Eye of the Hurricane (2012) Movie Script

This is stupid.
We shouldn't have stayed here.
That's okay.
He'll be fine.
Find it yet?
-Find it?
...but I found this!
Now I made a call to some private
companies and there's one of 'em...
...says they are willin' to send
a crane that's big enough...
...to lift most of the landed boats
and get 'em back into the water...
...or into dry dock for repairs.
And if the roads dry out...
...they could be in here in a week.
But they are gonna want $2700
per boat and that is cash up front.
Now, we're all in this together
and we're gonna get through...
...this together.
Fellas? Hey!
I'm doin' my job
as best as I can here.
I'm not the enemy here!
How's your boat, Bill?
How fast she go down?
And you were in it?
Guess it wasn't your time to go.
2700 dollars, Harvey?
That's what they estimate.
May be a little more.
But you got insurance, right?
Look, Bill I'd like to help you.
But if I lend the money to you I'd
have to lend it to every fisher...
...on the docks.
And I got my own damages
and repairs to see to.
I got almost all of it.
Maybe I could help
you repair the pier and...
...pay you back for some of it
that way?
I'm sorry, Bill.
You'll figure somethin' out.
Take care of that hand.
-Come over here.
-Excuse me, sir.
Hi, what do you need?
This is the fourth form
I've been given to fill out.
I'm trying to apply for relief aid?
Are you displaced?
What does that mean?
Your home, what happened
to your home?
The roof blew off and
the back wall fell over.
Was anyone hurt?
-My brother was hurt.
-I'm sorry.
I'm not sure what
I'm supposed to ask you for?
Well, you got lucky,
you came to the right person.
I'm Roberto Cruz, by the way.
What's your name?
-I'm Renee Kyte.
-Renee Kyte. Mucho gusto, Renee.
-Mucho gusto.
-You speak Spanish, very good.
Right listen, you got the wrong
forms, that's the main thing.
This is the one you need.
So what you do is just fill out
one through seven...
...initial after each one
and sign at the bottom.
-Just do the best you can. Alright?
Oh, listen you need some I.D.
Like a government I.D, picture I.D?
-You have anything like that?
-No, I don't have any of that.
-That's all gone.
-Well we'll worry about that later.
-Thank you.
-Look for me, Roberto.
Welcome to Hatchee
Florida Gateway to the Everglades
S'really hot.
-I got sweat in my...
It stings...
I gotta stop for a minute.
Way to go!
I said I had to stop!
Oh great.
Come on guys.
Too late. We already got it.
-We weren't going for that anyway.
-Is that the best thing you got?
-We got way better stuff than you!
-Oh yeah?
-Shut up one-eye!
You shut up, asshole!
What'd you call me?
I think he called you an "asshole".
Shut up.
Did you?
Come on, Homer.
Yeah, you better run away!
-One eye!
-Yeah, keep on goin', one-eye!
One Eye, and his
little girlfriend Nappy!
Come on.
Man, that was close.
I hate those guys.
I'm not a one-eye.
I didn't say nothin'.
Hey. Bill.
Y'all ought not to be out here
in all this. It's dangerous.
Homer's Daddy's missin'.
-That so?
-His plane never come back.
-You don't know that!
-They locked the base down.
Won't let no one in.
-What happened to your eye?
-Lost it.
Ya lost it?
It got knocked out in the storm.
We're looking for it,
so the doctor can put it back in.
Hey, Renee.
Found these two downtown.
Get out of that truck
and get inside.
Who made you boss?
You too, Abby.
-We'll keep lookin' tomorrow.
-You ain't goin' nowhere tomorrow.
That turtle's not staying
in this tent!
-Ya got enough in there?
Here. Take this.
-Your ma around?
-She's over there.
You okay?
I brung ya a few things.
I dunno, fruit and
some canned things I found.
Should be good.
I wouldn't worry about, you know...
I'm sure Gerald'll show up.
He and his pilot are...
I'm sure they made it back.
If you want, I'll take ya back out
to the base again tomorrow?
See if they'll tell
ya something solid?
Glad to see you're okay.
You find my eye, Bill,
you let me know? It's blue!
Homer! Homer, Homer!
It's okay. It's just a dream.
Go back to sleep.
You ok?
Ma'm, like I told you yesterday,
I can't let you on base.
We're just trying to get
information about my Dad?
I don't have any information
for you, ma'm.
-Nobody's allowed on base today.
-That's what you told us yesterday.
And that's what I'm tellin' ya
again today.
We just need to talk to someone.
My dad's a navigator?
Do you know anything?
I can't speak to that ma'm.
Can you tell us if there
were any fatalities?
Anyone missing or
unaccounted for?
I can't speak to that, ma'm.
We've seen the helicopters!
Can you tell us
if a plane actually crashed?
I can't speak to that ma'm.
Can you tell us anything
at all about anything at all?
-No ma'm.
-Okay then we're gonna see...
...someone who can.
-Ma'm I can't let you on base.
What are ya gonna do?
You gonna shoot me?
Ma'am please
step back from the gate.
You know who I am!
M'am the base is locked down
until further notice. No visitors.
Hi. I'm Amelia Kyte.
My husband
is a navigator on this base!
M'am you need to step back!
I want to talk to...
I just want to see someone!
-What's going on here?
Sir, we have an unauthorized woman
who is trying to get on the base.
I informed her the base
was closed to all visitors...
...but she just insists.
I'm Amelia Kyte.
My husband is a weather recon
officer on a Hercules WC 130.
His name is Gerald Mason Kyte.
You understand that the base
suffered severe damage...
...during storm?
There are also a great deal of...
...classified operations
that happen...
...on this base. So during a time
of disaster we have to exercise...
...strict protocol. It's for
national security reasons.
-You know this.
-We know the protocol.
Then you know that I cannot
give out personal information...
...to the civilian populations
until all lock down procedures...
...have been carried out.
-Okay, well my husband...
...hasn't come home,
he hasn't called...
...and we've been hearing
that a plane's missing.
I can't confirm that at this time.
So the choppers and searchlights?
What are they for?
All I can say is that the Air Force
is handling all matters...
...in accordance with
regulations and protocol.
That's great. That's great.
Ya gotta move your boat, Bill!
Working on it.
-Yer blocking the dang ramp.
-Working on it.
I know but won't none of us be
able to get our boats out once..
...that crane comes.
So I'll be at the base.
Come on, Mom.
You heard what the O.D. said.
Just look after Homer okay?
Make sure he doesn't
get into any trouble.
-How am I supposed to do that?
-Just look after your brother!
You better not be in here!
Aw, shit.
-She just gonna sit there?
-No idea.
Don't waste that fresh water!
Go to the river
and fill a bucket will ya?
What are you doin'?
I thought you were helping me?
What are those?
Them's barnacles. Where you been?
Little clam things that...
...stick themselves to the bottom
of the boat. Ya gotta scrape 'em...
...off the prop and hull or they'll
rot your boat away right...
...out from under ya.
Go ahead.
What'd I tell you?
Long steady push.
Long, steady...
I got it. Bill I...
That's the scariest guy
I've ever seen.
-Toughest man in the Glade.
-What's his name?
See that ear?
Gator ate it.
-No way!
Must have been 15 footer.
Fought it for six hours straight.
Next day, he appears in town
with a new gator-skin belt...
...and a new tooth
on his necklace.
My dad told me once he was magic.
-Ya think that's true?
-That's a natural fact.
He's a "see-er."
Got that swamp in all
medicine magic in 'im.
Knows the future, n' stuff.
A man who cheated him
out of four dollars once...
...for a rattlesnake skin...
...made the man drop dead
just by starin' at him.
Keeled over.
-No way!
-I swear to God.
My ma says all that stuff my Dad
told me was just stuper-stission.
Your ma's a pretty smart woman.
I'm just repeatin' to ya
what other people say.
Go on.
You find it?
What's up?
Kids let's get back to the pier.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
-It ain't gross.
-You know my dad was half Indian?
You don't believe me?
You're pretty white looking
to be part Indian.
Well, I am.
I'd wash that thing.
And they say he can see
into the future and stuff...
...and they say he's like
137 years old.
-He can't be that old.
-He stays young by drinking...
...alligator blood
right from it's heart.
Just tears it out of
his chest like this...
...rip, then cuts a hole in it with
his big honkin' knife and...
-Where'd you hear all that?
-Bill told him.
-Fisherman Bill?
-He's retarded.
-Is not!
-My dad says he's a retard.
-Your dad's a retard!
-My Dad told me about him.
He knows all about Indians. 'Cause
he's part Indian. And so am I.
-Yer Dad ain't no Indian.
-He is so part Indian.
-What tribe?
-I don't know the exact name.
-The Liars tribe.
-Don't call my Dad a liar!
OK, then let's go ask him.
Okay guys, keep lookin'.
My Dad says that he killed
like ten men.
One of 'em just for lookin'
at him cross-eyed.
Then you got nothin'
to worry about do ya?
-We were just...
Shut up.
I'll deal with you in a minute.
What we got here!
We can make some
pretty good turtle soup outa this.
Put the turtle down!
-I'm not gonna tell you again!
-Come on. Take something else.
-Yeah, Ballard.
Ok, tell you what, Pop-eye...
...you like telling stories
so much...
...you tell us how you lost
that eye of yours.
And if I believe you,
I'll give him back.
It sounded like a train
was comin' right at our house.
We was huddled under
a table in the living room.
My ma, Renee and me.
And that's when my ma
dropped her flashlight.
She went to go get it...
...and that's when I heard
this big crack from outside.
Lit up the whole room.
The tree was really heavy...
...but I wasn't gonna let it
crush my ma.
They say Indians can
summon up great strength...
...when they are in danger.
So I just pushed up
with all my might and...
-And your eye?
Well a branch from the tree
had jabbed into it...
...and when I pushed
the tree away, it kinda...
...scooped it out and flung it up
out of the hole in the roof.
-I'm so sure!
-You weren't there!
-Yeah, neither were you!
-Okay, so he told you...
...how it happened.
Now give it back!
I don't believe him.
I don't think
your dad is half Indian...
...and I don't think
you really lost your eye.
Come to think of it,
I haven't seen the hole either.
Yeah, just that patch.
I bet he's fakin' it.
Just wearing
that patch to get sympathy.
I'm not s'posed to take it off.
Then I guess I'm eatin'
turtle soup tonight.
No way!
Take it.
-Listen your girlfriend.
You guys comin'?
We're gonna stay here
and look for Homer's eye.
Whatever. I'm outa here.
Why don't you ask
your Indian buddy...
...to use his magic to look into the
future and tell you where it is?
Save us all a whole
lot of trouble.
What're you doin'?
You shouldn't be out here late
at night. It's dangerous.
I don't want to be
in that place anymore.
Well it ain't the Marriott, but...
...at least it's safe.
Where is your shoes at?
What are you doing?
He should be here.
My children needs a house.
Alright, careful. You're gonna
hurt yourself. Hold on. Hold On.
Ya can't be here now.
Ya can't be here now.
Come on. I'll take ya back.
Ya gonna wanna
clean them cuts on your feet.
They don't even hurt.
Clean them.
Try and get some sleep.
Hang on to those.
What're ya doing out here?
It's late.
My mom okay?
She'll be alright.
Ya know your ma's a tough lady.
Something got you spooked?
Come on.
Don't worry about your momma.
She's weathered some things...
...put a man to shame.
Ya know she near died
havin' you, right?
Here, hold on. Stand over there,
we're gonna borrow some...
Hold that.
I know. I was there.
Your Daddy was
flyin' a mission.
And you come early...
...and pretty hard and
your momma knew...
...right away somethin' was wrong.
She knew we weren't gonna
get to no hospital on time.
So your momma had your sister
lay out some sheets...
...and blankets
in the back of my truck...
...and she told me what to do...
...and when to do it.
Gimme that.
And out you come, all grey and red
and yellin' like a you know what.
Doctor said she shoulda died
that night. But she didn't.
She's as strong as dirt.
Just like you.
I know. You told me
this story before, Bill.
I did?
Only about like 178 times.
It's okay. I like hearing it.
Shake that car a bit.
Shake it don't dance with it.
Thanks for the help.
Listen, don't tell nobody
about the, y'know...
Get to bed.
-See you in the sun.
-Good night Bill.
-Can I borrow your boat, Harvey?
-What for?
The roads are still out. Gotta
get some things from the city...
I think these'll float.
Thank you.
Hey, Renee. Good morning.
-How are you?
-I bet you could use these.
See ya.
-Hey Bill.
-Hey, Home. Abby.
How's yer momma?
She's down at the base again.
-Any news?
-Nah. She's just sittin' there.
-What'cha y'all up to?
-Lookin' for stuff that floats.
-Oh yeah?
-You see any?
Tires, water jugs, stuff like that?
Hey, don't touch that.
Be careful.
-What is that stuff? Stinks!
-That is...
...boiled down tar and wax.
Got a little mud and mulch in it.
A little motor oil
to keep it from stiffening up.
Seals up the cracks
and keeps the rain out real good.
Don't touch it.
It'll peel your skin right off.
Think I seen a mess of them
big jugs over there...
...on St. Mary's Street.
But you be careful. I seen
some snakes over there too.
-Okay. Thanks.
-What are ya doin'?
Got a plan.
Any news?
Brung ya some clean water.
Ya don't wanna dehydrate.
Make sure to drink one of
those every hour, alright?
Best to keep the sun off
yer head too.
I want ya to know that
I'm lookin' after your boy.
I won't let nothing
happen to him.
He's just lookin' around...
...doin' what a kid do.
I think it's good.
Keep his mind off all this.
Hey, thanks.
Thank you, Bill.
Well, that's what a family do.
Look out for each other.
Right, left, right, left, right...
There ya go. There it is.
Right there.
Don't, Bill. I don't want to
smile right now.
I get ya.
I got my eyes on the kids.
See? It works!
Hey, watch it! Don't lean!
So it floats.
-Now what?
-The Indian.
The old creepy guy?
Bill told me he's magic.
So, he can use
his swamp magic to help.
-Ballard had a good idea.
-I'm not going near that dude!
-He's not that scary.
-Is so!
-Well, maybe a little.
But he can use his
swamp magic to help.
So what's the raft for?
He lives way back
in the Glade somewhere.
So we need the raft to get to him.
I ain't riding this thing into
no swamp!
Why not? It works, see?
You're nuts!
-Come on!
-No way!
-There's gators and snakes!
-We'll be okay.
I'm not going.
You're the one who said
we were gotta find my eye...
...and this is the best way.
I'm not going!
Hey! Hey!
Don't say anything.
Hey Renee!
-Happy Birthday, sweetie!
-Hi guys.
-Happy Birthday, Renee.
What's wrong?
Just really don't feel
like celebrating.
You can't be having
that on your birthday.
I know, you want to go to Miami?
-Scotty thinks the roads are...
...dried out enough to get
his truck through.
Come on,
we'll get you birthday drunk!
I can't guys.
-You sure?
-I'll see you guys later, though.
-Happy Birthday, Ren. See ya.
-Thank you.
Come on baby.
It's nice your friends came.
Birthday, huh?
-Excuse me, but do you smoke?
-You don't care, right?
Well actually, y'know...
...the air is kinda nice out here
and I think maybe we should...
...just enjoy it because
I don't get...
...air like this where
I'm from, y'know, from Miami, so...
You're from Miami?
-I like Miami.
-Yeah? You've been there?
-I used to go there with my family.
-Oh, that's cool.
-Hey, look at that.
Right there, Venado.
Sorry buddy,
but I gotta clean it out.
Honestly Homer, if your momma
caught you down by that river...
...you'd really have
something to say "ow" about.
-I told him it wouldn't work.
-You need to zip it, young lady.
Don't think you're not gettin'
a spank when we get back...
...to the tent.
-I didn't do anything!
It was his idea!
Please don't tell my momma
Mrs. Nelson? I won't do it again.
-We promise.
-You start behavin', and we'll see.
Yes ma'am.
So what did you
call them back there?
-El Venado es bello?
Pero no recuerdo mucho.
Los verbos...
It just confuses me.
Ah, si los verbos.
Well, si quieres practicar
su espaol...
...yo puedo conversar contigo.
Gracias? I think?
I said, If you want to
practice your Spanish...
...I'd be happy to converse
with you.
Hey Bill.
Some of us been talkin' with
that crane operator, over there.
We figure we can get him to come
in after hours and get some of...
...our boats out of the water
for cash under the table.
Save us all a bundle.
Only gonna cost us about
$500 each.
-I ain't interested.
-Come on, Bill.
We need five or six more of us
so it'll make it worth while...
...for him to come in here.
-I ain't interested.
Your damn boat's is
in the way, man.
You don't move it,
they're gonna get a dozer here...
...so smash this old thing
to pieces.
500 bucks saves your boat!
You're a fuckin' idiot, Bill!
Help me or leave me alone.
What are you doing here?
-I know what I'm doin'.
-I just don't want to see you...
-Harvey, I know what I'm doin'.
The base won't be locked down
for much longer.
You could learn the same
information back at the tents...
...you can learn here.
I just... I need to be here.
He would be here for me.
If you say so.
-Now what does that mean?
Gerald's a good man.
And when he's around
he's a good husband to ya.
So, you need to be here, I'll do
what I can to help ya be here.
-Thank you, Bill.
I'd do anything for you 'Melia.
Heard your raft sunk.
Way to go.
What do you want?
I wanna help ya.
Do you want help or not?
This is a bad idea.
She ain't gonna miss it.
And we'll bring it back.
I dunno.
Ballard says she's all thunder
and no lightning anyway.
Oh, so you're listenin' to him now?
Just go.
You first.
-You want a sock in the nose?
-You want a swift kick in the butt?
-I will take you on.
Come on Homer let's get outa...
Oh my gosh.
Get the hell off my property!
I know yer out there.
I can hear you!
I will blow yer head off!
Post 1, over?
This is post one, over.
She still there? Over.
Yes sir.
Let her in.
Let her in, over.
-Thank you for the walk.
Gracias por la...
...walk. I don't know.
-Close enough. Alright.
I'd better get going, or I'll miss
my ride, so... Feliz Cumpleanos.
-Okay. See you soon.
-I told him it was a bad idea!
-Where's Homer?
-I think he might be dead!
Stay there.
You know the rules! Ok?
You go near that house again,
I'm gonna whup the tar outa you!
You touch me and I'll tell Dad!
-Dad's gone! I'm in charge!
-You ain't in charge of me!
Yes I am! You leave this tent
again without telling me...
...and you're gonna see
who's in charge, Homer!
Homer! Come here!
Mrs. Nelson?
Mrs. Nelson?
-Renee, you okay sweetie?
-Can I talk to you?
Sure. Abby sit outside.
And don't you go nowhere.
You're still grounded young lady.
Come on in.
Sorry for the mess.
When the roads open my brother's
comin' to take us back up...
...to their house in Louisville.
You're leaving?
Nothing to stay here for now.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Well you shouldn't have to be
dealing with all this by yourself.
Your momma should be.
My mom's not right, right now.
It don't matter. You have kids,
you suck it up and you deal.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
That's not my place to say.
I can't do it anymore.
With Homer and my mom
and the paperwork, it's just...
...the best thing for you
all right now...
...is let Homer come stay with us.
In Kentucky?
Homer can come stay with us until
you get you and your momma...
...settled to wherever
you're gonna be.
I don't know.
I can't tell you..
He has no supervision here.
He almost got himself
shot today from what I hear.
Them kids are like animals
without a cage right now.
Getting them out of this place
is the best thing for him.
Trust me.
We'll look after him in Kentucky.
Homer! Homer!
Let's go.
So, are you ready to make it?
Maybe that's a sign?
That's not gonna hold.
You heard Bill. It's water proof.
I dunno.
Are you gonna help me or not?
Come on, Homer.
You know you ain't gonna
find your eye out there.
-You ain't never gonna find it!
-Shut up!
It's gone forever!
Then why did we look for it
for so long?
What else was there to do?
Get outa here!
-Go on!
Any news?
I'm so sorry, 'Melia.
I'm so sorry.
Come on.
Who is it?
It's me, Renee?
Hi. Hola.
What are you doing here?
My friends took me to Miami
to celebrate my birthday...
...and I was wondering if you
wanted to get a drink or...
...something to celebrate?
Well, I'd would love to but...
-I know it's late and stuff, but...
...it is my birthday and I would
really like to spend it with you.
-Berto, who is it?
-It's someone from work actually.
Oh. Hi.
Renee, this is Ximena.
Ximena, this is Renee.
She's one of the families
that I'm trying to help.
I'm just gonna go see
what she needs, okay?
Hey, Renee.
Hey, what are...
Hey stop. Stop. Stop.
I don't have a ride.
I don't have a way home.
Nice car.
Look, Renee...
Hey, hey. Hey!
Change your mind?
Well, see ya.
You don't have to go.
You want some coffee
or somethin'? Harvey's got...
...a coffee machine.
Yeah, I think I'm okay.
Sorry I kept you up all night.
I'm glad I was here.
You want to see somethin'?
There she is.
House's nearly fixed.
Roof is tight and
the wall's are up inside...
...and I got insulation
in 'em and everything.
I'll have her painted and
good as new before you can say...
Hey it's painted and good as new.
And you all can get outa
that tent and back home.
You don't like it?
I promise ya it won't leak
or nothin' it's...
I mean the roof it's... I got all
that tree outa here and...
There's no way
I'm moving back into that.
But um...
...there's yer house. That's home.
That's what you said.
"Children need a house."
I mean, that's...
I'm not staying in that house.
I'm not.
I'm not gonna stay in this place.
I was thinkin'...
I mean I know the timing's...
...not right...
...but I thought...
...'Melia, maybe you and...
I was hopin' maybe you and me...
I thought...
You thought wrong.
Just come in here and look inside.
Let's go inside for a second.
I tell ya everything's up.
Walls're up.
I got insulation in there,
and not salvaged stuff.
I mean it's good stuff. I paid top
dollar in the city for it. Come on.
I can't. I can't step foot
back into that place.
-Just give it a day or two.
-I don't need a day or two.
I don't...
Gerald's gone, so I'm going.
Okay? I just...
But what about...
-Amelia. Come on.
-Bill. I hate this house!
And I hate everything and
I hate everyone in Hatchee!
But I done this all for you.
I did it for you...
Come on, now I did this...
You're ready to go here!
You can go right in.
Oh my god,
where have you been?
Where's your brother?
What are you doing?
I'm getting outa here.
Well you're not going
back to the house!
I wouldn't go near that house!
Where do you think you're going?
I'm leaving! Okay?
Renee come back here,please.
I need to talk to you.
No! I'm sick of it!
Renee, get back inside the tent.
-It's important. Come on.
I'm not listening to you anymore!
Where have you been?
Renee this is not the time!
There is something
I need to talk to you about!
-I hate you!
-Godammit Renee!
Amelia! Renee!
Stop it! Stop it!
Go on back into your tents!
This ain't none of your business!
Go on!
-Now the two of you calm down.
-I'm so out of here!
I will! I am!
Sit down. Baby, sit down.
Leave, Renee.
Wind up on the streets, 17,
broke and pregnant like me.
See how far away from
the swamp that gets you...
...with a no good husband
and an unwanted child!
-Amelia, you didn't mean that.
-The hell I didn't?
You'll see, Dee.
She's gonna get screwed...
...by some guy who shows her
pretty lights and big dreams...
...and she's gonna
wind up right back here...
...in a stilt home on the glade,
married to some AF crew cut...
...feeding her kids canned food
and holding her breath...
...every time her husband takes
off, just waiting for the day...
...he doesn't come back again!
I'm not you.
Well you are on your way, missy!
-Grandma? Grandma!
-Grandma, it's...
-Abby, what's wrong, baby?
It's Homer.
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Help!
Bill! Bill!
It's Homer!
We've got to find him by tonight.
Because you know we can't
let him stay out there by himself.
But he's got a small motor. I feel
real good about us finding him.
Alright? Let's go! Come on!
Guys we really need to turn around
and start heading back.
Keep going!
We're running out of fuel, Ren.
Turn us around.
Sorry Ren.
Tastes like chicken.
My dad's half Seminole.
Seen you around with
the fisherman.
He your daddy?
My dad's...
I think my dad's dead.
Mine too.
Long way from town.
Was paddling all day.
How'd you know where to find me?
I wasn't lookin' for ya.
It wasn't magic?
Guess you don't know
why I'm here then, do ya?
Somethin' to do with that?
Lost it in the storm.
I thought, you know,
with your Seminole swamp magic...
...you could help tell me
where it is.
I ain't magic.
But I do know some things.
Ask me,
I believe your eye is not lost.
Ya ask me,
I'd say your eye's on a quest.
A quest?
Your eye is on a journey.
It is looking for something.
Something else...
Something of great value...
...you may have lost
and wish to see again.
Some thing?
But when your eye finds
what it needs to find...
...then you will see
what you lost again...
...and that which was lost...
...will come back to you.
So we haven't found him yet.
But there's no reason to
give up hope and there's...
...no reason to panic either.
We've got a lot of people here
willing to help and we really...
...appreciate that. I'm going to
separate you all into groups.
We're going to separate the land
the swamp and the water into grids.
One group, one grid...
Alright, I've got the coast guard
in here of course...
Did you find your eye?
-Where were you?
-You scared us half to death!
I'm okay. The Semino...
-Let me look at you.
-Oh, look at you!
Come on.
You ok?
It was just floating out
in the marsh.
No sign of him, Amelia.
Okay. Let's go!
We need to be
on the turnpike by noon.
Get in the back!
We got room.
-I'm gonna miss you.
-Gonna miss you too.
You think a gator got him?
I dunno.
Maybe he's still out there?
Lookin' for you?
Maybe he'll find your eye?
Or maybe it'll find him.
Abigail Nelson...
...get your brown behind off
that thing and into this truck!
Girl, we've been
looking high and low for you!
Don't let Ballard's momma
make soup outa him.
I won't.
Light a fire now!
-Mind your momma, Homer.
-I will.
You take care baby.
You wanna go help your sister?
She's just out back.
You're doing it wrong.
Here, let me show ya.
Long, steady push.