Extreme Happiness (2010) Movie Script

"Things past, not the best,
will last."
Carlos Drummond de Andrade
Paulinho, son, wake up!
- The war's over, Paulinho!
- I don't want to!
- Wake up, my dear!
- I don't want to wake up!
- The war's over, son!
- I don't want to wake up!
Leave me alone!
- No, leave me alone!
- Viva!
Viva, the war's over!
Viva Brazil, viva!
Viva Brazil!
The war's over!
Sell your newspapers...
Sell your old newspapers...
magazines and books...
Sell your newspapers!
Sell your newspapers...
- Hello Dona Sofia, morning.
- Hello Joaquim.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- And the Captain?
- He's fine.
I brought these magazines,
aren't they lovely?
- Wait a minute.
- Alright.
All right at school, son?
- Yes.
Look at this doll,
- Old, isn't it?
- Yes, from the war, it's German...
used to belong to my mother.
Sell your newspapers...
Sell your old newspapers...
magazines and books...
Sell your newspapers...
Look Ben, the likely lads.
You boys...
- look happy, or are you just gay?
- Wow.
- Hello there!
- Hi Ben.
How about you, darling,
sweet or savory?
She's real sweet, Ben.
Hardly, I just get
the scary types.
Alfredinho, they don't like
men sucking up to them.
I just love romantic men.
- Alfredinho!
- Your mother.
- Come in for lunch!
- Coming mom!
Alfredinho, been banging away huh?
Me? Why?
- What's the guy's name?
- Come on!
Been banging away too?
- Come here!
- I'm here, love.
Hey Ben! I'm out of gas.
Give me a push from behind?
Yeah, sure.
- Got you, Ben!
- I got you!
Go on, shoot!
What a loser!
Look at him!
Oh, so now he thinks
he's Didi. Jerk!
What's up, you little fag?
What's up?
Go pick on someone
your own size, you coward.
Piss off!
Morning, are you all right?
This way.
God bless you, son.
God bless you, son.
God bless you.
- Your blessing, Father.
- Bless you.
Your blessing, Father.
- Your blessing, Father.
- God bless you.
God bless you.
Your blessing.
- Your blessing, Father.
- Bless you.
- Hail, hail, hail Mary
- Nice and orderly!
Hail, hail, hail Mary
"Hail holy Queen,
mother of mercy!
Our life, our sweetness
and our hope.
To thee do we cry,
poor banished children of Eve.
To thee do we send up our
sighs in this valley of tears.
Turn then, most
gracious Advocate...
thine eyes of mercy
towards us.
And after this our exile
show unto us Jesus."
- Rats ate people...
the starved came
from the swamp region.
The mystery of the she-rat,
panic at the ranches.
- Only the Shadow can...
- Paulinho!
- What is it, mom?
- Paulinho!
- Today, 10 p.m...
- Your father, son...
your father's here.
The new jets are coming!
- Hi, son.
- Hi dad!
- Hi darling.
- Hi darling.
Shooting Star,
jets like shooting stars...
ten 50mm machine guns...
five rockets
and a 900kg bomb!
Top speed 500 miles an hour...
go fly, son!
F80's, I'm going
to fly the F80, hon!
That's marvelous!
Well, it's better
than the Vampire...
remember the Vampire...
- You'll be promoted!
- Which dived like this...
And me too.
- I've got news!
- Dive, an inacredible dive!
I'm looking for a job.
Hon, I've got to work...
I've got to work.
Paulinho's turning 8.
Remember when we met...
I was the best secretary...
Son, I was the best secretary...
at the Industry
Workers Institute, right?
- Right.
- I'm so happy...
we're all growing
in this home, everyone...
me, you, Paulinho.
We can travel, hon,
to the USA...
we can earn money together!
I'm so happy!
Don't talk nonsense, darling...
you don't need to work.
I want you home with my son.
Paulinho needs you.
We have time.
Turn down that radio!
Let's have dinner.
Have dinner served.
Have dinner served, Sofia.
Lurdes! You can serve dinner!
Oh, I love that song.
Are the stars out tonight?
I don't know
If it's cloudy or bright
Cause I only have eyes
For you, dear
The moon may be high
But I can't see a thing
In the sky
Cause I only have eyes
For you
And I only have eyes
For you
You ever thought of
becoming a movie actress?
Oh sure, as if.
Oh but you could,
of course you could.
What about you,
flying solo now?
- Sure. Even doing acrobatics.
- Yeah?
Yes, I fly down...
flying from high up...
with the wind...
like in the movies...
- Sure, I saw "Hell's Angels".
- Really?
Yeah, but I prefer romantic movies.
Did you see "Wuthering Heights"
at the Odeon?
You bet I did,
it's wonderful!
Remember when Cathy
snubs him...
at the chic party...
just because he's a stable boy...
- but then she regrets it.
- She runaway...
- She stands before the mirror...
- Yes...
Exactly. With remorse, right?
Yeah, she tears herself...
she tears her party clothes...
and starts crying...
I cried too, then
she runs after him...
"Forgive me, Heathcliff, make...
the moors never
change and you and I...
- never change", remember?
- I do.
He tells her: "The moors and I
will never change, Cathy".
And she says: "No matter
what I ever...
do or say, this is me now...
standing on this hill,
this is me forever!"
"This is me forever!"
It's beautiful!
Yes... so beautiful.
The soup's too salty,
it's inedible.
And you, why don't you
want me to work?
I don't want you on the street.
When we married
I had to break off...
all my friendships...
I couldn't even thank them...
for my wedding presents.
- I couldn't! -What about you?
I came home excited,
with such great news...
and you paid no
attention, Sofia.
Hold your spoon properly.
That's enough,
I have to go out.
Where are you going now?
A meeting.
With the brigadier.
But you're never home.
- I've got to go.
- Where are you going?
A meeting with the brigadier.
The brigadier, this late?
Sofia, did you hear
anything I said?
Somthing? Anything?
I'm not repeating it
200 times...
you're not going to work!
You hear?
You're not working!
Brigadier, like hell!
Who are you going to meet?
- Oh don't start that.
- Who is it?
Tell me!
Son! Oh, son.
My little boy.
Your father, he's like that...
but he's a decent,
honest man, hardworking.
A wonderful father
and husband, right?
Right, my angel?
Grandma's here!
Oh mummy.
Oh my sweet grandson!
My sweet grandson!
- Where's dad?
- Oh, he didn't come.
- Oh, no?
- No, he couldn't.
What a shame!
Paulinho was looking forward...
I'm looking for
a creature called Paulinho.
Because I'm the Shadow
and I'm going to get him!
I'm the real Shadow!
Well you're not
getting me, Shadow...
- the Phantom will protect me!
- No Phantom!
I'm the real Shadow!
Oh dad!
- Captain!
- Oh, you're here.
Captain, your Flamengo, huh...
had a lousy game last night.
They'll be back on form.
I'm going.
I've got to go.
Marcos is working so hard,
poor thing...
that's why he had to go out...
he's an ace, right, Paulinho?
He's one of the best pilots,
he does amazing spins.
Oh, really amazing?
That's it.
I'm buying a blue plane
To fly across South America
Your grandfather
is going to play now.
Let's go for a walk, me, you
and the trombone.
- A walk!
- Yes, yes!
Before you catch a cold,
get a cardigan...
go on.
Oh dad, it's too late...
Just going for a walk.
- Well, don't be long huh?
- They won't be long!
We won't be long!
We'll just get smashed.
Cachaa's good forthe soul!
Why are you so sad, darling?
Mom, I think Marcos
is seeing someone.
Surely not.
I think so, mom.
Yes he is.
Grandpa, a flying saucer!
- Where?
- There.
Haven't you ever seen it?
One might down now,
carry us up into the sky.
Just think if one
appeared here...
right now?
A Martian with a
green nose, sharp claws...
spraying us with a red liquid...
like soup.
They'll take over the world!
Yeah, the world will end, Noel.
And as well as mosquitoes,
you'll have to kill Martians too!
Grandpa, let's gaze at the Star?
All right, come on.
The star's so pretty,
isn't it, Grandpa?
It's lovely, Paulinho...
really big.
But look at the sky,
Paulinho, there!
There are millions of stars
like that one.
How come they all
fit in the sky?
Because the sky's infinite.
- What's infinite, Grandpa?
- It's when there's no end.
If you're infinite,
don't you die?
And are we infinite,
Paulinho, whenever
you want to find me...
- this is our meeting place.
- Deal.
Look, Grandpa!
Here, hold this one.
Here, here's one
I wrote yesterday.
Paulinho, in this house,
everyone's blind.
They had a disease...
the only one who can see
is their mother, Dinorah.
She's a clairvoyant.
Mother, there's a client!
The ophthalmologists
will be here soon.
- Oh, Sofia!
- Dona Dinorah!
- How he's grown!
- Isn't he?
So cute.
Son, you stay here
while mummy goes inside.
Paulinho! Have you learned
your times tables, Paulinho?
5 times 7?
3 times 3?
Which team do you support...
- Vasco or Flamengo?
- Leave me alone!
- I support Amrica, like my grandpa!
- Paulinho...
- Paulinho...
- Paulinho?
Repeat after me...
Just as St. George
conquered the dragon...
I'll conquer your heart, Marcos.
"Just as St. George
conquered the dragon...
I'll conquer your heart,
I'll conquer.
Hey, hey, hey!
The ballerina.
What ballerina?
She's the one...
Take heed!
- My God, what ballerina?
- The ballerina!
- I love you, let's run away.
- I can't, I'm married.
But it's me you love,
let's go into the world.
But what will happen to him...
I can't leave him like this.
He doesn't deserve you,
it's me you love. I love you.
- Really?
- Yes.
How wonderful!
What's going on?
Are you betraying me?
- No, no, I'm not.
- Yes yes you are!
No, no, no.
- No, no, no!
- Yes, yes, yes!
What's it?
Come here you traitor,
I'm going to kill you!
Come back here,
you traitor!
No please, no, no.
You'll never betray me again!
Your heart belongs to me,
you'll never betray me again!
Oh my!
What's up, baby?
Does it hurt?
Oh the heat, Ben!
I told you, Alfredinho...
she's on heat today.
Yeah, she's not the only one.
What's better today,
sweet or savory?
Depends what you're after...
I'm here to satisfy you, ma'am.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Come on, girls.
Do you want some?
- I do.
- I wouldn't kick her out of bed...
You guys already been
to second base?
No time to lose.
They're waiting for it.
Or you'll all turn queer.
- Look, nothing but babes.
- Let's see.
- Look this tits.
- Look her legs. Look.
- Look at this...
- Look this one!
That's just kid's stuff.
Ben, dad's a doctor...
I'll go get this dirty
book he's got.
Go on.
Hey Bighead, this book
of your dad's wild.
It's the end of the world.
- My God.
- Show me, show me.
Come on, come one!
- What is it?
- That woman's tits.
Half woman, half cow.
Look, he stuck the
wire up his ass and died.
Poor thing.
That one's got two dicks!
Have some respect!
This music is purity...
And your greatest sin
is the solitary vice.
Because each time
you practice it...
millions of human beings
which would've been born...
die in the toilets.
Whoever practices this vice...
kills nations! Like Hitler!
Whole nations killed...
by the solitary vice.
This here is a scrotum.
Not a man's, a bull's...
but it's a scrotum.
This is where
the sperm comes out.
You're laughing, aren't you?
Well I'll tell you a story...
the finest Christian story about...
It's the story of a boy scout...
- 18 years old, a virgin...
- A baby!
Good-looking, strong...
a really cute boy...
who was in Hawaii.
One afternoon he decided
to take his horse...
and ride out to
a deserted beach.
Later on he wearily laid down...
on the sand to rest...
- and do you know what he saw?
- The horse's dick!
A beautiful Hawaiian girl, dark...
half-naked, a grass skirt...
flower necklaces displaying
her ample breasts.
The girl decided to come over...
and dance the hula.
The father is dancing!
The boy almost
gave in to temptation...
when she showed him
her fleshy red lips.
That was when
the miracle occurred!
The boy gathered
all his strength...
and rode off leaving the
pretty Hawaiian girl behind.
He rode and wept,
rode and wept...
and prayed to the Virgin Mary.
He was stronger,
over came temptation.
That's why
he'll go to heaven...
for all eternity.
Father, didn't you say
God is very good?
God is infinitely good...
omnipotent and omnipresent.
So he knows everything
that's going to happen, right?
So why does he create a sinner
who's going to hell?
- That's true!
- Only God knows.
Damn, God's a real bastard!
- Damn! -Respect God's word, boy!
At this rate you'll burn
in hell! In the fire!
My heart awoke
- burning with fire, fire
- Stop that!
A hot brunette
- Silence!
- Passed by
- and that is why
- You'll all...
- My heart awoke
- burn in hell!
- Burning with fire, fire
- What the hell's going on?
Silence! Bunch of rascals!
Have you no shame?
You're all on detention!
"Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou
among women...
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus."
Hey, kid? How come
you got put on detention?
I asked the priest something.
What was it?
God is good and knows
what's going to happen...
That's what they say.
So why did he create sinners
who are going to hell?
Who knows!
Must be God
taking the piss out of us.
But I'll tell you
something, Paulinho...
I'd prefer lots of gods
than just the one.
Why, Grandpa?
If one screws you up,
you can ask another for help.
How terrible!
Wait here.
Blood! Gee!
Is help coming?
Go and see.
Right. This way.
I'd like to be there.
Can you image it?
A toast, folks, everyone!
- Hi darling.
- Look at Sofia!
A toast to love...
to many more promotions
in the future.
- A toast...
- To the Brazilian Air Force!
- Viva Brazil!
- Viva!
Viva Brazil!
- Are there Stukas in the film?
- You mean the planes...
diving down, dropping
the bombs and climbing?
I know this one.
We'll meet again
Don't know where
Don't know when
But I know we'll meet again
Some sunny day
- Very good, Marcos.
- Yes.
So keep smilin' thru
Just like you always do
'Til the blue skies drive
The dark clouds far away
So will you please say hello
to the folks that I know
- Tell'em that I won't be long
- Wow! What's that now?
Let's see the movie?
And they'll be happy to know
That when you saw me go
- She could be a singer.
- Let's see the movie?
Everyone wants
to see the movie.
Let's stop that.
That's enough.
Shut up, then! Come on!
Shut up, then!
Here we go!
Look at that one!
Kill them!
Look at that!
Kill the bastards!
I wish I was there!
They smashed!
It's over, man!
There, told you...
what a cute bomb!
They're screwed.
And another!
They're all dead!
A little more cleavage, yes!
- And lift the breasts.
- No mom!
- Do it!
- All right.
And raise this hemline!
- Come on!
- It's fine.
No, you've lovely legs...
got to show them.
- You inherited them from me.
- Okay.
What's that dress, Sofia?
What are you doing?
it's not possible!
This dress...
Stop influencing your daughter!
What's wrong?
- That cleavage!
- What are you doing?
why are you
doing this to me?
Because you look like
a whore.
- Why did you do it?
- Your attention listeners...
- the lunar eclipse has begun.
- What's that?
The lunar eclipse has begun...
Shade is covering the planet...
the moon covering the sun.
The lunar eclipse has begun,
ladies and gentlemen.
My God, it's the end
of the world!
Darkness turning day
into night in Brazil.
The moon covering the sun
for a few minutes.
First it was northern India,
then Nepal...
Bangladesh, Bhutan.
China and south Japan.
Over the Pacific
the phenomenon...
lasted 6 minutes.
Attention! Attention!
Look! Light returns,
light returns!
The moon moves away.
The sun is raising.
Your attention listeners...
the solar eclipse is ending.
Light bathes the earth...
The eclipse...
did you see it, darling?
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry, my love.
I love you so much.
Damn rock,
it's killing jazz, man.
We should get out of here.
Let's go, this party stinks.
- What's that?
- Where's the music?
Lousy! Fuck off!
My irreplaceable you
Just to look at you
My heart goes
Play the music!
Get her out of here!
- What is she doing?
- We want to dance.
Let's go,
let's get out of here.
Broca's here, he'll get you.
Come on.
Look who's here.
Going already, little baby?
Wait a minute, don't go.
Where are you going?
I'll tell your mummy!
What a lousy party!
But did you see that woman?
- Did you see her?
- Yeah!
- She was incredible...
- Yeah.
Really gorgeous!
Don't touch that, Paulinho!
Leave the saints in peace.
Don't fool around with gods.
Come, come
Come across the forests
- Look at the sky, man.
- He comes
The sky.
Come, come
- That's what God is.
- Come across the forests
God is the universe.
My grandfather told me...
that gods are better
than just one.
I don't believe in
that God of the priests.
I'll tell you something...
all that stuff about God,
it's bullshit.
If you exist...
you've a minute
to strike me with lightning!
Holy shit!
That's 30 seconds, God!
Nothing! I'm here, see?
- Shit!
- Nothing, right?
You really don't exist, God.
Hey you fags,
shut the fuck up!
Fuck you!
We want to sleep,
you jerks!
Piss off!
Shut up, fucking jerks!
Jerk my foot!
- Shut up, fucking jerks!
- What are you laughing at?
We're two morons...
- because we never fuck anyone
- I'll get you!
I'll go there. Let's go.
Come on, Bighead.
I'm going there!
Holy shit!
I know every sound
of your father's homecoming.
The car arrives.
You hear?
Lt'll stop.
The gate opening.
Can you hear, son?
His footsteps approaching.
Getting closer...
Then he'll come in.
Good evening.
You're here.
I hear everything, you know.
I hear the sound your shoes
make, your keys...
I see your shadow
pass the window.
I even hear your regret.
- What about her?
- Who?
Can you still taste her
in your mouth?
- Who?
- Her. What's she like?
What's she like?
Is she blonde...
or brunette?
Tall, slim, thin, huh?
What's she like?
Is she fat?
I see you, you know...
I see you licking each other.
She licks you, I can see...
What's her name?
- Her name, tell me!
- Lulu!
Ah! Lulu.
Lulu Belle.
She's beautiful.
Lulu Belle!
A perfect body, smooth...
her open arms calling me...
she's light...
she floats in the sky.
- Were you in bed with her?
- I wish...
I'd like to fly
so high with her.
A jet plane.
Lulu Belle is the finest
jet plane in the world.
I wanted to fly high,
but they wouldn't let me.
Can't you fly jets?
They didn't want me,
I didn't pass.
I'll continue to be
a regular instructor.
I'll still fly low...
I'm no longer your hero, Sofia!
I fly low!
Jets are so fast, my love...
they leave smoke trails
in the sky!
They have women's names...
Shooting Star, Silver Soul
and Lulu Belle!
Lulu Belle!
Lulu Belle!
Mom, what's wrong with dad?
Your father he used
to dance so well.
- Nice and close.
- Mom...
What's that, mom?
We'd dance, son...
whirling across the floor.
Whirling, whirling!
Why are you crying, mom?
- I don't know.
- Is it because of dad?
I don't know...
I don't even know
who your father is.
If only I could know...
what he's like
when he's away.
- Hey girls!
- Captain!
Hot Captain is back!
I wanna go with you.
Lulu Belle!
when I was a bachelor...
I had a car,
a Ford Model T...
called Margarida.
And I had a girlfriend,
called Marly.
She let me go
nearly all the way.
Scared of getting pregnant.
She was a hot potato...
and Walquria, Zuleica...
all hot potatoes...
all on Margarida's back seat!
Dad, how did you meet mom?
Howl met your mother?
She was like a saint...
pale, trembling.
She laughed, was happy...
not like the others.
Your mother
used to laugh a lot...
to begin with.
You know, son,
I like dependent women...
not the obedient ones.
Even when they hate you...
they continue to be faithful...
and happy.
Man is the trunk...
the tree...
the woman's the orchid.
If the tree dies,
the orchid withers.
Your mother laughed
and laughed...
and then became sad.
But the sadder she got...
the more I loved her.
Because she was more mine.
- Hi Ben, how's tricks?
- All right, my angel?
See that one?
I've screwed her.
The other day,
she comes over...
I was just packing up she says:
"I want to have you right now".
I said: "Now, ma'am?"
"Yes, now. "
I said: "But ma'am, not here".
"But I want you!"
"OK, let's go to that back lot. "
So I took her there...
dogs barking.
Took her standing up,
the dogs bow wow...
her going ooh, ooh!
The dogs ooh, ooh!
And her bow wow.
I sure introduced her
to the real Ben!
- Go and dance!
- Sorry, Grandpa?
Packed with girls here.
Go dance!
He's going up to the hookers.
Hot stuff!
The winners
of the beauty contest...
to get you started!
With you now,
Miss Maranho, third place!
Lady Ribamar.
Very good darling!
In second place, Miss Piau!
Solange Nabur!
Very good!
And the big winner...
Miss Bahia,
the new Miss Brazil!
Okay, congratulations
to everyone!
Quiet! Quiet!
The parade's over.
Now girls, get to work!
Work, work!
You're so young!
- What a night.
- Tell me about it!
- My client stank, like a skunk!
- No!
And that Ftima stole
my client again.
Hi there.
Now this!
Would you like some?
Thanks, I already had dinner.
That's all we needed.
Then at least a little dessert.
Guava preserve,
it's delicious.
Try it, go on.
So pale.
Go on, try it.
He didn't like it!
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Catch him, he hasn't paid!
Catch him!
Catch him...
- What's happening?
- He hasn't paid! Catch him!
Hey, Paulinho!
Come on, Paulinho!
Come on, Paulinho!
Go, go!
Catch him!
Catch him!
Catch him!
Stop him! Stop him!
- Wait, let me go!
- You gotta pay!
- Let me go!
- Wait!
Calm down!
What's happening?
- What the hell's going on?
- He didn't pay.
- Did he screwa girl?
- No! I didn't, Mr. Noel.
I was just talking to her.
So you don't pay.
Let them go!
Like hell, old man!
Give me the money!
Let go now,
you son of a bitch!
And you're a pair of jerks...
so many girls around
and you go to a whore house.
- That's it folks!
- Go, Amrica!
Viva, Amrica!
Hey sweetie!
You see those little girls?
Now there's a whore house...
full of schoolgirls...
with short skirts
and bare legs...
just like them.
You've got a one-track
mind, Ben!
I know you're married
in Madureira.
Tied up horses
have to eat too.
Love is what matters.
- Love is for queers.
- Nonsense.
Love, love, my dears
Love is just for queers
Sing, Ben!
Love, love, my dears
Love is just for queers
Love, love, my dears
Here we come!
Carnival is coming, guys!
Here comes the rehearsal
for Carnival.
Carnival is coming!
If only you were honest
Oh, oh, oh Aurora
Oh wouldn't that be the best
Oh, oh, oh Aurora
If only you were honest
Oh, oh, oh Aurora
Oh wouldn't that be the best
Oh, oh, oh Aurora
If only you were honest
Oh, oh, oh Aurora
You're a moron!
Got a crush on that girl
who sings?
I know her really well.
Son of a bitch!
Hey Paulinho...
what are you crying for?
Serves him right,
he deserved it.
I know, man, I know.
But it's all such crap!
It's crap, and now
that jerk Broca!
I know one thing...
I don't want to be
like those guys.
Not even like my parents.
We have to find
who we really are, Bighead.
Crap life!
I'm going nuts...
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
I'm praying for you, mother.
Oh my God!
Leave me alone!
Why, why?
Come here.
My name is Deise,
what's yours?
What are you reading?
A letter.
An automatic writing
from my late mother.
From beyond.
You know why
I asked you in here?
You're different
from the others.
So are you.
I called on you because
your perispirit is so bright.
My peri-what?
Your perispirit...
the energy around your body.
It shines, shines so bright.
That gown of yours
is so lovely.
Oh, my gown.
I like wearing
my ball gown at home.
It was my grandmother's
then my mother's...
and when she died
it became mine.
Nice, isn't it?
Your mother,
how did she die?
My mother?
she died.
- She threwherself...
- How come?
Flew, like a falling bird...
falling, but she's still around...
she's around, you know?
Still around.
Yesterday I was writing
in my diary...
and my hand it started
writing by itself...
writing things, words
I didn't want to write...
I killed myself
and didn't die!
- Away, away!
- Wait, Deise, stop!
Get these dead away from me!
- Calm down!
- Save me, save me!
I'm falling!
Get away!
Get away from me!
- Get away from me!
- Stop!
Stop! Stop Deise, stop!
Stop, Deise!
Calm down.
Look at me, Deise.
Easy now.
When she died...
my dad had her
portraits enlarged.
She was pretty, look!
You know, Paulo, when
someone kills herself...
her spirit wanders around
the world, without rest.
A suicide dies
the same death forever.
If they slit their wrists,
they bleed forever.
If they jumped,
they fall forever.
That's an ectoplasm.
Dad took their pictures.
It's the soul of people...
I think mother left.
Nowl only feel you.
Just you.
Mother wanted to be an actress.
She sang...
she sang well.
She sang like this.
- What's this place?
- This is where dad operates.
Here, lie down.
Lie down.
This is how he operates...
he removes people's organs
without touching.
I could tear out your heart.
Wait, Paulo, wait, wait.
I sense... She is here.
She's here!
She's here!
Leave me alone!
Leave me, go away!
Paulo, go out that way...
that way!
Meet me here tomorrow.
Tomorrow night!
Go, go, go!
This parrot's smart.
The Portuguese,
the bar owner...
sold him to me.
All he used to say was:
"Where's Mimi?"
Now, all he does is this!
And he'll live
to be a hundred.
We'll die and the bastard
will still be alive.
I saw an amazing
woman today, Grandpa...
simply perfect.
Son, nothing is all good.
- Did you ever fall in love?
- Oh Paulinho!
That's a vice no one escapes.
Once, I fell in love
at the sanatorium.
- How did you get tuberculosis?
- Hunger, Paulinho, hunger.
My mother used to sell pastries
on the main square...
I never knew my dad,
and after my mom died...
I had nothing.
Rat, rat, rat
Why do you gnaw at my shoes?
What's that?
An old song.
I lived off rats for two years.
The government paid
rat catchers...
to get rid of yellow fever
and the pest.
After my mother died...
I got by thanks to the rats.
I got tuberculosis...
and went to
a run-down sanatorium.
And I fell in love.
There was this lovely girl...
so white...
used to sing
these amazing arias.
One night she was singing
in the refectory...
when she started
coughing up blood.
Blood, Paulinho, running down.
At night, they'd take the bodies...
I thought I'd die,
but I didn't!
Nothing is all bad.
So I got by...
somehow. Lapa...
the cabarets, dance halls.
How did you meet granny?
Your grandmother
was so young!
Nice little Polack...
so pretty, dancing...
I met her in Lapa.
You've always been happy, right?
No one's happy, Paulinho,
with luck you can be joyful.
Life likes those who like it.
But one time, Paulinho,
one time I was happy.
I was standing
waiting for the tram...
when suddenly,
I'm not sure why...
I was taken by this strong
feeling of happiness.
A splendid happiness!
Lasted about 10 minutes,
then it passed.
What's wrong, Grandpa?
All right?
When I talk about the past,
I get dizzy.
Come on.
Not Ademir,
you're mad, it's Didi!
You don't know a thing
about football!
Ademir's the best
player in Brazil.
Heleno de Freitas is the best!
Heleno de Freitas?
Everyone shouting Gilda!
It's Heleno de Freitas!
I was at Maracan...
when he scored that goal,
in the penalty area...
he took it on the head...
ace goal!
Excuse me, kid.
Botafogo champion,
5 goals, by Paulinho Valentim.
Give me a break, I'm Flamengo,
three times champion.
Hey Portuguese,
Vasco is useless too, huh?
Go to hell!
Paulinho, what happened?
Wait, I'll dry that.
Wait a minute, calm down.
Easy now.
What happened?
Stop drinking!
What happened, Paulinho?
That bitch what
am I supposed to do?
Better hurt your hand...
than feel the pain inside.
Take it easy, Paulinho,
love's like that, it'll pass.
What do you know about love?
Let's get out of here.
Come on.
Let's go.
Easy now, Paulinho.
- That bitch!
- Easy, Paulinho.
What is it, Paulinho?
What about your hand?
- Your hand...
- It's nothing, mom.
- It's nothing, mom.
- Nothing.
What happened, Paulinho?
Now Ismael's all upset
because of some woman.
It's not Ismael, honey,
it's your grandson.
It's not Ismael,
it's your grandson!
Paulinho, what happened
to your hand?
Open the door!
Open up my son.
Your hand is bleeding.
- Let me see.
- Leave me alone.
Paulinho, turn that
music down, the neighbors!
Open the door!
Open the door!
Look, your father,
son, flying...
Your father's crazy,
He's doing that for me,
look, look son.
Listen, son.
Up here, guys!
- Fuck you!
- What the fuck?
- Don't push!
- Fuck you!
Stop that fighting now!
Stop it! It is an order!
Stop that now!
Where do you think you are?
Stop that now!
Hey, I'll send my bodyguard.
Stop fighting!
I'll call the police
to come and sort it out!
Where do you think you are?
Plenty of women to go around.
We've Germans, Polacks,
blacks, whites...
everything you want!
But it's orderly!
Hot, pretty!
Come here.
Hey, hot guy.
Come here!
Come, baby.
Don't be scared!
Don't be scared!
Come, pretty!
Come here, dear.
Get away!
Get away!
Go, go, go!
Help! She's dying!
A doctor, she's dying!
Sell your newspapers...
Sell your old newspapers...
magazines and books...
- Sell your newspapers
- Joaquim!
Wait a minute, Joaquim.
Excuse me, dad.
Joaquim, look at this.
What I've got for you.
Old things, so lovely.
Look, Joaquim.
Family relics, Dona Sofia.
You mustn't sell these.
Look how lovely,
a whole lifetime, Joaquim...
a whole lifetime.
Mom, let's go inside,
I'm sorry, Joaquim.
Son, these things are piling
up inside. Come inside, mom.
there's nothing you can buy...
that I'll miss.
Except life, Joaquim...
except life.
in the Spanish influenza,
there's no burying the dead.
The ghosts wander in daylight!
The ghosts appear at night, Noel.
They hide during the day.
They're afraid of us.
Yes, they're afraid of us.
Sell your newspapers...
Speak to me, Marcos.
Where are you going now?
- Where?
- It doesn't matter.
- Howis it?
- It doesn't matter!
It does! Where are you going?
You go to sleep!
Leave me alone, will you?
You're going to meet her...
I know very well!
- What's wrong, mom?
- Oh son, your father.
Find out who his lover is, son.
He has someone,
he's going to leave me.
Alone in this house!
Find out for your mother...
he'll leave me.
Brazil, hope of the future
And the glories of your past
All this leads
To the greatness of progress
And pride among nations
Brazil, blessed land
of mixed nations
Tied by love
Brazil, bright light of the moon
Give him a beer.
Brazil, bright light of the moon
The aurora of your sea
Of the forests and cities
Brazil, Brazil, Brazil
I'm through with love
I'll neverfall again
Said adieu to love
Don't ever call again
For I must love you
Or no one
And so I'm through with love
I've locked my heart
I'll keep my feelings there
I've stocked my heart
With icy, frigid air
And I mean to care
For no one
Because I'm through with love
Why did you lead me
To think you could care?
You didn't need me
For you had your share
Of slaves around you
To hound you and swear
With deep emotion
And devotion to you
Goodbye to spring
And all it meant to me
It can never bring
The thing that used to be
For I must have you
Or no one
And so I'm through with love
Go on!
See that girl overthere?
That's my daughter.
If you like you can see her
naked. You just have to pay.
After that guy there,
you can go up.
You can look.
But you mustn't touch.
Goodbye to spring
And all it meant to me
It can never bring
The thing that used to be
For I must have you
Or no one
And so I'm through with love
And so I'm through with
Baby I'm through with love
There goes the old guy,
he's always here.
She's a saintly virgin.
Virginity, my son,
is worth gold.
Let me go! Let go!
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Get out of our way.
Get away man!
- Get him away!
- Stop!
Let me go!
I'm going!
All right, let's calm down.
Calm down.
Everything's under control!
Dad? What are you
doing out here?
Let's go inside.
I can't go in!
Come on, dad.
I can't go in!
Then I'm staying
here with you.
Tough landing conditions,
huh Captain?
But we're going to have
a smooth landing, son.
Trust me.
Oh, the kid came back.
Cute, huh?
Money to see your daughter.
All right, let's see
if you brought it all.
It's all right.
All there, just go up
those stairs.
I dropped my money!
- Give me that.
- Go to hell.
- Easy up on the booze.
- I'm not drinking, am I?
I'm not drinking!
I'm not drinking!
That other day I was here...
who was that guy
who got thrown out?
Some crazy old guy.
Says he does spins
in his plane.
He lies on the floor
gazing at me.
But no one screws me.
I'm a cherry.
The old guy says he'll
leave his wife to marry me.
And will you?
Like hell!
No one touches me.
See that bell?
You get out of line...
two gorillas come
and tear you to pieces.
No one gets out
of line with me.
You know what he did that day?
He grabbed me on purpose.
I saw he knew
he was in for a beating.
But he wanted a beating.
And you?
What do you do?
Only old guys come in here,
how old are you?
I'm sixteen.
And what do you do?
I think I'm a writer.
And if I wanted to touch you,
would you press the bell?
Would you?
Would you?
I want to see you
outside here. Can you?
I'll tell you...
I have two lives.
A real and a secret one.
This is secret.
My real life no one touches.
I know. But can't you
come out with me?
To the movies?
but I charge.
All right.
I'll pay.
I'll pay to date you.
But I have to go now.
I've paid your mother.
But I'll be back, Marilyn.
Now get dressed, go on.
Get dressed!
That's nice, Grandpa.
You in love, Ismael?
- No way.
- You're in love, kid!
I know what that's like...
I've been in love.
You know, that Polack,
on Marrecas Street...
I grabbed her,
up against the window...
kissed her, and looked down.
Outside the carts with the dead
from the Spanish influenza.
I looked at the dead
down there, I saw them...
but I didn't stop, Ismael,
with her there, I didn't stop...
and her groaning:
"Mein lieb, Mein lieb!"
- Easy now, Grandpa.
- "Mein lieb..."
Then she stuck by me...
to this day...
your grandmother.
- You playing tonight, Ismael?
- It's me, Grandpa.
My grandson, Paulinho,
who's in love!
Remember that bitch...
who left me at carnival, Ismael?
Ceci, that mulatto odalisque?
The damn bitch, singing:
Stand back, here I come
Stand back, here I come
She left me.
And I was left bellowing.
Like a bull!
Easy, Grandpa.
Dying is so sad...
I'll never see
Rio Branco Avenue again.
Mustn't stop, the heart.
Cheering your team, team
till your dying day, day...
My memory is good...
this is the Amrica team
in 1951...
Osni, Joel and Osmar.
Rubens, Osvaldinho, Godofredo.
Natalino, Maneco, Dimas,
Ranulfo, and...
Amrica! Amrica!
Red hearts beating.
Mustn't stop.
I'll tell you something
very important.
Paulinho, grandson...
listen carefully.
Love, grandson...
love is a bitch.
It is a bitch!
So much going on
in my head.
Wind in my head.
Everything's fine, Grandpa.
It's all right.
You have to love...
On the wind.
Without a safety net.
Flying, love, love...
otherwise you don't live.
I came to fetch you.
I already told you, I can't.
But I brought money.
Come out with me.
Come on.
So, are we dating?
Hell knows.
I'll pay.
Well, the money's here.
Will you do everything I ask?
All right. Do you...
like me?
I paid.
Answer me.
I don't know.
I never felt this before.
My mother never
lets me see anyone.
Where I live,
I don't see anyone.
I just see me in
at Eldorado, groaning...
fat, thin...
old, all groaning
in front of me.
You said you have a real life,
and a secret one, right?
- What's your real life like?
- Me?
I live with my mother,
in Mag, you know?
She lives with that guy
from Eldorado.
He's a crook.
My father...
my father was a king to me.
Sometimes I saw him...
sometimes I see him...
watching me among
the lights at Eldorado.
How did he die?
All kings are murdered.
And what do you do
during the day?
I sleep, and nights
I'm there.
And I dream a lot.
The other day I dreamed
Marilyn was tearing my dress.
Sometimes I dream I'm
that I'm not me.
The other day I woke up...
and saw myself
I was looking at myself...
from the outside.
I was so scared I screamed.
But that was just a dream.
Your real life...
is inside your mother's head.
You're the first real person
I've touched.
Do you exist?
Sure. I do exist.
I have to go,
it's getting dark.
No, don't go.
I have to go,
I have a show.
I'll go meet you there.
Ah, here's the princess...
You're late,
where have you been?
- Just out.
- Out with whom?
Out. Can't I go out?
Get dressed, the show's late
because of you.
Watch out, kid!
Let me see.
Even more beautiful.
My dad'll be furious when
he finds out I took his car.
Till tomorrow, God willing...
If it doesn't rain,
I'll come back and see you...
Oh woman!
This is so wonderful,
but I'm scared.
That's okay,
being scared is good.
You have to pierce the fear.
And love, love without
fear, no safety net.
Just love.
- Come!
- Now!
You did it.
He's leaving me!
He's going to leave me!
Leave me!
You know, sometimes I think...
in the future
how will I remember
our life now?
I'll remember my family dream...
our bed...
pictures of roses,
the velvet curtains.
I'll remember you were...
Afraid of my happiness...
and that love was a sort of...
I don't know what for.
I think in the future I'll say...
"We loved each other so much...
but didn't know how".
I think that
in the future I'll...
pity the two of us.
See, my love?
Very much.
Happy birthday!
Mummy, mummy!
I'm turning 150!
Yeah, a year with this
scoundrel counts as two!
A toast! A toast...
- to what, my God?
- Dad, you mustn't drink.
- No?
- No.
Cheers, and congratulations...
to this fine young man...
who today came to ask
my daughter's hand.
You may marry
with my consent.
You may kiss the bride, kiss.
Kiss the bride.
When I think of our
good old days
I forgot the words.
When I think of our
good old days
I miss the two of us
So much
- Ben!
- Noel.
Been sleeping around much?
Oh no Noel,
that's his department.
No time, Noel.
I spend my whole day
on his back.
I'm no fag, stupid!
Lapa is the right place...
talk to me!
My child!
I don't know what to do.
I even called the police.
Mother, what's he doing out?
- Calm down, now sit.
- What?
I'll see what's happening.
- Ah, he's here.
- Dad?
- Paulinho.
- Where have you been?
Your grandfather's missing
and now this.
What do you mean?
Missing, he was at the party,
then disappeared.
- What do you mean?
- Missing...
- I don't know, son.
- I'm going to find grandpa.
Stay here, Paulinho!
- No, I'm going to find grandpa.
- Paulinho, be careful!
Bonsoir, mademoiselles.
- Noel?
- Noel?
What is it?
You're so lovely,
you bowl me over.
Bowl me over.
Joaquim! Joaquim,
where's your cornet?
What cornet, Noel?
Your cornet the dance starts soon!
- What dance?
- The dance, it's Saturday!
Noel, Saturday is an illusion.
It's an illusion.
Grandpa! Grandpa!
I'm here listening
to the stars!
"You may say,
'Listen to the stars!'
And I'll tell you,
'Love to understand them!
For only lovers
have ears capable of...
hearing and understanding
the stars'."
- Isn't that lovely?
- Let's go home.
- Come on, Grandpa.
- The dance!
Careful here...
- The dance!
- Let's go.
Let's go to the dance.
Grandpa, we have to go home.
Let me go to the dance, Ismael!
We have to go home, Grandpa!
- Grandpa, are you all right?
- Help him!
All right?
I'm fine, son.
Let me go, let me go...
Let me go, my son.