Expendables, The (2010) Movie Script

. We hide the men since the time of
! Brought them
. And now pay the price
! Now
. It's time to pay your government
. We do not expect
. This is the owner, called the hostage
How many are there? -
. Three -
. I late? We wanted five million
What you know you greedy pirate?
Another opportunity for you, either take them
. Or reject
. We want money now
. Goal in front of me
. Emptied
. Will kill, I swear I will kill
! "Shoot your guns
Last chance -
Yes, this will happen -
. Last chance, the hostages were released
. And then we go
What if I took two from the
Alemenp to leave the more we
. I'll have the four left-hand
. We must take the Monday of the right and left more
. Kill them all, I do not care
We must take the Monday of the right
All that is faster than light
. We'll see
. Bullets faster than the blades
. Give me money now
Want money?
. Go and Get It
?? ????
. Insects
! Excuse me
! Kill him
I claimed this draw -
. Come on, he dreams -
. Welcome to you guys
. I do not think I hit any of them
I do not see this reality?
How are you guys?
What is he doing there?
. Hanged for being a pirate -
Do not be silly -
Garner) What do you do? )
. Hang Pirate
. This is madness, a real
. This is not good -
. You're on your own -
. I appreciate this, it is good that I have friends
. Yes
This is not the way we work
. Let him go
. ?????? It will repeat with us
Garner) last chance)
. Let him go
. Nturkk to go
. It's good to hang the pirates
. Do not kill Kalhkir
Yes, how much you are polite
(Let him go (Garner -
How are you a partner? -
. Very Good
My friend here hit me strongly here
Charity's this? -
Perhaps -
. This has Asthakit
. This will require the Pole -
Perhaps -
. I hate the pole
. Hate everyone
. (Let him go (Garner
. Let him go
. Let him go
. Let's go -
Be careful, go -
?? ??? ?????
. Yes
No, keep it with you
. Good knife, you are able
?? ??? ?????
. Yes
. Life beat him
. And all of us will be able to
. Arriving
From the door?
One day you will find the man who
. Would be happy Bmhahdtk sleeper
. Hi, I did not know that you promised
. Welcome Baby
. I have just arrived
... Welcome -
.... Why look so so on -
. I wish I contacted
. I do not like contact
I have not heard anything about it since
. More than a month
Really? S of mistaken
. This will not happen again, sorry
. But, I have a surprise
. The first version, a special
I have something else for you?
. Bought something
. Surprise
That color is good, but
It will look like normal light
Is everything okay?
. Yes -
?? ??? -
. Is a friend
. Lateness of the hour
Is there a name?
Friend) I just told you)
. So do not go away
. Me) I'm sorry)
. I thought that things are good between us
And I thought you do not bother to enter my life
. Bidhalli or for your life, stop
. I wish I loved me
No, I have known you for over a year and a half
. And do not even know what your business is
What's wrong? When I am here
I am with you and that is what counts
What matters is, when you're here
. You're not really here
... You're a good man and I love you but
(Grace) -
Hide your voice -
Did I say something? -
. Do not let come here -
You do not understand what I'm saying, you
. Be understood
. I understand the situation
Take care for yourself -
(I) -
. It is not good as we
Hi, my brother, do not sleep at all?
. OK
... This is my friend
What is your name? -
(Tea) -
(Tea) (tea)
. True
?? ??? ????? -
I'm fine -
Why do not Tsaadin Up to Thoudri
(I drink (bourbon
Put him (Martini), my dear -
Anything for you, my dear -
. You get this
I admire them -
Such as the last one -
. Welcome back, my brother,
. Damn, looks good
Yes, well, my friend
. To finish this bird
. To do it, my brother to take you some years
Have we had to get rid of
Yes, I hit the mad cocaine
. Had to send them away
Yes Do you like filling his spare?
. Let me tell you something
Remember the last time where were we?
When we strive so despicable -
"In the" Nigeria -
Yes, your hands were infected and full of
And you bleed a lot, and I
. I was bleeding also
Since that time, I promised myself
. I do not want to die on the road Bdmaii
. A woman dying for me and take care of me
For these women should be looking for
. These are the real women
It is Christmas time -
. Yes, I can smell the problems -
Said (Christmas) How are you
My brother?
. I'm fine
It looks beautiful, what do you think?
. Seems Kdjajp black
Black Chicken? -
O hen you done? -
Yes, I'm done -
Damn, to see him -
! Oh man
You've seen?
You know what?
For you
. I have a great idea
Why do not you let me do
B ... I do not know
. Hairstyle on your head
Something different, something exciting
Because you have the appropriate form
Ras manly and beautiful
... I can put
I can Snh you a form on the front of your head
As a woman is pregnant out of your head
. Her legs down from the neck
Yes, sexy, right? -
. Very sexy -
This will give you a little of the mystery
And a little personal
And raise the large, ever heard?
That will make you stand
To be happy
. Well to tell you something
. I feel a little out of luck tonight
. I feel very spontaneous
Maybe another time
Come on, take it
Let (Christopher) Come, my dear
I am a coward
Were not as well -
Come on (Christmas) unleashed -
. Yes
. Well
. I've got you on 3 jobs
. I need time alone with myself -
Cheer up, your application deadline -
! We have traitors
! The Sergtni
! Please, your Excellency
! Osergk never did
Everything grows from the ground
. Not up to you
It is me, know this?
! The right to life of my children
I understand, but I can not
... See the depths of Rohak
How do I know that what you say is true?
. Now you can see what the inside
. And I see the lies
. He did not steal from you, but he stole from us
. Both of
Want to take your respect
. Spilled the blood of these two Monday
Let it simple, if money was
We do not care about the workplace, given to understand?
. To stop tampering
I've been doing this job and I know that the time
Your real name is not (Ross) probably
. And do not need to know my name
And do not need to know that the real work
. And real money
And since we're in this beautiful place
Just Call me Mr.
Well Said (Church) What can
Do you?
. Only for a minute, I'm waiting for someone else
Atarafh? -
. Yes, we have been the same team -
. This is the oldest friend I have a bad
. Came top of the list of your names
Is this a problem?
. Yes, he has no chance
What are you doing here?
Does not try to get the money?
Are you sick?
. I have lost weight
Really? All the weight lost by
. I found you, partner
You both will not yet started jokes with one another
Now, right?
Let's start working
To see who wants to work
Osamatm island called (Valiena)?
. No
. Yes
It is an island in the Latin -
Yes, this is true -
. Must be read more
. Thank you
. Sources on the island very attractive
. That's right
Men's and have difficulty in this
If you wish to departure -
I want him dead -
. There are a large army, only the stupid will this work
How many return?
. As I told you
I'm busy anyway, I
. Work to my friend that he loves working in the bush
Yes -
That's right -
Why not dine together?
Of course, when?
. After a thousand years
. Very early
What is the problem?
. Hu wants to become governor
. Must first study the island
. Sodber of help on the island
. Convincingly
I must admit that when others refuse to
Work, so I'll tell you five million
The first half before and half
Remaining after the operation do you have a problem with this?
. No
I find the problem only
. With trying to booby-
, So that I should take this money
. And did not work
Or tried to deceptive in any way weird
I, and barber
. Snnal you and your men from
. To Nqtekm into small pieces to the dogs
Is there you have a problem with this?
. Let this
(Valiena) -
(Yes to (Valiena -
Do you work here?
. Come on
. Must not be restored
. Do not press
. I'm fine
. I'm still fine
. Continue to deal, I can not trust you after
You can not trust me? -
. Yes -
You can not trust me?
. Be careful
Otaheddni (Garner)?
. No
. I am a nice man
So tell me this man (Church) on the
Six thousand men on the island
How many troops?
. Perhaps a few hundred
. Will not be risking a lot because the situation is a small
. Well, they have a small army
And what have we?
. Four men and one-half
This is not funny
I need to as well? -
?????? -
I need the money for my son
. I want to send to school best
The dwarf family?
. I have no idea -
. You did not ask -
. And I do not care for that
. In any case
. The amount will remain as usual
And the target on the island, a man named
(General (Garz
What is the problem? -
Who cares about the type of problem? -
. We have problems here is enough for us
That we can not get rid of them
. First get rid of us
Toll Lowell) When was the last)
Once you see your doctor?
This morning -
And what I told you? -
. Disease Personality Disorder
Do you think you are appropriate? -
You know (Toll Lowell)? -
You are a man other than normal and will suffer
. Always problems of abnormal
. Unnatural? You are talking about my ears
Come on, do not start your ear again
. The ear is not a story again
Not again, we know the story of the ear
. We all know
. To discuss the work only -
. I have nothing to do with this, you started from -
. We all know that I was struggling at the University of
. True
It is unusual injury from sports
It's aimed at the ear
Which would make it carries out the
Sounds inside the ear
And the significance is? -
It is not easy to be normal -
. In any case
And I (Christmas) would go to the
Valiena) to see that we had to take action)
How much pay?
. I need more money for my family
For what?
. My family
I hear, those girls were not of your style
She lost, right? -
I had to break his jaw despicable -
. Maybe if you're lucky it will happen
. Impossible
. (See (Christmas
. I understand this, but
When you are with them for a few hours
... The atmosphere is beautiful, and heavy, but
After this occurs, that's the point then?
What do you do for the rest of the day?
Probably would prefer, including
Is to spend a lot of time alone
. And feeling sorry for yourself
. You are a real villain
. Good morning
. Good morning
Good Morning -
Otaatkelm English? -
What is your plan?
. We are the transfer of infected animals -
Why are you both here? -
. I am a photographer and authentication
You're tense -
Otlahz? -
Why? -
You are very tense -
Do I look nervous?
Your face is very dry should be wearing
Clothing more
This is because the atmosphere has changed
. Yes, it is certainly the cause
What is the address?
Yes, it is here
. OK
. See the group
Who are you my friend?
The army?
. Come on, enter the
. Near
. Yes
Pictures of His Suit, a man
. Dressed in Costume
. OK
Of these clowns and great apes?
What filmed?
. Everything
. To get out of here
What is the problem? You think you know
. One of them, but you do not know the reality
The six men who said that the man
Which does not agree with women can not
. Agreement with one of the
. This is nonsense
In fact, is not your style preferred
Have not finished yet -
See, enjoy Bharitk -
. Your grace will not happen -
. Yes -
Otrgban drink?
. Thank you
. Give me this
. Come on, let's start
. Slowness
Rvdtk earlier that one of them?
You pay our borders
Do you know this?
From those abroad?
It is very attractive -
Focused -
Can you help? -
(I (Cindy -
What are your names?
. Follow me, please
Is it painted all this?
. Yes
. Take one
As a gift? -
... Do not take Hadaya free so -
How much do you want for them? -
Nothing to take money for something not a gift -
Taking nothing from something else
. It is a troubled
This has been a beautiful place
Once they invade
For bounty
And everyone who resisted was killed
I told them, who are they?
Some Americans
. That's all I know
. But one day all this will change
Do you think this? -
. Yes -
A good day is when we can
. To say that our lives in our hands
Do you have family (Sandra)?
My mother died when I was small
. And my father is gone too
If how you can approach the palace?
. I do not know, to inspect the scene
. There is no scenery there
. Why do not we go to consider only
Where is your strength?
Do you know how long the production of cocaine?
. Of course, would not know, let me tell you
. We are late 8 weeks from the date
Your effort, and give me the products
. My
So when you talk to me before the barber
. This is not good
. I'm responsible for you
I am from all of this is to ensure the
I make you rich
. And be rich is good Bahei
This allows people to Baltzll very
. To serve you
. Sometimes
. Locals do not want money
. Of course they want
Sandra) Do you close? )
The bridge, there is -
. Stop here
Where are you going?
. Anywhere
And on what I suppose you could say
. I see the world from another perspective
. Do not lose my hat
. We must follow
. Is a little emotional
What to consider?
. Tigers
How can I make sure that you do not Toukain us?
What do you mean by that?
If you're not the kind that is
This, how involved these things?
U.S. came here, he asked
. From my friend to show you the place
. He was scared, so he asked to see you
Are not scared?
. I'm scared
. But he said that you can most likely help
. I do not think this
. Listen
. If you left your store to
. Only Ghadry
. Must leave
. Do not say anything, let me speak
! Stop
What are you doing here?
! Have not we tell you to come here again
! This place does not belong to you
. I have told you
! Even the daughter of Gen. can kill
! I do not belong to you
! Send it to her father
Who are you?
Run for
. Grabbed her -
. Sotolah -
You've gone mad?
I almost kill me -
. 're Welcome -
. Well, the faster the
. We are on the road
That we got out of here, this is
. Miracle
Is come with us, right? -
. Yes -
How can we leave? -
. We have a plane -
. No, I can not leave
. We have no choice -
None -
. Would leave -
. I will stay -
Longer constitute what for?
. There's nothing here
. Not for you
Listen, if I stay here Stguetlin
. It will come with us
I have weapons at home -
Give me your gun 66 -
Is for you, come on Come on
Come on
. To do this
Go -
No, no, I can not -
. Let's go -
I can not I come here -
. There is no time -
. You Go -
. Seem tense
Where is the girl? -
. I stayed there, I refused to leave -
. Do not believe it, no one will want to stay
. To jerk, my dear
. I can not believe this
Yes -
Live or die -
Live or Die
. To do it
Good work
. This was a statement
These are two of the firm Mahtervan
. Because they were able to pass from the Security
During the 24 soldiers
. And also managed to escape
What is this hell?
Everything is under control except for
. One thing
. Son
. Tervb be judged by her father and die
. What a bad story
In such a way to voice
. Listen, your daughter and this is tragic
But whether the family first
. You must die
. I do this
Do not have to kill your family -
Come and Zrni my house on vacation to see -
. Pretty bird
First, I do not feel comfortable talking about
. Work in front of a giant with a gun
. He refused to be delivered
. If you want to know their personalities
What do you know?
. I was one of them
Why Che them? -
. Personal problems -
We will pay 50 -
No, can not -
I'll tell you after me
. Hundred thousand full-
Yes, it is a real cocky
. This idiot is a farce
. Life is a farce, stupid
If you do not want to fire
It is better to shut up and show some respect
Behave yourself
. Be obedient boy
Away with him -
I want to kill him -
. We need
. Retreat
This is what happens, this guy called
Church) is working with the National Security Agency)
So it works with the agency -
. Yes -
He is seeking to kill you, General purpose real-
(James Monroe)
It was also the agency, but left
. For builds for itself pursuant to a special
We have cost them a lot, but (the Church) and
Imcnam agency does not send one of the forces
For their man to kill
This would be bad if it comes out of the media
. They have an order for this to work for the murder of
And they returned to work
Nobody wants and does not -
No one Siebut us -
. However, a significant sum
We can not progress, I will tell
. Church) that the deal abolitionist)
. That's right
This seems true -
I agree -
Where is it?
Who is this?
. Do not worry availing
. We Snhamik
If he comes
To kick the buttocks
What do you want?
. Life
What do you think to kill you? -
Is this true? -
I do not want to destroy the place
. To go to jail Ihbtunai
You should not have to hit it on the face -
Really? -
. It should be kept as it was
Keep Balhkirp
. I ended up
The next time I'm going to this
. The khasitek
Made to understand?
Now you know what I do
. I'm not perfect, it was worth your wait
. I deserve
. If you bring her paintings also
It all started here
Let's go, nothing -
Will end here -
Can not sleep?
What happened to your girlfriend?
. As you speak, my brother,
I will start drawing this for her
. You know what? I want to finish it
. But I want to have their destruction
Want to stay alone?
Not really
So what's going on?
. I have seen that girl on the island
. Usually they are also
. Yes
. Has shown us the place and is the daughter of the target
. We used to have the opportunity to leave
. But did not want to
. Have the courage
Why can not I take it out of my mind?
. It stands for something particular
. We men do not stand for anything
. We are used to it, but
. Thus, the situation is after the time of
. Because the pain is Isirc
What do you mean?
Just honesty, sincerity Spirit
I do not know what you want, my brother,
Remember the time in the (Boston)?
. We identified some of the Bastards
. All our guys are killed
. And the blood everywhere
I did not think we will emerge alive
. I do not know how we did
And you also -
. Yes -
. I felt I was dead too
My head like a dark place and full of bad
. Just full of bad
Remember the I got a bottle filled with
. I do not know why they call
And I do not feel any pain now
... I have come to
. Tost solution
.... See that
I see this woman standing there
... As you know, and are
I turned around Fshahdtni
I looked with my own eyes and I looked at the
. Her eyes directly
. I knew what was going to do
. I looked at, and I know she will jump
You know what I did, man?
I turned around and followed the walk
. Until I heard the voice of collision
. And after her death
. After the kill for all
. It was the only
I could have been saved
. But I did not do
. What I've realized later he
. I could save this woman
Help her to save the remainder of the
. As you know, my soul
, A wise man once told me that the real man
. Do not interfere with anything
You can pay something if you must
. But do not try to obstruct
. And he was right
This man in any case
. Does not share this ideal
.... That man
The question is
Why do you work with the U.S. team?
Hey, stupid
Why did not you run away?
! You all, ye slew
Why did not you kill me?
Why me?
I doth all
Why did not you kill me I?
! Oqtheloni, I
! Dear Killer
What I tell Departments?
Who want?
. Continued
. I will return to the island -
What has changed? -
What is the plan? -
There is no plan -
We must have a plan -
I'll go and you will not come -
Why? -
I'm going on my own -
People lost your mind? -
It is a personal work -
Do not know anything about this girl -
None -
If you want to kill yourself there is nothing wrong
. Go
I will kill myself, there is nothing wrong
. Cared for yourselves
I have a job
You can not do this to us, we
We do not deserve this
This is my choice, there is no
Any sin
There is no sin
. Take care of yourself
I hate these games
I said that I was going alone
I'll go also
! Come on, get out
. Only had the car
. Do not lose your temper
. I do not like to intervene by a person
Why will this?
. Friends die together
. Come on give me a ring luck
. May cause Bovetk, come on
. This is better than nothing
. It does not matter
. Hard
What is it?
Life is hard
I work the dedication of more than the rest -
No I do not do -
Yes, that's what I'm doing
Because they are longer, everything
Difficult to, why?
. As I hear they are the largest
Because I am a small, man
If I had longer to able to get more -
I know, but you are small -
. Yes
My life very difficult
I need to owe money
. I know, I have been told
For your family right?
. I do not have a family
. I know
. Maybe someday I will become
Out -
Why me? -
Because you are smaller
. Heck
. Should come out and kill you but
! Despicable
. That good
What do you do?
. You will die an addict
. Insects
What are you? Are you measuring the street?
Bring what you have
. It is a periodic
. I shot a
. I will say this, you are a real killer
. I was no more Okhaevk
Telmni not, you did not love never
. Am I dying?
. Lead almost broke your heart
. I shall take it that the answer, yes
Of you sent?
Of Zvk?
Who cares?
To show a little more kindness and cooperation for the time
. The first bad your life
. It is better to be right
. You get this
Of you sent? Of you sent?
Is Mr. (Guzta) alive? -
. Close -
. Is not easy Rafqatk
. That's for sure
We're going to die with you, but do not
. Tells us this twice
I know the case
I'll tell you this on the road
???? ??? ???
. Difficult to talk about this
. To fly
. You know that the enemies always're afraid
. In particular, of automatic weapons
Such a weapon called 200 rounds of ammunition
Per minute, tell me who is not afraid of this?
Zero, just
So let me understand it, (Garner) Try
To kill you and you shot him
. During his death shows you everything
. Such a thing
I will I earn -
I know you were to win -
You know what?
. I trust you
. Met my girlfriend
(Oomayah Kaboom)
The Vqdtni here
. When it hits (Oomaya) are killing everything
And when he gets this
. Everyone is Kalnqang red
. And that this does not happen
(Hqitha (Gwen
Must be met by my doctor
. The lateness of the hour
Such as those is a region?
. I'll see the place
No reason to take you to the soldiers?
. This makes them Kalogbea
Appear as combatants
Warriors Ovia me
. We have employed these to kill me
Then I thought, maybe this is
. Is your plan
. Because you can not control the
(And torture (Sandra
. Gamers
. You want to kill her to make me suffer
. Man must not kill a child
. But you can
. Bring (Sandra) here
. Now brought
. Or I'll kill you
. Go and bring it
Are you sure they do not know who we are?
. Are putting the bond, can not vision
. This treacherous going to die anyway
. That I
. That I
One will not hurt you
It's over time, where (builder)? -
What do you think? -
During the 10 minutes we will enter -
Impossible -
This is what he wants -
Ten minutes -
. Let's go
Stop, do not
No, they stopped
I am not his battle, it is the battles -
Out of here -
. Discharged her from the building
. You should not interfere
. Regret this
Is that what you say, sir?
. You are a lucky man
. You know, you're lucky
You are a lucky man
. It is over, do not move
Well, it's you
How many people with you?
Why? -
Are you deaf? -
To see you scum
How many friends do you have?
. Only your mother
This is the last time
That gave me the wrong answer die
Yes -
Otvhemeni? -
Of you sent?
. Listen
Of you sent?
. You dream
. Armi your arm
! Come on
Damn, this is a resounding -
What happened to you? -
I hit my ass
. Come on, let's go
?? ????
. Everything bad happened because of you
. Take Your Money
I do not see you except death
. Take it and go
I would not go any place -
You will leave -
. You can not succeed Denis
. I am the commander
. You game in the Hat
Shut up -
No -
. This honor should have been me
. Go back
. I did not know
. You are lucky to have acquired the intuition
. I know
. This is the trap -
. He is right, the safe to a way out -
The Americans will destroy our country
Forgive me, for being a leader
Because I am not afraid
What say? -
It does not matter, Snrkl buttocks -
. The death of a
. Dawn of the building -
Not yet -
We will kill the disease, U.S.
Do it -
Is still there -
. Do it
. I came out
. Destroyed the building, the dreaded
! Let's go, come on
. Go up to the surface
! Come on
Irmha strongly -
Give me a -
What do you do?
. Armea the maximum you can
. Dawn Place
. Understood
Armi gun, otherwise I will put the
. Bullet between her eyes
. Not Takhtberni
. No No -
. Shut up and I will kill you -
Agency is of the Zvtkm, right?
I would have offered you double the amount of
. , To go fishing
You have selected a stupid
. When I wanted I got a the Agency
Why I do this?
. I created this
. I achieved this by
And they want to phase me
. ?????? Because I saw the big picture
. Stopped for a walk
And what about me and you?
. We both are similar
. Both of the killers
. We are both dead from the inside
Why I came behind me?
. Did not come from you, stupid
. I came for it
. To call this a draw
. Yes, I think this
. I am not faster than you think
. I began to feel
When I come back I will help to settle
. The rest of the things
. No, I can not
. I've done enough -
. You Highly Beauty -
. Gift exchange gift
. Kvea
Will it return?
. I promise to always liked to be
(Take care yourself (Sandra
. Take care yourself
Honestly? -
. Yes -
. I did not think it is your kind of preferred never
Let's do this, come on
Do I came back from the dead?
How are your wounds?
. Good
Do you think that you can kill me?
. I forgive you
. OK
. And I have won you
. Of course
What does not kill you makes you stronger, my brother,
. Man has a point of view
You know what?
. I will do for you known
(Once found a man named (Toole
. Love poetry
. But I'm good
It's good to use the knife
. But with a wife
This hurts -
The thought that you can beat me -
. Vahelm so
And Ahezmni
. You must stupid