Experiment in Torture (2007) Movie Script

History is carved by a woman's beauty.
Can't you tell?
Every generation has had a different...
for the way that we look.
Okay, listen.
Listen to this.
Those images give structure
to our cultural understanding.
You can go back to ancient civilizations,
and you'll find that some culture
will use the most mundane,
elective methods
to reshape the anatomical parts
of the female body.
No matter how painful,
it'll always be about power.
Yeah, how the fuck did we get
on this stupid-ass conversation?
I said Faith here was extremely beautiful.
Well, if that's the case,
then you need to go ahead and show her
how beautiful she is, big daddy.
Show me, big daddy.
Did you get paid for the last dance?
Yeah, of course. Why?
He ripped me off.
He said he was gonna go out to his car,
and he never came back.
And they did nothing about it.
They didn't even...
You've gotta be kidding me.
So, he was the one
who has the funny teeth?
We call them dentures.
And he had an ugly little toupee on.
Ladies. Hi.
Well, if it isn't Mr. Abstract.
I'm sorry.
We are on our way home.
Well, I was curious.
Our conversation before,
I was wonderin' if you'd like to continue it
over coffee and a piece of pie.
You know what?
We were just talking
about how we wanted
to continue talking
about how a woman is like
Roman architecture,
Botticelli, or a piece of fruit.
But we gotta go to sleep
'cause we got knitting class
in the morning.
Kat, he's not harming anyone.
You two do what you want.
I'm going home.
Why is she always like that?
Well, one down, two to go.
What do you think, Melissa?
I mean, I'm not tired.
If you're down, I'm...
Fuck it.
Come on, let's go.
- Let's do it. Come on.
- All right.
- Where's your...
- We're gonna be safe, right?
One drink.
Where's your car parked?
Where is he taking us?
I don't know, Faith.
Did you not ask him again?
Oh, my God.
He looks like a walking dildo.
Oh, my God.
No, he's not.
Yes, he is.
Sorry, girls.
I just have to pick something up.
I hope you don't mind.
I like your shirt.
Where are we?
I think we're just gonna go on
and head home.
Thank you so much for our evening.
- We had a great time.
- We really did.
It's just getting late,
and we gotta get up early tomorrow.
So if you don't...
Well, I was just wonderin',
do either of you girls like Johnny Mathis?
- Do I!
- Oh, wow!
- Johnny Mathis.
- I love Johnny.
Can you say that again?
Hey! Oh, God!
No! No!
No! Please! Stop!
Enough! Enough! Enough!
Stop it! Stop it!
I wanted to use this.
Come on! Come on.
Get up! Get up!
I like her.
Tara, is it?
Yeah. Tara.
She American?
Yeah. 100%.
What about...
Yeah. She was born here, too,
but she has this annoying brother
that's always hovering her over.
Yeah, just throw him some cash, skipper.
It doesn't matter. It's a done deal.
We've got 'em all up there.
You just make sure
he doesn't cause us a problem.
- All right.
- You handle it?
When haven't I?
I can't handle any delays, you know?
Ross got my balls in a vise
over this business.
Gonna film everything this week.
Yeah, it's a done deal.
So how much?
Five grand each.
25 total, huh?
Come on over here, honey.
Come here.
I got some...
You got some money, Jesse?
I got some cash.
- How you doing?
- Hello.
So how come you got so many beverages?
I'm a thirsty guy.
You are a thirsty guy.
Oh, my goodness.
And you've been drawing.
- Yeah.
- These are beautiful.
I like body parts.
I like body parts, too.
You do?
Well, probably not the same way...
What are you writing
in this little book?
Oh, it's just a diary.
I got some... drawings.
- Wow.
- A lot of people.
You are very interesting.
- Is that a compliment?
- Yes.
I see something.
I see something.
What do you see?
The way that you sip your beverage.
- Come on.
- No, I'm serious.
- That's just stupid.
- No, no, no.
I read this.
Like some people read
palms and tea leaves,
I read the way that
people sip a beverage.
Yo, girl!
Can I get up there
and dance with you?
What are you guys doing tonight?
You're so cute.
Actually, we're going to shoot a fetish film.
Six of us.
We're going to the woods, and we're...
It's kinda scary.
But we're gonna be paid $5,000
to go for the weekend.
- Wow.
- Can you believe that?
What time are you gonna go?
I think we're going around eight-ish.
Come here.
I gotta show you something.
I'm sorry.
Come here. I need you.
They're going to a party afterwards.
8:00, man.
8:00 they're going to a fetish party.
We're just gonna, like, crash the party?
Yeah, man.
Why not?
Look, it's been a while for both of us, bro.
- Yeah, I know.
- It's been a while.
I don't know if crashing a stripper party
is the best idea, you know?
Little game called herpes.
I try to stay away from it.
Damn, girl.
How about we play some house?
You play the door,
I slam the shit out of ya.
Pancakes and pussy. 8:00.
Eight's pretty freakin' early, dude.
I don't know if I can do eight.
Oh, come on, dude.
Don't be a pussy.
- Nine, maybe.
- Dude.
- Ten.
- Dude.
- Yeah!
- Let's go, baby!
Get on it!
Get on it!
Hey, asshole.
Hey, come on, man!
Well, it's that time again folks.
Hey, let's hear it for our ladies.
Come on.
Somethin' else.
These girls are awesome.
Listen, they're gonna
take this weekend off.
But don't worry your little peckers off
because we've got a special event
coming in tomorrow
straight out of France.
It's called the...
Come on, tell them.
What's it called, baby?
Folies Bergere! Yeah!
How about them...
I hear the little French...
they do some French shit that's outta sight!
So you wanna be here!
Okay, so listen up.
And I hear that they pay...
they like to get paid
their fringe benefits in French tickles.
Oh, yeah!
Fuck you all, too!
Get out of here.
Go home.
Listen, you don't have to go home,
but you gotta get the fuck
out of here, okay?
So listen up.
No, really.
Be safe.
Get home safely.
And as we say in here,
"Go home, be safe, and get laid."
I'm outta here.
I gotta go home myself and do that.
See y'all later.
Take care now.
Can't they crank up the air in here?
It's like a fuckin' oven on that stage.
I have not worn a stitch of clothing
at home all summer.
Hey, did anybody see that creepy guy
who was, like, drawing pictures?
Was he creepy or what?
He kept drawing pictures of my snatch.
- Was he any good?
- What?
I mean...
Did it look...
Yeah, I guess it kinda...
Did you guys see that slimy creepy guy
that looked like a pedophile?
Which one?
It's a first-class client-a-club
vaporize, baby.
Look, I'm going for bacon and eggs.
Anyone want breakfast?
Okay, lockin' up in 10 minutes,
so hurry up.
If anyone needs a ride home,
I'll put you on the back of my bike
if you promise to ride
with your top down.
Yeah, in your dreams, Jack.
I'll drive real slow
so the passerby don't miss a thing.
Oh, me first!
Yeah, the king of the boulevard.
Last chance, now or never.
- Never!
- No way!
Your loss.
Hey, Jack, what was with
camera crew tonight?
Just some more press
asking questions about missing Faith.
I just hope it's good publicity
for the French show.
Nice attitude, Jack!
What? What do you want from me?
Life goes on and all that
other happy horseshit.
You're a fucking ass.
I don't want to talk about it, all right?
Let's just lock up.
We'll be out in less than five, okay?
So I guess we're gonna go through
with this weekend, you guys?
- I guess so!
- Easy money!
Look, all I know is that Miss Kat
needs to get out of this town,
go up to a lake, relax, have some fun.
And you know, getting $5,000
to shoot a fetish film, that's a bonus.
Well, how many reasons do we need?
5,000 apparently.
How often do we get
to go out of town like this?
This French show comes in
and we get to go together.
A weekend away, at the lake?
I mean, everything free?
Plus $5,000?
It's gonna be great.
Oh, God, it's gonna be awesome.
Hey, you guys,
how come I don't get to go to the lake?
What the hell?
You guys suck!
No, no, no, don't be afraid.
I just want to tell you...
I just want to say that I think
you're the sweetest girl I've ever met.
A beautiful flower.
And if anyone ever bothers you,
just let me know.
That's very kind and sweet of you.
What are you doing? Stop it!
- That's fuckin' bullshit!
- I'm sorry. It's my brother.
- Michael...
- Get the fuck out of here!
- He's not bothering me.
- This asshole again?
Angel! Larry! Larry!
- Stay the fuck out of here!
- Oh, my God!
You guys, that was awful.
Pull over, man!
This is good right here!
Hold on, hold on!
Let me park!
I don't want to get a ticket!
Come on, just turn...
Let me put it in park!
Hold on, man!
All right, make it quick.
Garden snakes are quick.
Pythons take time.
Python my ass!
Come on, man, let's fuckin go!
I want some pancake and pussy.
Pussy and pancakes!
He fucking loves that song!
# Pancake and pussy #
# Pussy #
# Pancake and pussy #
# Pussy #
Come on, let's go.
I wasn't gone that long.
Let's go.
Come on, drive.
What the fuck?
Gosh, would you stop worrying?
It's just a girls weekend.
We are gonna be fine.
When are you gonna stop stripping, Astrid?
I'm tired of lying to Mom and Dad for you.
Michael, listen,
this is very good money,
and soon Mom and Dad will be
able to leave the restaurant.
Don't you want that for them?
You know, you could get
a job in an office.
You're smart.
Not for this kind of money, Michael.
So you're just gonna be at some girl's house.
Listen there's six of us.
We can take care of ourselves.
And it's at some lake?
Yes, it's at a lake.
- Call me if you need anything.
- Stop it.
Promise me.
Okay, I promise.
Give me a kiss.
Stop it!
Leave me alone.
Let's go!
Probably, like, Ted Bundy.
Oh, God!
I did a reading for us, for the weekend,
and the stars are pointing
to beauty around us all weekend long.
Did you bring your Tarot cards?
Hey, ladies. I'm Darrius.
Mr. Ross would like to welcome
you to his home.
Unfortunately, he can't be here,
and he apologizes for that.
But he's left me explicit instructions
to take care of anything you may require.
It's looking good already, girls.
What about the movie?
When do we film that?
You're shooting right now.
There are hidden cameras
all throughout the place.
What do we have to do?
Mr. Ross' clients just like
to watch women act naturally.
Come on. I'll show you the place.
Wow. This is really beautiful.
Are these for us?
Oh, no, it's for somebody else
named Candy and Angel.
God, this Ross is something else.
Let me smell yours.
- Mine smell better
- Shut up.
Oh, my God!
I love it!
I love it!
Oh, God! This is what I'm talking about!
It's so nice!
I thought it was gonna be ugly.
Lela and Kat, this is your room.
All right, what's the catch?
- Come on, there's gotta be a catch.
- Yeah, what's up with all this?
No catch.
Just enjoy yourselves.
Yeah, I'm leavin' right now.
I'll be by to get you in ten minutes.
Yeah, then we're gonna go up to that lake
and shoot some pussy, man.
You ready?
All right. See ya.
All right.
Now, I have to light this candle.
This is a very sacred ceremony, okay?
No fucking around.
I'm deadly serious.
This shit can effect
you whole life, don't you know?
All right.
Now, what we're going to do is
we're gonna start by taking the cards,
and you're fondling the cards.
Give them a little bit of a rub,
you know how you do,
and then cut them a couple times.
Once, twice.
You wanna feed all of your energy,
all of your juices, into the cards, okay?
You can rub them any way you want,
but don't make it too messy.
All right.
We'll start with you.
Shut up!
It may take a little longer.
Come on, ladies, let's move this along.
That's got some juices on it.
Clean those cards off.
This is very serious.
It could effect your future.
You obviously don't care.
It's her turn.
Wait. I forgot what I was supposed to do.
What is that, spaghetti?
What are you doing?
I'm picking up the psychic energy.
I was feeling that one.
All right.
So I'm going to give you another card that is
called the significator.
It represents one of the four elements:
Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.
I'm the princess or something.
It gives you a good idea as
to where you are right now,
and where your life's direction is going.
Like, if you are Air or Fire,
or if you're grounded, like Earth.
I'm Fire today.
Now, I'm gonna make
a cross with the cards.
This side represents what is past.
This center, what is present.
And here will be the future.
Are you ready?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I start with... lust.
Why does this not surprise me?
'Cause we're hot.
Slutty ladies.
- Luxury.
- Automobile.
This does not surprise me at all.
Now that's what I'm talking about.
Yeah, because you got
all that pleasure last night.
- Science.
- That's kinda weird.
That is a very strange card
because nobody here even
graduated high school.
Those are nice cards.
Okay, the next card is The Fool,
now this is interesting
because this Fool means
that it's representative of a man
who is not what he appears to be.
Like most men.
Now we have The Tower.
Looks like the Lord of the Strings.
This is actually a very serious card.
This can represent a lot of trouble.
This can represent,
something that is wrong...
some trouble, some strife.
That looks like the female symbol.
You know what?
It doesn't really mean it.
My hamster just died.
- That's probably what that was.
- Yeah, maybe.
Look, it's just nothing.
It's silly.
It's a silly game.
Listen, it's nothing.
She said it's in cards.
You know, it means...
Who has anything to hide?
Some, you know,
people are hiding things, and then...
It's all just a game.
It's a game.
Don't all women have something to hide?
Don't all men?
How about another game?
- Dodgers.
- Something else.
Truth or Dare!
- Yes!
- That's a good idea.
That's nice.
I haven't played this since junior high.
Oh, my God.
Was that, like, last week?
Okay, Darrius, darling.
Yes? Yeah?
You're the judge.
No, I'm not playing.
Oh, yes, you are.
Why not?
I thought you had nothing to hide.
You can't tell Kat to do any punishments
because she likes that kind of crazy shit.
Truth or dare.
Of course she likes truth. Okay.
Have you ever fucked for money?
Who was it?
Was it your brother?
It was your brother!
He paid you with his allowance!
You guys!
That's obscene.
That's not funny.
I'm kidding.
Lunch money?
Okay. Two years ago,
my parents almost lost their restaurant.
They were behind
on their mortgage payments.
And there was this guy
who used to come in all the time.
I knew he liked me, so...
Oh, no! Okay, okay!
I have to go wash my face!
Okay. She has to go wash her face.
Oh, my God.
Okay, okay, so now it's my turn.
Let me see.
No, wait, it's her turn.
Yeah, it's my turn.
No, no, no!
- Just a minute.
- I didn't get to go!
No, no, but listen.
I just got spanked.
No, it's my turn.
- I just got spanked!
- I don't care.
Darrius, Darrius...
Oh, my God, are you kidding me?
You're the judge.
Whose turn is it?
Now, keep in mind
that I have not had a turn.
It's my turn.
I pick Candy.
Truth or dare.
You're so cute.
Take your shirt off.
Oh, girl.
Will she do it? I don't know.
Wait. You got to take the rest of it...
Didn't you learn?
What do you mean?
You said tops, not bathing suits off.
Oh, man, I fell for that again?
Okay, it's my turn to get to go again.
I get to go.
No, it's my turn.
It's my turn. Darrius.
Oh, my God.
Truth or dare.
Okay, okay, okay.
I dare you to play hide and go seek
with us in the woods.
With me and Angel, okay?
Count to 100.
You got it. 1...
Okay, can I get a turn now?
All right.
You know what? Go ahead.
Never mind!
I don't even want to play, you bitches.
Okay, I'm drunk.
Certifiably drunk, and guess what.
It's okay, because I never do that.
I never do that.
Oh, yes.
You know, I have...
never told you how much I love and respect
and adore you.
I never told you.
I love you. I love you.
You're my baby.
You're my baby.
You're my little kitty cat.
You're my little baby.
I love you.
So pretty.
It smells in here.
God, it smells.
I love you.
Oh, it smells funny.
What is that?
Oh, God.
I feel really drunk.
Oh, my God.
All rightie.
1, 2, 3. Okay.
Come on!
Where are you guys?
All right, you win.
I'm too drunk to keep looking.
Come on, guys.
All right, you guys.
I'm the Abdominal Snowman.
You have a fly on your neck.
I do not.
You don't look so good.
Oh, watch out.
You're looking sick.
- What?
- What?
Not so fast.
Why not?
You guys, I'm getting cold.
I'm going to run up and get my robe.
Get mine, please.
Yeah. But don't start anything
until I get back, you guys.
- Never.
- There's too many bugs.
I don't think...
I don't feel so good.
I have to throw up.
Oh, God, I'm sick.
I'm so sick.
Oh, I'll get to the toilet.
I'll get to the toilet, and then I'll throw up.
I got to get to the toilet.
I'm gonna throw up.
Oh, God! Oh, God!
Hey, damn, that was fast.
I told you guys to wait for me.
You look like you're feeling better.
Hey, where's your room?
Yeah, caretaker, take us to your room.
Here, give me a piggyback ride.
So this Ross guy must be loaded.
Like, what does he do?
Like, what's his business?
Actually, I have no idea.
I just answered an ad on the Internet,
and got interviewed
by some secretary over the phone:
Come here to watch
over you girls this weekend.
Had a wad of cash waiting for me.
That's nice.
Don't you have a job?
Actually, I'm an out-of-work actor
that just got kicked out of his apartment
by his ex-girlfriend.
Oh, my God. I'm itchy.
I think I got some poison oak
or something on me.
We got calamine lotion in my room.
We'll take care of it.
- Yo, Mikey, what's up?
- How you doing, man?
Hey, bro, how you doing?
Good. I see the Norelco's
still working all right.
I see you're still not getting laid.
Hanging out in West Hollywood too long.
What brings you here?
Actually, I wanted to talk to you
about the girls and the lakehouse thing.
Yeah. I told them they shouldn't
go up there alone,
especially with all the nut jobs
coming in and out of this place.
What, so you were worried about it, too?
I told them I'd go up there with them,
but they said,
"No, we can take care of ourselves."
That's it.
I think I'm gonna go up there.
Your sister ain't going to like that.
I don't give a fuck.
I mean,
I have a bad feeling about this shit.
I got to go with my instincts on this.
All right.
I'll go with you.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I've been taking these P. I. Courses on-line.
Going to be an investigator.
I'm not going to be a bouncer my whole life.
Shit, man.
We're going to take the Jackmobile?
Put your cock ring on,
and we'll have a good night.
It's really dark in here,
and it smells creepy.
I like the dark.
What do you like to do in the dark?
Guess what I'm hiding.
Okay, it's a fruit,
and it's round and hard and warm.
What kind of fruit is warm?
Fresh Candy apples!
Very nice.
I like that.
You guys, I'm still kind of itchy.
- You okay?
- Me, too.
Yeah, I just...
I think I got poison ivy or something.
I just want to...
I got the calamine lotion.
I'm gonna take a shower.
I'll be right back.
All right, but hurry up,
or I'm gonna start without you.
Don't worry.
We'll be back.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Where's Darrius?
Oh, we wore him out!
I'm sure you did.
No, we're going to take some showers.
- What's wrong?
- I don't know.
I think we might have rolled in
some poison oak or something.
I think it's this robe.
- I think I'm allergic to it.
- So go up and take a shower.
Don't wear the robes, though, you guys.
Okay, thank you.
You sure about this?
Why don't we just call the police?
Oh! My God, this is so great!
My arm! It's blistering!
Candy! Candy, come out of the shower!
Candy, something's wrong with my face!
With my face!
Candy, help me!
Oh, my God!
My face!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Help me.
Please help me.
Help me!
It hurts!
Somebody help me!
My God!
What's going on?
- Help me!
- Don't move your leg!
Don't move your leg!
It's a bad break.
- Don't touch it! Don't touch it!
- All right!
I have to get something to stabilize this.
Do not move the leg,
you could sever the artery.
- I'll be right back.
- No!
- I will be right back!
- Don't leave me!
It's gonna be okay.
- You're okay.
- Okay.
I'll be right back.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Oh, my God, this hurts so much!
It hurts!
I'm back! I'm back!
Look, I gotta move your leg.
I gotta straighten it out, all right?
It's gonna hurt.
- No.
- Yes.
It has to be done.
- I'm scared.
- It'll be okay.
I'm so scared.
Go slow.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Ready?
- Please.
- All right.
- Oh, God!
We're halfway there.
I'm gonna pull it,
it's gonna pop back into place.
Okay! Okay!
You're okay!
You're done.
You're done. You're done.
You're done.
You're done, okay?
Okay, okay.
I'm just gonna stabilize it now.
Oh, my God!
I'm gonna put a splint on.
Oh, my God! Please!
I can't...
You're okay.
We're gonna take you
to the hospital, all right?
Where the hell is everybody?
I can't feel anything.
I can't feel...
We gotta clean this blood up, too.
We don't want to scare anybody.
I'll let them know you're okay
after I get you to the hospital.
Now, the quickest way
to get you to the hospital
is I gotta take you by the boat, all right?
That's quicker
'cause it's right across the lake.
I'm gonna have to carry you.
You gonna be okay?
It's gonna hurt a little bit.
All right.
You're gonna make it.
I'm gonna carry you to the boat.
Are you ready?
- No, I'm not ready.
- Yes, you are!
- Yes, you are!
- I can't feel my leg.
You're going to the hospital.
You're gonna be fine.
All right.
Come with me.
Are you okay?
- What's the matter?
- What's wrong?
I feel sick.
I think I drank too much.
Well, maybe you need to throw up.
I'm gonna go back.
I'll see you guys later.
Do you want us to come with you?
No. I'm gonna lay down.
I'll see you later.
Why'd you stop the boat?
Is there something wrong?
This is where you get off.
I'm not joking.
This is where you get off.
What are you saying?
I'll snap your neck if you don't get off.
It's not funny.
Please. I'm in so much pain.
- Get off the boat!
- No!
Get off the boat!
No, Darrius, please don't do this!
Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this?
- Word of advice.
- Please, don't do this.
Long, slow strokes and you may make it.
Don't do this!
Why are you doing this?
Please! Don't do this!
Please! No!
I'm gonna go back and have a bubble bath.
Thought you were gonna throw this one.
I'll just leave it.
You know what?
I wanna check on Astrid, too.
- Let's go.
- All right.
Got some reading to do.
Would have been nice
to tell me where you were going.
- Come on, we gotta get out of here!
- Oh, my God!
Do you want him to hear you?
You need to go to the hospital right now.
Oh, my God!
My car is just up here.
I'll get you out of here.
No! Michael!
- Baby, it's okay!
- Michael! No! Stop!
Michael, stop!
Michael, stop!
It's okay. He saved me!
Michael, leave him.
- What?
- Let him go.
- Saved you?
- He saved me.
What the fuck is going on here?
Let me down, let me down!
You guys, we gotta get back.
We gotta warn the others.
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
Darrius. Darrius.
He tried to kill me.
You gotta get to a hospital.
You gotta take her, bro.
We'll go get the girls, all right?
You can take one of these guys, right?
You guys be careful!
Careful is my middle name, baby.
Let's go, hero boy.
Come on!
Come on, sister boy.
Let's go!
Let's go!
Come on.
We got surprise on our side.
You're a lean, mean fightin' machine, okay?
Let's go!
You had me at lean.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I got you now, all right?
I'm gonna take care of you, all right?
Have a nice swim, baby?
What the fuck?
You killed Faith.
You killed Melissa.
You did this to me.
What the fuck are you doing?
You sick bastard!
Any time you want, you motherfucker!
Any time!
Shut the fuck up!
- You do this to her?
- Who the fuck are you?
Who is he?
This was not part of the deal.
You always lose control like this.
We're supposed to be making money.
You see what you made me do?
Jack, what are you talking about?
That's not Jack.
- That's not Jack.
- It's Ross.
You know what,
I am done with you!
Hey, wait.
Put the gun down.
Be cool, D.
This is not cool!
Just relax.
Put the gun down.
Let's not do this in front of the stiff.
Your services are no longer needed.
- Stop it, Vance.
- Jack...
His services are no longer required.
Stop it, Vance!
Jack, I asked you nicely.
Don't point the gun at my brother.
You guys always do this.
You always lose control!
We could have made a lot of money.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
I create.
Create, Jack.
My art...
is more important than money.
Don't you understand that?
I'm sorry, Kat.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
You fuck!
You fuck!
You fucking killed my brother!
No! You stupid fuck!
You stupid fuck!
Paralysis isn't gonna last, mistress.
Not that it's gonna matter.
All I keep getting is Ross' voice mail.
We have a job to do.
You think the girls will agree to do
that bondage scene in the basement?
If anything, we'll just pay more money,
'cause Ross told us to do whatever it takes.
Your services are no longer required.
Mr. Ross wanted us to shoot
some amateur lesbo action.
I'm just the cameraman!
Oh, my God!
Are you okay?
I can't move.
You've gotta get me out of here!
She's dead.
Oh, God!
Come on!
Hang on!
We gotta get out of here.
Come here, come here, come here!
Oh, God!
She's dead.
Tara, what the fuck?
He's coming back!
Get me out of here!
- What was that?
- I don't know.
Are you okay?
I'm still breathing. You?
Yeah, my head hurts like a bitch,
but I'm okay.
Michael, how are we gonna get out of here?
The highway.
We gotta get to the highway.
It can't be more than, like, a mile away.
We gotta get untied first.
- I'm just thinking out loud.
- Okay!
Can you reach my hands?
Motherfucker tied these things
so damn tight.
Quit your bitching
and keep trying to untie me.
Oh, my God.
Curious as to why you're here?
What are you doing this for?
We didn't do anything to you.
To be honest, I don't really need a reason.
I was jut checking on you two
to see if you're having a good time
and make sure you're
not getting into any trouble.
You know, I've never
done a brother/sister pair before.
Just let us go.
You're a real pretty boy,
and I'm gonna save you for last.
Good-bye for now.
Get me out of here, Michael.
Just keep working on my hands.
- I'm trying.
- Hurry.
Can you move at all?
I think whatever he's given me
is starting to wear off,
'cause I could move
my fingers a little bit.
What the fuck is that?
I don't know.
Oh, my God.
Are you all right?
Don't touch me!
He won't be happy if you let me down
and he finds us.
How did you get here?
He said he was gonna make me beautiful.
Am I beautiful?
He's gonna make you beautiful, too.
What do you think?
My brother's quite the artist.
I love you.
You are very beautiful.
But his work isn't done yet.
It's done.
Why not?
I hope you rot, you fuck!
That may be so.
You're fucking crazy!
You're not as much of a turn-on
as a submissive mistress.
Where are the others?
Don't do that.
They're dead, aren't they?
Just Lela.
And Candy and Angel...
and Jack and three other fucking idiots.
And my brother Vance.
I guess I don't need this.
Your friend Melissa gave me this.
Too bad she's not here so I can finish her.
Oh, God!
You're just as ugly on the outside
as you are on the inside!
Okay, here's what we're gonna do.
I'll give you a chance to leave.
Truth or dare.
Oh, you want me to pick?
Dare, Tara.
I want you to lick my face
and make me believe you like it,
and I won't get in the way of you leaving.
I'm waiting.
If I do that, you'll let us go?
All right, I'll do it.
Don't do it.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Okay, you can go.
Can you move anything?
All right.
Let's try it again.
You okay?
On three, okay?
1, 2, 3.
Okay. Okay.
All right.
Come here.
How you doing, sis?
Don't you quit on me.
Why don't you fucking save me for once?
God, you're so overprotective.
And when I finally need you to save me,
you're useless!
You okay?
Back. Lean back.
Oh, God.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
We gotta help her.
No, don't go.
We gotta get out of here.
You must have a really small dick!
I never said I'd help you leave.
I told you not to do that.
Hey, are you okay?
I wanna test your reflexes.
You think I enjoy this?
Wake up!
Wake up!
Do you think I enjoy this?
Do you think I enjoy this?
What are you doing with that?
What are you...
You can forget about dancing.
Please, don't.
You should have finished what you started.
If you apologize, I might just let you live.
Don't bet on it.
Look at your hands.
Look how beautiful they are.
You did such unspeakable things to them.
They thought that I was crazy.
They thought I was crazy.
Tell me something.
How does it feel
to have your stupid little fucking life...
be an experiment...
in torture?
Anthony, coffee.
Thought it might help to calm your nerves.
I'm really sorry about your sister.
I heard they're taking her
back to that place.
Yeah, it's for the best.
I heard she's catatonic again.
That's what they say.
Piss-poor way to treat
a hero if you ask me.
And she is a hero, right?
You know that.
At least that's what
we think of her around here.
I appreciate that.
So, Anthony, why didn't you contact us?
I kept telling her
that we should call the police,
but she wouldn't listen.
She wouldn't listen.
Melissa's my baby sister,
you understand?
I would do anything for her.
She's so much stronger than me.
Been that way for as long
as I can remember.
That still doesn't excuse that fact
that you should have contacted us first.
Hey, I'm not charging you
with anything... yet.
Are you telling me you wouldn't
do anything for your sister?
Not if she's mentally unstable, no.
I'm not gonna fucking
let her go there alone.
We argued, but she's stubborn.
She always wins out.
I can see that.
So how did she know that those guys
were going to lure those girls there?
I don't know how she knew.
I don't...
She just knew.
Well, when you found out about the plans,
you should have contacted us.
Maybe those people'd still be alive now.
You guys...
you would have never
caught those guys...
never would have believed me.
Definitely not her.
Well, now we'll never really know, will we?
All we get to do now is clean up the mess.
They needed to be dead.
Those fucking guys attacked Melissa.
And Faith.
Faith was my fiance,
did you know that?
No, I didn't know that.
I'm sorry.
We had our whole lives planned.
I remember how excited she was
about picking out her wedding gown.
Oh, man, Faith couldn't wait for the day.
The house.
The kids.
Hey. Hey.
It's all over now.
Yeah, for Melissa and the others
and that girl... maybe.
Anthony, Anthony, we'll take care
of the little girl, okay?
I don't give a fuck about that girl.
I gotta live with the fact that I let
my sister do what I should have done.
I will never forgive myself.
Anthony, you've gotta learn.
For me not killing that bastard myself.
Do that again.
I'm gonna cut your fuckin' arm!
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