Eyes in the Night (1942) Movie Script

I got a hunch something's gonna happen
I ain't gonna like.
You won't mind this.
That's right.
Careful, max! You know I'm delicate!
There's a kind of monotony about this.
You're not hurt, are you?
No. I'm getting so I enjoy it.
What you just saw is my triple macnasty.
It should be a must for
all of us detectives.
Marty is a sucker for it.
Oh, I got another little item
That I think you coppers should know.
Come on, Herman.
You'll pardon me.
Oh, it won't hurt you.
Peter, come on, let's try it.
Let me have your gun.
What's the matter with you, Friday?
It's all right. He's
a minion of the law.
Now, come on.
Here, put the gun in my back.
I'm walking along.
I hope my insurance is paid up.
You see? It's all in the timing.
Hey, will you get this malamute off me?!
Relaxing, ain't it?
Let him up, Friday.
Excuse me, boys. Come along, Friday.
Can't see anybody today, Alistair.
Friday, Alistair will answer
this time, if you don't mind.
Can't you get it through your head -
Dogs don't answer doorbells?
Yes, ma'am?
I'm Mrs. Lawry. Is captain McClain in?
I'm sorry, ma'am. Captain
McClain is not receiving today.
He's consulting.
Oh, but I'm an old friend.
I'm sure he'd want to see me.
I'll just wait.
I know, ma'am, but, uh...
he said, "don't let nobody in. "
And if I don't let them in,
he says, "do let them in. "
Dog, where is you going?
Innocent as a lamb, ain't you?
Well, if you're entertaining any ideas
About getting into my department,
You're treading on the edge of disaster.
What are you looking at?
Very cunning.
Now, what is you looking at?
So that's it!
Why, you double-Crossing canine!
I'll disconnect you!
Boss, I'm a man with patience,
But that dog -
Well, never mind that.
Who was at the door?
That blamed dog has
even got me forgetting
What I'm supposed to be doing.
All right, all right.
Who was at the door?
There's a lady, sir. A lady?
All right, give me the blue
coat and the polka-Dot tie.
And your tan shoes?
And the tan shoes.
Yes, sir.
At it again, right under my nose!
You really should tell new servants
About old friends, captain McClain.
Hello, Friday.
I even brought you some roses.
Ah, they're lovely.
You know, too few ladies
bring me roses these days.
Oh, Mac, old friend,
it's good to see you.
It's good to see you, too, Norma.
You're just as beautiful as ever.
The only time I mind not having
eyes is when you're around.
Come, let's sit down.
Can't keep your sniffer
out of the roses, can you?
I had forgotten that
Friday was allergic to them.
So, you've given up the
theater for good, huh?
And do you think Lawry is worth it?
Being married to Stephen
Is the most exciting
career I ever had, Mac.
He's a great man.
Mm-Hmm. A great man, indeed.
He's one of the best
scientific minds we have today.
And heaven knows, we need him.
I'm glad you came to me, Norma.
I think your father would
have expected me to help you.
You do need help, don't you?
Yes, but how did you know?
Oh, the tone of your voice,
The way you tapped your cigarette.
Serious trouble?
Pretty serious.
Need a detective?
What I really need is someone
to commit a murder for me.
Oh, I can do that for
you anytime you want.
Who is the victim?
Do you remember Paul Gerente?
The dreariest leading man you ever had,
And when you told me that
you were engaged to him,
I wanted to take you over my knee.
Well, he's back. He's
back in my life again.
He's a leading man in that
summer theater near our home.
And he's making love to
my stepdaughter, Barbara.
She's 17. She's very headstrong.
Well, she's completely gone on him.
She's Stephen's only
child. He adores her.
And for Stephen's sake,
as well as for her own,
I felt I simply had to tell
her what a rotter Paul is.
But Paul has poisoned her
mind against me already.
He's made her believe that
I am still in love with him,
That I'm playing the role
of the discarded woman.
Imagine, me burning up with jealousy
Because he happens to
prefer a younger woman.
Well, that's what he's told her.
And worse than that, he's convinced her
That I married her father for his money.
By now, of course, the child hates me.
- I don't know if I can help you on that.
I'm only a gumshoe.
But offhand, I would
say one thing, though.
You've got to have a talk with Gerente.
Oh, Mac, you don't seem
to understand at all.
I loathe the man.
My dear, you seem to
be forgetting one thing.
You're not just another woman
That's been treated badly by Gerente.
You're this girl's mother now,
And your husband expects
you to look after her.
She's your responsibility.
What would I say to him?
Go to him, tell him you're going to
fight him, show him that you mean it.
Well, try it.
If it doesn't work, we'll
- We'll figure out something else.
Ohh, Mac, I never even come to see you
Except when I'm in trouble.
What are old friends for?
Goodbye, darling, and thank you.
I'll go to see him right away.
That girl. Goodbye, dear.
Friday, show the lady to the door.
Oh, beg your pardon.
Oh, it's you, Paul!
Norma, darling!
Here, wait a minute
while I turn on the light.
I'm the last one out. I
was just leaving for town.
With the footlights,
we'll both feel at home.
Oh, but won't you sit down?
Well, my flower, it is
good to see you again.
How's married life?
Boring, I trust?
I'm very happy, Paul.
Did you come for Barbara?
She left some time ago.
No, I didn't come for Barbara.
I came to see you, Paul.
So? How very nice.
You know, Norma, you're
still very attractive.
You age more cheerfully than I.
I'm getting frightfully
worried about my looks.
You spoke just now of age.
Barbara's only 17.
Surely you can see that you
could never make her happy.
Don't hurt her, Paul.
I have no intention of hurting her.
Why should I hurt her?
Because you're a
vicious, self-Centered man
Who's incapable of a decent,
clean emotion because -
I'm sorry I said that, Paul.
Forgive me.
Oh, you're not sorry, darling.
You meant every word.
I love Barbara utterly and devotedly.
If she'll have me, I'll marry her.
All my life I've waited
for someone like her -
Beautiful and talented,
alive as a breath of spring.
Now that I've found her...
I'll never let her go.
You ham.
Thank you, Hansen.
Where's Mr. Lawry?
I think you'll find him
in the laboratory, madam.
Oh, Stephen, I thought you promised me
You'd be out of this old
lab before I got home.
Darling, you're not gonna
work all night again, are you?
No more night work.
In fact, no more work.
I've finished.
Oh, Stephen, you haven't!
Oh, yes. It's all over now.
That is, all except one thing.
What's that?
I don't know if it'll work.
A mere nothing.
When will you find out?
Right away.
How would you like to come
on a little airplane trip?
I'd love it! Where to?
Can't tell. Big mystery.
We fly south by private plane,
Then, early in the morning,
I'll leave you at the
hotel for a few hours,
And when I come back,
I'll either be immortal
Or else just another crackpot
Who should have stopped at teaching.
And we won't care which, will we?
Darling, you've been an
angel these past few months.
Never once have you
asked me what I was doing.
Never even complained,
No matter how badly I neglected you.
I can't tell you now what I'm doing.
I don't want you to carry
the responsibility of knowing.
But I can tell you this
- If it works,
It'll be an important
contribution to the war.
So, you see, it's beyond
my personal satisfaction.
It'll work. I know it will.
I wish you gave out Nobel prizes.
We leave tonight at 7:30.
So just pack an overnight bag.
Oh, uh, Barbara won't
be able to see us off.
She has a date in town
with some girlfriends.
Hello, Barbara.
My, your roses are lovely.
Yes, Paul sent them to me.
Going out tonight?
I am.
Would you mind too much
telling me with whom?
I wouldn't mind telling
you at all, dear,
Except that you know perfectly well.
Your father thinks you
have a date with some girls.
If you think that's
wrong, then, by all means,
Tell him the truth... mother.
You and your father are such
wonderful friends, Barbara.
Don't you think you
could be honest with him?
In what way? Well, about Paul, I mean.
Well, what about him, dear?
Oh, Barbara, you know as well as I
That you shouldn't be seeing him.
Really, darling? I don't see why not.
Because he's not good.
He's hard and cruel. He's -
How dreadful.
Seems to me that your duty
is perfectly clear, then.
You should go to my father
And tell him that I'm
going out with a bad man.
And when he asks you how
you know he's a bad man,
You tell him.
Tell him that you know
from personal experience.
Won't you? Barbara!
Oh, why do you insist
on misunderstanding me?
I'm older than you. I
made a great mistake.
And I'm only trying to keep
you from suffering as I did.
Darling, do you want
to know what I think?
I think you've come to the
same conclusion that I have -
That there isn't enough room
in this house for both of us.
I think you're trying to
turn my father against me.
You're trying to run my life,
To dominate every movement I make.
Oh, that isn't true.
But you haven't won yet, my sweet.
Because I'm going to stay.
And as long as I'm here,
you're not going to be happy.
I'm going in to town tonight,
And I'm going to have dinner
with Paul Gerente, alone.
Well, you're not going to his apartment.
get me Murray hill 44598, please.
Hello, Paul?
Look, darling. I changed
my mind about dinner.
Let's not go to a restaurant.
I think I like your
original invitation better.
Let's have dinner in your apartment.
Why, of course I care, Paul dearest.
All right.
I'll meet you at your apartment at 8:00.
Goodbye, sweet.
Well, darling, we're
off on the big adventure.
Stephen? Yes, dear?
I don't think I should go with you.
What? I thought it was all agreed.
Well, it's just occurred to me -
We shouldn't be flying together.
If anything happened, Barbara
would be left all alone.
I never thought of that.
Of course, you would.
It isn't easy being a stepmother, Norma.
You've done a wonderful job.
I haven't had a worry about
Barbara since you came.
You'll never know how grateful I am.
Ready, Mr. Lawry.
Good luck, darling.
You're all the luck a man could ask for.
Shh, shh!
There, there, now.
Try to take hold of yourself.
We'll just get away from
here. Come on, darling.
Why, you!
You're asking me to run away with you?
We've got to get out of
here. Don't you understand?
I have no reason to run.
Why should I run away?
I didn't kill anybody.
You don't think
- I don't have to think.
That -
That upstairs proves everything.
Oh, you don't know what you're saying.
I had nothing to do with it.
Then what were you doing here?
I came to
- To try to stop you,
To tell Paul -
He was like that when I came in.
You're dull, darling.
That's such a feeble story.
But it's true!
Barbara, I couldn't.
You're a liar!
You killed him because you were jealous,
And you're going to pay for it.
If you are innocent, you won't
mind my calling the policeman.
No, don't!
You're terrified, aren't you?
Barbara, think of your father.
The newspapers will go
mad. He couldn't bear it.
That phony nobility of
yours really makes me sick.
All right.
I won't call the policeman.
All you have to do is one thing.
Oh, anything. What is it?
Leave my father's house.
Take your choice, darling.
Well, shall I call him?
Very well, I'll go.
By tomorrow morning.
Yes. Good.
You understand, don't you,
That if you're not gone
by tomorrow morning,
I call the police?
Yes, I understand.
Oh, by the way, you might
be interested to know
That I was never really
interested in Paul Gerente.
Oh, at first he amused me,
But then I realized that
he was sort of pathetic.
So, you see, my dear, you
killed a man for nothing.
Barbara, listen.
No, Norma, I won't,
Because I don't have to
listen to you anymore.
Good night.
Now, let's see if we
got the facts straight.
Now, the body was lying on the floor
In front of the fireplace.
The skull was bashed in.
Door was ajar.
There was a good fire
burning in the fireplace.
No signs of violence.
Did anyone see you enter
the apartment or leave it?
Not that I know of.
About how long ago were you there?
It must have been an hour.
That must have been about 8:00.
Is there anything else?
I can't think of anything.
And then Barbara came in, and
she thought you killed him.
Mac, what can I do? I
can't tell the police.
No, no.
A jury would massacre you.
go home and get some sleep if you can.
wake Marty up.
Now, you sit tight
until you hear from me.
All right, Mac.
Uh, wait a minute.
In case I've got to call you,
what is your phone number?
Rossmore 555.
All right.
Friday and I will get
on this right away.
And don't worry.
Ohh. I won't.
Hey, hey, what is this?
Oh, it's you.
You ought to take it easy
when you wake a man up.
You're liable to give him a bad shock.
All right, all right. Don't
rush me, don't rush me.
It's locked.
Watch the stairs.
Lock the door again.
Well, come on, let's get started.
About 18x26. Studio type.
There's a big sofa alongside
of you to your right.
Wall on your right,
big full-Length window.
Small table with a lamp
on it. Big fireplace.
Wall ahead of you. A glass cabinet.
Door leading to a bedroom, I guess.
Big chair.
Over the chair is a picture of a...
a reclining tomato.
Wall to your left. Baby grand piano.
Small round table with a
lamp on it, another chair.
Wall behind you. Wooden chair.
There's some kind of a screwball statue
Sitting in a hole in the wall.
It stinks.
Go on, go on.
Well, that's about all, I guess.
I'll take a look in the other room.
Haven't you forgotten
one important item?
What? The body?
Nobody here.
It's gone!
She said I it was in
front of the fireplace.
It ain't here now, Mac, I assure you.
Any bloodstains on the rug?
The rug is like the
body - There ain't any -
Not in front of the fireplace.
Hmm, polished floor.
A lot of dust.
Seems to form a curved line.
There was a rug here,
and it was taken away,
Recently, after he was killed.
He ain't in there. They
must have carted him away.
I don't get it about the rug.
I catch. Bloodstains.
They're gonna get it cleaned.
Did it ever occur to you
That they might have used
the rug to carry the body out?
Right. Right!
Get a hold of the janitor.
See if he can get a
line on Gerente's friends
Who might have visited him tonight.
Right! And I'll see if a
stiff was taken out in a rug.
No! Don't mention
anything about a stiff!
You want us both thrown into jail?
Don't you know what we're doing
May be termed conspiring
to defeat justice?
Certainly I know it.
Turn out the lights.
Come on, Friday, through the door.
Let's see what we can find out
About the late, departed Mr. Gerente.
Ahh, here's the clothes closet.
When Marty gets back,
We'll have a look
through Gerente's effects.
Under the bed, Friday.
Keep your mouth shut.
I want Rossmore 555.
My number?
Murray hill 44598.
Hello, Rossmore 555?
This is Gabriel. That you, Vera?
Yes, I'm all right.
I know, but somebody
has to do the dirty work.
It's part of the job.
All right, I'll be back soon.
Now, baby, stop worrying about me.
Just a minute. I don't
know yet. Call you back.
Let go! Get away!
Friday, get out of the way!
Let go of my neck.
Now, you better lay quiet,
or I'll disconnect it for you.
Thank you, sir. Now,
go get Marty, quick!
Get up on your feet.
Get up on your feet and face that wall!
Come on, who hired you?
I bet you've been questioned a lot.
You know how to keep your
mouth shut, don't you?
What's this? Marty.
This is Gabriel.
He gossips like a magpie.
Oh, charming!
Mac, you're gonna have
to give up popcorn.
You get the dizziest prizes.
Come on, Gabriel, tell us
what you did with the body.
You ought to know better
Than to go around knocking
people's brains out, Gabriel.
What did he do to you,
steal a tire from you?
All right, see if I can guess.
You planned to kill
Gerente someplace else.
There was a sudden quarrel,
And you had to do it
here to shut him up.
You didn't want the body found here,
So you took it away in a rug.
You rang the bell that time, Mac.
Now maybe you'll tell us why you
didn't want the body found here.
No? All right.
That means I got to make a trip.
go get the harness.
You take him up to our house.
Entertain him. Maybe you
can influence him to talk.
Where you going? Up
to Norma Lawry's house.
Gabriel telephoned someone up there.
If you find out anything, call me.
Take me outside, Friday.
You can turn around now, Gabriel.
Oh, you got the hat, Friday?
There we are. Thank you, sir.
Is that guy blind?
Demoralizing, ain't it?
Why, Mrs. Lawry, I thought
you were going with Mr. Lawry.
I changed my mind at the last minute.
Is miss Barbara home?
No, madam.
Miss Cheli Scott phoned
a few minutes ago.
There's an emergency rehearsal.
Thank you, Hansen.
The lyrics are just novelty, but -
Novelty? They're tripe!
Here's miss Lawry, miss Scott.
Oh, hello, Barbara.
I'm sorry I'm late, Cheli.
That's all right, Barbara.
Come down here a minute. I
have something to tell you.
The rest of you can relax.
Come and sit down here.
Something unpleasant
has happened, Barbara.
Paul Gerente won't
- What about him?
He's quit the show.
He did? When?
He telephoned at 7:00.
He didn't give us a moment's notice.
He said he was going away for a while.
I know you were interested in him.
Perhaps it's just as well.
He couldn't be depended on,
And your new leading man
is a much better actor.
You have a brilliant career
ahead of you, Barbara.
You mustn't let anything
Come between you and the
realization of that career.
I'm very fond of you.
I want you to know
that what happens to you
Is of the deepest concern to me.
Thank you, Cheli.
All right, everybody, we'll
concentrate on the scenes
Between miss Lawry and Mr. Boyd.
Mr. Anderson, Mr. Bush,
We won't be getting to
you gentlemen tonight.
You can be dismissed.
Thank you, miss Scott.
All right, Mr. Boyd, start
with the scene in the garden.
Pick it up on "I'm afraid
I'll never understand, Peggy. "
Come in.
Well, is everything all right?
All set, captain.
How did the Lawry girl take
the story about Gerente?
There's no trouble.
Cheli will keep her
rehearsing till we're through.
Come on. Let's get started.
Shh! No noise. We've
got to work quietly.
We're alone in the house, aren't we?
Well, not quite. Mrs.
Lawry changed her mind.
She came home at the last moment.
That's not good.
We are supposed to have
the house to ourselves.
Mrs. Lawry has gone to
bed. She's a sound sleeper.
We'll go ahead as
planned. It's pretty risky.
I think I -
There's a paper in that safe
That's worth 10 armored divisions to us.
We're going to get it... now.
As you say, captain.
Vera, what are you doing up?
I wanted to talk to you. What about?
About Gabriel.
He hasn't called back yet like he said.
Now, don't worry about Gabriel.
Something's happened to him.
He would have called if he could.
I know my husband! He's in trouble!
I know he's in trouble!
I'm gonna help him!
I don't like this. What
if the police caught him?
If he talks, we are finished.
Gabriel won't talk. He's a good soldier.
I don't care! I want to do something!
I'm gonna find him,
and you can't stop me!
Control yourself.
That's better.
Go ahead.
Hide these two men in your
room. I'll answer the door.
Mrs. Lawry live here?
Why, yes, sir, she does.
Well, we made it, boy. Come on.
Excuse me, sir, but
may I ask who you are?
Well, who are you?
I'm Hansen, Mrs. Lawry's butler, sir.
Well, I'm her uncle, and
I came to make a call.
At this time of night, sir?
Day or night... What difference
does it make to a blind man?
Oh, you're blind, sir?
Blind as a bat.
Excuse me, sir. I'm terribly sorry.
What is there to be sorry about?
Many great men were blind.
Milton, homer. They
were blind, weren't they?
Yes, sir, but they complained about it.
Oh, they did?
Yes, sir.
"Oh, loss of sight, of
thee I most complain!
"Blind among enemies!
Oh, worse than chains, dungeons,
or beggary or decrepit age. "
Milton, huh?
Say, you're quite a butler.
Tell Mrs. Lawry I'm here.
Don't stand around spouting poetry.
Yes, sir. Immediately, sir.
What is it, Hansen? Mac, darling!
What kind of a two-Bit
reception is this, anyway?!
Your butler didn't
even know I was coming!
What is your uncle Mac, an old shoe?
I heard the taxi pull up, and I
- Yes, yes, yes.
Well, does your uncle Mac
get a kiss or doesn't he?!
Of course, uncle Mac.
Where's that educated butler of yours?
He's right here. Well, send him away.
I haven't seen you for two years.
I don't want servants skulking
in on a family reunion.
That will be all, Hansen.
Shall we go in the
living room, uncle Mac?
Rooms don't bother me...
just so they have a door.
Two steps down here.
Mac, what did you find?
There's a piano in here, isn't there?
We have an organ.
Uh-Huh. It's over here.
Lie down, Friday.
Now, listen carefully
to what I have to say.
Mac! Shh!
Who was in this house
a couple of hours ago?
Why, Hansen, myself, and
the upstairs maid, Vera.
Where does Vera come from?
Barbara engaged her and the
butler about two months ago.
Uh-Huh. You know anything about them?
No, but I could find out.
No! No!
Anybody else at home now?
No, Barbara's at the
theater, rehearsing.
This hour of the night?
It was an emergency rehearsal.
Oh, Mac, what is going on?
Don't ask any questions now.
Keep your eyes open, your
mouth shut, and take orders.
Have the maid, Vera,
show me up to my room.
Vera's probably asleep by now.
You heard what I said
about taking orders.
Vera, I very distinctly warned you
About trying to leave this house.
Please, I want to go look for Gabriel!
I know something has happened!
Watch her.
Vera, remember what I said.
Hansen, will you please ask Vera
To show Mr. McClain to
the second guest room?
Excuse me, madam, but I'm quite
sure that Vera has retired.
May I show the gentleman to his room?
I want the maid!
A button came off my shirt,
and I-I want her to sew it on.
Well, if you'll pardon me, sir,
I'm rather good at
sewing on buttons myself,
And, if it comes to a
pinch, can even darn socks.
I'd be happy to do the job for you.
- Oh, horse collar!
- It's quite true, sir, really.
Can you do a crow's foot?
A what, sir?
Ha! I thought so.
Don't even know the fundamentals.
It's a design you make
when you sew a button on!
I bet you can't even
hemstitch, can you?!
Of course you can't!
You'd better get her, Hansen.
Of course, get her!
And if she's asleep, wake her up!
She'll be grateful.
Sleep is a form of
unconsciousness, anyway.
Yes, sir.
Come in.
I'm Vera, the maid, sir.
Oh, well, Vera...
will you turn the coverings
down on my bed, please?
Yes, sir.
What's your last name, Vera?
Hoffman, sir.
Mm-Hmm. You got a husband, Vera?
Yes, sir?
Come here a moment, will you, please?
I've got a little job I want you to do.
I want you to sew a
button on that shirt.
Now, there's the needle and thread.
It's all threaded. Did it myself.
Pretty good for a blind
man, don't you think?
I warn you, I want my buttons just so.
- You sew like a boilermaker!
I could do better myself!
Go on! Get out of here!
Sorry, sir. You should be!
Good night, sir.
Good night!
Well, maybe now we can get a few
of these pieces to fit, old pal.
Well, Mrs. Lawry
should be asleep by now,
And the blind uncle won't be awake long.
He had to pick this
night to come visiting.
If it's all right, I
think I'll go to bed now.
You may be excused, Vera.
Good night.
Well, Friday, I guess
this is the greenhouse.
Shh! Friday, quiet, quiet.
You can't say you weren't warned, Vera.
I'm sorry, Vera,
But our job is bigger than
you or Gabriel or anybody else.
But he's my hus-
She's dead.
Pick her up and put her in the car.
Who's there?
It's Hansen, the butler, sir.
All right.
What are you doing up
this hour of the night?
I thought I heard a noise, sir,
and I got up to investigate.
Oh, I heard nothing.
Nothing but the crickets.
Say, do you know you can tell
the temperature of the air
By counting the number of
cricket chirps per minute?
Oh, really, sir?
Uh, is there anything wrong, sir?
I mean, your being up so late?
No, no.
And don't worry about me
moseying around at night.
I'm somewhat of a night owl. Insomnia.
Oh, I'm terribly sorry, sir.
Perhaps if I might be so bold, sir,
A sip of brandy might help you sleep.
Now, my good friend Hansen,
you're cooking with alcohol.
What, sir?
I mean, you're the perfect butler -
Always considerate,
watchful, and attentive.
I'll hound my niece until
she gives you a raise.
Thank you, sir.
Oh, and getting back to the brandy -
One of the few things
I like to get back to.
Do you suppose you could spare a bottle
And put it beside my bed in
case I get restless later?
Why, yes, sir, I think
that could be arranged.
Oh, thank you.
I'll remember you in my will.
Thank you, sir.
Come on, Friday.
What's the matter with you, Friday?
Are you liverish or something? Come on!
Friday, that nose of yours
Is going to get us both
into trouble someday.
I know he hit Vera.
What do you want to do,
draw a blueprint for him?
Come in.
Your brandy, sir.
Ahh, a welcome messenger!
Where is it? Where is it?
Here, sir.
Divine broth.
Ohh, haute-Garonne 1904,
if I'm not mistaken.
Ahh, a monumental vintage.
Your dog seems to have
taken a dislike to me, sir.
Oh, no. He's a bit crotchety.
He hasn't been getting his exercise.
Well, good night, Hansen.
I think I'll go to bed.
And, Hansen, turn out
the light, will you?
I think I'll read awhile.
What, sir?
Why, sure, I read with my fingers.
That's the blind man's advantage.
He can read in the
bed with the lights out
Or even under the
covers if he gets cold.
Oh, I
- I see, sir.
Good night, sir.
Good night.
He flatters me, Friday.
There's enough sodium amytal in this
To put three men to sleep.
Who's there?! Shh!
Don't be frightened,
baby. It's your uncle Mac.
I want to talk to you.
Keep your voice down.
What did you find out?
Turn that light out.
What is there in this house
that somebody might want?
Nothing that I know of.
Norma, I don't think
you're telling me the truth.
Now, come on, tell me.
Well, you're forcing me to tell
you some very unpleasant news.
Oh, Mac! Shh!
Sorry, Mac. What is it?
Vera is dead.
She was killed because she knew too much
About the Gerente murder
and was going to talk.
Two people have been killed.
Their deaths are linked up in some way
With something that is in this house.
Now, come on, tell me.
It's in the safe in the library.
It's the formula of
Stephen's new invention -
The one he's trying out tonight.
If it works, he's going to
turn it over to the government.
It's so important,
Stephen didn't even give
me the new combination.
I'm gonna get the police.
No! That's the worst
thing you can do right now.
Well, why? If we go to the police now,
They'll get the gang downstairs, yes,
But there are others, and
they're following your husband.
Oh, Mac, what are we going to do?
There's nothing we can do but stall -
Stall until Stephen gets home.
Then we'll send for some help.
Until then, well...
they can pull the switch
anytime they want to.
Run it again, Barbara, with
just a little more anger.
I've been told there were
selfish and greedy men like you
In the show business,
But I didn't believe it until now!
I was only repeating what Hansen said.
He was worried.
It wasn't coming off as we'd planned.
It sounds as if you'd lost your heads.
Get back to the house.
Tell Hansen we meet in
Vera's room in 30 minutes.
Yes, madam.
...to put this song over!
That's better, but it's
just a little bit ragged.
I don't know about the
rest of you, but I'm tired.
Let's call it a night and get
a fresh start in the morning.
Ohh, that's music to my ears.
Good night.
Barbara, I wonder if you'd mind
putting me up for the night.
I'd enjoy a little luxury for a change.
Of course. I'd love to.
Just a minute. I'll get my coat.
Thank you, darling.
I assure you, it was
absolutely necessary.
She was becoming hysterical.
I'm afraid I don't agree.
You could have kept Vera
in her room, guarded her.
Impulsive killing makes
more danger than it cures.
And what about Gerente?
That was different.
He became emotional about his job
- He fell in love.
If we hadn't acted,
everything we'd accomplished -
The theater...
our connection with the
Lawry home through the girl...
every one of our legitimate fronts
Would have been destroyed.
We disposed of Gerente out of necessity.
And so did we with Vera.
She was left on the
highway several miles away.
It will look like a
hit-And-Run accident.
Gabriel invents a technique,
and you use it to kill his wife.
Have you thought what a danger
he'll be when he finds out?
Excuse me, Madame, but I was
in charge at the house here.
It was my responsibility.
Things weren't going as planned.
Mrs. Lawry returned,
Vera got out of hand,
The blind man arrived.
Ah, yes, the blind
man. You checked on him?
What harm can there
possibly be in a blind man?
Absolutely harmless. I
gave him a sleeping potion.
Victor, call New York.
Have them check on this man.
What's his name? Why do that?
What's his name, Hansen?
McClain. Duncan McClain.
Check every Duncan McClain
in the telephone book.
Yes, madam.
You seem to have forgotten
fundamentals, captain.
I must remind you, Madame,
That my record entitles me to respect.
And I must remind you
that I am in command
And you'll do as I say.
At your command, madam.
Get the detector.
Stand watch in the hall.
19 left, as near as I can make out.
19 left.
Yes, ma'am.
It's Lawry.
The experiment is a success.
He's leaving immediately.
He should be here in a half an hour.
- By tomorrow, this place will be swarming
With government ghosts.
Why, Mr. McClain, sir.
Oh, Hansen, my good friend.
Come over here and listen to my pipes.
It's terribly late, sir.
Oh, Hansen, is it ever
too late for good music?
Here the whole world is aflame,
And you ask me to
deprive it of good music.
Oh, no.
- Here, here, sit down here.
Now, you're a man of
culture, my dear friend.
Perhaps you have some
favorite selection?
You just name it, and I'll play it.
My repertoire is very extensive.
Don't you think you'd
better go to bed, sir?
Oh, Hansen, you're an
old stick in the mud!
Yes, miss?
What's going on here?
What's it to you?
Who is this man?
It's Mrs. Lawry's uncle, miss.
Uncle? Well, I've never
heard of any uncle.
No? Well, who are you, pray?
Why, he's drunk.
From the tone of your voice,
I take it that you are
my niece's stepdaughter.
Uncle Mac!
Norma, my dove!
Well, this promises
to be a gala occasion.
What's this man doing in this house?
I never knew you had an uncle.
Well, there are a lot of
things that you don't know,
My little girl.
And the first thing
that you should learn
Is to respect your elders.
Otherwise, somebody's
liable to paddle your canoe.
Why, he's blind.
Oh, clever girl to see that I don't see.
Why wasn't I told that he was coming?
I didn't know myself.
Well, get him to bed!
Oh, I-I think I understand.
With a relative in the house,
It would be bad taste to
carry on a family quarrel.
Oh, Barbara.
Well, it won't work, Norma.
A drunken uncle.
Who's drunk?!
Where's the chalk line?!
Show me the chalk line, that's all.
Now, don't hold onto me. Let me go!
Now, there's the chalk line, you see?
There, you see?
Hansen, where are you?!
Here, sir.
Oh, Hansen, what have you been doing?
Hansen, you've been at the grape!
You ought to be ashamed
of yourself, Hansen,
Staggering all over the place
And falling in everybody's lap.
Yes, sir.
Uh, perhaps, madam,
if I got some coffee,
It might sober him up.
Sober yourself up, you rumpot!
Yes, sir.
Mmm, coffee.
That's a dazzling idea.
We'll get some coffee and sandwiches,
And we'll gather around,
And we'll
- We'll have a sunrise concert.
What do you say, Friday, my friend?
Ah. Norma, how about you?
Barbara must get some sleep.
She's worked very hard tonight.
Ohh. Who are you?
This is Cheli Scott, uncle Mac
- A playwright.
A playwright?
Ohh, you're just the
person I want to see!
You - You -
Oop, uh-Huh.
Come here. I want to talk to you.
I got the greatest idea for a play.
No, I'm a liar.
I got three great ideas
for a play, all tremendous.
Let me tell you about them. It
won't take more than an hour.
Not now, Mr. McClain. Some other time.
Anytime you say is all right with me.
Well, how about an encore?
Oh, good.
Now, this is the quintet from "Martha. "
Gorgeous music.
Don't you like it, Norma?
Well, I'm going to bed,
and I want it quiet.
Come along, uncle Mac.
Let's get to bed now, hmm?
Is there anything I can do, Mrs. Lawry?
You don't care for my music.
Of course I do, dear, but not now.
Well, then go away for
me. Don't bother me.
I'm gonna play into sunrise.
Oh, no, you're not, uncle Mac.
Come on now.
You insist?
I insist.
Bourgeois dullards!
Here's your cane.
Go along upstairs now, and
I'll get some aspirin for you.
Yeah, but with brandy.
Aspirin and brandy.
Never mind that now, Hansen.
Watch the stairs. Two up.
If he drank enough brandy
to make him that drunk,
What happened to the sleeping potion?
Madame, I'm quite sure -
Cut the telephone wires. Hurry.
Yes, ma'am.
I had to get you away to
tell you that Stephen phoned.
He's coming home. Good.
Well, now we can send for the police.
It's dead.
Now, sit tight and don't say a word.
I've got an idea.
It's a 100-To-1 shot.
And don't pay any
attention to what I say.
Come on, Friday. Outside.
All right, if that's the
way you feel about it!
You think I'm drunk? Well, I'm
not, I'll guarantee you that.
I just feel exhilarated, that's all.
Got a little job for you to do.
Lie down.
It all depends on you now, Friday.
Get behind the bed.
Oh, I didn't hear you knock.
Your drunken act didn't fool
me or anybody else, McClain.
You won't interfere again tonight.
Keep an eye on him, Boyd.
If he gets playful, you know what to do.
Rather a hectic night, eh, Boyd?
Do you mind if I play
a little solitaire?
Solitaire? Yeah.
No, I don't mind.
Oh, thank you.
You like cards, Boyd?
Once in a while.
What's so funny?
I was just thinking -
Never play poker with a blind man.
Not with his cards, anyway.
Why not?
His cards are marked.
Really? Oh, sure.
They're marked in Braille
so he can read his cards.
'Course, the hitch comes
when the blind man is dealing.
He knows what the other person has.
Well, that's very interesting.
Come here. I'll show you.
I'll call the cards as I deal them out.
Now, there's a jack of diamonds.
There's the 8 of clubs.
There's the 4 of hearts.
There's the deuce of spades.
And the 8 of spades.
Is that right?
That's wonderful!
Come here. I want to show you a trick.
Now, I'm going to deal out...
three piles of cards.
Now, I want you to look at
the top card on the end piles.
You got it?
Yes, I got it.
Remember them, now.
Now, put your hands flat on the cards.
Go ahead.
This is really a great trick.
Now, let's see.
Now, the trick is this.
Friday, come here. Up on the window.
I want you to get Marty, do you hear me?
Go on home.
You're on your own now, boy.
Go on, out.
You made very good time,
Thereby earning yourself
an extra couple of bucks.
You must have had
some good luck tonight.
The best... Now, if you'd play
out a good tune on that horn,
You could make another dollar.
It'll wake up the whole joint.
That's the idea. Go ahead.
You're very talented.
Good night. Thanks.
Stephen, darling!
Stephen, listen
- Hello, father.
Hello, chick.
Stephen, listen to me.
Darling, you're
- You're trembling.
I can tell you why
she's trembling, father.
Stephen, you must get
away from here at once.
You're giving a bad performance, Norma.
Oh, Barbara, your
father's really in danger.
We're all in danger.
We must get out of
this house right away.
- Norma, what's happened?
- Excuse me.
Will you please step into
the library, Mr. Lawry?
Not just now, Hansen.
What the devil is going on here?
It will all be explained in the library.
Will somebody please tell me
- Mr. Lawry!
No trouble, please.
Is this some sort of a joke, Cheli?
Stop gaping and do as you're told.
Do as they say, Stephen.
I presume you know what
we're after, Mr. Lawry.
I have a pretty good idea.
Caught the blind man trying to get away.
Where's Boyd?
- I think he's upstairs
Trying to figure out a
card trick I showed him.
See what happened, quickly.
Norma, who is this man?
Oh, you must be Stephen Lawry.
Why, I'm your wife's long-Lost uncle.
Duncan McClain. Call me uncle Mac.
But don't be dismayed.
I'm one of those relatives
don't stay more than a month.
We've heard enough of this nonsense.
What do you mean, nonsense?
I don't like your tone, miss Scott!
I have a perfect right to
shake hands with my nephew!
What's the matter with me?
Am I a leper or something?!
Sit down and keep quiet, McClain.
How'd you like that
card trick I showed you?
Fouled you, didn't I, Boyd?
Busch, stand watch outside.
Yes, ma'am.
Mr. Lawry, I want the
combination of that safe.
I'll have to look for it.
I changed it just before I left.
Oh, let me see.
Full 14 right...
three 24 left.
No. No, that was the old one.
I was hoping you'd be
reasonable, Mr. Lawry.
I hate to ruin that nice safe.
And leave a lot of
messy evidence around?
I can't remember, I tell
you. I've forgotten it.
That's quite conceivable,
miss Scott, a man forgetting.
Start in.
Take a look at this.
This is it.
- You're sure, victor?
Quite sure, Madame.
Check it thoroughly.
We've got to be positive.
Yes, Madame.
Hurry up, victor. It's almost daylight.
What's the matter?
The final step is missing.
We'll be weeks working it out,
And even then, we might be wrong.
We're not going to finish it.
Mr. Lawry has it in his head,
And he's going to write it out for us.
I have no intention of
writing it down, miss Scott.
Now you're being heroic, Mr. Lawry.
I intend to get that formula.
The lengths to which I will go
Depend entirely on your will to resist.
Do you understand?
You're wasting your breath.
I would really rather not be violent.
All right, Hansen.
Just a moment, miss Scott!
There's no need for all
this, and you know it.
Once you get a hold of
the complete formula,
You won't let us live 10 minutes.
You have no intention
Of allowing witnesses
to stop your activities.
Take him out.
You're mighty smug, miss Scott,
But you made one mistake in
this well-Oiled scheme of yours.
You slipped up on the
killing of Paul Gerente.
It may even surprise you to know
That I have positive proof that
you ordered him to be killed.
What positive proof do you have?
A man by the name of Gabriel.
Go on.
He's now being held in New York.
Just before you cut the phone wires,
I got word to him that
his wife was murdered...
and who did it.
And Gabriel is out for revenge.
If I'm not home in time for breakfast,
The police will be notified
and Gabriel will start talking.
What's your proposition?
Life is sweet, miss
Scott, even to a blind man.
If you let us go, I'll
try and persuade Mr. Lawry
To turn over the balance
of the formula to you.
But mind you...
we must have positive proof
that you will let us go unharmed.
Boyd, take Mr. McClain to the basement.
Go ahead. Don't be afraid.
Come on.
There's no use of wasting your energies.
You can't influence me.
Yes, madam?
Watch these people.
Gabriel's here.
What? You don't suppose
he knows, do you?
Let me do the talking.
Yes, Madame.
Only Gabriel.
Yes, Madame.
Only Gabriel. The rest
of you stand watch.
I've been through the mill.
A blind man and another guy
Caught me in Gerente's apartment.
Where's Vera?
She isn't here, Gabriel.
She went looking for you.
She did? But she
didn't know where I was.
Yes, I tried to tell her that.
But... But you know Vera.
She can be very stubborn.
We tried to stop her, but
she walked to the station.
If it's all right, I think
I'd better go look for her.
Yes, as soon as we're finished.
But I'm kind of worried.
Vera's all right!
We need you here.
Well, all right.
Stand watch outside.
Yes, madam.
The key, please.
You handled it admirably, Madame.
Thank you, captain.
If the blind man should get
a chance to talk to Gabriel,
It might be unpleasant.
Yes, Madame, it might.
You haven't got a chance, blind man.
That's a. 38-Caliber gun
you got there, Hansen.
It's a six-Shooter. And
you fired your last shot.
Where are you?
In the dark, Hansen.
In the dark. In my kingdom.
They're asking me if they
should go on, Mr. Lawry.
I'm afraid I've made a mistake.
You're a brave man,
And I'm convinced I'll
get nothing from you.
So you leave me no choice.
They have nothing to do with this!
You better take a good look
at your wife as she looks now.
I'll give it to you.
Don't give in to them, Stephen.
Let them do anything they like.
Keep a tight grip on that dog.
If he gets away, it may tip them off.
Now, we grab those guards off quietly
So we can get inside
and surprise the others.
And we don't want any
innocent people getting hurt.
Now, take the east side.
What do you want me to do?
You better stay here
so you won't get hurt.
What do you mean?! I
can take care of myself!
Madam, I saw the dog outside.
Is the blind man loose?
No, Hansen took him to the basement.
Get Hansen. I want him up here.
Yes, ma'am.
The police.
Mac! It's you!
Ahh, this is getting kind of monotonous.
Get the car, Marty. These
people are going to the airport.
They're going to Washington.
- The colonel's jeep, coming up.
You sure you won't come
along, Barbara? Unh-Unh.
Aren't you going, Barbara?
No, uncle Mac.
A new man has come into my life,
And I'm going to stay here in New York
To see what it is about
him that intrigues me so.
Ohh. Well, what's he like?
Oh, he's big and strong,
and he's the kind of a man
That tells women what to
do and makes them like it.
In fact, he told me
that if I didn't behave,
He'd paddle my canoe, and he'll do it.
Well, now you're being selective.
Come on, let's get these elderly
people down to the airport.
Here we go!
After that, we'll do the town.
Not tonight, old boy.
You're on your own tonight, fellas.
Just so one of you stays
home and watch the place.
Yes, sir.
Well, I don't know about you, dog,
But me, personally,
I'm off to the Harlem
squash and tennis club
To meet my dream gal.
You know, what am I
telling you this for?
Why, that's romance.
You wouldn't know nothing about that.
Well, I'm off. You stay
here and watch the house.
Why, you wolf!