Experiment in Terror (1962) Movie Script

Oh, shut up, Murphy.
Is someone there?
I'm not going to hurt you.
I don't wanna hurt you.
I just wanna talk to you.
Now, nothing's going to happen
unless you do something foolish.
Then I'll kill you.
I've killed twice, so I won't hesitate
to do it again. Do you understand?
You've got a small waist.
...35, right?
I know a lot about you, Miss Sherwood.
What do you want?
I'll scream. Somebody'll hear me.
This is a dead-end street.
You won't scream.
And I know what kind
of a street this is.
Why don't we go in the house?
There's nobody home.
Yes, I know.
Your sister's staying with a friend,
Louella Hendricks, 206 Palo Alto Street.
She left at 7:23,
and you left for your party at 7:32.
You see?
I do know a good deal about you.
Just about everything
there is to know.
We'd be more comfortable
in the house.
And you could see what I look like.
No, no. If you could identify me,
you might be tempted.
That way we'd both lose out.
You'd be dead...
...and I'd be out $100,000.
- $100,000?
- That's the figure.
If you know so much about me,
you know I don't have any money.
Of course you have.
You've got a whole bank full of it.
You've got me pretty well cased.
Isn't that the word?
That's the word.
Your 16-year-old sister Toby goes
to the George Washington High School.
Her present boyfriend, David...
...picks her up for school
just before you leave for work.
She has lunch at the school
or at a place called the Hangout...
...with some of her friends.
She's done at 3:15. If David can't bring
her back, she comes home by bus.
In any case, she's home by 4:00.
Now, that's an hour and a half
she's by herself.
All by herself.
Your sister's a very attractive
little girl.
- What do you want me to do?
- That's better.
It's very simple. When the time's
right, you're gonna rob a bank.
- That's impossible.
- Not at all.
Now, I just wanted to meet you
at close range tonight, so to speak.
But I'll be with you again...
...and then I'll explain just
what you're gonna do...
...and how you're gonna do it.
If everything works out right
and you don't cause any trouble...
...I'll even cut you in for 20%.
You're very generous.
Don't provoke me, Kelly.
Don't provoke me!.
If you don't want the money,
that's your affair.
But you have no choice in this.
You'll do as I say.
If you try to tell anybody
or notify the police...
...I'll know it.
I'm not the only one watching you.
Is that clear?
All right.
All right, Kelly...
...get in the car.
Look straight ahead, Kelly,
and don't turn around.
Close the door.
Straight ahead, Kelly.
I haven't hurt you this time
because I think you'll cooperate.
But remember,
one false move and I'll kill you.
Or I'll kill your sister.
Stay where you are for 10 minutes.
Good night, Kelly.
You'll hear from me again.
I'll connect you with an agent.
Put her on.
It's Ripley speaking.
May I have your name, please?
Your phone number?
Miss Sherwood?
I knew you'd try
to call the police, Kelly.
Now, I allowed you this one mistake
because I wanted to teach you a lesson.
I hope you've learned
that lesson, Kelly.
Because next time...
...I'll kill you for sure.
You understand?
We'll phone all the Sherwoods.
You take San Francisco.
You take Marin. I'll take Oakland.
What do we say?
Say our call to Miss Sherwood
got cut off.
Don't say who you are.
If it's no lead, hang up.
She said someone was gonna kill her?
Yeah. You know, she seemed to know
what she was talking about.
- Hello? Miss Sherwood?
- Hello.
Hold it. Rip, got your party.
- Sorry, must have the wrong number.
- Mr. Ripley wants to talk to you.
Miss Sherwood?
No, I haven't gone to bed yet. I was just
doing some things around the house.
Is somebody listening?
Well, I don't know. I'm not sure.
Inside the house?
Well, I honestly don't know,
but it's certainly possible.
All right. You answer as best you can.
- You say a man is going to kill you?
- Yes, that's right.
He was there
when the phone went dead?
I see. Did he do anything to you?
Well, you....
You certainly....
Certainly know all the answers.
- Are you hurt?
- No, not really.
I'm used to those long hours
at the bank.
She lives in Twin Peaks.
Street's a dead end.
Is the address there
100 St. Germaine Street?
- We'd like to come out there.
- No.
No, Dick.
If you find the lighter, why don't you
bring it to the bank tomorrow?
- ls the bank in the downtown area?
- Yes.
I found it around the corner on Post St.
Around the corner from the bank.
- The Crocker-Anglo Bank?
- That's right.
Now, you're doing fine now.
Is anything going to happen to you
or at the bank tonight?
- No, I don't think so.
- I still think we'd better come out there.
No!. Absolutely not, Dick.
It really isn't necessary.
You mean it might put you
in some kind of danger?
- I knew you'd understand.
- I tell you what you do.
Leave the phone off the hook. I'll arrange
to keep the connection open all night.
That would be wonderful.
Thank you, Dick.
Good night.
Good night.
Janie, get me the special agent and
Capt. Moreno of Bureau of lnspectors.
If we go there,
we might put her in danger.
It's a dead-end street,
and if he's watching the house....
Let's stake out the bank soon.
Now get me Sillenga,
get me Ryan, get me Taylor.
Send a car to St. Germaine.
This spot here.
Tell them to take it easy
and keep out of sight.
Are you there?
Yes, ma'am.
Car 10 in, please.
Car 10 in, please.
Car 10.
Nothing here. Just wanted
to know if you're stationary.
We're stationary, all right.
- How's it going?
- Everything's quiet.
Lou, why don't you come by the pool?
- Who's gonna be there?
- Everybody. All the kids.
It'll be kicks. Come on.
Hi, sis.
It's a beautiful day in San Francisco.
The high will be around 72 degrees
with a bit of fog expected tonight.
T oby.
What are you doing after school today?
- Why?
- I just wanna know.
- You want me to do something?
- No. I just wanna know.
Now, Toby....
Sis, is something wrong?
No, I just didn't get
much sleep last night.
Dave said something about
going over to the park.
- And he'll bring you home?
- Sure.
- Sis?
- What?
Look, I thought we had a deal, huh?
No secrets. Tell each other everything.
I'll tell you all about it tonight.
But I want you to promise me something.
I don't want you to be by yourself
at any time today, do you understand?
- Sounds pretty serious.
- It's not serious yet.
But it could be
unless you do exactly as I say.
If Dave gets you home before I get there,
sit in the car and wait with him, okay?
- Gee, sis--
- I'm going to be late.
Now, just trust me and do as I say.
I'll explain it to you when I get home.
- All right.
- Bye-bye.
Put a surveillance
on the sister at school.
If he's threatening the older one,
the younger one may be a lever.
- Better keep it loose.
- Yes.
We can't risk having
the subject spot us.
But tell the agents to keep watch
for a counter-surveillance.
He may be expecting
something like this.
- What's the bank manager like?
- His name's Burkhardt.
- He's reliable. We've checked him out.
- All right.
Take him into our confidence
when we get all the information.
- But no one else in the bank.
- I'll get over there right now.
Mr. Ripley.
There's a Miss Nancy Ashton
waiting in the conference.
- Nancy Ashton?
- Yes, she asked to see an agent.
I see. All right, thank you.
Miss Ashton?
I'm John Ripley.
How do you do, Mr. Ripley?
Won't you sit down?
Well, now, what can I do for you?
Well, I really shouldn't be
taking up your time...
...but I have a very dear friend
who's in trouble.
Thank you.
- Would you like one?
- No, thank you.
I told my friend that I would do
whatever I could to help...
...and I said I was coming
down here to FBl...
...to ask some questions.
I hope this isn't too much
of an inconvenience for you.
I can't be too specific.
Well, suppose you tell me
what you can.
Well, she's gotten involved
with a man...
...and he's not--
He's a pretty terrible man, really.
He's caused her a lot of trouble.
And I told her if she came down here
and talked with you people....
Well, I mean....
Would she be prosecuted
for something she couldn't help?
What kind of a crime, Miss Ashton?
It's a serious one.
Extortion? Blackmail?
We're an investigative agency only,
Miss Ashton.
We turn our facts over to the
U.S. Attorney. It's for him to decide.
You mean, you couldn't--?
Make a deal?
No, Miss Ashton, we don't make deals.
No promises.
But I'd suggest if your friend wants
to make a break with this man...
...she do it now,
before she becomes more involved.
If she has committed a crime,
she'll be prosecuted, of course.
But the jury will take into consideration
any mitigating circumstances.
Thank you.
You've been very kind, Mr. Ripley.
I'll tell my friend.
I'd like to buy you a drink
some evening.
- I'll survive if you say no.
- No, I'm very flattered.
But you're a very busy man,
and you don't have much time.
I understand.
Goodbye, Miss Ashton.
This little chick comes on
like a registered nurse.
You get a block away from the house,
and-- Whammo!.
I almost didn't get to work tonight.
Wow, what a miserable night.
You don't believe this baby-sitter.
You don't believe her.
- Hi, Kelly.
- Morning.
You look a little ragged
around the edges.
I didn't get much sleep.
- Miss Sherwood.
- Yes, Mr. Burkhardt?
Would you please go
into the conference room?
Yes, of course.
Miss Sherwood?
My name's Ripley. I'm the agent who
spoke to you on the phone last night.
I'm glad to see you.
Well, why don't we sit down.
Is there something wrong?
No. It's just that every time I speak
to somebody on the phone...
...I get a mental image of what
they're supposed to look like.
Usually I'm wrong.
And your case is no exception.
- I guess everybody does that.
- Yeah, I guess they do.
Well, now, about your problem....
You know, I just can't believe it.
It's hard to adjust. I can't think.
Well, I'd be surprised
if you reacted any other way.
I didn't think he'd do
anything violent.
He scared me. But for some reason, l
didn't believe he was completely serious.
And then he comes in the house
and catches me phoning you.
All right, now the first thing we need is
a description of this man.
I don't know what he looks like.
I never saw him.
- That'll make things a little difficult.
- But I'd certainly recognize his voice.
Yeah, what else?
There's something wrong
with his breathing.
- What do you mean by that?
- Well....
It sounded like asthmatic breathing.
My sister, Toby, had a mild
asthmatic condition for a year...
...and it sounded like that,
sort of labored and wheezing.
What did he say?
That he wanted me to steal $100,000
from the bank...
...and that if I didn't...
...he'd kill me and my sister.
That he killed twice before
and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
He said that he's not
the only one watching me.
That he would know my every move.
And that...
...if I contacted the police....
Did you drive your sister
to school this morning?
- You tell her about this?
- No, but--
You see, Toby and I are very close,
and she's a very intuitive young lady.
She guessed something was wrong.
I didn't manage to carry it off very well.
She knows it's serious
or it could be.
She doesn't know what it is,
but I promised to tell her.
I don't think you'd better.
Suppose you let me tell her.
Besides, I wanna give her
some instructions.
All right.
Do you think that it's possible
that he knows you're involved?
No, I doubt it.
You see, we really can't tell
until he tries to contact you.
If he does try to contact you,
then he doesn't know.
And if he doesn't contact me?
You will be well protected.
- It's not gonna be easy.
- No, it's not.
As a matter of fact,
it's gonna get a lot tougher.
He's gonna work on you
and your sister...
...until you just may decide
to go along with him rather than us.
If I do this, I'll do it all the way.
Don't worry about anything like that.
Fine. But just remember this:
If he knows as much about you
as he obviously does...
...and he has a very definite plan,
he's probably very clever...
...he knows it's going to take a lot
to make you steal $100,000.
He may institute a reign of terror that'll
make you agree to do almost anything.
You mean he'll try.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
See you next week.
Miss Sherwood.
You have a phone call,
a police lieutenant.
A police lieutenant?
He says it's important.
Take it on your phone.
- This is Miss Sherwood.
- Hello, Miss Sherwood.
You made a serious mistake, Kelly.
You talked with the police.
- No. No, I didn't.
- Shut up!.
What do you think,
this is some kind of a game?
I'm gonna teach you a lesson.
I think Toby'd be interested
in a man like me.
Oh, no!. Please, please.
Rat fink!
- I don't like you.
- You love me.
Oh, I hate you!
Oh, come on.
Come on out.
Come on, Dave.
- Are you ready for this hair?
- What's the matter with it?
- It's wet, that's what's the matter with it.
- So what?
So you haven't got any.
It doesn't make any difference.
I feel like a Coke.
- I'm broke.
- I'm not.
"Kelly, meet me at the Roaring '20s
tomorrow night, 11:00."
Why didn't he just call her
on the phone?
Well, he wanted her to know
how close he was to her sister.
You know, if we just knew
what we were looking for.
Tall, short, 17,70....
A lot of people around
that swimming pool.
Any one of them
could have left that note.
Well, I'll get this off.
Maybe they can identify the type,
the paper, the ink, something.
I'll call Bill Varney over
at the Roaring '20s.
One moment.
- I've got a Nancy Ashton on the line.
- All right, put her on.
Hello, Mr. Ripley?
About that matter....
My friend?
It's important that I see you,
but I can't come to the office.
I'm quite busy right now.
Do you mind if I send another agent?
I'd prefer if it were you.
Believe me, Mr. Ripley, it's important.
It's just possible
that my friend's life is at stake.
- All right, what's the address there?
- 2632 Larkin.
And please...
...come as soon as possible.
I can't help it, I'm frightened.
Be there in an hour.
Don't be shocked.
I work in my apartment,
and I have a rather unusual occupation.
I'm fairly well conditioned
to shock, Miss Ashton.
I'll see you in an hour.
- Yes?
- This is Ripley, Miss Sherwood.
Yes, hello.
We're just getting ready to go to bed.
- Everything all right?
- Yeah, everything's fine.
I just talked to our agents
up at your neighbors'.
Now, you get a good night's sleep.
Don't worry.
- Thank you. Good night.
- Good night.
Who was that?
That was Mr. Ripley.
- He's pretty interesting.
- You think so?
- Well, don't you?
- Yes, he is.
Do you think this phantom asthmatic
really means it?
I mean, if you cross him,
do you think he'll do something?
Yes, I think he really means it.
But Mr. Ripley and his men
won't let anything happen.
What if they don't find out
who the guy is?
Oh, they'll find out.
The FBl's a very efficient organization.
Yeah, but in time, I mean.
Suppose you meet the guy tomorrow
and he says:
"Okay, Kelly. Tomorrow morning
you steal that 100,000 dollars."
I said the FBl's an efficient
organization, not Kelly Sherwood.
I just follow instructions
and do what they tell me.
- Just like you're gonna do.
- Sure.
That's why you can't forget
for one minute.
I mean, one mistake, one slip--
Hello? Hello?
- Who was it?
- I don't know.
- lt was him.
- I don't know.
- What did he say?
- He didn't say anything.
We just had a phone call.
You heard it.
We're going to bed now.
I left the porch light on like you told me.
Control, this is unit two.
Victim just checked in, going to bed.
She just got a call.
Might have been suspect.
Otherwise, everything okay here.
Miss Ashton.
Miss Ashton?
What kind of a place is this?
She said she had
an unusual occupation.
I guess she repairs
or makes mannequins or something.
Well, look, old friend,
if she decided to break the date...
...I think we'd better get the--
- There's nobody here.
- I think you're wrong.
- ls that Nancy Ashton?
- Yes.
Then I'll call the Bureau of lnspectors.
- What's going on here?
- Who are you?
I happen to own this building.
Who are you?
- FBl.
- FBl?
Hello, Frank. This is Owen Bradley.
I'm with Ripley.
- Listen, we've got a homicide for you.
- Homicide?
That's right.
I don't know. I don't know.
I was coming home...
...and the door was open
and the man was here...
...and the other one on the phone
and I don't know.
All right, Mr. Cutter.
You'd better go to your apartment
and take it easy.
She was obviously strangled
before she was hanged.
Dead about an hour.
That's all I can tell you right now.
Excuse me.
There obviously wasn't any girlfriend.
She probably was gonna tell me that
tonight. Made up her mind too late.
Got anything to do
with the Sherwood case?
- No, I don't think so. Why?
- Just wondered. I got a call last night.
We've got an informant, Jim Durgs.
Everybody calls him "Popcorn."
You can't call him a stool pigeon, he
considers himself a newspaperman.
He circulates around the crumb joints,
picks up news.
- He'll sell it to us for five or 10 bucks.
- He knows about the Sherwood case?
One thing right after the other,
there might be some connection.
This was in one of her purses.
I was wrong.
There is a connection.
- Evening, captain.
- I've got a new partner.
- This is Mr. Ripley.
- I'm glad to know you, Mr. Ripley.
- You're new, aren't you?
- No, he's been at it quite a while.
I hear you haven't been feeling
too good.
The doctor says if I was a building,
he'd condemn me.
- What have you got on the bank job?
- About 15 dollars' worth.
- All right.
- I don't know who's gonna pull the job...
...but he's got a friend
who uses a phone I staked out.
Where is the phone?
- I'd rather not say, sir.
- Go on.
The guy wanted his friend
to do something.
The friend asked if there's gonna be a
killing and the guy said there might be.
Near as I could get the name,
the victim was Sherwood.
Miss Sherwood, the friend called her.
He was gonna do away with her.
Not now, but later.
- How much later?
- lt was all very vague, sir.
- This friend, what does he look like?
- I just got a spot where I can listen.
- I never see him.
- I want to know where that phone is.
- The captain and I have an agreement.
- Don't give me--
I just supply the information,
not the source.
- That's the agreement.
- lf there's a killing, it's on your head.
- I know that, sir.
- Yeah.
- Do you think you'll hear any more?
- Yeah, I think so.
- You be sure to call me?
- Soon as I hear anything. Thanks.
Nice meeting you, Mr. Ripley.
Good night, gentlemen.
- Think we ought to put a tail on him?
- He'd spot it. I've tried before.
He spots it every time.
A very unique character,
has kind of a built-in radar.
- Yeah.
- Has his own peculiar set of rules.
You play the game his way
or you don't play it at all.
And in this case...
...I think it would be better
for Miss Sherwood if we kept the faith.
Yeah, I guess so.
- Hello?
- Good morning, Kelly.
- Did I wake you up?
- Yes. What do you want?
I don't like the way you're talking,
I'm giving you 20 percent
of 100,000 dollars.
- You can afford to talk a little nicer.
- I'm not awake yet.
That's better.
I'm calling to reconfirm
our appointment tonight.
- Eleven o'clock.
- I'll be there.
I hope so. Because if you're not...
...I'll just have to contact
your little sister.
You understand?
Now, one word of warning.
We've got a woman's life in jeopardy.
We hope there won't be any shooting.
If there is,
think before you make a move.
I know these things
move awfully fast sometimes...
...but we can't afford any mistakes.
That's about it, except for the layout.
It's all yours, Rip.
We're placing four men in the club.
There'll be two on the upper floor...
...two on the lower floor.
We don't know if he'll contact you
on the lower floor or the upper floor.
You might not even see him.
He may send
somebody with instructions...
...telling you to meet him elsewhere.
One thing you must remember:
If you contact him...
...we will not move in until
you're a safe distance away. Okay?
- I had another phone call this morning.
- Yes, I know.
Do you think he really
might try something with Toby?
Well, you know, I'd like to say no...
...but there's no way of telling
until we know the man.
- He knows I've been talking to you.
- He's just guessing.
He took a risk that
you'd come to the police.
He figures if he says he does know,
you might panic and admit it.
- I hope you're right.
- Yeah.
I don't think it matters whether
I'm right or wrong.
He figures he's got a plan so clever...
...it doesn't make any difference
what you do.
Miss Sherwood, I wish there was
something I could do to make it easier.
- You're doing what you can. I'm scared.
- Please, just don't worry.
We'll be close by all the time.
And everything is going to be all right.
Victim is parking car, gas station.
Subject's entering the club now.
May I take your coat?
Oh, no, thank you.
I'm just waiting for someone.
Can I help you?
Oh, well, I'm supposed to
meet someone.
Well, I think there's some room
at the bar.
Well, is there a table?
No, I'm sorry.
We're all filled up right now.
Oh, well, then I guess
I'll wait at the bar.
Oh, just ginger ale, please.
The yellow convertible, please.
Are you looking for someone?
Well, I could be that someone.
Well, are you?
Come on.
My car's parked just over there.
- Can't we talk right here?
- Here?
All right.
It's a blue '59 Ford.
License number, RCD022.
Where are we going?
We'll drive somewhere
down by the ocean.
What are you sitting
way over there for?
Come on over here.
- Well, come on.
- No!
What do you mean, no?
I thought this was
supposed to be business.
Okay. If that's the way you want it.
- The way I want it?
- Look, what is it with you?
- You did call me?
- Call you?
Honey, I don't know what gives,
but I didn't call you.
You mean, this wasn't prearranged?
Nobody told you to meet me?
I just walked into that club...
...and there you were.
Oh, my God!
Oh, there's been a mistake.
I was supposed to meet someone else.
Please, let me out.
- Someone else?
- Yes, I give you my word.
So you met me instead.
What's the difference?
- No!
- Look out!
Let me go!
Hold it, hold it!
- Hello?
- You dirty little double-crossing--
Now, you shut up and listen to me.
I didn't know that man.
I never saw him before.
How was I supposed to know
it wasn't you?
He picked me up because
I was standing around...
...Iooking like I wanted to be picked up.
You're a lying little--
Why didn't you come and get me?
Why did you let me stand around
and get picked up like a prostitute?
I did exactly what you told me to do.
I said I'd work with you but only if you
keep your part of the bargain.
I was nearly killed tonight!
It wasn't my fault.
So now what do we do?
You know what I think, Kelly?
I think that man
you met tonight was a cop.
A cop? That makes a lot of sense,
doesn't it?
Oh, Kel.
We recorded the phone conversations
between the subject and the victim.
Washington went through
the backgrounds of wanted men...
...until they found an asthmatic.
His name is Garland Lynch.
Has an alias of Red Lynch.
We'll pass out l. O.'s to all of you.
You'll note that he has convictions
for statutory rape, forgery...
...criminal assault, armed robbery
and murder.
He's wanted for the slaying of an
Oklahoma City bank teller...
...Bertha Meyers, age 24,
who was murdered in her apartment.
Since she was a bank teller...
...we might assume that the subject
was trying to force her to work with him...
...in a crime similar to the one
he's attempting here...
...and when she refused, or something
went wrong, he murdered her.
Washington reports
Garland Humphrey Lynch...
...is fond of movies, nightclubs,
fishing, amusement parks...
...and he frequently establishes liaisons
with women of Oriental descent.
We'll divide these up between us...
...and cover every nightclub and movie
theater and so on in the Bay area.
- That's good food you have here.
- Thank you.
Did you ever see this man before?
No, sir. I don't recognize him.
- May I see the manager, please?
- Certainly.
Now, you're not going to
find him in there.
Would you ask the others
if they've seen him?
I'll be glad to.
Good afternoon.
Father, my name is Ripley.
I'm with the FBl.
I wonder if you could help us.
Have you ever seen this man before?
Yes. I've seen him many times
with one of my parishioners, Lisa Soong.
- Miss Soong?
- Yes?
We're from the FBl.
This is Agent Bradley, I'm Ripley.
Come in, please.
Thank you.
Please sit down.
I must ask you to keep this visit
in the strictest of confidence.
Yes, of course.
I understand you know a man
by the name of Red Lynch.
Do you?
Perhaps you know him
under a different name.
We're looking for this man
on a murder charge.
He killed a woman
just about your age.
She had a year-old baby.
I want to talk to my lawyer.
Of course.
He's a neighbor.
He lives across the street.
We'll wait, if you don't mind.
Please do.
Benson? Lisa.
He's coming up.
Now I'll prepare tea,
if I may leave the room.
You're not involved in
anything wrong?
No, Benson.
If you are, even innocently,
I'd advise you not to talk.
I am telling the truth.
Then you must cooperate
with these gentlemen.
- I'll take that.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry, I was terribly frightened.
That's all right. We understand.
- Then you do know him?
- Yes.
Then perhaps you can tell us
where he lives.
- I don't know.
- Lisa.
I don't.
You'll just have to believe me.
We dated a few times, that's all.
When was the last time you saw him?
A week ago Saturday.
He picked me up at work.
We had dinner and went to a movie.
- You haven't heard from him since?
- No.
Sometimes I don't for a month or so.
He's out of town a great deal.
How did you first meet him? Where?
It was at the drugstore.
He used to come in and we'd talk.
He seemed all right,
so I went out to dinner with him.
That was about two years ago.
You dated him only a few times
in two years?
That's right.
- Did he tell you where he lived?
- No.
- He didn't even mention it?
- He never mentioned.
Miss Soong...
...if your relationship with this man
was as casual as you say...
...I don't understand
your apparent hostility.
I've told you everything I know.
Thank you.
You know, this man has killed
three people...
...and he's going to go on killing
until we find him.
Good night.
...if you do know something
you're not telling...
...you'll be guilty of being an accessory.
I'll be talking with you.
Thanks, captain.
I'll pass it on to Rip.
I was just talking to Moreno.
They showed the photograph
to Nancy's landlord.
He recognized Lynch.
He'd seen him visiting Nancy
a couple times.
- Did he say anything else?
- No, he only saw him.
Didn't know who he was
until he saw the photographs.
Judging from this guy's women,
he's quite an operator.
He involved Ashton in this case,
she got frightened and he killed her.
He probably knows
she tried to contact us.
I'll bet Miss Soong tells him.
How can she protect a man like that,
will you tell me?
Well, she could be scared.
Mr. Lynch is very capable
when it comes to scaring people.
So she's scared.
There's more to it.
Well, maybe the lady's in love.
How can anybody be in love with
a man that's killed three women...
- ... and threatening to do it again?
- lf she is in love with him...
...she didn't know about him.
Now she knows.
Not easy being in love one minute
and find out the man's a murderer.
It's a pretty big adjustment.
All right, I'll bet she's not
just in love with him...
...and I'll bet she's not just scared.
Subject just entered
the Kaiser Foundation.
- Hello, Joey.
- Hello.
- Where's your mother?
- She went to phone.
I'll go see if I can find her.
There's a phone in the visitors' room
at the end of the hall.
Joey, this is Mr. Ripley.
- Hello, son.
- Hello.
Joey was born without a hip socket.
So we gave him one.
Other boys have ordinary, old-fashioned
ones, but Joey's is brand-new plastic.
Well, now isn't that something?
Well, I have to get back to work.
I'll leave you two men alone.
- Are you a doctor?
- No, I'm from the FBl, son.
Here, I'll show you. You see this?
- Are you a G-man?
- That's right.
You don't look like a G-man.
Why, I don't? Well, I am one.
- Honest?
- Honest.
- You been in the hospital long, Joey?
- I don't know.
Well, I suppose you have
a whole lot of visitors.
My mommy comes to see me.
My mommy comes to see me
every night.
- You have a gun?
- Yes. Yeah, I have a gun.
- Can I see it?
- Oh, I can't.
We're not supposed to show the gun.
Guns are very dangerous.
I know, but couldn't I just see it, please?
Well, I don't suppose it'll
do any harm to show you.
- Does your father come to see you?
- I don't have one.
- Did you ever shoot anybody?
- Oh, no.
How come?
Never had any reason to.
Who else comes to see you, Joey?
Only Uncle Red.
Do you know Uncle Red?
- Yeah, I know him.
- Mommy, he's a G-man!
Yes, I know, dear.
He's got a gun and everything.
But he's never shot anybody.
I have to talk with Mr. Ripley,
then I'll be right back.
Now, it's late, and you've got to try
and get some sleep.
- Would you mind coming out to the hall?
- Will you come back?
Yes, I'll be back, son.
You get some sleep now.
Now, you get out of here.
I don't ever want to see you
around my son again.
- I'm sorry, but I have a job to do.
- A job?
What kind of a job when you sneak
around and interrogate a 6-year-old?
Look, I have to catch a man
who's killed three women.
- That is not true.
- lt is true and you know it.
Now, in order to catch Red Lynch...
...I'll interrogate Joey
anytime it's necessary.
Did you know he paid the bills?
Thousands and thousands of dollars.
Did you know that?
Red Lynch, the man you said is a killer.
Why, I can't even begin to tell you
the things he's done for my son.
The kindness, the affection.
He's like a father to Joey.
- Come on, now--
- No! You can go straight to hell.
We can't let a murderer go loose
just because he's been kind to your son.
Well, you'll get no help from me.
All right.
But you think about this:
If you don't help us find Red Lynch...
...somewhere, sometime, a woman
is going to die because of you.
Now, how do you think your Joey
is going to feel about that?
I don't know who she was calling.
She hung up just as I got there.
Why are you crying, Mommy?
It's nothing, dear. Go to sleep.
Hello, Kelly.
I don't have much time.
You take the money Friday afternoon...
...put it in your purse and just walk out.
Go straight home...
...and I'll get in touch with you.
Is that clear?
And you'll call me
as soon as I get home?
I didn't say when.
You just stay put.
And don't get any ideas...
...or you'll regret it.
Excuse me.
Do you feel all right?
Oh, sure.
He knows she'd have access
to this kind of money only on Fridays...
...when the big commercial accounts
bring their deposits in.
- Does the bank ever examine purses?
- What's the point?
If somebody wanted to embezzle,
he could find a way.
Miss Sherwood.
I was just telling Mr. Ripley,
I was talking to the trustees...
...and they appreciate your cooperation
in this matter...
...and when it's over,
they'll see you get a promotion.
- That'll be nice.
- Now...
...about the money.
I'd let her have it if I were
handling the matter, but I'm not.
And a hundred thousand!
- lf it got away from us--
- No, I wouldn't want that responsibility.
Could we make up a dummy package?
Yeah, we'll take care of that situation
when we get to it.
I know very well he's gonna keep me
until he examines that money.
And if it's fake....
But even if it's real,
he's not gonna let me go.
Well, that's not necessarily so.
Look, we've got 28 hours
before the bank closes tomorrow.
In the meantime,
we'll just wait for a break, huh?
If there's nothing else
you want me for....
No, thank you very much.
If there's anything, Miss Sherwood.
Anything at all.
Thank you, Mr. Burkhardt.
Well, as I always say, you meet the
strangest people in the ladies' room.
Yeah, I guess so.
You'll have to brief me about tomorrow.
Well, suppose we wait until tomorrow.
Do you think we have a chance?
Now, I want you to do something for me.
I want you to take Toby swimming
today after work.
If she wants to bring her boyfriend along,
that's all right.
Whatever you say.
- Afternoon, Mr. Ripley.
- Well, I'm glad you could make it.
- I want to show you something.
- All right.
- Moreno says you have a big story.
- That's right. Yes, sir.
- And that you might not sell it to us.
- Well, you do have a little competition.
- The newspapers, huh?
- Well, I'd rather not say, sir.
There are certain ethics involved.
You understand.
But you know something, Popcorn?
I've known a lot of newspapermen.
Good ones, bad ones.
- The good ones are the ones with ethics.
- Yes, sir.
I've yet to meet a good reporter
whose only concern...
...was getting a story
and keeping that source secret.
What else would he be concerned with?
Well, the people involved in the story.
The effect that story
might have on their lives.
Now, take a look over there, Popcorn.
See at the end of the pool,
that girl in the green bathing suit?
The attractive one.
The one with the brown hair.
Well, that's Kelly Sherwood.
That girl with her,
that's her younger sister, Toby.
And by this time Saturday...
...Kelly Sherwood may be dead.
That is, if Red Lynch's plans work out.
As a matter of fact,
she might be dead before Saturday...
...if the story gets to the newspapers and
he figures she's double-crossed him.
And if he doesn't get her,
he'll go after the sister.
I just wanted you to see them, that's all.
You're asking me
to suppress a news story.
I'm not asking you to do anything.
One moment.
- Yes?
- I've got a call.
- Says he wants to talk to an agent.
- All right, I'll take it.
This is Agent Ripley speaking.
I've got some information to give you
about one of your cases.
- Trace Ripley's call.
- What's your name, please?
My name won't help you.
This doesn't concern me.
Well, what's it about then?
- It's the Sherwood matter.
- Sherwood?
Yes, that's right.
Well, I'm afraid I don't know the name.
What sort of case is it?
She's being threatened.
Miss Kelly Sherwood.
I don't think I know anything about it.
...if you give me
some more information--
Well, maybe I was wrong.
If we were handling the case,
I'm quite sure that I'd know the name.
I tell you what--
Not enough time.
I knew it was him
the minute I heard his voice.
Man, if I could have
just kept him talking. Just....
I just got a report.
There's a heavy fog rolling in
on Glenbrook Ave.
Now it's getting so thick down here
I can hardly see the front of the house.
Hold it. There's a car in the vicinity.
It's stopping in front
of the victim's house now.
All right, who are you?
Who am l? I'm Smokey the Bear.
Who the hell are you?
- Control, this is Colby.
- Yeah, Colby, come in.
We have a drunk up here.
Can you send the local police up?
- Evening, Mr. Ripley.
- Hello, Popcorn.
I'm afraid I'm not
a very good newspaperman.
I've been doing some thinking.
This one's on the house.
Costs you nothing.
It's for the girls.
I'm gonna show you where the phone is.
- The phone that Lynch uses?
- Oh, no, a friend of his.
I don't know who he is.
I don't know his name.
He's making arrangements
to get Mr. Lynch out of the country.
Air tickets, forged passports,
health certificates, all that.
Every night at midnight,
Mr. Lynch calls him.
Follow me.
Don Shoemaker. He's a runner.
Was a runner.
Errand boy for anyone who had the
price of a fix. Too bad he's dead.
Well, I had no other choice.
And it's too bad about Popcorn.
Bound to happen.
Can't be that kind of businessman
and expect to live forever.
- Hi, Joey. How are you doing there, boy?
- Swell.
Miss Soong.
I'd like to talk to him.
And I don't have
anything to say about it?
Oh, on the contrary.
I'd much rather talk to you.
I said everything I had to say last night.
All right.
- Joey, I'd like to talk to your Uncle Red.
- You wanna see him?
Do you know where I might find him?
- Where does he live, Mama?
- I've told Mr. Ripley I don't know.
- Joey, does he ever send you toys?
- He sent me a big tiger.
- When was that?
- On my birthday.
- When is your birthday, Joey?
- July 26. I'm 6 years old.
Well, now, you're quite
a fella, aren't you?
When's the last time
Uncle Red saw you?
- On my birthday.
- Did he say when he'd be back?
- Did he ever write you a letter, Joey?
- Why doesn't he write me, Mama?
- I asked him special last time.
- He's busy.
See you tonight, pumpkin.
I've got a surprise for you.
- So long, Joey. I'll be seeing you.
- So long.
- Hangout.
- Is Toby Sherwood there?
- Who?
- Toby Sherwood.
Just a minute and I'll see.
- Toby Sherwood? Toby Sherwood!
- That's me.
- Hello?
- This is a friend of your sister's.
We've got a business deal,
did she tell you?
- What?
- A friend of your sister's.
She's been shot.
- She's been what?
- She's been shot.
It was an accident.
She's bleeding badly...
...and somebody's gotta
get her to a hospital.
I'll be at the corner of 25th
and Clement in my car.
Come by yourself.
Go out the back door right now and
don't say anything to anybody at all.
If you do, I'll let her die.
- Tob?
- Get out of here! Get out of my kitchen.
Hey, look out!
I don't know, she just got a phone call
and ran out the back door.
Get in.
Come on, come on.
Your sister's all right.
You said she was dying.
I had to find some way to get you here.
Take off your clothes.
You want me to take them off for you?
Then take them off.
The sweater too.
Toss them over.
Sit down.
Miss Sherwood, please.
- Hello?
- Now, listen carefully, Kelly.
When you get off,
drive down to Fisherman's Wharf.
Park at the open market.
Now you walk to the telephone booths
across the street at the gas station.
I'll call you at exactly 7:30 and
give you instructions where to go.
- You understand?
- Yes.
Oh, and one more thing.
In case you're considering
anything foolish, I've got Toby.
Now, she's all right now...
...and if I get the money I'll let her go.
But if anything goes wrong...
...I'll kill her.
And if I'm not around to do it,
I've got a friend who's going to baby-sit.
Oh, wait a minute.
Tell her you're all right.
Sis? He said you were shot.
That's enough.
Oh, no, please don't.
All right.
All right.
Come on.
Over there.
In there.
Go on.
We checked for miles around.
Nobody remembers seeing his car...
...though we had a description.
Police put out an all points,
so we're covered there.
On the toy tiger, Cronin's men
are still checking out the stores.
Agents running a tail on Miss Soong
report in the negative.
Subject has made no attempt
to contact her, nor has she him.
- That's about it.
- How is Miss Sherwood doing?
She'll probably have a
nervous breakdown...
...after it's over, but she'll make it.
Let's go.
One thousand.
- There you are, Mr. Murchison.
- Thank you.
How about a movie tonight?
No, I'm sorry, Dick,
but I promised Toby--
I'm gonna drown that kid.
Tomorrow night?
- Yeah, tomorrow.
- What time?
Well, why don't you call?
Have a nice weekend.
She's in the phone booth. We'll follow.
I'm running an emergency check.
You got a cab
with license plates Y-64728?
Yeah, that's our cab. Made a pickup
at Taylor and Jefferson, a woman.
And we got her checked out
for Candlestick Park.
The guy who told me to pick you up
said to give you this.
Now batting for San Francisco...
...number seven,
right fielder, Harvey Kuenn.
Now batting for San Francisco,
number 23...
- ... Ieft fielder....
- All right, come on, let's go.
He has two ways to go. Either he
can contact the victim himself...
...or he can send somebody else to pick
up the money, a newsboy or a vendor.
I'm posting men at each of the tunnels
and all of the 28 exits.
I don't have to tell you how important it is
not to put any lives in jeopardy.
But we're gonna get this man.
All right, let's go.
Oh, I remember him very well.
He's purchased a number of things
here in the past year or so.
- Did he always take the toys with him?
- Oh, no. No, not always.
Here. Here's the sales slip on the tiger.
It was delivered to this address,
the Budget Fur Shop on Vista Street.
All right out there,
let's get a little action going!
That's my team!
That's it, baby!
Hey, buster, how about
a beer down here!
- Number 40, Mike McCormick.
- A beer, little lady?
- One?
- Yeah.
All right, come on, you guys.
Let's get a few runs!
Pardon me, could I borrow
your binoculars a minute?
Yeah, sure.
Your attention, please,
ladies and gentlemen.
The same two teams will play again
tomorrow evening at 8:15.
Advance tickets may be purchased
at the advance ticket windows...
...in the lobby as you leave the park.
Thank you.
Have your camera
sweep the area again.
Camera one, pan Section E again.
into it, backhands the ball,
a long throw to first base is not in time!
And oh, are the Giants mad.
There's McCovey and Amalfitano.
Mike McCormick comes over,
along with catcher Ed Bailey...
...and they are really in a rhubarb
at first base.
Wally Moon just did leg out
the long throw by Pagan....
Strike two!
We've got the sister. She's all right.
Had her locked in a fur storage vault.
- No accomplice?
- Nope.
Looks like our hunch was right.
He's working this alone.
Toby Sherwood found safe.
Repeat. Toby Sherwood found safe.
Plan B now in operation.
You're out!
Your attention, please.
Your attention, please.
Spectators are requested
to not go on the playing field.
Please leave by the nearest exits.
Thank you.
All agents, move in,
maintain surveillance...
...as victim leaves or makes meet.