Exit Humanity (2011) Movie Script

Notices dead back to life
have been reported in the United States.
A catastrophe can so inexplicable that
the future of humanity is at stake.
At one point an old diary
detail a personal encounter
of the Living Dead for over 100 years ago
A diary can give us the answers
the plague that threatens the human race
= = My name is Malcolm Young
I have a secret diary that was passed
for generations in my family
Returning to the American Civil War
A legend with drawings and obscure passages
To tell a story
on the undead
Hidden for decades
Now you may cross the barrier.
Read It's now a warning
as we must guard
In such times
If you're reading this
day then my attempt has been accepted
My name is Edward Young
It all started at the end of the war
seemed to be alive
But the soul had been torn off
= And I could not die =
was a monster
This is chapter 1 of
Edward Young: "The output of humanity"
6 years
No! No! No!
For two days I left my family when I left
I came home to find
My wife became one of them
I have shot and killed
My son Adam now is missing
What do you want Edward?
In life - I want?
We all want something
What do you want?
I just want to be a good man
Be good to you... our son
It is everything I want in life
're a good man Edward
Dear Lord Jesus Christ
I leave the body of my wife
Julia Young on the floor
Please guide her and protect
her soul for all eternity
I can not believe my wife is dead
illustrate and document what I'm witnessing
In the event that I am a victim
This will my story untold
From Hell on earth
My patience is thinner making
I go to the field and seeketh
6 shots My gun is ideal for
close proximity situations
I have concluded that all die the same way
A fatal head wound
They move slowly enough
and are an ideal target for my rifle
crossing with my old neighbor Charles
One of them
And as others have no memory of who I am
It seems that just wants to eat
My curiosity extends every day
I'm not sure that senses have
but they can smell
Listen and watch
seem to many like eating meat
Day 9
are afraid to fire
Charles found me in home
Maybe it's my smell or some
form of distant memory
And not like human food
I give little hope and suffering
Death is the only solution
Tomorrow my
horse "Shadow" and I ride
Taking my search beyond home
If... more of them
I was wrong today
clash with the corpse of a young child
eaten the body are spoken
And I'm grateful that my son was not
read earlier today, I expect impatiently
Because it is happening this?
That disease is behind all this?
Had my son 11 years
now sent him to eternal rest
The sound of my heartbeat
is decreased with the
burning flames of my son
Because these punishing me?!
The devil has challenged you?!
Had a family...
a man as a husband
As a parent...
There is no way to heal
To or that it's done
Hey man!
Can not sleep?
- No
I do not, come
All my long years of war
kept this with me
This cataract gave peace to your daddy
Where is Dad?
It's very far from here
Can we go there?
Promise to take me
I promise
Go sleep, shall we?
- Ok
Pope Goodnight - Goodnight
I made a promise, my
last task in this life
I would take the ashes of
my daughter to the Falls
And liberate
I come with the fury of death
killing death itself
Ride for what seemed hundreds of years
One night I was attacked by a mob
bitten Shadow
= = the wound is infected
has lost the desire to run
This painfully
I'm worried
is clear that can not continue
Caminare with el
The only friend who me
remained in this world
A friend that was always there for me
Never gave me the back
Do not wait for that wake up in the virus
I know what to do
goodbye my friend
found many corpses in Falls Dallas
I'm a little weak in ammunition
I've run into an old people
bit you?
someone else with you?
No - do you want?
I came here to find food and shelter
That's all
'll kill you where you stand
You can not kill a man
who is already dead
I killed many men already
Now what?
Quiet - Where are my things?
It's all here
Everything is right here
That's my gun?
I guess it is
What happened?
I think you resbalaste
And you fainted
This is your house?
It is now
I've been here a while, small but fortified
Pumpkins are all that remains
chickens and other animals fled
O were bitten
For these creatures
Always good to have a drink
a sip
you need to have some strength
My name is Isaac
Edward Young
'Cause you help me?
At first I was going to eat
But these skinny as a foal so that...
not have much to eat
Then I found this horrible book...
With pictures, only I was watching
I can not even read
It's all there
NO touches more things
You could have drawn some
tits there, if you do not mind my saying so
You say
this is not your house, where are you?!
Grew only 10 miles from here
My mom and dad... that good that the
good Lord do not let live to see this
what's your story?
Edward Young
You're not from around here, I can account
I have been away for some time
was something I had to do
It has something to do with that book?
You were at war
Yes sir
You could use a guy like you
I'm not your friend
It's my sister
Has been carried
Taken by whom?
A guy named Williams
have ever met a rebel sir?
Raping, killing, abducting
all field
The rumor is that there is a cure
There is no cure
Are underground tunnels
And I know like the palm of my hand
For that helps build
I wish you luck
not going to help me?
I can not even help myself
think are here?
I know that if
They are vicious men
Men with whom we fought
who collided with swords
I guess Williams has met with the devil
He does not have one bit of humanity
Lost so many men with
Yankees that he corrupted the soul
The war continues
There are only the two types and more
He is always there on the side of General
He does what you asked to do
His heart is black and has no soul
is a coward, killed his own father
to gain the confidence General
have a sergeant
= = I called Johnson
have a dumb idea where
believe they can control these things
and restore some order
These men are not even close to
what really happens
no longer think more
Edward I need your help
I can not go there without.
Along with my gun in hand
I need Edward, she's my girl
My blood
- You have children?
No more
I have nothing more in this world so
or her
She's all I have left
Save your damn life!
Look at me!
You're a coward
can not even call yourself a man
I think not
by Edward
sure seems that Isaac
I feel some truth in the
It reminds me that one can even
find the light in the Darkness
we have a common interest
The two were looking for something our
Among all were willing to kill for the o
We were on stage
's attempt to rescue the sister of Isaac
I feel that speaks hope cloudy
I fear has passed away
Luckily I found yours
man alive or dead who can kill me
Is that true?
Edward're a good man?
you ever been a good man?
My child
A bitch told me my future
once said that my fate
was found to last
good man on earth
not me
If that is out there
Can I find
What else did he say?
Her eyes turned black and try to bite
So I fucking head explode
I will go to the bathroom
Hello boy
What are you doing here?
Got something to me?
What have we here?
What's your name son?
No matter who
I said what's your name boy?
Edward Young - well Edward are alone?
These alone here?
These single guy?
I used to fight with us?
It seems that we have nothing
to fight about in our hands
You know who I am?
I ask you something
General Williams
Williams was General
Check his stuff - If you touch my stuff...
What is there?
A piece of shit
you have guts to be out here your so o
The rumor says that someone
this part is immune
a pest that is here
And where there there
is a chance for a cure
Have you ever been bitten?
Because they will not play their
game of war somewhere else?
had chosen my words more wisely
You'll be a great volunteer
Watch your step boy and shut up!
How the hell you get here?
We will take one to one
to see who can survive
If so survive or end up like the rest
A living dead
How long are you here?
A couple of weeks
I lost track of time
Do not wanna hear a sound more!
You in the dress! If you!
Then return for you
Any of my treatments are working
We are in a dead end
supposed to have immunity
Has been dead for weeks
and nothing has changed
Now the only thing that is
that the infection is caused by...
By bloodstream
Other than that everything is beyond my
still wants meat
And I'm beginning to lose my faith
Do not tell me you're losing faith
Listen to this before
It is a disease that
out of control, a plague
You keep telling me the same information
Well trying to tell you
that this is not human
not natural
This goes
beyond what I understand I'm scared!
This is not supernatural!
It is made by men
and there is a cure
And if you do not find you I personally
alimentare those walking dead
I mean?
All men are afraid of something
It is fear that has kept us alive
the two so long
you better recompongas Johnson
I hope you continue being afraid
Now returns to work
Wear this dress with which Johnson
Stand woman - Take me
Let alone
Be a man
- Isaac
I'm fine!
I told you you were lucky
What the hell was that?
Hey! Hey! They are escaping!
Go! Run!
Come on Edward!
We gotta get out of here!
Emma come on, hurry up!
I'm coming!
For the color of your eyelids I realize
that is in poor condition
Home is just a few miles from here
The house was burned!
Where are we going!
Let us moving! We lift it up
go! Grab your bags!
Where we're taking?
- When we were children speak a house
The people called Stone Mountain
Where the evil witch?
Are you crazy?
- Well if you live maybe I can help
If he is alive is because it has
made a pact with the devil himself
I do not think Isaac...
In addition to choice do we have?
Keep on rockin 'going
we have to follow the
Oh my God!
Is there
God is not here
I have a friend who is badly wounded!
Need immediate help
I know you are here please!
Please I beg you!
No one is here!
Emma! Emma!
- I can not leave!
Emma! Open this door!
Isaac Open the door!
- Because I bother?
I do not want to hurt women
We need help, our
friend is badly wounded
Bitch! Do not hurt!
Open the door!
I'm just a girl!
I'm sorry
- Isaac put the gun down!
She will help us
- hurt you? - No!
Bring it
Watch your head
This cold, put it up
Take boy drink it because it
will remove some of the pain
Do not do a spell!
Open your mouth and bite it
This is going to hurt
You give me that box!
Okay here we go!
What are doing?
- She is only helping
Okay, someone followed them here?
Do not Know
I do not think
will survive?
Has lost much blood
If the wound becomes infected if you die
must rest
I remember my mother told me about it...
Emma! No!
- I said what happened
Your mother does not know anything about me
And you do not
It's a fucking bitch!
- Please!
I do not speak more
help it heal faster
I have not felt in years thanks
It's nice to feel needed
There are only two of these holes
Some spend but many fall
I have no strength I used to have
are welcome to stay
healthy while your friend
Grab a shovel
If you ever pass these bells will ring
If you hear bells is because they are close
We stayed here for a while
I guess the hope is patient
I trusted Eve
She did a miracle
and I'm thankful
I can sit?
Of course, if
Isaac told me about your wife and son
It will get better than this Edward
must be something better
I stay with the ashes of my son
It's all I have left in this life
I know what it's like
to lose people you love
Everything happens so fast
we can continue to absorb what's happening
everyone was already walking dead
But I thank the lord
that I have yet to Isaac
And Eve
And you
There time
Where just wanted to get the next day
I thought it would survive the worst days
No one should teach you to like
take the life of another man
but you learn to do it and live with that
= = How are supposed to
learn to live with myself
Knowing the things I've done?
Knowing that I can do
This is humanity I have left
And I need an outlet
Isaac was always watching
Always on guard waiting
anxious to defend
As we put a
light to a world of darkness
Is our pain, our strength
our truth is
It is our desire
These are our questions and our faith
despite the years of exile
Eve felt in nature, it will
Whoever she was
lost count of the Day
And when the days passed,
we all kept hoping
and praying that all this would end soon
attacks were frequent The
most nights we could not rest
and felt at the door
're coming by the back of the cabin!
Behind you!
Eve was telling us that
time will tell the truth
And us to embrace every moment
We were afraid that
Williams and his men are looking for us
even if their resources are thin
Eve do not talk much most of the time
It was his way... although it
seemed that he was hiding something
The night that changed us all
The night that changed everything
Emma has been bitten!
- No! I'm fine
I'm fine!
- I'm fine!
Isaac put the gun down, put the gun!
I know you do not want this
do not want - Yes! I have to do!
Emma go outside!
Not gonna let you become!
I can not become one of those?!
Already bitten me before!
Bite me for weeks so stop shouting
of you!
I can see the scar?
And are you sure it was one of those?
Before they came soldiers
I was taking care of our
sick neighbor mr. Griffin
and bit me
A few days passed and nothing
never even felt it
Know... Ios days have passed and my eyes
have not seen anything like this!
Yes she is right
Our daddy always said you were special
but look...
- Famous not so fast
A cure, say
there are larger forces
than were ever here know
And they know nothing
What about Eve?
Lived for years with my sister
It was very different from my... she was...
one night two men were drinking in a bar
followed home
And they took their innocence
I look pregnant and I was
in the business of medicine
Y knew someone who could end fertility
They learned it
accused of murder
= =
I I went to a priest who was a friend
And his father offered to the people
I was there, was there hanged
when my sister
With the rest of the people
And was so full of anger
And with so much hate yell
curses against those people
And I yelled to the village priest
After that I was banished
I began to be isolated
not even give me 24
hours to leave the village
walk for days in the forest
With cold and hungry
With only the clothes on her back
And I found a woman in the woods
She welcomed me and comforted me
This was his home
she got back into balance
I take my anger
And my need for revenge against these
people that my sister murderer
But then Melinda died
And I just...
Go inside Edward
I'll show you something
She had among his possessions
, these ancient rituals
What are centuries
One of them as old
That could revive the dead
bringing them back to life
I began studying these rituals
My sister was buried outside the village
While I knew this
brought her home where
run Curse
hours passed and nothing happened
Let a bell at his side
That afternoon nap
And when I lift the bell rang violently
Enter to see my sister stop
against door
And his body...
She was alive
My heart was beating very strongly
I was standing back
Soon after that everything
started victims begin
The dead came to life
I release the poison
're saying
Are you saying that you
are responsible for this?
I lost my wife for this disease
I lost my son
My heart is dead
Stop being the man who used to be
I understand your pain
Do not you can talk about pain with a
man who has no heart...
Trying to forget someone to frame your life is
like trying remember someone you never knew
I am sorry for all
what I did to your family
And this world
It's like you said
The pain reminds us we're still alive
Eve revealed more and more spells
The history of leisure
reaches hundreds of years across cultures
countries and religions
= = a blessed man in an African tribe
believed that eating a living person
could bring the dead back to life
1200 years after
Europeans discovered ancient skulls
buried in the late 15
were men who played at being gods
following the process of divine creation
Thousands were stolen from their lives
And their souls
All undead
were connected,
only 250 years later
third discovery was on a boat
These boats were full of these creatures
Who spread the disease
by 7 months
evil continued spreading
but with their own power
and those who questioned
his power over others
had a islands south were taken
are not alone in this, but
our place was isolated
These are filling holes
we have to keep moving
This is my home
We have no ammunition
= = is where they can get all
the ammunition they need
Are you crazy girl?
She's right
You and I can do
I have to leave tomorrow for a while
Why now?
- Emma!
want to go with you?
It is something I have to do myself
Be assured
I never liked you like
thee well
Edward wait!
I will be careful
I'm going back
Trees... the smell of the forest
It is amazing how nature can continue
Amidst all this horror
for the first time in ages
I began to feel alive again
The let you go, once were Men
Men with families and loved ones
immunity Emma is a true sign of hope
I found that indicated Mr.
- It was with troublemakers
're in a cabin in the mountains
The time has come
going to do an orderly society
now... wait here was a prize
It's news we all have been waiting here
seems that a lady is immune to this curse
The world is full of pain
I guess it always has been
but they are the little things that make
go ahead
The people around us remind
us that we are alive
This is where I found peace and sanctuary
during the war
This time I am not alone
the troublemakers took to the
woods to the hut of a witch
a big funeral in a church not
release my son
I was always at his side General
When we us?
The patience will be rewarded
The time is now
It is a supernatural force
We can not do this
What do we
divided in such times?
What unites us?
No buts, we win!
We will bring the traitors to justice
We will put all this in check
And bury in the ground where it belongs
Eve! What happened? What happened? Isaac!
Eve! Where Isaac and Emma?
They took - what?!
They know she resists
how I can help?
Let me help
when I get
thanks... all
you say!
- Never Too Late
to heal your heart
Eve stay with me!
Eve! Eve!
My aggression was more
than a defect of monster
This is a crucial survival tool
unthinkable ago
It sounds weird
What we do?
Give me time
already come to me
General wants to know how
much longer it will take
Well... before I die
I have only a little of your blood
take time
Emma, these right?
Go! go!
Finish them!
Isaac No, no!
NO please do not!
No! No!
We must part
I'll meet at the home of Eve
I have to finish this
Please do not wait!
- Emma now!
Here we go behind you kid!
You ruined everything!
I'm coming for you!
Do not got it right, son!
You should be on our side!
That witch poisoned your mind!
There are no sides!
I never had
You're just a desperate man
trying to find more fun
What if we do this like gentlemen?
He has the cure son
Think what that means
could restore order
could claim back what we lost
And we can recover Tennessee
There is no cure for
behavior of a monster
rather live among the undead
I live with a man like your monster
A broken heart can be a
new push to move forward
We had to
and two empty life
The story is a matter of survival
light in the darkness,
existence with a broken heart
nothing worthwhile to live
Neither sunsets and sparkling waterfalls
I say, there's the time
But today... I see more clearly
even in a world between the living dead
If you choose hope... Anything is possible
Emma's resistance to infection is
sufficient proof that the bloodline there
What's an end to this problem
end this diary as proof of these dark times
= = It's never too late to heal
A friend told me that
never stay away
Be honest, be prepared
And always fighting
As you
The output of humanity...