Exposure (2018) Movie Script

This is an oldie.
Oldie but a goodie.
I love that picture.
Do you keep this up there all the time?
I do.
Having that particular picture up there
reminds me that no matter where I go,
the most important thing
in life to me is us.
Those were some good times.
And the best is yet to come.
You're so corny.
Yeah yeah.
Man, my ears are really
starting to pop now.
Yeah, we still have another thousand
feet or so to climb.
How high are we now?
Over nine thousand feet.
It is really beautiful up here.
It is.
The perfect place to start over.
If the winds should change your mind
So what do you think?
It's amazing.
Now I know why you liked to spend
so much time here as a kid.
Some of the best memories
of my life were made here.
Okay well.
I want to see the inside, come show me.
Nice, right?
It's cozy.
I'm gonna flip on the power
and get the rest of our stuff.
Oh shit!
Guess we're not breaking in the new bed.
It's full.
Oh my god.
God, deal with it.
I think we broke something.
Everything's working fine on my end.
Oh my god, no seriously!
Didn't you hear that?
It's a picture frame.
Be careful not to cut yourself,
you know how you get around blood.
Yeah, I get it.
Well what is it?
It's a picture of my grandparents.
What's the matter?
We can talk about it later,
just not right now.
I got to get something
to clean this mess up.
I think I'm gonna try
painting a landscape.
I know I don't usually do landscapes but
we have this perfect
view of the mountain peak
just right out front.
I thought you preferred
more modern stuff.
I do.
I just thought something a little more
conventional might be a fun change.
Look at you showing public access.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, like maybe get you
a nice little tree over here
and ooh a pleasant mountain
top here in the back.
Is that supposed to be Bob Ross?
Yeah, I'll just paint
this happy little mountain
and put it over here by
my pile of dead bodies.
You see a forest fire start to arise
and a squirrel with a
jeep full of Quaaludes.
What's wrong with you?
You're ridiculous.
So do you want to talk?
We are talking.
You know what I mean.
No, I don't.
The picture in the car,
the awesome foot rub.
I mean don't get me wrong,
it's really great, it's just...
Too much?
Well, I don't know I just...
I understand.
I don't, no that's just it.
It's just not the James that I'm used to.
That's good, right?
It's good if it's sincere.
Look, I don't want you to feel
like you're doing anything wrong,
I'm loving the foot rubs but,
you don't feel like
everything's just a little off?
I don't know like, maybe it's
just the new environment,
or just coming out here or,
you know what?
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
I want to communicate better.
I appreciate you telling
me how you feel but,
I'm just trying real hard you know?
Yeah I can see that.
I just I think forcing
it is maybe the wrong way
to go about it.
I'm not trying to force anything but,
don't you agree we're worth fighting for?
Alright, you're right.
I will stop distracting you
and you can get back to work on the feet.
So maybe do a
better job this time.
Yeah, how about that?
What is wrong with you?
Yeah well.
Lightly harder.
Hey, babe.
Have you seen the box
with my paintbrushes
and paint and everything in it?
No I haven't.
Is everything out of the car?
I thought so.
I guess I'll go look again.
It should be unlocked, I left
the keys in the cup holder.
Okay thanks.
Not a problem.
You're alive.
Did you find them?
Oh, you did.
What's the matter with you?
You look spooked.
It's nothing.
Not used to the wide open spaces I guess.
Seriously I'm fine.
Are you sure?
Morning, Mira.
How'd you sleep?
So did you know there's know
hot water in the shower?
Oh yeah, there's wood burning
water heater in the front cellar,
I gotta figure it out.
I'll tell you what, later today
I'll chop some wood and feed the furnace.
That would be wonderful.
I'm sorry I left you
on the couch last night.
You were out and I did
not want to wake you.
Honestly it was fine.
I haven't slept that well in ages.
Must be the mountain air.
Yes please.
Here you are.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Did you go out barefoot this morning?
What, are you my mother now?
James I was just asking.
So sorry, I have no
idea where that came from.
Are you gonna eat?
Suddenly not all that hungry.
Nice ax.
Yeah it was all I could find.
I'm sorry for what
happened in there earlier.
You know how familiar
that sounds, right?
Look those times are behind us.
Look James,
we both worked really
hard to fix everything.
I mean, we're here you know, I just
I don't even want to catch a whiff
of going back there again.
You won't, I'm sorry.
I love you.
I love you too.
Alright, get your ass back in gear.
If I don't get some hot water soon,
I'm gonna turn that hatchet on you.
Hey Mira.
Whoa whoa, are you okay?
My painting.
What about it, it looks good.
No, it didn't look
like that a second ago.
Yeah you've made good progress.
No, you don't get it,
it was different, it was
like a nightmare!
Alright, calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down,
I know what I saw!
Alright, I'm just saying,
you've been out here for six hours,
maybe you had a waking dream or something.
Six hours?
Look at the sky, babe,
the sun is setting.
Six hours?
You looked like you were
really into what you were doing
so I didn't want to disturb you.
Hey, you've reached a stopping point,
I have a surprise for you inside.
Hey I'm sorry for starting things off
on the wrong foot this morning.
I know we came up here to
start fresh and I hope that...
It's perfect.
You know I was thinking,
tomorrow we can go out
to this old fishing pond
my grandpa used to take me to.
It's gorgeous up there.
I might not do any fishing but
I can bring my camera along.
Do you think we can talk about them now.
Your grandparents.
I mean it's fair of you to ask that.
Us staying here and all.
I don't know, it's just
a very sensitive topic.
I know.
We don't have to talk about
it if you don't want to
- talk about it.
- No no no.
I told you I'd tell you about them.
So I will.
Each summer when I was growing up
I would come up here and
spend some time with them.
It was always a really good time.
I remember each morning,
grandma would cook breakfast
and grandpa would sit on
the porch and smoke a pipe.
I don't know it's just one of those random
vivid memories.
That was until grandpa had his incident.
What happened?
My mom got a call
from the sheriff saying that
grandma called him
reporting grandpa missing.
Apparently he wandered off
into the woods one night
and he never came back.
I never knew why.
Did they ever find him?
Stark raving mad and naked.
He was babbling on some nonsense
about voices in the trees.
After spending a week in
the hospital for exposure,
they sent him home.
Oh Jimmy.
But he was never quite right after that.
The following summer
was the last time I ever came up here.
It was different from the others.
Grandpa was distant.
And I'd often catch grandma
crying in her bedroom.
She told me she thought
he had a stroke but,
it was never diagnosed as such.
Anyway that picture I showed you,
the last photo ever taken of them.
I took it.
It was the last time
I ever saw them alive.
It was about a month after I left.
Mom got another call from the sheriff.
This time telling her that
grandma was found dead
and grandpa was missing again.
The police suspected grandpa but
I never believed that,
I couldn't believe that.
I don't know.
Did the police ever find him?
My god, James, I'm sorry.
No wonder you never want to talk about it.
Yeah well, it feels good
to get it off my chest I suppose.
I think we need more wine.
A lot more wine.
Just about.
Need to go grab my fliers, okay?
I'll be quick.
Still keep your picture
Hanging deep inside
I keep it where I used to burn my eyes
Comes in handy when I
want to write a sad song
'Cause looking in your
eyes can make me cry
I still have your picture
hanging on the wall
I put it right beside your memory
Now every time I look into your face
I find it hard to keep
from breaking down
Don't know why I still love you
So just give me one more
chance to prove my love to you
I still love you
Just give me just one more chance
To prove my love to you
Still have your picture
hanging on my mind
I keep it where I used to put my
He is the woods.
Got that shoe tied yet?
You weren't there and you thought I...
You gotta quit making
it a habit of these spells, Mira.
I've been calling your name
for the past couple minutes.
I'm sorry.
Come on, just over this bridge.
Oh man.
This place is beautiful.
Got ya.
You know I hate having my picture taken.
Yeah, I couldn't resist.
Well the trout were
always biting at this spot.
It was like magic, you know.
You don't have to wait very long
before you snag something.
So you're telling me we're
having fish for dinner.
Hope so.
Oh damn!
What's up?
I already got something.
Man, you weren't joking.
It feels like a big one, too.
You need help?
No I got it.
Did you lose it?
I snagged a piece of driftwood.
What the hell?
What happened?
That damn thing moved.
What thing?
Just leave it alone, Mira.
Oh god you're bleeding.
No don't look at it.
No no.
That fish did this?
That fish, that fish should got me.
I don't know babe,
this looks pretty bad.
I think we need to take you into town and
have a doctor look at it,
you might need stitches.
Oh no no no, I'll be fine,
I'm fine, I'm fine.
No, no it is really deep.
I think we should just
take you down there.
Would you just put the
damn bandage on it, Mira?
Maybe next time don't
be such a dick about it.
Hey wait.
Wait wait wait wait.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you!
What's the matter, babe?
I had a nightmare.
You okay?
I had a bad dream.
Want to talk about it.
I think I just need some fresh air.
Are you sure you're okay?
Not really.
What'd you dream about?
You weren't you.
You were something else and
you were trying to kill me.
It was just a dream.
A terrifying dream, alright?
It just felt real.
I'm not gonna hurt you, Mira.
You have before.
You just had to bring that up again.
You just had to go there.
Is that why the dream scared you so much?
Because you think I'm going to.
So that's it then.
A fucking dream is worth forgetting
all the progress we made over
the past year, is that it?
Well then what is it?
It's just, god it's this place!
Ever since we came here, everything feels
This place?
This place is the best
thing that's happened to me
in quite a long time
and here you are digging
up ancient history
instead of looking into the future.
I can see your future.
Enjoy the fucking couch.
Car keys are in the car.
Dammit James this isn't
funny, where are you?
No, I don't know when he disappeared,
I was in bed.
No, he's gone now,
what do you mean 24 hours?
No, I don't need 24 hours
to know that something's wrong!
Dammit where have you
been all fucking day?
I was scared out of my mind!
I even called the cops,
I've been looking for you everywhere!
What have you been fucking doing all day?
Oh my god James,
what have you done to yourself?
Do it.
I've done nothing.
As a matter of fact I feel fantastic.
You don't look fantastic.
We need to get you out of here,
you need to see a doctor!
I'm fine!
no you're not.
Something wrong is going on here
and I think we just need
to get you away from here.
I'm not going anywhere.
Baby, your hand looks really bad.
I think we should just
have somebody look at it
and then we'll come right
back here, I promise.
Just right back.
Just let me take a shower first.
Oh wait.
Car keys.
Better get going.
We gotta take off soon.
What's the matter Mira?
Oh my god.
Do I not do anything for you anymore?
I will always love you?
I thought you said he
was out of the picture!
He is, he's gone I promise.
Don't lie to me!
James, I'm telling the truth,
he won't leave me alone!
James you have to believe me.
I love you.
I love you too, Mira.
We have to get you to the hospital.
But you said...
I said no!