Extraordinary Mission (2017) Movie Script

In our line of work,
the moment we wake up
is like walking into another dream.
We can't tell when we're truly awake.
That's a dangerous thing
you may wake up from a nightmare
and realize that it wasn't a dream after all.
An older colleague once said,
don't be afraid.
Just remember who you are.
I must remember...
I'm a drug trafficker.
Come over tonight. There's a job.
Route number five.
5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
Get him, man.
Do you have anything?
Your turn.
Time to work.
Qiang, go to the same spot as last time.
You, deliver to Mr. Hung in Nanyang Village.
Monkey, your delivery point is a bit far this time.
OK, no problem.
Nanjiang Village. Just follow the route.
Don't screw up.
No problem.
Let's go.
Get home safely.
Thanks, Bin.
Come on, follow my car down the mountain.
They're off.
Good luck.
Traversing throught a black-and-white blur
You know
Opening a new era
I know
I walk in the gale and the downpour
Going against a deceptive illusion
Turn off the ignition.
Get out.
What's wrong?
Shut your mouth.
Turn around.
Hands on the car.
Open it.
What's this?
I don't know.
My boss put that in there.
Your boss?
Who's your boss?
What boss?
Forget about other people.
You can explain yourself at the station.
Get out of the car...
Get out of the car...
Where is he?
He's gone.
Call the captain.
We'd agreed on two kilos
and one man.
What happened?
I have multiple injured officers
and two wrecked police cars!
Are you messing with me?!
I don't know what happened.
Give me some time, I'll...
Spare me the excuses!
I'm telling you,
I demand a bust right here, tonight!
You should cut me some slack.
If it wasn't for my protection,
you'd be out of business.
This volume
should be enough for a decent bust.
And the arrest?
I'll arrange it.
I told you to get a dummy for route five.
Why did you change the plan?
Why did you give it to Lin Kai?
Do you know what a dummy is?
I'm sorry, Yi. It's my fault.
What good does your sorry do?!
Are you jealous of the kid?
What era are you living in?
Everything we do, we do for money.
Do you get it?
Yes, sir.
Go find a scapegoat, right now!
Yes, sir...
You're still up?
What do you want?
What do you want?
It was Yang Bin's idea.
I didn't know a thing.
Why should I believe you?
I can sell anything...
except those who can make money for me.
I'm the same as you.
I can kill anyone...
except those who can make me rich.
What happened?
I think Cheng Yi may have been testing me,
or maybe Yang Bin doesn't like having me around.
Then you have to be more cautious.
The goal is to find Cheng's drug factory
as soon as possible.
I know.
Hang in there a little longer.
I'll deal with Yang Bin as soon as I can.
I think something fishy
is happening on my end, too.
Watch your back.
I will.
Liu Haojun.
We want to send a mole to infiltrate
a drug cartel that's selling high-purity heroin.
This is an extremely dangerous mission.
You can turn it down.
if you do accept this mission.
You'll be stripped of your badge
and you'll live a new life as a drug trafficker.
I accept the mission.
This is your new identity.
From now on,
your name is Lin Kai.
Ying, Cheng Yi's here.
Mr. Cheng.
Ying, this is Lin Kai.
He'll be handling your account from now on.
Sure. No problem!
Don't move!
This place bring in a lot of money for us.
Build a good relationship with them.
Stop, or we'll fire!
Mr. Cheng.
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
This is Kai.
Hi, Kai.
He's taking over Yang Bin's turf.
Sure, that's no problem.
Hi, Kai,
nice to meet you.
This is our distribution plant.
How much we'll sell
depends entirely on you.
Of course.
We'll all make a fortune.
It's all yours!
I want some, too!
She wants me!
Good work.
Keep it UP-
I'm off.
OK. Take care.
I'll show you the most important step
of the process.
I've written down everyone
that Cheng Yi introduced me to.
People, time, place.
I now know how he moves every day.
The factory is just for packing.
Do you have anything else?
I'll keep investigating.
Nice one, Kai...
I just taught you a lesson, didn't I?
Bottoms up.
Come on, bottoms up...
Thanks, Kai.
Cheers, Kai.
I want money...
Thanks, Kai...
Hello, Yi.
I'm at the door. Open up.
What's wrong?
Come with me.
Open the trunk.
Mr. Cheng.
Get to work...
Mr. Cheng.
Let's move it.
We got clear skies.
Got it.
Hurry UP-
Get ready to move.
Why don't you ask me where we're going?
You'll tell me when you want to.
Just follow my directions here on out.
Remember that.
Got it, Yi.
Wait for me here.
Bear spotted. He's headed into the woods.
Keep a close eye on him, number two.
Mr. Luo.
Don't worry, Mr. Luo.
This kid is reliable.
Mr. Luo.
I'm telling you.
business has been booming.
We can barely keep up with demand.
Have you found the man that my boss asked for?
I'm looking right now.
I'll let you know when I have any news.
You can count the money.
Open it.
26 packs in total.
The best stuff we've got.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's move.
Don't move!
Don't move!
Get in. Hurry.
I just saved your ass,
and you're pointing a gun at me.
Shut up.
Keep driving.
We had a hiccup.
Pick me up by the river.
Stop here.
Open the door.
"Golden Triangle"
Dongfang is back.
The money and the drugs are gone,
but we've captured one of their men.
How long have you been working for Cheng, kid?
Three years.
Who stole my drugs?
I don't know, sir.
Didn't Cheng say that the Yunlai police...
has already been taken care of?
How did the deal get screwed?
He definitely sold us out.
I really don't know what happened.
If I do, I would've told you already.
Don't shoot me, sir.
I can get your money and your stuff back.
I know all of Cheng's spots.
I'm useful to you, sir.
I can definitely help you find Cheng Yi.
Work with me...
I can, sir.
Let's see what God has to say about that.
What do you mean, sir?
No, don't shoot me. Please.
If you shoot me, you get nothing. Trust me.
Have your men take me back,
and I'll get your money and your drugs. OK?
Please, sir!
Kill me!
Just kill me!
What's your name?
Lin Kai.
Is that your real name, Lin Kai?
It is.
I'm sorry, father.
Sit this one out.
Let Qingshui go.
Let me go.
I can do this.
Go with Dongfang.
Don't screw this up.
"Yunlai, China"
This autumn,
the Yunlai police took drastic action
and seized shipments
of heroin that were smuggled into China.
Our actions were successful.
The results are clear.
We must continue our hard work
and eliminate the drug plague together
once and for all.
Look into this Wang Bo for me.
The man in green with the beanie works for me.
He should know where Cheng Yi is.
Do you want me to grill him?
Don't try anything funny.
I'm watching you.
You're back, Kai?
Didn't Me. Cheng say...
that you were captured?
Xiao Bei...
You think you're the man now?
What do you mean, Kai?
The cops are looking everywhere for you.
The cops are looking for me...
and you wanted me to get caught, don't you?
You want to be the boss, don't you?
Didn't the drugs get seized?
- It's mine.
- It's yours?
It's my stash.
Where did it come from?
It's my own stash.
- It's yours?
- It's mine.
Are you playing me?
Get up.
I'm not messing with you.
I'll ask you one more time.
- I'm not messing with you.
- You're not?
- Screw you.
- Kai.
Get up.
Come here.
Xiao Pan.
Trace this number.
Is it Cheng Yi's?
- It's not
- Are you sure?
It really isn't.
It's not. It's my stash.
Are you trying to stir trouble?
I got his location.
Who is it?
It's me.
Lin Kai.
Get out.
You've got some balls,
stealing from me.
I didn't...
that's not what happened, Mr. Luo.
I was forced.
If I didn't cooperate,
they would've sent me to jail.
Mr. Luo,
you might as well kill me.
You're not gonna talk?
No...Mr. Lu0...l'll talk...
Wang Bo...it's Wang Bo.
Our agreement was that
I would get the money and the drugs.
But I still haven't received a single cent.
Call him.
Set up a meet.
I'll get your money for you.
Who wants to talk first?
It was his idea.
He made up things
and blackmailed me into stealing the drugs.
I don't know anything beyond that.
You coward,
it was your idea all along.
Now you're pinning everything on me.
Give me back my share.
Enough with the show.
Where are my money and my drugs?
He has it.
I'm not lying.
I really don't have it.
I'll ask you one last time.
Where are my money and my drugs?
They're really in his hands.
I really don't have it.
I'm serious.
We have a long-term partnership.
Why would I do something this stupid?
It's him.
He wants a huge bust so he can get a promotion.
He forced me to work for him.
We have a long-term partnership. Why would I...
If the police hears this,
what will happen to you?
A promotion or a funeral...
Your choice.
You have the money and the drugs?
He really has everything?
Then you're done here.
You're one of us now.
Clean this up.
Everything's cleaned up now.
Call your boss!
Are you sure you want to do this?
What's going on?
Is everything taken care of?
All taken care of.
Everything you want
is with me.
Let's have a chat.
Don't move.
What are you doing?
"No Signal."
What's going on?
the drugs and the money will set you for life.
Why did you come back?
I want to get to know you better.
Besides, this small batch
doesn't amount to much for me.
You're a big shot from a big city.
What can a small place like this do for you?
I want you to give me the Greater China market.
What can you give me for it?
From now on,
you won't just be selling ingredients.
I'll arrange permits,
customs, processing and sales.
Anything that Cheng Yi didn't pay you for,
I'll pay.
I promise that your profit will spike.
How can I trust you?
The money and the drugs
will be returned to you.
Call it a joining fee.
I trust you.
Let's sit down and chat.
Give me your gun.
How do I know you won't kill me?
this isn't how you repay my trust.
I'm a businessman.
A partnership
is built on goodwill.
"The Commander Star" has left his First House.
His life has run its course.
It wasn't my call to make.
Deputy Chief Wang.
Come with us.
What's going on?
Who sent you?
Who are you?
I told you already.
I'm Lin Kai.
I work for Cheng Yi.
You're a mole sent by the cops.
Your grandpa sent me.
You're the mole!
My life is worth nothing anyway.
Cut me. Kill me. Do whatever you want.
If you don't want to work with me,
then let me go.
Then let's see if you can get out of here alive.
Our chance is finally here...
...l've spoilt you.
You're a a mole sent by the cops.
You'll live a new life as a drug trafficker.
Let's see if you can...
Let's see if you can get out of here alive.
From now on...
your name is Lin Kai.
An older colleague once said,
don't be scared even if
you wake up in a nightmare.
Just remember who you are.
I must remember...
My name is Lin Kai.
I'm a drug trafficker.
Who wants to play?
I do, Father! I do...
Rock, paper, scissors...
Miss Qingshui is back!
Miss Qingshui!
These are my kids.
I always make time to visit them.
You look well.
Since you're still alive,
tell me about your plan.
You're done asking about who I am?
It doesn't matter who you are.
I replace Cheng Yi.
You supply the goods,
everything else stays the same.
How do we split the money?
Can you handle all that?
If I can't handle it,
would I have the balls to come here?
I set the sales price.
It has to be fifty-fifty
or forget about it.
I promise you,
your profits will go up exponentially.
The big shot has a big mouth, too.
Do you have the guts to give it a try?
During your treatment,
we were worried that you wouldn't make it.
So we injected some morphine.
We're both in the drug business.
Take as much as you need.
Stop pretending.
I know who you are.
Liu Haojun.
I trust you.
I know you'll complete your mission.
It's OK. Mama's here.
I miss you.
I can't stand this.
Why did you help me?
Don't let me see anything like this again.
"No Signal."
Our cost is high,
but we don't have to worry about surveillance.
To turn a seed into Double Eagle heroin
takes only three months.
I don't care...
about the process.
I only care about the business.
Money's important.
Get closer.
I'm in the Golden Triangle.
Will get in touch when I have a chance.
Let's go.
The permits have been signed.
They will last you for a month.
Feeling better?
HOW long?
Don't worry about me.
We have to abort the mission.
You're in way over your head.
You think I want to be an addict?!
They're controlling me with this!
If I quit, then it's over!
That's the price I pay!
I can quit it.
Don't worry.
I'm in contact with the core figures
in the Golden Triangle
He's letting me take Cheng Yi's place.
The whole town is planted with jammers.
GPS is useless there.
The border is surrounded by guards.
There's no phone service and no internet in town.
Only Eagle and a few of his men
have satellite phones.
What's his name?
What do you mean?
Ten years ago,
We had in a joint operation with Interpol.
I was like you.
I infiltrated a drug cartel in the Golden Triangle.
The head of that drug cartel
was also named Eagle.
We conducted a raid.
But during the arrest...
there was an accident.
Our car exploded.
It went up in flames.
Could it be the same man?
That's impossible.
production of heroin of such high purity
must have something to do
with his old associates.
Your next step...
is to get their exact location.
We'll set up a joint operation with Interpol
and catch them all in one go.
Got it.
Pray for a change of fortune.
Pray for the eradication of illnesses.
Be free of danger and misfortune.
Live long in peace.
Be humble and gracious.
Respect your elders.
Then you shall be rewarded with
life, beauty, happiness, health.
You may place your flowers on the altar.
My wife.
Today is her birthday.
You've done a good job in China.
The elders...
have taken an interest in you.
Come meet them tonight.
The man who helped
Double Eagle
multiply its profits
is this big city kid.
His name is Lin Kai.
I like young talents
who are smart and capable.
Accomplishments must be rewarded.
Misdeeds must be punished.
Have you made accomplishments or misdeeds?
That's not for me to decide.
You'll have to ask Eagle.
Double Eagle
has heroin of the highest
purity and quality in Southeast Asia.
Because of our expertise in our formula.
That's how we rule the world.
a new player has emerged.
It's called...
Also known as ice.
This thing earns
three times more profit than heroin.
Should we give it a try?
Planting is our expertise.
Growing poppies is one thing.
What do we know about chemistry?
We can always learn.
We went from the field to hydroponics,
and we're still standing, aren't we?
It's impossible!
Reality can be cruel.
To be frank...
we're working
in a declining industry.
I think it's worth a try.
The South American gangs
own the ice business.
How can we touch it?
Don't you all think so?
Let's drop it...
for now.
Did you call me in this early
for something urgent?
Let's go.
Are you OK?
Did you drink too much last night?
Everyone was having fun.
The elders have given the green light.
You'll be in charge of the ice deal.
Get us some ephedra.
I can do that.
But ephedra is banned in China.
I'll need permits from at least
five departments to bring it here.
The police will be our biggest hurdle.
Don't we have Wang Bo in the police department?
Wang Bo's pay grade is too low.
He won't be able to pull it off.
You mean this deal
isn't going to work?
We have the money and the people.
Why can't we just grow it ourselves?
I can't wait any longer.
We have to hurry.
What's the rush?
Come here.
The man in there...
his name is Zhang Haitao.
My wife and child died at their hands.
I know that he worked with the man who sold me out.
He was the one I trusted the most.
I couldn't believe that
he'd betray me.
That day,
they finally had a chance to arrest me.
Freeze. Police!
You traitor.
Are you OK?
I'm fine.
Pull him out.
Pull him Out!
I've tortured him for ten years.
And I've kept him alive for ten years.
Of course I can't just let him die!
I know
that God sent him to help me.
Help me find a man in China.
To save him, this man
will get us the ephedra.
Who do you want me to find?
I only know him as Huasheng.
No problem.
Why didn't you hand the map to Eagle?
Do you know
why circus elephants
just sit around all day
and let people order them around?
Because they were tamed at a young age.
Whoever tries to escape
will get beaten.
When they become adults,
even though they're no longer shackled,
they don't dare to escape.
Of course, if elephants want to run
who can physically stop them?
They just lack the courage to leave.
The world is a huge place.
You can run away in any direction.
run in that direction.
Fly away like a bird.
Don't be scared.
Target in sight.
Help me find a cop.
He used to be called Huasheng.
He's an old friend of my boss.
Dig up Huasheng
and ask him to get ephedra for us.
Haven't you had enough?
Spare me the crap.
Go and find the man.
I've never heard of this man.
HOW Will I find him?
When you go back,
tell them that Zhang Haitao is still alive.
Huasheng will naturally come looking for you.
I really don't know what you're talking about.
Zhang Haitao is still alive after ten years.
Do you hear me?
Are you OK?
I'm fine.
I've found him.
how's the mission going?
Everything is going as planned.
This is an important mission.
You must handle it with caution.
We can't afford a single misstep.
I understand,
but I can't let my partner
endure any more suffering.
Don't do anything rash.
We'll definitely catch Eagle this time.
no matter how difficult it'll be,
I won't let my partner suffer any longer.
When I come back,
I'll report everything to you
and I'll accept any penalty from the department.
Allow me to introduce...
the Huasheng you've been looking for.
This is Lin Kai, the man who's been looking for you.
Now that you're both here...
I'm done.
I'm off.
Take a seat.
we have the man you're looking for.
He Chaosheng...
ls Zhang Haitao alright?
He's doing fine.
Just slightly stronger than a cripple.
You should be grateful that
I've taken care of him for ten years.
Let him go.
Isn't it time that we speak face to face?
have to come get him.
I don't have time to send him to you.
That undercover cop next to you...
kill him.
Then come here alone.
I'm waiting for you.
Let's go.
Take me to Eagle.
His signal is gone.
Search the place again.
Leave no one alive.
Got it.
How's it going?
How have you been?
I can't believe we're meeting again.
Where is he?
What's the rush?
I've waited ten years for you.
Cut the crap. Where is he?
I kept him alive for ten years
so that you would come back.
I can finally give closure to you and our child.
The heartless bastard
left you for dead ten years ago.
Now you have a chance at revenge.
Take two shots at him.
If the shots don't kill him,
then God has spoken.
You can take him home.
If you don't take the shots,
then both of you have to stay here.
You'll do ten more years.
How's that sound?
How can you cheat?
How dare you cheat?!
That's one shot.
One more!
It's back!
Take my wife home.
Are you alright?
Let's go.
Get in the car.
I'll drive!
How's that? !
I'm fine. Leave!
Get him out of here!
We leave together!
Go. That's an order!
How's that?
How's that?
Please let him go.
run in that direction.
Fly away like a bird.
Don't be scared.
No matter how difficult it'll be,
I won't let my partner suffer any longer.
We must...
bring Eagle to justice this time.
Don't fall asleep.
Hang in there.
We're almost there.
I'll get you home.
Target spotted.
East longitude 100 degree 24 point.
North latitude 20 degree 23 point.
Recently, the Chinese police force
cracked a large-scale drug case
in the Golden Triangle.
A major drug cartel has been dissolved
and a police official is under investigation
for alleged corruption.
Wang Bo, Deputy police chief
in the city of Yunlai,
is accused of violating the law
and has been under police custody.
Wang is charged wtih abusing his authority,
and providing assistance to criminals.
An investigation by prosecutors
revealed that Wang and...
Captain Li Jianguo
traded his life
to save the life of his partner.
He lived up to his oath as a police officer.
He showed the world
the Chinese police force's resolve
to rid the world of illegal drugs.
As long as illegal drugs exist in the world,
our efforts to fight it
will not stop for a second.
We salute you.
In this operation, Li Jianguo
openly defied his superiors' orders.
However, he bravely sacrificed his life
to save a fellow officer.
That's something that every officer should learn.
I hope that you will inherit his professionalism.
Keep serving your country and your people
by becoming a better police officer.
We have a new mission for you.
Are you ready?
Anytime, sir.
I'm ready to go.