Eyes and Prize (2018) Movie Script

[air rushing]
[chiming music]
- Hello?
I'm here.
[door clicking open]
Oh, hiya.
Hello there, how'd you do?
Hi, how you doing?
- Hello.
I'm Ron.
- I'm Marcus.
- Hello there.
- Nice to meet you.
- So, you're a fellow
participant then?
- Yeah, so, you're part of this?
- Yeah, yeah, s'pose so. I am.
- Okay.
- Yeah, so, welcome.
- Yeah, cheers.
Have you seen anyone else?
- No, just me.
And you now.
As far as I know, as
far as I can tell, like.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Quite something, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- I s'pose it's started then.
- You reckon?
- Yeah.
I reckon it started as soon
as I came through that door.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
So long as I was like
the first one in.
- Mmm, so you didn't
see anyone else?
No-one outside or anything?
- No, no, I just
walked right on in.
Yeah, it's amazing
really, isn't it?
- Hmm.
How long you been 'ere for?
- Oh not long, just a few
minutes before you really.
Yeah, yeah.
Looks alright, don't it?
- Yeah.
- Nice kitchen.
Yeah, table, chairs,
sofa and the like.
Looks great.
- So, what do you know
about what's going on?
- Me?
Nothing, nothing.
Not a lot, I mean just what
was in the instructions,
you know.
What to bring, what not to
bring, that sort of thing.
- Yeah.
I was just expecting to
see someone in charge?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Know what I mean?
- Yeah me too, yeah, yeah.
- Weird.
- Who knows.
- Yeah.
- Maybe they're just
chucking us in 'ere.
- Been through there?
- It's locked is that, yeah.
Reckon a bedroom's
through there.
Through here's the bathroom.
It's a good size.
Got ourselves a shower
and a bath.
- Nice.
Like an all in one.
- Yeah.
- Hey, maybe it'll
just be the two of us.
- Yeah.
- You never know!
Sorry, what did you
say your name was?
My memory--
- Marcus.
- Oh yeah, yeah.
- Marcus.
- So what is it you do, Marcus?
If you don't mind me asking?
- What do I do?
Well like my job?
- Yeah, your job.
Do you have a profession?
- Yeah, I'm sort of a
hairdresser at the moment.
- Oh, great, great!
Good profession
that hairdressing.
- Yeah.
- People are always gonna
need their hair cutting.
- Yeah.
I'm sort of doing
that on the side,
'cause I'm in a band as well.
- Oh, wow!
- It's nothin' major.
- That's great though,
being in a band eh.
- Yeah, yeah keeps me busy.
- Hey nice.
So, what are you
guys called then?
- You wouldn't have heard of us,
we're sort of in
between things anyway.
- Nice tattoo that.
- Yeah, cheers.
- They're all the rage then
these days, aren't they?
- Yeah, I guess.
- Yeah, you see
them all over place.
- Yeah.
- There was a time
when it was just them
punks that had them.
- Yeah?
- Mmm, it's funny that isn't it?
How fashions change.
- Yeah.
So, what is it you do?
- Me?
I'm a salesman basically.
- Okay.
- Yeah, mainly in the
automobile sector.
- Is that selling cars?
- No no, not quite,
everybody thinks that, no,
it's more like selling
things for cars.
I work for Autoshine, you see,
so I'm selling buffers
and cleaning products,
liquids, that sort of thing.
I'm a regional sales manager
so I'm mainly talking
to garages, independents
that sort of thing.
Have you heard of Autoshine?
- No, no, I don't have a car.
- Oh I thought lads your age
would all be driving round.
- Well it's expensive innit.
- Yeah, yeah, I suppose
it is these days, yeah.
No, Autoshine is--
- Have you looked at
the cupboards yet?
- Oh yeah, yeah, feel free.
Yeah I did have a look yeah.
Be my guest, yeah.
Yeah, I've had a
look in that one.
Proper stocked up well that.
Loads of food in there.
And this one.
Cutlery drawer here, utensils.
Oh wow, couple of
bottles of wine there.
Tell you what, we
won't be going hungry.
Looks all new don't it.
Yeah, I saw that one as well.
They're everywhere.
I suppose we'll have to get
used to them, all these cameras.
- Hmm.
- Yeah, they're
all over the place.
- It's not really
what I was expecting.
- Yeah, yeah.
Who knows?
- Mmm.
Guess we'll just wait here then?
- Yeah, yeah.
See what happens.
- Yeah.
- Did you have to
travel far today then?
- No, no, I came from Reading.
- Oh Reading, yeah,
yeah, nice town Reading.
- It's alright, you?
- No, no I came down
from Sheffield me.
- By train?
- Yeah, yeah.
- They sent the
tickets out like--
- Train tickets.
- Yeah, to your house.
- Yeah, yeah, all of them.
Very organized, I mean it's a
long way down from Sheffield
but them instructions
were well on the nose.
Oh, hello there.
- Oh my God.
- Hiya!
I'm Ron.
- Hi, I'm Abbi!
Nice to meet you.
- I'm Marcus.
- Marcus, Abbi,
nice to meet you.
- [Ron] Welcome, welcome.
- My God!
I can't believe it.
- Yeah, it's exciting isn't it.
- Oh my God, so this is it?
- [Ron] Yeah, this is
it, it's already started.
- Has it!
Oh my God this is so amazing!
- [Ron] Isn't it amazing, yeah.
Marvelous place.
Hey, check out the sofas.
- Oh yes.
- I haven't tried it.
- Ooh, very comfy.
Wow, so what's happened?
How long have you
guys been here for?
- [Ron] Not for long,
about 10 minutes,
five or 10 minutes or so yeah.
We've just had a little
look round, haven't we?
- Really?
Is this it or?
- Well so far.
- Think so.
- [Ron] Through there's locked.
- Locked!
Oh my God, this is so exciting!
- [Ron] Yes it is
isn't it, yeah.
Then over here's the bathroom.
- Oh my God, the bathroom.
Let's have a little look.
Oh my God!
God, there's cameras everywhere.
- Yeah, there are aren't there?
- Yeah.
- I suppose we'll have to, er,
go to the toilet under
a sheet or something.
- God, yeah.
- Yeah, kitchen area over here.
Fridge is all well stocked
up and the cupboards.
- Oh wow.
- There is a lot.
- [Ron] Loads of food.
- And lots of noodles.
- [Ron] Lots of noodles.
- Oh, interesting.
- Curry, chicken.
- Wow, this is just--
- Pretty fucked up yeah.
- Yeah, God.
Oh my goodness.
So did you two
arrive together then?
- No, no, I was here first,
then Marcus arrived
shortly afterwards.
- Ah cool.
- Did you see anyone
else to do with this?
- No!
No one.
Did you meet anyone?
- No.
- No, no-one has.
- Weird yeah, but exciting!
- Yes, it is exciting.
- I guess we'll find out
when everyone else gets here.
- I wonder how many
of us there'll be?
Could be any number.
- God, yeah.
- Got no way of knowing.
Did you get 'ere alright?
- Oh yeah, fine, thank you.
- You got the
instructions there?
- I certainly did.
Oh my God it was so amazing.
Was like a proper treasure hunt!
I felt like I was
a spy or something.
- Nice one.
- Like what was that
about not being able
to talk to anyone
on the way here--
What's that?
- These windows are
totally closed up.
- [Ron] Oh yeah.
- [Abbi] No ways.
- [Ron] I suppose
they don't want us
looking out at the road.
- Yeah.
- [Ron] Yeah,
that'll be it, yeah.
- God, not being able
to bring my phone!
I almost went mad on the train.
It was a nightmare.
Everyone was on their
phones, literally everyone.
You don't realize till you
don't have one, do you?
- Absolutely, we
don't realize how much
we all depend on our
phones, do we, these days?
- Well that's it isn't it?
- So, did you have
to travel far then?
- Oh not too far, I'm from
Whitely, near Southampton.
- Oh yeah, down
near Southampton.
- Yeah.
- I been to Southampton.
- Oh, you been there before.
- My grandma used to live there.
- Ah yeah, it's alright.
But my God, I've had an
absolute nightmare of a day.
- Oh yeah, how come?
- 'Cause my Mum wanted
to come with me,
'cause, obviously, she thinks
I'm going to Australia.
- Australia!
- Yeah, I know, that's
what everyone thinks.
So she wanted to give me
a lift to the airport.
And I was like, oh
no, it's alright,
I'm gonna get the train.
Then she was like gonna get
Nick to drive to the airport
anyway, and I was like no,
and she just weren't
taking no for an answer!
In the end I was like: look
mum, I'm gonna do this my way,
I'm gonna get the
train to the airport,
you can give me a lift to the
train station if you want.
And then on the way
there she getting Nick
to drive to the airport anyway!
I was like: no!
Oh my god, I completely
lost it at her!
God, yeah.
You know, that made me
almost miss my train.
God, it was just, it just
wasn't how I wanted to leave it,
you know, as I was going.
God, she knew something
weird was going on.
You know how mums just know.
- Oh yeah.
- I guess actually
now you do know Mum.
- She knows.
- Sorry about that.
- God, she was a bag of
tears at the train station.
- Aw, bless her.
- I was just so,
give it a break.
- Yeah, I had to tell my wife
I was going on this
training course--
- Oh!
- Hi.
- Look, I've been given this.
And, I've been told to
lock the door with this.
[group exclaiming]
Here we go, here we go!
- Sorry, who did you see?
- Oh, there was a guy out there,
stopped me on the steps up here.
- What did he say?
- Not much, he told me
I was the last one in
and he gave me this.
- Last one.
And told me to lock the
door when I got inside.
- No way.
- This is it.
- That's what he said.
- Hi, I'm Abbi by the way.
- Hi, I'm James.
- James.
- Hi, I'm Ron.
- Ron.
- James, hello.
- Marcus.
- James.
- [Ron] Right then!
- Come take a seat, join us.
- What's in the envelope?
- [James] Oh, I
haven't looked yet.
- [Abbi] Oh God, yeah.
Oooh, more laminate!
- There's this.
Something else as well.
There we go.
- Are they microphones?
- Yeah they are.
- That was it.
- [Abbi] Shit, we've
gotta put on microphones.
- I've used those
microphones before.
- Oh have you?
- So exciting.
- Used them at a conference.
- Oh really.
- James?
- James.
- James, yeah Marcus.
[Ron mumbling]
- Hello testing, one, two.
- [Abbi] How does it clip on?
- Just sort of clips on.
- [Ron] This is Ron
Weatherall speaking,
hello, hello, hello.
- What's this?
What is that?
- [Ron] Task one.
- [Abbi] Task, oh my
God, we get a task.
- Shall I do the honors.
- [James] Yeah, go for it.
- I'll read it out loud for
all the folks back home.
They'll want to know
what's gonna happen.
- Sod them, I want to know.
- Right, task one.
Welcome to Eyes and Prize.
I'm sure you'll all
be wanting to find out
what's going to happen
during your stay here.
- [Abbi] Yes!
- You will find out soon enough,
but first we need to do a
little housekeeping exercise.
- [Abbi] Okay.
- You are going
to open your case
and place it on the
floor in front of you.
Then, another participant
will thoroughly
go through your
suitcase making sure
that nothing prohibited
has been brought in.
Any of the following items
must be put into the
plastic bag supplied.
Which we've got over there.
Mobile phone, mp3
player, tablet device,
computer, any electrical
devices and any watches.
- I don't have any of those.
- [Abbi] Yeah, we
were already told
not to bring them
in the instructions.
- You will also check the
pockets of all the other
participants to make sure
that no prohibited items
have been hidden in there.
Ooh, right, now
then, here we go.
Once you have completed
the first task,
place the key in the plastic bag
and leave it by the front door.
Right, congratulations on
completing your first task,
you will find a
reward in the fridge.
- Oooh!
[Ron laughs]
- Please attach the microphones
to clothing close to your mouth.
Yes, yes, we've
done that already.
These must be worn
at all times, hmm.
Enjoy today.
We will be in contact soon.
And remember, expect
the unexpected.
[Abbi shrieking]
- [Abbi] What's in the fridge?
- That'll be the wine.
- [Abbi] Wine!
That's a great reward.
[Ron mumbling]
Oh yes.
- Nice.
- As if, our first task already.
- [Ron] Wonder what
the next task will be.
- 'Ere, James hasn't
had the grand tour yet.
Look at all the cameras.
- [Ron] Through
there's locked, James.
- Oh that's locked?
- [Abbi] Here's the bathroom.
- [Ron] We reckon that's
the bedroom through there.
- Oh the bedroom--
- Oh my God yeah, the bedroom.
[Ron and Abbi mumbling]
- So how long have you
guys been here for?
- You know what, maybe we
have to do another task
to get through there?
[Ron and Abbi chatting]
- What d'this guy say to you?
- Not much.
Like I said it was really brief.
I didn't know what was
going on to be honest.
- What was he like?
- Sort of normal I guess.
- He had a headset with a--
- A mic?
- Yeah, yeah.
So he went back down and just
told me to keep on going.
- Oh, he didn't say
anything else to you?
- No, nothing else.
Didn't really think much of it.
- Yeah, of course.
- Shall we check each other's?
- Yeah.
- This one is mine here.
- What we supposed to
be looking for again?
- [James] It says on the
sheet, mobile phones,
MP3 players, tablets, computers.
- [Abbi] Okay, [mumbling].
- Swap places, you come.
There we go, I'm in.
- [Abbi] Sorry it's a mess.
- Well what's this fellow?
- Yeah I thought I'd risk it.
[James and Marcus mumbling]
- It was already
a heatwave there.
It was like 115 or something.
- [Abbi] Oh God, that is hot.
That's too hot, that is.
- And we couldn't find a doctor.
And the rep were
nowhere to be seen.
Of course we were in a
villa and not in a hotel,
there was no receptionist
to help us out.
I didn't know what to do.
- Oh no.
- There was nobody in
the villa next to us,
so we couldn't get
any medication.
And she was so bad I
had to stay with her
and I had to keep a cold flannel
on her head all day long.
- [Abbi] Oh no, poor thing.
- And what made it worse
was, I couldn't figure out
how to switch the damned
air conditioning on.
It was this computerized thing.
When I started fiddling with
it, I screwed it right up.
- Oh no!
- It was on to begin with,
then I went and turned
the damn thing off.
- [Abbi] Couldn't you
call your friends?
- Oh yeah, I tried that,
but they couldn't remember
'ow to do it without being
there, in front of it like.
- [Abbi] Are you close
to your wife, Ron?
- Yeah, yeah, of course, yeah.
] I dunno how you can
get away with not telling her.
I mean, I know I
didn't tell my mum
but when it's your partner,
it's a bit different, isn't it?
I mean don't get me wrong,
I think you've done amazing
to do that, but I just think
it must have been so hard?
- No, no, it was easy.
I mean it sounds a bit bad,
but she is the gullible sort.
You know, I can say anything
and she'll believe me.
- [Abbi] But, didn't it kill
you to have to lie to her?
- Yeah, I see where
you're going, yeah,
but the way I look at
it, I had to do it,
so I wasn't really
thinking like that.
- [Abbi] Yeah, well, I mean,
I felt awful lying to my mum,
and Sally, and Kate as well,
and everyone, actually.
- Well, it wasn't
easy, but the way
I look at it like is for the
greater good like, you know.
- Oh yeah, I mean...
I totally get that.
I just think...
You've done really well.
It just must of
been tough on you.
- [Ron] Well, yeah, it
wasn't the easiest, no.
- [Marcus] ...medium
sized venues of 200 people
- [Abbi] I'll just
get the garlic bread.
- Yeah, I mean, it
was tough, really.
- [Marcus] ...then, you
don't get actual money.
So then it works out that
guys who were set
up the instruments.
Get paid more than
the fucking band.
- So not fair.
- Is this your band, is it?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
It's hard to get money
out of people, isn't it?
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- It's not that. People
are willing to pay.
Just don't go where it should.
To the band.
- Yeah, that's it.
It's the way of the world, yeah.
The fat cats get all the milk.
- Hey, has everybody
got wine, by the way?
- Thank you, yes.
- Yeah.
- [Abbi] Well, cheers, everyone!
- Thank you so much, Abbi.
- [Abbi] Yeah, to our
first meal in the house.
- Yeah!
- To our good health.
- To the show.
- Yeah.
- Yes, to Eyes and Prize
and having a great time.
- Eyes and Prize.
- Yeah, yeah!
- And to finding
out what's going on.
And what the hell we're
supposed to be doing.
That would help.
- Well, there is an easy way.
- Yeah?
- You've still got
the key, right?
The key for the door.
- Oh yeah I was gonna put it
in that bag, like they said.
- We could just unlock the door
find whoever's in charge.
Ask them a few questions.
- Yeah!
Oh my god, shit!
Maybe that's what
we're supposed to do?
- Thinking outside the box.
- I wonder what they'd do
if we just went out there?
- Find out.
- This is nice Abbi, thanks.
- Oh, thank you!
- Yeah, this is real nice.
- I'll have to make my
chili con carne soon.
- Oh, I love a bit of chili.
- Maybe I could do
that tomorrow night?
- Yeah, that'd be great, yeah.
- Not too hot though, I'm
not a fan of spicy food.
- Oh no, it's not that
hot, it's more kind of--
- Tasty.
- Yeah, it's tasty.
- I won't put too much chili in.
- No.
- This is real nice
though Abbi, lovely.
- Hey, do you reckon that's
what we're supposed to do?
To get outside?
- Could be.
- Maybe.
- Maybe that's how
to get to the garden?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Oh my god, I hope
it's still sunny.
- It's supposed to be.
- Really?
Oh, it'd be so nice to have
a glass of wine outside.
- The forecast have
said it's gonna
be even hotter next week.
- Oh, yes!
- [Ron] Yes, they said it's
gonna be Mediterranean.
- Best time of year,
everyone's just in a good mood.
Like less stressed out,
in a brighter mood.
- Vitamin Ds.
- Yeah, it makes such a
difference, doesn't it?
- It does, doesn't it?
- That's why holidays
are so important.
- Yeah.
- So that's when you can
really well relax, just
sit back and just let
the stresses of the
day job just disappear.
- Yeah, so long as you can get
the air conditioning to work.
- Well guys, we're
all on holiday at the
moment, aren't we?
- Yeah, that's true.
- Actually, I think I'd still
be on the plane.
- [Ron] You wouldn't
be nearly there yet.
- Yeah!
God, what time is it?
I don't even think I
would be at Singapore yet.
- I tell you what,
better dinner here though
than what you get on the plane.
- I like dinner on the planes.
- Yeah, [mumbles.
- Yeah!
- [Marcus] Nothing
beats a nice air hostess
serving you a nice cold beer.
- [Abbi] Oh my god, that's
what I was gonna say.
- [Marcus] Thank
you very, very much.
- A nice G&T on ale.
- Oh, that's good.
- [Abbi] Celebrate
going on holiday.
- Nice bit of luxury that, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Drinks on the plane.
- This is lovely.
- [Marcus] I'm off to Thailand,
you're off to Australia,
you're off to Mexico,
and you, you're off
to the north of Scotland.
- What's wrong with
that, what, what?
- [Marcus] You got the
shit deal there, mate.
- Hey, I am supposed to
be going to Spain as well.
[all talking over one another]
- [Abbi] So what did
you tell your band?
- Same as I told
everyone, really.
- [Abbi] How is that?
- Fine, I was just sort of like
you, just sorting things out
with Spike.
- Oh yeah, with Spike.
- [Abbi] Oh my god,
he was so great.
He literally saved
me so many times.
I hope we get to
meet him actually.
- [Ron] Yeah,
yeah, me too, yeah.
- [Abbi] Oh my god, the worst,
that was my leaving party.
- [Ron] You had a leaving party?
- [Abbi] Oh my
god, it was awful.
They threw a surprise
thing for me.
- You're joking.
- And they were asking
me so many questions about
Australia, and I just didn't
know the answer so I kept
having to run to the toilet
to email Spike and he was so
great, told me what to do,
what to say.
- Good old Spike, yeah.
- [Abbi] Oh my god,
can you believe?
They got me one of
those hats with the--
- [Ron] Australian
hats, with the cork?
- [Abbi] Yeah, yeah, no,
they did, with the cork!
I was like oh thanks, great.
- [Ron] You know the
corks are supposed
to keep the flies out.
- Oh, is that it?
I was just like could've
given me money, or something.
Bloody hell.
- [Marucs] Hey!
- I'm sorry, I'll
see you tomorrow.
- [Marcus] What the
fuck just happened?
Here we go, here we go
- [Marcus] James, mate.
Where the fuck's he gone?
Where the fuck is he?
I'm so confused right now.
He just upped and left,
in the middle of dinner.
- [Marcus] James, mate.
He's ignoring me as well?
- [Abbi] Hello?
Can we come in?
- [James] Yes mate, come on.
- [Abbi] Are you
gonna let us in?
- [Ron] I don't think
he's gonna let you in.
- [Marcus] Your
wine's out 'ere, mate.
- [Abbi] Yeah, you haven't
even finished your dinner.
- [Marcus] Ron's
gonna eat it all.
- [Abbi] Yeah!
- We've got ice cream.
- Yeah, we're all gonna
have ice cream for desert.
- [Marcus] Come on,
mate, [mumbles].
[voices muffled by door]
- [Abbi] Hello?
- [Marcus] Hey!
- [Abbi] Who else is in there?
Is that the bedroom
in there, James?
[voices muffled by door]
We wanna be part of the fun!
[voices muffled by door]
[typing clicks]
[voices muffled by door]
[voices muffled by door]
[Abbi] How do we
get out of here?
[voices muffled by door]
[voices muffled by door]
[Abbi] Is there a magic
word we need to say?
- [Marcus] Come on
mate, let us in.
Don't ignore me
[knocking out "Shave
and a Haircut"]
[voices muffled by door]
He said he's seen
someone, right?
- Got some sort of reward?
- Like the bedroom.
- Yes, he's got the bedroom!
Maybe that's what we've
gotta do, like some sort
of secret mission and you get
rewards for doing
secret missions.
- Yeah, you never know.
- Jesus. Hey maybe
someone else'll come in?
- Yeah, who knows?
Right game this is, eh?
We're in a right game here, hey.
- God...
He said he'll be back in
here tomorrow so I suppose
we're gonna just find out then.
- Yeah.
- I don't get why he was
given a key, for that door.
Like, couldn't someone from the
show have locked us in here?
- Well, I think it
was a secret mission.
- No, the front door.
How come someone gave
him a key to lock that?
Couldn't someone have locked
us in from the outside, you
know, once we're all in here.
- Maybe they gave him two
keys and they said to him
he's gotta leave
at some point today
and he's gotta take
both keys with him
and he's gotta keep it a secret
cause it's a secret mission.
- Yeah, yeah!
- Yeah, maybe, but I dunno.
It just don't sound right to me.
Would someone really
pull him to one side
and say all that to him just
before he comes in here?
- Yeah. I guess so.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Well, what if there
weren't anyone outside?
I mean, we don't know.
What if he's not
actually a contestant?
- What, James?
- Yeah.
What if 'he's like, not
real, like not a contestant.
And he's been sent in to
fuck things up for us?
- But, why would he do that?
- I dunno, maybe he's
been sent in by the show
to mess with our heads.
- Maybe.
- Maybe that's what this
was all about.
- It's a good point, that.
- No, it could be, no?
- Yeah, yeah, I think
you've got it there.
- We just don't know, do we?
- So where's he gone then?
- I don't know, backstage?
- So that's not a bedroom then.
- I don't know, maybe not,
it didn't look like it to me.
- So where's the bedroom then?
- I don't know, it
could be downstairs.
- Through the other door?
- Yeah.
And we can't go check now
can we, 'cause he's got
the fucking key with him?
- Yeah.
- And the bag.
- Yeah.
- So now we're
fucking stuck in here.
- Maybe we just need to
do some sort of secret
mission or something.
- Yeah, yeah, could be.
Could be anything.
What's gonna happen next, ey?
- Yeah, god.
Well, he said he'd be back
in here tomorrow, right?
So we'll wait and see
what happens then.
- That's if he weren't
lying about that.
- But that's what he said.
- Yeah, but that's if he
was an actual contestant.
- But why wouldn't he be?
- Like I'm saying,
we don't know, okay?
He could be an actor, right?
Sent in to fuck things up.
- Yeah, I think you've
got it there now.
[mumbles] think about it,
yeah, expect the unexpected.
- So you're saying it's
just us three then.
- I don't know, maybe, yeah.
And he could be an actor
and he's been sent in
to fucking manipulate us.
- Yeah, yeah, I think
you've got it here,
I think you've got it.
- I don't know, I don't
know what to think.
- They ain't got me.
- We just don't
know, do we, Abbi?
- They ain't got me, pally.
- So then how do I know that
you're not an actor then?
- That's what I'm saying,
we don't know, okay?
Because he's been sent in
to fuck with our heads,
to fuck with us, make
us all doubt each other
and not fucking
trust each other.
- Trust me, I am not an actor,
Abbi, you can believe me.
- I do, I do think it's you.
- Abbi, Abbi, Abbi,
Neither am I, okay?
The thing is, it could be that.
- It's just weird, I don't know.
Let's just wait until tomorrow,
see what happens then.
- Yeah.
Maybe something
else could happen.
Like oh, dear!
- He didn't say
much though, did he?
- I noticed that.
- Not really?
- Watch the quiet ones, hey.
- Yeah?
- I bet this bit'll be going
out on the highlights bit.
- Oh god, yeah!
- If they do highlights.
- Oh, I'm sure
they will do, yeah.
- Ooh, guess he won't be
coming back for this then.
Cheers very much.
Waste not, want not.
- Oh, he's taken my
fucking clippers.
- What, how you gonna
do your hair now?
- That's all right.
- Did he say
anything else to you?
- Yeah, you were
talking to him a lot.
- I don't think he said much.
- Lot more than us, anyway.
- He didn't really say anything
apart from about Mexico.
- Yeah.
Should have known there
was something up with him
when he mentioned that.
I mean, who goes to Mexico?
- I dunno.
- Oh, nice.
- Don't look round now,
Ron's getting naked.
- Ron!
- What?
I've got to take my shirt off.
I'm not sleeping in me shirt.
- I'm joking, you've
got a nice body.
- [Ron] Come off it.
- Very manly, I like it.
- [Ron] Give over.
- So mean.
You sleeping on the
sofa tonight then.
- Yeah, I reckon so.
I might get the cushions,
put 'em on the floor though.
I never liked sleeping on sofas.
- You don't like
sleeping on sofas?
- Mm-mm, I get like a
funny taste in my mouth.
- What?
Oh, it's the best.
- What, better than
sleeping on a bed?
- Yeah, loads.
I reckon I've slept on
more sofas than beds.
- No you haven't, no one has
slept on more sofas than beds.
- Honestly, honestly.
- Except for a
tramp or something.
- Honestly, I reckon I have?
I have lived on three houses.
- Oh right yeah.
- Since I was a kid, right?
That's three beds.
Last month, four
sofas, all right?
James's sofa.
- What about holidays?
- Pete's sofa, my mum's sofa.
- What about when you're
touring with your band, what,
do you sleep on sofas then?
- No, we get put up in
hotels, but you ignore that--
- You can't ignore that!
- Then you got
Jack's in Bristol.
- No!
- No, you're right,
I've slept in more beds.
- See?
- But I prefer sofas.
- Lucky you.
- Yeah, I actually might
sell my bed at home
and replace it with a
sofa, just constantly live
the sofa dream.
I might!
- Oh my god, I need more wine.
Can we have some
more wine please?
- Or beer?
- Yeah, or beer.
- I love beer.
- I don't care, actually,
anything will do.
- Please?
We're not fussy.
- Take that as a yes?
- Yeah, someone's just gonna
magically appear at the door
with a can of beer and
a nice bottle of wine.
- How nice.
- Oh, it sounds great.
- Delivery.
What time is it?
- No idea, no watch,
no fucking phone.
- No clocks?
- I don't think...
- [Ron] Take a look at the
cooker, I think that's got a--
- Yes, cooker.
- What time is it?
- [Abbi] Okay, 17
minutes past three.
- That's definitely not right
- [Ron] It must be stuck,
I think it must be stopped.
- Yeah.
I reckon it's
about 11, maybe 12?
- [Abbi] I don't
like not knowing.
How we gonna know when to
get up tomorrow morning?
- I--
- We'll know.
- [Abbi] I'm gonna see if
it'll let me get in there.
- [Marcus] They're
not gonna let you in.
- Hey!
You can open up now.
We're all gonna
get ready for bed.
Kind of like to sleep
in a bed tonight.
Not on a sofa.
- Let us in, you fuckers!
- Yeah!
- Guys, guys.
- Wake up!
- Yeah!
- Let us in.
- [Ron] Abbi, Marcus, guys,
guys, guys, I don't think
we're supposed to be going
through there tonight.
- Don't say, Ron.
- [Ron] I mean, they
didn't leave them blankets
in the sideboard there
for nothing, did they?
- They're not listening to us.
- They are, right?
And they're laughing
their fucking tits off.
- There's definitely
none of them cans left?
- No.
- Did you check
behind the cupboard?
- Yeah.
- Morning.
- Oh, hiya!
Good morning!
Hey, I didn't wake you, did I?
- No, I don't think so.
Making breakfast?
- Yeah, do you want some?
- What are you doing?
- Boiled eggs and toast.
- Nah, I'll do my
own, thank you though.
- What, you don't like eggs?
- It's a bit much for breakfast.
- God, are they great.
Great way to start the day.
You sleep okay?
- Yeah, okay, I think.
- Hey, when I go out of bed,
all these lights got bright.
- Really?
- Yeah, it was amazing.
As I woke up, it
was completely dark.
And then as I got out of
bed, it slowly got light.
- They were still on
when I fell asleep.
- Must be some sort
of dimmer light.
- Is it comfortable
enough down there?
- Oh yeah, went great,
slept like a log.
- Really?
- Yeah, it was like
proper camping, that was.
- Wonder what
today's got in store.
- Yeah, looking forward
to it, to finding out,
could be anything, ey?
- I reckon we'll
be through there.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, or downstairs.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Wonder why they kept
us in here last night?
- Yeah, all part of their
little game I guess.
- Yeah, is there any milk?
- Yeah, tons.
- Oh, yes!
- And there's some cereal
in here, some corn flakes.
- Ah yes, I want
a bowl of cereal.
Ooh, what's that smell?
- Oh, damn!
- Oh, oh no, Ron!
- Oh, I had to push it in again
'cause it weren't done enough.
- I hate when that happens.
- No bother, plenty more bread.
- Yeah.
One thing I do know about
toasters is you know that dial?
That actually controls the
length of time that it toasts.
- Yeah?
- Not the temperature.
So when you turn it up
full blast 'cause you want
it to go quicker, it just
puts it in for longer,
doesn't make it
any hotter inside?
- Yeah, no, I just
forgot, that's all.
- Aww, yeah, no, I've
done that before.
- Yeah, yeah.
Do you know if there's
any orange juice?
- Not sure, fridge, wouldn't it?
I don't know see any, no,
no, I don't think so, no.
- Maybe in the cupboard?
- Well, if not, you can just
ask for some, can't you?
- Yeah, suppose so.
- Hey, we should make up a
list of things that we want.
- Mm, good idea, yeah!
- Right, here we go, waiting
for your little soldiers.
- Do you reckon it's
safe to have a shower?
- Yeah, I reckon so, yeah.
- I might wear my
bikini just in case.
- Yeah, good plan, good idea.
- Aw, done, how long's
it take to do eggs?
- Boiled eggs, four minutes.
- Four minutes?
- Yeah.
- [Abbi] Well, how do you
know when they're done then?
- [Ron] Oh, you just know, got
like an internal body clock.
Everybody does.
- Hm!
[light clattering]
- Oi-Oi, Savaloys.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Marcus.
Nice of you to join us.
- What's going on then?
[cup rattling]
Oh, yeah.
- You gonna have another sleep?
- [Marcus] Nah.
- Hey, do you wanna
help us look for clues?
- [Marcus] Nah.
- So why don't you tell us
a bit more about your band?
- [Marcus] Not much
to say, really.
- What sort of music is it then?
- [Marcus] I don't know,
sort of rock music, I guess.
- Oh, wow, I love a
bit of rock music, me.
I like a bit of Queen, I do.
- [Marcus] Yeah,
it's not like that.
- Brian May, he's
something else.
One of a kind, he
is, he's a visionary.
So when did you start
picking up the guitar, then?
- [Marcus] When I was at school.
- Oh yeah, that's the
time, when you're young.
I'd love to play guitar,
me, but I'm too old.
It gets tougher to
pick some stuff up,
the older you get like.
There's no doubt about that.
You must be well glad that
you got on here then, yeah?
I mean, this is really gonna
boost your profile, hey,
I bet that record label'll
be crawling back to you.
- [Marcus] Yeah, it
don't work like that.
- I bet they do, though.
- [Marcus] Yeah, well
that's not why I'm here,
I'm just here for the
experience, for the craic.
- Oh yeah, so are we all.
- Shh!
Can hear something
again, someone moving.
- Again?
- And a ding, it sounds
like a microwave!
- [Ron] Yeah?
- [Marcus] Yeah, I can
smell something cooking.
- Yeah.
- Yeah!
- [Marcus] Is that tomato soup?
- It is, as well!
Hey, we've got tomato
soup in here as well.
- They must have a
kitchen in there then.
- [Ron] Do you wanna
come and join us?
- Are you coming back in?
He must still be in there then.
- It's probably a camera man.
- Who is it?
We can hear you.
- I don't think
it's gonna be open.
- Yeah, any luck?
- Nah, nothing yet.
- Yeah, me neither, still.
Plenty more to go on.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna go through
the kitchen next,
have a look through
all the cupboards.
- Yeah, yeah, good idea, that.
- [Marcus] You're not
gonna find anything.
- Well, we need to give it
a try, Marcus, you know.
We're searching for any words
that might be underlined.
- [Marcus] I think
it's a waste of time.
- Well, I don't know.
- No!
- Oh, you fucker!
Oh my god!
- How did I miss?
- Where did it even go?
Where did it go?
- Oh my god.
Down there.
- Got it, got it?
- Down there.
- No!
That's so poor, thank you!
- Fuck!
- Okay!
- Oh, Abbi goes for gold!
- One, two!
- Oh, every time!
- Come on, sir!
- What?
- Rubbish.
- Come on, [mumbles],
come on, [mumbles].
- Yes, yes, yes.
- Oh my god!
- I got it, I got it
this time, this time!
- One, two, three, four, five!
- He missed!
- I missed, I missed.
- He missed!
- I missed.
- [Abbi] Why is
no one getting it?
- Here we go.
- [Abbi] On the chair, ready.
- On the chair.
- For the big shot.
- [Ron] Big shot.
- Yes, yes, yes!
- Get down, get down,
get down, get down!
- Wow!
Three, two, one!
[all talking over one another]
- Forfeit time.
- No, no, no.
Not gonna play this silly game.
- Pick a cup, Ron.
- Oh, come on.
- Ron, you've got to.
- Yeah!
- You lost.
- Well, you must
think I'm right stupid
if I'm gonna play this.
- You have to.
- Ron.
- Now, now, now.
- You paid the ticket, you
take the ride, pick up the cup.
Abbi did hers.
- Yeah!
- Let's just--
- You might not even get it.
- Ron, you can't play if
you're not gonna do a forfeit.
- Well, let's think of
a better forfeit, right?
How about, I was--
- Ron.
- Right on the chairs.
- One, two, three.
- Stop talking you out
of it and pick a cup.
- Yeah, pick a cup, Ron.
- Christ of lights.
- Come on.
I believe in you.
- [Ron] One, two, three.
- [Marcus] Yes, yes, yes, yes!
- I am not going [mumbles].
- Bad luck, Ronnie boy.
- No way, I am not
going to do that.
You might think
I'm right stupid--
- Time to pay your dues.
- I'm not going to do that.
- Ron, you've got to.
- No, no, no.
- You can't play if you're
not gonna do a forfeit
or what's the point of playing?
- Well, for the fun of it.
- That's boring,
come on, just do it!
- Yeah, come on,
Ron, I did mine.
- If there's no punishment,
there's no point in playing.
- Yours wasn't so bad, Abbi.
- Mine was?
I [mumbles] hair!
- Come on, mate.
- I think [mumbles].
No way, I'll leave that
stuff to you two young ones.
- Okay, then you
can't play anymore.
- Okay, I'll sit and
watch you two play.
- No, you can't watch us, if
you don't do your forfeit,
you've got to wait
in the bathroom.
- Oh, what?
- Yeah.
You got to wait in there.
- Why don't we
change the forfeit?
- It's okay, Abbi,
you know what I'll do?
I'm gonna grab a couple
of books and I'm gonna
sit on me throne.
- Good.
- Actually, I'll
have a bath, yeah.
- On you go.
- Nice couple of books here,
I'll just sit and have
a soak and have a read.
- You can't come
out until we say so.
- [Ron] Fine, fine, cool,
cool, have fun, good luck.
- [Abbi] Oh my god.
- I wish he'd done the forfeit,
I really wish he'd done it.
- I know, that would
have been so great.
- It would have been so funny.
He didn't wear his
swimming shorts
again, did he?
- I think he goes
in there naked.
- Oh my god, I feel
sorry for that cameraman.
- [Abbi] I know.
- Right, let's play.
- Let's do it.
- [Marcus] Feeling pumped!
I'm gonna do it sat down
- Yeah.
- I'm not even gonna think
about it, it's like trying
to be cool about the whole
thing, hey, how's it going?
What's your name,
where you from?
- [Abbi] That would
have been so nice.
Yeah, what are you
up to next week?
- Oh my god, oh my goodness!
Smashed it out of the
park, gone, see you later.
- Can't believe that.
- I'm embarrassed
to have a go now.
- [Abbi] That's
great, go on, do it.
- Okay, fine, fine, all
right, I'm not gonna look.
[soft clicking]
... just them, it all could be.
- I'm hungry and
I wanted to eat.
- Well, we're all in the
same boat here, Marcus
- So we're just gonna
be left to starve, then.
- Well, no, of course not.
- So what?
- I think we all need to
agree, right, when someone goes
to eat something, right?
- Okay, all right, then.
Can I eat the biscuits?
I say yes, Abbi?
- [Abbi] Um, yeah.
- That's the majority.
- Well, no, we should all agree.
- Come on!
- Well yes, of course, if
we all agree then that's
a proper democracy.
- Is it?
Sorry, I wasn't aware
that was proper democracy.
- I think if we're
all in agreement,
then we'll all be happy.
I mean, you ate the last
of the salt and vinegar
crisps as well and
the last of the eggs.
- Yeah, but I can't
drink the long life milk,
you know that,
you can drink tea.
- Yeah, that's true.
- So there you go.
- I just think we should
all be in agreement.
- Yeah, you had the
tea, I had the eggs.
- But with everything,
like the biscuits,
we can't just go eating them.
Anyway, they were the
prizes, what are we gonna do
for prizes now?
- Fuck knows and fuck cares.
- And anyway, you only don't
drink the milk 'cause you
don't like it, it's not
'cause you can't drink it.
- What?
Fuck off!
Just 'cause I don't drink
that shit, tastes like shit.
- Yeah but--
- I'm not gonna drink it.
- Well, we're all
in this together.
- Anyway, it's fair enough
I had the eggs, I'm the one
working out here, I'm
the one needs proteins.
- We all need proteins.
- Yeah, but you're not
working out, though.
- Yeah, but we still all
need protein, though.
What I mean is we need to
work together as a team, yeah?
What if it's like you said?
Like some sort of a survival
show, except this time,
it's in a house and not in the
outback or something, yeah?
They're doing this 'cause
they wanna see how we all
get on together, yeah?
That's what it's
all about, isn't it?
- Just feels like
we've been forgotten.
- That's what it is, isn't it?
To see how we all get on.
- Great, sounds fucking great.
- Oh, come on, think about it.
What if there's a whole bunch
of other people involved?
Groups of three other people
all in different locations
and they're all in it
like this, like us, yeah?
And what if it's like
a competition, yeah?
What's that show where
there's a big bunch of people
and they're all on the
run and it's a competition
to see who can be on
the run for the longest.
- [Abbi] Yeah, yeah.
- What's it called?
- Hunted.
- Hunted, yeah, yeah,
that's it, what if
it's like that, yeah?
See who can stay on the
run for the longest, yeah?
Maybe that's what we've got
to do, make sure we don't use
up all the stuff
straightaway, keep it going,
ticking over like, and
maybe we'll be the last ones
on the run.
That's why it was so
secretive, you know, getting
here like, yeah, 'cause
they didn't want anyone
to know of, maybe that's
where the prize is.
- It'd just be nice if
we had something to do.
- We ain't gonna.
- [Ron] Well, this
is it, you know.
Keep us here.
[water trickling]
- Oh, light's gone out.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Bulb in that light.
- Maybe it's because something
terrible just happened.
No, my mum always used
to say that to me.
That when a light bulb
goes out like that,
it's because something terrible
just happened in the world.
- Huh.
- Yeah.
[water dripping]
... my fucking contract.
- Marcus, how do you
think we're going to win
if we keep throwing
the food around?
- I don't give a fucking
shit about winning.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
I wanna see my contract
or I'm gonna fucking walk.
- [Ron] Marcus,
just relax, yeah?
- Fuck off, okay?
I wanna see my contract.
- Marcus--
- Tell me how much fucking
longer I'm gonna be in
this fucking shithole.
- Marcus, Marcus, they're
not gonna show us a contract,
it doesn't work like that.
- Fuck off, Ron, I
know my rights, okay?
I wanna see my fucking
contract, or someone please
fucking tell me how much longer
I'm gonna be in here, man,
and give us some fucking
proper food, man, and some
fucking air man, I
wanna go outside!
It's fucked up keeping us
in here, we're like fucking
- Marcus, Marcus.
- Fuck, I want some air.
- Marcus, all right.
All right.
- And not this shit, please.
- Marcus, they're not gonna
keep us in here forever.
We just need to keep
calm and carry on,
that's what we've
got to do, yeah?
- You know what
fuck it, I'm done, I'm out.
- Marcus, you can't leave now.
- I don't see my
contract, I am out.
I want some fucking air.
- Come on, Marcus.
- And some fucking sun.
- Marcus, Marcus.
- No, I'm serious.
- You can't go.
- I'm fucking out, I'm done.
- Come on, come on.
- No no no, I'm serious.
Or give us some fucking
decent food, then, all right?
I want some fucking
eggs or a protein shake.
Yeah, a fucking protein shake.
- Marcus, I'm sure they will.
- And some more
fucking toothpaste.
- You've just squirted the
toothpaste down the sink.
- Well, they should give us
some more, shouldn't they?
Treat us like fucking
humans and not like shit.
- Marcus...
- You know, fuck it,
I can't be fucked anymore.
- Marcus--
- Eeither you give me what
I want or I'm out.
- Marcus, we will lose
if you walk through that door.
- I don't fucking care, okay?
I wanna see a printed
copy of my contract
in the next 30
seconds or I'm out.
- Marcus, think about
your fans, yeah, yeah?
You think they're gonna
wanna see you leave?
- Oh, fuck off, Ron, no one's
watching this fucking shit!
- You serious?
- Us sat around here
and doing fuck all, all day.
- Oh Marcus.
- It's a fucking
joke, man, I'm done.
- Are you serious?
They'll be millions of
people watching us right now.
Watching this, this
very moment, yeah
- Like fuck, 20 seconds.
- Oh, Marcus.
- 19, 18.
- I can't believe
you're a quitter, mate.
- 17, 16.
- Oh Marcus, Marcus.
- 15.
- Oh, you're ruining it
for us, you know?
- 14.
- Think about me and Abbi.
- 13.
- We're not ready to leave yet.
- [Marcus] 12, 11.
- Oh Marcus, Marcus.
- 10.
- At least give them
- Nine.
- five minutes to sort
- Eight.
- Something out, yeah?
And then you can have a proper
- Seven.
- think about it,
- Six.
- and not do anything rash.
- Five.
Four, three, two.
- Marcus, Marcus.
- One.
Where are you?
- Marcus, just--
- No one?
Okay, cool.
- Sit down, sit down.
- Well done, open
the fucking door.
- [Ron] I'll make you a nice
cup of hot chocolate, yeah?
- Open the fucking
door, I'm done.
- Marcus--
- I'm out.
- Sit down, yeah, Marcus?
- Open the fucking door!
- Give them a chance, they
might not be there yet.
- Oi, open the fucking
door and let me out!
- Just give them a second!
Marcus, Marcus,
calm down a minute.
- The fuck you gonna do!
Fuck off!
Fucking done, mate, done.
I told you, let me
fucking out of here now!
Now, I told you, I gave
you the fucking chance,
just let me out!
[banging on each word]
- [Ron] Calm down!
- [Marcus] I'm fucking done!
You, seriously, fuck you!
- The fuck!
- Shut the fuck up, don't
touch the fucking cameras!
If you try and bash your
way out of here again,
I swear I'll shoot you,
I'll fucking do it.
Got it, got it?
- [Marcus] Fuck yeah, yeah,
I've got it, I've got it.
- Right.
- Oh, fuck.
- What the fuck?
Oh god, we're fucked.
- [Abbi] What?
- That was brilliant!
Oh dear, that was class!
Oh, they've really
got you, haven't they?
- What?
- [Ron] They can't pull
the wool over my eyes.
- What are you talking about?
- They've totally
got you, don't they?
- [Marcus] We're fucking
trapped, what the fuck
you talking about?
- What, what?
- [Marcus] Don't you get it?
We can't get out, we're
fucking trapped in here.
- Oh my god, they've really
got you going, haven't they?
- [Marcus] Ron, he
just came in here
with a fucking gun, okay?
He's been there all this
fucking time and we can't
fucking get out.
- He's not real, he's an actor.
- [Marcus] Ron, he's
got a fucking gun, mate!
- [Ron] That wasn't a
real gun, it was a fake,
it was a prop, don't you get it?
This is all part of a show!
- Ron, what the fuck
are you talking about?
We're being fucking
held hostage.
- Hostage, is that
what you think?
Oh, they're all laughing
at you now, sonny,
you hear me, all of them out
there, they're all laughing
at you right now.
- Go ahead, try and leave.
- I don't want to leave.
- No, go on, try.
- I don't want to, I'm having
the time of my life in here.
- You try and leave
and you won't fucking
be able to.
- [Ron] Oh, this is so
funny, this is brilliant.
- Ron, what the fuck
are we gonna do then?
- [Ron] Just go with the
flow, enjoy it, yeah?
- [Abbi] What's going on?
- We're being fucking held
here against our will.
- [Ron] No, come on.
- By that fucking guy.
- We're not.
- He's not gonna hurt us, right?
- [Marcus] He's
got a fucking gun!
- Of course not.
- [Ron] They had to
come in here to stop him
from going crazy,
didn't they?
- Ron, it's just
him in there by himself
making sure we don't
fucking leave.
- James.
- Yeah, James, whatever
the fuck his name is.
- Abbi, Abbi, it's an actor,
sent in to mix things up.
It's only gone
and bloody worked.
- Haven't seen
anyone from the show.
- Isn't that what
it's all about?
- No, it's fucking
not, Abbi, okay?
Ron doesn't know
what's going on.
He thinks he does, but he don't.
- He's probably listening.
- I don't give a shit, okay?
Think about it, no one
knows we're here, okay?
We haven't talked to anyone
about where we're really going.
We didn't bring our mobile
phones, we didn't use our
bankcards on the journey here,
no one knows where the fuck
we are, okay?
We're completely untraceable,
we could be fucking anywhere
and now we're fucking
trapped in here.
- Trapped?
- Did you see what happened?
- How long are we
gonna be in here for?
- [Marcus] I don't know,
as long as he wants, okay?
'Cause we can't fucking get out.
- But someone's gonna come
and get us though, right?
- I fucking hope so.
But how are they gonna
know where to look?
- [Abbi] Maybe we can send
out some sort of message?
What was the name of
the road we were on?
- Abbi, no one is
fucking watching, okay?
It ain't a show.
We've been here for fuck
knows how long and we haven't
seen anyone from the show, okay?
There is no fucking show
as far as I'm concerned,
it's just him in
there watching us.
- [Abbi] We're on
the website, though.
- Maybe there is no website.
- No, there is, I went
on it before I came in.
- So did I too, but he might
have fucking taken that down
by now, so there's
no one watching.
- But then why so many cameras?
- I don't know.
For him...
Oh, fuck.
Or maybe there are people
watching and we're on some
website and people are paying
to watch us get fucking
tortured here.
- What?
- Yeah, we're fucking
trapped, aren't we?
Watch us be imprisoned,
go fucking mental in here.
- What kind of people would
watch something like that?
- I don't know, there's a
lot of dark websites online,
Abbi, a lot of sick
fucking people, okay?
Think about all those
weird snuff sites.
- If there are people watching,
then surely we can just
send out a message and
someone will come and get us.
- Yeah, yeah, it's worth trying.
We need to figure out a way
to get the fuck out of here.
- Yeah, okay.
What do you think?
- Let's not, okay?
- Mmhm, right.
[Ron singing]
Mary Jane, Mary Jane
[Ron singing]
- Come on, you two,
liven up a bit.
You're not exactly being
very entertaining, are you?
Like a bloody morgue in here.
Chuffin' hell!
Oh my god!
Guys, guys, Marcus, Abbi, check
this out, come look at this!
There's loads of stuff!
Toilet paper!
Milk, Marcus, it's milk!
Look, beers, yeah,
beers as well.
This is our lucky day.
What did I tell you, what
did I tell you, yeah?
- Toothpaste.
- Oh my god, oh, yes, yes, yes!
What did I say?
- Tuna.
- What did I say, they
have been listening, yeah?
All this time, yeah?
Oh, we're gonna have a party
today, guys, we're gonna
have a party today.
Marcus, stick the
kettle on, yeah?
Oh, yes!
- Crumpets.
- Biscuits...
- Hey, we're gonna a nice
breakfast in the morning!
- Cereal.
- Lovely, great stuff,
chicken, fantastic.
- Chocolate fingers.
- [Ron] My favorites.
- Drinks.
- Chick peas, not my favorite.
[gentle clattering]
[soft whispering]
- [Marcus] Stay by
the door and listen,
he must go out at some
point to go shopping.
- [Abbi] Maybe.
- [Marcus] Stay by
the door, and listen.
- For a meal or
whatever, go for a walk.
Maybe we could have a
trip to the park, yeah?
Nice little stroll up
there, go to that cafe
at the top of the hill,
have a nice pot of tea
and a slice of cake.
Good bit of carrot cake they
do there, do you remember?
I expect you'll go for the
Victoria's sponge, as ever.
Oh yes.
Be nice to stretch
the old legs, though.
Get a breath of fresh air.
I would imagine you meeting
up with Julia today, hope so.
Have a good old natter and
hopefully you're watching this.
Hi, Julia.
Hi, everyone.
I'll make it up to you, love.
Actually, I've got a nice
little surprise in mind,
so you best get
ready for that, yeah?
I'm sorry I can't be
there for your big day.
That's for you, love.
I hope all them
checkups went well.
- Can you turn the
lights on, please?
Hello, can you
turn the lights on?
Give me the spatula.
- [Marcus] Fuck!
- Hello, help!
- Help!
- Help!
- Please!
- Someone fucking help us!
- We're stuck inside!
- Guys, guys, guys!
- Help!
- Shut it, stop it!
- Help!
- Help!
- Guys, guys, guys!
What are you doing?
- Shut up, you, shut up.
- Yeah, yeah, for
god's sake, guys.
- You do this again, I
swear I'll shoot you.
I swear I'll do it.
- Please don't do this, okay?
It's not worth it.
- Marcus, don't you know yet?
- You don't have to do this
to us, please, we're so young.
- Marcus, for god's sake,
this isn't real.
- Please, please.
- Marcus, don't you get it yet?
- We need some air.
- Ron, shut the fuck up!
- Don't you get it?
- Ron!
Please, please, just let us go.
- Oh, for god's sake, look--
[all talking over one another]
[gun firing]
[Abbi's muffled screaming]
- [Marcus] Get a fucking towel.
Ron, don't you fucking die
on me, don't you fucking
die on me, mate.
[Abbi sobbing]
[Marcus panting]
Abbi, I need your help.
Abbi, please, Abbi, listen
to me, listen to me,
listen to me, okay?
Abbi, please, I need
your help, okay?
It won't take long.
- Please don't make me do it.
- It's just me and you, okay?
It's just me and you.
We're a team now, okay?
Listen to me, listen
to me, I need you.
I'm sorry, Ron, I'm
sorry, I'm sorry.
It's gonna be okay.
I've got you, I've
got you, I've got you.
There we go, there we go.
I've got you,
mate, I've got you.
I know they will.
Look at me, look at me.
People will know we're missing,
- Oh my god!
- Abbi, Abbi, Abbi.
Abbi, Abbi!
People will know we're missing.
They'll be searching
for us, okay?
Somehow, they'll
fucking find us.
I know they will, okay?
We're in the middle
of a fucking city,
they'll fucking
find us, Abbi, okay?
Abbi, please.
- What are we gonna do?
Abbi, you've got to believe
me, you've got to believe me.
Abbi, Abbi, believe me, okay?
Fuck, we're gonna
get through this.
Shh, shh.
[wild sobbing]
Abbi, Abbi, Abbi, Abbi, Abbi.
Please, [mumbles],
just breathe, okay?
We're fucking gonna get
through this, we are not
gonna fucking die in here, okay?
We are not gonna fucking
die in here, all right?
- Oh my god.
- All right?
- It's okay, they
have to find us.
They'll find us.
[water sloshing]
- Sorry.
Please, mum!
James, please.
James, please.
[wild sobbing]
I just wanna go home.
I just wanna go home.
- Right, there we are.
Give it all a toss together.
There we go.
[Abbi sobbing]
Just a little lemon
juice in there.
- Touch of lemon juice.
- Chili, garlic.
- I think...
I think...
The water's been poisoned.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Something I've been
thinking for a while now.
I can't be sure, but...
Don't wanna risk it.
Gonna boil it, now.
Boil it before I touch it.
[rain pattering]
[bag rustling]
[liquid trickling]
[click of typing]
[soft music]
- Help...
Help me...
Help me...
Help me...
- [James] Pour a
bit in, just a bit.
[both coughing]
Just a bit.
[both coughing violently]
- There have been
cases of missing people
across the UK every year,
but what has turned this case
out of the ordinary is that
on the day they went missing,
they were all captured on a
CC TV camera walking along
this platform here in North
Bromley, just minutes apart.
They all arrived by different
trains and were each
carrying a suitcase.
Now, what they had told
their friends and family was
that they were going--
[paper crinkling]
- [Abbi] [mumbles] and peaches.
We also wanna have
something to do.
We wanna have some magazines.
Some recent magazines
or papers to read.
Something about the outside.
[dog barking]
[cameras humming]
[soft clattering]
[tense music]
[eerie music]
[wood snapping]
- What are you, please--
- [Marcus] Get off me!
- Please, stop, stop!
- Get off me!
- [Abbi] No, no, no, no!
Please [mumbles], stop!
- Fucking cameras!
Stand up now!
[eerie, discordant music]