Expiration (2003) Movie Script

Do you still have the work?
Not legally
You know, every time that we went to the cinema...
...He/she bought the tickets, he/she bought the roses...
...and now all that wants
it is to stay at home
?? it is not not even that, rather it is
perfectly happy in the bottom of the barrel
Your Morgan is a good type, alone
that it is not good for you
Let us be honest, I say, he/she has their dark side
You remember when he/she caught that children
slowed with the exposed heads...
and it played hourly with them and he/she mediates...
I am pregnant
Niki, Niki, Niki, Niki, oh Jesus Christ
You are est...
I sit down it
Did you already tell it to him?
It is not of Morgan
Ah..., Tide, Frank, Mike, the type of...
No, jdete, jdete
Of who is it?
Of who is Niki?
It is yours, Samuel
It is yours
Is it possible? I mean, I thought that
you had said that with the time that you...
No, it is possible
Dear mom, wanted that is here!
Dear Samuel, happy 16 years.
Make your dreams reality or I kill you!
It is brilliant
Well, like the thing goes?
All well
I don't smoke, thank you
You know, there is a rumor in the
vicinity on of you and Nikki
Good, I surrender
Reason people say that something is between Nikki and me?
There is not anything, alone we are friends
Is it the I believe that it is?
Where did you find it?
In the loft
Oh, still shines well
I remember when it used it in the town.
The eyes of the women left their basins
They could not believe that it used this being what was
He/she allows to see if I still have left
What do you find?
Maybe should put it in the box and to keep it.
Do keep it for my, do you want?
Nikki is a jodida
He/she listens
She said that I was a slow one, a fool, a hollow head
But like something will find better hey?
Do you know what I say? Is that?
You are really similar
She says that he/she will leave
What reasons did he/she give?
That I am an idiot
Yes, I believe that he/she is right
Jdete Sam
You will surely miss it
Who have been with Nikki in the circle?
That carajos knows of besides that?
Your life consists to eat mierda, to go to the work,
to eat mierda, to return of the work,
maybe to eat something and to be sleeping
while you are eating mierda
No, jdete man
You know what is to leave in the means of the night
Nikki, is Sam I had an idea
I thought that maybe we could travel to the city
and to leave to have dinner and... I have another surprise, so...
I know that all this sounds a little
different to my but I am crazy
So you call me and I will speak to you soon, chao
What does it happen?
I canceled the orders of the night
Because there is something more important
of what I want that you are in charge of
But I believe that...
But I don't want you to make the same ones
questions that you always make
Single thistle the hearings and I gave that
yes to all that tells you
It is well
Last week I received the call of a fellow
And he/she wants some each drug
illegal that can get him
Everything from coca until heroine
I thought that we didn't treat that
We will make it today
He/she gave very precise instructions
He/she wants a delivery to home
exactly 4:45am
for a girl
of blue eyes
of blond hair
I don't know, it is a damned one obsessive
The most important thing is that it can allow it
And he/she is waiting for somebody
as you that he/she gives it to him
It is what I am making
It returns so soon you finish
Beautiful place
Yes, I like it, it is red, all red one
With lights everywhere
Has probably bothered me
some time ago behind
You are putting that face
How expensive?
Me not... any face, how expensive?
That face: I have something to tell you
but I don't dare to make it
He/she doesn't swim, absolutely anything.
Very well, maybe there is something
Of what I want to speak to you
Reason doesn't prove a sip
of your wine and me... I will speak
It is well, me...
Do you know?
I don't like...
You remember that...
You know as...
...a bear is seated to the orrila of the one
I roll and he/she is waiting the correct one...
Not you how to say it
You cannot make that
It is not anything single treatment of...
Not even attempt it
...and it worked
he/she is an idiot
I am an idiot, yes
Do I like this place, do you know?
To my also, Nikki
Yes, it is really pleasant
You know when it was the first time
that I was with a man?
Is it officially logged in the registration?
Doesn't he/she wonder? Or what?
Clear, why not?
Well, well, we go in the mistaken address
Definitively we go in the mistaken address
I know where I go!
It is well
I don't need to hear it of you
Nikki, is not the moment to go for the incorrect road
We come from two different cultures
That that your you see as going in the mistaken address...
I know where I go
I told you that it was when bending of the corner
Right for that street, and when bending the corner
Nikki, alone we manage of the house
Well, Sam, I already told it to you, it is there below same
Are you crazy?
Nikki, alone we manage of the house
Joder well
Only relax you until I/we are happened something
Oh God
Can you take he/she came I tint?
Alone you relax yourself
Oh, I feel better
Relax you
Sam, where carajo is?
Calm, calm, alone...
Do bring me some pills yes?
It is well
I say, you go, you know, you go to the store and bring me some pills
I will take the pills and I will walk a little, you know
Right now, I say, he/she takes so many
as you can and I will feel...
Nikki, Nikki, relax you
Well, you look at me
It is well
I will put you in the car and I will walk
Do you leave me not?
No, I will only put you in the car one second...
Sam, you promise it
I won't leave you
Up, let us make it now.
I will only walk
Ciudado with the head
Well, I will close the door, put the insurance
It goes up the window, I have the keys
So he/she does sleep a little, yes?
He/she knows where the pills are
for the vomit, do you know?
Well, thank you.
Give me everything, everything in the inspector
Put it here
Please, their hands up
I need everything, all that you/they have
Their wallets, cellular, their localizadores
Now, all
You, give them to me, we go, give it to me
Everything, everything
He/she looks, I need it all man, we go
Everything that carajo that is?
Well, well
Give me now the damned bag
Jdete, do you give it to me or not?
Alone they have an opportunity
before it flies them the brains
Give it to me
Give him the bag
Devils, don't make me make this
I sit down it
I am needy
It is not my blame
Does he/she wait that make?
What carajos do you believe that you made?
He/she looks, as only that type had made you
something had been if has scared him
and that was exactly it you made
The gun was not real
As you know it?
As you can be sure of something like that?
Only you that if I don't recover that bag they will kill me
So you only... you know, thank you
Have a pleasant life
I believe that I saw something
Hello, good night
Hello, good
Can I make something for you?
Yes, if he/she can
My code is, my cgido is four five four five
Thank you
That I can make for you today?
Yes, ah..., what is there of good tonight?
What is there of good?
Ah..., we have: interior, external, tutti-frutti,
Norvan Lanes, Hash... if he/she wants something stronger
he/she will come
I will take... tomer the??, please
How much did he/she want?
I think that one, one of those please
ten cents?
Yes, ten cents, certainly
Well, ten cents, right now
Well, before it cuts, he/she wanted to know
if he/she has the correct address somewhere around
alone to make sure that he/she has the address
correct instead of the old one...
What address does he/she have there?
3871 St Lake. That is, it is well
You are up-to-date, it is grandiose.
Well, something more than he/she can
to make for you tonight?
No, no, not that I know
But it is well, thank you
Have good night
You also
Well, see you later
What devils am I making?
you don't have my support
why you would have to have my support
Oliver is not...
He/she should lean on to yourself for heaven's sake saint
...Nora, do you never listen?
Where I am when you return of the work?
Is Dond, for heaven's sake saint?
Cannot reason be like a normal woman?
I am a normal woman, a woman supernormal
You look at yourself, the vencindario is listening everything
it is as if you were a menopausal madwoman
If, because you accuse me of having adventures
I would like to have energy to have a romance
Because the last person with who wanted to sleep,
to have sex, to make love, you are you idiot
The one that came when it was with my brother
Of what do you speak?
Fabrizzio is the type that you would like
Well, him you, I forgive you
Well, I forgive you
Fabrizzio? Idiot, imbecile
I hope their sex was good
He/she wanted, I like that
I forgive you
That is the true love, pardon
I don't want your pardon
You know, he/she wanted to have had sex
with a man really, not with a
Don Nobody with you
it is for that reason that you look all
You are becoming madwoman, you are so stupid...
...when he/she went for you to finish the work, I saw you...
Do you know what?
I am also a loser
Because I am living with a loser
that it is jodiendo my life
Is Oliver?
Is Oliver at home?
He/she spoke of a party
Has not it been at home in the past?
He/she would not have listened to it
Do you want a swig?
Oh, nr.
Non thank you
Thank you
Thank you
That he/she is drinking?
Blue Curao
Well, let us speak
Did I wonder if you could do me a favor?
You will see, Oliver
Your son
He/she requested me something borrowed tonight
and he/she wanted to recover it and he/she wanted it now
You know of where the Blue comes Curao
Very well
Thank you
I suppose that all this will sound a little strange but...
I wondered if...
I wondered if he/she could enter in
their room for single thirty seconds
to see if what requested me...
it is there
I sit down what I said
alone that am not clever
all want you to be there
All my love, Gina
What is there?
As devils you did arrive here?
I followed you
He is not here
A good while were up
Yes, me...
He/she listens, only tell me where the is
station of nearer police...
I believe that I saw something, maybe that helps...
You don't want to go to the police
Don't I want?
Not if you want your turn things
Well that will make but?
They come to my house and I will show you
Because I will show you what I have found
Is there bathroom?
Well, then...
Yes, he/she enters.
Did you want to catch that map and to see?? ?
Yes, clear
Is the one that is under the shelf?
I like the design, it is very beautiful
I suppose that yes
From when you play guitar?
I don't play
Is it only decoration?
Yes, you can say that
Can I wonder something?
What was there in the bag?
Some thousands of dollars and drugs that don't belong me
And you?
Probably more, it was historical, it was my...
my future
And now, what is that?
Their future
He/she waits, he/she waits
Hey, waits
Wonderful, to see if you spend it in something pleasant
He/she stops to follow me
Ah, do you believe that you are better than me?
Here we are
When you will tell me something about you?
Which is your second name, of where you are
To give me inforacin about Rachel
Non thank you
Do you want to smoke a cigarette?
Do you speak seriously?
Alone I gave yes or as soon as?
When it was small...
smaller of that than I am now, me...
He/she told me that I will never drug
that he/she won't take a sip of alcohol
he/she won't make anything bad
Yes, me also
You joke
Once in my best friend's patio
She asked me
At some time you have smoked?
I whispered that he/she would not make it neither in a
million of years and me presign.
We go
Hey, looks that good, it is Francine
Good night
As they walk?
Oh, here the invitations is
I sit down it, he/she needs a countersign
Countersign, invitation
He/she looks, Oliver and Gina invited us and not
they spoke of the countersign, so maybe...
I sit down it they give a floor and specific orders
that nobody debit side to pass without a countersign
So I sit down it boys, if I cannot help them
it is what I should make
Well, one second
I sit down it, he/she needs a countersign
This stinks
You believe that we can take something
No, they were drugs
If, certain
As much as money has?
I don't have anything
Did they steal me, all you have?
20 dollars
He/she waits one minute
He/she waits one minute
Well, we need to know which is the countersign
The porter asks the countersign and people say...
I need the countersign
Well, but what do people say when him that asks?
She is a jodida beautiful girl
Yes, you know, he/she has something
When he/she had 17 he/she had a girl as her
But there was a thing that she never showed me
Do you want to see their teats, not?
You fall me well
You are my type
Don't you hope he/she really makes it?
I cannot show mine, I don't have
Well, of agreement
Alone... I will veer me
have privacy
Well, I want the countersign
You heard
Well, they have it
I hope they enjoy
...you owe me...
I need them tonight
I don't have them Julia
You seem a mierda
Thank you
He/she looks, I have this for you
Non thank you, I have had enough tonight
It is not to drink, it is for your face, now put on it
Oh, sure
Thank you
You know to that type
As devils you did arrive here?
To what do you refer, to this park?
Here it is: without money neither seated wallet between
of he/she swims her with a beer on your eye
which tomorrow will be but black that coal fool.
He/she looks, single treatment of arriving home
Where the house is?
The motel Anker
Do you know it?
Too much jodidamente well
Would you show me as arriving?
Do you want to give a turn?
Me..., I like to give turns
Thank you
of anything
...that it is the problem, all look at me...
Affection is well
Well, excellent, that it is the spirit
Let us make it
Katy the flower is yours
I love you
Very well
I am very lucky...
What do you believe if we sit down?
Is there a thing you know?
I love you but now it doesn't leave me
This is my only form of expressing it
So... continue
Oh, very sweet
Ah, to be totally honest was not this way
as it had imagined my wedding...
I don't see it
For sure it will be here
It will be here
If, it is crazy for her, so alone we wait
What if it is not presented?
Do you know what?
The things are changing and I feel so happy
of passing the rest of my life with you
Oh, is grandiose
Well, I will need the payee of
the rings, please... There it is
And in fact to all you
if they could unrsenos
Make a great circle
We go, concentrate, concentrate
You two behind
You before
Meet with us
We go, move moves.
Could the hands shake?
Everybody, without making traps
One for you
Thank you
And one for you
Thank you
So Katy and Jessy
they will repeat after my
Of agreement?
Of agreement
With this ring
With this ring
Let us believe an eternal union
Let us believe an eternal union
Let us believe an eternal union
that no government can deny
that no government can deny
that no government can deny
and that it will be true for always
and that it will be true for always
and that it will be true for always
and forever
and forever
and forever
Jessy, Katy, her union is complete
So now he/she can kiss the girlfriend
And you also kiss the girlfriend
Very beautiful, very sweet
I will really need this jacket
You not know... there is not a lot of heat herein and...
thank you
I bought it ago a navidades couple for my daughter
it was still very immature
that age tints?
I am bigger than it seems him small
Is it hard to be...?
...to make that faces...
...being a mother?
Devils not
Alone to stay far away and to avoid to speak to all coast
He/she is Julia
Hello Sara that there is?
Jodiendome are
Well, where?
No, exactly where?
She is to half of the town, so...
you can come with me
or I can leave you in police's station
or in the stop of the bus near here
He/she looks if it is well for you me...
I go with you
It is well
As I arrive until here?
I am not sure
I leave of here
Thank you
I told it to you, this very bad one
He promised it
One hour?
Do you know what it is?
Of agreement
Of agreement
If I give you some money would you be here for one hour?
I have to leave for a moment
What, is an emergency?
And what is it?
I will go cash for 4000 dollars
to deceive one hour
I have to make it
I won't stay here
100 dollars
He/she looks, it is not for the money
I have to return to my hotel
In 60 minutes I will take you to your damned door
You can read a book, you can drink that whisky
you can be sleeping
I want that somebody stays here
You didn't love me
Everything wants to kiss me except him
You know, I don't understand you
That you mean with that?
To marry is not as making love you know?
Not for that reason that I go to...
I won't make what you are thinking...
Nikki is
We are better friends
we know each other lifelong
we like same things and...
do you know?
When one has been naked...
how more lack?
What is there of that?
As that
That is that you know...
people fall in love in forms
different, it is something complicated....
Then the owners?
What does it happen?
I thought that we would not talk about us
A question
Which is the biggest difference among you know...
between a great friendship and a couple of married?
I put it to you difficult
Oh, she finished speaking...
We go
Does it list?
you that it is strange
that this here
He spoke to me of this party
And didn't I want to leave without saying goodbye you know?
So he/she wanted to see it
It is not here
Alone I spoke with him
He/she said that it would be here like at the 5, something like that
Me only...
I don't like to lie and...
to my neither
Oliver has something mine
if I don't have it for 4:30am o'clock
I will be in serious problems
He spoke of the cellars, in the old port
I don't know that devils make there
You can probably find there it
Do you have the address?
alone you come closer when the lights
they are even lit
You won't get lost
You are a savior of lives
if there was a lie
Oliver not this well
I don't want to leave my house
We don't have money
Is that the true reason?
All that I know is here
It was a pleasure to know you Gina
Have good night
Sam, do you promise it?
I won't leave you
That is my jacket
Your mother made me use it
and it asked me me to stay here with you
Was she here?
So you did draw all this?
That believes
You are astonishing
Why are you here?
My mother's wonderful boyfriend gave me again
This time he/she won't receive a jdete like answer
so he/she gave me this
and I gave him therewith in the head
What did it happen?
It is unconscious or something like that
Do you know?
but this time was as rigid as a chart
Even when it was unconscious
he/she had their small penis plaster...
It is not certain
for that don't give you a swig?
I am pregnant
if you are there he/she catches the telephone
But, you could call me to the...
Alone you call me so that I don't worry about you
Yes, that is, so...
Thank you
We go Met, divertmonos a little
Hey that carajo boys, not likes them?
Let us pass a good while
What is this, a funeral jodido?
We go, alone they take something
What devils does it happen?
Alan, hey levntante arrives
That they are looking?
I told you that of the store
Which is the wheel of the destination?
Five syringes
Cuantro doesn't make anything
The other one kills you
Are you I jodiendo, is that?
you don't go it will allow to leave of
here, specially now
Her neither he/she is in charge of of my
Does he/she call me prostitute and does he/she say that he/she lied when??
Yes, it stinks but it is this way
For that don't leave of the house
And to go where?
Not you... the house of a friend
Any other thing would be better than this for you
I will make it soon
What carajo faces?
I leave
And you will help
Carl this in the house now
He was half unconscious before him golpera
If you help me will he/she take as much as, five minutes?
He/she listens, I am waiting for Julia
Do I need your help really well?
I believe that it is very important that
see to this type
round in the floor with their thing to the air.
I am not afraid
He/she looks if we return late...
I gave Julia my word
Is there something that I should say you well of Julia?
She won't return
The promises don't mean anything for her
Clever for the shot
That will make
Your shift
That is boy, ahead and he/she throws
Where for? Nobody knows
Here we go
There is not anything to worry
one only lives once
You are alive
Your shift
It is a six
Do you know what you have to make friend?
Give turns to that mierda
There it is
All luck will have, right now we will know it
We know that you can make it
We have faith in you
This is yours, I have another for the police
Make it
None of us wants to see you making this
He/she stops to listen to it
But that bag means more it stops
my of what means for you
Now that devils
I thought that you had come to play Oliver
Dear R returns K
That was well
I mean
She won't show the tape
I sit down a lot this
sure that want to make this?
I don't have another option
What do you make?
Seemingly it plays them to him all
No, it doesn't play them to him all
Rachel that you make?
I feel inspired Sam
You don't have to make it, we can have one
conversation with them and to explain to them that it happened
Rachel listens, you believe I/you/he/she would be really
retarded after playing this game
Does he know the needle, don't you see their face?
Undoubtedly he/she knows the needle that is
be not stupid
Alone he/she breathes deep and we will finish
this. Correct?
One of two
Are there chances that he/she survives, not?
Listen to me Rachel
Please don't make this
You are not a lot more than you believe it Sam
Will you leave it to you?
Sam sounds as a good type
It is really it
Can I tell you something?
It is not that he/she wants your advice, support
he/she helps or something like that, is that...
There is...
there is something in my mind that
cannot I take out you know?
Spit him woman
I am an anyone
Is that?
The baby is not of Sam
What, won't you say anything?
-I don't have anything to say
He/she listens
As 17 years ago if?
Julia was violated
and he/she knows to the type but
this is.. that is to say violation
and from then on there is tratato
of forgetting what I happen
He/she realizes that it is pregnant...
Now, alone many people would call to the doctor
and they would ask him for the special of Sunday...
But non Julia
I mean, after everything she is daughter of God
In spite of the fact that a boy was
the thing that less Julia wanted
What time is it?
15 minutes
15 minutes...
What do you make in the traffic of drugs?
Secret agent or something like that?
Which is your work?
You go, you give the mercaca, you pick up the money...
The business is quick and so courteous as it is possible
Do you want him to go not with you?
No, thank you
Good, hey...
I hope to see you when
be of turn
were you there?
My mother took me to Orlando in my first birthday
And the day that we arrive I was...
direct to the ocean
When, bum, I was probably hit the wave
bigger of the one than there is eschado in all my life
Bum and...
And it took me directly inside the water
And I was very afraid, he/she could not breathe,
I could not move, this only...
And finally I grabbed my float and I left the water
I sat down in the beach, it returned my breathing...
and I have not returned from then on
He/she makes sense
What do you know about this fellow, Jeremy?
Do I mean, do you know something about the one?
Alone their name
and that he/she prefers the blondes
Are you sure that you don't want that he/she goes with you?
I am well
Well me...
Better I leave
My room is at the end of the corridor
there is a suitcase on the bed
alone you take it yes?
I will enter in the basement when
do let us return, is it well?
Are you well?
Hey you, I will be in one minute
Rachel, give it to me
Oh, fantastic
Rachel that I told you of six in the telephone
Oh, yes what is, seven
hello as he/she goes them
Julia, you see yourself very
well tonight
A sweet animal, that is
Do you want a swig or something?
No, I am well, thank you
it is that you don't sometimes know when
the neighbors will come...
Well, good...
Here the money is
This will cover it
It is a call for Rachel
Yes, he/she waits
Oh, looks at that
It is a call for Sam
You are very busy boys
Rachel, can I wonder something?
Have you proven something at some time of this?
I am well, I am well
Neither in a million years
I return in 20 minutes
Everything is there, you don't have to count it
Oh, beautiful, doesn't trust my
Well, he/she enjoys the trip
Thank you
For sure they don't want to stay?
Stay for two minutes, only two minutes please
We will take some beers
He/she waits...
They come here one second
I love you something man
Only one second, I love you... sit down
I won't fight
Listen to me
They come, Sintate,Vamos
Sit down, sit down, sit down
Rachel, I think that we should stay
Of what devils languages?
I am not able to...
I cannot explain to it now
But we should stay a while here
Better than it is good
What do you make?
This is my house
No, what do you make?
Nikki, who carajo is in the one
right of ruining my life?
Or that of Julia
Naom, what will you make?
Alone you have that...
You cannot escape a lifetime
No, this is not mine
Do you finish out for an idiot with the penis certain?
alone I need you to make
some things for my
I will make this with or without your help
Does this belong to a professional, do you know?
Believe it or not the first time that I proved
you drug it was only behind nine days
I wondered that would be what would feel
And like the experience was?
I saw to God
I suppose that that is very good
Alone he/she said a sentence aloud
Only a small thing
That all your sins should be forgiven
What devils does this mean?
It is my last day on the face of the earth
Do we probably make the correct thing, not?
Alone to be sure
Will you say that it is already when he/she calls, if?
Boys, Listen
He/she wanted to ask them
They come with me
In a small final trip
And this, is all his
I won't make he/she swims therewith where I go
Alone makes me company and...
it is all his
Sure that know where you go?
Over there
He/she listens
Thank you to stay
I mean...
you that it was not easy
There is not problem
Well which your plans are?
To take my things to a motel
To leave
I will devise something in the morning
Are you well?
Take it soft
We see each other
We see each other Nikki
You go behind 17 years and give a small advice to Julia
Do you know to what I refer?
To have a son...
It doesn't mean that you are normal
What view?
Well Julia
Let us begin to make the preparations
It is almost the hour
It is a good place
Yes, my favorite one
The light is lit
It is clever
They come all
This button, correct
Yes, alone it presses the botoncito
They come Rachel
Well, we go, clever
They will never forget this boys
Ah, this it is my taking
All clever ones for...
All well?
Well Julia
Don't forget the music
Is it in tip, certain?
I don't believe that he/she makes it
It won't jump
Jeremy listens, you that we don't know each other
for more than one hour but...
you seem a pleasant type
and I fear myself that you are not thinking rationally here
I am 100 rational%
No, he are not, jodido are
I have never been more sober
There are there below pictures where your wife appears
And the boy is yours
It didn't allow me to see it a lot
He/she listens, you won't really think
that you spoke with God, certain?
No, I don't believe
Not you if I am healthy or crazy, but I can
to live with 50%-50% in the paradise
And you what?
I don't know it Jeremy
He/she looks, you that we don't have a lot of time
Can I tell you a little something strange?
I have not seen my father in 17 years
He/she left my fourth birthday in the morning
He/she didn't lift us, he/she didn't make a sound
Alone he/she left a note in the kitchen with a
note of 20 dollars for my gift
I mean, it followed their heart, their destination
And who devils am me to question it
He/she didn't have option
But he/she made it
He/she had an option
He/she made a decision and he/she left
He/she had not understood it until seven days ago
Sam, I don't see where you want to arrive
Honestly I think that you believe
it is correct what you will make
But... you have an option equally
Julia, lover
I believe that everything will be well
Postal Rachel, good-bye sends
It lists
How do you feel?
Where is your office?
Where is your hotel?
Then I suppose...
Yes, I suppose...
All the better one with your...
He/she listens you believe that... maybe...
some day you want... your you know, to leave somewhere around
And to make something that doesn't involve
suicide, heroine or prostitution?
I mean, only for one day
I don't see it the grace to that
You that you are right
Alone he/she asked to be gentile, really
What do you find today?
Today is well
Now alone I will say something to Nikki
and later I will be very free
Which your itinerary is?
I will only say something to my boss
That sounds well
Are we again here in one hour?
Yes, right here?
Right here
One hour
60 minutes
Where were you?
It is a long history Nikki
He/she enters
I have to leave you
That there is in the case?
Sit down first
Ahead, it is well
The boy is of Morgan
He/she makes sense
Hello Sam, excuses to leave this way
If, it is not easy, jdete
You believe it or I didn't have a good time last night, thank you for
to return me the faith in those that you have penis
They come to see me as soon as you can
We go, he/she takes this
Me not...
So that you leave
I will enter in the car
And the things?
Everything is in the car
Of agreement
Do you call me if?
I will be well
Of agreement
I call you soon
I don't know it
It was, your you know,
How do you know it?
Did she tell it to you?
He/she told it to you, certain
You look at me
Did he/she tell it to you?
I notice it
I notice some changes
I like it
I like the whole Sarah Jessica Parker she makes of vaquera
Do you like hey?
Well, I will get up first
You later
I am waiting
Here he/she goes, we see each other
You pass it well
Better you stay in contact
Better your, you stay in contact