Exodus (2023) Movie Script

Come on, get out!
-Let's go! To the car.
-To the cars. Move.
-Let's go.
To the cars.
Come! Come! Come here.
Guys, to the right. Come this way.
Let's go.
It's so warm.
Hurry up, it's hot!
Put them in the car.
-Let go off me!
-Move! Shut up! Your dad didn't pay me.
Let go off me.
-Enough. Let me go.
-Keep your voice down.
-Let me go!
-What are you doing?
Get them in the car. Come on!
I don't fucking care.
Is this what I pay you for?
What did he say? What happened?
-The container disappeared.
-Which container?
The one that left two days ago.
-The one from Aleppo?
-Yes, it disappeared.
What do you mean it disappeared?
Containers don't just disappear.
Sir, help me.
Do you speak Arabic?
Sir, help me. Help me.
I have to get to my sisters.
Listen. Get on the bus, like they
asked you to. Follow the instructions.
Who are you with?
By myself. What are you talking about?
What instructions?
I have money.
How much do you want?
Money? What money? Do you think
I'm gonna take your money?
Get on that bus.
Do you understand me?
Sir, help me! I'm begging you.
Help me.
Go away!
This way!
Where are you, Karim?
How did this happen?
Thank you for saving me.
Not a word. Do not speak.
They were going to sell me.
Thank God I found you.
Who said I won't sell you?
So I'm your prisoner now?
-I got away.
Me too. Listen. Let's meet in the market,
I'll wait at the restaurant.
-Okay. I'm on my way.
How did this happen?
Let me out of the car.
Let me out of here.
I told you to keep quiet.
Keep your head down.
I'm begging you.
Let me out of here.
Just let me out.
You're staying here.
How did this happen?
What did you do, Karim?
Get out.
Don't be scared.
What are you looking at?
What's your story?
How come you're traveling by yourself?
Where are your parents?
-You think I want to be here with you?
-Keep your voice down.
I don't want to keep my voice down.
There's a war.
Of course my parents
wouldn't have left me by myself.
Listen. I don't care about your parents,
or your story or theirs.
That's not why I'm asking.
We wanted to get to Sweden,
all of us together.
But then the place where we were staying
got bombed. Then I lost them.
Do you play?
Of course I play. I play the piano.
-Are you good?
-Better than him.
Then show me.
Play something.
-I'll talk to him.
-Sit down.
Don't touch me.
Don't you get it?
Stay calm and don't make a scene.
Lay low.
I'm going to the bathroom.
It's that way.
You'll get what you want
from my parents.
Of course I will.
If they love you, they will pay.
Everything will be fine.
I will find you,
I promise you that.
Can I use your phone?
I want to check something on Insta.
It's an app where
you post pictures...
-I know what Insta is.
-Do you have Instagram or not?
-I don't.
-What's your phone for then?
I make phone calls
and talk to people.
Did you want us to go out
and take photos and selfies?
We always communicate there.
My sisters wrote to me. They say they're
going to the Airport Refugee Camp.
-Do you know anything about it?
-Airport Camp?
That's a temporary camp.
In Greece.
-You always scare me.
-Let's go, one, two
Can you get me to Greece?
How much does it cost?
Three to four thousand Euros.
Okay. Look. I have I have
about a hundred,
two hundred, I have about...
What are you doing?
Put the money away.
It's okay.
Why are you acting like this?
Where did you get all
this money from?
My father gave it to me. So imagine
how much money my dad has.
-I'm not hungry.
-Eat and stay quiet.
What's this?
Where are you from?
Where are your parents?
-Yes. Yes.
-Yes what?
That's the only word I know in French.
Have you heard anything?
Many were arrested.
The dockers, the guards.
They arrested a lot of people.
The Interpol is also involved.
You beat up a cop
so it doesn't look good.
Shit! Interpol? Then they must have
had their eyes on us for a while.
It has to do with the container,
the one they were asking about before.
It seems that the police confiscated it.
It left two days ago.
We would have heard something.
I don't know. That's what I heard.
In all cases, we need to get out of here.
Turkey is too dangerous right now.
Who knows what they have on us?
-What are you going to do with the girl?
-She saw me hit the cop.
Maybe use her as a cover? She has money.
Maybe I can get a ransom from her parents.
Good. It could be good to have her
with you if you leave the country.
In all cases, I need my money.
We have no time for this now, Sam.
If you hit a cop, you need to leave quick.
I have to find the best way
to leave the country.
Leaving by boat is your best chance.
You know all departures by heart anyway.
What are you saying? You want me
to risk my life on a rubber boat?
Just get out of the country
as soon as you can.
Take this for now.
We'll meet again when things calm down.
Take this. Take it. Take it now.
Come on. What is it?
Trust me. It's the best solution.
She is your money now. Go.
Come on. Get in.
Don't you want to go see
your sisters in Greece? Fine.
Go to the police.
Let them deal with you.
Give me your money
so I can help you.
All of it.
You'll get the rest from my sisters.
If you get there.
You know what? My sister's friend
invented an engine that works on magnets.
They're all inventors in her family.
They helped her invent that engine.
It doesn't need fuel.
You turn the magnets on and they start
spinning and spinning,
until you turn it off yourself.
All electric engines are like that.
It's not electric.
I told you, it's made of magnets.
It's a never ending energy.
You know, when you bring two magnets
together, they repel each other, right?
Then why don't they make all engines
like this? Got it?
Then why don't they make
all cars like this?
Why we don't hear of this
on the news? CNN? BBC?
I don't know, but I think that it
will take time to adopt it.
But surely you'll hear about it
in the news soon.
Why do you charge refugees
so much money?
Wanna know why?
I'll tell you a story.
We live in a hostile world.
A world of wars.
In wars, houses are destroyed,
and people die.
Some people become refugees.
And where there are refugees, you'll find
smugglers like me who smuggle them,
transport them,
and sell them to make profit.
And that's the end of the story.
Got it?
May I use your phone?
I want to call my mom.
Two. Come on. Do it.
Come on, Sara. You can do it.
Remember. Go back, I swear.
Let's go, Sara.
Come on, Sara. You always have 27%
of your energy left.
I told you. My sister is strong.
You're both strong.
Mom and dad, I miss you.
-Yes, Karim.
-Where are you?
I'm in Turkey. And you?
-It doesn't matter. They all died.
-What? Who do you mean?
The container from Aleppo
that got confiscated. They all died.
-How could that be?
-I don't know.
Something happened to the airflow.
They ran out of air and suffocated.
Are you sure?
Sure or not, most of the
containers were ours.
You know that. Listen now.
We have to leave the country
as soon as possible.
Are you listening?
You must leave the country now.
Leave the country and go where,
Karim? How?
Listen to me, man.
You do not have another option.
What is it?
You can go!
Who's this? Your dad?
-What does he do for a living?
-Dad owns a computer company.
Is it a big company?
He had about 20 employees.
Mom is a school teacher.
How wonderful!
Don't we look alike?
These are Rawan and Sara.
Mom is in the middle.
That's your family.
Family members do look alike.
See this rose? Mom drew it for me.
Isn't it beautiful?
Yeah, it is.
Are all these people coming
with us on the boat?
All of them. Those who don't drown,
will arrive to their destination.
Karim, I shared my location with you.
Come for the car.
Are you almost done?
We have to check them one more time.
Some people sell fake life jackets.
What crazy person would do that?
They make a lot of money from it.
I'm glad you're not like them.
I'm stronger than you.
I'm not scared of you.
I will get on the boat.
I will.
Are you done playing?
The boat won't wait for you.
Let's go.
Faster. Sit over there.
Don't forget your belongings.
People, the sea is very calm.
We can leave. Don't worry.
Guys, who here can swim?
One, two, three.
We need to help those who can't swim.
Don't worry. Come.
Get in. Faster. Get in!
Let's go.
Okay, relax. Calm down.
Get the kids.
Put the jackets on them.
Last one. Get in.
Turn the other way.
Oh God! Let's go.
Slow down. Slow down, please.
Don't tip us over.
Call the coast guards.
It's too early.
We're not in the Greek waters yet.
Don't move, please.
Don't move. Sit down.
The waves are getting higher.
Water is getting in.
Slow down.
Guys. Stay calm. Do not move.
Stay calm. Sit still for a bit.
Mom, water is getting in over here.
Go slow. Water is getting in.
-No, from the waves. Don't be scared.
-We said go slow.
I can't go slow. We need to keep going.
Come on!
Tell him to slow down,
I beg you.
Guys, I beg you.
We have kids on board. Be careful.
Listen. I'm like your mother.
Tell the girl to stop.
Why are you arguing with me?
Bail out the water. Any way you can.
Bail out the water.
There are children on board.
We need to get rid of some weight.
Let's get rid of some weight.
Let's go!
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Bail out the water!
Come, bail out the water.
-Bail out the water!
Bail out the water!
Sam. What are you doing?
The waves... Sit down, Amal.
Look. I can see the shore.
We're here.
Bail out the water!
We have many little children with colds.
Give them blankets to keep them warm.
I finally made it to Greece.
We're close to the camp.
We? Are you coming along?
Your sisters have the money,
like we agreed.
This is a temporary camp.
Too much trouble,
too much chaos.
A place like that...
may be shut down at any time.
Even if there were fire breathing
crocodiles, no one can talk me out of it.
I don't care.
I'm going there no matter what.
I understand.
Let's rest here.
We'll look for your sisters
tomorrow morning.
-Mommy, I want to go back home.
-Don't be scared.
-Who's in charge around here?
-In charge?
Aziz, the phone salesman.
Fourth booth on the right.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Yeah, I'm Aziz.
I'm looking for two girls, Rawan and Sara.
They're from Aleppo.
Sara and Rawan from Aleppo.
No, I don't know them.
You don't know?
-You're so talented.
-Thank you.
I haven't seen you before.
We just arrived. I'm looking for
my sisters. We're from Aleppo.
A lot of sisters here are
from Aleppo.
I need a mobile phone, please.
And a place to stay,
for a night or two.
Fifty euros for a mobile
and a place to stay?
You can stay here for the night.
And here's a mobile.
That's better.
The phone is up and running.
Let me show where you will stay.
But my sisters were supposed to be here.
Rawan and Sara. Do you know them?
I don't know.
Come meet my friends.
Maybe they know them.
Come on. Let's go.
-You still haven't sold anything?
-Why are you yelling at him?
Who are you?
I'm looking for my sisters,
Rawan and Sara. Do you know them?
-No. Are you alone here?
-No, she's with her dad.
-He's not my dad.
-So why are you hanging with an old man?
-We're just friends.
Older men cannot be friends
with younger girls.
Sam saved my life. I don't know either
one of you. Will you help me or not?
Come with me. I might know
someone who can help you.
Take these to the tent, quickly.
That was Gabriel's mom.
The next tent is my cousin's.
-He's preparing for his wedding tonight.
-A wedding? Here?
Yeah. Why not?
There are people from Aleppo here.
They might be able to help you.
Hello. Do you know two girls named
Rawan and Sara? 16 and 14?
-Rawan and Sara?
-Can you show me a picture of them?
-Yes, sure.
That's Rawan and this is Sara.
There is a girl named Sara here,
and she looks like her.
But I'm not sure if it's her.
Where the fuck have you been?
What are you doing?
Do you know how long
I've been calling?
-I lost my phone.
-Lost your...
Okay, listen. Where are you now?
I'm in Greece. You?
They have nothing on me.
They think you were working alone.
What do you mean
I was working alone?
Karim, we're in this shit together.
We lost Aleppo's container
because of you.
-Calm down.
-Our business took a hit because of you.
Relax a bit!
What's wrong with you?
That's what happened. What can I do?
Besides, you left.
I left because you told me
to leave the country.
I don't get it.
Didn't you pay off the harbor police?
Stay away from Turkey
and you'll be safe.
It's good you're in Europe now.
It makes things easier for us now.
-You sold me out.
-What are you talking about?
Sam, the war has just begun.
Now it gets serious.
I want what's mine.
I want my money, get it?
Listen, Sam. Can you go to Bulgaria
in two days? Can you get there?
I want you there in two days.
Can you go?
Bulgaria? In two days?
What do you mean? What's in Bulgaria?
I have a shipment going there.
I need someone there to receive them.
If you go there and sort things out,
I will pay you good money.
Sam. Get rid of the girl
and get yourself over there.
Rawan! Throw me the ball!
Hey! Sara! Rawan!
Rawan? Sara?
Don't worry.
We will find your sisters.
It's okay.
What did your sisters write in their
message? Are they even here?
They wrote saying we will meet here.
Open and show me the message.
They wrote that they
will come here.
They'll come here. So they're not here.
Do you understand the difference or not?
What have you done?
Are you dumb?
We had a deal.
You're wasting my time.
I need the money from your sisters.
You don't get it, do you?
Don't listen to him.
He seems grumpy.
Not all the time.
Why are you still defending him?
Older men are dangerous.
Haven't you learned that yet?
All I'm saying is be careful.
Don't trust anyone.
They can leave you at any time.
Yes, one of them was called Sara.
But I don't remember the other one's name.
She didn't talk too much.
True. Sara talks more.
How old are they?
15 or 16.
-Do you know where they are?
-They left.
They wouldn't have left here
without me.
Let me see your phone. Quick.
This is Rawan and that's Sara.
Did you see them leave here? Be sure.
No. If that's them,
then they're weren't here. I'm sorry.
I told you. They're still here.
They did not leave.
-I hope you find them soon.
-I'm sure I will. Let's go.
So pretty!
For the wedding?
Come on, guys!
Play some music.
Play some music.
We want to party!
Guys, we have a problem.
Be patient. We'll sort it out.
Come on, man! Play some music.
We want to dance.
-Check down and...
-What's the problem?
-It's either the cable or the device.
-Let's see if it's the...
What's this?
How is it still working?
What is it?
Just a sec. We'll fix it.
Awesome, man!
Go to sleep. It's late.
Walid told me that I should stay
away from you.
How smart you both are!
And what do you think?
Me? What do you think?
Can I trust you?
Or are you like all the others?
Can I see my messages?
Dear God!
No messages, right?
Why you're not trying
to convince me otherwise?
Walid may have a point.
You shouldn't trust anyone.
-Are you still awake?
-Yes. I'm coming.
You know what?
I feel that I'm forgetting.
Forgetting what?
My friends from the neighborhood,
my parents, my sisters.
Sometimes I think that
we'll go back to our house.
But I know that's not going to happen.
You're not the only one.
Everybody here thinks the same,
that everything will go back to normal.
But I know nothing will go back
to the way it was.
We will find your sisters.
By the way,
that's a gift from me.
He spent all this money to buy this.
Isn't it pretty?
So pretty! It's amazing. Thank
you so much, Gabriel.
Are you going to eat it all or are
you going to leave her something? Eat.
Hello? My sister, Amal,
called me from this number.
Hello? Can you hear me?
-Sam? What's happening?
Where did they come from?
My eyes hurt. They're burning.
Come on.
Walid! Help me!
No! We have to help them.
Walid! Gabriel! No!
You speak English?
Can you help me?
Yeah. What's going on?
What's going on?
I need a ride. I know a place
where they can help me.
-Ride my friend you say?
With my car.
You know, it's expensive.
The gasoline.
With a dead kid in the car,
you know... No.
Listen. I give you 50.
Sixty is okay for me.
Sixty is okay.
Do you like it? Come.
-Where are you going?
-I thought you left.
-What did they say?
-It's okay, no big deal.
They asked about my parents
and why I'm alone. So I told them that...
-What did you tell them?
-That a terrorist kidnapped me.
I'm kidding. I said that my dad
is waiting for me outside.
Your sisters called.
They didn't even get to the camp.
And your parents are on their way
to Sweden. Let's move.
My sisters? When? Just now?
What did they say?
Rawan, Sara, I miss you a lot.
You changed a lot. I knew we would
meet again. Come here, Sara.
Amal! Hey! How are you?
This is Sam.
He helped me.
Hi, Sam.
Thank you for helping her.
-Where are you now?
We're in Greece.
Greece is amazing!
The weather is a bit hot,
but the sea is beautiful.
And I like everything here.
Sam seems to like it here too.
Where are mom and dad?
In the last email, they were
on their way to the container.
They haven't replied after that.
I knew there's something's weird
with that container.
Now we heard
it's been confiscated.
Ask them where were they going.
They left from Izmir,
but we're not sure.
-What do you mean it was confiscated?
-I don't know.
I shouldn't have said anything.
Don't think about it.
At least we're talking
to you now.
But they were going to Sweden.
Sam told me you said so.
Yes, but they're not here yet.
Amal. Ask them where
they were going and when.
-We don't know.
-But you're coming to Sweden, right?
Of course. I'm very excited.
Okay. Take care of yourself.
Sam, take care of her.
Stay strong. It's almost over.
-Bye. Take care of yourself.
-We love you so much.
They're alive. They're in Sweden.
Can you imagine? I have to keep going.
I have to get to Sweden.
I'm going to Bulgaria.
Is it close to Sweden?
You know what? We're in Europe.
We can come and go freely.
-That's what everyone says.
-Things changed.
We have to be careful.
If they arrest either one of us...
we will apply for the refugee status
in the country we're in.
Which means we can't go anywhere else.
But if we're in Sweden,
if you are in Sweden,
you will apply for the refugee status
there and be with your sisters.
Then, find me a solution.
Go on. Now.
I have a solution for myself,
not for you.
Sam, for real. I told you you will have
whatever you want from my parents.
I promise.
Just get me to Sweden.
-What are you looking at all the time?
-What would I be looking at?
You know our situation.
We have to stay alert.
That's because that's how you think.
This is not the stop for bus 844.
-Maybe it's at another stop.
-What other stop?
I've taken the bus from here before.
-Cool graffiti!
-Listen! Enough!
Do you want to drive me mad?
This can't be.
Stay focused.
That's the last bus going to Bulgaria.
It's not all fun. It's not a field trip
where you laugh and joke.
If you want to get to Sweden,
you must get to Bulgaria first.
You need to listen carefully and
look around you. Enough. Enough!
Sam. Sam!
I see a bus.
I miss you.
Does your mom always pick up
when you call her?
-Can I tell you something?
-Go on.
Sometimes I feel that my parents
are dead because they're ignoring me.
But I'm ashamed of myself
for thinking this way.
You think mom and dad
are looking for me?
If I were them, I'd at least
be looking for my children.
Wake up! The bus broke down.
They called for help.
We have to hurry,
before they close the borders.
Okay. So, shall we walk?
If you want to.
I'm tired. How much more?
Can I try to call them?
Why are you not answering, mom?
Rawan and Sara texted them twice.
They should answer. But they're not.
They will.
See? They closed the borders.
When you hear me yelling,
you start yelling too.
Open the gate.
Open the gate!
Open the gate!
Come on! Open the gate!
-Open the gate!
-Shout! Shout!
Open the gate!
Open the gate!
Do you want us to die?
-Come on, guys!
-Come on! Open the gate!
Open the gate!
We are walking for days!
Open the gate!
We go to Bulgaria!
Open the gate!
What happened?
Like this?
-Do you want some water?
My son! Where is my son?
Ziad? My son!
Where is my son? Ziad?
Hey, you! Your hands are
covered with blood.
You. Yes, you! Look at this man.
Stop him. Stop him. Stop this man.
His hands are covered with blood.
Ziad. Don't you ever do this again.
Don't leave me and walk away.
You must have a valid ticket, okay?
No one is allowed without a ticket.
Yes, two persons.
-We have two. Two. What?
How do you say "hello,
my name is Amal" in Swedish?
See how good I am?
Very good indeed.
Everything will be fine.
If I even make it to Sweden.
Well if they can invent a car
that works on magnets,
how will it be difficult
for you to get to Sweden?
You're right.
I didn't think of that.
How did you become a smuggler?
At first, I helped someone close
to me. I smuggled him from Syria.
Then... members of my family.
Then... strangers started asking me
to help them.
And I got hooked.
And here I am.
Why did you help me?
Because you remind me
of someone dear to me.
And soon it's going to be the end
of the story, and you'll get rid of me.
-Any more questions?
Answer, Karim.
Don't play games with me.
Is everything clear?
I'm talking to you.
I'm talking to you.
The driver will pick you up at the end of
the street, next to the yellow box.
He'll wait for you there at night.
Who is it from?
-It could be for me.
-I'm talking to you.
We're in Bulgaria
and I will leave you here.
Sweden isn't far from here.
You'll travel in a truck.
I paid the driver part of the fee.
When you get to Sweden, your sisters
and you will pay him the rest.
I know this is a huge responsibility,
but if you do exactly what I'm telling
you, you'll get there safe and sound.
Your sisters.
They're so happy we're reuniting.
You took my money.
How will I pay him?
I just told you.
I paid him part of the fee.
When you get there, your sisters
and you will pay him the rest.
I will be going now.
It was nice meeting you.
I'm in Bulgaria, Karim. Where is the
shipment and where's my money?
Yeah, right. About that, listen...
There's been a delay.
The shipment will leave Izmir
in about four hours.
You should receive it
tomorrow evening, I believe.
I'm telling you
I'm in Bulgaria.
I've been trying to call you for three
days but you wouldn't pick up.
I apologize, but we've run
into trouble here, you know.
After the container and whatnot.
By the way, that I found who you wanted.
I got some pictures.
You found them? Send them.
Okay, hold on.
Who are they?
-It doesn't matter.
-They're the girl's parents, right?
I said it doesn't matter.
How amazing, Sam!
So you kidnapped the girl
and killed her parents.
Bye bye, money.
I'm joking, man! You need to relax.
You're too stressed.
I am. Send me all the information
on the new shipment.
Where are you now?
We were forced to move to the small
harbor, you know it.
But things should go
back to normal in a few days.
I'll call you later.
Police department.
Hello? Connect me to the harbor police.
I have information about Karim Diab.
Smile to the police
and move to the side.
I don't want to come with you
and I don't want to smile.
Why are you even here? Didn't you
leave me? I don't trust you anymore.
You're right.
You can't trust anyone,
and certainly not someone like me.
I'm dangerous.
I'm no better than those
I warned you about.
I'm filthy. I'm the worst.
But what's worse is that I'm your
only chance to survive.
I'll tell them who you are.
Tell them. Go on. There they are.
Let's see what will happen
to a little girl like you.
They'll send you to jail.
One year, two years, maybe five.
Then they'll send you back to the camp
in Turkey. Is that what you want?
Don't you want to see your parents,
your sisters in Sweden?
Of course I want to see my parents.
What do you think?
I know where my sisters are.
They're in Sweden.
But no one knows where my parents are.
Do you know where they are?
No, you don't. Right?
Okay. I know where
your parents are.
Smile to the cops
and let's get out of here.
Get down on your knees and put
your hands behind your head.
I was just about to leave.
Don't hush me. I told you so many times.
Come in time.
Okay. We're here now.
Stuff happens. This is the girl.
Okay. Come.
We have an issue.
Yeah. You always have an issue.
-I'm going to Sweden too.
Come on.
-You called me and booked one person.
-I know.
-That's it.
-We agreed on 1000 right?
Come. Have this.
This is for her, right?
Regarding me, we have work together.
I will bring you more people.
Business, you know?
Mom's birthday is in three days.
Do you think they'll arrive before then?
Sara, Rawan, and I will make her
a present. A huge gift.
Because mom loves it
when my sisters and I help each other.
We help one another.
Sam... Thank you so much
for all your help.
You sisters will meet you
when we arrive, right?
What matters now is that once you
set foot on land,
you don't need to run anymore.
You'll have a new beginning.
And your sisters who have been on
a similar trip, will take care of you.
And you'll take care of them.
What's gonna happen to you?
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
But on Swedish soil,
there is nothing else I can do for you.
What's wrong?
Tell me. What is it?
I need to tell you something.
What is it?
The container that was
transporting your parents
didn't make it.
What do you mean, Sam?
The container was sealed.
They ran out of air.
And the heat...
It was too much.
They suffocated.
If that was true,
I would have known this before.
And not from you.
Rawan or Sara would have told me.
Anybody else would have told me,
not you.
No, I don't believe you.
I saw the pictures.
Your parents aren't alive.
I have the pictures.
I don't think you should see them.
But if you insist, I won't stop you.
How did you get these pictures?
How did you get them?
Why do you have them?
Why won't you answer me?
Because I know the people responsible
for what happened.
I can't bring back your parents.
I'm sorry.
No! Mom!