the
train to Ellis Island to cover that.
Kisan story give him a break will you
why don't you give me a break and send
- somebody else all right I'll do what I
- can for him.
Hostess on chief don't think we'd better
take him by plane cuz Han gets treated
just like the rest and if they think
they can take him away from us let him
try I'm sorry to put you to all this
trouble for now oh it's no trouble at
all Kazan it's a pleasure to the port
yeah well the pleasure's all mine I was
going back anyway hi there beautiful
what could she ever have done to make a.
DePorter why don't you keep quiet
why should I I've been cooped up in that
joint for five years and I'm out now and
if I want to say you guys are nuts and
this gal is beautiful I'm gonna say it
here let me help you in quiet I'm sorry
miss Nicholas it's all right mr. Pennell
no well when did his ends being cold
beaut yeah she there but now I made a
hit already in the car you know like it
thanks pal for the buggy ride so yellow
oh yeah lady whoo hey hey where is
what do you want I want to come in
that's what I'm here for you got a pass
I've got a pair certainly got a pass
that's what I'm here for they are come
on come on st. Peter open up those
pearly gates within all right go ahead.
Thank You pal thank you uh-huh say well
is this a jitterbug contest no come on
wait a minute who are you now wait just
just a minute that's very rude Who am I
I didn't ask you who you are I don't
have to you see that don't you oh my
that's cute what'd you get that for us
women what do you know I see you're an
officer yeah that's all why are you
going well I'm from the consolidated
news and I'm looking for one of our men
Steve Reynolds he forgot his past he
hasn't got a pass he isn't in here
where's your pass well I haven't got a
pen what do you mean you haven't got a
pass no I haven't got a pass in myself
they left the federal building here are
your tickets
good luck you know what to do.
I dare by I get over the enemy he wants
a picture of my that's it watch you the
way boy alright cuz I know your look
Steve Reynolds consolidated new where's
your past well I haven't got one you see
how I'm sorry but not in here without a
see Steve Lennox forgot his past and
I've got his past well I've gone out
over the mat the first should tell me
you got a pass on you say you haven't
- got a pass on now you have got my hands
- on attack.
Marisco shamsky thus through vehicles in
fact well Steve Reynolds panel
come on
I'm or just rain
well get a doctor or something
and what you trying to do darling well
you need to get mad about it
well I did with save your life it's
moving you better get off well I'm not
getting off I'm getting all the way to
Ellis Island with you isn't that nice
seem pretty happy about being deported
well they couldn't afford me an American
oh hello chief are you all right take
care of the others will you with all my
other troubles I have to have you or me
don't worry chief is only four days
dweller darlin why don't you run along
while I interview mrs. what did you say
your name was
you got your interviews on the other
reporters too no imagination
side at the preview of his company
now look here Steve I'm warning you
write the news it's like it happened
the minute you start creating any I know
I know you'll throw me off the train to
you Jesus an undesirable earlier she may
be an alien but hardly undesirable then
he's probably with some girl no that's
something I wouldn't inquire about to C a man's private life or a woman this
concerns a very delicate subject if you
didn't see him get on that train why
didn't you get on it me on that train
yeah Oh
say chief listen there's no telling what
that Kazan mob is liable to do that
train is liable to be blown up any
derailed nine times before he gets to
Ellis Island that's why we've got to
have a man there you're right
Gus you're going to get on that train
you're wrong not me why it's a great
opportunity for you you're going to
cover what may possibly turn out the
biggest yarn of the year now now look
chief don't worry about me you see I'm
I'm not the least bit ambitious you
start to the airport right away now if
you hurry you can catch that 2:30 claim
- what fly me fly listen boss there's no
- bird blood in me I can't fly why I get.
Airsick if I even look out of a
two-story window well you're not going
far you'll catch the deportation trained
at Camp Hill and if things start popping
as I expect they will oh they will and
if you bring back that story I'll give
you the biggest raise you ever had oh
don't worry about that I'll does it stay
right here and take a cut you see I need
so little you know just little rent
money and tobacco money and a few good
book on your way yeah Oh chief I'd hate
to be doing what you're doing taking the
responsibility of another man
- do you know my blood is liable to be on
- your hand.
I think I sit here
nice beautiful hey come here
how about some champagne thank you no I
can't serve you let an alcoholic in the
state why it's just alone well there's
no law against eatin erzsi no sir when I
bring in some food I have to serve you
what they say well go and get it
as long as he got to be here he might as
well relax and look at the scenery it's
pretty ain't it I didn't have to look at
it for the bus ah that ain't nothing
well you have to look to a barred window
for five years that don't move huh I got
so sick of that San Francisco skyline I
never went to the window wanted to see
other get them on with a new bridge Hey
he came across over that bridge I don't
well there must be a lot of nice things
to see in the oil country I'll be glad
to get back home yeah I was quite young
when I left there and we were poor too
but this time I'm gonna be a big shot
and I'll tell well well well hello Steve
you know this shit you mind if I sit
down with you why I have to get a story
my friend did
oh sure she's not huh I would just tell
a little girl you know I'm not gonna
miss nothing over there when I get back
home no I think I'll build a house sorta
on the side of the hill you know
overlook in the ocean like San Francisco
penisy yeah that's it
but the radio they make now you can
listen to the World Series and and older
big Christ's life you can get away from
all the things you've been accustomed
you need new people you're getting away
from the hustle and excitement of
American cities can you'd like to spend
the rest of your life
the rest of my life I'd give everything
I own for just one year
there is a study neutrino
the girls rights team I'd give every
dime I got and I got plenty of -
speaking of that wad of yours you
suppose that's what there's much with
the station we're looking for anybody
that knows how much I got knows I got in
a place where it's plenty safe
good old registered bonds head that's
where you're on my friend yeah your
money's already gone what you have been
placed camera double cross if you're
saying what I think you're saying top
fake you think your money see what did
they give you for it Bom sure ah yes
pieces of paper well their pockets are
aligned with your gold whose pockets the
enemies of the people you sweat and work
hard for your money who sweats and works
hard for their money
you crazy I know you're soft but why
because you dare to defy the arbitrary
mandates of our oppressors ah that ain't
the reason I didn't pay my income tax
taxes that's right
if we didn't have any garden there
wouldn't be anything Hank Oh is right
every man she's on the Republic I am.
Aneesh I make my own laws and I am at
one with all government I'm afraid
you're gonna lose comrade remember I
warned you
why they ought to run a guy like that
out of the country running around here
loose well let's get back to the story
what really happened I didn't want to
give them guys a story but I'd tell you
a story Steve that'll bust you out wait
a minute Tony
I'll do the improvising you just tell me
what happened how do I don't what
happened it's just like that girl said
there ain't an alien on this train and
wouldn't risk their necks to get off
that's right she didn't say that
see you later honey
hey that's railroad property go ahead
hit me.
don't what you are looking for to happen
can help you find it
well I was looking for anything or
somebody in here and they went in there.
I tell you what somebody in here
remember I warned you Himmler's probably
um around here something you don't have
to keep up that condense
no I'm not kidding there was somebody in
here don't tell me you are going to
rescue me again well hardly I just came
in to tell you I'm sorry for doing it
before I didn't know you were trying to
escape or I wouldn't have stopped you
that's the likely story
you know you of all people to believe me
remember how you felt when you were
innocent they didn't believe you what
makes you so sure I am innocent I don't
know maybe it's because you're not so
hard to look at maybe for a dozen reason
anyway I do want to help you so you were
just telling your story there is no
story to tell I just let you help me now
well I don't know why you're not out of
the country yet look you will help me to
help you if you just give me up on a few
- things first of all who's in back of
- this back of what well you must have.
Done somebody a big favor to have him
risk all that to get you off the train
get me often of course now who's
- responsible for this what had they to
- gain.
Through why should I tell you what can
you lose you're being deported anyway
now look here mister I've already had
enough but right now all that stands
against me is a deportation if you're
going to connect me but that shouldn't
go alright alright let's just blame it
on my imagination and it certainly look
to me I tell you I have nothing to do
with it
no more than I have to do with dr.
Heights they're fine I feel I'd be
pretty tough being railroaded out of the
country there must be something we can
I've got it tonight I'll slip you my
other suit
my head will cover your hair I got a
pair of dark glasses take care of your
I'll buy you a ticket and somehow I'll
sneak you to the passenger compartment
- no what do you say I have nothing to
- lose me why should you take century oh.
Don't worry about me I've done worse
things Amanda get a story odd name is
the joke is over boo please go yes but I
wasn't joking the live ones I have
learned pension of escaping
we'll be in Kentville in 30 minutes
about a hundred yards to the lift the
station you'll find a sedan with the
engine running the driver will take you
to brain
sorry to bother you miss what are you
doing I have to check that safety
equipment the next time you want to come
in here ask me sorry I didn't know I was
supposed to do that
that's fun right over there hmm
put up your hand hey what's your deal
huh what's the matter why are you so
interested in deportation train well I I
just won the know if it was in yet
that's all you know ders coming in here
by the Boise the office told me I'm a
reporter let me see your credential why
certainly I can oh no you don't know
keep them hands up say I don't like your
- face well yours don't give me any
- appetite either.
Long distance please get me consolidated
news in San Francisco
yeah reverse the charges there's a Steve.
hey Gus Steve oh boy Steve do me a favor
will you will you please tell this bird
that I'm a reporter sure he's a reporter
same outfit as I am they are all right
you got a conv knowledge looking face
but it's my business to be suspicious
guys how did you get here well how did
you get here in the Exile Express then
you didn't miss the train
well of course not Oh Steve hold boy oh
boy oh boy oh then I don't have to go
you know I could kiss you Steve why
don't you put your hands down get me oh
did somebody put in a call for San.
Francisco yes I did huh well you're not
supposed to use that phone I know hello
but buzz I tell you there isn't any
story understand those mugs at the
station weren't after him then what were
they after well I don't know for sure
but there's a girl on the train I knew
- there'd be a girl she certainly is
- beautiful.
Hey wait a minute I'll call you back
hey aren't you going the wrong way in
the dreams over there won't you please
stop following me I'm not following you
can't you see wouldn't you please
understand what's going on here why is
this for annoying you yes yes he is
well I'll take care of him Thank You
officer I'll wait a minute doesn't this
young lady have to come along with some
sign a complaint well I guess sure it
isn't worth the trouble officer why with
you here I don't think you bother me
well he'd better not I'll take you to
your car that really won't be necessary
oh no trouble at all you insane
now listen young fella you got any ideas
about falling that girl just get him out
of your head cuz I got my iuck I'll
remember that
hey that's my car I'm gonna stay Highway.
this is deputy comes customer summers
somebody stole my car
yeah yes what do you mean whether they
want with it how do I know somebody
stole my car good yes yeah put it put on
the children are long boxer rose yeah
where are you going I'm just going on -
hey wait a minute
the nice see you in San Francisco whoo
yes yes let's see again have you been
where you been
see on the drain
I'll get smart where's your pants now
please don't start that again I gave my
past the conductor it shouldn't have
done that
hey I got a good mind to put you off
this train you have yeah well officer if
that's your duty you go ahead and do it
go ahead put me off put me off do you
mean to say that this marriage will make
me an American citizen no not quite but
it will help see after we become a wider
than American we'll fly into Canada and
then you can reenter country legally as
a wife of an American citizen what if
I'm caught before them oh the worst they
can do is put you back in a train and
support you is that home no no but that
can't happen you see while you're in
Canada mr. Brand will clear your name
completely I'm such a good friend what I
think inquisitively if I ask whom I'm
marrying another too often it's just the
fella when it's $100
life seems to be isn't yeah
you know it seemed funny to pay a man
for marrying you
well I wish I were an American citizen
great bars on the windows door wide open
get those recorders out of the car and
check it first right find a conductor
and sitting there at once I don't know
where else to look
I'm trying to find him myself haven't
you seen him since we left Kendall no
now bet that other fella has neither one
of them now one of them reporters he
claims he gave the conductor his pass
when he got on a Kentville I had a hunch
he was lying show me which one my
charlie with a became a poker after I
have a shave
yeah oh hello warm in it yes it
certainly is remember I warned you
yeah hmm we were you speaking to me you
may be the next one me hey Harris took
my coat
oh pardon me Oh what happened look
gentlemen ah
I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen
it with my own eyes so you gave your
prayers to the conductor hey so now now
don't look at me like that off I didn't
do this I'm not so sure now look you
look like a fair-minded man I'll tell
you what happened I needed a shave and I
got a tender skin just like a baby zip
to the point the air get to the point
well I these guilty he's talking himself
right into the chair no look come on
come on what happened to new da I needed
a shave I walked in here and I got a
skin like a oh oh look
thank you dead come on what happened -
somebody hit me on the head what is my
Nicholas garlic missing I'm the engineer
stop this trainer once now all you have
to do is pull this remember I warned you
are they here yet who the lady the one
I'm going to marry oh can I do I'm just
like sort of nervous
young lady yes
is mr. Magee here yeah Oh take it you're
sure now this won't get out I told you
have nothing to worry about
we are being well paged come on let's.
Victor all right but if my girl hears
I'm getting married she'll be sore all
right Lee Smith I'll rouse the judge oh.
meticulous this is Marvin McGee how do
you do ah pleased to meet you
thank you Miss leggy you don't know each
oh I can answer all the pins huh oh yeah
the nice night for a wedding yeah
a beautiful night well now that we've
met can we go ahead and be married
oh yeah I'm sure let's get started are
pressed for time are you the best man
we'll move all right just step into the
next room of the bride and signed a
marriage contract this treaty is already
attended to his share of the Arts in
Oh what's going on in here Oh a wedding
oh really who's getting married me and
uh myth
I think it's Nicolas he boom you opened
it yeah yeah are you gonna be one of the
witness oh no I'm just covering this for
the paper
oh that's fine you a reporter yeah
you're gonna print that why sure I think
this is worth a couple of columns I get
a few photos of you in the bride no no
no look you can't do that please
well I didn't say anything well you must
have said something to make him on the
way like that were you really gonna
marry him why suddenly that's very funny
it may seem funny to you but it isn't to
me in another few minutes I would have
matter to an American citizen that might
have given me a chance it might have
kept me from being deported don't you
see what you've done
he's still funny to you now we're
already children
while you're not right now
yes I am
and therefore is not by any to be
entered into unadvisedly or lightly but
reverently discreetly and advisedly into
this holy estate these two persons
present come now to be joined
take your right hand please
now have this woman to be thy wedded
wife to live together after God's
ordinance in the holy estate of
matrimony wilt thou love her comfort her
honor and keep her in sickness and in
and forsaking all others keep the only
underwear long as you both shall live I
I will
the ring.
I've virtue of the authority vested in.
Eva the laws of the state I now
pronounce you man and wife
aren't you going to kiss her
if you don't I will
with Nicholas
we'll wait for you in the car
congratulations young man
hey but we didn't have to be so rude
please we could have thanked him
you can thank you when you get back from.
Canada we gave a chance to follow the
police would catch us before mr. Brown
can get to the plane I don't think he'd
do anything to hurt me not after what he
did back there Oh maybe not you but it
wouldn't do to get mr. Brown involved
you said it all would be legal yes
legal but it's rather irregular you
don't know these reporters it would
commit a murder to get a story I don't
which can lead the police to it
David Wow
get on the main road ha plans number is
Kensington two four eight two four eight
let me go quiet you have all the police
in the country open well that's what you
want isn't it but until you've answered
a couple of questions after that I don't
care what happens oh I care what never
whew all right but only for its value
with news that's why you married me know
the moment it seemed as if I were making
a very noble sacrifice during the
ceremony it almost seemed it was
something I'd spend for a long time then
I find myself standing on the curb and I
woke up would you believe me if I told
you that I didn't want to run away no I
don't believe your reason for wanting a
husband back what are the reasons
if you're going to use my name I'm going
to tag right along see what you're doing
you insist on following me I might as
well go back to the Train won't you
trust me enough.
I didn't that I don't
men we've helped move on if he becomes
involved he faces the petition
if I let you go with me part way will
return back when I ask you to I hope
it's a long way
say listen boss I don't want you to get
the wrong impression now you know really
siva the most loyal fell in the world
he's the salt of the earth well out word
that you imbecile
where is he yeah yeah now that's what
I'm gonna tell you you see there was a
girl on the train well she ain't on now
and Steve ain't either he went with her
you know it looks pretty good but hey
sorry I'm such fun well the first year
is always the top well it should be a
telephone down there we even hold out
for another half mile
so that your cash down the draft well
what do you want you got a phone hey
anything awaited oh don't at all let it
Ain't working he knows November 10th.
Oh fine water everything must be pretty
cozy in November it were found near good
down the main road Oh five miles want to
take a few minutes the wagon well why
didn't you say it anyway we'll be glad
to baby a trouble take my wagon is the
milkman here about for the morning let's
good luck now probably me for the times
we wait
both cheer well
yeah a steam you two can view right now
it gets the rest
this way up there googly in December I'm
afraid we can't wait baby boy Laurie
water here your room I showed you a room
in the house are we very comfortable I'm
totally here the whole day but you'll do
very well
if you wanted a name called it never
mind that you have anything rings yo hot
katrinak here take a whiff of their
mother what is it pretty good I drink it
do that
my real name is ping Oh
oven radio watch the dipper go the only
one here
hey never mind the caviar pate de foie
I brought your lawn Club hey you
oversleep I ain't shit not to follow
mornin for nobody
I'll send it to it you want to leave it
for your city to fly so you'll go off a
tree buddy well let a little explaining
oh yes indeed the new Springs every day
never mind I'll take this well I'll take
over the ship Joe I want to be better
lit table for two
why do to them why did you do that a
great idea save the hotel for money and
far away concern sighs where's insane a
lighted room in a deserted hotel might
look suspicious
don't forget the police is still long it
has forgotten I'm sorry I'm interested
dinner at the
so this is wedding game on
don't you even known each other roughly
I'd say about 24 hours what
when I was a little girl often wondered
about my baby
what it would be like
I thought I'd walk down a long church
and the white guy.
Oh ever
the man I played he was different.
I thought the father yes someone little
a connection to misfortunes about it
putting them into words and selling them
without any regard for them happen.
I think you're very nice
but the run Mac and that love and true
I'm telling you their name ain't.
Nicholas where we just take a look
what's going on here what's your name uh.
Smith Smith that's right John Smith
looking for a couple of his cakes
governor well I look like an escaped
foreigner no but this color here said
there's a woman out there a woman you
don't mean my wife wait what she is that
why she's an American of the Coney.
Island jitter bye
why don't you go up and take a look yeah
they will do that yeah wait another you
know how women are she probably wants to
use a little powder or something better
take a look
ronk again.
I don't know.
I don't.
I will deposit our boss said we get
anything from Steve Reynolds no he must
be drunk he told me some silly story
about a girl on the train then Gus
called he must be drunk too but have you
seen the other fingers well I'll be a
say maybe they weren't drunk I'll cook
up something
see no Helmand oh just
alright come in time together I brought
you a paper and a cup of coffee
your husband's making some pancakes he
cool huh he he says he can
you've done a fine job a superb job
first you marry to a newspaperman that
wasn't enough you let her get away oh
we've been searching for her all night
keep on searching I want her here if you
have to bring it here with a sack over
her head we can't go now knock on
people's doors asking for her will be
picked up ourselves police probably have
- a by now I don't think so they be still
- looking for her love it.
Hello Nadine where are you Oh stay there
I'll send David Foyle
newspaper reporter is still with her
invite him to the D come & get it
Nadine well if you don't hurry up
they'll all be gone
family with my wife Oh say where she was
no not a word I'm chicken clucks she did
ask me a question well why was it how'd
you get to Kensington Kensington yes
over there last ambulance don't forget
I'll have some eggs and you come back
November Lopez hey Dean darling we've
been so worried about your life what
happened well I'm here now this all this
matter must be the nightmare for you
let's say it wasn't ready god yes of
course idea get some breakfast for miss
Nicholas or should I say mrs. Reynolds
how long will I have to keep that name
for you sound more anxious to become a
widow the nested it what do we do now
we'll fly you the Canada you stay there
until your deportation order has been
revoked and while I searching for a mr.
Smigiel is a mrs. Reynolds visit he
can't you can such a good friend
it means a lot to know that there is
someone you can count on I like you my
dear friend the relief leave oh yes and
Nadine I hate to disturb you you've been
through so much already but you're still
in danger
you mean the immigration authorities but
David more serious than that
you were right about that man in the
restaurant he's an agent for a foreign
government how do you know he works for
I want you to go over these notations
dr. Heit left them in a rather damaged
condition and I'm going to ask you to
supply the missing parts what if I
refused dr. Heit refused must be a great
consolation for you fooled me completely
I tell it to them here maybe he isn't
but I'm staying here until he arrived
the ball is here how do you find this
I don't know did you tell him why didn't
did I guess we didn't I don't want to go
he's not after he's up to me please let
me send him away just a sec nothing dad
I know what you think I didn't write
them by the newspaper article of course
I couldn't have written a thing like
that everything I said I meant mom I
read a lot of stories printed about me
that was no ghost in the others and why
did you run away
I did run away I told you I was coming
here Corina good run
how do you do I heard of your chivalrous
gesture is exceedingly helpful helpful
you notice modernity now you've done a
very nice thing don't spoil it.
Steve he's right please go well nothing
do we get this thing straightened out.
Swedenborg puts a simple try the care
for someone you don't you done ready
have you got a gun my house if you
hadn't I'm gonna take my wife by the
scruff of the neck and drag her out of
here because I don't believe a word she
said well I guess I was right got a very
clever young man no not so clever take
me all this time to realize why you got
Nadine off that train you were safer
damn you have any intention of using the
garlic if you fellas or so some friends
of mine outside federal man come on in
I was already joking about the federal
men but I didn't need this gun let's get
this straight labadie we need your love.
Emily what are expecting to tear that
gun in your hand now what do you think
don't wait in there.
Pernell well for once in my life I can
truthfully say I'm glad to see never
mind that
where's that go mr. Pennell step mender
he's he went I know all about him come
on Brad you're - alright mister come out
wait a minute chief this girl's is
innocent design who said anything about
you being innocent oh wait I tell you my
story I'm tired of hearing your stories
from now on you're gonna town to a judge
are you Nadine Reynolds yeah raise your
right hand speak after me I hereby
declare I hereby declare on oath I know
that I will support and defend the.
Constitution of the United States of
America against all enemies foreign and
domestic and they are through faith and
and that I take this obligation freely
without mental reservation or purpose of
for help me go