Extra Ordinary (2019) Movie Script

Why do not we see
ghosts every day?
Although they are daily with us,
Most of their spooks are so small,
that we do not notice her.
For example, a pen.
And its cap.
A pebble.
A strange noise
A child's ball or balls.
A garbage bin lid.
Hi. I'm Vincent Dooley.
Welcome to my next episode,
the themselves
engaged in the supernatural,
called the ability.
Later in this episode:Have you ever
Nightmares after eating cheese?
you ate a ghost.
Because of the living bacteria
can make a cheese myself
be possessed by a little ghost.
And what is a ghost?
Well, they were once like us.
I'm sorry,
that I murdered you, Dad.
Stop it, yes?
That was not a murder, sister,
but an accident.
What do you call a father murderer?
Come over.
I'm sorry,
that I killed you, dad.
Come on, little sister. Your work is waiting.
-Oh, that works very well.
-Great right?
-Isn't very hard.
Yes. But do not be cocky.
Nothing to worry about.
Just listen to my voice.
-I forbid such words.
Go on. In the first gear.
Do not breathe me, that's ...
Do you have plans for today?
Uh ... I'm engaged.
Excuse me please.
No, Don `t worry. That was just ...
-That was just a driving instructor conversation.
OK? You interest me zero.
Nobody, I'm here.
I miss you, dad. You too, Mary Black.
What do we have here today?
Oh, lasagna.
Ha, que pasta.
I had no breakfast today, so ...
First a starter.
Here's Roses driving school.
Leave a message,
if you want driving lessons.
I do not have the other thing forever
done, so leave me alone.
They should be able to talk to ghosts.
There's something in my bio garbage.
Would you take a look?
I have misplaced my charger.
Can you find it with your powers?
Can you tell me
if I'm pregnant?
Oh my god, how hungry you have to be,
to eat his baby?
Sister, this is Sailor.
You better not sit on the ball
and listen to ghost messages.
Oh no.
I will not call you all the time,
because I'm broken
and my feet hurt like hell.
So you're eating alone today.
Lasagna, right? Okay, keep eating.
I'll contact you later. I love you.
Hello, is there Roses driving school?
My name is Martin.
Martin Martin.
You have to pay.
The car tax.
I am aware of that,
but thanks, Bonnie.
Dad, I have to pee.
I'm already late.
-That language, Sarah.
-Fuck off, Dad.
Not this again.
Sorry, Bonnie. I will wear it.
Today night
we can see a blood moon.
-It arises ...
- Listen, Terry.
Terry, that's disgusting.
... that the moon is complete
into the core shadow of the earth.
Mmh, toast. Cool shirt, Dad.
The future of woodwork is uncertain.
What happened?
-Ah ... nothing at all. That was just a door.
- That was Mum again, right?
No. No.
Do not lie, I can see that.
Your nose will always twitch.
You are a bad liar.
I bring them to white heat.
Why are you still here, Mum?
What do you want from us?
What's going on, Terry?
You see. She just wants to help.
-Ah ... you smoke?
It can not go on like this.
If you are afraid to do something,
I call someone.
-And who would that be?
-Rose Dooley.
The supernatural driving instructor or something.
The Dooleys? The family is crazy.
-Do you know her?
But I have
her father seen on TV.
He was completely crazy.
- Run around talking to ghosts.
-Right. Crazy father talks to ghosts.
Listen, Sarah.
Mostly I do not know
what i do here.
And your mum is the only one
that prevents me from messing up everything.
If I mess it up
and you become a sex-mad,
sleep on the street and smoke hash.
Jesus, Dad.
If you do not call and do something,
I will move out.
I have to go.
Hello, is there ... is there Roses driving school?
My name is Martin.
Martin Martin.
-Hi. Rose, right?
Yes, you say yes
"a rose, though it would be called another".
Oh, sorry, your name is Rose.
Or do you prefer a different name?
No, sorry, no. My name is Rose.
It's just a cool thing
the Roses say.
But I...
Hi, I am Rose.
Oh my God.
The stupid thing has dementia.
Um .. hi, Rose. I am Martin.
-Hi. Okay, should we start?
Good, I have something to eat.
-I did not know how long it takes.
And also some orange juice.
Nice idea.
-And Peppermint.
Because of the onions in the sandwiches.
Otherwise it stinks in the car.
-Right, strange.
And I think you are like a real one
cool guy with sunglasses look,
but while driving it may be better
If you...
Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, that's very important.
Has prescribed me my doctor.
All right. OK. Let's go?
You do not have to worry.
Just listen to my wonderful voice
and just start the car.
Very well. Do not forget turn signals.
Works so well.
Really good.
Sometimes teaching is easy.
That's very good.
Sometimes that goes by itself.
That's called
You're doing very well, yes.
Look back
and back to the front.
Fantastic, Martin.
You are already ready for the exam.
That's what I was 17 years ago.
Rose, I was not honest with you.
They did not want,
that I drink your juice?
No, I'm not
because of an hour's drive with you.
Oh my God. An external exam.
The mirror was just a joke ...
I just wanted an hour's drive,
so that I can tell my daughter
I would have asked you for help.
What? My help? At what?
With my wife.
-Your wife?
- She also can not drive. Yes?
-No, my dead wife.
Oh. I knew,
everything went too well here.
Um ... I'm a driving instructor.
You are absolutely capable of driving,
So please leave my car, thanks.
I knew it was a stupid idea.
I'm sorry.
I am...
Oh, Martin.
-Was your wife that with your face?
That's just a bump.
Bonnie says I should ...
I should do frozen peas on it.
You can hear her when she speaks?
-Yes why?
-Ah ... do not care.
It's so nice to talk to you.
They look so warm.
They are also very nice, Martin.
Could you talk to my wife,
so from woman to woman?
-And find out what she wants from me.
-So I do not do that anymore.
I swore that,
that is too dangerous.
Maybe with my daughter Sarah?
Tell her,
the ghost stuff would be normal.
I said no.
I understand.
I'm sorry to have bothered you.
Goodbye, Rose.
He said warmly.
Do ghosts have feelings?
Ghosts can also feel lonely.
You are stuck between the worlds
and waste your last bit
Energy to be noticed.
Oh, leave me satisfied.
But as much as they try,
they can barely impress
in our world.
Oh, stop waving.
In general, people think
you have to be afraid of ghosts.
But in reality
they are all human.
These people are stuck.
You are lonely.
They are very normal people.
There are many musicians in Ireland.
Many of them
came from overseas
and call Ireland home now.
And I sing la, la, la, la, la
Cosmic woman la, la, la, la
Cosmic woman
What brought you to Ireland back then?
why are you
came here 20 years ago?
Hm, I was looking for loneliness.
Ireland is permeated with poetry,
Mysticism, magic.
The people here
are very simple people.
And the tax benefits, of course.
That too, yes.
Cosmic Woman la, la, la, la
Only a few songs
in pop history
were so successful right from the start.
Christian shot overnight
from anonymity to the world of glory.
But that's about it.
A one-hit wonder.
Christian's success lasted only briefly,
no more plate
made it to the charts.
That's why everyone calls him "One Hit Winter."
He's being laughed at.
But his new album
it will show everyone.
And then we live
not in this hole anymore.
Yes. That ... that will be my comeback.
It says, "The devil is in the details."
And with this album
every detail is just right.
In the eyes of the media
are the only cool thing this winter
his bank accounts
and that they are all frozen now.
Ah, she promised me
not to mention that.
That's why I do not do interviews anymore.
Oh, I wrote Beelzebub wrong.
Chrissie-Schatzi, the phone is ringing.
Phone. Now, Christian. Your manager.
Bernhard, old friend.
We are in the last stage.
It was surprisingly easy.
I sang the summon,
to call the girl,
and how through ...
she came by magic.
The power of the book
is really impressive.
Of course.
After the victim
I will send you the new album.
I can not wait any longer,
to be up again.
We make hits and a lot of money.
Yes, it's on my ... my list.
Uh ... no.
I do not want broken legs.
Hey you, wake up!
Oh God.
Listen, Bernie.
I ... I think I have to break up.
There is still waiting, um ... mastering.
See you at the Grammys.
Oh no, Claudia.
-Excuse me.
Oh. Oh God, the virgin!
Oh, Claudia, what have you done?
What? I only woke her
and she exploded.
She just burst.
It still works?
The sacrifice was just earlier.
The Bloodmoon is tomorrow night.
The ceremony works only then.
Now I need another virgin.
I said sorry.
The virgin divining rod.
Do you know where she is?
With a decorated phallus
at one end.
Oh, the tail stick.
Ah, honey,
please have more respect for my things.
700 years old.
Once in function he always shows
in the direction of virginity.
I'll turn it on for a moment,
-Babe. Christian.
-What is my sweetie?
Maybe you should be better
close to the city activate the penis?
Yes, good idea, yes.
Here they leave the church.
And these are the flowers.
Are not you pretty?
And here is the family together.
All dressed up.
I do not know the woman here.
- The funeral was really nice.
- Show me.
Oh, Rose, I did not recognize you.
-You have probably gained something.
-Yes. Thank you very much.
- Are you pregnant too?
- Married mother, like the sister.
Okay, Noreen.
That would have to last six weeks.
We do not see each other that long.
It is for free. Goodbye.
- Everything clear?
-So a stupid fossil.
-Yes, after this day I need that.
-Rose, I have a date.
-What? About with the butcher?
No, you know Brian Welsh.
-The one from the local council.
Has gotten the city's ATM.
A little boring, but he ....
That's good, Sailor,
then he is not so wild.
Is that your way of saying
"sexually active"?
-I guess so. Yes.
- Listen now.
Noreen said Chris Burke's wife
goes to jail for infanticide.
He is practically single now
and he has no children.
-I think you should call him.
-No, thank you.
But I think ... I think
I may have met someone.
Wait. What?
I am not sure,
but the gentleman's name is Martin.
Martin Martin. And since...
There was something between us.
There was something, you understand?
I do not know, he just pretended
as if he could not drive.
-Just so he could talk to me.
-Oh my God.
Really good.
What did he want to talk about?
Oh, his wife.
She is dead, but she still lives with him.
Oh, damn it. One of them.
You can get that back soon.
Through an ex-feminism.
Sailor, you know, I can not do that.
Why not? What can happen?
I kill him
with my supernatural powers.
Then tell me, have you kissed?
-Is something wildier happening?
-No, you dear kindness.
I thought something was going on.
Only maybe, you understand?
But then he cried
and I kicked him out.
I ate his sandwich,
he had forgotten.
And then I also howled.
Wow, you should be a sexist
be in such a magazine.
Does your advice look that way?
Please excuse me.
You know,
you should get to know him better.
So that you can judge him,
what he likes and so on.
Just call him. Oh no.
I have a better idea:stalk him.
-Halk, seriously?
I keep doing.
How do I know
with Brian and Fiona?
I would never do that.
I'll be right there for you.
I'm just looking around, thanks.
Rose, if that's her real name,
she says she does not do that anymore.
-What a shit.
She refuses to help? Bitch.
Do not be mean.
- She looked very nice.
- Hm ...
-Only something strange.
Nice, but strange.
At least she did not think I was crazy.
It was good to talk about it.
With someone who understands what it is.
Okay, at least a beginning.
But no excuses.
Mum or me, seriously.
Yes, okay. I talk to your mother.
Let's see what I can do.
Aha, the old girl has something.
The fine aroma of purity.
I remembered
I already have a mop.
Oh, I can not believe it. Christian Winter.
-Oh my God.
-I'm your biggest fan.
Will he ... Oh.
Will you
soon release a new album?
That's what all fans would like to know.
-I loved "Cosmic Woman" Good song.
But that was a long time ago.
I would like to have a new one soon ...
Very soon, I am working on it.
-Believe me. Already.
-Oh, cool.
OK. Bye.
Can I help you?
Yes dear.
I think you can.
What is the evil?
Some abuse their knowledge of magic
for nefarious purposes.
Power, wealth, fame.
Take this, uh ...
With the hair of a virgin.
Bonnie? Are you there?
Come on, dear.
We should talk.
Leave it.
Oh, I beg you, Bonnie, come on.
One will not kill me.
Bonnie, that's not necessary.
With their spells
do not wish them any luck or good crops.
You trade with
dark, ancient and hungry powers.
The help of these evil forces
calls for a prize.
Babe, dinner.
There are fries and fish.
I'm coming, darling.
I'm speaking a spell right now.
If that does not work again ...
it means the end of my career.
Martin Martin.
I'm sorry, here is
Rose, I had a frog in my throat.
Could you speak slower?
Yes, I know who you are.
No, I said,
I do not do this anymore.
Martin, do not do anything.
I'll come to you right away.
Why are you staring at me like that, Rose?
Daddy's bag.
Bye, Mom.
Yes, okay. Rose, you can do that.
Just go, save the little one.
Do not kill someone again.
You can fall in love,
get the guy
and be back for dinner.
Just something easy.
Just a yogurt maybe.
Ha. That was probably more
as only a gust of wind.
-Yes sorry.
-Is okay.
Hi, Bonnie, um ... my name is Rose.
I am very happy, okay?
Uh ... Sarah's room. Above?
Uh, they bring misfortune.
Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Martin, she is floating.
She floats.
-That's what I told you.
-Rose, what's that?
-I do not know.
I tried to stay calm,
but that overwhelms me.
-I'm going better.
-Please, Rose.
Please, at least look at her.
-Could that be Bonnie?
I should not have tried
to eat the donut.
I drive her crazy.
But I do not think it's Bonnie.
Why would she do that to her daughter?
Right, she never bothers Sarah.
Obsession also exists
more vomiting and strange voices,
masturbate with a cross and ...
-This stuff just.
- "The exorcist"?
-I never met.
And then what about her?
I have an idea
and hope I am wrong.
Hello, my name is Vincent Dooley.
I'm visiting this week
O'Callaghan Farm in West Cork.
and investigate a case of pulling.
- Zieben?
- Yes, a goat that floats.
You see, yes.
-Martin ...
Do you think you could stay calm?
Like the cool guy in the car?
-Do you remember?
-He's the beginning of a ritual ...
That's a satanic ritual.
Satanic? Oh my God.
I should have baptized her better.
That's the preparation
a virgin's sacrifice.
What? The...
fuck a goat?
Yes, some demons stand on such a thing.
That is different, but ...
Listen to.
Floating on the evening of a blood moon
the body of the Virgin to the place,
where the spell was cast.
Blood moon?
There ... There was something in the weather report.
Linked to the lunar eclipse.
-That's supposed to be tomorrow night.
-Sarah, wake up.
-Martin, no.
You can not wake her up.
-Why not?
A floating goat
you can never wake up.
- Look.
- Wake it up.
-Martin, stop.
Immediately stop, sch.
Martin, I'll help you, okay?
I know this curse. OK?
I have a few herbs.
Stay calm.
Martin. She is safe with that. OK?
This is mountain ash and sage.
And a starr magic.
Do you have fresh basil and Tabasco?
-What is that for?
-Ahm ...
I have frozen pizza
and wanted to improve it.
I'm hungry.
And now we are waiting.
What a dump.
We need ectoplasm.
The stuff leave ghosts,
when they transgress to the other world.
As in Ghostbusters.
I never read that.
We need
Ectoplasm of seven ghosts
and have to rub Sarah's face with it.
Um ... disgusting. Needlessly disgusting, or not?
No, quite commonplace in the paranormal,
that this looks disgusting to a layman.
Okay, so nothing bad.
So we only need ectoplasm.
Martin, you told me
You could hear Bonnie.
Sch, yes, I can. Sometimes.
That is a rare gift.
It's called talent.
-That's my talent?
Why not something cool like DJing?
That's cool, and my dad had it too.
That's why we could work together.
He could hear ghosts
they talked through him.
And I could chat with them.
That's why we were such a good team.
That was you in his TV show?
Yes, I do not like to look at them.
Sorry, Bonnie.
-My mistake.
I misread a plate.
So where do we find a spirit
for this ecto ... Ekto stuff?
Where do we find a spirit?
Martin, listen,
the spirit must take possession of you.
Leave everything else to me.
We have to exorcise her, understood?
Please wait. Not at all. She?
Mm, it makes sense.
Do not you think it's time?
You're talking about my wife.
-Yes, your dead wife.
She does not like being talked about.
Sometimes, if you do not talk about them.
She is a complicated woman.
All these spirits are not themselves.
We could help her.
She just misses a little push.
You will not push my wife.
I'm sorry.
I would like to help Sarah, but that
Killing my dead wife is not an option.
-Okay, then we have to do it differently.
Thank you, Rose.
And where in this city
do we find seven spirits?
You know ... you would be surprised.
Hello? Rose Dooley?
I've been calling you for weeks.
Why does not she float out?
Shit, what are we waiting for?
-Can't we kill the Bitch?
-Claudia. That's not how it works, okay?
The sacrifice is a barter.
A contract between me and Satan.
And then?
Yes, and then, darling,
do you get the wealth you deserve?
Is the Subaru Jeep
about also on the list?
Deo damnatus.
there is a star-spell on the maiden.
-I think it starts.
-Can't we kill the Bitch?
No. OK? They have the little one.
The killing of the virgin brings nothing.
She is sacrificed.
How many times have I explained this to you?
Not that tone, my dear.
I'm so tired of it, Christian.
I know what sacrifice means.
I have to endure this crap for years.
I sacrificed all our money
for this stupid book, so it works.
So it works,
we have to follow them.
The blood moon is getting closer.
The stony moon
makes me better rocky.
I do that
not for an eternity anymore.
So maybe you are looking for someone else.
I am rusted.
-I have been calling you for weeks.
That's what she has to be.
Oh hello.
You have a ghost problem, yes?
Maybe a ghost. But do you see that?
I had to put her down.
They make the dog crazy.
Wait, I'll show you.
Holy shit!
- Is everything okay with you?
- Yes, thank you. How are you?
Martin, I can not do that.
I have a panic attack.
I'm going crazy.
Tell her I have a panic attack.
Wait, I'll try something.
Hey, get back in,
my girl.
Are you serious with a cool one
Voice called "my miss"?
Yes I have. And other things too.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to,
that you stop spinning.
Do you still do it?
-Nei ... no.
Okay, come on.
Sorry, Janet.
We had to solve technical problems.
-Did you lose someone recently?
-My Tom died a few months ago.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Not me. He was a bastard.
Tell me, Tom was
responsible for waste separation?
Oh yeah.
I wonder,
if he has anything to do with it.
-Tommy is behind it?
I do not know, but ...
Tommy, are you listening to me? I throw stew
into the bio-bin, if I want.
Janet, I'm sorry.
No need to worry.
I can handle this.
An uncomplicated procedure.
What are they doing there?
Give me your hand.
a local form of the dark arts.
-How surprising.
-Really now?
Oh! They are so delicate.
Um, thanks. Say, Rose ...
How does the ectoplasm originate?
Does not matter, you'll see for yourself.
Now close your eyes, okay?
Spirit on the way between life and death.
I'm calling you now.
Would you like tea or something else?
Tom Byrne, my gift commands you
to show you to me.
Oh, restless spirit,
take this vessel here in front of me.
Whenever you want.
It works.
Ah, Jan, is that you?
Tom. Are you?
However, darling. How are you?
I thought, I'll never let you go.
I was probably right.
Janet, let me talk.
It is complicated and technical.
-Hey, who are you, sweetheart?
-My name is Rose.
You could be her father.
-The old pleasure pig.
Janet, no! Janet.
Who is the succubus?
For a tea
I would not object now.
Old pleasure pig.
Jan, if there is already a bio bin
then use them sensibly.
That's not difficult after all.
Is not that perfect, right?
Yes, huh? You have to
Do not worry about it anymore.
Tom, give me your hands.
Good man. And now.
Oh, restless spirit,
free yourself from this world
and let you carry you home.
Good work.
Very well.
Martin, that's it.
Why is that?
so completely unnecessary disgusting?
We have it.
This witch has to be stopped.
We have to break the rigid magic.
Darling, it's time
to face my worst fear.
No my Darling.
From tomorrow I learn to drive a car.
- Hey.
- A citizen and fries.
Oh. Oh hello.
Hello, sleepyhead. N / A?
I'm sorry. I am exhausted.
To take in a spirit
and later vomiting his ectoplasm,
because your daughter is under one
Rigid spell suffers is exhausting.
Oh, but you learn
really fast.
-Good teacher.
-Not teacher. Good partnership.
Oh. Au.
I should go in there.
Bonnie wonders where I am.
All right. OK. Good night.
Until tomorrow.
Look, who's there again.
I totally forgot Sarah.
Hello, toaster.
Long not seen, branch.
Hello, Ghost Lady.
I'm sorry. I thought you were dead.
My goodness.
Dome fl in this episode
We threw a light into the darkness.
The good nourishes love.
Love defeats evil. Thanks, Rose.
Love connects
the best partnerships.
And from her comes real magic.
See you tomorrow, partner.
That's why I recommend
extreme caution in practice.
Because if a partner
the slightest mistake is made,
the other one can be deep
be pulled into nothingness.
And stay trapped there.
Or worse,
caught in nowhere.
But about it
I do not have to worry about that,
because my talented partner
never makes mistakes.
She is ...
She is extraordinary.
Exceptional. Exceptional.
I can not do this.
Hello, Rose, this is Martin.
I need something else, I'll be right there.
I think we will become those
kick ass today.
forgiveness. See you later, partner.
Hello, Rose Dooley,
here is Christian Winter, the musician.
I was told
You would be a very good driving instructor.
I would like your services
like to avail.
This afternoon at my castle. Hello.
She is extraordinary.
Dad, no!
Hello, this is Rose. I'm on my way.
-I have a sandwich here.
-Thank you sweetheart.
I can not eat at the moment,
but maybe after my lesson.
-That will not kill you.
-Yes, ma'am.
Ah, there she is.
How do you want to find out
what did she do last night?
Through a little detective work.
It's chocolate cream by the way.
Hi. Hi, I am Rose.
- Hi, pleased.
- Oh, hi.
We were yesterday
met in front of the cheapstore.
-Ah yes, in the slaughterhouse.
-That's a shop.
Yes. Yes.
Unforgettable event.
Yes. So, driving lessons.
I have something,
a snack and a few bars.
-With chocolate cream.
-Very beautiful.
-Let's get started.
First of all, both hands behind the wheel. Yes?
Ah very good.
And now push the clutch.
-With the foot, sorry. With the foot.
-Ah understand.
Naturally. Silly me.
That's the gas, sorry.
That's the gas, unfortunately.
- No, you're doing fine.
This time, connect the clutch with your foot.
Really good.
That's the gas again.
-Yeah, that's the clutch.
-Please forgive me.
-Well. But kick your left foot.
-The other left foot. Well.
-Ah yes.
Really good. Yes, well done.
And now you lay down
but the first gear.
Oh my God. Are you ...
Christian? Ah, are you okay?
I think,
I'd rather go home, my dear.
OK. Yes, maybe you should.
Maybe driving is
just nothing for me.
I'm just a bad teacher.
I should do something else.
Then maybe your talent lies
in another area? Maybe?
Not really.
I mean, somehow already.
Talent drives us.
Awakens our passion.
It differentiates us from the animals
and other untalented people.
Would you prefer
You have no talent?
Only to do this for a lifetime?
Everything should just be more ordinary.
Maybe I can help.
Maybe, if I ...
Uh ... May I? Yes?
And I sang la, la, la, la
Cosmic woman Ia, Ia, Ia
My cosmic woman
Is it getting better?
Yes, thank you.
And maybe
a small sign of my thanks.
An exclusive preview
on my new song,
signed copy of one
talented people for another.
-Nice from you.
- Pay for the hour.
Oh. All right.
So ... live well.
Is good. Goodbye.
Oh, sorry, the door. Second.
I'm coming.
World class.
I was afraid you would not call.
I cook when I'm nervous.
Oh, I eat in that case.
-We are just a great team.
I rinsed some glasses and I am
ready for the next charge of ectoplasm.
Okay, that's for you.
-I could not sleep.
-Oh my God. That is wonderful.
I can do that with my cooking skills
do not keep up. Thanks.
I'll give you a spoon,
when it's over.
Do you like garlic?
-Ah ... Not really.
What did you want to talk about?
Bonnie, no.
Oh. What are you doing?
Can you leave the sauce?
-And listen to me?
-Yes, what's up?
You should know,
what happened to my last partner.
-Your dad?
We examined
an enchanted hole in the street.
The dog of a woman
had disappeared in this hole,
and she just kept the leash.
My dad said:
That's probably a kind of portal.
It was good to call us.
That does not look good, I'm afraid.
The best we have for, uh ...
- Beans.
- Beans.
Beans can do is help him
that he makes it to the other side.
He said to me, it's your turn
Rose, as if that was my job.
So Rose, there are two ghosts at work.
-The enchanted pothole and beans.
-Daddy, I can not do that.
Follow your heart.
Trust in your skills.
My dad took over the dog's mind.
He wooed, woof, woof.
Beans, the dog, was in him.
Animal spirits are always quite difficult.
This is my beans.
What a good dog.
The pothole was in him, too.
So he became half dog, half pothole.
I totally panicked
and forgot the words.
Oh, restless spirit,
free yourself from this, oh ...
Daddy freaked out and started
to turn on the road.
Then I saw
to drive him on this vice.
His driver was so bumba, bumba, bum.
I shouted.
Daddy! No!
The truck overtook him.
That's it.
There was a magpie sitting high up there
and made something like this:
I do not want you ...
Even something like that happens.
I wanted to warn you
You need a new partner.
Uh ... what?
I am sorry that this happened
but we have no choice.
The Bloodmoon is today.
I do not care if anything happens to me.
She is my little girl.
But I do not care.
I can not go through this again.
I can not do it, Martin.
I take my bowl
and say goodbye.
Wait a minute.
Sarah is to be deflowered by the devil,
and you do not want to help her?
-I can not help her.
-What are you afraid of?
Did not you hear me?
Just a little mistake
and my dad was dead.
He became a pothole and was dead.
-So what?
-So what?
That's not how I meant it.
Not na and.
-You're just scared.
-I'm afraid?
-You are afraid of your dead wife.
That with the garlic.
I am not blind.
-I know you think I'm crazy.
-I do not think you're crazy.
I think you are afraid
how your life will be without her.
Yes, I'm afraid.
And I'm not ashamed of that.
If you do not help me,
Sarah will die.
That's what I meant.
That would be no mistake.
Not to try it
that would be a mistake.
Satan, Satan
Satan, Satan
Satan, Satan
World class.
You are still on my mind
And even though I manage on my own
My heart is Iow
My heart is so low
As only a woman's heart can be
I, um ... saw the guitar.
And Sarah, she liked the song,
when she was little, she ...
That's so cute, Martin.
Especially when a man sings.
I have it on tape in my car
and on CD I have it too.
Rose, my outburst, I'm sorry.
No, that's okay.
Anyway, you were right and ...
That's fine.
An explanation is superfluous.
I can understand you well.
We're better, Martin.
The ectoplasm
does not accumulate by itself.
I will change.
Okay, I wait.
I'm waiting downstairs, sorry.
-This looks very good.
-Thank you very much.
-Where does the donut come from? May I?
-Ah... no.
Oh, there is Sailor.
Oh, she thinks that's a date.
How so?
She somehow thinks
that we were a bit wild yesterday.
That's ... or I do not know.
She believes it.
-I know.
She's crazy.
No chance, I told her.
Hi, nice dress. That's from grandma, right?
Hello, you have to be Martin.
-Hello, Sailor. That's a nickname.
-Hello, Sailor.
-I'm not going to reveal what my name is.
-Stop it.
-Where is she?
-By, you do not need to look for her.
I did not intend to.
I would need for a long time.
Call when she wakes up. OK?
-Do not go upstairs.
-We go.
-Yes well, very quiet.
-You will get along well.
- Do not go upstairs.
-You can.
-Thank you.
What a hell hole.
You have seven new foods.
- Well then.
- My Nana Deirdre appears to me.
I can not even eat chocolate,
without staring at me.
Looks like Hitler
or maybe a toad.
Or the Hamburglar.
that's certainly Nana Deirdre.
Why is she here and watching me?
Tell me, Nana Deirdre could
Want to tell you something?
Does she bother about anything?
I have a lot of money
collected for a sponsorship run.
But there was no run.
Maybe she wants me
only lead back to the right way.
Bingo, that's it.
Yes, I'll talk to her for a moment.
Very well.
Rose Dooley?
I would be your help
very much appreciated.
Since two weeks
it's crying all the time.
I think that's pretty scary.
The tears are 7 Up.
It is mother.
She loved 7 Up.
The fries
do not stay in the deep fryer.
The customers are running away.
Can you do something?
Very good, Martin. Only further.
Thank you, people. Do it well.
Almost done. But time is running out.
I saw him,
when he ransacked my garbage cans.
Hm. And how big was this Wolfman?
Hard to say, but me
I would not get involved with him.
He wanted blood, that much is clear.
-And the hair was reddish?
In the light of the flashlight, there it was ...
was it as orange as a ...
-An orange?
-Satsuma. This kind of hair color.
The nose was running,
and he had sharp fangs.
I assume, a redheaded person
would a red-haired werewolf.
Four legs
and he had a long tail too.
Mister Daly, was it maybe a fox?
I think so, yes.
-Everything clear. Good night, sir.
- Good luck yet.
-I will call again.
Oh shit, my key.
It's getting tight.
I still find one.
Here I get goose bumps.
I have not been here forever.
-Yes? There we are already.
-Not since ... Bonnie's funeral.
That's why I feel bad.
I should probably her grave more often
visit, it is very close.
- Here.
- Mm.
What? Did you plan all the time,
to bring me here?
I'm sorry.
But you know what you need to do.
I'm a coward, Rose.
We both know that long ago.
Completely broken.
Prisoner of a dead person.
They never asked how she died.
Hm ... because it ...
Well, never was the right time.
I made her a wooden clock.
Every day at the time,
where we got married,
appeared a little Martin
and a little Bonnie.
and kissed.
She fell down and killed her.
That was not a good story, huh?
Not as good as yours.
That did not bother me at the time.
Eight years later, look at me.
But that's different now, okay?
Because that was not your fault.
You know, you made me realize
which is possible for me.
And I do not mean
the whole ghost stuff.
They made it clear to me
when it's time
Can I move to the light.
Me too, Martin.
You know,
I thought I was invisible.
All the time, I thought
I would be a ghost too.
Do you understand? That's awful.
I never want to feel like that again.
And I'm sure
Bonnie does not want that any longer either.
Thanks, Martin.
I've never been so alive.
And only because you believed
that I am real.
And I know, we can do it.
- You think Sarah save?
-Yes of course.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
There is
Half a glass of mayonnaise somewhere.
-What you are doing? Who is this?
-What was your date?
-Sailor, you have to go, I'm sorry.
-Brian, help me.
Hi, I'm Brian Welsh, by the way.
From the local council.
Shut up, Brian.
She knows we have plans.
-What was that, damn it?
No, we do not have much time.
-We have to start.
-What's happening?
I have no time for explanations.
We have to exorcise his dead wife.
And without enough ectoplasm will be his
Daughter a victim of the hell-demons.
- You explained it, Rose.
-I'm going to prepare everything.
-Okay good.
-I'm going to disappear better.
Shut up, Brian.
-Why did not you say anything?
-Because you thought we had a date.
You were proud of me. That was nice.
I'm always proud of you, idiot.
- So nothing works?
-Okay, all ready, Rose.
-Shall I stay?
-Would you?
-Klar, help me up. Rose.
-That is so exciting. Madness.
So you use your powers again?
Brian, here.
I'll beat the pact
with a drop of blood.
And? Ready?
Oh, restless spirit between the worlds.
I'll call you.
Open the gate,
because the living
want to talk to the dead.
I call you into this world,
Bonnie Martin.
From 25 Parkmore Drive.
My gift commands you to show you.
Uh ... Bonnie?
Get out of my house.
-Sailor? Can I go?
I can see what's going on here.
- You want my Martin.
You want to dump me,
have him for you alone.
That's not it.
Martin is mine. Sarah is mine.
And this house is mine.
You loved Martin and Martin loved you.
Do you remember your wedding?
What did you say to him?
Hm ... no anal?
Did not you also tell him
"until death separates us"?
Bonnie, I'm sorry,
but you have to leave him now.
Hair of the local witch.
- To block her gift.
- What's going on?
Someone wants to block me.
Finish the Rigid Spell.
Look at you.
On her knees, like a little whore.
A voice for me
is one for progress.
Rose, trust your ability.
You want to be ordinary.
Allow me to fulfill this wish.
Bonnie Martin,
you have to go to a safe place.
Do not harass the living.
Leave the realm of the living.
Oh shit.
Take a handful and the glasses,
Run upstairs.
- Smear it in the face of his daughter.
Quick, Brian.
Come on, the glasses.
Well done. Okay, Martin.
Wake up, Martin.
You said,
you make me another spoon.
Oh no, it happens again.
Martin, I'm so sorry.
Martin? Are you that?
-Yes it's me.
Oh my God. Disgusting.
I knew it, you little whore.
No. Martin?
Martin can not answer the phone.
And now get out of my house.
Oh my God. Okay, um ...
Martin, I will try something.
Ah! Au.
-Did you hit me?
-Yes I'm sorry.
- Is okay. What happened?
- Something went wrong.
-There is nobody.
Huh? Sarah.
She is gone. What have you done?
-Martin, leave her alone.
-Where is she?
I have failed,
and she was called to sacrifice.
Oh no. I...
Martin, it feels so ...
I'm shit? Hm?
A hooker? Did you mean to say that?
-Is Martin obsessed now?
That's what you're talking about
not with my sister.
Hello, Mr. Vogel.
I think I need your help.
Hey, stop arguing.
We have to follow the magpie.
Follow the bird. Yeah! That makes sense.
Wait. You're too fast.
You let him go.
Let me drive the scrap heap.
Now he is gone.
We lost Mister Vogel.
-Thank you for taking me. Let me out.
Shut up, Brian.
Bonnie? Bonnie, Sarah was abducted.
What? Martin, you idiot.
-No, leave him alone.
-How the hell did you do that?
- no. That's not Martin's mistake.
- Of course, he's a complete idiot.
That is not true,
and you have to leave him alone.
For years he was your hostage in the house.
Together with poor Sarah.
- I'm sorry about her.
- moment. Is not she?
She is not a baby at all.
It's Christian Winter.
Christin Winter is behind the whole?
-The stupid damned ...
A surprise. The local witch.
Yes, I like cooked rice very well.
How long?
If it comes later, I will not pay.
There are more important things right now
my darling.
Martin, no.
-No, Martin. Do not wake her up.
-Sarah, Sarah.
Never wake a hovering goat.
You know what?
Central locking, please.
You immediately disenchant my daughter,
otherwise I will come in and become you
Rip off her stupid eyebrows.
You do not have to scream, otherwise you wake up
You the virgin and ruin everything.
How can you, you damn ...
Dear God, you are like two teenagers.
My head.
Let go.
-You crazy.
No, the virgin!
ZIP your lips,
the food will be delivered immediately.
Oh my God.
Is that yours?
They tore my finger off.
-Increase everyone, immediately back in.
- Winter is a dead man.
- Oh my God.
Let my dark age begin.
The time is almost over.
Does somebody has any idea?
We ring and give ourselves
as a supplier of what.
Shut up, Brian.
- Do you see? I was right.
- Well done.
Your posts are getting better.
The monkey behind was right.
Then, thanks, Brian.
Yes, High Five all.
Oh sorry, High Four, Bonnie.
I think it's weird
that you brought the bird.
I wanted fried rice,
not cooked.
-There is cooked.
-No, cooked.
Do not you hear? Are you deaf?
If you are deaf,
you should not answer the phone.
I will hurry.
15 minutes or it is free.
Hear me, powers of the night.
The blood moon is near.
I offer this sacrifice in your honor,
Your powers.
The food is there, darling.
I did not have to pay anything.
I can not wait, I'm hungry.
I'll unpack yours.
I offer this sacrifice,
to honor you.
Consecrated by virgin blood
and through this dirty blood.
Spoon or chopsticks, honey?
Spoon or chopsticks?
Please darling.
I'm in the middle of something ...
By virgin blood and unclean blood.
I pray you accept my sacrifice
or goes out forever
the light in my soul.
I know she is floating,
and that looks good.
But if the demons just a little
fuck and then be ripped off,
why do we bring
the bitch does not change itself?
-What is mine?
-The kung-po.
Goodnight My sweetheart.
So, where was I? Oh yes.
-That was the door.
-OK. No reason to be afraid, yes?
Brian, I'm in labor.
That was two in quick succession.
Oh shit, Sailor. Uh ... okay.
You sit down and I tell Rose.
You will not.
You shut your mouth.
-It's a lot more important at the moment.
-What could be more important?
-Excuse me.
-So it is good.
You will stay with me,
if I need you, come on.
Unclean blood.
I pray you accept my sacrifice
or goes out forever
the light in my soul.
-Sarah! What did you do to her?
-Yes, and give me back my hairband.
Can not be alone here
to sacrifice a virgin?
No, Christian. Let her down again.
It's over.
No, my dear.
But on the contrary.
It works!
Oh no. God, no. Sarah.
I am back.
Just another beautiful tuesday
Likes what a moonlit night at the castle
Yeah, bang, bang, bang
Yeah the dogs.
It does not work.
Why does not it work?
I killed my wife for it.
And two virgins.
I will kill you,
you ... you talented pig!
The life of your daughter
was my way back.
She helped me,
to create a masterpiece.
A double disc masterpiece,
it is called "Yesterday". I believe.
-Martin, your finger.
You fight like a girl.
- Right, asshole.
- Bonnie.
- You killed my Sarah.
You have a strange fighting technique.
Sarah. Sarah.
- citizens and fries.
- Oh, my baby.
-Thank God.
Go back in there,
go back into the hole.
That's not over yet.
Oh, shit!
The dark lord.
I'll go to the bathroom for a moment.
I am Astaroth.
- Hi.
- devourer of souls.
Which of you mortals called me?
That would be me, Astaroth,
my master and master.
Oh, it's wonderful
to meet you.
Let me sing you a song.
My keyboard is right here.
Be quiet!
You broke our contract.
That's why we become
now devour your soul.
I sent you a virgin.
I have followed the rules, sir.
Did you really think
you can cheat us?
She is not a virgin.
-Of course she is.
-Oh oh.
Is that true?
-My precious flower.
- was deflowered.
Was that Charlie Doran, the wanker?
I knew he wanted something from you.
-Who says it was a boy?
That does not matter, that can wait until tomorrow.
You are under house arrest, young lady.
I am completely confused.
The kids start so early today.
Be quiet!
The dark forces
must be satisfied.
And the ritual ended.
We need a new virgin.
But I have not prepared another.
There is none left.
We will take her.
Me? What?
For real?
Oh no. Nonsense.
Second. What about Declan O'Donell?
Yes, what about Declan O'Donell?
It was just the tip in it.
That's ... oh.
Wonderful news.
Come now.
No, very nice. Thank you very much.
Come to me.
-I hold you.
Martin, do something, please.
-I do not have enough strength.
-Oh God.
I saw you in the city,
you dung cattle.
I have never liked you
Ah! You damn rat with wings.
Let go.
Why should we both
go into the hell hole?
I do not want to lose you.
-Oh my god, you get a baby.
-Go away.
There is something you could do.
If I was no virgin,
I would be saved.
-But that is ...
-When we go wild.
-When we do it.
-Now here?
After all, better than a gangbang
from demons of hell.
Oh god, Rose. OK.
-I know what to do.
-I have no idea.
Go down there and look.
-I usually do more foreplay.
-We have no time and my finger ...
-No matter.
Something is coming out of the hole.
-That's a baby.
-Definitely not.
Am I supposed to something, um ...
Oh, I understand what you are doing.
Yes Perfect.
- Everything clear?
He stands on it,
if you take his eggs.
Oh, thanks, Bonnie.
-Only advice from woman to woman.
What are they doing there?
We only do that
so that Rose is no longer a virgin.
-And because we love each other.
Kiss me, you spinner.
My beautiful eye.
Rose, really? Is that true?
Oh my ... ah!
Your animals.
She has to remain a virgin.
Sarah, you have to stop him. Ah!
In retrospect, it might be
Better to kill the Bitch.
Oh, thanks, Bonnie.
- I needed that badly.
- Take care of her, yes?
Not just the eggs,
on Martin and Sarah.
Yes, I did not think for a second,
you only mean the eggs.
I'll be sure to take care of her.
-Also on his eggs.
-Ah ... yes.
Do not worry. Bye, Bonnie.
Now I tell everyone
my first time was a threesome.
Oh my God.
Is that possible, what am I hearing?
Oh no. What?
He is so cute.
Oh my God.
Sailor, how did you manage that?
-Brian helped her.
-Oh, congratulations, Brian.
Hello Little One. Hello Baby.
-Rose, he dies.
-Oh my God.
Martin, we have to go again.
Very quiet, Rose.
-You have to catch up on time, but ...
-I do not mean that.
His bird spirit?
I thought that was just a bird.
Restless spirit between the worlds.
I'll call you.
Open the gate, because the living
want to talk to the dead.
Rosie, it's me.
Daddy? Is that really true?
- I am so sorry.
- no. You have done nothing wrong.
You were just a ...
-No, I should have saved you.
You must not feel guilty.
You saved so many others.
Daddy. Is it really you?
I want you to meet someone
Oh, Fanny.
You should not call me that.
Yes, excuse me, Sailor.
Watch each other.
Yes of course.
-But Daddy, we miss you so much.
-I know, Rose.
I am always with you two.
And now, Rose, I'm sorry,
I have to go again.
Fly into the light, Daddy.
Follow the light, dad, we love you.
Rose, done.
-He is free.
His name is Vincent.
I think he is hungry.
There is still something of Christian's curry sauce.
Would he like that?
Oh, I did not mean to bother.
I have fried rice and a few
Free Sate as an excuse for just.
Yes I'm hungry.
Three months later.
-Hi. How are you?
-What do you say?
-Oh, wow.
-Looks great.
-Yes, wonderful.
Yes, "Extra Ordinary" is just a word.
Oh really?
No, we'll fix it later.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
- You know what you mean to Sarah and me.
-Yes of course.
You two also mean the world to me.
-You know...
-Oh my God.
-I carved today.
Rose Dooley, do you want to be my wife?
That's it from us.
Until next time.