Extinct (2021) Movie Script

The day, August 17th,
the year, 1835,
the man, me.
Charles Darwin.
This morning, we set sail
for our next grand adventure,
the galapagos
and whatever extraordinary creatures
await me
on these islands.
There's one now.
A blue-footed booby.
- Blue.
- Booby.
Ah, ed, this is embarrassing,
but you have a little,
yeah, right there, you got it.
Op, I know, give me a hand.
- He's fine.
- Okay, come on, brother.
The other flummels are waiting for us.
So, we're late, what's the worst thing
that could happen?
Got it.
Listen up, flummels,
the countdown to the flower festival
has begun,
so, it's officially crunch time.
Hey Mali, here we are.
Almost right on time.
Now, I know we don't have
a lot of flowers, but
but the ones we got
are different, dynamic, and
The flowers, you,
your brother, all weird.
That's why no one wants you around.
Weird. Weird. Weird.
All of it, weird.
Well, ed, we gave it a shot.
I thought they were nice.
It's fine. I don't care what Mali thinks.
What are you talking about?
You care what everybody thinks.
Not right now, because
I've got a big surprise for you.
Ooh, a hat thing!
It's not a hat thing.
It's an official head dress
for my new job.
When we all march up the mountain
for the flower festival,
I'll be in one
of the most important spots,
the very back.
Because I've been chosen to be,
the friend at the end.
But, the back end.
- It's a start.
- No, it's the opposite. It's the finish.
- Still, it's an honor.
- How were you selected?
- Randomly.
- Well, I'm happy for you.
You know, what would make it
even better?
Op, I love you.
But this is my final chance to make a good
impression with rest of the flummels.
And don't take this
the wrong way, but please,
just try not to ruin this for me.
What's that supposed to mean?
Whenever you help, things tend to
- unravel.
- Uh, me?
- You. Always.
- Never.
Just give me one example.
Waterfall fail. Mango avalanche.
Rock in the hole. The great fire.
The greater fire. Mud for dinner.
Tree skies. The burpening.
Fish for hands. The ring thing.
Bee tornado.
Bee tornado ii: The tropical swarm.
And of course, coconut Charlie
and the jackfruit jamband.
So, we've had our ups and downs.
Mainly downs.
But think of those
sweet-sweet occasional ups.
And besides, you need
to stop living in the past.
And look to the future.
Hi, uh, op?
I just wanted to say
I like that spin move you do.
Oh, thanks! I call it
the op-pop.
- I can teach you if you want.
- You could?
Sure, just do what I do.
Bo, what have I told you
about wandering off?
Not to.
Right, especially in this direction.
Fred, you look good,
you've been working out?
Did you change your fur back home?
Holes front, everybody.
- All right.
- Yeah, sure.
Get ready to give your undivided attention
to the roundest guy around,
the king ring of our hoop troop.
Hey, thank you, Mali.
Thanks a bunch, great stuff.
Hey everybody, all right, a little story
just before we begin.
Last night, I was doing some thinking.
I was doing some math.
And I realized, hey-hey,
this is the 100th flower festival.
Such a round number. Get it?
That guy gets it,
I like that guy.
So anywho, I've decided our theme this year
just like every other year is
All right, cheer time is over.
All right!
And as always,
I and the grand flower flummel
will lead us right to
the top of the mountain
to celebrate.
And we will all be there.
Old flummels and young flummels.
Big flummels and small flummels.
Flummels who love the beach.
But especially the part
where the sand is a little firmer.
I told you that branch wouldn't hold us.
I don't remember you saying that.
I thought it.
Don't tell me. The weirdos.
Great, we've been demoted
to crab poking.
Well, hey, at least you still have
your job as the.
Buddy in the back.
Friend at the end.
And with that head-dress
you're gonna be asked
for a lot of dances.
I couldn't.
I get nervous talking to girls
that aren't you.
I can't even talk to vinny
since he grew his hair long.
Hey, what's ha... looking good.
Hey, look, it's Wally!
- Wally? Really, now?
- Hey, Wally?
Hey, Wally?
We have crabs to poke.
Get over here, buddy.
I wanna hear what's been happening.
Huh? Ho-ho.
Hey, op, I'm coming, don't you worry.
We haven't talked since yesterday,
so, there's a lot to catch up on.
- First of all
- he's coming in pretty hot.
Towards the beach, all right?
Where all the flummels are working.
Ah, you're right.
Better shoo them off a bit.
let's be honest,
it's all just it's swimming.
You can't call it a school
and expect kids to be excited about it.
That's the same thing.
No, that was waving.
This is a shoo-ing motion.
No, it isn't.
This is a shoo-ing motion, more like this.
And we're done.
Great work, everybody.
And some great modeling, Kim.
And guess what,
Mr. Seahorse is having a baby.
- It's shoo-ing motion.
- That's what I'm doing.
No, that's waving.
Drinking sea water makes you go crazy,
but what else am I supposed to drink?
- Waving.
- Shoo-ing.
That's so waving.
- I'm shoo-ing.
- Waving. Shoo...
I know blabber is just what's it's called.
But that doesn't make it
any less hurtful.
Save the grand flower flummel!
Random question, were you guys
waving or shoo-ing?
Hi, I can explain.
Oh, you two really did it this time.
You really did
hey, where is your brother?
I really hope
jepson didn't see that.
You know, I'm patient.
Oh, yes, I am.
But sometimes a leader has to lead.
And that is why, op and ed,
you are forbidden
from coming to the flower festival.
While we go up the mountain,
why don't you two take some time
and think about what you did
on desolation rock?
Oh, that's why it's called that.
Let's go, everybody.
And there goes my last chance to belong.
Listen, ed, I know this seems bad,
- but we can
- don't bother.
It's fine, I'm not mad,
I'm just
used to it.
Not now.
I've got an idea.
How do you talk me into these things?
I finally understand
why this is called
the forbidden to go out there,
it's way too dangerous zone.
Look, we destroyed all the flowers, right?
So, we're gonna get more flowers
no one's ever seen before.
And they'll have no choice
but to forgive us.
Now, come on.
It's just a little bit further.
Op, oh, no.
I knew it. Now I'm scared.
Stuck. Alone.
- And a little overweight.
- What's wrong?
Oh, you're alive!
Okay, I was just making small talk.
Looks like rain. No it doesn't.
- Look at this one.
- Easy.
- Oh and this one.
- Easy does it.
Whoa, I've never even seen
this flower before.
I got this.
- That means I get to name it.
- No, I don't got this.
Oppadils. No, that's too bad.
Oppareniums magnolia
these are really nice.
You know what,
this may actually work.
For sure this is totally gonna whoa
Don't even think about it.
Just a little more, ed.
There is no more.
Okay, okay. Forget it.
I think I can reach it.
This is my life.
What is that?
What is that?
Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
Yes, and it's amazing!
It is amazing!
What do you think it is?
No idea. I've never seen
anything like it.
Do you think it's some kind
of a new whale?
- What are you talking about?
- What are you talking about?
- What are you talking about?
- Op,
what are you talking about?
I'm talking about this
gorgeous, glowing, swirling...
Oh, okay. Nothing. Ed, help.
Pull me up.
Arms tired, from poking crabs.
Oh, boy.
What is this?!
Help me!
Oh, wow, what the wow.
- Okay.
- Ed, ed, relax.
Think about it. We went into a flower
on flummel island
then we came out of a flower
in this place.
Do you know what that means?
Yes. Yes.
No, I don't. Do you?
No. But it's still pretty wild though.
Wait here.
Something's stuck.
Where are my mid-distance bifocals?
Nice reflexes.
Aww, cute!
Aww, really cute!
Less cute.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
What is happening?
How did flower picking turn into
whatever this is?
Don't worry. I can fix this.
Yeah? Fix that.
Fix it?
It's amazing!
Where are you going?
That mount you're on is moving.
Op! Op!
Seems about right.
Thanks for the lift.
Oh, hey!
Isn't this place great?
We should have never left
desolation rock.
Come on.
Your ideas have cost us
nothing but trouble.
So, we are doing things my way.
The ed way.
What are you?
You're the cutest things
I've ever seen.
Do you wanna come home
and marry my Dolly?
And you could marry my cat.
Why do you get the cat?
I want the cat.
Ah, it's you again!
You got it all wrong.
I'm here to help you guys.
Sorry, for being so rude
back at the house.
We dogs are very territorial,
you know?
No. We don't know.
We don't know anything.
Well, let's start with the basics then.
I'm clarance, and I'm a dog.
Ruff ruff.
Well, hi, clarance. I'm op
and this is ed, and we're
We'll save you.
Guys? Wait, no, no,
you don't understand.
Let me show you.
Cute little doggie, here you go.
He's gonna eat a flummel.
You monster, we won't let you die brother.
I'm not getting a pulse.
Guys, guys, it's just a doughnut.
Food, refined sugar, trans fats.
I have to admit,
we're pretty delicious.
Um, right?
I imagine you guys have
a few questions.
Yeah, like where are we?
You should probably ask:
"When are we?"
No, we're gonna stick with
"where are we?"
Yeah, where?
Seriously, you should ask "when."
No. Where?
Yeah, I'm good with "where"?
This will take some visual aid.
Oh I know just a place
to get you some answers. Follow me.
Yeah, this way.
Oh, ed, stop.
Become a member before it's too late!
I don't know what these are,
but I finally feel like
we belong to something.
This place is kinda spooky.
Makes my skin crawl.
No offense.
Stay with the group.
- What are we looking at here?
- We found us'es.
And as usual
they are ignoring us.
Hey, it's Charlie. What's up?
So, what's going on here?
Guys, guys, relax.
They are just models.
This is the hall of extinct creatures.
I mean the hall of extinct creatures.
What does extinct mean?
I have no idea.
- I just joined.
- Well
you see, it began with
I guess I could you know what,
I just let this thing do it.
Flummels, the whole story.
A ship cuts across the sea
to a destinies unknown.
That's the thing I saw
before we fell into the flower.
We are the beagle
of his majesty's royal fleet.
That's Charles Darwin.
Author of "on the origin of species."
Well, not yet. Right now,
I'm studying the galapagos
where I've just discovered
a previously unknown island.
the island volcano erupted
before they got there.
No home?
All that was left
was a single sliver of beach.
That's not even the best part
of the beach.
On the island
Darwin discovered the remains
of an unusual ring-shaped animal.
He called flummelius hidelia.
Or flummels.
He theorized that the entire flummel
species was destroyed by the volcano.
Flummelius hidelia was no more.
Dead. Gone. Finished.
All the flummels gone?
How did this happen?
It doesn't make any sense.
Everyone was just fine.
We were just there.
we weren't just there.
Okay, Clarence, I'll ask.
When are we?
So, we're in the future
in a place called Shanghai
and all of the other flummels are gone?
No more jepson?
No more little Bo?
No more that guy
whose name we don't know.
Normally, I'd be excited
that we just rhymed.
Don't worry, well worry a little.
But either way, stick with the dog.
That's sun, Dr. Chung's wife.
Nice lady, really knows
how to scratch a tummy.
Dr. Chung discovered these flowers
and used them to travel through time
before he got lost somehow
Anyway, the answer to all your problems
is right through here. So, come on.
Whoa, whoa,
I'm not going
through that thing again.
What if we end up Dr. Chung'ed?
Hey, you're in good hands.
Okay, paws, but front paws.
Get it? Thanks to me sun hasn't even
noticed that Dr. Chung is missing.
I'm convinced. Let's go.
Welcome to the time terminal.
A place neither in the past,
nor the future.
Dr. Chung discovered
that each one of these portals
leads to a different time flower
somewhere in history.
Allow me to demonstrate.
Let's try this one, Austria, 1787.
That's Mozart, the musical genius.
Now, check this out.
Was ist das?
And now he's just showing off.
All we have to do is find the seed
that activates the galapagos portal
and you'll be on your way home.
Home? To a volcanic explosion?
No. Home before the volcanic explosion,
so we can warn everyone.
Warn them?
How are the flummels
gonna trust us with their lives
when they don't even trust us
with their flowers?
Remember when I told you
to look to the future?
This is that future
because we're the only ones
who can save the flummels from extinction.
So, forget fitting in.
We're gonna stand out.
As heroes.
Okay, but if we're gonna do this,
we have to do it right.
Let's concentrate,
take our time, carefully consider
our every move.
Absolutely, it's all about focus.
Totally not this one.
Not this one or this one.
You're doing it all wrong.
No, actually, I'm doing it all right.
Oh, here it is, galapagos, 1835.
Listen, I am
well, dang!
I found it. I found the seed for
maybe we are supposed to be extinct.
Not good, not good.
- Help!
- Clarance?
Where am I? This is horrible.
I gotta get outta here.
And who are you? I'm earnest shackleton,
head of the earnest shackleton expedition.
Now, don't worry. You're with friends.
Part of a team. Team earnest shackleton.
Named after me, earnest shackleton.
Good dog.
Earnest shackleton.
Hello, I'm clarance, and you are?
We're only here to serve master.
Okay, maybe we'll do names later.
- Intruders!
- Sanitize them!
Tolerable disinfectant
what are you two?
Monsters? Space aliens?
- Are you two elves?
- We are none of those things.
We're op and ed, we're
they appear to be a pair of flummels,
flummelius hidelia to be exact.
The Germans referred to them
as kugelfeinege
they all went extinct
in the early 19th century.
My name is dottie, I'm a dodo bird.
My anxious friend here is burnie,
and he is a tasmanian tiger.
And Alma is a macrauchenia.
Just Alma, it's fine.
Who are these guys?
They're new? And small and new?
New guys.
And this is hoss, he's from the cretaceous
period, so he's millions of years old.
But also, he's only five.
Are these new extinctables?
What are extinctables?
We are, mate.
We'll be happy to tell you
all about everything.
We have a nice glossy brochure or
we could sing a song.
- Brochure sounds great.
- Brochure.
Song it is.
So, you're wondering
what it means to be an extinctable?
Well I'm afraid the answer starts
with the unthinkable
years ago, we almost died,
but lucky for us Dr. Chung arrived
he brought us here where its safe and
warm and sheltered us from nature's storm
So now you are extinctable
- I think she means extinction.
- Probably.
Now we call this strange place home
and honestly, prefer not to roam
we know staying here
feels like a crime
when we can explore any place and time
like 4 bc, or NYC.
Tokyo, Greece or the pyramids
maybe visit Pompeii
before it went to rumble
nope, this place
ain't worth the trouble
but the world is full of danger
and life is unfair
so you can kill time here
or time will kill you out there
there's plague, and famine
and germs by the pound
virus and disease
and no cure to be found
there's wars and swords
and tyrants abound
aliens, bigfoot. The earth is around
get crushed. Blown up.
Or fall deadly ill
or stay safe here
where time stands still
for the world is full of danger
and life is unfair
so you can kill time here
or time will kill you out there
the bulldog rat. The aztec cat.
Giant goose and the great stag-moose
the large sloth Emma
the place to the beaver.
The Russian retriever guys,
of which you couldn't have seen it
'cause no matter the name,
they're all out of the game
it's a Japanese sea-lion,
cry and shame
it can happen any year,
in any hemisphere
if you wanna stay safe
best stay right here
for the world is full of danger
and life is unfair
you can kill time here
or time can kill you out there
Wow, that wasn't terrible.
You know, I feel clarance
would've really gotten a kick out of that.
Wait. Clarance clarance?
What did you do?
It all happened so fast.
The portals just went crazy
and then clarance flew away.
Like dogs do.
This is a new record, op.
We've been here for 10 minutes
and everybody already hates us.
Oh, hate is a strong word.
It's fine. It will all be fine.
Ed and I will get clarance
and the seed back.
Hate to break it to you, but there's no
telling where or when clarance might be.
Not to mention he may be taken
by body snatchers, boogeyman, cyclopes.
Burnie the point is,
clarance could be anywhere, literally.
Well, not anywhere, doesn't he have
to be in one of those places?
Let me get this straight.
You're suggesting you randomly journey
to these dozens of unknown
and dangerous places
in hopes of stumbling across clarance
by sheer dumb luck?
Sounds like a plan to me.
Let's go find that dog.
Wait, did she say "dangerous"?
Did you say "dangerous"?
Dangerous is just another word for heroic.
Well, they're dead.
Hello, sir. Have you seen
a cute little doggy around here?
Real fluffy, about yey high.
Oki dok. We're done here.
Crocky. You're not dead.
Pay up.
No sign of clarance,
and we almost got killed.
This is why I don't like to travel.
Come on, ed. We've got
a lot more places to check,
so let's not get distracted.
My face.
Hey, oh, look it's me! Hi, me!
Oh, no, there's hole right though me.
Just messing. I know that's how I look.
Wow, your sister really is...
Bound to be the eventual death of me?
I was going to say energetic.
Okay, ed. I've got a great feeling
about this next portal.
- Do you trust me?
- No.
O. Wright
Titanic London
Atlantic ocean, 1911
Menlo park, 1876
Cupertino, 1976
that lady really didn't us
trying on her hat.
You think?
Wow, Cleopatra's crown.
History must be a non-stop adventure.
What's it like out there?
It's amazing. Each place
is more exciting than the last.
And more dangerous.
Listen to this one, hoss.
As I've told you before you do not want
to leave here where it's safe.
And op, he's just a kid.
You should stop putting ideas in his head.
But I want ideas in my head.
I'm so cooked up in here.
I know what will knock
the glum right out of you.
Live, from inside of Dr. Chung's
mobile greenhouse.
It's burnie, the down under wonder.
We got great seats.
First, I'll need a common household item.
Now, I place the object
between the two time flowers.
And utter the magic words.
Cristo, jingo cwalabingo.
Where'd it go? Where'd it go?
Easy, dumbo, it'll be back in
three. Two. One.
how did you do that?
A magician never reveals his secrets.
The emerging of two time flowers
causes an extremely powerful arc
that disassembles the atoms of an item,
sends them into a time loop,
then reassembles the item
in a different point in time.
Thank you.
What, what? What is it?
No worries.
Hey, you two?
Wake up.
We only wake for master.
All we do we do for master.
Right, right, master. Well i
I think I heard master say you two
should snap my leash so I can go free.
As master wishes.
Stop! The master says "stop."
This did not go how I hoped.
Clarance, where are you?
- I don't see him, op.
- Me neither.
Whoa, but I do see a pretty good wall.
On second thought, a great wall.
What are they?
They're sky flowers.
Imagine if we brought these
back to the flummels.
Hey, you're smiling.
You're actually enjoying yourself.
No, I'm not.
We have a lot of mess ahead of us.
And you keep making the mess messier.
You are a mess maker.
I know. I'm sorry.
What's wrong with me?
There's nothing wrong with you.
You just don't think things through.
I mean, we've been lucky so far.
But one of these days
you gonna get someone hurt.
Me, probably.
You're right. But, I'm gonna be better.
From now on, we don't do anything
unless we're both on board.
- You promise?
- I promise.
Okay. Okay.
I'll hold you to that.
You know, this is nice.
Finally a chance to relax.
Spoke too soon.
It's been a while.
You do think they're okay out there?
I'm sure they're fine.
R.i.p. Flummels
You're alive!
Barely. Those sky flowers
tried to kill us.
These are fireworks.
The Chinese invented them.
They also invented
the gun powder inside them.
They came from the qianlong coronation.
You must have been in China, 1736.
So, where are you two going next?
How about this one?
How about this one?
If that's the one you want then I love it.
Thank you.
Let's hope it's the right one
for the flummel's sake.
They have no idea
our entire species is doomed.
We're doomed!
We've lost our dj. Where's vinny?
Hey, dudes. Sorry I'm late.
Oh, crisis averted.
My face.
The Ernest shackleton expedition 1915
I can't believe you guys found me.
You're better explorers
that this shackleton guy.
Ernest shackleton, ugh.
Oh, you'll be happy to know.
I kept this safe.
There's just one small problem.
I see.
I have a plan.
- Op has a plan.
- Good, what's the plan?
Yeah, what's the plan?
And she's gone.
Did she just abandon us?
No, no. She wouldn't abandon us.
We just talked about this
op just promised me that she wouldn't do
this kind of thing anymore, so, no.
She'll be back.
She's probably just gonna
okay, she might have abandoned us.
Op runs off and I'm left pounding a rock.
I should've known!
What's this doing here?
- Oh, no.
- To the rescue!
He's coming for the toy.
Everything's cold.
This is fun!
Op, what are you doing?
Hoss, see that shiny necklace on clarance?
Bite it.
You broke master's chain.
No one betrays master.
This isn't fun anymore.
- We gotta run!
- Let's go, hoss.
Clarance, no!
The seed!
We can't back home without that seed.
Hoss, circle back around.
No, it's too dangerous.
I'm scared.
Turn around, hoss. Now!
I got you.
Come on.
Got it! Back into the time flower, hoss.
And step on.
Almost there.
Do you know how to play this game?
We're playing a game?
Hey, have you guys seen hoss?
- It's clarance!
- Clarance.
You may wanna move.
Was ist das?
Nein! Nein!
Okay. We got clarance.
We got the seed. We
oh, no. Are you okay, hoss?
No, he's not okay!
You almost got him extinct!
Not to mention the rest of us.
But I didn't think...
That's right, you didn't think.
And you didn't listen.
Even thought you looked me in the eye
and promised me that you wouldn't do
anything unless we were both on board.
All this time I thought
I never fit with the flummels
because there's something wrong with me.
But now it's clear. It's you.
- what are you saying?
- I'm saying
that my life would be better off
without you!
Hey. He'll be okay. I'm sure
he just needs some time to cool off.
What are you doing?
Ed's right. I am the problem.
And he is better off without me.
All of you are.
But there's one thing I can still do.
- I'm going back to warn the flummels.
- Whoa, whoa
I'm not sure you should go without ed.
I'll just end up causing him more trouble.
And I've caused him enough trouble already.
If I can pull this off then ed will have
a community to go home to.
And if I fail, well
at least I can't hurt him again.
The seed, if you please.
Come on!
This is not good.
You know, you're also a great leader
on the dance floor.
Thanks, Mali, you've said that
about five times already.
What is she doing here?
Hello, a little reminder,
this is the flower festival.
Second reminder, you've been banned
from the flower festival.
I don't have time for the whole story.
But I need everyone's attention.
Hey! Do you mind? I am trying
to get my kids to sleep in here.
Oh, now I'm up all night. Thanks!
I just returned from the future,
and I learned that in the past,
and by past I mean now,
our entire species
is about to stop existing.
So, if we're going to live to see
the future we have to do something now,
which is in the past.
I'm sorry, what?
We're all about to go extinct.
That means die.
Easy, easy. It's all right, everyone.
I promise you.
Op, you're being ridiculous.
That's why I made this face,
because you're ridiculous.
I'm telling you it's true!
I swear on this conch.
Oh, no! Don't drag me into this.
Look, he's the proof I was in the future.
Hey, what about this?
Friend? Friend?
Why did I think this would work?
Wow, you really let her have it.
Remind me to never get on your bad side.
But don't you think you were maybe
a little bit hard on her?
She is your sister after all.
No, it's been like this our whole lives.
Maybe I shouldn't have
said it out loud, but it's true.
My life would be much better without her.
Oh, ed, don't say that.
This is a place of withouts.
We all live here without our families,
without friends.
Sometimes, I think,
without really living at all.
But I can tell you this,
life is really tough
when you're all by yourself.
Messing, I know that's how I look.
Hey, ed.
Ed, are you seeing this?
Could someone give me a hand
with this? Anyone?
Hey, check it out.
I'm the friend at the end.
Hey, I don't care.
Oh, Wally, Wally.
Hey, Wally, get over here, buddy.
Wally, where are you going?
Ed? Ed?
You okay?
I have to talk to op.
Op! Op!
Hey, ed, check this out.
You wanna sign my cast?
You're the man, hoss!
I wanted to ask op if she'd sign it too,
but she left in kind of a hurry.
She left? Left where?
I think she said something
about going home.
Going home?
Okay, very interesting presentation.
It was a lot to think about.
But let's be honest, truthful.
Real truthful.
You never went to the future.
Yes, she did.
And I can attest to it.
- What is that thing?
- I don't know. But sick do.
The name is clarance. I'm a dog.
Part poodle, part that is hard to know,
my mother was very social.
You came! You've gotta tell
the flummels they're in trouble.
Oh, they most certainly are
in trouble from me.
Hey, wait, where are you going?
Okay, so she might have been
telling the truth.
Why did you do that?
And why did you do this?
Because I hate you.
I hate all flummels. Hate. Hate.
Flummels ruined my life!
I was a puppy once. Adorable and sponky.
Just waiting for a family to take me home.
But, unfortunately,
I lived in a world of flummels.
And flummels
were the most popular pet in the world.
Everyone wanted those stupid roundos.
Oh, they're cute.
I can see through you. I get it.
Nobody wanted a dog with a stomach.
But then, one day, my luck changed.
He's perfect. I'll take him.
I couldn't believe it. This man wanted me.
And he even loved me enough
to give me a name.
You're coming home with me, clarance.
I was expecting a warm bed
and a fresh pile of newspapers.
- Sit.
- But instead
- I got something better.
- Good boy.
It was then that I realized
I was more than just a pet,
I was a part of science.
That's the top of the fifth inning
as the bambino steps to the play.
He's calling a home run shot.
He's pointing to a dog on a tiny
little car. Oh, doctor, I don't believe it.
It works!
Now, let's go together.
I loved that man.
I finally felt I belonged somewhere.
Right by his side, adventuring
through time and history together.
But then, one day we traveled to 1835,
to this island.
And there we found
a bunch of this stupid napkin rings.
Dr. Chung told me this was
when Darwin first discovered flummels,
and introduced them
to the rest of the world.
Oh, my goodness, look at you.
Isn't she cute, clarance?
He loved them.
He was gonna love flummels more than me.
And then it hit me, I didn't have
to accept the course of history,
I could change it.
I think we're all set.
Ready for our next adventure, clarance?
Help me!
Yeah, that's right. I turned on my master.
I'm a bad guy. That's what we do.
I pushed him through a portal
and made sure he could never come back.
After that there was nothing stopping me
from coming back here
and destroying your entire species.
It wasn't a volcano. It was me.
Mass explosive device activated.
Now back to some smooth jazz.
It was a quick trip,
but I got a lot done that day.
Three. Two. One. Zero flummels.
Mission accomplished.
And it was all a done deal
until you two hula hoops showed up.
But it's all about to be fixed
because your brother is back
with the other cowards
who never leave
their precious little time terminal.
And you're not getting off
this island alive.
Flummel extinction in 30 minutes.
Thirty minutes? That's more time
then I though. It's not a lot of time
yeah, I meant to only set it for three,
and these stupid clumsy paws.
You know what? It doesn't matter.
You've got a front row seat
to your species and your own extinction.
She's too funny to stay mad at.
Look. Look! I found Dr. Chung.
I've just returned
with the last tasmanian tiger on earth.
It scratched me up pretty good.
What? I don't get into cars
with strangers.
And we're recording.
Adventure log, June 20th.
That's the day he went missing.
Today I'm visiting one of my heroes,
the great explorer, zheng he.
He created one of the first
nautical maps ever.
Who knows, maybe I'll even
get to see him drawing it up.
Now, off to 1417!
1417. He said 1417.
We know where he went now.
Ready for our next adventure, clarance?
Help me!
Clarance did that?
What kind of conspiracy
in life I didn't see that coming?
But we still can save Dr. Chung
if we just use whatever seed...
Or not.
I can't believe we finally know
where Dr. Chung is
and there's no way to bring him back.
No, no, Dr. Chung said
he was going to 1417. Remember?
Yes, to visit zheng he,
which means he probably joined
his expedition to malacca, 1418,
where there's another time flower.
We just need some soft of a beacon
to lead him to it.
Sure, but what?
We should also give him the brochure.
We were flummels
- Ed?
- Op.
- I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to...
- Flummel extinction in 15 minutes.
Wait, what's that thing?
What's going on?
A volcano didn't make us extinct,
clarance did with that bomb.
And now he's trapped the others in the cave
and he trapped me against this tree and
well, it's all over.
No, it's not over.
Because we both didn't agree that it is.
I was so wrong to say what I said.
And I want you to know
that I didn't mean it.
All you've ever done is support me.
And my life would be nothing without you.
What are you talking about.
I can't do anything right.
You know it. I know it. The rest
of the flummels certainly know it...
Who cares what the flummels think?
I'm serious.
It's been so long worrying about fitting in
with all the other flummels
that I never even noticed
this is where I fit in best.
Right here with you.
Come on, I screw up all the time.
But if it weren't for your screw-ups
then we would have never even fallen
through that flower.
And thanks to you we have a chance
to rescue our species from extinction.
So, what now?
I'll tell you what now.
We're gonna save the flummels.
Because they'd do the same thing for us
if it was the other way around.
You think you can get me out
of this thing?
No problem, there's only
a million combinations here.
Thanks, guys.
Next time I poke you,
it's gonna be a lot softer.
Come on, op, we're not gonna let
that adorable maniac get away with this.
Dogs man's best friend
flummels man's best friend
oh, no. It can't be.
Doggy bonze
flummel o's
why won't these flummels just die?
Looks like I may need some help.
Big help.
How much time before the bomb goes off?
Flummel extinction in nine minutes.
I know it wants to kill is.
But you have to admit, it is helpful.
Don't worry, you'll be long gone by then.
What are you gonna do fuzz bowl?
There' only one you and two us'es.
Funny you should mention that.
What is that?
Meet my cyclops.
And in case you were wondering
if ancient Greek monsters were real.
They were.
Okay, Greg, you know what to do.
Extinctables, ready for action!
And dottie.
I just drove for the first time
and so far I've only hit one pedestrian.
- Guys!
- You left the terminal.
The best decision I've made
in a long time.
Or the worst decision.
Everybody, back in the truck.
I told ya there were cyclopes.
Dottie, he's following us.
Crocky, that eye makes
for a pretty poor depth perception?
He couldn't hit the broad side of a hoss.
- No offense, hoss.
- None taken.
You're right. Follow my lead.
Hey, cyclops, I bet you can't hit me.
Bet you can't hit me.
Need a target? Hundred points
if you get it to the bulls eye?
Hey, put some sauce on that meat ball.
I'm talking to you, cyclops.
Noodle arms. Noodly, noodly
those floppy arms like noodles.
No, Greg!
It's working.
No, stop, you one-eyed idiot.
That's embarrassing.
I hate you all.
He is a very very ugly wet-looking dog.
I spent a lot of my cave time
thinking about you two
and what I would do
if we ever got out of there alive.
I settled on this.
You think maybe we could do this later?
The whole island is about to blow up!
Correct. Flummel extinction
in seven minutes.
What do we do, jepson?
The only thing we can do.
We ask op and ed,
and then we do whatever they say.
Ed, what do you think?
Uh well
The ship! That's Charles Darwin,
the man from the museum movie!
If we make it to the beach
he might be able to save us.
- Movie?
- Man?
Wait, I know what that means.
And it's good.
But what are those?
Jepson, meet the extinctables.
Is something wrong with them?
They don't have any holes.
Stay, hoss. Sit.
Stay, hoss. Sit!
Jepson, you get everyone to the beach.
We'll meet you there after we get this
Darwin guy's attention with sky flowers.
Sky flowers?
Hit it, burnie!
All right. Go! Go!
- But these flummels haven't been sanitized.
- Don't tell them. Just go!
This is my nightmare.
I just want to say thanks for everything
and try not to fall to your death.
Of course not.
What do you think I am,
a dodo?
Here we go!
Oh, no! Oh, no!
Oh, because they look like
flowers in the sky.
Hey, tell whoever came up
with that name, great job.
What in a blazes?
My goodness, so many
magnificent creatures!
Can we go? Please! Please!
Fine, but this is the last time.
He sees us. Op and ed did it!
Whoa, that felt weird to say.
Now that's the op and ed I know.
Yeah, who'd have thought
our aim would be too good?
Hey there, big fella.
You don't wanna eat us.
Just eat me. Let ed live.
That's nice what you said out there.
You know, outside of the mouth.
I meant it.
I hope he swallows me first
just so you can live a little longer.
I hope he swallows me first.
I will miss you if you're swallowed.
- Ed.
- Oh, op.
We're alive, and smell,
like cyclops breath.
Behind that big eye
is an even bigger heart.
And by the way, you have a cavity.
Op, I don't think that ship
is gonna get here in time to save us.
I've got an idea!
I knew you would.
So, the cyclops will throw us
to the time flower,
we'll take it to the beach.
And we'll take everyone through it
before the bomb goes off.
Great repeating the plan, ed.
Hey, you can do it, big guy.
We believe in you.
Wait, wait!
Maybe try throwing under hand?
Nice, save, Greg. You're a natural.
Most remarkable.
If I didn't know any better
I'd say these creatures
are trying to communicate with us.
Perhaps they're adapting to the changes
around them in order to survive.
Almost as if I don't know,
evolving or something?
That's rubbish.
This way!
Drop it, fruit loop.
This island is about to blow,
and there's only gonna be one survivor.
And that's me.
So, hand over that time flower.
I said hand it over!
Son of a
- nice op-pop.
- I learn from the best.
Get back here!
Op, look! It's the beach.
Dang, I always forget about this cliff.
End of the lines, heroes.
Hand over that flower.
I'm out of ideas.
I might have one.
And it's kind of an op idea.
Are you crazy?
You've almost got us killed, ed.
Is this how I make you feel all the time?
Pretty much.
I am so sorry.
Forget it.
Now, time flowers.
Time flowers?
How many times did you hit
your head on the way down?
Five or six.
Okay, great, now we have three
time flowers, what good does it...
Burnie's trick!
Flummel extinction in two minutes.
- Would you shut up?
- Shutting up initiated.
Shutting up in four minutes.
They are not gonna make it.
Neither are we.
Okay, ed. Try something else.
Something other
than letting a boat on fire.
- Do you think this will work?
- I have no idea.
No, stop!
Flummel extinction in 30 seconds.
I got to get this bomb away from me.
No! Go up! Up!
- Cristo.
- Jingo cwalabingo.
Nine. Eight. Seven. Six.
Five. Four. Three. Two.
- King's casserole!
- Majesty's meatloaf!
You know, nearly 200 years ago
my great great grandfather sailed here
with the one and only Charles Darwin.
He claimed that there was
an island here that exploded
and completely vanished.
Yeah, I think I had a relative
that did something like that too.
- King's casserole!
- Majesty's meatloaf!
We're alive!
Oh, or at least I'm alive.
Ed, are you alive?
I think so.
What about everyone else?
- Ed?
- Dottie?
- Ed! Ed!
- Dottie!
Hoss! And everybody. You're alive.
You are all alive.
We're saved!
Yes, thanks to op and ed
we are de-extincted!
I assume that's a word.
So, were you worried about me?
Maybe just a little.
Hey, I'm uncomfortable.
I did it. I
what exactly did you do?
Burnie's trick on a grand scale.
We used every time flower we could find
to make the whole island disappear
before the bomb went off.
My trick?
I was right about the flowers,
and the cyclops.
What else am I right about?
This is terrifying.
This isn't over!
I'll just get back in that flower
and I'll keep trying again and again
until you're all extinct!
- Sit!
- Sitting.
It worked.
Dr. Chung made it back!
You've been a very bad dog, clarance.
- Oh, I haven't started...
- Lay down!
- When I'm done...
- Beg!
- You'll feel the wrath of my...
- Play dead.
Cursed by obedience.
Familia sedilia, as adorable as ever.
And my extinctables?
It's so good to see you,
and you, and...
When are we?
I think you should be asking when...
No, wait. You got it.
Today we celebrate
the one year anniversary
of the greatest discovery
of the 21st century.
A species once thought extinct, flummels.
Yes, huggable, loveable,
adorable flummels.
Brought to us my famed
botanical astrophysicist, Dr. Lee chung.
I'm so proud of you, Lee.
And you've been so much
more talkative since your discovery.
And she's back.
How you've been, sis?
Hey, look at you.
Friend at the end again, eh?
Nope, fellow at the front.
And all without my help.
You and Dr. Chung
visit any cool places lately?
You bet we have, it's been
one amazing adventure after another.
What did you guys
end up doing with clarance?
He's cooling off.
No dog should have a master.
So, on the count of three
I say we tie up shackleton,
take his ship, and head somewhere warm,
like cabo.
Okay, okay, we can change it up.
Fiji? San Diego? Rome?
Paris? They let dogs
in the restaurants there.
Ready or not, hoss, here I come.
Great job, everyone.
And thanks for helping out, pals.
Hey, op and ed.
Well, how do you like
this year's two flower floats?
- Great!
- I look a little chunky.
I'm sorry your teeth are yellow.
We ran out of white flowers.
Hey, ed, I have a little surprise for you.
Come with me.
Oh, yeah, I love surprises.
Except I just remembered that I don't.
So tell me what it is
so I'm not too surprised.
Don't worry, ed. I'm sure
you have plenty of time to prepare for...
Keep tuned for the post credit scene.
Op, I really don't know
if I can handle another surprise today.
Trust me, you gonna love it.
Hi, I haven't seen you
since what, like 1835?
There's so much to talk about.
You two keep going.
I'll go get him a glass of water.