Eye of the Storm (2023) Movie Script

Welcome to Good Morning Ping Way.
It's the 24th of April.
Let's start with the weather.
Check the satellite feeds.
The typhoon has made landfall.
Winds will increase.
It will pose a threat to the Yilan region.
We need to remind the audience
in the eastern region
as well as south region to be vigilant.
We are impacted by
the outer-region circulation
- Hello.
- Is this Dr. Zheng Xia?
I'm Jen-Yo Wang from the ER.
A patient wants to transfer over.
What's the case?
An 85-year-old male
with symptoms of stomach cancer
asking to transfer over.
Wait, hold on.
We don't take 85-years-olds here.
- Well, yeah.
- Tell him we have no vacancies.
Hey, Dr. Xia.
Have you finished the case records
and insurance refund sheets?
Accounting is on us again.
Come on, there's no rush on that.
They need to be in by today.
- I'll have them ready soon. Bye.
- Okay.
Dr. Xia.
Yu-Zhong Jing is
complaining about chest pain.
Should we order him a follow-up scan?
For what? He's ready to be discharged.
He's not discharged yet.
He's your patient.
Go check on him. He's healthy.
Shift change is at 8:00.
Close enough. Bye.
So, as I was saying
Why don't you
leave in the afternoon instead?
I could treat Yaya
to some pizza for lunch.
I told you
my mom has planned the whole thing out.
You have to have Yaya back
no later than 12:00.
Is it Daddy?
Daddy, I'm turning five today.
Yaya, slow down.
Yaya, go brush your teeth first.
You have to be ready
when Daddy gets here. Okay?
Okay. I heard you.
I'll go get the cake.
My mom is getting it.
How much longer will you be?
About half an hour.
I've got plans at 9:00.
Can you be on time?
All right. I'll be there.
And don't forget Yaya's school fees.
When have I ever be late on that?
Did you buy the gift?
- Okay, I'm in the car.
- Hello?
- Excuse me.
- Bye.
I just got off work.
Please find another car.
Just do me a favor.
We'll be stuck in traffic anyways.
- You have to move.
- My bad.
Were you going straight home?
Where do you live?
I'm going to Xindian, it's on your way.
Thank you.
Tell me.
Car accident victim,
- responsive to pain.
- Bruises.
He's showing signs of shock.
Large bore IV inserted.
No sounds of breathing from the left side,
- might be tension pneumothorax.
- A 32 French chest tube.
Mr. Sun.
I'll be quick, here we go.
Almost done, just a bit more.
And we're done.
Let me know if you need any help.
Thank you.
Thank God you came back.
My pleasure.
- You need to practice more.
- I'm off.
I'll be back at noon.
What do you want to eat?
Don't worry about it.
Go focus on work.
- No need to come back.
- Pork noodles?
I said not to worry about it.
Hello. Yes, I'm listening.
You can go ahead if the machine is ready.
Right, I'll be right there.
Morning, Mr. Lin.
I haven't seen you these past few days.
I was helping out in B Wing.
I'll cut you some apples.
No need to fuss.
So, you still haven't told him.
He's busy. Let's not burden him more.
It's not like he's a doctor.
He's your son.
So you're a doctor?
That's great.
Saving lives is hard work.
People take it for granted.
When something goes wrong,
we all get sued.
You've been sued before?
There's an article in here
mentioning SARS.
It spread from Guangdong to Taiwan.
If you catch it, it can kill you.
Do you think that's true?
If you ask me, I'd say it's nothing.
These tabloids just like to stir up drama.
- Hello?
- Dr. Xia.
It's past 8:00, call the next shift.
It happened before 8:00,
so I need to call you.
All right, I'll head back.
Excuse me.
Please take the next exit, go back.
Back to the hospital?
Please. The ER admitted a patient.
Of course. This must be urgent.
- Hey, A-He.
- Hey.
Head Nurse Wong?
She's feeling sick
and checked herself into the ER.
Is she all right?
Please forget it. It's not important.
Go to save some lives. Go!
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Off you go.
Dr. Xia.
- Chest tube in?
- Yes, sir.
40-year-old male.
Traffic accident left
multiple rib fractures
and four to ten likely lung lacerations.
- Did you order a CT?
- Yes, sir.
Chest tube output?
He's on the second bottle. 2,000 cc's.
- Prep another 12 units. Family?
- Still contacting.
- Send him to the operating room.
- Yes, sir.
This is Zheng.
I got an urgent case
of a massive hemothorax.
Let me know when a room is ready.
I've told you
you can't film in the hospital.
I'm not filming.
- Just some light documenting.
- Coming through.
You can't use my photos.
You've read my exclusive.
That's hardly an exclusive.
You're reaching.
No, we're not reaching.
It's an educated guess.
Look. Even Missy Nursey has succumbed.
I'm telling you,
I have a feeling that you might
get more potential cases in here.
Nurses are human too.
Everyone can get sick.
If it really is SARS,
why are you still here?
It could kill you.
- Is it really is here?
- I don't know.
If it scares you, leave now.
Why are you in such a hurry?
An ER operation.
Another thrombectomy?
Of course not. It's a major trauma.
- Dr. Lee.
- Here.
Good luck with it!
Will do.
Switch hands.
Open it wider.
- Is this wide enough?
- That's good.
Head Nurse.
Are you okay?
Aren't you off now?
- I came to see you.
- I'm fine.
What do you want?
I need a few days off next month.
For Hong Kong.
So you've decided.
Yeah. I've been thinking about it
for two years.
I want to give it a try.
That's great.
You're young.
You should take more chances.
Head Nurse.
- Here is an IV drip.
- Please.
Get out of here.
- Take good care of her.
- I heard you.
Just lie down, Head Nurse.
Hey, you can't park there.
- Move it.
- Please.
I'll be gone in a quick second.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
This belongs to a doctor.
A doctor? Which one?
Quite a looker. Tall. He's wearing plaid.
Plaid Maybe Dr. Xia?
Excuse me. Where's the toilet?
At the end of the corridor,
then turn right.
Thank you so much.
Would all department heads and managers
convene in A Wing,
the eighth-floor meeting room?
Would all department heads and managers
convene in A Wing,
the eighth-floor meeting room?
Call Ortho.
They can take in Hong-Wen Chen.
Aren't we taking him in?
Look at the tibia. Ortho deserves him.
He'd be perfect for a research paper.
I told you to stop
increasing our workload.
And stop poaching patients.
You've brought in nothing lately,
so I want to learn from others.
Just to challenge myself.
'Cause a thrombectomy
is such a challenge for you?
So I can get into the OR.
Don't you want a transfer?
Cut it.
Close him up.
Are you leaving, sir?
Can you do it?
Yes, sir.
That's not it.
You heard me getting into the cab,
but the ER had to drag me back.
- I don't want us to fight.
- I know.
Me too.
You don't have to come.
At least let me give her the gifts,
then I'll be gone.
Forget it.
Coming through.
Dr. Xia.
Is this yours?
An elderly man gave it to me earlier.
You left it in his car.
Why is the door closed?
No idea. Should we call and ask?
Breaking news.
A potential SARS outbreak
at the Taipei City Hospital.
In our exclusive video,
you can see a number of staff
are suffering from a high fever.
The hospital has denied
ever taking in any SARS patients,
but TCDC is convinced the staff's symptoms
indicate a building-wide outbreak.
And that SARS' high fatality rate
calls for drastic countermeasures
to better limit the contagion.
You've got your stuff.
- I'm the taxi driver.
- Yes. Thank you.
What's happening?
Are we at war?
So the news was true?
Nurses are SARS positive.
What do you mean?
Is it true?
I saw the news.
The police are outside.
It says that someone here has SARS.
Is it true?
What is happening?
This is a restricted area, step back.
This is wrong. This is wrong.
You can't even let media in?
We've placed the whole area
under quarantine.
People can go in but not out?
What is happening?
It's under lockdown.
Please leave.
But my family member is in there.
You won't be able to get out.
Everybody, please hear me out. Listen.
I trust that we are all
law-abiding citizens.
Our order is to lockdown the hospital.
Please comply peacefully.
Stop pushing.
Watch out! There are children over here.
Are you hurt?
Why are you by yourself?
Where are your folks?
My mom works here.
All of you, stop.
Stop fighting. We're not getting out.
Come on, go sit back down.
Stop it! We're not getting out.
What the hell is happening?
- The news is nonstop.
- Hold on, Miss Shu-Hua.
Let me find out what's happening first.
What's taking so long?
Please wait, okay?
The guard is absent.
- I'll call admin, you try the ICU.
- Okay.
Stop it.
I heard they've pulled down the gates.
They're locking down the hospital?
Why are they locking us in?
That makes no sense.
Someone fainted.
Doctor, please. He fainted!
Is this SARS?
What happened?
Grab a wheelchair.
Hey, I need support!
Get Dr. Wong.
Where's Dr. Wong?
Excuse me.
Deep breaths.
Try to relax.
It's asthma. Prep a Solu-Cortef IV push,
then Atrovent
and a Bricanyl inhalation. Go!
Is his family around?
Can someone help?
Just relax.
Deep breaths.
What was all that about?
So we do have SARS patients here.
We only reported
potential cases yesterday.
So we blindly comply
with the lockdown order?
The news says we're having an outbreak.
Director Wu.
There's no need to be so alarmed.
How could I not be?
If there really was an outbreak,
we'd be building a buffet for the virus
by creating a closed-off
environment like this.
We know too little about this virus
to properly defend against it.
We'll get answers from the higher-up soon.
Before that happens,
nobody talks to anyone.
Please do, thank you.
The police have set up a perimeter.
People can come in, but not leave.
We're getting out now.
Are there SARS patients here?
And are they quarantined?
We don't know that.
Nurse Ang, what is going on?
- It's nothing, go back to bed.
- You're a nurse! You should know.
I'm a nurse, not God.
How dare you raise your voice at me?
Let me.
We want answers too.
I want to know what the plan is.
- I swear.
- When are we getting out?
I'll let you know when I know more.
- Why are you out of bed?
- I told you not to come.
Let's eat.
I got us noodles.
Let's go in.
You're no help.
Ma'am, please rest up for now.
Don't bring Dad here.
- It's dangerous now.
- I forgot my towel.
Did you bring yours? It's full.
I won't be treating anyone with SARS.
- I don't know.
- But there are no patients on this floor.
Stop asking and please stop following us.
Yu-Zhong Jing.
Get over here.
This is a big deal.
With everything going on out there,
why is our favorite thoracic surgeon
Dr. Zheng Xia
hiding out in this closet alone?
Won't you get bored?
Did you know there's
going to be a lockdown?
I'm ahead of you guys.
What else do you know?
Nothing new.
I put everything in the article.
So you lock us all in here
just so you can have exclusive?
You sick bastard.
Do me a favor.
I want to find out
who the SARS patients are.
That's for the higher-ups to know. Not me.
You mean those pretentious bastards
who hide meeting rooms.
Come on. Hear me out.
Those fuckers have us
all locked up in here
because they have no clue who has SARS.
If we find out who those people are,
those of us who are SARS-free
would be able to leave.
Think about it.
TUH has initiated a lockdown today.
The hospital confirmed ten potential cases
but failed to learn the source.
The epidemic seems
to have veered out of control,
resulting in the lockdown.
Stay-at-home-orders are issued
to all close relatives
and contacts of TUH staffs.
From initial reports on the virus,
SARS is at its most contagious phase
when the infected is experiencing fever,
coughs and other initial symptoms
There's an epidemic going on in there.
We can't let them out.
Please be understanding of us.
The superintendent stated that
the epidemic is developing
in breakneck speeds,
but he is confident in leading
to a successful containment.
Darling! Over here!
I'm right here.
I have no idea.
I mean, no clue.
No one has told us anything
about what's going on.
All they've told us
Exactly what the news said.
We only learned of it because of the news.
I want to go home too.
I'll call you back tomorrow.
- I snatched it.
- Noodles.
There was nothing left earlier.
- Shall I make you one now?
- Thanks.
I want your input.
There's a patient
with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
He refused to have chemo.
But if he did,
it could extend his life by a year or two.
If it were you, would you do it?
Depends on the patient's age.
That's young.
But he doesn't want his family to know.
He just wants to treat it passively.
Then that's what he wants.
Respect the patient's choice.
But he has a shot.
You ever think that
you might be too invested?
- I am?
- Yeah.
You think about them more than me.
- No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.
By the way,
I'm going to Hong Kong next month.
Hong Kong?
When are you leaving? I'll come with you.
I'm not going on vacation.
It's an interview for
Doctors Without Borders.
Doctors Without Borders?
You're joining the MSF?
You've never mentioned it.
Not intentionally.
I handed in my application
a long time ago,
then I never heard back from them.
Until yesterday.
What makes you want to join?
I want to see what's out there.
That's great.
It just took me by surprise
but I'm not upset.
I'm sorry.
For what?
My mom.
Of course. I'm just about to eat.
We have everything.
There's tons of food here.
We've got noodles and drinks.
There's coffee, and it's all free.
You guys don't need to bring me anything.
Just stay home.
You've reached Shu-Fen.
I'm not available now,
so leave a message or try me again later.
You're supposed to say "after the tone."
Doesn't matter. It's good enough.
How's your floor doing?
We're doing okay.
Check it out. She's from B Wing.
I heard they got
all the patients with fever.
Shouldn't they not be here then?
Stay clear.
Someone should be bringing things to them.
No one knows
what the higher-ups are thinking.
Should have just put
that lot in quarantine.
Why keep all of us here because of them?
Excuse me, is that spot taken?
- I don't think so.
- Thanks.
- Have you seen my mom?
- Your mom.
Who is your mom?
Li-Zhen Wong. She works here.
I've never heard of her.
Can you ask the front desk?
What are you here alone?
I can't find my mom.
Can't find your mom?
What's her name?
Here name is Li-Zhen Wong.
The secretary's been nagging me
for reports.
Keep it up.
Dr. Xia.
You came for the report yourself?
They must have really
messed it up last time.
Let me fix it.
What are you doing here?
To document.
Don't get me on tape.
Trust me, I won't.
So, how do you want to do this?
The ones marked with stars.
Who are they?
They all died in the past ten days.
You want their files.
Let me help.
So we're looking
for their causes of death, right?
If they died from SARS,
that would be on their record?
- Not likely.
- Then how'd you know if they died of SARS?
This only took three days?
It's SARS.
What do you need now?
Hau-Xing Zhong was in a shared room.
I need to know who his roommates were.
One of them was discharged.
Another one, Fu-Chuan Hsu.
They moved him four days ago
to A Wing's Intensive Care Unit.
To our wing.
So Fu-Chuan Hsu
has been infected with SARS.
I can't say.
His chart is in the ICU.
This is Zheng Xia.
How can we help?
Can you open the door for me?
I need a patient's chart.
But you don't have a patient with us
and the head nurse
is restricting all access.
Why is that?
A junior nurse is burning up.
No to human rights violations!
We don't want to tend to SARS patients!
We don't want to tend to SARS patients!
We don't want to tend to SARS patients!
Hey! Why's the AC off?
We have yet to confirm
how SARS is transmitted.
For everyone's safety,
we're switching off the AC.
Access between the wings
will be restricted
to better prevent cross infections.
Those whose body temperatures
test over 38C
will be moved to B Wing for quarantine.
We will be issuing face masks daily
to ensure everyone's health.
Please keep your mask on at all times
and only remove it when necessary.
We are requesting support
from all outlets.
An indicator will be draw up
and we will release those
with lower risk of infection.
We will inform all department heads
when we have compiled
a list for extraction.
Ready. Closing the doors.
I'll help you with it. Come on.
Okay. You can do it yourself.
Come on.
Take it.
Help yourself.
Press down on your nose. Tightly.
On your nose. That's right.
Pull the bottom to fit.
That's right.
Give it a pat.
Protect yourself.
Yes, it's true. We're not sure yet.
All right.
We can help with the lunch boxes.
What the hell?
They think us surgeons
are just lazing around?
These reporters are getting on my nerves.
I've told them
that we have no new information.
They just keep on calling.
There's no end to it.
A transfer in A Wing's ICU
from 8B, Fu-Chuan Hsu.
He might be a close contact
to a SARS patient.
Which department has him?
Whose patient is he?
He's Dr. Wong's patient, from PM.
Go alert him. He has to report to TCDC.
Yes, ma'am.
And a nurse at the ICU
has come down with a fever.
Does the head nurse know?
Then transfer her immediately.
What a shit show!
One more thing
Is the superintendent around?
Is it possible
to add my name onto the list
for the first extraction?
I haven't had contact
with any SARS source.
I don't have a say in that.
I'll ask about it.
Thank you, ma'am.
Zheng Xia.
You have no patients to tend to.
They need people
to distribute lunch boxes.
Go help.
I'll ask about the list for you.
Thank you.
He has the audacity to ask?
It's true he doesn't have
potential cases, so
Dr. Xia.
Have you forgotten about Yu-Zhong Jing?
Yu-Zhong Jing? What's up with him?
If you care to remember,
how could you leave him behind?
What is up with you and him?
I told you, Yu-Zhong Jing is not sick.
He's ready to be discharged.
This is like you're leaving your patient
halfway through an operation.
It is a nurse's job to care for a patient.
I'm not his nurse, you are.
Dr. Xia, how can you be so selfish?
Get off your high horse, Tai-He Ang.
Make sure to check your temperature first.
This is 5A Nurse Station.
Hey. Is everything okay?
I couldn't sleep at all last night.
My mom said that
I should just quit
and not come back at all.
You're not the only one to be called back.
Stop whining.
Yes, ma'am.
They say Head Nurse Wong
from 8B is in the ICU.
What happened to her?
Fever, and she's
having difficulties breathing.
Their unit secretary
is burning up as well.
Aren't there too many people with fever?
Listen up.
Everyone, grab yourselves a mask
and wear it at all times from now on.
Xiao-Ting, with me.
- Has Tai-He tested yet?
- He has.
36.7C. Why?
Just, he was helping out
at 8B the other day.
This way for lunch boxes.
B Wing, lunch boxes are coming.
What is it?
Lunch boxes delivery.
Just leave them by the door.
I'll put them over here.
Hey! Food is here.
Are you all right?
Stay back.
Just leave the lunch boxes there.
But are you all right?
I'm fine.
It's been 24 hours
since TUH entered into lockdown.
This afternoon,
a doctor from ID who'd stayed behind
issued a X-ray scan for an ICU staff
and confirmed
that she has tested SARS positive.
Some of B Wing's staff
have been protesting since early morning.
They've hung out banners with messages
on refusing to be locked away
with the virus.
Medical scrubs
have been thrown from windows.
Many appeared to be highly emotional.
Some medical staff staying behind
express fear for infecting
their loved ones at home,
but also fear for neglecting their family
by staying behind
to care for the patients.
It's been reported that
a number of medical staff have succumbed
to tears in meetings under pressure
and that some doctors
have escaped the facility.
Do you have any cigarettes?
- What?
- Cigarettes.
I asked around,
there are eight nurses with fever.
All of them had contact
with Hua-Xing Zhang.
They're all quarantining in B Wing.
The only uncertainty here is Fu-Chuan Hsu.
We still don't know
if he's infected or not.
Hey. Let's eat first.
You go ahead. We'll eat in a bit.
I got them to change my schedule.
What schedule?
I got a few days off next month.
I'm coming to Hong Kong with you.
Aren't you going to miss me?
They're not eating?
They're busy.
Let's eat.
Thank you.
I'll have no one to help me
with dishes when you're gone.
I was just joking. No need to look so sad.
Let's dig in.
My office is right by the hospital.
That's why I can visit so often.
My life now is just work and hospital.
What more do you want from me?
Why don't you come back
and have it your way?
Hiring aids takes money.
I'm not It's not about the money.
Anyways, Dad made the call.
He said that he'll be discharged soon.
He's feeling fine.
I'll keep you updated.
Mr. Lin.
- I'd like to discuss something with you.
- Nurse Ang.
You've taken such good care of my father.
Thank you.
Mr. Lin Sr. is
But there are things that are
for our family to deal with privately.
So you know?
Then you should encourage him
to accept chemo.
Even if it's only two years, one,
- or even just half a year...
- Let me ask you this.
What's the point of that extra time
if he has to keep checking in
and out of the hospital?
He'd only suffer more. So would I.
Maybe you're right,
that I'll grow to regret this.
That I'll regret this a lot.
But this is the best we can do now
and I have nothing left to offer.
Mr. Lin
My home collapsed
during the 921 earthquake.
My father, my mother and my sister
were all buried.
In just a few seconds,
I became completely alone.
I still dream about them.
But they're always just out of my reach.
Death doesn't take long.
We can't change what's going to happen.
But if I could do it again,
I'd find another way
so we could say our goodbyes properly.
Dr. Xia, what are you doing in here?
I want to look at Fu-Chuan Hsu's chart.
We're transferring him now.
Fu-Chuan Hsu.
But we're moving him to B Wing now.
B Wing? He tested positive?
Yes, it's just been reported.
- Hey.
- Hey. How are you holding up?
What's it like at the hospital now?
Yaya keeps asking about you.
Would you
tell Yaya that I'll be out in no time?
I promise.
You don't want to talk to Yaya today?
don't worry.
I'm safe here.
And I won't bring the virus back to you.
You sound off today.
How are you, really?
Fu-Chuan Hsu has SARS.
Fu-Chuan Hsu. He has SARS.
He got it from Hua-Xing Zhang?
We don't know.
Their symptoms showed up
around the same time.
We can't be sure
who the original carrier is.
At least we're safe here.
The nurse with the fever
has been transferred to B Wing.
Well, we still don't know
who the original carrier is.
This is 5A Nurse Station.
Dr. Xia. Real quick,
I need you to sign this for me.
Thank you.
We got a pregnant lady
with a fever downstairs.
- You mean A Wing?
- Yeah.
And they said they're restarting
the clock on the lockdown.
Head Nurse.
We'll never get out if we keep having
people coming down with fevers like this.
Stay calm.
Let me find out what's happening.
- This is Head Nurse Hong from 5A.
- How did the virus get to us?
Which room was the pregnant lady in?
There's a pregnant woman
downstairs with fever
and showing SARS symptoms.
Has she been to B Wing?
They said
if you volunteer to tend
to the SARS patients at B Wing,
they'd let you out in a week.
Ten thousand a day. Think about it.
Hello. Sir
Not at all.
You have it much worse than we do.
Patient reports? Of course!
Give me the names.
Turn around.
Ma'am, masks for tomorrow.
Thank you.
- Let me know if you need anything else.
- I will. Thank you.
Mr. Lin.
He's sleeping.
Mr. Lin. Masks for tomorrow.
It's all good. It's just masks.
- A-He.
- Thank you.
I've hear they're prolonging
the quarantine time. Is it true?
Dad, don't listen to those rumors.
Are we going to be
stuck in here, Nurse Ang?
Don't think like that.
If I'd have known it'd be like this,
I'd have stayed home and died in peace.
Here, gotta stay strong.
Oh, sure.
Here. Keep at it.
Excuse me.
- Thank you.
- You've worked hard.
Excuse me.
Do you know a nurse called Li-Zhen Wong?
Li-Zhen Wong from 8B? We do.
Where is she?
It's very dangerous over there.
- Listen.
- I'm going to Mommy.
I know. I understand.
And we will.
But you have to protect yourself first.
You hear me?
Listen up.
You got to give me a call
once you've found your mom.
Just to let me know you're safe.
Thank you.
Miss Nurse, I'm looking for my mom.
Your mom? Who's your mom?
She works here. Her name is Li-Zhen Wong.
Can you say it again?
My mom is Li-Zhen Wong.
- What?
- Head Nurse Wong's daughter is outside.
Her daughter?
She's by herself?
Kid, your mom is sick right now.
She's not sick, she works here.
No, kid, you mom is really sick.
We have to put her in quarantine.
I can't let you come in.
I need to see my mom!
This is a quarantine area,
you can't come in.
You should be with
the rest of your family.
I need to see my mom!
Mommy, it's Xiao-Yu.
I know you're in there.
Miss Shu-Hua.
Good afternoon.
Did you go to 8B
to help out the other day?
I did.
Don't you think
that it'd be better if you stay in B Wing?
Tai-He Ang, you were in contact with SARS?
If you're not sure,
you should be in B Wing.
What's going on?
Who's being quarantined?
Tai-He Ang was at 8B the other day,
so we think it's best for him
to remain there.
But his temperature is normal
and he's breathing fine.
There's no need for him to go.
Xing-Yan Lee.
What are you talking about?
The B Wing nurses
are not presenting either
but they're locked up all the same.
He's a liability.
- He should be there with them.
- A liability?
People from B Wing
were here when the lockdown started.
We're all potential carriers
by your logic.
I don't care. He's been to B Wing.
We're not comfortable having him here.
How are you going to help anyone
if you're afraid of your own coworker?
This has nothing to do with fear.
Look, let me ask you this.
Who's going to care for the patients
if we all got infected?
- From a medical standpoint
- You're just being selfish.
- you should go.
- Oh, I'm selfish?
B Wing is running on fumes.
- We're locked up in here
- They can really use your help.
You want to throw in
a potential virus carrier on top?
Potential virus carrier?
Where's your proof?
Can you prove that he's not infected?
You stay out of other people's business.
SARS doesn't care who you are.
Head Nurse.
I'll go help B Wing out.
- Tai-He
- Head Nurse,
Tai-He's body temperature
has stayed normal.
If we all make sure
to take proper precautions,
he doesn't have to go, does he?
Who gave you the authority
to send him over based on suspicion alone?
We are all equally susceptible,
are we not?
B Wing is a whole different ballgame.
You take care over there.
Body coming through, make way.
Are you here to help?
Great. Just a moment.
Mr. Hsu, I'm going to give you a steroid.
What are you up to?
Just having some noodles.
Noodles again?
You'll turn into a mummy.
That's the plan.
Did you see what they did out there?
People brought candles and put them
into the shape of Taiwan.
It's beautiful.
I don't have a window here
that'd let me see it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You're done for the day?
Yeah. What about you?
Me? I'm all right.
Head Nurse,
I have some antipyretics for you.
Mr. Chen, we're giving you
some antibiotics.
And you? How's you day?
You know how it gets.
Do I now?
It's not the same without you.
Excuse me, can you pass me a towel?
Thank you.
Where are they sending you to these days?
B Wing's ICU.
Mr. Chen, you mask needs changing.
Let me help you. Here.
Does that mean
you're treating SARS patients?
Of course not.
That's a relief.
Watch your head.
What about you? How's A Wing doing?
Wen-Jie is leading a strike.
What for?
But what about the patients?
We have to care for ourselves
first before we can care for them.
Just sign.
Can I have one too?
Thank you.
It's the same issues we've been fighting.
A Wing hasn't even been directly exposed.
Don't you think they're taking it too far?
Case numbers for SARS
have continued to rise.
Experts from the CDC
have shown great concern
over a shortage of resources at the TUH.
it has been reported on the 27th,
a pregnant woman
in A Wing had gotten a fever,
causing many to panic.
According to our source
within the hospital,
medical staff have launched a petition
and are locking themselves up
in the staffroom
as a demonstration
against the imposed policy.
Head Nurse, please stop it.
Don't pull at the tube.
Let's put our hands down. Try to relax.
Let's help you into some restraints.
Let's keep our hands down.
Head Nurse, let's keep it down.
- Xing-Yan Lee.
- Yeah?
What do you want to do
when you get out of here?
I want to
There are too many things.
And you?
I just want
things to go back to normal.
Yes! It's me, Kuo Tao,
and this is Everybody Speaks Nonsense.
Right! Let's kick it off with
SARS Protocol!
I believe we're all doing our part.
Good afternoon.
It is now midday.
To help our medical staff
to better operate and care for your needs,
please return the accompanying chairs
to their upright position.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Yes, Yaya?
When are you coming back?
Mommy is throwing the cake away.
You've been keeping it all this time?
It'll go bad.
Daddy will buy you a new one
when I'm back.
How does that sound?
You've been away because people are sick?
Daddy is a doctor.
Doctors can't leave
till the patients are cured.
Then hurry up and cure all the sick people
and come back to us.
I promise.
Daddy will buy you a new cake
when I'm out.
- Okay. Please hurry.
- Bye-bye.
Hello, Zheng Xia.
You've been allowed to leave.
We've finally found a place.
Pack your things.
A car is coming to pick you up
at 5:00 in the afternoon.
That's all.
This is a sight,
my dear attending, Dr. Xia.
What's up?
You in a good mood or what?
I'm on the next extraction list.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
Does it bother you
that you're stuck here for your exclusive?
Laugh all you like
but I've known that I was meant to be
a journalist since school.
And I've covered a lot of things.
I was a street journalist,
then an overseas correspondent
and a war correspondent.
I don't care about the exclusives.
We're at war with this virus now.
This is the battlefield
and I'm extremely lucky
to be here on the front lines.
It seems like I can only fix your lungs,
not your brain.
On the battlefield,
everyone has their role.
This is mine.
Wan-Cing? Why are you here?
No one showed up for the shift change.
I can't keep up.
I still have two catheters
and feeding tubes
and sputum clearing for 5021 to get to.
I thought we had a set schedule.
Where is everyone else?
- They're all on strike.
- Where are they?
Probably hiding out in some room upstairs.
Let's move.
Get the trolley.
Hurry up.
Xing-Yan Lee! Get over here!
Yes, I'm here.
Hand me the Ambu bag!
Start bagging.
Connect the monitors!
Give him 1 mg epinephrine
every three minutes.
- Where's the endotracheal tube?
- Here.
Epinephrine 1 mg IV push.
Okay. Push.
Xing-Yan, hold CPR.
- We're in. Inflate the cuff.
- Copy.
Give me the Ambu.
- Xing-Yan, check the position.
- Copy.
Are we good?
I can hear breath sounds in both lungs.
What's going on?
Zhi-Wei, your father hung himself.
The doctors are trying
to save him right now. Get in there.
We're performing first aid.
- Please stay outside.
- Excuse me.
But I'm Zu-Yao Lin's family. I'm his son.
Hey. Please tell me what's going on.
- I'm family.
- One dose of Bosmin.
Tell me what's going on!
Is that his family?
It is. He's just outside.
Take over for me, now.
Dr. Lee.
Dr. Lee.
Let's switch.
Just a moment, please.
We've been trying to save him
for 30 minutes
but it's not proving to be effective.
Would you like us to continue?
It's been 30 minutes.
No, please don't.
Time of death, 9:15 a.m.
Patient unresponsive
to first aid treatment.
Come out! Stop hiding! Come out!
Hiding in there?
Come out!
Stop hiding. None of you are sick.
You think you can stick
your heads in the sand
and everything will just go away?
Come out and do your job!
That Xing-Yan Lee has lost her marbles.
Come out.
What the hell is she on about?
Your colleagues can't rest, can't eat
and you're hiding away. Have you no shame?
You're all selfish.
We're here to save people's lives.
- You have no right...
- She's taking it too far.
- You have no right.
- She's baiting them.
You have no right
to call yourselves nurses
- We lose if we go out
- to be called doctors
We all know the risks in medicine.
The virus is terrifying. I'm terrified.
But we are here to help people.
Our job is to save lives.
There are sick people downstairs.
You're supposed to be
their beacon of hope.
Look at you now.
What have you done?
Just hiding away, doing nothing.
Doesn't it drive you crazy?
Doesn't it drive you absolutely crazy?
Get the cart!
You've reached Shu-Fen.
I'm not available now,
so leave a message or try me again later.
You're supposed to say "after the tone."
Doesn't matter. It's good enough.
Give me a sec, I'm almost there.
I see you! Hold on.
Are you all right?
I'm fine. You?
What happened?
Nothing. Just a bit tired.
I heard that A Wing got another case.
You be careful over there.
I will.
I want to go to Hong Kong with you.
And join MSF too.
There is still so much for us
to do together.
I can't be by your side right now,
but know that you aren't alone.
I'm with you
and I'll always be with you.
So let's do our best to stay afloat, yeah?
Yeah. I promise.
I'll take you to Hong Kong with me,
and Africa too.
It's coming down hard.
You should get inside.
Go, get inside.
You do the hanging up.
- Hey.
- Ma'am.
You're leaving, right?
Thank you for getting me on the list.
Still have time to give your girl a party.
You see, it's a bit complicated.
By the way,
we've found the original carrier.
It's Fu-Chuan Hsu.
His son was treated for SARS at TMUH.
The company he's at
had a branch in Guangdong.
A dozen of them were infected.
To be honest, there's not much
we can do to effectively fight this virus.
So here's what's happening
Get out of here.
There's a pregnant patient
with SARS in B Wing
who's suffering
from a gastric perforation.
They need to perform a C-section
and operate on
the gastric perforation simultaneously.
But all general surgeons
are in quarantine.
So we might need some of you
- to support them.
- To sacrifice ourselves?
Locked up with a SARS patient,
- that's a death sentence.
- Hear, hear.
The patient is suffering from hypotension,
barely sustained by blood transfusion.
She'd be in grave danger
if we wait any longer.
And it's not just as dangerous
for us to go?
What if we get infected?
She should be in capable hands.
Don't we have surgeons working in B Wing?
Why can't they do it?
They just don't want to do it themselves.
I hear you.
But I believe they've only called because
they can't cope with the heavy workload.
So they think we're coping just fine?
We've been cooped up in here for a week.
The situation will get better.
One week
What if it continues?
You're concerned for the pregnant lady?
What about us?
And our families?
The condition here is better than Wing B.
You didn't consider our feelings.
You just want us to wait.
Ma'am, I'm board certified in GS.
So we can discuss
that we can support B Wing.
Just tell us when can we leave here.
- I know.
- When will we stay
We've found the source.
Shiji Engineering.
Fu-Chuan Hsu's son worked there.
His colleagues got infected,
then he got it from them.
You're going to B Wing?
Have you lost your mind?
What about the extraction?
Someone else took it.
What's the name of the firm again?
Hey, Zheng Xia. Where are you?
The OR's been looking for you.
Ma'am, would you call up IPC
to check if anyone from Linen has a fever?
What does Linen have to do with it?
The virus was brought in
by Shiji Engineering.
Shiji Engineering?
- Are they our contractor?
- Yes.
All right, I'll call them.
Get yourself to the OR.
Body temperature is at 38.6C.
Heart rate at 112.
BP, 118/79.
Oxygen saturation, 100%.
Still can't get ahold of the family.
What should we do now?
He's from Linen.
Maybe we should try them?
- What's his name?
- Hong-Wen Chen.
I'll give them a call later.
Let me see that.
- And you are?
- Zheng Xia, Dr. Xia.
We're about to cremate him.
This is Zheng Xia.
I got an urgent case
of a massive hemothorax.
Let me know when a room is ready.
Dr. Xia.
Anes, are we all set to begin?
Clear to proceed.
- Is Dr. Xia here yet?
- Not yet.
I'll ask CB to call him.
What's up?
I thought you had an operation in B Wing.
Before the lockdown,
I operated on an employee from Linen.
I just saw him.
He's dead.
It's SARS.
All right. I got you.
You stay put.
Watch your temperature.
Zheng Xia, Dr. Xia. OR, 999.
Please report for duty.
Zheng Xia, Dr. Xia. OR, 999.
Please report for duty.
The baby's out. Suction ball.
Time of birth, 4:32 a.m.
Dr. Xia is here.
- Electrocautery.
- Here you go.
- Lock it.
- Locking.
Give me one too.
- Found it.
- 3-0 silk.
Dr. Xia, have you stopped
the bleeding yet?
It looks fine from here. What's wrong?
The patient is still hypotensive.
I'm already maxed out on Levophed.
But there's no obvious bleeding here.
- Blood pressure is still dropping.
- Pump the blood bag.
Why is there so much blood on the floor?
- Call the OB.
- On it.
- Four more units of blood.
- Copy.
Ma'am. 302 patient is down!
Is anyone there?
Blood's here.
The OB can't get here in time.
She's on the line.
Ma'am. I've repaired
the gastric perforation,
but the patient is still hypotensive.
Could it be PPH?
Dr. Xia, check the uterus. Is it firm?
Yes, it is.
Check the wound from the C-section.
Is it bleeding?
Not right now.
Tell me what to do.
Starting from
the repaired uterus incision,
trace downwards and laterally
until you can reach the uterine artery.
Take a large suture needle
and pass it through the uterus
and exit through the avascular region
of the broad ligament.
- Here's the suture.
- Tie it off.
Both sides?
Yes, both sides need to be ligated.
Mr. Wong.
What are you doing here?
Get the defibrillator!
On it.
Doctor, 999.
Charge the EKG lines.
- EKG shows V-tach.
- 150 Joules.
Okay, cut.
- Suture.
- Here's a new suture.
I can't see. Take my goggles off.
- The patient has SARS.
- Take them off.
Circulating Nurse.
Take it off.
Take them off.
One more time.
I can take over.
It's all right. I can do it.
It's back. We have a heartbeat.
- The heartbeat's back?
- It is.
- Let's flip him over.
- On it.
Up on my count.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
- Cut it.
- Copy.
BP is back up.
- Let's close her up.
- Copy.
We're closing the site.
Let's start with warm water, thank you.
We've found the origin of the outbreak.
See attached.
You should get some sleep.
Is this Mr. Jiang?
Xiao-Yu asked us to contact you first.
Unfortunately, her mother didn't make it,
but she's safe and settled.
She doesn't want you to worry about her.
- Hello.
- Hey.
Sorry to wake you up this early.
Have you got out yet?
Is Yaya awake?
She just woke up. Give me a second.
Yaya. Daddy wants to talk to you.
Morning, Daddy.
Morning, Yaya.
Daddy, why are you calling so early today?
I'm still so sleepy.
Daddy just saved someone.
You did?
Are they sick like the ones
people talk about on TV?
Did you save that person's life?
- I did.
- Does that mean that
you'll be back home soon?
I made three wishes
for my birthday this year.
Wish number one,
I wish everyone to never get sick
so you can come home to see me everyday.
Wish number two, I wish