Extremity (2018) Movie Script

(ominous music)
(Chainsaw revving)
(scared mumbling)
(Frightened shouting)
Pull it out!
C'mon, you're not doing it
He can't breathe! (Laughter)
You're hurting me! You're
hurting me!
Hey, I'm fucking serious! I'm
serious, I'm fucking done here!
We'll talk about you going home
after you stop fucking breathing!
I want to go home.
- Oh, he's scared!
- No no no, please! No!
I've made a mistake, I don't
want to...
(Shower noises)
(dark ominous music)
(phone ringing)
(voice distorted)
Can you be ready tomorrow?
Good. Your mission awaits you.
(Highway sounds)
(dark ominous music)
(Radio Man 1)
I 100% agree with you.
(Radio Man 2) (overlapped talking)
why we like physical media so much
is in that era, which we've
whether you were the big budget
Hollywood multimillion dollar movie
or the super low budget Roger
Corman film...
(Phone ringing)
(Erica on phone)
Allie? Thank God! Where are you?
Don't worry, I'm fine.
(Erica on phone) No, listen to me.
You're not fine!
I know exactly what I'm doing.
You just have to trust me.
(Erica on phone) I don't know if I can trust
you, because you're off your medication.
(Erica on phone)
I know you are.
(pills rattling in bottle) I've
got them right here.
(Erica on phone)
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
(Erica on phone) I didn't mean for it
to go so far. Just come home, please?
I love you. Okay?
I know I've never said that
before, but I do.
I wanna be deserving of you.
You have nothing to be scared
I'm the one who's scared. I'm the one
who's been scared for so many years.
Not after today.
(Erica on phone) Allie, just stop.
Wherever you are, just turn ar...
(Allie hangs up phone)
(car engine shuts off)
My name is Allison Bell. I'm making this video
as a stipulation before entering Perdition.
I cannot say where I am, but I can say
that I am here of my own free will.
Anything that happens inside Perdition
is done with my full consent.
I release Perdition and it's staff of any
responsibility for whatever may occur during my visit.
(Allie hangs up phone)
(Phone rings)
I'm here.
(The Voice) Leave your phone and keys
in the car. The back door is unlocked.
Proceed to the ladies' room, you'll find a
release form there. Sign it. (hangs up)
God, this place is a shithole.
Yeah, I think that's the point.
(Girl) I'm so fucking jealous
I didn't get picked.
I'll call you when I'm done.
Love you.
(Zachary) Fucking wicked, huh?
(Allison) Yeah.
So this is it?
I think so.
(Zachary) Zachary.
(Allison) Allison.
Let the fun begin.
(Zachary) I can taste
the asbestos already.
There's a light down here.
You ever do this before?
No, you?
First time.
I'm supposed to go in there.
How do you know?
He told me.
Shouldn't you read that first?
What's the fun in that?
Oh, I'm not doing that.
I will.
Oh Jesus, it's real.
(Zachary gagging)
(Zachary retching)
(stall door closing)
What is it?
Put these on.
How do I look?
(Door opens)
(Zachary) Get off of me!
(Allison) No!
(Zachary) Get off of me!
(Allison screams)
(ominous electronic music)
Just watch it, alright?
Easy, buddy.
Fuck you, man!
(Erica) Somebody please help me!
She's dying, I need your help!
Oh my God! Come on baby!
Do you know why you're here?
Because female maintenance puts me
in close proximity to razor blades?
(Therapist) Yes. That is why you
are here at this very moment.
But why are you back here, after
all these years?
I don't know how you want me to
answer that.
Because I'm fucked up? I don't
You have unresolved issues. No
one can blame you for that.
But if you don't want to end up
back here, or worse,
you have to deal with them. Head
(Zachary) What the fuck
are they doing? Where-
Shh. I can't hear.
(Reporter speaking excitedly in
(alarm blaring)
(reporter continues in Japanese)
(altered voice over speakers) Your
souls belong to Perdition now.
(White Skull)
Sit down. Sit the fuck down!
Good little doggy! (laughs)
(ominous violins)
(The Voice)
Welcome... to Perdition.
Am I being videotaped right
(The Voice) You've seen our videos.
Of course you are.
Every moment of your experience
is being documented.
So those Chinese people... is that
what they're here for?
(The Voice) They're Japanese.
And they're from
Gashadokuro, you will treat
them with the utmost respect.
So is the world gonna see this?
(The Voice)
I chose you for this night.
So consider it an honor.
Why are you here?
I told you in my interview.
(The Voice)
No, you told me what scares you.
That's not what I'm asking.
I have unresolved issues.
A fear. A darkness.
And you want us to what?
Literally scare the hell out of
I guess.
Any moron can scare you. It's
(loud horn)
Is that was this is gonna be?
Cheap tricks? Because that's gonna
get really boring really fast
You have no idea where you are
right now.
No one does.
We could be dangerous people.
Could be killers.
You have a website and a YouTube
How dangerous can you be?
I will be many things.
But boring will not be one of
Masks don't scare me.
Oh, we all wear masks,
Even you.
It's what's underneath that
scares us.
(metallic knock)
(keys tapping)
(The Voice on recording)
What scares you, Allison?
(Allison on recording)
I don't know if things scare me.
(The Voice) Maybe I'm not being clear.
What limits you?
What holds you back from living?
I'm extremely claustrophobic?
(The Voice) Lots of people
hate small spaces, Allison.
It's like being afraid of the
dark, or spiders.
Unless it comes from a real
What else?
(Allison) This might sound
weird, but..winter.
(The Voice)
You're scared of the winter?
No, I'm not scared of winter.
But it reminds me of my
And I don't like to remember my
(The Voice)
Too many bad memories?
Yeah, you could say that.
(clearing throat)
(scary ambient sounds)
(groaning sounds)
(crunching sound)
Who's in here?
Who's there?!
I'm not scared of you!
(Red Skull) The darkness
fucks with your mind.
It plays tricks on the mind.
It doesn't take long.
(speaking Japanese)
(translator) Tonight, you
have two people going
through Perdition:
Zachary and Allison.
Why did you choose them,
All I can say is you'll see.
It was a decision I came to very
And after tonight, people will
be talking
about their visit for a very
long time.
(ominous violins)
(creaking sounds)
(doorknob rattles)
(ominous whispers)
(loud bang, doorknob rattles)
(Allison screams)
(sinister laughter)
(White Skull)
Repeat after me:
"I belong to Perdition now!"
(Zachary and Allison)
I belong to Perdition now.
I relinquish all control
of my mind and my body
to Perdition.
I relinquish all control of
my mind and my body
to Perdition.
(White Skull)
I am nothing now.
I'm just a plaything
of Perdition.
I am nothing now.
I'm just a plaything
of Perdition.
(White Skull)
Do with me whatever you wish.
(Zachary and Allison)
Do with me whatever you wish.
With enthusiasm!
Do with me whatever you wish!
Now take off your clothes.
Take off your clothes!
(Door opens)
(intense drum starts)
You bitch!
(White Skull) Well, you don't wanna do
it yourself, I gotta do it for you!
(White Skull)
Put those on.
(Red Skull)
Take off everything.
(White Skull)
Take off the goddamn underwear.
(intense drum beat resumes)
All of it.
Now put those on.
See, that wasn't so hard, now
was it?
(crow cawing)
(phone ringing)
Babe. Not right now.
(Erica) Just keep reading.
I won't bother you.
Seriously, I don't feel like it.
I'm sorry.
Don't do this to me.
I'm not asking for much.
I'm in love with an android.
Don't be a bitch.
Two months we haven't had sex.
Does that sound normal to you?
We're young. We have our own
We could be doing it all day,
every day,
but I'm not asking for that.
I'm just asking for a little bit
of passion.
Not once in a quarter.
Don't! Get off me!
What the fuck?
Sorry. I didn't mean that.
Listen, I get it.
You don't have to explain
yourself to me.
You know it's not you.
I know.
Still doesn't make it easy.
I'm gonna go out.
(muffled sexual moans)
(Skull Clown)
You move you die.
(door locks)
(muffled sexual moans continue)
(Red Skull) You love your girlfriend,
but her touch disgusts you.
(Allison on recording)
(Red Skull)
Well, it's touch itself that
disgusts you.
One of our basic needs as
(electronic sliding door
(electronic beeps)
(Peep Show Girl) Don't be shy.
did you cut yourself?
(Peep Show Girl)
Just give in.
I know you want to.
(Peep Show Girl)
If you don't,
something bad's gonna happen.
(electronic cutting noise)
(sexual moaning)
(Allison gasps)
(Skull Clown)
(sinister laughter)
(Skull Clown) (Laughing)
Night Night! You're next!
(heavy breathing)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(over intercom Zachary being
(Peep Show Girl) Just do what I
do, or you'll suffer.
You both will.
(pleasured moaning)
(strange noises in background)
(Skull Clown)
(menacing laughter)
(Skull Clown)
(heavy breathing)
(Peep Show Girl)
Look at me!
Are you ready?
(female moaning)
(female scream)
(door unlocking)
(speaking Japanese)
(translator) Would you
allow us to see your face?
(ominous string music)
(speaking Japanese)
(speaking Japanese)
(car starting)
(engine stops)
(strange electronic music)
(Reporter speaking Japanese)
(dog barking)
You told me there weren't gonna
be any dogs!
(Red Skull) And for some reason,
you believed us.
First one to find the exit wins.
Believe me.
(creepy moan)
you don't want to lose.
Twenty second head start, kids.
Dog follows.
Get going.
(horn blowing)
(alarm wailing)
(horn blowing)
(Allison) Hey! Wait!
(muffled emergency broadcast)
(White Skull shrieking)
(dog barking in distance)
(White Skull) Help me! Help me,
help me, help me!
(dog growling)
(dog barking)
(dog whimpering)
Looks like Zachary won.
And so, he'll be rewarded.
Which means you lose.
(uptempo electronic music)
(Monkey Suit)
It's a madhouse!
Say it! Say it!
It's a madhouse! It's a fucking
Say it! Say it!
(cheerful asian music)
(reporter speaking Japanese)
(sinister laughing)
(clown scream)
(terrified) No! No!
No, no, no! Please, no!
No, I promise I'll be good!
No, I can't! No!
(Red Skull) It's exactly why
you're going to.
Please! Please!
(Allison) No!
(young Allison) Dad! Let me out,
Let me out, I promise I'll be
Dad! No! Please!
(Red Skull) The more you scream,
the worse it gets.
That, I promise you.
(scared whisper) No, no.
(terrified screaming)
Let me out!
(pounding on coffin)
(ominous heavy metal music)
What the hell is this?
(Allison) It's Jack Rabe's new
That underground filmmaker from
Ohio I told you about?
(screaming on TV)
Are you fucking kidding me?
(Allison) Geez, it's just a
Is it?
(Allison) Yes, Erica.
Watching horror doesn't make me
which is how you make me feel.
This isn't horror. This is
And when you go after dark shit
like this...
I've seen it happen before.
I'm only trying to help, okay?
(Allison) I don't need your
Do you wanna end up back in the
Is that what you want?
(Erica) This is fucking dark
shit, Allie.
Rape, torture, beheadings?
What are you doing?
- Put those down!
- I am!
Quit being a fucking bitch!
Get your fucking hands off me!
Please don't go!
(Allison screaming)
Let me out!
(heavy metal music)
Help me! Help me!
(Masked Man)
Let's just do it.
Let's just do it. You're so
- Help me.
- I need.
(Woman screaming)
(stabbing and squelching)
(heavy metal music on radio)
(phone ringing)
(Red Skull)
Hello, Allison.
(Red Skull) I just finished
watching your submission.
I think you're an excellent
That's great.
(Red Skull)
I need a letter from your doctor
stating you're in good mental
and physical condition.
Can you do this?
Yeah. That's no problem.
(Red Skull)
What scares you, Allison?
I don't know if things scare me.
(Red Skull)
Maybe I'm not being clear.
What limits you?
What holds you back from living?
(slow piano jazz music)
(Therapist) I went to the website
of this Perdition place.
Checked it out.
Honestly, Allison,
I don't see any therapeutic
value in it.
Now, you asked me to look at the
consider this as a therapy
I looked at it.
I read everything on that
and I have considered this
My answer is no.
I strongly urge you not to go.
And I absolutely cannot write
you a letter
of mental health.
You have made significant
over the past decade in the wake
of traumatic events in your
You've moved back into the
You have an apartment,
you're in a good relationship.
Don't throw it all away
over a dumb haunted house.
It's not dumb.
It's what I want.
It's what I need.
This infatuation with horror
has the potential to derail
all your progress.
Horror is no better than
It's smut,
dressed up as entertainment.
It serves no greater purpose.
It's death, on sale.
And on sale cheap.
I'm going to forget we
ever had this conversation.
Do I have to schedule another
No, Dr. Nicholas, we don't.
You forget about this.
You'll thank me.
(Allison knocking on coffin
(Allison screams)
(Creature growling)
Leave me alone!
The dog's alive! Yeah!
John Hainey, thirty-eight years
Been with Perdition for... geez.
Going on ten years now.
This is Russell.
This is pretty boy, Floyd.
Prop gun.
I used to work in special makeup
Underground films, mostly.
(speaking Japanese)
You play how many characters?
Beanie, Psycho Clown, and
Now, the Gorilla is obviously
the one closest
to my own personality.
When I first started,
I was what we call White Skull.
That's the entry-level position.
Mainly grunt work.
But after a year of that,
I graduated character work.
This gives me more of an
to express myself artistically.
(speaking Japanese)
Tell us your name.
Phil Cutter. Been with Perdition
ten years.
(translator) What made you
want to scare people?
I served eight tours,
Iraq and Afghanistan,
and uh saw some bad shit,
and this is therapy for me.
How did you meet Bob?
He was a struggling screenwriter
when I met him.
He was writing a Vietnam script,
something for a military
He was a friend of a friend so I
helped out.
The script went nowhere, but uh
that was our first
and uh, he's an interesting guy.
(translator) What unique
skills do you bring Perdition?
(ominous slow electronic music)
What do you want from us?
Now listen carefully.
It's a simple question.
What do you
want from us?
I don't know what you mean.
What do you
want from us?
I want you to push me to my
(Allison whimpers)
(Zachary) What are you-what are
you doing to her?
What are you doing to her?!
What do you want from us,
Stop! I want you to stop!
That's the wrong answer.
What do you want from us,
I felt like I was drowning!
You can't do this!
Stop it!
Stop it, you're gonna kill her!
(muffled groans)
What do you want from us?
I want you to make me
face my fears!
What fears?
Stop, something's wrong with
her! Stop!
Allison. Allison, listen to me!
Listen to me,
you're having a panic attack,
I'm gonna say a sequence of
and I want you to repeat them
back to me,
do you understand?
Now listen, here we go, here we
2, 5, 4,
6, 0, 8, 9.
Six, oh, eight.
(speaking Japanese)
What's happening?
(Red Skull)
Don't worry.
It's all under control.
It's okay. 6, 8, 4,
1, 3, 7, 2.
6, 8, 5
...no, 4, 4...
Calm down, calm down. it's
(soothing sounds)
Take it easy. It's alright.
It's alright.
Stop. Stop!
Let go of me! Help!
Stop! Let go!
Get off of him!
Why'd you say "Daddy"?
Because I'm fucked up, okay?
Now we're getting somewhere.
Why are you here?
To see what I'm capable of!
Yeah, why?
- 'Cause I'm afraid.
- Of what?
That I'll never amount to
Chill Hipster brain,
come up with that shit all on
your own?
- No.
- Yeah
Yeah, then where'd you hear it?
From my parents.
Sounds like they know you pretty
What else they have to say?
That I'm not strong enough.
That I'm weak.
I'm... I'm
- (sobbing) a loser!
- Keep going!
Oh, you ready to talk now?
You ready to tell me what I
wanna hear?
Well I'm all ears.
(Red Skull)
Oh, shit!
Did you see that?
I got a treat for you, honey.
No! No! No!
(Allison scared)
No! No!
I'm drowning!
Shut up and drown, then!
(Red Skull)
Tell me about your father.
Go to Hell!
I'm not playing.
Why should I tell you?
You're just some fucking loser
in a mask!
(Cutter chuckles)
I can't help you.
(8 mm camera sound)
(White Skull)
God, this mask can go fuck
I'm tired of this thing.
You know, I shoulda been
fucking Peep Show Girl.
I'm way hotter than that bitch
anyway and then she just comes
in like,
"I'm Hainey's wife!
I should be Peep Show Girl!"
Fucking stupid bitch.
What's wrong?
You okay?
Look at me.
Who's your sister?
Who loves you?
You bet your ass I do.
We're gonna get outta here soon,
Just temporary.
Grab a gun.
I love the way I look.
(classical music)
Help me!
(serene opera singing)
You see this?
That there is Boticelli's map of
Now, Perdition,
that's my hell.
For the time,
yours too.
the crime that got me here,
well, that was cowardice
Didn't even get me to
the top of the first circle.
Now see I'm...
I'm just outside the gates,
right there.
every day,
I have to pay for my sins.
My family
would go on vacation in
New Jersey every summer.
Wild Wood.
My mom, my dad,
and my brother Joey.
See, Joey,
he was two years older than me.
His favorite ride was...
was always the haunted houses.
I'm scared to hell of it,
he would tease me.
Until I eventually agreed
to go on the ride with him.
But even then, I just, I just
still just, I closed my eyes
the entire ride, right.
But the scariest one of them all
called the Pit of Doom.
One night,
while we were there,
it burned.
Joey and I were on that ride
when it went down.
Halfway through the ride,
we stopped.
Lights went out.
Smoke was everywhere.
The place it, it...
was engulfed in seconds, really
but a man with a flashlight came
Found us.
He pulled us out of the car.
He told us, told us to hold
"Don't let go!" he said.
So he held mine,
and I held Joey's.
He lead us through this, this
burning maze.
Searching for a way out
but we couldn't breath,
and we couldn't see.
It was then that Joey's hand
slipped from my grasp.
And I didn't
say. A thing.
I was too afraid, hmmm? Yeah.
So I just kept moving on,
kept getting pulled forward,
and then it wasn't until we were
when they realized that Joey was
no longer
behind me.
By then it was too late.
Place was an inferno.
They didn't blame me though.
I was just a kid, right?
I could've said something.
I could've done something.
I let Joey die,
because I was too afraid.
Because I
wanted to stay alive.
What did he do to you?
I don't remember.
How bad was it?
(chains rattling)
Answer the question.
(sobbing) I can't.
I can't.
Please, I can't.
Okay. Then back under you go.
(unintelligible whispering)
(door banging)
Let me in!
Open this door right now!
(angered yelling)
Right now!
(Young Allison)
Leave me alone.
(muffled sobbing)
(ominous music, unintelligible
(monster growling)
(Young Allison screams)
(Man) What did I tell you
about locking the door?
(more screaming)
Get up!
(terrified screaming)
(Allison's Father)
Take it off now!
Is that why you had that door
(Allison's Father)
Take it off!
(thuds and screams)
That's right cry!
(Therapist) How did you process
your mother's passing?
How do you think I processed it?
I was ten.
It sucked.
Cancer's a bitch, right?
I was under the impression your
took her own life.
That's one way to see it, sure.
But that's not how I saw it.
How do you see it?
She was just desperate for a way
The cancer was there, alright.
Not something you could see
under a microscope but,
it was there, eating away at
He let it in.
Your father?
The monster.
And how did he react to her
I know you don't want to discus
these things
but these issues should've been
dealt with earlier.
I was hospitalized for two
I think I dealt with them.
Not properly,
or you wouldn't be back here,
now would you?
He drank more.
And that's saying something.
And how did this behavior
affect you at the time?
It's hard to remember.
But it's there.
It's always there.
What is?
The weight.
The gnashing in my stomach.
The poison in my veins.
And it's his blood, too.
And it's black, and it's vile!
And the more I have to fucking
think about it,
the more I want to scratch my
fucking eyes out!
Very good.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Why'd you pick her?
(Bob) I told you, she looked
better than anyone else.
(Cutter) There's something
you're not telling me.
(Bob) Can't reveal all
my secrets, can I?
She broke my nose, man!
And you're just gonna what. cry
about it?
How about I break your nose,
and we see how much you like it?
You know how the game is played.
I'm the only one who knows all
the cards.
If you don't like it, then don't
There's something wrong with
(Bob) Look, this is her
paperwork, right here, okay?
There's a fucking doctor's note
in there,
read it if you don't believe me.
Get rid of her.
You know I can't do that,
not with the crew here.
Send her home.
I need her here tonight.
And right now,
she's putting on one hell of a
show, okay?
Don't you get it?
I'm trying to take us to the
next fucking level.
Everything is riding on this.
Perdition, it should be the
And we should be enjoying the
splendors of the best,
But no, I have fourteen fucking
dollars in my name,
and I'm eating macaroni and
fucking cheese!
(Cutter) And you can't help
but pick the most unstable,
batshit crazy bitch you could
find, right?
And you poke around in that
fragile brain of hers,
just to see what fireworks might
go off?
(Cutter) What happened
to helping people, Bob?
If you don't like how I'm
running things,
then go.
Nobody's stopping you.
You're paying for my nose.
Send me a bill.
Get to the back of the fucking
line like everyone else.
Perdition is gonna fail.
And you're a shitty
Excuse me?
Yeah, you heard me.
Stay down, Bob.
What're you doing? Get outta
(Allison screaming)
We ain't fuckin' actors, okay?
This ain't playtime. This is
(speaking Japanese)
When you say "real," you mean?
Real means real.
Do you speak English, you stupid
(speaking Japanese)
The fuck are you guys saying?
What the fuck are you
even doing here?
Goddamnit, get outta here!
(Rene on phone)
Hey, um, it's me.
(Rene) I know it's you.
What do you want?
Um... is Taylor there?
He's doing homework.
Look, I just wanted to, you
know, say hi.
Tell him I love him.
We're kinda busy over here,
we don't have all the free time
you do.
I'll tell him you called, okay?
Look, Rene, um, I need to talk
to Taylor, okay?
Just have a heart here, okay?
It's been like, a month.
It's not a good time.
Well, when...
When is a good time?
(Rene) You're two months behind
on child support. Two months!
Look, I know. Okay,
but I... I miss him.
I know, I know,
Taylor needs food Bob. Taylor
needs clothes.
Taylor needs health insurance.
He's falling behind on his
and now I have to pay for a
Do you have money for that?
No, of course not.
You never have money.
You can talk to Taylor when you
pay what you owe.
Look, I'm his father, Rene.
(Rene) Then act like it!
Anything else?
Go fuck yourself!
Nice. So nice. Scumbag.
Rene, no, Rene, just let me
speak to...
(ominous music)
Move fucker!
The next game is called, "Run."
(Zachary) I don't wanna play.
It's freezing!
I don't wanna play!
I didn't fucking ask you, pansy!
Are you scared?
It's not loaded.
Think again.
Ain't no use in crying, little
It ain't gonna do you no good!
(muffled voice on walkie talkie)
(Hainey on walkie)
Nell pick up.
Is everything okay over there?
She's got a gun!
10-9, I didn't get that.
I said we're having fun!
Turn that shit off.
As I was saying,
the next game is called, "Run."
The object of the game is
to not fucking get caught.
If you get caught, you lose.
I'd suggest not getting caught.
Now run.
(intense electronic music)
Run, little piggies!
Let's go huntin', sis.
(heavy breathing)
They're gonna fucking kill us.
(whooping in the distance)
Did you hear that?
(whooping and howling)
Gotcha, baby!
(Zachary screaming)
(crow cawing)
- (Hainey) Bum a smoke, man?
- Yeah.
Cathy picking you up?
(Hainey) Yeah, she'll be
here in a few minutes.
Think we ever go too far?
What's too far?
Fucking people up forever.
We haven't gone that far.
Not yet.
It's too much white noise now.
That's why we have to keep going
harder and harder.
(Bob) Otherwise, we're
just gonna be forgotten
and... I don't know.
Like we never existed.
I was first.
They all stole it from me.
These... these damn movie studios
fuckin' franchises,
these East Coast hipster
These fuckin' horror directors,
and they got nothin' better to
(Hainey) You got to remember
why you started this.
Not to be the best. Not for the
You did it because there's not
a night that goes by
that you don't wake up in a cold
You're fuckin' scarin' me.
You're in the right place.
(Cathy) John!
- You smokin' again?
- God no! Swear to God, no!
Get your ass in here.
Gotta go, man.
(car door closes)
Turn around.
Guess what?
You won!
(Nell) Yup. So that means
you get to keep your life.
And this little turd over here
gets to fuckin' die!
Allison, don't let them kill me!
They're not gonna kill you.
Because this is fake.
You're right.
We're not gonna kill him.
you are.
Point the fucking gun at his
What? You think this fuckin' boy
is any different from all the
other men
that have used and abused you?
Oh c'mon, Allison.
This little fucker's gonna go
off to college,
and the first party he comes to,
he's gonna find some drunk,
unsuspecting girl,
he's gonna get her alone,
he's gonna fucking rip her
panties off,
stick her face in the couch
and fucking rape her.
I'd never do that, Allison,
I swear to God, I swear!
He's a fucking liar!
You gonna let that happen,
She's gonna have to live with that
for the rest of her goddamn life
and you're gonna let that
Are you gonna fucking do
something about him
and kill him right now?
Do it. Do it, Allison.
Do it!
Allison, I can blow your brains
a fucking killer...
Do it!
The fuck?
Jesus fucking Christ!
- What the fuck!
- Oh no!
I gave them the wrong...
I gave her the right gun!
He's dead!
(Nell) I gave her the right gun! I
gave her the wrong fucking gun,
what the fuck?!
This is a fucking fake gun!
He's not supposed to be dead!
I didn't fucking do this!
I gave her the gun!
(Allison) Somebody help!
- Help me!
- Hurry the fuck up!
- Please!
- Come on, come on! Get her!
Get her! Fuck!
Fuck! What the fuck happened!
(door opens)
Did you do the dishes, sweetie?
Yes, Daddy.
Something you wanna tell me?
No, Daddy.
'Cause I, uh,
found a bowl that was missing
from the...
And, uh, the funny thing is,
I found it
in the trash can.
It was all shattered,
and, uh, some blood
next to the trash can.
I dropped it from the sink.
It broke.
Did you cut yourself?
(ominous music and heartbeats)
(Bob) Where's the body?
(Nell) It's still there.
You left the body in the woods?
(Nell) What, I don't know
what the fuck to do with it!?
(Bob) What if somebody... (Nell)
You want me to fucking go get it?
Fine. Fuck, I'll go get it!
(Bob) Bring the body here,
and I'll figure out what to do.
The straps are for your own
So you don't hurt yourself.
Where's Zachary?
Allison, that was an accident.
No, we need to call the police.
No, just...
No police.
We kil-we killed him.
Yeah, and you pulled the
trigger, okay?
So just... no... police.
It's m-murder.
say that.
Don't ever say that again.
It was an accident.
There's no one to blame.
No one needs to find out.
We killed him!
I'm not going to go to jail.
I'm not gonna lose
what little I have left.
Not for him.
And not for you, okay?
And I will bury you
Before I let it happen.
test me.
what are we gonna do?
You know, maybe I know
someone who can
change your perspective on
Somebody help me!
(Allison on TV)
Somebody help me!
Are you ready?
Then go.
It's your time.
(straps rattling)
Help me!
Help me, please!
Please, we need to call the
police! Please!
I don't know what you want from
Please let me go!
(ominous music)
No! No! No!
Wha-Get awa-
(Allison screaming)
(Allison's Father) Don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
I'm sorry I had to wear the
They made me.
It was the only way I could
come and see you.
I know I did bad to you.
- No!
- I wasn't right in the head then.
After Mom died,
it was the booze, it was never
Never me.
And I did my time.
And you know I paid for what I
did to you.
Fuck you! You didn't pay for
I can't let you run away again.
We can go back to the way it
Remember? You remember?
Remember how good I used to make
you feel?
I remember.
I think about it every day.
And every night.
(Allison screaming in anger)
(Allison's Father)
No. No!
This is for every time you ever
tortured and degraded me.
You evil fucking piece of shit!
(panicked Japanese)
(door opening)
(reporter whimpering)
Damn fake blood got in my eye
when that squib went off, stings
like hell.
What the fuck?
Don't do anything you're
gonna regret, okay? Yeah?
I'm in on it, alright?
I've been in on it from the start,
I'm part of the crew, okay?
But this is, this is all just
part show.
Part of the experience.
Like bringing my father here,
part of the fucking show?
I don't know anything about your
father, alright Allison? Okay?
You're a liar.
I fucking trusted you!
Listen. Okay.
You need help, Allison.
Alright, so, why don't we
put the bat down?
We both call 911 together?
Allison, stop, this isn't real!
I'm sorry! Allison. I'm sorry!
(hard thuds)
Fuck you!
felt good.
(foot steps)
Allison, you, uh...
y-you did it.
You-You survived Perdition.
Look, um,
I'm proud of you,
but, uh,
now it's just,
now it's time to just-
put down the bat, and-
and go home, okay?
It's over.
Now Allison, Allison just-
just put it down okay.
No, no, no! Wa-Wa-Wait!
(Bob) Oh my god...
Allison, look just...
just stop before you do anymore
harm, okay?
You're having a mental
No, Bob. I'm having a
(phone vibrating)
Oh God!
(Taylor on the phone)
Mommy didn't want me to call,
but she's in the shower,
so I took her phone.
I just wanted to tell you that I
miss you and that I love you a lot.
I love you, too
I'm always gonna love you.
I'm sorry for everything.
Why are you crying, Daddy?
Daddy? Daddy?
That pretty little map
on the bottom of your mask?
I knew what that was
before you said a word.
Do you know what's at the bottom
of hell?
And con artists.
That's all you'll ever be.
(Bob groaning in pain)
(Bob) Oh God!
(labored breathing)
It's just us now.
Don't worry.
It will all be over soon.
(soft piano music)
Goodbye, Daddy.
It happened again.
I know.
I don't like it.
It feels wrong.
It feels ugly.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
I'm gonna get us both out of
Okay, mom.
Don't call me that.
I'm your sister, okay?
(thud in snow)
This is my exit video.
Tonight was important for me.
Filled with fear.
It was... It was truly beautiful.
I survived Perdition
(phone beeps)
(Morg) I'm flipping starving!
(Nell) I swear to God,
if I open this thing and
there's dog feces in it,
I'm gonna fart in your mouth.
(ominous electronic music)
Who the hell is that?
Turn off your lights, asshole!
(engine revving)
(car hitting bodies)