Exorcismo (1975) Movie Script

Watch out!
Leila! Leila!
I have seen death.
I know, dear.
You shouldn't worry.
He's coming out of shock
and only sustained overall bruising.
Nothing serious.
She'll spend a couple of days
under medical supervision
and then she'll go back home
without a problem.
Thank God.
Are you telling me the truth?
Patricia, why would I lie to you?
I don't know.
When I saw her, there was something
strange about her.
I'm not an expert in traumatology.
- But I fully trust Dr. Warren.
- Yeah.
Mom, I think that you're overreacting.
Doesn't the doctor say that Leila is OK?
Thank you, Deborah.
I don't intend to lie to your mother.
May I see her?
Yes, but just for a moment.
Richard, wait.
What is it?
You didn't go to any birthday party.
Nor did you go to any colleague's house.
You had an accident
because you were drugged, right?
As soon as you can, ask your sister.
She was driving.
Richard, you're destroying her.
Leila is not the same person
since you got back from Africa.
Maybe not. We all have changed a bit.
I ask you to forget her. Leave her alone!
Dear John, do not ever get
in between two people in love.
It brings bad consequences.
I'll do anything
to get her to end things with you.
You're a nice guy.
I wouldn't like to have you as an enemy.
That's all I wanted to say.
Switch on the light, miss.
Come closer.
I don't want to see anyone.
But, Leila, I'm your mother.
You go away! All of you!
- Leave me alone.
- Quick, get a dose of Librium!
Don't touch me!
- Out!
- Calm down, Leila!
Don't touch me, I said! Get off!
- Dear!
- Out! All of you!
Listen to him, my little girl!
Yes, Ronald?
Mr. Gibson is waiting.
Thank you, Ronald. Show him to my office.
- Hi, John.
- How are you, Reverend?
Very well. Go on.
Keep looking at the book.
It's an extraordinary piece
from Henry VIII's reign,
when our church still depended on Rome.
It's an intriguing piece.
But you have so many.
It's my hobby,
collecting anything of value.
Come, sit down. I'll make you some tea.
It's been a while since you visited us.
You're right. I deserve a good reprimand.
How are your mother and your sisters?
- That's what I wanted to talk about.
- Something wrong?
- Leila.
- What's wrong with her?
I wouldn't know how to explain it.
She had a car accident recently.
Nothing serious, or so it would seem.
But she has changed.
Actually, since she got engaged
to Richard Harrington.
You know him, right?
Richard Harrington? Of course I know him.
He was my student in high school.
If I remember correctly,
he and Leila met then.
Richard was a terrific student.
He graduated as an archaeologist
with the best grades,
and I know that he went to Egypt
to work on his thesis.
I got him a job as an assistant
at my university.
Could you talk to him?
To Richard? About what?
He may listen to you.
I don't want him to go back to Leila.
I have the feeling that they take drugs
and frequent heretic circles.
That's a very strong accusation, John.
I know. But I'm convinced.
I don't have conclusive evidence,
but I'd swear that Richard
introduced Leila
to ideas that he got from Africa.
She was on drugs
when the accident happened.
You should have seen her, Adrian.
She's not the same person.
- No.
- How has she changed?
She rebels against everybody.
Sometimes she's gone for days,
and when she comes back,
she doesn't give explanations.
And Mother tolerates everything.
She even forbade me to tell her anything.
Leila was always difficult.
And you know how kids are today.
We don't always like
their concept of freedom.
But that doesn't mean
it isn't sometimes justified.
Then my visit is in vain.
No, I'll talk to Leila,
but I'm afraid all that is just a fantasy.
I'll find out soon.
I will watch them constantly.
I'm almost sure you're wrong.
I hope you're right.
I don't want to bother you anymore.
I'll send the car to pick you up
tomorrow at 11:00 a. m.
- But...
- I'm sorry. You must come.
Thank you, Udo.
- Good morning, Reverend.
- Good morning.
I'm glad to see you again.
Thank you, Christian. How's your wife?
She's fine, Father.
Come, the lady is waiting for you.
Hello, Patricia.
Welcome, Adrian.
John told me that you would come.
You look the same
as the last time we saw each other.
Something to drink?
Sure, a glass of sherry.
I see you haven't changed your habits.
You have to stick to them
if they're not too bad.
By the way...
I have wondered a lot lately
why did you stop coming here?
I'll be honest.
I stopped coming the day I felt
that I was no longer welcome.
But how can you say that?
You've always been welcome here.
For more than two years,
you've been our spiritual counselor.
A good reason to be disliked,
don't you think?
Sorry, Patricia. I was joking.
To be honest, I haven't come
because I'm very busy.
Come on. That excuse is no good.
I came because John visited me yesterday,
and told me about Leila.
What did he tell you?
Well, that you had some problems.
Problems? John is the problem.
I don't know why he picks on my daughter.
He keeps asking her questions
and trying to put up obstacles
so that she stops seeing Richard.
- You know Richard well, right?
- Yes, of course.
But John is not acting like that
for no reason.
He wants the best for his sister.
It's understandable.
But John has no reason to oppose
her relationship with Richard.
I know my daughter well,
and also John and Deborah.
But John... John is bitter.
He has no friends. And it bothers him
that the others have fun and are happy.
He spends his life locked up
in his greenhouse with his damned plants.
John is a great guy.
Even if you think otherwise.
Maybe the fact that you're
his stepmother has distanced you.
I love the three of them the same.
I don't make any distinctions.
No one knows that better than you.
Can I say hello to Leila?
Of course.
She's at the pool with some friends.
Would you follow me?
Bork, come on. Let's go.
Next to me.
Hello, Leila.
Reverend, what a surprise.
Yes, it's a bit strange
that we meet at a pool, right?
I'm glad to see you after all this time.
The university and the vicarage
take up all my time.
But you don't come to see me either.
And the same goes for Deborah.
I haven't seen her in ages.
There she is.
She wins.
Call her.
Deborah, come here.
- You play for me.
- OK.
It's your turn.
You have two lovely daughters, Patricia.
My dear Mr. Dunning, did you get lost?
- No, my God.
- Will you stay for lunch?
Some other time.
Go, your friends are calling you.
Come with us!
- I'll see you, Reverend.
- Sure.
Leila, they call you too.
I'll go in a minute.
Bork, do you see this gentleman?
I hate him.
I hate him for the bad times
he's given me translating the classics.
How dare you!
It's OK. She's only telling the truth.
By the way, I was expecting
to see your fianc here.
He's your fianc, right?
- Leila!
- I'm coming!
I'm sorry, Father. I have to go.
Bye, Leila.
Now you see that she's perfectly fine.
It looks like it.
And Deborah looks very happy.
They both are. They are.
I can't say the same about myself.
I've never felt so lonely, so depressed.
Since Lawrence's illness,
everything has gone wrong.
My situation is truly unbearable.
I try to hide it with dignity.
But there's a point
where I can't pretend anymore.
I didn't know about your problems.
John didn't tell me anything.
I told you that John
is a thoughtless person.
He doesn't take care of anything.
I have to face it all.
Look. I don't want to sell the house.
I refuse, but I'll have to do it.
Everything is abandoned, falling apart.
And on top of that,
these problems with my kids...
Well, with Lawrence's kids.
Where's John?
Where do you think?
In his damned greenhouse.
You know the way back, right?
At the end of the garden.
- I've been here before.
- Adrian...
Before we say goodbye,
I want you to confess something.
Tell me.
What worries you about Leila
is her background, right?
You mean your husband?
- Yes.
- No.
John talked about other things.
I just wanted to know that.
- Thank you.
- Bye, Patricia.
John... Please, John.
Christian must be looking for me.
Then why did you come here?
I hadn't seen you for several hours.
You promised to help me, Sandra.
I did, John. I'll help you. I love you.
- They'll find us.
- Sandra.
- Did you talk to Leila?
- I just did, and she seems OK.
She's a paranoid.
She pretends like no one.
Patricia is very worried about you.
She lies.
She thinks that you're deranged,
that you don't help her,
that you're aggressive.
I know what she thinks of me.
That I only want to hassle Leila
and make them all miserable.
And that's not true, I swear.
It seems that Richard
stopped seeing your sister.
I made sure of that.
- What plant is this?
- Don't touch it!
- What's wrong?
- It's very poisonous.
Damn, I never thought
you could risk your life here.
It's an umbellifera.
I'll be more careful from now on.
You'll see from my stepmother's words
that Deborah and I
mean nothing in this house.
Leila is the only one that counts.
And so it will be until I show her
just who her dear daughter is.
You're obsessed with this issue.
You'd better forget about it.
She convinced you. Your visit was in vain.
Yes, John. It helped us
to know each other better.
Come to see me another day
and we'll talk again.
I'll come when I have some evidence.
I know you'll listen to me then.
See you soon, John.
Where are you going, Leila?
I'm an adult, I don't need
to explain everything to you.
Are you going to meet him?
I'm getting tired of this.
Don't you see
that that guy isn't good for you?
He's depraved, a junkie.
And you, John? What are you?
Why don't you take off
that damned puritan mask?
Or don't you think I know
who you spend your nights with?
Don't worry.
There's nothing to worry about.
I know how to keep a secret.
But listen, John, don't mess with my life.
Please just stop.
Bye, I'll call you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What a wonderful day!
How was golf? How did it go?
So-so. I hit well today,
but I did not get my putt right.
Thank God Pamela was inspired.
Otherwise, we would have lost.
But I think
we'll get to the finals, anyway.
By the way, I saw our friend
Dr. Lewton at the club.
He told me he'd come here.
Yes, I talked to him.
Are you worried?
Is something wrong with you?
Your brother worries me.
The same story again.
He seems the same as always.
It's just how he is.
He didn't sleep in his room last night.
His bed is intact,
and he hasn't shown up yet.
I looked in the garage,
but he didn't take his car.
He's not in the greenhouse either.
I don't know what to think.
He'll show up, don't worry.
What about Leila?
She's still in bed.
Well, It's about time.
I'm going for a swim.
Let me know when lunch is ready.
I'm starving.
Who is it?
We ask you, Lord, to forgive
the soul of John Gibson,
who has been taken from our side,
leaving an open and painful wound
in the memory of all of us who knew him.
We ask you, almighty Lord,
to absolve his soul from every sin
so that in the glorious resurrection
he can live eternally
among your chosen ones.
May he rest in peace.
Good morning. Shall I serve you, miss?
Shameless, disgusting whore!
Come here! Bitch!
- Leila!
- Bitch!
- You're disgusting!
- What did you do?
Let her go!
Leave me alone!
My little girl.
My girl.
My God, poor girl.
What did they do to you?
We'll end up going mad in this house
after what happened.
- We should leave.
- Shut up, Abigail, please!
You always say more than you should.
- Is lunch ready?
- Not yet. Soon.
- Right, Abigail?
- We'll let you know.
I'll be in my room.
He's so obnoxious. He didn't even ask
what happened to the girl.
Let him be. He doesn't bother anyone.
Don't move, sweetheart.
- Leila!
- Mom!
I saw John here in my room.
He was cursing me.
He tried to strangle me!
- Deborah, help me.
- Sure.
Call the doctor.
Tell him to come immediately.
No! I don't want to see that charlatan!
But, honey, you're sick. He'll help you.
You won't get me out of here.
I know what that doctor wants!
He wants to lock me up in his clinic
and forget about me.
No, honey.
Lewton only wants to treat you.
Lewton, your dear Dr. Lewton.
His name makes your mouth water!
You like him, huh? Say it, Mrs. Gibson.
What do you mean?
- You don't fool me, you hypocrite.
- Leila, control yourself.
And you shut up!
Go to your club to have fun
with your stupid friends.
That's what you like, right?
Well, go and leave me alone.
I want to be alone.
Leave now.
- I heard voices and...
- Let's go.
Hello, Deborah.
- Can I talk to you, Father?
- Come in.
How's everything at home?
After John's death,
I cannot say that things are fine.
That's normal. Wounds need time to heal.
John's death is not the only problem.
It's Leila.
Still having her tantrums?
She's sick. Seriously sick.
It didn't seem so when I talked to her.
She's very imbalanced.
Dr. Buchanan is a good psychiatrist.
What's his opinion?
Leila doesn't let any doctor visit her.
No one is able to convince her.
- Has her boyfriend gone to see her?
- No. He didn't even call.
So they broke up.
She refuses to talk about it, but...
It's obvious that something
is wrong between them.
We are probably overreacting.
Depression may well be the reason
for your sister's condition,
caused by John's death
and by her problems with Richard.
I came to ask for your help.
I know I can count on you.
Your brother also asked me for help,
and I didn't succeed.
But we'll try it again, and this time
we'll attack the root of the evil.
- What will you do?
- I'll call Richard.
Who's calling?
Adrian, it's the tedious Adrian Dunning.
You were not expecting me, right?
No, I wasn't thinking about you
just now. What's up?
I'd like to see you and chat a little.
Can you meet this afternoon?
I warn you that if you intend
to talk about Leila,
you're wasting your time.
Are you sure?
I want to forget her.
I've suffered a lot because of her.
Good night, Adrian.
I'll go to see him anyway. Don't worry.
You can be sure
that I'll do everything I can.
Come on, Bork.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Police, please.
Mr. Dunning, you say that you dealt
with Richard Harrington quite often.
Yes. He was a student of mine,
and we were good friends.
When he graduated, I recommended him
for archeology assistant
at the university where I teach,
as you know.
On the other hand, you were also friends
with the other victim, John Gibson.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
I've known the Gibsons for many years,
and I used to see John frequently.
I understand that the late Harrington
was dating the Gibsons'
youngest daughter. Is that right?
Yes, I think so.
Good, Reverend.
I don't want to hold you up any longer.
You may go.
You say that you were injured by someone
who pushed you down the stairs
on your way to Harrington's study?
I think I already told you.
Someone wearing a mask.
That's perfect, Reverend. See you soon.
If you're going to leave town,
let me know. I'll need you again.
Don't worry, Inspector.
I'm not planning any traveling for now.
He seems like a strong man.
Yes, he was a good athlete
when he was a student.
But I don't think he was the one
who strangled the victims.
I've been selfish, Lewton.
Sometimes I think that everything
that has happened has been my fault.
I haven't been good.
It seems that you've talked
with Father Dunning, haven't you?
I'm sorry.
Here, this is the sedative
that you need to give Leila.
Read the instructions.
What's going to happen
when she finds out about Richard's death?
Do your best to keep it from her.
It could be risky.
You can try,
but only if you take every precaution.
I had thought that maybe
Father Dunning could take care of it.
He has helped us a lot lately.
Yes, that could be a solution.
- Is the Inspector back?
- Yes.
He questioned Udo and the maid again.
This situation is unbearable, believe me.
I know, Patricia. I know.
But everything will be fine, you'll see.
I don't want to bother you.
Thank you for everything.
- I'll come by to see you tonight.
- OK.
They told you to come and coax me.
To see how I was doing, right?
"They," as you call them,
are your mother and your sister.
And they're worried about you.
They are two stupid women whom I despise.
Yes, Reverend.
I'll have as much fun as I can
at their expense.
I'm an evil girl,
and I'm going to prove it.
You're certainly not the girl I knew.
But you won't be able to impress me.
These flowers seem to shudder
when I touch them.
Sometimes I think that the spirit
of poor John found refuge in them.
He was so happy here.
He loved them so much.
You don't love anybody anymore, right?
You only want to hurt those who love you.
Your mother, Deborah...
You forgot one name: Richard.
Richard is dead.
Did he poison himself?
He was murdered.
Richard was a weak being.
He was a fearful person.
He wasn't classy enough
for me to love him.
You're different.
You are strong.
Very strong.
Mr. Dunning?
Richard's death did not affect me at all.
And just so you can see it,
I invite you to my birthday party.
I hope you don't miss it.
If you think that I can be useful,
I'll be there.
She has responded very well
to the treatment.
I'm not expecting a relapse.
I'm afraid that her illness may be
more than just psychological.
What do you mean?
Sometimes the soul gets sick, too.
Well, the priest in you
has already come out.
I can't help it.
Good evening, Miriam. Hello.
- Hi. Are you having fun?
- I am, Mom.
- And you?
- I'm having a great time.
I'm glad. See you later.
That's nice.
For she's a jolly good fellow
For she's a jolly good fellow
Which nobody can deny!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Very good! Happy birthday!
How nice!
Pigs! Garbage!
What are you doing here,
laughing and talking nonsense?
Don't you remember poor John?
You already forgot about him, Mother?
And you, dear sister,
you make me sick! All of you!
All of you make me sick! I hate you!
- Open the door, honey!
- Open the door, Leila!
Wait here.
Listen, Leila.
Go away!
Leave me alone!
Why do all of you bother me?
I only want your well-being.
You used to trust me.
Go away! I don't want your help.
Help her!
Hold her legs.
My daughter.
- Excuse me, Reverend.
- Yes, what is it, Udo?
Miss Leila is worse, isn't she?
A lot worse.
- I'm afraid so.
- Of course. They don't leave her alone.
They follow her and make her suffer.
But what are you saying?
We only want her to get better
and be the way she was before.
Mr. John used to say the same.
And all he did was torment her.
He even insulted her once. I heard it.
He called her a whore.
I had to contain myself not to...
Please, Udo. John is dead,
and he deserves to be respected.
He wasn't any good.
He didn't love anybody.
He hated Bork, the dog.
He used to hit him.
And whoever is capable of doing that
to an animal has no heart.
Udo, I'd appreciate if we drop it.
I don't like this.
You must accept reality.
Leaving her alone without supervision
like we have done so far
could be dangerous.
What are you trying to say?
It hurts me to tell you.
There's only one way.
Get her into a sanatorium.
Leila is not crazy.
And I will never take her
to one of those horrible places.
I can't believe you just said that.
You're fooling yourself.
You know I'm not talking nonsense.
She could have inherited it.
Father ended up in an asylum,
completely crazy.
And you didn't hesitate to send him there.
Have you forgotten about that?
It was necessary.
He was very ill at the end.
He tried to kill me. And to kill you.
It was awful.
But Leila is not mad.
Dr. Lewton said
it's just a nervous breakdown.
She'll get over it.
I'm sorry.
Sometimes I say things I shouldn't.
People are crazier every day, Reverend.
Want some?
No, thank you.
I say that because...
a few days ago, three guys
went completely naked
into a girls' school.
What do you think about that?
It's wrong. I think it's wrong.
those three guys ran around
the classrooms creating havoc...
you know, the streaking fad.
Fortunately, we were able to stop them,
and here's the funny thing.
Well, it's not that funny.
One of them was the father
of one of the students.
He was protesting
because, according to him,
his daughter was not getting
a proper education.
What do you think?
It doesn't seem very edifying.
But you didn't come here
to tell me about the streakers.
It was just an example
of how crazy people are today.
Yes, Reverend.
In this materialistic and consumerist era,
there are people
who get together to invoke Satan.
There are black masses,
covens and whatnot.
Obviously, that's an excuse to use drugs
and give themselves over to sexual excess.
It's just a racket organized
by a few who are getting rich off it.
But unfortunately, sometimes
there are a few fanatics
and crimes are committed.
Ritualistic crimes.
On Witchcraft by Bodin.
Lash for the Demons by Dengo.
Pseudo-Monarchy of the Devils by Agrippa.
Interesting books.
And I suppose they are hard to find.
Yes, very hard.
I am, Reverend... how should I say it?
A very modest aficionado of occultism,
witchcraft, and all that.
I have a subscription
to a few monthly magazines.
I read that this way of killing,
by twisting the victim's neck,
was used by Satan himself
to eliminate the witches
who proved unfaithful to him.
- Is that correct?
- Yes. That's what those books say.
But what's your point, Inspector?
Why are you telling me this?
It's simple. I want you to help me.
You are an expert in this, a researcher.
And I suspect that the killings
of John Gibson and Richard Harrington
were ritualistic crimes.
They probably belonged
to one of those circles.
That's absurd. I knew them well.
Are you sure?
Well, listen to this, my friend Dunning.
Richard Harrington
was on drugs when he was killed.
He had taken LSD.
I can show you the autopsy report.
No need for that.
He used drugs since he came back
from a trip to Africa, a research trip,
I believe.
I suppose you know that lately
some churches have been desecrated.
Yes, I know.
It has to be someone
who is very disturbed.
Someone who is insane. Or perhaps...
a renegade priest.
A priest?
No, I don't think so.
I think anybody can commit a crime.
I'm going to show you something I found.
I'm sure you'll be interested.
Come with me.
"Son of a bitch."
I would appreciate
if you didn't tell the Gibsons.
Don't worry. They won't find out.
I've talked to other doctors,
and nobody understands
the nature of the illness.
The symptoms are very strange.
They don't fit any clinical explanation.
They've never heard
of a case like this one.
And what if my sister suffers
from more than a mental illness?
- You too?
- I don't understand.
Someone already told me
what you are saying.
What exactly are you talking about?
I know you'll find it absurd,
but sometimes I think
my sister is possessed.
- Possessed?
- Yes.
It's as if someone, an evil being,
had taken control of her.
I know it's monstrous, but...
Come on, Deborah.
You're not serious, are you?
Otherwise, you're the one in need
of psychiatric treatment.
I'm sorry if I said something stupid.
I'm so worried.
It was the voice of a man.
An unmistakable voice, because it was his.
It was Lawrence.
And when you went into the room,
she was sleeping soundly?
Yes. She was sweating.
But the room was terribly cold.
And there was an awful smell.
It stank like rotten meat.
Was she still asleep when you left her?
Yes. She seemed to be in a deep sleep.
Let's go.
Come with us, Patricia. I want to see her.
"Come, Leonard. Possess
once more my excited body."
Is that her handwriting?
I don't know. It's possible.
A little changed, perhaps,
but it could be her handwriting.
Does Leila know German?
Not a single word.
What do you think about all this?
Nothing. Nothing definitive.
Let's get out of here.
Miss Deborah, we checked everywhere.
She isn't anywhere.
Madam, we should call the police.
Don't you think?
No! No! Not the police.
Not yet. They would ask questions.
I couldn't take it.
Thank you, you can go.
We'll call you if we need you.
Mom, the Reverend and I
will look for Leila.
We'll find her, you'll see.
Patricia, try to rest.
- All right.
- Whenever you're ready.
Don't be surprised
by what I'm about to tell you.
- I think I know where Leila is.
- Where?
- In an abandoned castle near Annecy.
- And what is she doing there?
Richard initiated her into Satanism.
She and other students meet there often.
Not always in the same place.
Sometimes they meet at the beach,
other times in that castle.
And how do you know all that?
One of Leila's classmates came to tell me.
She knows my sister is ill,
and she blames those meetings.
Can I talk to this girl?
No. I promised her
I wouldn't tell anybody her name.
She's very frightened.
She's afraid the police will get involved
and she'll get embroiled in a scandal.
- In the ruins of the Annecy castle?
- Yes.
Then what are we waiting for? Let's go.
It must be there.
Let him go! Let him go!
The police!
Damned pigs! Leave me alone!
Don't touch me!
- Good afternoon, Reverend.
- Hello, Sandra.
what are they going to do with Udo?
I don't know. He's under arrest for now.
They'll never let him go, right?
I don't know.
First, they will have to try him
and prove that he's guilty.
He killed John. Mr. John.
And also Miss Leila's boyfriend.
He hated them. He was in love with her.
He used to take her to those meetings,
and he made her sick.
And he killed John
because he feared he would expose him.
And he killed Mr. Richard
because he was jealous.
But I watched him constantly,
until I discovered his tricks.
Now they will convict him,
and I'll keep my promise to John.
I'll avenge him.
My child, only hatred
makes you speak this way.
But you're a good girl.
You must take pity on him.
No, Reverend. I'll never pity him. Never.
I don't understand.
Leila doesn't have any drugs in her body.
And the EEG doesn't show anything.
Her state seems to be normal.
But she's hallucinating,
and she frequently loses consciousness.
However, it's not a case of hysteria.
No, it isn't.
Look, Reverend, I'm a skeptic
in religious matters,
maybe because I'm a skeptic by nature.
I understand.
Well, I'll admit there is something
that goes against my beliefs.
I'm listening.
I don't accept anything
that is not tangible.
However, I'm starting to have my doubts.
I'm talking about those manifestations
from the afterlife.
You know what I mean.
Spirits, apparitions, and...
And demonic possessions.
Exactly. Deborah believes in that.
And Patricia is starting to believe it.
And now you want to know
what I think about that. Right?
I'm anxious to know your opinion.
You're an expert in that subject.
Look. A few years ago,
I helped an exorcist in Brazil.
The case had all the characteristics
of possessed people.
The girl spoke and wrote languages
completely unknown to her.
I remember she would go
into stages of wild rage,
and then she would have
strange lethargic periods.
She also suffered
from alterations of her physique
and stigmata in her skin.
Something horrible.
The point is that the girl was cured.
The priest who conducted the exorcism
was convinced that he had expelled
an evil spirit from her body.
I never believed that.
I thought it was all in her mind
due to either hypnosis or drugs.
And what about Leila?
Regarding Leila, we know
she has been to those heretic circles.
She was probably tricked.
She was an adequate subject,
and she fell into the trap.
That's what I believe.
But there were times when apparent
demonic possession was frequent.
Do you mean the medieval witches?
They were almost always
poor hysterical women,
victims of their own ignorance
and the ignorance of others.
I've also read about Urbain Grandier
and the Ursulines of Loudun.
And also about Nicole Aubry,
"The Demon of Vervins,"
and Louise Lateau,
"The Belgian Stigmatic."
You weren't honest when you said
you only cared for tangible things.
Well, I did my research to be able
to talk with you about this.
You can't deny
they are very interesting cases.
You scientists would classify these cases
as hysteria-epilepsy,
catalepsy, somnambulism, et cetera.
But the truth is, the Gibson family
trusts more in you than in doctors.
That doesn't surprise me.
Where science can't go,
faith may have a place.
Yes. I did it.
I killed those pigs.
I had to free her from them
because her brother was torturing her.
He watched her every step.
He kept asking her questions.
And why did you kill Harrington?
He wasn't worthy of her.
Because I love her.
Yes, I love her!
And I couldn't let that guy
put his dirty hands on her body.
I had to kill them.
- I had to do it!
- Take him.
We'll continue
with the interrogation later.
Don't think that you'll
get another word from me.
Come on, take him away.
"The evil spirit can also enter
the body of an animal,
turning the most docile creature
into a fierce beast
that will try to exterminate the man
wherever it finds him.
But this will only be
a temporary refuge for the devil,
since the human creature
is always the desired prey."
Good morning, Reverend.
- Hello, my dear Inspector.
- I've come from the Gibsons'.
Tell me. I'm listening.
Do you know there is news?
- Perhaps about Leila?
- No, she's more or less the same.
But Sandra, the maid, has disappeared.
The strange thing is
she left all her things behind,
and the suitcase was only half-packed.
Right. That's not normal.
Although lately
she seemed a little disturbed.
She talked to me
in a strange way yesterday.
The thing with the chauffeur
affected her a lot.
Well, well.
So you spoke to Sandra?
- Very interesting.
- I don't find it that interesting.
You like to exaggerate things
to confuse those you interrogate.
That's right, that's one of our tricks.
I must admit it.
Do you know that Udo Kleine
admitted killing John Gibson
and Richard Harrington?
He confessed before he killed himself.
You didn't know that either?
I didn't.
His death solves the case almost entirely.
The confession
was made according to the rules.
But something clouds the situation.
The disappearance of the maid.
There are many dark elements.
Many loose ends. Don't you agree?
What do I know? You're the cop.
That's right.
Look, I have a strange theory.
Crazy, perhaps.
But it's an idea I'm obsessed with.
Do I have something to do with it?
In a way.
Let's say that behind all this
there's a powerful mind.
Someone with certain capabilities,
like, for example,
the ability to hypnotize.
Someone capable of using telepathy
and of inducing certain individuals
to perform specific actions.
It's not likely someone like that exists.
I talked with Dr. Lewton Buchanan,
and he doesn't rule it out.
He has his reasons.
But I don't believe so.
You have some very interesting qualities.
I've read your essays
about hypnosis and all that.
You need to know a lot about the subject
to be able to write about it.
You overestimate me, Inspector.
No, I'm only being fair.
Then you think I can be, let's say...
involved in something so terrible?
I told you, it's only a theory.
That's all.
Well, Reverend. You'll have to excuse me.
- So long.
- Wait a minute, Inspector.
About your theory...
I don't think you're completely wrong.
I also believe there's someone
with certain qualities behind all this.
But that someone is
much more powerful than you think.
Some rampant demon?
Why not?
Yes? Tell me.
Go and rest. I'm perfectly fine.
No, Leila. I'd rather stay with you.
And what if I ask you to please go?
It makes me nervous
to see you watching me.
Everything is OK now, Deborah.
You must listen to me.
All right. I'll go.
I'm glad you're OK now.
Very glad.
Beloved Leonard...
my darling...
my master.
I love you. I love you.
Come... my master!
"The exorcist should not conclude
someone is possessed by evil
until he has made sure that the possessed
is not really mentally ill."
The dirty bitch.
You're not my daughter!
No, no! No!
You locked me up in that asylum
and left me there to rot
while you went to bed
with that disgusting doctor,
Lewton Buchanan.
That's not true! No!
It's true, damned whore.
How many did you cheat on me with?
How many?
Lawrence! You're Lawrence!
I'm Leonard.
I'm nobody, little whore.
Mom, help me.
Help me.
Move away!
Don't put your dirty hands on me!
I'm Lawrence. I'm your husband.
Had you forgotten about me,
depraved whore?
Help me.
Please help me!
Yes, Christian.
My God.
Is it possible?
All right.
I'll be there right away.
- Reverend.
- Where are they?
In the living room.
They're waiting for you.
Adrian! It was horrible.
She wanted to kill us all.
And she looked horrific!
Yes, I know, Patricia.
Christian told me everything.
You shouldn't wait any longer.
You have to do it.
She's possessed.
Do you know what's required
to perform an exorcism?
I can't do it if there's any doubt
that the possessed is mentally ill.
That's not Leila's case. I can assure you.
Do you want to see her?
Yes. But I'd rather go alone.
Tell me.
This being inside my daughter...
what does it want?
What is it looking for?
Why? Why did he turn her
into something so...
so heinous? Why?
It's hard to answer that.
Perhaps Leila is not
what he wants, but us.
He wants to create hatred, to confuse us.
To make us look filthy and damaged.
Oh, no! My God!
The terrible thing is that if Leila
continues like this,
she'll die very soon.
Reverend, you have to try.
I want you to leave me alone with her.
Go to Dr. Buchanan's house.
I'll call you once everything is done.
And if you can't do it?
I'll have lost the battle.
But I'll win.
I'm a man of faith.
So it's you.
Poor Bork. Nobody remembers you.
Wait. I'll release you.
Listen, bastard.
We face each other again.
But you won't make me leave.
I'm very happy in this whore's body.
You are a filthy spirit, a loser,
and you will lose again.
Listen, Adrian. I'm John. She killed us.
Sandra, Richard, and me.
Don't make me leave.
I don't have anywhere to go.
No, you're not John.
You're the spirit of evil.
And I will defeat you.
You know that I have
the strength of faith in me.
I'm Udo Kleine.
I killed myself because of her.
I confessed her crimes. I protected her,
and now all I have is her body as shelter.
Don't make me leave.
Vile demon! You won't trick me.
She didn't commit those murders.
It was you.
Because only you are inside of her.
You're right, and I won't leave her body.
Until she dies. I am nobody.
Do you understand?
Nobody, I'm nobody.
You're the same as always,
the one who again and again
seeks to wipe out the good.
And love. And justice.
Leave her body!
Leave her, I command you!
In the name of God and by virtue
of his power, greater than all creation.
In his name, I command you
to abandon immediately
the body of this servant of God
and to never dare to come back to it.
You, monarch of the criminals,
you, source of everything obscene,
you, king of evil, ancient serpent,
crawl back to your everlasting solitude.
You haven't surrendered.
But this will be your final refuge.