Exorcism: Haunted Child (2015) Movie Script

Miss, a patient has just died.
Calm down. Just a corpse.
Never seen a corpse before?
Are you a new intern from Medical school?
Yes, I was assigned here for internship.
This is my first night shift.
Lucky you, bringing the corpse
to the morgue in the first night.
Why do you call it lucky?
Because you'll be doing it forever!
-I'm experienced.
For the last seven, eight years, I've
always pushed corpses in my night shifts.
I have affinity with corpses,
but none of the corpses like me.
Affinity with corpses? What do you mean?
Every night that I push a corpse,
I always choose numbers 03, 43, 83, but
I'm like a corpse when I know the results!
Your name is Hai,
it's mean Comedic, that explains.
My name is Thi.
Your name...
What an odd name!
Thi-Hai, it's mean CORPSE.
We can register for the show
Just the Two of Us on TV.
Ladies and gentlemen,
here is the demonstration
of the comedic couple-THI HAI,
in a unique show-pushing the corpse.
Uncle Hai.
Please don't joke anymore!
I'm scared!
Here is autopsy report.
You two push the corpse
to the cool room quickly.
For police to finish procedures tomorrow
and for the family to get the body.
Thi. Do you hear any strange sound?
What sound?
This is the first time I see
a nurse wearing heels at night shift.
You really know
how to impress the dead ones.
I'm sorry. I'll learn for next time.
It's my first time, I don't know
Then please walk gently.
Do you believe that
when hearing heels' sound,
this corpse would even
stand up to ask your name?
Uncle Hai, why do you scare me?
Please walk gently.
Do not make underworld people startle.
-Who's standing next to you?
Will you walk gently now?
Why is the road to morgue
really dim and dark?
The morgue is of course
far from the hospital!
You're afraid of ghosts?
Of course.
Everybody does when being alone.
Why do you stop?
It's so easy.
You must be brave.
Just pull down this white wrap
and look at his face directly.
No ghost will mean any-hell-thing then.
Why do you keep teasing me with
ghosts and hell in midnight like this?
I told you the truth.
Just think of it.
If all autopsy doctors
were scared like you,
how could they do autopsy?
No, I don't dare.
Let me pull down the wrap for you.
Wait, please don't.
-Are you seeing a ghost?
-No, no.
Your high-heel is on my foot.
I'm sorry.
I want to pee.
You can't go.
You've been telling me many things,
you made me so scared.
You can't leave me here.
If you hold me a little longer,
I'll die because of retention.
Let me go to the tree over there.
Still looking? Even at this distance?
Please turn around!
Hey Thi, seriously,
Have you ever seen a ghost before?
Please stop, Uncle Hai!
That's not funny!
I'm asking you seriously. I've seen once!
Don't worry,
ghosts never threaten
anyone who is scared of them.
If ghosts scare someone,
and that one dies,
how could the ghosts reincarnate?
Stop now, Uncle Hai.
Do you finish?
Can I turn around?
Uncle Hai.
Uncle Hai? Don't kid me like that!
Uncle Hai?
Ms Thi, maybe there is
someone else here watching us.
What have we done to be watched?
You're so bad.
Hey you, let my hands go!
You are the one that let my hands out.
Why did you leave me so soon?
I couldn't make it to see you last time.
How can I live alone?
Hey, we were acting smoothly,
who turned the lights on?
We're practicing very hard.
Who dare to interrupt?
Very good.
OK, there is enough crying and misery.
-Hi, teacher.
-All of you come here and listen to me.
Let me introduce to you.
This is Ms My Lan,
she was main actress of
Cuu Long Giang reformed theatre group.
At the beginning of the school year, the
training department already informed that
My Lan would complete
her internship here with you guys
to prepare for her graduation thesis
about theatre directing.
My Lan, tell something to the students.
I'm so sorry for my late attendance
'cause my family had a funeral.
Please forgive me.
My Lan, do not believe in
whatever they say.
They're so naughty.
OK, take time to know each other.
I'm leaving now.
Don't be afraid. Come here!
Take a seat.
-I'm Phi Long.
-My name is Hai Au.
Lan, you look so pretty,
why don't you choose to be an actress
but a director? Such a waste!
I was the main singer for
a reformed theatre group.
After a serious sickness,
I lost my voice.
So I decided learning
to become a theatre director.
-Hey sister.
Where are you staying,
so that we can help you
carry your luggage?
Don't worry. Ms Nam Phuong allowed me
to use props room on the roof top.
I moved my pack there already.
Well, what's wrong?
Why did you suddenly stop talking?
Oh my God, you're so brave.
How dare you stay there alone?
I don't see anything unusual.
The room is very fresh.
Don't you really know what happened?
It is a well-known fact that
there are a lot of ghosts in this school.
The props room on the roof top,
where you are going to stay
is the scariest place.
Every time we need the props for acting,
we have to go in a group
of three or four.
No one dare to come up there alone.
I heard that, a few years ago,
there was a girl who also attended
the reformed theatre acting class,
no one knows what happened to her,
she came to the roof top
and stayed there the whole time.
No one saw her.
With her absence from school,
everyone thought she was disappeared
or came back home.
A few months later, some cleaners
came up to the terrace to clean up.
You know, it was really strange.
I wondered how long she had died,
but her body wasn't decomposed.
Her eyes were still open largely
and there was still
a secret smile on her face.
After that, those who were living
by the school said that
Every night, they saw a white lady shadow
stroked her hair on the school's roof top.
Awww! Why did you bite me?
-My God!
-I am really sorry.
Because I'm scared.
Just go away if you scared of ghosts.
Why do you still stay here
to listen to a ghost stories?
It's hurt.
I may die not because of a ghost
but because of your bites.
We only heard the story.
Nobody here really sees a ghost.
But, everyone in this school
believes the story is true.
Well, aren't you really scared of ghosts?
When I have more free time, I will
tell you ghost stories of my hometown.
I am sure they will
scare the shit out of you.
However, I think before you move there,
you should worship.
"There is worship, there is a sacredness.
There is abstinence, there is goodness."
Why so serious!
Anyway, thank you very much
for your ghost story.
Because after hearing your story,
I know that I'm not alone in the terrace.
Now I have a long-hair girl
as my roommate.
It's not early.
Go back to your dorms and rest.
I'm going to my room.
See you tomorrow. Ok?
I'm trembling.
Wanna threaten me? Forget it, babe!
The props room on the roof top
is the scariest place.
Now you must go to battlefield
to revenge for our nation.
Don't worry.
I'll fight to the end.
Follow me, fight with enemies.
What's that weird sound?
Did you transform to burglar last night?
I'm sorry.
Guys, we can take a break now.
You got 30 minutes off.
We'll continue after break-time.
Sister, have a drink.
What a damn hot day!
There may come a heavy rain soon.
Did you sleep well last night?
Yes, I did.
Did you hear "anything"?
No, I didn't hear anything.
What's wrong?
I and Hai Au meant that...
You two. You don't focus on practicing,
but keep talking about ghosts all day.
I don't understand why.
Why are you so angry with us?
I and Hai Au, we just care about you.
It's not you whom I'm angry with.
I just feel annoyed.
We're living in modern era,
no ghosts exist.
If you don't believe, it's your problem.
Perhaps there is a ghost right next
to us now, but we don't know.
That's enough.
This place is for practicing,
not for you to scare others.
I'm not the right one for you to do that.
If you want to threaten anyone,
please go outside.
If you don't like, we promise
we will never talk about it again.
Stop here.
It's so hot here. Would you allow us
to go to the canteen 15 minutes?
You can go.
Lan, later when you go to props room,
could you please help us return
the incense bowl and white funeral cloths?
I dare not to go up there.
We asked the boys for helping
but they did not want to go.
Leaving them here, we must compensate
if there's any damage.
Ok, I'll help you to take them up there.
Thank you.
"See you tonight!"
Who did this god damn thing?
Did I do anything to bother you?
Why do you do this to me?
If I know who did this,
I'll make you regret.
Come out here!
Come out here right now,
no need to wait for midnight.
Either a human or a ghost, come out here.
Don't play a snake in the grass.
You think I'm scared?
You're dreaming.
You know, it was really strange.
I wondered how long she had died,
but her body wasn't decomposed.
Her eyes still open largely
and there was still
a secret smile on her face.
"See you tonight!"
Who's there?
Stop your joke, it's midnight!
Please let me in, it's so cold outside.
Who are you?
I study at the reformed theatre class.
Please let me in!
Please let me in.
It's so cold outside.
It is very late at night,
why you don't sleep
but come here teasing me?
Why do I have to tease you?
I'm also a student of our school.
Please open the door.
I know you are ghost.
What, ghost?
Though if you know there is ghost,
how dare you stay here?
Because I saw the soap,
the flying incense bowl
and the song "D c hoi lang".
Are you a ghost?
I don't understand what you said,
I have no idea.
I think, that was probably a joke
from Phi Long and Hai Au,
they are actually
the devils of this school!
Ghosts are not real.
It's so cold,
I am so freezing,
please let me in!
Sister, please let me in.
I'm freezing.
-Wait a minute.
You still don't believe me, do you?
If you want to make sure
I am a human or a ghost,
just take my hand.
People said that
only dead people's hands are cold.
You hesitated to let me in,
so my hands are as cold as dead hands.
My name is Tam, Thien Tam.
You're all wet.
Come in.
I'll get clothes for you.
Change quickly, or you'll catch cold.
You left me outside so long,
now I don't feel cold anymore.
You're the one who are freezing.
Go change your clothes.
But why aren't you at home?
I spent all the money my parents
sent to me in last few months.
Now I can't pay the rent.
I think this terrace is
the best place to "land".
Tonight is such a case.
-Do you feel asleep?
-A little.
If you don't mind, you can
sleep with me on this mattress.
This bed is so small for both of us.
I'll sleep on the ground.
No way, it's very cold.
You can't sleep down there.
Let me take the red curtain inside
and lay it underneath.
Wait, how do you know
there is a red curtain?
You can find everything
in the props room.
Why don't you sleep?
I'll turn the light off.
You cannot sleep?
I usually sleep like a baby,
but I have been yawning so badly
and still can't sleep.
Sorry for disturbing you.
Don't know why, but either am I.
Haven't you heard that
there is ghost here?
How about you?
I guess you are not scared of ghost,
so you come up here to stay a night.
I am also scared
but I am bold to take the risk.
-Can I tell you this?
Maybe you won't believe, but
I used to see and talk with that ghost,
right here on this roof top.
She's actually very pathetic!
People said that those who died
and didn't have a chance to
inform anyone who is alive,
their souls will never be eased,
and still wander around on earth.
They hear and see everything we do.
But we know nothing
about their existence.
Only people like you and me
are able to hear what ghosts say.
So, the ghosts want to talk with us.
Why do they want to talk with us?
You really want to know?
Who is that?
We Phi Long and Hai Au.
Please open the door.
It's very late.
You two came up here for what?
We came here to apologize.
We surrender. Please open the door. We
really have important thing to tell you.
So annoyed!
I don't believe
there are ghosts in this school.
But I believe there are devils,
the two alive devils
are standing before me.
Now I understand why
nobody dares to come up here to stay.
You must do something
to show your actual remorse.
If you don't,
I will talk to the school principal.
Please don't. We know this is our fault.
Just a little joke.
"Someone will meet a ghost
if he goes out at night someday."
Surrender! We completely surrender!
We bow in admiration!
Bowing in admiration!
But you have to admit that
we set up
and perform it very well, right?
And you were scared, weren't you?
Could you please give us back
the incense bowl and white funeral cloths?
Those things belong to us,
not school's props.
Give you what?
You asked me to return
those things to the props room,
so I already brought them up here
and placed them over there.
When you went to the bathroom,
we broke into your room and take them.
We took the incense bowl,
swung it in front of your door
and hid ourselves in a corner.
We awaited that you would open the door
and you would screamed.
Eventually, we heard nothing
but your door's shutting sound.
Then we looked over the door
and realized that our props were gone.
We guess you take them to your room.
I thought you're smarter.
You intended to scare me.
How can I dare enough
to take those scary things?
there are only you, Phi Long and me here.
We didn't take it, you did neither,
-then who took it?
-My God, you...
I swear. I swear
I didn't take the incense bowl.
Please, we learned from our mistake.
-Please return them to us.
-That's enough.
Enough with your tricks.
It's late. Please stop, I want to sleep.
I take the incense bowl for what?
You're so annoyed.
There's a person who can be my witness.
We have four people here.
Thien Tam. Come out here.
You two, come inside!
Come here.
I have just slept a bit.
Well, we suppose you are here alone?
We have another person here.
You were outside before,
did you see the incense bowl
and the white funeral cloth?
They insist that I took those things.
Did you see anything?
What happened to you?
Whom you are talking with?
I forget to introduce, this is Thien Tam,
student of reformed theatre class.
And here are Phi Long and Hai Au,
actor and actress,
who practicing with me.
You surely know each other, don't you?
Thien Tam?
Yes, Thien Tam, reformed theatre class.
Are you kidding or serious?
-You're teasing me.
-Stop it.
I'm not kidding.
This is Thien Tam.
She stays here with me.
And she can confirm that
I didn't take your incense bowl.
And you, why don't you say
anything to them?
You talked a lot before.
Sister, did you say
you already met Thien Tam here?
She's standing next to me.
Thien Tam
is the girl who died in the water tank,
that I used to tell you before.
Are you saying that
both of you
don't see Thien Tam?
So do you see
a girl
with long long hair
in the white dress?
She's standing next to me, isn't she?
Thien Tam is
in a white dress
and standing in front of me.
-We prostrate ourselves before you.
-Whom you are talking with?
-Phi Long.
-We don't see anyone else
except three of us.
You really can't see her?
How can it be?
I can... Why?
they don't see me!
No matter how loudly I scream,
they won't hear anything!
For these years,
I've been staying in this roof top
without any friend.
No one burns incense for me.
I'm so sad.
I'm very happy when you move here.
Don't be scared!
Lan! Lan!
Lan. Lan.
Lan. Lan.
Lan. Lan.
Lan. Lan.
OMG! She has troubles.
Don't scare me.
-Hey, Lan.
Hey, Lan.
How are you?
What happened?
My Lan, please calm down.
-Please, don't follow me.
-Sister, I'm Thien Tam.
Thien Tam is the student of
reformed theatre class.
No, you fool me.
All of you are fooling me.
Thien Tam is a human not a ghost.
Have you seen the consequences of
your mischievousness, your ghostly jokes?
The school has warned you many times,
but you keep doing it!
Such jokes scare people to death!
You have to explain it
before the discipline council,
and you may get the worst punishment
of expelling from school.
Please forgive us!
We did stupid things,
and now we are very regretful.
Until now, there have
been just a few people
who were too scared and were fainted.
We know you are quite tough so we used
all tricks we have to threaten you.
Didn't expect that
you would fall down the stairs
and were unconscious for a few days.
Since you have been unconscious
in the hospital,
three of us
have been always by your side.
You know,
Thien Tam hasn't slept for a few nights.
Alright, we should leave
and let her rest.
Take care of your health.
Tam, what's wrong with you?
We are having fun!
I feel dizzy.
What happened?
I don't know why, I only drank one shot,
but my arms and legs are flagging.
I want to vomit. Can you take me home?
Duy, what's wrong with Tam?
I don't know. She told me that
she felt dizzy, and wanted to come home.
I see Tam's face turns pale.
You'd better take her home.
If she feels better, then come back here.
-let's take the last shot.
-See you next week.
-Just go home.
Go to dance floor, dear.
Do you feel better?
I'm better, but feel like
I can vomit anytime.
My stomach is still grumbling, unwell.
It's strange.
Before going to the party, you were fine.
Actually I was not fine,
I tried not to show it.
I think
maybe I'm pregnant.
My period has been delayed for two weeks!
It used to be late just a few days.
I'll find a pharmacy to buy
a quick stick for pregnancy test for you.
Are you worried?
What's your plan?
What do you mean?
You want to keep or abort it?
There is no word called "abort"
in my dictionary.
A child is a heaven's gift.
-Refuse it, you will live in sin.
-If you keep it, how can we raise it?
You were forced to leave the school
and haven't got a job.
And me, I still live
on my parents' money.
Living for yourself is already an issue,
not to mention
Well, then take me to your family.
There is no reason why
they don't like a grandchild, right?
Go home to be punished,
grandchild means nothing!
You know how demanding my parents are!
Watch out there is someone!
Young man, please help!
Help me.
Please open the door!
Open the door.
I'm a coward.
I know I'm a coward.
I'm not worth to be a man.
When I am confused,
I chose to run away.
Because I was scared.
You don't want to take responsibility
for my pregnancy, right?
No. I swear that it's not true.
I were scared
of being caught because
I caused the dead accident.
I really don't want to be in jail.
You won't ask me to abort it, will you?
Do you promise that
you love me and our baby?
Tam, I always love you.
I love our child, too.
Do you understand?
I want to be with you
for the rest of my life.
If you go to jail,
who will take care of me and our child?
I love you, Tam.
I love you.
I love you.
Why did you run?
You must repay for two deaths.
You killed two lives. I'll...
Duy! It's me, Tam.
Let me go!
What are you doing, Duy?
-Duy! Duy!
Duy! Duy!
Get out of me. Get out.
-Help me.
-Duy. The child.
-What happened?
-Which child?
-It's over there.
-Calm down.
-Duy, I'm scared.
-Calm down.
-You cast it out.
Duy, cast it out please.
Just calm down. Tam, Tam!
Tam! Tam!
I don't think she can recover.
She looked very terrible.
I saw her bloody face with my own eyes.
Duy, I feel worried!
What are you worried about?
I'm here for your baby.
No, I mean another thing.
Do you remember the morning that I raved,
then you were in a hurry coming to me?
I remember.
I saw a baby girl in a white dress.
She held an empty milk bottle.
She called me mom.
At that time
I was so scared.
No need to worry, baby.
I am afraid that we lost our child!
Your thought is ridiculous.
I feel anxious.
Buy me a pregnancy test stick
tomorrow, honey.
I want to know exactly.
Why are you freaked out seriously?
What is the result, darling?
Ta da! Two lines!
Our child is safe!
I also feel relieved.
Promise me, you will take care of me
and the child properly, darling!
I promise!
I have never seen
you reading newspapers before.
This morning, when going out
to buy pregnancy test stick for you,
I dropped by
a newspaper stand to buy some.
Cng An, Php Lut
to check if any of them
mentioning the accident.
Is it in the newspaper?
I find nothing!
From the accident day until now,
I have been worried and sleepless.
We can't hide ourselves
in the house forever!
Well, you can go anywhere you want,
I can stay alone in the house.
I'm so relieved knowing our baby is safe.
If I need anything, I will call you.
I'll go out, and buy something to eat.
Dad, I have something
important to tell you!
Promise me you need to be calmed.
Please don't tell mom for now!
What happened to you?
Get away.
-Get away.
-I'm here. I'm here.
Don't worry. Everything's fine.
What's wrong with me?
My head is in pain.
It's alright, honey.
Do you hear anything?
I didn't hear anything.
I saw a baby girl in the house.
I heard she called out her mom.
This is the second time I saw her!
The second time.
Maybe she's the baby of the dead woman
in the accident.
we should move out of this house.
If they are really the ghosts,
wherever you go,
they will always follow you.
Come on!
You haven't eaten anything
from this morning, have you?
Let's go out for dinner.
You should eat more.
We have had only frozen food
in the fridge for these days.
I don't know why, but
when these dishes were brought out,
I can't swallow anything.
I feel so stuffy here.
Could you please take me for a drive?
Excuse me, check please.
Hey chap, never seen people kissing?
Tam, I don't know why I can't
control the motorbike anymore!
You must repay for two deaths.
You must repay.
Tam, I am so sorry!
I don't know why I did that.
-Where are we now?
-What's wrong with you, Duy?
For a long drive,
you seemed to be soulless?
You made me scared, Duy!
Did devils control your thought?
Why did you take me here?
Didn't you remember this place?
I'm so scared.
We should run out of this place.
Let's go.
Since the accident day,
I haven't slept at all.
Dad, I decided, tomorrow
I will go to the police to confess.
I'd rather die than live like this,
hide away from other people!
It is like a death sentence
hanging above my head.
Tomorrow when you arrive in Saigon,
please go straight to my apartment
and take Thien Tam back home with you.
So you decide to confess, right?
Don't try to conceal anymore,
If you confess, you will never
see me and our child again.
So you've already confessed
the whole accident story happened
on the night of December 20th.
Are you sure what you said
is completely true and correct?
Are you sure
you're coming here to confess
in your best mental state?
the past five days were such
a nightmare to both of us.
I feel guilty for abandoning them
and leaving them die
after causing the accident.
We were panic.
Our spirits are tired.
However, I swear that
everything I just confessed
is in my best mental state.
Mr Duy!
We appreciate your attitude
and your decision to confess.
But we doubt about your honesty.
There are many unreasonable details
in your confession
and they are totally different
from our investigation results.
So yesterday, after you called us,
we asked all relating people to
come here to be witnesses.
Let them in!
It's her.
I beg you. Please don't follow me.
I already know my fault.
I killed you and your child.
-I beg you.
-Mr Duy, calm down.
There's no death in this room.
Please calm down.
Calm down!
Listen to me. Back to your seat.
So you recognize she is your victim.
But lucky for you, she was not dead
but got scratches and head injury.
Because of sickness,
her belly is bigger than normal.
She is not pregnant as you thought.
Please take her home.
We will summon her again
to record her statement when she recovers.
So, my confession about the ghost
that always follows me
That is the unreasonable detail, right?
Your confession of the girl who lived
with you is the unreasonable thing!
Please, first witness.
He was a passenger
on the bus that day. Please talk.
When we came to the accident set,
I saw two injured people.
One of them looked very awful.
Hey you.
Got something to help me?
This girl is seriously bleeding.
Hey you!
You must try.
Driver, someone, please
call the nearest hospital.
She's bleeding a lot.
We must go to emergency room.
She lost a lot of blood.
We tried our best but couldn't save her.
I was the one who examined
her dead body and signed the paper
to move her to the mortuary,
waiting for the police to investigate.
Because she carried
no personal papers with her.
you're here,
you can come to the hospital
to take her body back.
It's all about your obsession of guilt.
She used to be a perfect ghost in acting
to threaten other people.
Unexpectedly, it was her fate.
I wanted to hear more about Tam
before the time
we were in the relationship.
And from your story to mine,
I truly think it was a cruel fate to her.
where are you taking me to?
I will tell you
but you must keep calm, okay?
Look the backseat, please!
The box on the backseat
is Thien Tam's ash.
After three years in Saigon,
I incinerated her body
take her to her family as their wish.
By chance, I wish you
to burn her an incense.
Why don't you tell me in advance?
If I had known it,
I wouldn't have got in the car.
You have known me for a long time,
but you did not know Thien Tam
used to be my sweetheart, right?
What about the story
we've been talking about her?